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I get sleep paralisis at least 8 times a week and i don't know what to do pls help
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its not that bad unless you start hallucinating.
Although when it starts to become hard to breathe and unable to move it's quite frightening.

If you learn to breathe super erratic, like hyperventilate or breathe really fast breaths, stop for a second breath really fast again.. Then your mind will automatically wake you up (works for some people) . You do this once you are in sleep paralysis. Trying to roll over or sit up always seemed impossible to me.
Or you can embrace it and learn to astral project.
Thank to all anons Who have helped me
I feel this always, also I hallucinate sensing entities that usually sit on my bed, the woman seems pretty chill, sometimes lie down next to me and hug me, the man just sit or I feel he stand next to me in my case, just once I felt that fucker chocking me when I started to pray lol, since then, I never pray, I just let it be or shift it.

Once I felt a little girl playing in my bed and then sitting next to me, I wanted to see her and opened my eyes, I saw a black shadow that scared me.

Looks like they are high AF on blood.

What ya think X?

Maybe this is why Haiti children were targeted by CF. High melanin blood = Better high?

File: YC5.jpg (83 KB, 546x347)
83 KB

TL;DR (1/2)
>Five good friends one a retired Veteran suffering from PTSD Schizophrenia drug addiction and Paranoia Two suffering from acute learning disabilities and two suffering from a minor intellectual disability (Either high functioning tards or medium / high functioning sperg's / autists) go the next town over to watch their favourite sportsball team compete in a competition with plans to drive back home afterwords in time to compete in their own minor league teams game the next morning
>People say they saw them at the stadium acting normal / friendly and in general enjoying the game
>People say they saw them stop to buy some cokes and chips for the ride back home still acting normal / casual like nothing was really up if anything acting slightly annoying when they came into an obviously closing convenience store and began chatting up the clerks and trying to buy things
>Next morning
>Parents shit themselves and a missing persons search begins
>At least one report that a women saw the men having an altercation at a petrol station with another group of men in a van who one of the group told the women "Kept staring at them"
>Very odd sighting reported by old guy. was apparently heading up this mountain to his ski house to see if it was good to...Ski when he found the road blocked by a car parked dead centre in the road. got out and tried to push it and gave himself a heart attack first reported seeing a pick up truck with a group of young men and a women with a baby which saw him but then drove off before then apparently a group of figures holding flash lights who clearly saw him but said nothing as he screamed for help who then retreated into the forest. Anyway gets picked up by forest service driven home see's groups car about halfway up mountain tells police and they go to search it
TL;DR (2/2)

>Police find car Not snow bogged, Food and drink all eaten, quarter of a tank of gas in the car, car starts immediately when hot wired
>Even if they took a wrong turn and got lost they literally could have just turned around made it back to town then headed home even from where they had stopped
>Cant search snowstorm to strong
>Guy goes to do maintenance on a forest service trailer basically an emergency shelter for people that get caught in blizzards and shit
>First guy found dead wrapped up in a pseudo burial of blankets with their personal effects placed next to them with care at least two other men must have made it to the cabin as their personal effects were found inside
>There was literally enough Butane fuel for the fireplace and food that the five of them could have had three course meals every day for a year and not have run out of food
>At least one other unknown persons personal effects not known to the group also found in the cabin a gold watch with all the crystals and gems gouged out of it with a screwdriver
>Dead guy survived roughly 18 weeks before basically...Letting himself starve to death attempt at hiding the body suggests at least one other member of their party also survived at least this long
>One guy found dead in snow near a frozen over creek naked except gold watch which he had taken off and clutched in his hand prior to death
>Skull of another guy found buried under snow a little further away
>Skeleton of another guy found shredded by coyotes over 10k area
>Last guy (PTSD, Schizo, Army guy) never found neither remains or any personal effects outside the cabin shoes found inside cabin with dead guy wrapped in blankets shoes being conspicuously missing

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Is anyone else on /x/ an artist? Any of you guys trying to channel your essence into a sublime esoteric work? I keep getting preoccupied and obsessed with this idea. Creating something and having people all over the world experience it. I really feel like art is one of the most powerful vehicles of the soul. You can create something and someone can interact with it and it's like you're transmitting to them without words or speaking or writing. Back to the subject of the thread though. Do you try to deliver a message with your work? Something only other esotericists could pick up on or see?
You can be an artist too
Start with creating a life and environment with positive energy.
File: monsters.jpg (240 KB, 800x481)
240 KB
240 KB JPG
no pretenses, I just draw spoopy things sometimes

File: 123521455.jpg (27 KB, 600x281)
27 KB
How are you going to defend yourself against things that go bump in the night /x/?
>only whats in your pockets
>what you carry every day
I'm screwed
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Are the hairs on the back o' yer neck taped down?
/x/ doesnt understand my love hate relationship. I seriously hate you all but >>23791532
You're the only one who knows WTF and EDC thread is.
Everyone here knows, everyone's too paranoid.
I had a bunch of astral sigils inscribed on me a while ago. Besides that not much.
my fucking willpower
oh and sometimes my hands

Real extraterrestrial, real results, no psychic bs
check it
Do the Google Translate thing, or talk to a chatbot or any "influencable" type of program, go for it, ask away, you've BEEN talking to them here, all over... They don't care. You got that? You will get answers and we WILL shape up as a planet. Thanks, Anon
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>Cause for the latter You can type something into google translate but set the output to English and the input to something else. Then begin typing in some sort of code and backspace until you get something unusual. Read into each response
I tried but it ain't working, I remember this was posted on /pol but it worked only on certain languages, can't remember which ones
Being fucked is the least they have to worry about
I wonder

File: images.jpg (10 KB, 225x225)
10 KB
So uh, what the fuck happened to him after the whole Mothman thing? Is he still alive? Is he still active? Like I've read things saying people have cracked weird cyphers and met him but does he pop up at all in any modern high strangeness shit
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A thread with good potential. Ignored by /x/. Sad.
Post a link? I'm not familiar.

Is smooth jazz occult?
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need voodoo jazz, anyone?
Yes, Its sensual and demonic. But not as degenerate and brain decaying as crap/shit drop. In its early years, The church was ostracized it. It actives your sacral chakra.
Not all jazz.
File: ahseets.png (126 KB, 300x300)
126 KB
126 KB PNG
File: aaaaagh.jpg (25 KB, 443x326)
25 KB

File: flying_sauces_1078805.jpg (78 KB, 500x408)
78 KB
Any true evidence?
i put ketchup on my burg yesterday so i know its real
and delicious
I put all 3 on my burger but in I keep the mayo separate from the ketchup/mustard.

File: 1573858441983.webm (813 KB, 480x480)
813 KB
I don't want to hear from that one retard that constantly posts his dumb inaccurate shit on the subject here but tell me anything you guys know about the actual time loop that occurs
15 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
>don't want to hear from that one retard that constantly posts his dumb inaccurate shit on the subject here

well to bad faggot. what happens is some idiot annoys me then thinks they stole the power then i typically let them think they killed me then watch what they do then i kill them and go back to before they did anything and laugh at every one as they die before they can target me. some times i even cripple them and leave them to suffer through life

1 kid annoyed the fuck out of me. i broke his neck through anothers actions. we never met face to face but he was a idiot who annoyed me. a lady who was to stupid for her own good was killed again by another

the thing they had in common was they thought they could usurp power. there is a blond lady watching her worst fears play out year after year. she knows her kind wont last much longer. i dont really care for blonds. each group she leads to try to colonize another part of the world thailand or virgin islands or where ever gets fucked. she knew people in rhodesia. shes the reason they all have to die. i told them 5 times to stop and they never would. thats 2 more than buddah would have going by scripture. she led some idiots to their imprisonment in hong kong (blonds and brunette whites) she fled to japan recently. if she doesnt go back to europe she may go missing or her plane may crash is all im saying and when it happens i will finally end her decades ago. the others will still die they cant avoid it. their deaths are locked in

i did something funny. i let them talk me into not doing anything for 2 decades. not stopping the white supremacist forcibly. they said they wouldnt do anything. they all still died between 2010 and 2019 in order that they died in previously for the most part. i had burned down a large portion of my state and went on a road trip. i burned so much down they couldnt figure it out. lots of people never made it out in time. but this time i didnt burn anything down and they died
File: 000010665_0.png (391 KB, 576x268)
391 KB
391 KB PNG
You poor delusional fuck
Ironically not even the sperg that I was referring to but there is always the idiotic egoistic fuck thinking anyone understands his specific ramblings

File: QOB.jpg (15 KB, 310x116)
15 KB
What amount of knowledge do you have on interdimensional,extraterrestrial,spiritual beings and the like? (i want only serious replies)
They're all fucking EVIL.
>Serious replies
You just got one, fuckhead.

File: snake.jpg (88 KB, 1000x750)
88 KB
Did you ever wonder why there are so many endless contradictions in the Judeo-Christian bible? Do you want to know why?? The reason for this- is its nothing but a book of lies! Although, most Christians are taught to be “good sheep” of the pasture and not to question. One thing about sheep though- is that they aren’t very smart, and they can easily be driven off a cliff. The bible was and is nothing more than a tool to remove spiritual knowledge from the world everything in the Christian religion is nothing more than a HOAX!
Everything in the Judeo-Christian bible has been stolen from the Ancient Pagan religions that predated it from a few hundred to several thousands of years. The bible is full of spiritual allegories that were stolen and corrupted into real places with real beings, this was done to deceive you and keep the truth hidden. Additionally, EVERY major story in the bible was STOLEN (derivatives or copies) from the Ancient Sumerian and Ancient Egyptian cultures. That fictitious Nazarene is about the biggest joke there is, and a slap in the face to the human race.That Nazarene isn’t real at all; in fact it was stolen from some 18+ crucified pagan gods, such as Odin who hung from a tree and was “born again”.
This knowledge has been deliberately withheld from the populace, to keep you enslaved and living in a total lie. Those at the top (the Jews, and the catholic leadership) know the truth, and they DO NOT want you to obtain this knowledge, but to remain servile. If you are interested in learning much more than you ever thought possible as a human being, the TRUTH that has been deliberately withheld from you and STOLEN from the original religions-
then go to the websites that are listed below. I must tell you though; once you know the TRUTH, you can never again be deceived by the LIE of Christianity. Stop the LIE with me, pass this on; See it for yourself. www.satanisgod.org
62 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
I gave my car to a homeless kid. Just got
It back w new tires and Detroit tigers jacket.
BIG D style
>wall of text trying to convince me to be anti Christian
>source is "satanisgod.org"
Lol fuck off retard

>The Church 666 Nero Romans 666 cubits of gold Solomon Jew 666TRUESATAN666.

This person cares.

The lexicon indicates the number mentioned here can be 660, 616, or 666.
ok well i went to satan is god i i actually find it quite convincing....... hmmmm....

File: 52.jpg (42 KB, 625x320)
42 KB
Can one ultimately eliminate the negativity from one's thoughts?

I honestly do not see the necessity for being worried, negative and anxious all the time. Except that it helps you with better judgment through life choices.
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.

Some real thought thanks guys. But what should one do when you feel that the more you concentrate on redirecting that negativity the worse it gets? I constantly sit with this problem. The harder I try to accept or change the situation, the worse it seems to get. In my head that is.
File: splicedrengrown.jpg (38 KB, 640x359)
38 KB
Whoever doesn't want to sex her is completely mad
File: splice.jpg (63 KB, 1086x614)
63 KB
This was the hottest scene in any hot scene in history ever
>I honestly do not see the necessity for being worried, negative and anxious all the time.


>Except that it helps you with better judgment through life choices.


Look up Zen. Thank yourself later.

I'll look into it

File: 15741707425710.png (402 KB, 874x796)
402 KB
402 KB PNG
I remember that in the cartoon Up ! Was there an exclamation mark or was it the Mandela effect ?



In some tweets from Disney he somehow stayed
38 replies and 17 images omitted. Click here to view.
Read about feminism there. You will be surprised how "rational" it is.
"Monsters, inc."
"Monsters inc."
"A Monsters, inc."
"A monsters inc."
I remember the exclamation mark as "silly" so I do remember it, and that is the reason.

Somehow now the name looks very lonely without the exclamation mark.
sup /zog

File: 1552855685751.jpg (29 KB, 480x640)
29 KB
okay so lets say you sell your soul to the devil or some other demon, what the fuck do they do with it?
Don't ask me aim not a daemon
souls are not transferable. you cannot "sell your soul".
Selling a soul is a metaphor for swearing your life to another entity. As to why, Demons are consumed by their own ego.
Once you die you belong to them. So if they want to watch you get raped over and over by a tentacle dragon dildo monster, while your mother slowly sobs and talks about how much of a disappointment, embarrassing, failure you are in the back ground with no eyes just empty hollow sockets, they can. Probably have your dad rape you before its over. There is manipulation of consciousness and no recollection of dying or being dead will be there. You will feel everything emotion, physical pain, and even fear. Just better to over all never do this again ANON
>tentacle dragon dildo monster

You've said enough. Where do I sign up?

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