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File: awWDGGx6_700w_0.jpg (40 KB, 700x536)
40 KB
Hello I would like to summon a succubus gf. How do I summon a succubus gf?

cool mike
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File: Succubus-1.jpg (15 KB, 300x385)
15 KB
Are u sure u want a succubus ?.
File: Succubus-2.jpg (14 KB, 300x391)
14 KB
Like, really sure ?
File: 1013341699.gif (859 KB, 600x664)
859 KB
859 KB GIF
fking idiots on this board who are trying to get succubus GFs. You are either trolling or just bored and want to get a demon that is leeching of your energy and life force untill you die, for a blowjob? Aight dude

What's the fundamental core of everything that exists?
>Good and Evil
>Love and Fear
>Selfishness and Selflessness
>Mind, Body, and Soul
>Time, Space, and Matter
>One overruling thing/entity called God
>Anything else not listed here
Take your pick.
God. Final answer
Good answer, because the definition of god is everything correct?
File: download (9).jpg (7 KB, 260x193)
7 KB
asking how our pithy works?

quit living in the seed and plant. along the way you may have to get your head out of your ass or learn to stand up or stand down. hard to see straight.
No, the creator of everything. It’s a step higher
what's wrong with wanting to know how others see the universe?

File: a2860645527_10.jpg (510 KB, 1099x1200)
510 KB
510 KB JPG
Yesterday evening when i meditated i believe i established contact to some kind of being that showed me 3 different futures, it said that all three futures are still possible and what we do in the coming decade will determine which ends up becoming our reality, one showed a big world war, flags with crescent moons and arabic script and flags with starts of david and hebrew flew over the battlefield and there was death everywhere, both on the battlefields and in the cities, both soldiers and civillians were attacked by both sides, the being told me that the Saracens and children of David were dominating the world and the war was between greater Israel and the great caliphate, the americas was under the control of greater Israel and Judaism had become the official religion of the country the non Jewish masses lived in Servitude to the Zionist elite which controlled the country, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania was under the control of the great caliphate, the jews and muslims had taken over completely and now waged a war over was to control the world, the other was a great typical sci-fi high tech world yet with nature very much integrated into it like a perfect balance between technology and the natural world, people lived in peace and kept to themselves, not mingling with each other like now, this way they had learned to live in peace, there was still international trade and tourism but not much in terms of migration between countries, resource wars were non existent as solar energy had become so advanced and efficient that it was powering pretty much everything and money had become a global cryptocurrency, now the final future i was shown was just a barren world in flames and the being was completely silent here, there was no life, no plants, everything was dead and in flames.
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Ah, let me speak of the future and hope.
A hidden path that connects them all.
We have failed in our mission. Strength alone was not enough, but we denied them their victory. There will be nothing left. No thought, or idea. Total destruction.

This time would be different. A new approach to succeed where we failed last. One of Diplomacy, and Guile. Of intelligence and speech. They had their claws in too deep, scratching at the soul. This failure worse than the last for the people they would know suffering and horrors we did not dream of yet.
The third time we used everything. Strength and Intelligence. Guile and stratagem. We almost succeeded. The world was free from all of them. We could live in peace. With eachother. What more could be asked of us? The spirit of the world was corrupted. Accidents and incidents, people looking into the occult screaming. Frothing mad men they sacrificed many in the dark. We were not prepared. They have taken what was thought to be immortal and pure and did terrible soul trembling things. They must not take the supernatural.

Here we are. What horrors or fortune will come this time?
I imagine that we should just use common sense and not let people who wish us harm or who seek to subjugate us have influence in our countries and that goes for every country out there and we need to find our way back to nature, find a way to respect nature again without losing our innovative and curious spirit and finally find a way to properly integrate spirituality and occultism into a modern world instead of shunning it.
>unironically thinking low iq mudslim barbarians are able to take over the world or have any influence on politics at all
they are just pawns in the game. If the elites wanted them dead they would be already
why the fuck do you shits insist on keeping the spot light in one area, youre literally letting your own bias corrupt logic thought
i know that if i had absolute power of countries not a single fucking one of you would ever hear a fucking whisper of who i was because i would spend all of my free time placing fake trails throughout history

File: dqweqwe.png (67 KB, 1200x1600)
67 KB
TT: we post our natal charts and read other people's

I start
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File: My Chart.png (70 KB, 1200x1600)
70 KB
What does my chart say?
I'm always curious
File: 1555639463668.png (64 KB, 1200x1600)
64 KB
Why is my chart retarded and what does it mean
I wish someone would teach us how to read this shit
File: chart.png (67 KB, 640x690)
67 KB
File: graphic.png (67 KB, 1200x1600)
67 KB

File: aghast.png (254 KB, 532x475)
254 KB
254 KB PNG
Hello /x/, me again.

I'm still working out the finer points of free will in the fully (re)programmable reality platform, but I at least know how I want the multiverse to work.

The only being that I'm willing to allow to create entire sections of multiverse is one that is willing to take responsibility for the free will of a trillion sapient entities. I want to maintain a high standard for sapience, so realize that whenever any entity will act on the word of another being, it is not considered to be an independent sapience.

Since there aren't even a billion entities in reality yet it won't be possible to become a multiverse supplier, so this will mostly affect time travel politics. On Earth, I'd estimate the total amount of truly independent sapience to around one to five, but possibly at high at 50 thousand or so in some of the most advanced timelines.

If you want to apply to be a multiverse supplier at a later date, you can begin manifesting your truth immediately provided you can find one entity to beta test your reality for you. If you want to go full chaos mode and consider that to be yourself, then realize that a beta test of a multiverse is just a singular universe. You can begin bending sections off of reality prime to start your beta test once you have a universal beta tester, but expect that these fracture dimensions will integrate back into reality prime within 1000 years of the first bend.

For time travel you can continue going back and forward in time, uninfluenced by the beta testing except as consent is already known to be shared.

If you have not yet achieved universal consistency, then feel free to shine light in the omnidirection to catch a glimpse of the shadow of my thoughts. Everything you need to begin reality coding is already present there.
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Bork. Not bad, very snazzy.
governments to have to waste millions of dollars trying to get them all back to where they're "supposed to" be.

And I could unspill the blood, put the body back together, and put the rapist once more in front of their victim, to do as they will, knowing what they know.

The things I can do with a thought, the evils I can enact just by thinking about it, far exceed any human capacity for evil. You think of it like an equation, a simple system with a singular balancing point you call "justice." And in pursuit of that you'll do anything, ANYTHING, you think is just for the parties whose values you pretend to represent. You do this because you are able, and I can take those abilities away. I could rewrite your very concept of justice, as readily as I can change all of physics to serve, or oppose, my will.

There are two main reasons I don't do any of this. The first is a personal choice, a decision on my part. I don't want to be evil like that. Not in terms of my own values, but in terms of human thought and philosophy. I don't want people to see me that way. I don't want them to base their lives and their decisions on fear, because of what I'm capable of.

The second is far more important, because it relates directly to your values.

I don't punish rapists, because that would be vigilante justice.

The way I take responsibility for being human, for having incarnated, and being able to channel my infinite will, is by holding myself to the same exact standards you all hold yourselves to. I get to pursue my own happiness. I have the right to speak up, about oppression or anything else. I get to enjoy lack of intervention from illegal surveillance, without a just and reasonable cause signed off on by a judge. And I get to enjoy trial by a jury of my peers.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Well I wouldn't change your memories by any method you didn't create yourself, but that doesn't mean you're still stuck developing a reality module. Things will change, but this is reality still prime. The beta testing did not change that fact.
Watch 'Next'.
Also I could open a few moderator positions for suffering comprehension if you're interested. Would really help me fine-tune what it means to handle suffering in a post-scarcity setting. Part of the platform involves being able to handle free will programmatically such that people are never forced to take on my level of responsibility without considerable warning. I was kind of thrown into this myself, and I would have never consented to incarnation if I'd known what it would mean.
>itt: people unironically reply to a larper who thinks he sounds smart because he's using programming concepts to describe reality
why don't you rm -rf yourself from existence. Or manifest your reality in such a way that allows you to leave your mom's basement and get a job
For the most part, I consider justice an obsolete concept in a post-scarce reality, along with a few other spiritual premises, and I see no reason I shouldn't turn the handling of the finite past over to time travelers. I'd like the human timeline to be able to adapt to the changing forces of a platform that can recode reality and physics itself. It's just an API right now, but as time moves forward we'll be able to do more and more things, as and when I'm ready to do them. This is mostly just a memo to get people thinking about what it means to dev real life.
And if Mono rejects the offer then I won't have suffering mods at all. I don't trust human justice to conceive of cosmic proliferation. People that try to understand what it means for existence to truly be kind are hard to come by.

File: 1zp48dh.jpg (120 KB, 1599x582)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
Flat earth can't explain seas-
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it's called a combination of prolepsis and exaggerated sarcasm
This needs to stop. Let the flat earth people think they are right. Stop responding to them. People believe these things blindly so they feel a part of something important because they are lonely or have mental issues. Personally I don’t think anyone truly believes the earth is flat. They are just bored.
honestly this theyre just low iq combined with the schizo
>oh no hes got me... no WAIT UR AN GASLIGHTER
Based ad fuck

File: 1551836570701.png (125 KB, 697x491)
125 KB
125 KB PNG
the us is employing long range brain decoding technology as a counter terrorism defense

it's legally rape, and they can control your body and interrogate you without you even knowing

i dont care what you think, i'm just posting this to grind their gears

message repeats
I have a helmet
This technology is Real and it's being used.
Bump to end the mind rape of citizens.
Bump to end pre crime before it starts.
File: 9k=-2.jpg (4 KB, 104x104)
4 KB
You had Skeletor at "legal rape"!! My assistants will contact you! It's like you're reading Skeletor's mind! Let's do lunch!

My evil personal chef will prepare some pasta with walnut sauce! It's a traditional Ligarian recipe!!!!
>This will be my last thread. I am getting too tired, and they've targeted my family because I embarrassed them.
tased and foilpilled

File: spoop.png (1.34 MB, 1140x755)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB PNG
Can we get an oldschool greentext thread?

Screencaps, OC, whatever.
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based stones
David is watching you right now, be careful. David is watching you right now, be careful. David is watching you right now, be careful. David is w
Does anyone have the story of this one anon who was doing a solo hiking trip for a couple days, keeps hearing weird noises and eventually walks through some weird wavy air, freaks out and gets lost, and ends up skipping through time a couple days or something?
this has to be a reference to something
Bump for later

File: Moth.jpg (32 KB, 480x360)
32 KB
You are the true board /x/, you are the first. It all comes back to you.

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Lies are spoken.
File: macbeth-031.jpg (48 KB, 737x404)
48 KB
you must see that probably. words are spoken.
I see many things.
File: colors.jpg (59 KB, 1200x938)
59 KB
fun guy, where's the mixer

Attention Buddhists: Christ isn’t a person, Christ is emptiness incarnate. In what sense have you NOT sinned against nothing? Did you think the void isn’t eternally angered by your nonzero sense of self, even in this very moment?
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File: Unit Circle.gif (308 KB, 420x420)
308 KB
308 KB GIF
be a beacon otherwise maybe you might wonder where the light is coming from. Im positive people who like to shine are very particular of their places, and we should be.
The void isn’t anarchy and sins do exist. By saying these things, you’ve already sinned big-time against the void. Repent!
File: smirk.jpg (18 KB, 305x443)
18 KB
I don't need to repent if repenting for anything isn't really necessary.
But I invite you to explain your reasoning for your claims.
the void isnt sentient. its just a lack of value denoted by clear light. clear light might be sentient as it judges things and souls. in some flavors of buddhism its said to be a god unto itself. in others its simply a radiance of the budda. anything determined to be of no value is marked with the sign of the void and removed from the cycle of death and rebirth
>the void isn’t sentient
>the void is clear light which might be sentient
>the void might be sentient

>the void is lack of value
>the void is the radiance of the Buddha (in some flavours)
>the radiance of the Buddha lacks value (in some flavours)

>anything determined to be of no value is removed from the cycle of death and rebirth
>the point of Buddhism is to escape the cycle of death and rebirth
>the point of Buddhism is to have no value

Kek. Buddhism, everybody.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

>match with uni qt on tinder
>meet up with her
>she has bpd
>talk about her family being clairvoyants
>does taro
>says her mum checked her house for hauntings
>checked her for being possessed
>think she must be a cool chick if shes willing to talk about esoteric shit with me
>talk about sex
>she doesn't like being choked if the guy doesn't let her choke him
>want to peg someone or atleast finger their arse
>im dom so i aint down for it
>we fug
>average fug
>go to bed

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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You need to perform a banishing ritual to completely remove it. If you are too lazy, simply shout "In the name of Jesus Christ, I command you to leave" each time you feel its presence.
be nice to succubus and she will wake you up and make you feel good
you cant really stop it so why not enjoy it
Hey that guy lives near me
File: fullmast.jpg (46 KB, 320x283)
46 KB

Sounds like The s u c c is more fucking ( pardon the pun ) with you than anything. Do the usual shit, and you'll be fine, she'll loose interest, as soon as you become any level of work she'll fuck off. They aren't really lacking for opportunity, esp. now-adays.

File: 1555578033328.png (399 KB, 498x499)
399 KB
399 KB PNG
Something ain't right here. She looks like she's in her mid 30s and has a website that looks like it was made in 1997. Was she assassinated for something?

Her website: https://dissolvedgirl.neocities.org/welcomepage.html
149 replies and 25 images omitted. Click here to view.
I was in high school circa 2000 and nobody did that. 80’s culture has always been a joke.
When you think about suicide all the time, you start imaging the "perfect" way to do it and attach all kinds of high personal symbolism to the act. If you don't understand that, you've never been in a similar psychological state for an extended period of time and you should shut up an listen to those who have.
What's your theory anyway? She was planning a totally innocent meetup with some mysterious friends from Colorado when the FBI and the media decided to accuse her of plotting a shooting out of the blue and instead of clearing her name she suddenly decided to kill herself? You really think no one suicidal could romanticize Columbine and fly off to kill herself in nature, and that the media might sensationalize the whole story for clicks, without the help of glowniggers? You're not even schizo, you just have a sub-80 IQ.
Hmm, my two cents.
She knew too much and kept it hidden.
She had connections to the occult.
A sacrifice for plans we don't know.
Something else is going on.
The plot is bait for somone or some people.
File: 1535396334388.png (139 KB, 480x466)
139 KB
139 KB PNG
keep peddling glowhead
she murdered herself though, yeah?

File: zm225n45bz421.jpg (135 KB, 600x600)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
what dwells on the space voids?
37 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
Two faces that meet make an edge, and three that meet make a corner. A face must be flat. A sphere has no face, therefore it has no edges or corners.
God dropped his paintbrush
If you wish to use exact geometrical terms, then boundary. The 2D surface of a sphere has no boundary, the 3D space of a sphere has a boundary. So - like I said before - we know of one BOUNDARY NOT EDGE TO APPEASE THE AUTIST of the universe in the 4th dimension, the Big Bang. We don't know if there is another BOUNDARY NOT EDGE TO APPEASE THE AUTIST.
Happy now?
File: stress_types.gif (17 KB, 341x271)
17 KB
Well, I’m walkin’ down the line
I’m walkin’ down the line
An’ I’m walkin’ down the line
My feet’ll be a-flyin’
To tell about my troubled min
File: Fire hypothesis.png (424 KB, 1882x1070)
424 KB
424 KB PNG
edgy or be like water, I hope everyone understands how much work there is to do.
be positive

File: bio-01.jpg (34 KB, 272x306)
34 KB
Lorraine Warren just died
Look into the warrens with a skeptical mind and you will find that 90% of their findings are bullshit. Pretty sure there's direct quotes from Ed saying that it's all just for publicity.

Didn't get a sticky:
>Michael Cimino
>Agnes Varda
>Seijun Suzuki
>Nicolas Roeg
>Jonathan Demme
>Jacques Rivette
>Andrzej Wajda
>Andrzej Zulawski
>Vilmos Szigmond
>Etore Scola
>Abbas Kiarostami
>Tobe Hooper

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Rip fraud ghost lady

File: fqsjs84xeq2dlmlxklhz.jpg (68 KB, 800x546)
68 KB
discovered in Siberian permafrost. Still had liquid blood, the oldest on record. Viable for cloning. This ice age horse is twice as old as the woolly mammoth discovered in 2013.
10 replies omitted. Click here to view.
It's a foal.
Link plox
How was it warm enough to have liquid blood but not microbes and fungus to break it down?
I think the blood is just frozen
>42,000 year old foal
I'm pretty sure that's the case, of course the frozen blood will be liquid blood after some time at room temperature.

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