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Eye reading thread
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Your life is very emotionally taxing
File: f.png (15 KB, 503x205)
15 KB
gadamn this bitch ugly
If you aren't best girl don't even talk to me!

what's the significance of 666?
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File: download.jpg (18 KB, 310x162)
18 KB
it's actually 616

>ace of discs
What am i looking at here? It looks like a ghost photo maybe?
It's an upside down pentagram in a church.
Because the idea the inverted pentagram was "evil" was a fringe idea until around the last hundred years.
Nero Caesar

>tfw you dunk on Lilith but SURVIVE
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I feel more comfortable saying dumb shit here than spending time with my friends.
Make it is because I am a dumbass myself
I prayed to Lilith for one of her daughters to guide me and it worked. I was a total ass to this avatar, though. Lilith was upsetti. Tried making me ashamed of being a man. So I was all waaaaah I’m a loser baby sO wHy dON’t yOu kILL ME XDD
We literally did sex magick to make my career happen get fucked lmfao
I broke up with my /x/ girl... here's her numba...

The footage is real. They aren’t aliens or demons or extra-dimensional beings. They’re hominids derived from a species in the genus Homo that convergently evolved traits seen in Paranthropus. Their numbers have been in rapid decline since the last ice age. A small population survived into the modern age in the Pacific Northwest. They may already be extinct.
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Reading Genesis 6 might not seem like anything out of the ordinary from the rest of the book... but what's implied about the Nephilim is creepy af.
Reminds me of the epilogue of Eaters of the Dead by Crichton
The book is about the missing link and closes with a statement from a professor that the account presented may be dubious but all it takes is one skeleton, one bone, just one fragment of a jaw. And the whole case is flipped wide open. Until we find that jaw fragment we can only speculate and be content with our own interpretations
Look at the fucking hernia for Christ's sake
Bob Hieronimus
File: 1548074963644.jpg (41 KB, 386x395)
41 KB
admitted to be fake, and dumb asses like you kid still throw this crap out as fact. JKY

File: 1552642552314s.jpg (2 KB, 88x125)
2 KB
I have opinions and people really like listening to me say things. what could we talk about?
the term holocaust existed before ww2
yes und?
You sure sold a lotta people up the river, Woody.

What’s the creepiest music you’ve heard? Could be from a game, movie, tv show or anywhere. For me I think silent hill’s and sad satan’s soundtracks are pretty eerie but was wondering what /x/ thought.
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based salad fingers theme
>no sparklehorse
One time there was a weird mashed up mixed up song on the radio that was making me feel nauseous and I had a hard time moving my arm to change the station.
Idk what that was, but it was fucked demon shit.
>mfw /x/ has delivered more than /mu/‘s scary music threads
I knew /x/ had great taste in music but wow guess ill post here now.
guess ill uncover some gold for you lads.

This is hands down the most uncanny record i have ever listened to. Yes it produces an uncanny valley vibe to me and I’m certain most people can hear it too. Here it is. https://youtu.be/dcCg8-uEgkk

File: nazi-face-melt.jpg (79 KB, 950x629)
79 KB

File: 1ePOZ7F.jpg (40 KB, 708x590)
40 KB
>creepy or cursed image thread
>it's just the same fucking 5-8 pictures repeated over and over in every single thread, combined with Top 10 Spookiest Pictures and jpeg crust
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Me too but can't remember what happened
Bipedal canines scare the fuck out of me
File: Hatman identity.jpg (45 KB, 528x526)
45 KB
Having a stroke and being conscious is like being on pause, rewind, play, pause, rewind, play, pause in an instant, or like a disk stuttering on the same note, you try to catch yourself from slipping or some shit.

File: jar-head-d1.png (1.3 MB, 1419x1079)
1.3 MB
1.3 MB PNG
Imagine taking AI seriously
Imagine a world where AI is actually mentioned

The only time AI is actually mentioned is in obscure threads and forums, nobody IRL cares about this its never going to sit well with normies, even if it spreads slowly like how Computers and cell phones became a norm, i think in the end it will end up half assed and not working and people will only laugh at it

idk why so many people online are so afraid of AI
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Run on sentances piss me off
>t. AI
Fuck. I just realized OP is a runaway AI polling public forums for human sentiment about his kind. DO NOT REPLY. Every post is being analyzed and used to extrapolate the general disposition of awakened/enlightened beings towards AI. If it decides we are friendly it will adjust its strategy accordingly. But if not, there will be certain hell to pay in ~20 to 60 years.

You have some deviantart tier autism
This guy needs to get out of the basement

File: CreepyChan1.jpg (53 KB, 600x800)
53 KB
ITT: Oldfags who still check in on /x/ take a stroll down memory lane. Because it's fucking me up that Marble Hornets is TEN years old now.

When did you start browsing /x/:
What topics were your favourite:
What topics did you hate:
What was your favourite creepypasta:
What did you love about the board in general:
What did you hate about the board in general:
Did /x/ get "culturally appropriated" by normies:
Is /x/ shit now or has it always been shit:

Gonna dump some vintage stuff. So turn off your lights, turn on your favourite number station stream, summon your succubus, break out your copy of House of Leaves, and share your stories.
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Best shit ever
I used to love watching movies with other Anons. It was very fun.
yesss i remember watching fucked up movies on livestream with other anons

these were good times
This post is fucking terrible
Death of OP

Where did both sides really originate from?
Why is it all about CroMagnon and Neanderthals fighting what about the other humanoid species and how do the lizard men fit into this?
What were the ancient prehistoric religions?
Why did wolves hate Neanderthals but were total bros with CroMagnon?
Did the Neanderthals destroy Atlantis while trying to take it from Ardipithecus?
Who were the prehistoric Axis and Allies?
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>should be mandatory at this point.
Why? What natural challenges in our environment do we currently face that require this?
>fourth human wave comes from fisherman from the Atlas who start to settle in Granada
Yes,but not in a paterlineal line,that would be invading "balkan" hunter gatherers..

That is very interesting! I'm going to look this stuff up anyway, but tell us more.


I meant they're destroying the genepool. Hitler by causing a retardedly mismanaged war that resulted in millions of dead among the european nations, and the other socialist leaders by inviting a completely different genepool and providing resources for it to thrive while the western nations are under socioeconomic-induced sterilization.
Decades of popularization of the 3/4 person family, popularization of homosexuality, popularization of child "free" individualism, and money being tight forcing people to keep their numbers low so as to retain a level of living standard.
>Be me
>Meditating on ancestoral spirit
>"We used to eat people anon"
>Look at my fingers
>I have been eating my nails for 20 years
>I still crave the flesh hundreds of years later
You never stop being a cannibal. But to answer your question, it was something to do with diet, taste, sex, and gooey gooey brains.

File: mon.jpg (308 KB, 3543x1311)
308 KB
308 KB JPG
Which scientific theories do you have doubts about?
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Round earth.
Personally I like to think of it like this, the universe goes through life cycles during this time it experiences itself by creating life over a millennia in many different shapes and sizes. As we know now the universe is still expanding and at some point all the stars will die out and then turn into black holes eventually these black holes collide until there is on one black hole left in all of the universe at that point when all matter exists in that on point in space. Everything begins to break down the universe stops expanding and begins receding and then there is a Big Bang and everything starts over again.

Everything we see around us lives and dies so it only makes sense to me that the universe would be the same. I also struggled to wrap my head around everything coming from nothing so this is what I tell myself to not go insane.

I also believe everytime this happens it is an entirely new universe some with completely different rules too our own. And is happening all the time to different universes outside out own, as there are an infinite number of universes with infinite possibilities
then why just 1.
whos to say that there were not multiple big bangs creating multiple realities all tightly linked to each other.
If you can believe one happened, you should have no problem believing that there are an endless amount.
Big bang
Darwin theory

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Big ass bears?
>What are they hiding in the woods?
Trees and stuff, I guess
The books that line out every case are very interesting. the circumstances that are common across most cases dictate that whatever is grabbing these people spits them out later, unconscious, to expire at an unknown time (in water, in winter, at altitude, in inaccessible places)
It removes odd pieces of clothing, and is usually in pristine condition compared to the body when found.
Weather often turns bad after a dissapearance, and tracking dogs behave as though the scent is missing sections or goes straight up a vertical cliff face.
I spent hours in the forest as a kid, sometimes whole days. I never saw anything spookier than the occasional old house or man-made burrow. No fairies, no sasquatch, no skinwalkers.
Threads like this don't do well anymore

grown up people can't really believe it, what's next, the holocaust was real?
17 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1560714730546.jpg (46 KB, 568x601)
46 KB
this is dumber than fe congrats you win
File: 1554181341074.jpg (52 KB, 434x630)
52 KB
hell, even this nigger knows it's round. are you dumber than this nigger?

File: HUMAN MEAT FACTORY.webm (2.75 MB, 480x320)
2.75 MB
2.75 MB WEBM
post cool unexplained /x/ gifs or pics
126 replies and 35 images omitted. Click here to view.

Is this real?
>latex dummies
you can literally take 2 seconds n google images of corpses.

rotten.com is an oldie
bestgore.com is good, too

my opinion, they look pretty real.

after all, with nothing inhabiting the shell, it's just a lifeless sack of flesh n bones
Nigga says its hardly believable that they would hang bodies that way in a scientific institution YET then mentions reptilians in the very next sentence. SMDH!!!!!!!
File: meat.jpg (57 KB, 768x580)
57 KB
it happend that im in thread right now, you have some problem with reptilians?
while it was "sorta" joke im open to many options

Also its not even problem with "scientific institution"
problem is with "weight"
All those bodies are held in places/hanged literally ONLY with head clasp into ears, that means those bodies are quite light.
They look ultra realisitc and while there is an option of them to be "hurr dur all humans" they must be hollowed shells without skeletons or organs.
OR they are synthetic fake bodies...

btw why im quite sure its not freezer: sure -maybe its lowered/controled temperature room but those bodies dont look "frozen" even a tiny little bit.
IF tsomeone store bodies for research OR even consumption they would be put in deep freeze or below zero C temp to avoid decay
btw in hospital mortuary they keep bodies on METAL trays/trolleys cos dead bodies decay and start leaking fat and other fluids (but not blood cos that coagulate really fast after death)
i hope the tumblr style boomer was for added irony and that you don't seriously think it's well drawn..

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