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File: meow.jpg (66 KB, 720x960)
66 KB
I am extremely interested in having more control over my mental vibrations.
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1. get a hold of a medium sized fan.
2. turn on said fan
3. place your head against the fan casing firmly (make sure not to get your hair stuck)
4. Youve achieved complete control over your now vibrating brainhole
>bonus advice
>get in ear headphones
>put them on and hold part of the cord against the fan
>make sure its under tension and then adjust accordingly to how vibrated you want your brain to be
>plug it in and play some gay music you like to listen to for added effect.
So many funny entries, when did /x/ become the comedy board?
File: 54754745646464.png (231 KB, 448x439)
231 KB
231 KB PNG
auto-suggestion (affirmations)
read sacred texts
read New Thought
I'm a fan of The Fourth Way
Read In Search of the Miraculous
It's a pretty great read just for the narrative. The meat of it might seem like the usual cult scam at first, but then if you realize Gurdjeff is a meta and probably one of the most unique spiritual guides in the 20th century, you'll have unlocked a lot of things you didn't know you had in you
File: 1535498362465.jpg (11 KB, 181x200)
11 KB
>The Kyabliob

File: shc.jpg (136 KB, 1280x720)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
Does /x/ have any theories as to why some people throughout history have randomly bursted into flames and been cremated right there on the spot with reports of "their fat melting into the carpet" and "only their foot was left in the pile of ash".

A body needs to burn at 3000 degrees for cremation so what is up with this?

Are Black-Metal people Possessed? Always dark, empty killer eyes, reversed Crosses, love Death, cold-blooded etc . Pic related
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Mainstream artists are more likely to be possessed.
Metal is good for reviving dead people.
no, they're larping tryhard edgelord faggots.. but some of them makes some really good music.
You took the bait the entire genre is based off you faggot
it's all art and theatrics except a lot of them probably do have depression or anti social traits. anyway listen to Summoning or Windir, shit absolutely rules.

Alright people. Hit me with everything you guys have regarding South America: lost cities, folklore, cryptos, underground tunnels, spooky places and whatever else you can think of.
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I have no idea, but I assume it would be some kind of medicine. If you told people 2,000 years ago about a pill that cured tuberculosis they'd call you a wizard.
What are those?
I want to see their peepees rock hard.

File: aquarius-810x810.png (131 KB, 810x810)
131 KB
131 KB PNG
This is the dawning of the age of aquarius
Is it 2654 CE already?
Meaning, the end of the world?
File: 1560648988620.jpg (166 KB, 1490x648)
166 KB
166 KB JPG

it better not be , did i sleep in again ?

File: winning.jpg (75 KB, 401x639)
75 KB
I'm the guy who remembers the time loop. I wanted to throw something else out there that I remembered yesterday. The Argentina crash got me thinking about how the DOW is going to crash soon, then all of a sudden I remembered this interesting little tidbit. Trump says that he's a failure as a president. I don't remember the exact wording, maybe he says something like he's failed as the president, but the general gist is there. I guess he thinks the president's entire job is just to keep stocks going up. He seems to just completely sweep it under the rug once everything picks back up, but I just thought it was interesting that someone like him would ever say something like this about himself. I don't remember exactly when he says it, but the DOW crash is coming up soon, so I figure he might actually say it even before the queen of England dies in October. I thought that was my closest memory of a public event, but this one actually may be closer.
Tried posting this on /pol/, obviously they don't give two shits, as usual.
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It's going to autosage anyway.
And the loop continues!
Hey, i'm here for the interview.
Have you thought about trying to set something in motion that will occur *after* you die? Send someone a package, a letter, something, and arrange it to be delivered *after* you remember dying? That is a simple action, and it represents you changing the loop, even if you're still a slave to following the broad strokes that end in your inevitable demise. Maybe the simple act of doing this will change the loop, will allow you to survive. And even if not...You changed things. And if you can change this one, little thing then perhaps you can, slowly, during each recurrence, change things little by little until it adds up to you surviving.
Anything that occurs after I die is the same shit that always happens. So if I send a letter right before I die, that's what I always do, and they always get it after I'm dead. I've definitely been trying to change small things just so I could change anything at all. Most stuff is out of my control and I'm fine with that. What really bothers me is that I'm pretty damn sure every single movement and thought I make are the exact same every time. Being aware of the loop does not free you from it. Everything I do to try to change something just turns out to be what I do every time. So in those scenarios, not trying to change something would actually be how I change it.

I’m currently looking for recordings of the radio broadcasts of suspected mk ultra type sayings or keywords being said. I absolutely can’t find any recordings of these broadcasts so I was hoping someone might know more about it or maybe give me a link to a recreation of what one of the broadcasts sounds like.
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I have tinnitus. Am I being controlled by a satanic, moloch worshipping psyop?? Or did I just listen to music too loudly through headphones in my teens?

This shit doesn't work like that. MKultra basically yielded that when you mix specific amounts of scopolamine, lsd5, thc, benzos together you can essentially brainwash somebody pretty well. Not to mention other drug studies. Sound wave shit is nonsense. There are billions of frequencies being emitted from all angles all around you from satellite dishes, your cell phone. Computer, gaming system, speakers, and everybody elses shit is emitting them too. Is there any proof at all that you can shoot a singular frequency, or a bunch of synergistic frequencies, like a lazer beam?

They probably tested it and got nothing out of it at all. Which is why they went to mind altering chemicals.
Briney Depths.

Christians, Why does the truth have to be so boring? Almost every other spiritual discipline is more interesting than yours.
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Actually they tend to get along
Yes. We are talking about stories from long ago
>I did read the Bible
welcome to the test. It will decide if you have read the Bible
1 Which son of Jacob is the one to whom responds choir of Angels who could be named τᾰ̀ kρᾰ́τη
2 What should Good Father give - an egg or a scorpion and why?
3 What force do you have to possess to "walk on scorpions"? What is the name of corresponding Choir of Angels?
4 What should you do to extend the flame in the λύχνος of the ἐkkλησία which is related to τῶν ἐλαχίστων?
5 Why Peter couldn't "walk on the water"? What should he do and how is gopher wood related to it?
6 Where it is written that sleeping is a blasphemy and against which heavenly forces? Tell other greek names for them outside of these mentioned there.
7 Who is beloved disciple of Jesus? Why it isn't John?
8 Where it is written how can you achieve highest state of energy?
9 It is said 34ἀμὴν (Truly) λέγω (I say) ὑμῖν (to you) ὅτι (that) οὐ (no) μὴ (not) παρέλθῃ (will have passed away) ἡ (the) γενεὰ (generation) αὕτη (this) ἕως (until) ἂν (-) πάντα (all) ταῦτα (these things) γένηται (shall have taken place).
Explain what is γενεὰ. What will be next γενεὰ?
10 What is the state of your Ἂμπελος? How to heal it?
11 Explain meaning of 1 Corinthian 11:3. Why should you protect mind to be in state of purity of Christ? What happened to the minds of atheist whose minds were corrupted and Christian purity was lost? What followed that?
Often, the simplest explanation ends up being the correct one. No, saying everything happened by the universe rolling "yahtzee" 1000 times in a row so that pure chance is responsible is not in fact simpler than intelligent design. Much as we 3 dimensional beings can freely create and erase 2 dimensional things without limit via pencil and paper, it isnt too far removed to say a 4 dimensional being has that same capacity over the 3 dimensional world.
two things.
1. it's boring to you because you don't know the truth, you don't understand it. go run along and do whatever you think is best, but stop cringing and wringing your hands in the dark like a faggot
2. you are gay

Brazil was designed and orchestrated to be an act of revenge against Portugal and a sacrifice praising the god of the international jews (originally banned from there and exiled to Brazilian northeast under fake surnames) and the elite moloch\saturn\chronos. Eventually, it will become a great country and another center of the world with the monarchy and empire of Brazil being restored and becoming a superpower and then I prophesize it will eventually be burned to the ground to serve as a parallel to Atlantis. The country is covered by jungle making it an easy feat. Brazil comes from the word "Brasa" which literally means "ember". God obviously doesn't like all the degeneracy going on here so he'll gladly let it happen unless I'm wrong and a traditional catholic monarchy is the only thing that can save us from this. And you can tell the plan is working when different children are thrown into a cycle of crime and violence every day and eventually ends up killed in the most horrible way possible by either criminals or the corrupt police controlled by politicians out and inside the country. Bolsonaro is only a puppet politician used to move this plan into place and you can see that by his close association with Israel and how he's used as a scapegoat to blame the ring wing movement for all that. Brazilians will eventually have to see their friends and even relatives, their children bodies caskets scorched by fire. Maybe it will happen sooner or maybe it will happen later but you know it will eventually happen and the world will have to suffer the consequences of the loss of the Amazonia jungle, the heart of the planet will be snatched and eaten by people.

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Sopa do macaço, uma deliçia
I predict that Brazil will become a gargantuan bowl of monkey soup.
>the whole country is covered in jungle making the burning of it an easy feat
Brazilian fart porn. I rest my case.
This was confirmed by Edgard Cayce and a couple of Schizos last week.

File: screamerclauz.jpg (14 KB, 295x166)
14 KB
Just saw "Where the Dead go to Die" and it was chockfull of this bizarre fusion of Christian-Satanic symbolism. Screamerclauz says it's purely an aesthetic choice, and he didn't intend for there to be a deeper meaning, but I'm not so sure. He also animated a short music video full of Marshall Applewhite doppelgangers, but I forget what it's called.

What books are there on magic and how to use it?
What experiences have you had with magic?
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It doesn't work very well. A master is preferable.
Joining a magical tradition then is probably your best choice.
I might have teachers? I'm not sure.
Teacher is fine. I just suspect the human interaction is important.
>From Evola's letters to René Guenon


File: 1565493772352.jpg (197 KB, 1280x1024)
197 KB
197 KB JPG
It's made predictions and changed the weather but it couldn't remind me why I walked into a room. So what exactly are they useful for, what can they do that provides utility?

File: satellite.jpg (882 KB, 2560x1600)
882 KB
882 KB JPG
Hi /x/. I want to say that I don't generally buy into paranormal phenomena, or really much of anything discussed here. I don't really believe in effective occult rituals, cryptids, astrology, or most conspiracy theories. And when it comes to most of demonology or stories of paranormal encounters, I'm similarly skeptical.
But there's something that happened to me in my childhood that keeps me from dismissing all of it outright. So I want to know if you guys can proffer some kind of explanation for what it was that I encountered.
I've never told anyone outside my family about this story, and after a few years of posting on this board I've decided to share my experience and admit that I have absolutely no real explanation for what happened. Here it goes

>Be me, 5 or 6 years old
>Not easily scared
>Not afraid of ghosts or monsters like most kids my age
>Live in a fairly new house out in west Texas (old by suburban Texas standards, newer by most standards)
>Single story house with no basement or windowless rooms
>Nothing looked or felt spooky or anything
>Mom and Dad slept in a separate room, since I'm a big boi
>My bedroom was sparse, consisting of a few shelves and a nightlight
>Mattress on the floor bc too much of a poorfag for a bedframe at the time
>On the night it happened, Mom tucks me into my mattress and says goodnight

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Sounds pretty real then. What were the other experiences you had like?
Can you circle back to why you think this was not just a dream? I mean, you know you fell asleep...
Because of reasons I said here >>23238413 and because my parents remember what happened
I could tell some other things that have happened to me if you want, but this is the weirdest and most without explanation, so I'm mostly looking for feedback on this event first
I have none other than that it's a classic former tenant or demonic presence. I'm not really a believer in the supernatural either, but this is sort of inexplicable to me. Occam's razor says that it's either a hallucination/dream or some mentally unstable individual breaking in and believing that she's your mom. Sci-Fi would say that it's aliens or some time travel remnant of a past entity due to some form of physics that we haven't yet understood, including other dimensions. Or it could be an instance of aliens or the creators of our simulation coming down to mess with its denizens.
You can tell me the other stuff too, yeah.

Okay we all know the love of money is bad but how do actually we go about losing it?
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File: stupid_thread.gif (36 KB, 455x679)
36 KB
Step 1: don't be a jew
Step 2: recognize money is nothing more than a slip of paper or account balance that says I put in some work, let me exchange that work for goods
Step 3: realize the goods are more enjoyable than the money
Step 4: realize experiences and memories are more enjoyable than goods

Quit the rat race. Quit keeping up with the Joneses.
Not saying go live innawoods in a log cabin, but man i was happier making $40k as porn shop clerk in a beach town than I was making $60k as an engineer in Chicago. Life doesn't cost money. It is what you make it.
Plus it's enjoyable picking up hobbies that'll save you money, like gardening, learning to do your own auto repair, carpentry and furniture building, etc.
Money is something to respect. Without money (security) you can’t get past the instincts that push you every which way
Communism socialism and capitalism dont seem to work all that well
Okay I want to try something else.
Who here is actually poor and knows what they're talking about?

File: s-l1000.jpg (47 KB, 402x600)
47 KB
Anons, I need a new conspiracy. All the others are being solved or are already solved. I need to look into the geopolitical situations of different countries and find flaws or missing pieces, but a lot of those missing pieces are just under the table in plain sight. I need a new conspiracy anons, what do?
File: 1534123196521.jpg (59 KB, 620x644)
59 KB
All moonlanding footage is from Phobos instead of Luna. The astronauts were robots also, so no man walked on any moon. Outer dimensional extraterrestrial groups have forbidden that to us in full material form.
NASA thus invented a
Solved in your own mind with subjective evidence.

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