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File: 51BpNCvPR6L.jpg (38 KB, 353x500)
38 KB

>Nothing was your own except the few cubic centimetres inside your skull.
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Interesting take, never thought about it like that
sure you did, but then you realized it was retarded.
Am i the only one who thinks Western countries have this exact thing, but its hidden and only in the hands of intelligence agencies rather than open and used by regular police? And instead of it having a dedicated camera network, it uses the existing cameras that are all around us, with some freaky software that can find and tap into existing cameras through internet?
No you're not the only one who thinks that, that's literally what we OPENLY KNOW IS REAL, it's what the NSA got whistleblown as doing
>daily reminder

I already have social media, though.
That being said, I have no political or financial pull, so if some CIA stooge wants to watch me laugh at dumb animal videos and schlick it to Jojo porn all day then I say have at it.

My bigger concern is just how much they use that shit for advertising. I swear, one day we'll wake up to find our free trial period for reality is over, and we're gonna have to put in a credit card number to go on existing.

People here actually believe in astrology? If so why?

File: ⅁ot.png (56 KB, 385x237)
56 KB
The ⅁ot must be appeased we must all put our attention to the ⅁ot or something terrible will happen.
Praise the ⅁ot for it is red.
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its going back down bring us back up mr woke
File: IMG_9067-990x1049.jpg (247 KB, 990x1049)
247 KB
247 KB JPG
Sad day for sure
File: ⅁ot 3.0.png (43 KB, 385x236)
43 KB
The blue is strong with us
What the fuck?

File: Dzhokar_Tsarnaev.jpg (32 KB, 640x360)
32 KB
>Dzhokhar didn't do it
>Adam lanza was a fake person
>How did dylan's parents not know about their sons hidden bombs and guns?
I've been looking into things like this and come to the conclusion that all of these mass shootings and terrorist attacks are psyops that didn't happen.
It was Fake, my Nigger
They did happened. Psy op false flags event does NOT mean it didn't happen (or innocent didn't die). It only means it is orchestrated by .... with intent to achieve certain political impact in public opinion.
>>Dzhokhar didn't do it
We did it, Reddit!

>>Adam lanza was a fake person
Then who was playing DDR?

>>How did dylan's parents not know about their sons hidden bombs and guns?
He hid 'em.

File: David 1.png (160 KB, 400x349)
160 KB
160 KB PNG
Redpill me on this guy
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He's the reason you shouldn't drink while pregnant
What are peoples thoughts on Nick Pope?
File: alex mucci.jpg (35 KB, 474x474)
35 KB
He lurks here.
Occasionally he shills Amazon links for his movies.

Just LOOK at him. Would you trust that guy with your kids? I fuckin' wouldn't. I also don't trust a word he says about anything that I can't verify externally. Snake oil salesman.
Insert him in your rectum and let him melts.

Best demon to evoke for revenge purposes? I have an enemy that has consistently tried to harm me, to the point where he caused me to lose my business and livelihood. He must pay for his actions. He has a brother business parrtner that, to my knowledge has bore me no ill. Id rather him not be harmed.
I was thinking Asmodeus would be a good fit, but I'm a novice. Asmodeus might be a bit large of a bite for me to chew. Any suggestions?
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Fuck Paul
maybe things went badly because this is your idea of revenge. you might not have the balls to stand up to anyone. its even possible waving your hands around and buying yak bones is just a way to feel like you've actually done something to even the score. am i right or wrong?
Turn to GOD and Jesus Christ before it's too late.
Just mask up and take a hammer to his knee faggot
If you havent experienced it, you cant believe it. I get where you're coming from.

>be me
>live alone
>have no faulty devices or dying batteries in the house but they frequently switch on and off by themselves
>start to suspect i'm being haunted by a ghost
>never really believed in ghosts but this creeped the fuck out of me
>believing it was a ghost i started shouting at it to fuck off
>it fucks with my lights and electronics before nothing happens
>nothing happened for a month or so
>i'm scared it'll start again
Is it a ghost /x/ or am I a retard, is it going to come back?
Pic unrelated I couldn't get footage of the electronics fucking up
>be me
No, really? You’re you. We would have never guessed.
If it comes back, use the age old method of immediately dropping your pants and jerking off to scare it away
Unless it's a succubus then it will surge through you're wang

File: kundalini-awakening.jpg (62 KB, 600x441)
62 KB
How do you stop this shit?
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Shit is not that bad anon.
I have crippling depression and social anxiety
You first, gotta learn from the best.
>Has any of you had a similar experience?
nope and neither have you larpfaggot
Me too :(

File: mckenna.jpg (148 KB, 1280x720)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
Based and, dare I say it, redpilled
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mfw i smoke the doobie and now I'm a cooler more enriched person because I exposed my neurons to cognitive assault
>psychedelics are poison
Confirmed for having never experienced one. You have no idea what you're talking about. None.
Dose makes the poison and there are people who become self-proclaimed gurus through lifelong meditations, which is just another ego trap. You are inventing the same ego trap yourself and so you can't be taken seriously as you obviously missed the point of your own post. I wish you well brother and hope you find peace someday.
Smoke weed maaan
Lmao good lord

File: eye-1915454_1280.png (74 KB, 1280x662)
74 KB
I once had a dream, where i walked into a school classroom. I was kinda late, so everyone was already sitting when i arrived. When i opened the door, they all looked at me, which is normal because i was late. Then the lights suddenly went off. What happened next has left me thinking for a while now. Everyone suddenly had a glowing eye like symbol on their forehead. It was kinda "pulsing", like a heart. They all "looked" at me for a good few seconds with it. I didnt feel any particular thing except some level of unease, but it wasnt really intense or scary. Then the lights went on and everything continued as normal, and everyone acted as if nothing had happened at all, and i just sat down in my chair.

What the fuck was this about?
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It is said that the yogi touches students on the third eye. Maybe it has something to do with that
What does it mean to see the third eye in your dreams in general?
That is a happy occult symbol. I hope that symbol has a good day.
how do I have them
What the fuck is s syzygy

File: BigDumbFuckinClock.jpg (48 KB, 500x313)
48 KB
When everything has meaning, nothing does. My appreciation has meaning, but what's the point if you can't truly appreciate anything?

Also what's the point of figuring out God if I don't get any fucking powers
God doesn't real

Does anyone know what these various languages translate to in the halo around his head?

Also, general occultism thread. Share what you have learned.
All I know is that I know nothing and reality seems to be a lie propagated by our own delusion and attachments.
It’s seems to overcome this we must use tools like meditation to some how break the cycle of reincarnation
I’d recommend reading ‘the 31 planes of existence’ which breaks down the different levels of consciousness within the wheel of samsara
familiar with the sims games? over our heads is basically one of those crystal icons, its a higher more fancy existence observing you, but you. were a dream of it. a vidya game. you can change games and stop playing at any time, and the ending of a game is not the end of you. consciousness itself never ends, it is eternally pure fire. much love famlove
The lowest is hebrew and the upper seems like latin.

File: stonebuddha.jpg (33 KB, 404x401)
33 KB
Any of you guys have any experience with psychosis? Here's my story:

>Be me a year ago
>Really into lucid dreaming, doing amphetamine and staying up for days to induce psychosis for inspiration for my book
>One day I bought 25g of high quality amphetamine to stay up for a week
>First two days I didn't see anything, just rolled in my bed for hours trying to be comfortable and occasionally jacked off manically
>Third day I started having strange tought loops
>I was in an infinite loop inside my head and I can't remember excactly what it was about
>I finally snapped out of it and did more speed to clear my head
>Things around my house started coming to life and I cracked jokes with them
>The jokes grew increasingly funny and I couldn't stop laughing
>I started to think I was the god of humour and various objects on my desk which had come to life were my loyal subjects who I told my jokes to
>The higher the rank the more resistant they were to my jokes
>I told jokes funnier and funnier and at some point they started to actually fucking die of laughter and I laughed at that because it was even funnier than the joke itself
>They just exploded because they couldn't handle the jokes anymore

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>I let her in through the door and her aura felt really intimidating at first
>Then I realized this is actually why I created her in the first place
>She was to be the ultimate guardian, even stronger than me, she didn't have any ill will towards me and she only wanted to protect me from any evil
>Even still, I was afraid of my own creation
>What if she would turn against me?
>I couldn't do anything since she was way more powerful
>I decided to trust her regardless, what's the worst thing that could happen
>I tried to look at her and she vanished in an instant
>She explained once again that I couldn't look at her or she would go away and only stay inside my own head
>I wasn't having that
>I will bring this creation to this realm
>She told me to lay on the bead facing away from the door
>I was laying on the bed and I could actually hear her footsteps coming closer
>Two metres away from me she asked

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Did you finish the book
Can we read it
No I'm still writing it sadly.
I had psychedelic induced psychosis, was very scary, I had no idea it wasn’t real.
>Drop 8 tabs
>Eat 5g of mushroom
I ate the shrooms right after swallowing the acid, lemon tek style. And I smoked a blunt right after finishing the shrooms.
I’ve been awkward and reserved for a long time, so when my friend who also high was pushing me to answer a question and I didn’t know what to say, the anxiety sent me over the edge. I was acting like a fool for a little bit, not knowing what was what. It was hard to remember up until he put me in his bedroom in the dark, he didn’t know what else to do with me. I spent maybe 2-3 hours in there, but it felt like decades. Was thoroughly convinced I was stuck in some sort of facility. The facility was dark and grim. I saw myself in a mirror, gray haired and wrinkly. “You’re getting old anon, you have to get out.” I remember saying to myself. I was panicking trying to find a way out for so long, I felt completely hopeless. not to mention I pissed myself a couple times (irl) My friend came to check on me, I saw the door open and light pour into the room. The reality of my situation came rushing back to me, I was very relieved. “Why are you naked?” He said to me. I stripped myself without knowing it. Embarrassing lol I was so shook up, I felt like I survived this huge ordeal but none of it was real. I had only been tripping maybe 4 hours at that point, but that ruined the whole night, for me and him. Probably the worst trip I’ve ever had.
Yep experienced DXM/LSD psychosis twice that resulted in a trip to the looney bin twice. First time I was at the hospital due to lack of sleep from the weird shit going on and I remember yelling at the janitor that he was “dirty dan” because I thought dan Schneider’s spirit had possessed him since I stumbled on his pedo ring. Second time I thought Illuminati and drug cartels were after me and could transport into people’s bodies using special technology like in the matrix and jump through phone lines. During all of this crazy synchronicities were happening and I picked up on things/intuition and predicted events that did happen in the future though (some events I predicted were slightly over exaggerated some were underestimated but still on point). Was some spooky shit, both instances occurred after lots of meditation and yoga and throwing hallucinogens into the mix as well as stress from school and a lack of sleep.

File: Religions_4x5.png (39 KB, 737x915)
39 KB

I'm trying to better myself. Drink less, eat better, take care of myself more - physically, mentally and spiritually.

I am from a country that is mostly atheist, so me nor anyone in my family or any of my friends are religious. However I would like to be, I'd like to believe there's something bigger, some meaning etc.

How does someone like me choose a religion? Which one should I choose and why?

Will you help me, please?
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>Mohammed was a pedophile false prophet[1]
>1. Shlomo Shekelberg(2006), pp. 696
Just start reading up and studying various religions, learn as much as you can from as many as you can and meditate on the things you learn. You should be trying to find and hopefully understand God and form a relationship with him. Maybe you will at some point settle on a specific religion and that will be your path, but asking "which religion" is the wrong question and anybody who might say "my religion" is offering the wrong answer.

you forgot Tangrism.

be like Gengis Khan !
Believe in love anon. I do.

File: Snapchat-1024263340.jpg (501 KB, 1080x1920)
501 KB
501 KB JPG
Hey /x found this in bathroom of really shady gas station. Anyone know what it is?
31 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 4eyuup6klqix.png (446 KB, 1200x877)
446 KB
446 KB PNG
Doesn't look like any hobo signs I can attest to, hobo signs typically mark places to eat and sleep more than anything else.
It does look like it's dividing or separating something, given the border between the shapes. Gas stations, especially rural ones, can be good places for people in love to meet if their love isn't acceptable(eg, homosexuals, interracial people, incest, etc) so it might be some kind of code for some type of community.
Tell me, is this the type of bathroom that you need to get the key and walk to the side to get to or is it in the station?
It's a reversed Ihwaz with parts of Ingwaz incorporated for some reason. I have no idea what it means.
your post is apparently on r/4chan
reddit fags ar stinky

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