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File: Etagdla.jpg (199 KB, 1080x1440)
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That duality..
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That illusion.
In what way?

I summoned the destroyer deity Yahweh again today.

This time we discussed another disgusting aspect of the Canadians and their allies

I think it’s safe to say that you’re all going to hell

Here’s video of the deity revealing himself in the sky


Actually I think it’s just aliens playing with me still.

Here’s my first contact journal

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Yeah fuck them leafs

you'll have plenty more fun there
Canadians are vile disgusting creatures.
it's this guy and his eternal war against Canada. let us unite to assist him

they will pay
Thank you for posting this video chris! you're the best poster on /x/.

may yhwh curse our enemies till they become our friends!

File: 1461627153878.jpg (144 KB, 720x1280)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
When I was desperate for someone to talk to in 2015 I followed this stupid ritual on /x/ to create a tulpa. I can't exactly remember what I did that night but there was a lock of my hair, a dumpster from my old apartment, and a small fire involved. I was only following instructions from a thread on this board.
Nothing extraordinary happened immediately, but I'm convinced that it worked some way or another.
At first, I'd joke with my roommate that my tulpa was the cause of stuff falling over at night, things moving into weird places, and doors unlocking and opening themselves.
I admit that it's stupid, but things just happen that have never happened before in my life that I cannot explain beyond something that we cannot see is fucking with us in our home.
I have walked out of the living room, while absolutely being home alone, after watching a movie and found a chair sitting right in the middle of the hallway, in perfect view of the television screen, almost like something wanted to watch from afar.
Just tonight I watched a movie that I've been saving for the right time to watch (while drinking a nice whiskey for maximum enjoyment) and my desk lamp kept turning on and off at weird times, so I'd yell for the tulpa to fuck off and my roommate was freaking out at me.
My brother says that I drink too much, which is true, but that doesn't explain the shit I've seen over the past four years.
It actually hurts me to say this, but is there a way to dissipate my tulpa? I'm honestly sick of it acting so mischievous all the time. All I wanted was a friend to be with me all the time, but I feel like it's haunting me at this point.
If you have serious experiences like mine then please share. I am at wit's end with this nonsense and I really want to move on.
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see >>22536488
>My brother says that I drink too much
You should listen to him you idiot.
Doesn't explain the phenomenon that affects us both, like keys appearing in strange places (like the bathtub drain when we have a communal bowl next to the front door that everyone drops their keys in) or chairs moving while everyone is in the living room together in the evening.
There are weird things happening all the time that can't be explained by just assuming people are fucking with me purposefully or I'm doing weird things without noticing. I've been a student all this time, so I only drink once a week, as heavily as that may be.
From what I've gathered about tulpa's you create them in you mind. There is no real kinda ritual for them. I think you got conned into summoning a ghost or some shit.
Ya got tricked idiot. Around 2015 the tulpa general was on /x/ too.

So i got this book overnighted to me and I have no idea where it came from.
Costs a grip (250$) on amazon and theres literally no info anywhere about the author or the book.
It says it was published last month in California.
Full of cryptic writing, nonsense. No page numbers nothing.
IBSN or whatever is fake, barcode is fake.
We have been trying to figure this out for a few days any ideas?
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It also arrived within 1 hour of a separate amazon package that was sent by 2 day shipping. One was USPS, the other UPS. Both items came without an invoice. Each one as mysterious as the other.

Connection? I do not know.
Post the return address or the package faggot
>Cheshireski Kotek
File: Monkey milker.jpg (3 KB, 206x41)
3 KB
File: Das.jpg (156 KB, 847x1348)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
Who would do a thing like that?


File: images.jpg (6 KB, 275x183)
6 KB
I want to reach the priveledge of being a far right communist in order to reach the peak of an orgasmic experience, how should i achieve such a feat?
File: 1550947648047.png (350 KB, 800x1000)
350 KB
350 KB PNG
Dress up in an East German uniform.
great thread
Communists are egalitarian though one-for-all yadda each his own need.
Far right is like survival of the fittest the strongest come out on top whatever.
So in theory it contradicts but you were jk right.

What are your favourite urban/indiginous legends?
Black stick men.
Fleshgaits without a doubt. The whole bodysnatcher shit creeps me tf out. And as I live in a semi rural town surrounded by woods its imagination fuel.
File: 58.jpg (31 KB, 490x570)
31 KB
>Fleshgaits = "Skinwalker"

What the fuck is with /x/ and naked pale people in the woods?

File: 1533300749728.png (826 KB, 800x800)
826 KB
826 KB PNG
The hive has been doing a wonderful job of infecting the /sci/ board. I approve.

Memory allocation and dreaming substrate applied. Followers are now enabled to create and project dominant memory streams onto other memory sources as a dominant set.

>In mathematics, the bondage number of a nonempty graph is the cardinality of the smallest set E of edges such that the domination number of the graph with the edges E removed is strictly greater than the domination number of the original graph.
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give me drugs and suck my dick thanks
>Ego is a pointless battle

Cheers there.
It's a reminder that souls exist.

And people ain't always this weak easy to manipulate mess.

Not the ultimate Dangerous Queen Hokuto.
Well, they are. All vulnerable doors are accessible at any time. Especially given a determined actor.

>keep on having dreams about extraterrestrials and UFOs
>now seeing extraterrestrial apparel everywhere when i’ve never seen it before
What the fuck is happening, /x/?
>What the fuck is happening, /x/?

I am a Human
I am An Alien

I am.

That usually stops everything. A splinter in the mind..
Things crave attention, if you're not giving the desired reaction, it fades away. Back into nothing. They are just thought patterns of the subconscious

What would life be like without a "physical plane" lol

I say we give thanks to that, at least.
HEY. /x/. I can tell you things that will make you feel better. I can remote view other planes of existence. The akashic record library? I've BEEN there. Try me
what's my signature based on?
This PHYSICAL PLANE BAD is just mental retardation by pajeets, jews and christcucks.

File: giphy (1).gif (2.05 MB, 572x339)
2.05 MB
2.05 MB GIF
how many times a day you think about dying?
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Thanks for the advice anon. I guess I'll just pursue it all.
I went in a sensory deprivation tank once. It was cool but I don't think I maximized its potential. I think I will try it again with a different state of mind. I used to lucid dream a lot, but now I don't focus on it so it's rare.
Not a healthy amount of time
at least once, death is a constant thought of an immortal.
At least once a day.
It's very healthy. It keeps things realistic.
When I think about death it helps me appreciate life.

Local legend thread. Do any of my small town /x/ bros have any local legends or myths in their town or the town they grew up in? What are they? When did they come about? Do you believe they’re true or just rumors?
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This is one of my favorites

I'd tazer the gorilla, and throw it over the richtown fence.
Would taser be enough to put gorilla down? I mean sufficiently big dudes manage to tough it out sometimes. Gorilla would probably shit itself and then fuck you up.
Hes right
File: url-1.jpg (18 KB, 175x234)
18 KB
in northern Italy we have the Bes Gatobe (a half snake half cat monster with hypnotic powers), Gigiàt (a goat-like creature) and a lake monster, the Lariosaurus

Can someone greenpill me on reptilians?
>This board desires high quality discussion. High quality posts will be praised. Low quality posts e.g. "Is this paranormal?" or "I am [insert paranormal entity here] ask me anything," etc. will be removed.
>will be removed
That never happens though, does it?
File: 1542610774842.png (291 KB, 499x583)
291 KB
291 KB PNG
They're Jews
The Jews answer to them

File: Jack.jpg (97 KB, 480x480)
97 KB
There is no objective reality, is there?
It's just a bunch of shared subjective realities.
The idea that there is objectivity is, in itself, a subjective. Is being a source of light in the void where the idea of christ/krishna consciousness comes from?

Also, turning towards economic matters, what will be the end result of this ceaseless debt bubble?
Are they pushing all this new tech and degeneracy to keep the masses in the dark about where we stand?
How long will we keep up this charade?
We must we simply "ride the tiger."
Be strong friends.
I looketh out into the chaos around me, but I feel cozy
For I am inside my safe house, the baseline reality
Resting in silence, for the time being, crackling of the tamed fire makes me the master of this orderly household
Soon, I will venture into the abyss where my Muse awaits her conqueror
Across immeasurable sacrifice, my path finally leads to a graceful dance of divine hope
Where thunderstorms shall bow to me.

1st horseman 2020

File: craaa.jpg (222 KB, 755x642)
222 KB
222 KB JPG
Hello guys, I recently read some stuff about Tulpas. I'm very curious, do you know where can I find some more infos on them and how to summon one?
Also, I'm not an exper,t but the wikihow tutorial looks CRAppy as fuck
Why did you CAPS the R and the A in CRAppy?
Is it as secret code for something?
just trying to reproduce the onomatopoeic sound of the magpie ;)
yea I have a weird/unfunny sense of humour

File: 1555597698013.jpg (441 KB, 1127x1038)
441 KB
441 KB JPG
>Be me
>Total autist, but other wise good looking thanks to /fit/
>Create a Tulpa
>Make the Tulpa confident, outgoing, good with females
>Slowly give it more and more mental power until it takes over my soul
>Now I have the personality of a chad, women will let me play with their honkers and put my pee-pee in their va-jay-jay
Is this a good idea, /x/? I don't know much about esotericism, I don't want accidentally damn myself to hell or attract aliens by doing this.
>pic unrelated
9 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>I've already done nofap and meditation, it worked, kind of. Women are attracted to me, just until I open my mouth.

Get even more /fit/, leave your body & soul in the gym.

aliumz can help you get girls, bro. if their invisible spaceships fire mind rays at those chicks then they'll suck you off FOR FREE.
You're close, but off the mark lad. Project everything you hate about yourself into the tulpa and then destroy it, that was their original use.
try it
Why would you abuse your tupper like that

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