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File: annonciation-520676.jpg (853 KB, 1700x2400)
853 KB
853 KB JPG
>Religion or Meds?

Psychology issues wise. I noticed that some people that were on meds for a long time and then leant on religion quickly changed their way of curing their depression by having faith.

Your thoughts on this?
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Going to answer this sort of in reverse order.
>I used to lucid dream every night and thought I'd find my path to salvation that way.
The subconscious can only use what you already intuit on some level. If you don't have an idea in mind of a direction in life, asking your mind to check the compass it doesn't have is going to get surreal. So I can see where one would get the impression knowing more can help sketch out a map, however
>I've exercised, done yoga, studied all the Jung shit, practiced magicks, studied philosophy and ancient mythology.
While you probably figured this out yourself already, just looking to enter into something won't be much help if you're really just looking for an exit from something else. It's like people who drink to dull their worries, only for the drinking to solve little or create more worries.

>The only thing that came close was one time the voice of "God" told me I had to wake up when my carbon monoxide alarm was going off.
I won't discount your experience, but I will remark that since the state of the body affects the mind, the mind can pick up on changes in our state it doesn't consider acceptable and reference our psychological profile on what we recognize or revere to communicate with us to pilot the body.

For example whenever I sleep while dehydrated, which can affect the brain, my dreams become unsettling, which is my subconscious telling me to wake up and do something since it can't exactly hydrate itself. One time I was annoyed a good dream was spoiled and thought to myself it would be nice if I'd just get a reminder instead of jump scare. 3 days later I had a dream where a writer I respect appeared at a window and silently glanced towards a table with cups of water.

See free will has its downside, the mind can't reason or force you to do anything. But if the idea of an authority telling you to get out of bed will give it the authority to get you out of bed, well, if it works it works.
>religion is the best medicine whether or not its true, correct?
It can be, technically we're poisoning the well by even discussing its healing properties but I've noticed an uptick in people desperate to know why faith or philosophies work for others but left them no better or worse off, so it would be remiss to leave them in the dark instead of taking a log from the campfire to hand out a torch. It might burn out by itself, but it's better than nothing.

If self development is rife with hurdles due to the self, i.e. free will that can drive you to drink instead of deal with problems, then something higher than the self might stimulate parts of our psyche involved in dedication to goals, ethics in acts, positivity in the future, etc and have healthy effect on our lives and interaction with people. No reason to stop unless and until complications arise.
For example I've seen some newly getting into a faith, due to profound guilt over their past, focus more on whether they would be judged by the faith and its people for prior lapses instead of considering new opportunity to do good and be better.
I've heard them worry about getting parts of a practice wrong, instead of reflecting on the spiritual correction of the practice.
This doesn't mean the practice is wrong, just the way they were practicing.

Perspective can make a vice feel divine and sparing and what should be wholesome agonizing and dreadful. For example you may consider death an end to routine good in your life and beginning of unknown horror, while someone going through routine known horror feels the reverse.

>What else would you recommend to overcome primal irrational fears?
Raw conviction in the self, but it can't be given a sermon weekly by anyone but you. This is where faiths and philosophies draw strength. Routine and community can turn the sound of one voice, low or loud, into a harmonious choir. Sing if it's music to your ears, dance if it makes you happy.
Religion is fake so cant work other than a placebo effect. Take your meds
Neither. What all need is to believe in yourself. Knowing yourself is not enough to become happy, you also need to believe in your own journey. You need an ego for that. Without an ego there is no reason to play the game. Fortunately, the ego never really dies. It can break but it's never too late to pick up the pieces. Self-knowledge makes you responsible, ego allows you to play. When you can get the two to work together, you can play responsibly.
I'm not a psychologist but from what I heard meds are just a method to keep people functioning while they sort the problems that gave them their depression.

File: 1551744093740.gif (2.34 MB, 498x328)
2.34 MB
2.34 MB GIF
/x/ related .gifs/webms
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Is this what docking is?
Fun fact the kid and his mom tried murdering someone.
Am watching this right now.
File: golf devil.webm (715 KB, 600x338)
715 KB
When you bully the uncircumcised kid one too many times

File: 419k1jFVyKL.jpg (32 KB, 341x500)
32 KB
Who is he? Kubrick was trying to tell us who the most powerful man in the world is and even gave us his face. Who is it?
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In that case, what is the meaning of the left eye?
The right eye represents godliness and spirituality while the left eye represents a materialistic nature and worldliness. That's why in islam they say the left eye will be bulging out because of his lopsided view against spirituality.
wouldn't it be funny if atheists all had bulging left eyes?
whoever he is he's clearly had a stroke I should say, based on the asymmetry of the mask (kek to the forest whittaker comment, but no way in hell is it mean to be him)
Jacob Rothschild was passed over to lead the family business and subsequently sold his interest, considering he's not the most powerful person in the rothschild family I'm guessing he's not the most powerful person in the world

Level 1- globetard
Level 2- globe skeptic
Level 3- flat earthed
Level 4- aliens control the dome
Level 5- holographic universe, humanity has been trapped in a computer simulation since the beginning of time.
Level 6- the human specimen is being farmed by a reptilian alien race, politics is controlled, the future is being paved by Archon forces, and the prison planet energy extraction matrix is real.
Level 7- the flat earth is an idea that can deprogram our generational brainwashing by the globalists, I must join the meme war to prevent the globalists NWO.
Level 8- God is the collective consciousness of humanity in a state of pure love, we must protect it.
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Since this is a conspiracy thread, and the link in the sticky seem to be kill. Can someone tell me what "The Shinning Code" actually is? All the youtube videos on it seem to have been either removed or are in piss poor quality.
File: proof.jpg (14 KB, 320x306)
14 KB
Your mind doesn't match reality
What the fuck are half of these
You are homosex, pls jump off the edge of your flat Earth my dude
>Cherry picked quotes out of context
That'll show 'em!

File: Download.png (4 KB, 160x160)
4 KB
Do animals have souls?
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People are animals. There's no reason to assume we have anything that other animals don't. The only reason why this question gets debated is that the way we treat animals is highly immoral, and the only way people can justify it is by convincing themselves that all animals except for humans are devoid of souls.
If we have a soul then animals do too. They too can cry, be sociopaths, killers or friendly.
The worth of a lifeform is probably better defined by their level of sentience.
But also the size, because even if an ant were sentient, they're too fucking small to affect the world.
It would take a long time, but even lesser lifeforms could be trained to be useful in society.
With this I don't mean plant are useless, it's just another context. But they too might have some kind of souls. It's just that their survival tactics is to take root and vegetate, so they don't really have much chance to develop our levels of sentience.
Soul is called Anima in alchemy.

Soul is your Mind or Consciousness.

Are Animals conscious? Do they have a Mind? The answer is yes, but not to the same degree as us.
The way we treat animal is pragmatic.
Humanity is strong becuase we got our shit together. Other animals had millennias too to keep up, but they were content with fucking and shitting like pigs.
I don't agree with poachers hunting animals to extinction but the ones we breed for food have simply lost the race, and wouldn't even be alive if we didn't need to breed them for food. So there's that.
People are not animals
But animals do have souls
Infact it would be better to rephrase that
Souls also inhabit animals
But I think most animals don't have a discrimatory mind
Like when you dream, you are conscious but without a mind

File: 1499710736561.jpg (55 KB, 480x454)
55 KB
Have you ever met someone who came across as nice or at least simply polite but you felt like an intense energy coming from them? It's not even a negative or unpleasant experience nor is the usual social anxiety. You don't feel happy or sad but the person flusters you when you first meet them. And you remember the experience long after you should have, though they did nothing special.

Is there a label or term for that kind of mind fuckery? What happened to me?
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File: 1553878254735.gif (2.58 MB, 492x283)
2.58 MB
2.58 MB GIF
>take the form of a wounded warrior to test the hearts of those he encounters.
That's literally what i do with new people and my name is Michael.
Am i special now?
Are you mostly within your body?Or do you feel/scan around the room and into the people?
I know exactly what you describe.Ive had that phenomenon as well.
I was usually outside of my body. Scanning and extracting information from everywhere and everyone.
Grounding and centering can help.Know your bodily boundaries.
By the way,it is not right to 'feel into people'(you might know what I mean,using your sense to extract information from within them)without their permission. The best teacher I have clearly forbid it.
Most people,even if unconscious, detect it and notice it as a possible threat.It is a survival mechanism,you are a possible threat,a hunter scanning the prey,even if you dont mean harm.
That might be a reason why they think you're 'kind of weird'
Idk why this image seems to have triggered an emotional reaction in me
My pops is similar to what you describe and I have noticed how people react to him over the years.more so as I have got older and am more observant of the people around me.
I have spoken with my grandmother about this and her words was ‘he has always had an air of menace’.he can just look at someone and they move quickly out of his way when he speaks to some people they look at the Floor and generally take a step back away from him.lots of little things like that that you would notice at first glance but become blatant when you are aware of it.hes really chill and polite tho.i guess some people are like that.

File: 220px-MerryOldSanta.jpg (32 KB, 220x304)
32 KB
What's this fat bastards ultimate endgame?
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He was a symbol of joy and generosity that allowed adults worldwide to have a conspiracy to bring fun to their children. Now he’s just another corporate icon.
creating an entitled society which expects pleasantries (like gifts) to just be given from an outside source. The whole "being nice" thing is a scam, since I've received presents even though I wasn't as nice. It makes the next generations insufferable man children that want everything served to them on a platter.
Favors? He gives us stuff? I thought he only comes around at night throught the month of December to quickly drain my bank account and bring me bad family photos of people I don’t keep up with.
Santa is Saturn.

The god of Material things who brainwashes children by giving them gifts.

File: PSymbolChart_2.png (144 KB, 644x763)
144 KB
144 KB PNG
what are these symbols from and what do they mean
new gw2 guild emblems?
Those are the Pokemon TCG set symbols lol
damn..so they're teaching literal illuminati witchcraft to kids these days? that's fucked up
If you don't know what a symbol means, it's not teaching you anything.
so it's subliminal? but that's even worse!!

File: moon_earth_1600.jpg (279 KB, 1600x915)
279 KB
279 KB JPG
The world is ending next week, what are you going to do with your last days?
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what if school was closed all week on account of doomsday, except for the student organizations and clubs?
>>22705152 #
Then I would file a complaint through the student council that one of my unalienable right for eduaction is being disregarded. And then I would take those goddamn exams.
what would you do if when you got there, after you finished the exam two men in black suits came up to you and said that your persistence in the face of danger bought you a place on the Colony Ship that was departing shortly on a two year voyage to ganymede full of hand selected colonists, and you had to make your decision right then and there to go or stay?
'Course I would go, possibly taking my GF and as many of my family with me as possible. If I can't take any of them with me, and there would be no way to sneak them up, I would probably refuse - not so sure about that tho
Yea, yea, yea, the world is always about to end.
It never does, though.
I wonder why that is?

God is not a being but a state of consciousnes
does that mean god is the sum total of all beings able to achieve that state of consciousness?
underage banned
The Archons are a state of Consciousness too.

But that does not make the Demiurge God like he claims.

File: 1555630601774.png (40 KB, 1280x720)
40 KB
File: treasure here.jpg (234 KB, 1200x712)
234 KB
234 KB JPG
intredasting,, bompan

every time I look at the mirror it doesn't seem like a reflection it feels like I'm looking at another person, but it's not human what the hell is it?!!!?!?
26 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>God larping as individualized consciousness with itself.
No. God is eternal and seperated from his creations, which aren't. He's all powerful, he doesn't have to play a game of hide and seek with himself, he actually created us as a seperate other consciousness
totally agree with all that, i haven't into philosophy at the level i'd like but i very much resonate with the idea of the universe tasting itself through us, tiny pieces of the cosmic dust gathered on a giant space gem
that's literally the most normalfag npc "philosophy" imaginable, it's what dumb uneducated normalfags say when they get stoned and look at the stars
that's because it's not exactly a novel concept
what's your philosophy, smart guy
I've heard people in the entertainment industry are terrified to look at mirrors, After they made a pact with Satan they see horrific things in mirrors most likely demonic

Tfw you realize you’re REAL

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File: bqdvuntcyaa6noh-1.jpg (103 KB, 960x911)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
I think ur wrong
HE IS beautiful, that is why ((('THEY')) CAN'T S-T-A-N-D Him
He Has ZERO SIN, I-S bisexual, & translucent ..
the way you speak of matter is theoretical and nothing to aspire to. that is aspiring as, what you are describing is the past in your body rather the body of the past has been given for yours to pass along. if one has wondered for a very long time perhaps they are simply lost, be positive and sea what you find
You see I've forgotten if they're green or they're blue, Anyway the thing is what I really mean
Yours are the sweetest eyes I've ever seen
>if you know, you know
I love this movie so fucking much

Anyone have firsthand experiences of The Backrooms? Or know someone who has been there? Any discussion can go here. I, like many others, get a strange sense of nostalgia from The Backrooms, and I feel like there’s something to it. Thoughts? Also, I hate plebbit as much as the next tard, but consider checking out/subscribing to /r/thebackrooms. The sub is growing pretty rapidly and is a good place to consolidate Backroom related info.
26 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
The Backrooms are where people hit by the time-gaps go.
.. "death of an operator" much
then he threatens to kick your ass, your only hope is that his mildly disappointing son bobby will distract him long enough for you to escape. the second you hear him shout "GOD DANG IT BOBBY" you must start running and never, ever look back
File: BobbyAR15.jpg (23 KB, 480x360)
23 KB
>be twenty-something-year-old NEET
Yeah right.

File: CSFR-5W.jpg (107 KB, 450x574)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
I will soon be spending 2 months living out in Northern Saskatchewan, in some of the most sparsely populated communities south of the Yukon. Most of my time will be spent living/working on reservations & indigenous communities. There's bound to be a huge amount of spooky shit out there, what am I likely to encounter? What precautions should I take?

Yeah, yeah, I know-- Wendigo, Skinwalkers (even though specifically part of Navajo folklore...), the Highway of Tears... I can use Google. I'm mostly wondering if any of you have personal anecdotes, first, or second hand. That's what's valuable to me. Thank you.
47 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
Oh my god I've had this tattoo for 5 years & I'm just now noticing how extremely phallic the troll's head looks, jeepers fuck
Yeah, no, I mean...that's why I'm going. To work in those communities. I know it's going to be bleak & depressing & sometimes frightening...I'm not going for a 2 month vacation.

But as long as I'm there, I wanna look out for spooks...and I wanna know what spooks to look out for (inb4 some hilarious joak built around the premise that 'spook' is also a racial slur)
File: salt-shaker.jpg (77 KB, 1100x734)
77 KB
be sure to put salt in your shoes too, protect you from bad medicine youll be all good.. also look for the bearwalker. frenchy native out of the rez reporting in
Thank you.
I'm curious too~~!!

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