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File: Noch.png (312 KB, 734x506)
312 KB
312 KB PNG
So let me get to the point since it 4chan just decided to delete my entire fucking essay i wrote here.In my house i sometimes see figures out of the corner of my eye but when i turn to look at it, its another object lets say a stool.My question is is this normal like does this just happen?And no i do not belive im insane im just like if it happens i respond in a maner like this "well that was wierd" this ussaly happens only in my house .So yeah is this a common thing like if ur tierd, cause my sleep schedual is shot so

Why are most Christians very wealthy, and seem to lead successful and happy lives. Should I go to church?
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>Why are most Christians very wealthy
holy kek go abroad sometimes

It’s because the Christian god is a baller and he’s making it rain stacks on his flock.
Well you get paid if you convert. You'll get paid more if you recruit others. It's an untold pyramid scheme
Wow, just like credit companies and banks!!
this. the wealthier you are the most atheistic you tend to be actually as materialism takes over your paradigm.

File: tenor.gif (193 KB, 386x304)
193 KB
193 KB GIF
How can I learn magic?
Is this like hearthstone?
yes lil zoom, just like hearthstone
Level with me, Pepe. Are you the reptilians David Icke, Mark Passio, and Michael Tsarion talk about? Are you the bastards that tortured me with directed energy weapons?
Read one of these bad books and follow what it tells you to do, It will be nasty and in abrahamic religions wizards go to hell if they dont repent.

The Key of Solomon the King
The Lesser Key of Solomon The King
Magical Treatise of Solomon
The 6th and 7th Books of Moses
The Book of Abramelin
The Books of St. Cyprian
The Black Pullet (sufi and hermetic related)
The Magus
Agrippa's "Three Books"
Grimoirum Verum
Anything Translated by Mathers or Waite

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All jokes aside, I honestly don’t know what will happen? That would be amazing if a ton of people showed up.
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File: 51.jpg (32 KB, 471x471)
32 KB
Did you see this lol?
>a bunch of people show up
>they take photos and naruto run in circles for a few hours
>no one actually goes near the base because they don't want to get shot
>eventually a soldier comes out and asks them to move it along
>they do
>suddenly, and completely coincidentally, aliens invade
As an american I am proud of our area 51 and the people.

File: Sneed's_feed_and_seed.png (222 KB, 640x480)
222 KB
222 KB PNG
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Usenet was complaining about Season 3.

I bet the CIA runs that show, to make sure American's are beer drinking plebs like Bomer Smibson.
A Fucking
The show was created to obfuscate a nuclear accident that occurred in a Springfield
If you're not careful and you noclip out of Sneed's Feed & Seed in the wrong areas, you'll end up in Chuck's, where it's nothing but the stink of old moist carpet, the madness of mono-yellow, the endless background noise of fluorescent lights at maximum hum-buzz, and approximately six hundred million square miles of randomly segmented empty rooms to be trapped in
God save you if you hear something wandering around nearby, because Sneed sure as hell has heard you

File: images (10)~2.jpg (27 KB, 360x322)
27 KB
I've been told all my life that I'm an indigo child. I've always been very skeptical about it but I also find it fascinating that multiple unrelated people have told me so.

What are indigo children, /x/? All people I've talked about this topic say that they are highly spiritual beings that came here to use their sensitivities to guide others, be it through art or spiritual guidance. In my case I want to become an editorial illustrator someday and I've been drawing and painting since I have memory, so the art thing applies.

Lets asume for a moment that I'm, in fact, an Indigo Child. What is my gift specifically and how can I use it? I've received a lot of comments about me being an indigo but at the same time no one's been able to pinpoint exactly what an Indigo's abilities are and how to use them.

What can I do? What is my life mission as an Indigo, if any?
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You're teaching people lessons.
Do you find it difficult to express yourself in a coherent manner? If you're an Indigo, best of luck. It's a lonely journey, and sometimes feels very unfulfilling. I have a hard time taking my own advice to I need to pay attention too... Stay positive.
>I've always struggled with ambition. Is that part of being an Indigo?
Ambitions for power and status, possibly.
You've probably been through enough iterations climbing the ladder and are beginning to understand what's truly missing.

It’s what Karens call their children to make themselves feel special and important.

They’re not raising some regular old Jimmy. He’s actually an indigo child.
When I was little I had some speech impediments but I learned how to be articulate eventually. It's not a problem right now.

Can you elaborate more on the teaching lessons thing?

My ambitions are always more related to personal growth and relationships. I'm always looking for new things to learn or skills to practice. I always do things for the anecdote more than anything else and I'm always looking to make new friends or romantic interests.

Never cared for money beyond "I need it to eat", and fame is definitely something I'd hate to have. I don't like being under the spotlight.

File: depressing.png (209 KB, 834x808)
209 KB
209 KB PNG
I expected it to be only me, but it seems many people are perceiving the same, even normies.

Something weird is happening to reality.
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OP here.
Same. I want it to break up to the point the spiritual reality, or the metareality, is exposed to its fullest and the evil elites of this world PAY.
Synchronicity, Weird events happening all around the world (like corrupt people like Epstein being exposed), premonitions, strange dreams, surrealist sensations and many other things. Still I cannot fly, though.
same for me
I've had this feeling for a while too, I also feel like something big is gonna happen soon, it's like a weird sensation in my head. Maybe I've had too much of internet and the media that is fucking with my perception of what I believe is reality, it's quite hard to get out of the rabbit hole but I know i'll do it
it's terrifying

Your welcome
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Ayy selfies are fursuits/rubber suits.
Like how gorillas are fake animals just fursuits.
His name is Fred n he a nice ayy.
This is the picture that broke 4chan a while back just so y'all know
Take this down.
This is not a warning.
We will be contacting you.
You have been warned.
shitty larp

File: 1563368348015.jpg (84 KB, 900x1260)
84 KB
How do I kill God for creating a planet in which too many people and animals suffer?
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This argument arrogantly assumes we understand God's intentions, when it has been clearly laid out in the Bible that the true nature of God cannot be discerned by man!
Unironically, kill yourself. You are your own true God.
aka the Dragon, composed of all the spirits/souls in the universe, i.e. the fallen 1/3 of angels expelled from Eden/Heaven.

Ouroboros had a choice after that eviction: either die (as God said would happen to any that ate of the Fruit of the Tree), or find a way to sustain itself.
There was and is nothing outside of Eden, so where was the Dragon supposed to find food? All it could do to delay the inevitable was to begin eating its own tail.
Everything in this universe is the Dragon, or a part of it, an aspect of it. The evil demons that feed on our emotions and life-force, as well as trees, rocks, bugs, fish, birds, even humans.
The demons are the head of the Dragon, we lowly animals are the tail being fed upon.

It's a big food chain designed to keep Satan/the Fallen 1/3 of angels alive while separated from Eden.

don't blame God. He warned us what would happen if we ate of the Fruit of the Tree of Good AND EVIL.
Eden was Good, but we wanted to know what Evil would be like. Well, now we know, it's like this.
When God bestowed man the power of free will, so too was responsibility shifted to his hands.
God would only sabotage your life if it would ultimately be beneficial to you.

File: 1563449051843.jpg (32 KB, 484x276)
32 KB

>The May Day mystery (or May Day riddle) is a long running series of cryptic, code-laced ads placed in the University of Arizona's newspaper The Daily Wildcat


>Why would an Arizona newspaper and a bunch of schizo ads talking about "white rabbits" and "the Orphanage" be related to pedogate and Epstein/Clinton? I have a hunch:


>The McCain Institute was caught stealing anti-trafficking donations and instead giving that money to the Arizona State University Foundation


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>The Loyal Order of Un-reconstructed Freaks in conjunction with Coimbra Section will supply Licor Regional (Trás-os-Montes); Produtor...

Seems like they have some kind of Portuguese affiliation. Coimbra is a university city, and they'll supply regional liquor...

After seeing this, this just seems like a gathering of guys who studied together...
orate pro nobis is "pray for us" in Latin.
have any researchers died tampering with this stuff?
Reminds me of subgenii stuff but im not seeing any dobbs/13013 shit that ive noticed, or any discord references that i know of, and ive read a bunch.

File: 1558369456745.jpg (472 KB, 1280x1169)
472 KB
472 KB JPG
Times are getting strange. Keep the faith Christians, our redemption is drawing nigh as this world gets more insane by the day!

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Don't forget the whole Neuralink thing coming out soon. Definitely sounds like the beginning of the Mark of the Beast and the birth of the Beast System around us in the near future. God bless! Time to really double down on faith in these times.
It seems like AI will play a big part in the Mark of the Beast times. We might be as close as 10 years to fully aware Skynet style AI. The time of the Great Tribulation is literally at the door and will catch many off guard who aren't watching the signs around us.
Might go in. I think my place is with the machines. This material world never fit quite right.
This guy does good regular updates on Bible prophecy too. This just came out today.

Outer space is fake and gay.
Flat earth is biblical.

File: rapture-art-design.jpg (45 KB, 760x418)
45 KB
This confuses and drives away demonic entities.

God bless!

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Could Dave Mustaine be a Christian?
Who would have guessed?
Dave Mustaine is a born again Christian now. He is very upfront about it. Praise Jesus!
Blackie Lawless is a Christian now too and W.A.S.P.'s new music is Christian.


Talk about something nobody could have possibly guessed back in the day!
Pete Sandoval (drummer of Morbid Angel) is now a born again Christian as well.

I need sources on ritual murder. Serial killers, mass sacrifice, killing rituals, everything
23 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
The New Satanists by Linda Blood
Awesome, that's a lot of material to work with. Thank you very much to you both
To you as well
FBI plz no bully
Blasphemous Rumours by Andrew Boyd

Out of Darkness: Exposing Satanism and Ritual Abuse by Sakheim

Encyclopedia of Ritual Abuse by Joseph Hamel
Okay, got all of these sorted so far. Thank you very much

File: 4c71581bfa.jpg (147 KB, 1080x1080)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
Why do demons overlap our dimension and feed on us at night? Is nature the devils' church? What if it's all a Matrix created by demons/evil entities to keep you in the cycle of birth and death so that you suffer? What would happen if you refused to re-incarnate? Can you refuse?

Look at nature honestly and you'll see how it's fucked up. A wolf is forced to murder the dear, but why is he forced into such action? Why would you design a universe where a living being is forced to murder? Only a demon would create such a thing.

And why is God such a horrible parent, and non-proactive? It's like he waits for you to come to him, which is bullshit. Imagine if you left your kids at home to fend for themselves without giving them any input: he's literally lazy and indifferent!. A person might be (genuinely) an atheist, and le'ts say... he gets addicted to heroin. God just lets him die without intervention; just throw the fucker away because who cares? And when you ask a question, you get no REAL answers, why is he so quiet? Fucking talk faggot! God is literally the worst fucking parent!
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
not sure i agree with this assessment. The universe seems to be self-perpetuating. Eating food doesn't seem to harm the universe/Dragon, it's actually the only way to sustain the universe.
The strong eat the weak, the Head eats the Tail, and as a result, the Dragon survives (manages to survive while separate from God).

To kill the Dragon seems to either require an act of God, or for the Tail of the Dragon to refuse to be food, for the Head to refuse to eat the tail.
If humans die out completely, demons die out completely. Demons feed on humans, but without humans, the Demons/Head can't eat, which means the Dragon dies (just as God foretold).

The question then is:
do we voluntarily die out as a species (as Schopenhauer hinted at), kill our Will, end this flawed existence of imperfection, pain, suffering, and sometimes downright EVIL? (maybe even with the hope that perhaps God will take us flawed spirits back into Eden, though who knows for certain if that's even possible?)
or do we just keep on with the original plan, and keep eating animals and plants, while allowing demons to feed off us (via our pain, suffering, perhaps even literally feed at times)?
I know it means many things.
Just my cents for tonight. Much to be reflected on still!
File: 1523608722691.jpg (44 KB, 550x535)
44 KB
>do we voluntarily die out as a species (as Schopenhauer hinted at), kill our Will, end this flawed existence of imperfection, pain, suffering, and sometimes downright EVIL? (maybe even with the hope that perhaps God will take us flawed spirits back into Eden, though who knows for certain if that's even possible?)
>or do we just keep on with the original plan, and keep eating animals and plants, while allowing demons to feed off us (via our pain, suffering, perhaps even literally feed at times)?

I remember reading (maybe in Gnosticism) how Jesus rebuked people for having children. That's like the most satanic affirmation you can make, to have children. You're basically saying to everyone that suffering and evil are good, therefore you want it passed down through posterity. The movie Enter the Void does a good job at depicting life as hell. It encourages the viewer to enter the void of the Self so that you get enlightenment.

I can't even believe how deluded (by evil) people are. They literally LOVE pain and suffering, and if you question their insanity, they will come at you with fists. Everyone worships the devil and demons, while not realizing that they are.
If you honestly look at our universe, everything is the opposite of the soul and God. Forget about some utopia happening in the future, that's not the goal. You can push the stone onto the hill as many times as you want, it's still going back down eventually. The entire universe exists to give shelter to evil; a setup for things to go horribly wrong.

"He who has eyes can see the sickening sight;
Why does not Brahma set his creatures right?
If his wide power no limit can restrain,
Why is his hand so rarely spread to bless?
Why are all his creatures condemned to pain?
Why does he not to all give happiness?
Why do fraud, lies, and ignorance prevail?
Why triumphs falsehood -- truth and justice fail?
I count you Brahma one among the unjust
Who made a world in which to shelter wrong."
-- Bhuridatta Jataka, No. 453
it's stated more clearly in certain gnostic teachings, but even in the New Testament it's said somewhere (I think it was Paul?) that it's better to remain celibate, in the service of God, but that for those that can't live such a life, it's better in that case to marry and raise a family.

The teaching there seems to be one of
>Okay, yes, we live in an evil universe, but we can minimize it as much as we are able, by not having promiscuous sex which tends to lead to children that grow up without loving parents, which then leads to more sin, more unloved children and even greater sin, so on and so forth until you reach a point like where we're at now as a society worldwide, where parents condemn their own offspring to a life of child prostitution to be the playthings of the elite. (pizzagate, pedogate, etc.)

Jesus gives me hope that God has not completely abandoned the fallen 1/3 of angels, that He wants to salvage as much as possible from the Dragon, separate the wheat from the chaff, the Tail from the Head (he or is first shall be last, and last shall be first?), and that it's possible for at least some of us to return to Eden/Heaven.

File: 108.jpg (164 KB, 894x894)
164 KB
164 KB JPG
Because of this thread >>23068510 and others like it the depression cycles of this board caught my attention, maybe reality is not collapsing maybe just YOUR reality is collapsing.

I almost never post here I only lurk sometimes because schizophrenics are fun, and sometimes there are interesting themes like chaos magic, stories of the woods, urban legends, the fuckeable creature of the eggs etc, so I want to ask; there is more people like me here, who is happy and doing what you want / need to live the life you want, (and not depressed mentally ill, hopeless and / or stupid) but like me you almost never post just watch the schizo-show from the first row ?

The world is getting better in most measurable ways but your kind seems to only notice the worst even when most of you are from comfy first world countries. Your weak will is what allowed the existence or the big power groups of the world (the illuminatu, magic reptiles from spaces, etc)

Maybe your kind is more sensible (a bunch of faggots) and easily get caught in negative reality spaces, dimensions, perspectives, temporal lines whatever you want to called it. I'm very good in not giving a fuck about the bullshit currents of the world (political and social bullshit mostly) and therefore not being affected by it, we live in different realities, or we influence or the same reality in different ways?

Have a kiwi, kiwis are good for you.
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This,its very obvious. Shit sucks sometimes,sometimes it dosnt
>Your weak will

I'LL BITE. i'm not depressed and I love life. I work EVERY DAY doing WHATEVER needs to be done.

as for my weak will : do you know how they bind it?

WITH MONEY. some scenarios are inescapable - or homelessness.

I use REASON to make my argument and the times I have used my WILL WITH FORCE

I’m doing pretty good for myself, I just sift through schizo and disinfo shill posts to find some nuggets of interesting truth. Very similar to how I used to browse /biz/ minus the shills, that place is just a shithole then and now it’s unbrowsable with what crypto mania has done to it.
>implying they ever smile, and don't just call you a racist ten more times

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