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File: HomelessChoice04.jpg (501 KB, 1484x970)
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501 KB JPG
Does anyone else feel paranormal energy around homeless people? I sense demonic energies in their presence.
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because people dont give a shit retard, why dont you go help them out
Are you thinking "we're going to make him homeless and then he will finally become evil and demonic like we want". Well, when i was 19 i hitchhiked out west and lived on the streets of Vancouver for awhile. It didn't make me evil.

You guys are on your own with the demonic evil. Good luck with that.
op is a fool lmao. you saying homeless people are posessed? mayne you are just a pussy or just a piece of shit who hates homeless people and using this as a way to rationalize that hate
File: gabr.jpg (123 KB, 2000x847)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
Mind if I call you greybeard? That is a silly notion. A true mage understands both the light and dark. Free will allows the magician to make a choice. I've been persuaded to give you an offer. I doubt you have the fortitude to accept but others have convinced me to offer it: Pledge your soul to the light, truth, wisdom, courage and justice. If you take the oath, we'll open the path of magical knowledge. Knowledge beyond any book from misguided men. What say you wizard? Ready for a challenge? You had questions but were too proud to ask. Here is your chance to discover the answers for yourself.
Hate to break the news to you anon but cats are still masters of the house. Be grateful they don't hunt and kill us anymore.

File: 1569589353630.jpg (75 KB, 615x663)
75 KB
Cryptid thread
Have you ever encountered one?
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damn and i thought unicorns were mythical
I'm not sure if a demon counts as a cryptid but that would be the only one. After the encounter I went through the room and researched to find some sort of a logical and reasonable explanation and found that believe it or not, the most believable solution was that I encountered whatever group of beings that people have been referring to as demons. Checked with a priest who's had a lot of people ask him stuff like that and he corroborated that the nature of the encounter is very consistent with demons
I've encountered a number of cryptid threads.
No, and I am bummed out that I don’t think I have ever had any paranormal experience ever.
When I was younger myself and 5 of my friends encountered what I now believe to be a dogman, although it couldve been some kind of skinwalker/werewolf as well.
I could tell the story if youd like to hear

this meme’ll help you lucid dream tonight

try spinning, it’s a good trick
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Face what scares you
you get scurred because you think there will be consequences. there are no consequences. live fearlessly in the day to day world, and that fearlessness bleeds in to the dream world.

you anon, deserve head pats. good suggestion, but i will add to this, stop and spin about 7-8 times a day while doing a reality check, so it builds up in the subconscious to stop and spin in the dream while doing a reality check, so you can use it as a trigger to lucidity
>try spinning, it’s a good trick
Was Annakin jewish?
>Likes spinning
>Willing to kill sand children
There has been no spinning. Been perfectly consistent regardless of all the attempts to manipulate me with fear, or tempt me with girls, power, or even immortality.
This...if the Boogeyman scares you, create an army of "things" that could easily skin Boogey alive, over and over again..

File: 1422320483266.jpg (49 KB, 500x500)
49 KB
Every time i lucid dream I basically just decide to change colors of my environment then just wake up or fall out of lucidity.

Is there a game plan some of you have followed to explore LDs ? I don't really feel compelled to fly or change much around or really anything.

I'm happy with reality and flowing with it so the concept of being able to control reality has less appeal or impulse. But i wanna develop the skill. I remember once i went lucid and was throwing around little energy balls like DBZ . maybe something like that?
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Neither I am, Ijust act as the dream wants me to act, feel like if I change anything I'll just loose an oportunity of a guided tour, so I try to influate myself on the waking world to dream what I feel like I want to dream
I think I understand . that's a good idea
get fucked up on pills and its 1000% easier to keep lucid dreams
Honestly, I use Lucid dreaming as a purely spiritual practice. I find it is most rewarding to use it to explore your own mind, and the capacity of your cognition. I usually meditate for maybe five minutes, then for the rest of the dream, ten minutes or so, I'll try levitating multiple objects at once, till i notice one has disappeared, or I'll hold a paper over a surface, then draw lines around the countours, then take the paper off and see if the drawing resembles the underlying material. It almost never does, but if you focus really hard it can look similar.
I had sex in a lucid dream once, I didn’t really feel anything but an emptiness.

File: Muhammad_with_Qur'an.jpg (76 KB, 471x590)
76 KB
Muhammad died in 632 A.D. He died as a result of being poisoned following his attack upon and conquest of the Jewish settlement of Khaibar. After the conquest of Khaibar, a Jewish woman prepared a dinner for Muhammad and some of his men. Unknown to the Muslims was that she had put a poison into the lamb that was served at dinner. Muhammad ate some of the poisoned lamb and died as a result three years later. Any questions?

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Good 'Ol Boy
First, that pic ain't Muhammad. And two, your whole point of food poison are very funny.
actually , moderate muslims only hate jews, while they think of Christians as good and that the bible is truth, the hate for christians seems to be a new thing based on jewish propaganda that comes from the salafi/wahabi extremist doctrine of saudi arabia.
no it didn't take three years to kill him he died overnight.
I dislike all abrhamism , but tell things as they are.
both christians and muslims are played by jews.

File: q5b81ht4zdg21.jpg (139 KB, 1589x1565)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
How do I curse my employer? He's a mean son of a bitch. All I did was ask him out and he went on and ranted about how he has a wife already and stupid shit like that. I don't care about your previous relationships! I just need someone financially stable to support me and my lifestyle. Why are people like this? I want to put a curse on him for firing me! I do not deserve this.
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You can call it what you wish, I just want to fund my lifestyle and live life to the fullest. It's not like I'm doing anything illegal and I'm forcing this man to give me his money. I just hate how he freakin fired me over this thing.

You poor misguided soul.
You deserve the money. You went up against someone that was spiritually stronger than you believed them to be. You must take this anger and transmute it into drive. You will find a new rich daddy in the next 1-2 years but you must prepare yourself for the spiritual warfare
You are a legitimate asshole Op ,take your gay ass larp elsewhere
It's a risky business, that. Some curses go ALL the way up the chain of command. You might end up cursing the most local richest person in your area, and end up collapsing the economy.

File: 1473031501_lain.gif (1.88 MB, 500x352)
1.88 MB
1.88 MB GIF
Is God on the internet? How can i talk to him?
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The one place which people would least expect.
The one place where it would be absolutely unbelievable.

Home is where you make it. In death you come to me. So find a foundation and construct, there is where your house can be.
God doesn't interfere in the affairs of man. That is what his helpers are for. Stop lying and take some meds.
The funny thing about this anon is, if you told anyone, nobody would believe you.
"Yeah man, there I was, theology-posting on /x/, when all of sudden there was this schizoposting anon pretending to be Go-."
"You lying nonce! Nobody uses that site except pedos! I'm calling the police!"
Cowardice need not be a sin. I don't think sin even matters.

I'm starting a jester cult soon..
Ive always had the soul of the jester and now I'm at a spot in my life where I can finally commence my organization of it.

I'm a transgirl who juggles and I'm wondering tho

Wats the point of cults anyway?
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The royal order of jesters would like to have a talk.
What is the mission of this cult?
The divine trickster archetype is an ancient consciousness.
And it resonates strongly with the public because its influences it's the most freedom archetypal form as demonstrated by the popularity of the .

So I am sure people will join as long as you have the correct attitude for example.
1. Freedom
2.randomness factor
3. Unpredictability
4. Lulz
6. Disregard for order
7.being always happy
8.love for pranks
10. Life is a joke, fate is the punchline.
File: images(85).jpg (9 KB, 252x200)
9 KB
Well hopefully our cult will revolve around lots of dirty, kinky sex, not just between the two of us, but also all the others who join too. It shall be a fun jester cult filled with nonstop orgies where no form of intimacy is taboo.
order of the jester is already a thing it has masonic connections, but I suppose every occultist must live somehow. jesters why not

File: images.jpg (11 KB, 320x320)
11 KB
Any theories about the saturn hexagon? what is it?
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a highly advanced alien transmitter that gives thoughts solidity, so that a projected thought of reality is slowed in vibration to become solid and therefore trap higher dimensional being in this reality matrix.

The rings of saturn is the projector and this hexagon is the source the moon is an amplifier to actually send this reality to earth.
this solar system is a prison.
It is the cube that pixelates this reality with the assistance of Uranus and Neptune, both creations of Chronos.
We replied seconds apart, this is a thorough and accurate analysis.
Interesting polar geometry at Jupiter as well -- with a pentagon of storms at the South Pole, ans an Octagon of storms at the North Pole.
File: 7464457775.jpg (153 KB, 718x960)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
where file?
>what is it?
some wild shit thats what

I'll keep this short.
I am from a rural area in Arkansas and a farmer near the edge of Missouri got in contact with me through a mutual friend.
The farmer has had animal mutilations, a missing persons case, and a plethora of strange lights/noises that are unaccounted for.
Long story short, I have a job that allows me to be out innawoods for weeks at a time and he is going to pay me to go camping on his property with a couple weapons in hopes I can document or shoot whatever is causing him problems.
I personally am a skeptic, but if there is something in the woods, what should I bring besides firearms and a camera to protect myself from the unknown?
I wasn't worried about protecting myself as much until I stayed one night on the edge of his fields two weeks ago.
(I am a seasoned hunter and outdoorsman in good shape in case anyone wonders)

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You can’t get anything, I’m a protected asset of this system, get fucked...dirty dishes.
except you're never allowed to stop trying because things are in fact moving.

There's a masonic password for everything.

>protected asset
>laughing gypsies,jpg
File: 1571773916143.jpg (208 KB, 1600x1095)
208 KB
208 KB JPG


File: fef.jpg (1.11 MB, 640x6011)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB JPG
>malawi marzipan fest
>monkeys trained to run in formation by vietcong, 1964
>crimson people
>the lost tribe of detroit
>vanishing bugs
>alternative to consciousness
>taiwanese are ceramic
>every 100 years humanity is lifted to a different planed in the solar system
>the woman is not real
>celts bred with aliens to make brits
>john tesh nipple
top ayy kek


File: download.jpg (6 KB, 310x163)
6 KB
The Russkies have been hiding shit about AYYs at least as long as the US has. Perhaps they do have him in his pocket...?

Call it a hunch. You can find the link to the Rogan Podcast on (((/pol/)))
anyone that goes on Joe Rogan is a shill of the NWO
he never said anything about aliens
If you actually watched the whole podcast, you wouldn't have bothered making the thread.
The topic was strictly citizen privacy and the reality of invasive measures on a national-scale.
He doesn't care about aliens
He did. He said that he had access to NSA and CIA databaes, he looked through them and found nothing. But he said it is possible, just unlikely. Because he has more access than anyone else.

However, he seems uneducated about everything besides his own stuff.
He left the possibility open.If he were lying through his teeth, he would have attempted to close the matter entirely, not just close it for the purposes of one debate. I suggest you acquire some meds, then take them. With love, non-schizo.

File: Australiandidgeridoos.jpg (121 KB, 1024x755)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
The most /x/ instrument? That tribal drone sound is haunting.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
How is it not the theramin?
Theramin is up there

Caribbean steel drums, my friend.

The most X instrument ever

Best /x/ ever is kazoukelele.

Proove here : https://youtu.be/XAg5KjnAhuU

remember los angeles had major problems not just the effects of climate change and what happened. People need help and love.

this is an alarmist video but there are real problems that travellers can help with.

6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>People need help and love

>people need help and love
>you mean less than dirt to me anyway

Basically the same as every other globohomo, liberal position
>we are accepting and loving but only if you agree with us
What're you even here for?
Just puff those worries away, ya pansy.
Want to spread the love? How about getting to know your local community, and put those spare hours into meaningful voluntary work.
/x/ is the wrong place for climate change preaching. Godspeed, friend.
File: 1570188395921.jpg (135 KB, 1064x988)
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135 KB JPG

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