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File: Crowley&Guenon.jpg (457 KB, 2896x2896)
457 KB
457 KB JPG
I want to do an in-depth study of a esotericist. Who should I study, Guenon or Crowley?

Also, how do they compare?
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Yeah! Strip naked, run into the woods, and start screaming at the moon! Arrrooooooo!
Take in everything and digest it to form your own path faggot.
Sure, but an in depth learning from someone who's been there could help.
Im sure autolycus approves especially.
Sounds fun tho.
if you want to be able to mine salt easily, study crowley because retards here are always shitting their pants about him.

File: 1563162735350.jpg (39 KB, 600x642)
39 KB
is being a male virgin gives you any spiritual advantages? I won't have sex for the rest of my life and I've wondered if I can benefit it in any way
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File: pinkwojak.jpg (38 KB, 544x550)
38 KB
>stop going on 4chan
File: chadgun.jpg (95 KB, 1080x1266)
95 KB

>We noted a suggestive decrease in risk of total and organ-confined prostate cancer among men in the lowest category of ejaculation frequency across a lifetime. Whether that finding was due to lower androgenicity among these men remains unknown.
Anyone that worries about this kind of thing is wasting their energy. Most of us will get some kind of cancer anyway, so feel free to jack it all you like or, not at all. Do Kegels and you'll be alright
>Does it truly make you a failure not having sex in this perverse twisted degenerate world full of temptations and filth?

Well, no. Not in and of itself. Women can and will definitely drain you of your power and I do believe that real enlightenment probably includes willing abstinence that's very different from the 4chan "I've been a loser so long I'm a wizard huhuhuh" mentality.

File: 1566361480871.jpg (1.56 MB, 1200x1862)
1.56 MB
1.56 MB JPG
>British Magician from the 1930s who was recruited by the allies in WW2
>wrote books like this hard to track down gem magic top secret
>most of his books were burned and never reprinted
>there were two attempts at movies to be made about him one in 2003 with Tom Cruise, and one in 2015 with Benedict Cumberbatch
>neither were ever completed or released to the public
>it was said that he could make entire cities appear to change location, and his magic was used to disguise tanks as trucks and make ships on water disappear completely
>magic top secret actually had diagrams and photographic evidence of this

Any other anons know anything about this guy, and why his work is so heavily buried?
>A study by Richard Stokes argues that much of the story concerning the involvement of Maskelyne in counterintelligence operations as described in the book Magic: Top Secret was pure invention and that no unit called the "Magic Gang" ever existed. Maskelyne's role in the deception war was marginal.
>he film director Peter Weir with actor Tom Cruise was working on a film based on the life of Jasper Maskelyne starting in 2003. When it became apparent that the stories about Maskelyne in the book "The War Magician" were without enough factual basis to proceed, the film project was dropped after large sums of money had been spent in pre-production.
>In 2002 The Guardian wrote: "Maskelyne received no official recognition. For a vain man this was intolerable and he died an embittered drunk. It gives his story a poignancy without which it would be mere chest-beating".

There, I saved you a trip to Wikipedia.
I was asking if anyone had any useful non-pozzed information about the guy
>When it became apparent that the stories about Maskelyne in the book "The War Magician" were without enough factual basis to proceed, the film project was dropped after large sums of money had been spent in pre-production.
"The War Magician" was a book written by David Fischer about the guy years after his life was already over, I find this excuse they used for not completing the film complete bullshit when he really was recruited by the military for his skills, and had 3 books published that he actually wrote himself
1. Maskelyne's book of magic
2. White Magic, The story of Maskelyne's
3.Magic Top Secret (the hardest to find of all the books he wrote due to the classified military information)
>Magic: Top Secret

Somebody's selling this book on amazon for a couple of hundred. Shows the table of contents.

If anyone buys it, please make a pdf of it.
Sounds interesting.

Try asking on /pol/ too.
Here ya go op.

Christians, Why does the truth have to be so boring? Almost every other spiritual discipline is more interesting than yours.
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Yes. We are talking about stories from long ago
>I did read the Bible
welcome to the test. It will decide if you have read the Bible
1 Which son of Jacob is the one to whom responds choir of Angels who could be named τᾰ̀ kρᾰ́τη
2 What should Good Father give - an egg or a scorpion and why?
3 What force do you have to possess to "walk on scorpions"? What is the name of corresponding Choir of Angels?
4 What should you do to extend the flame in the λύχνος of the ἐkkλησία which is related to τῶν ἐλαχίστων?
5 Why Peter couldn't "walk on the water"? What should he do and how is gopher wood related to it?
6 Where it is written that sleeping is a blasphemy and against which heavenly forces? Tell other greek names for them outside of these mentioned there.
7 Who is beloved disciple of Jesus? Why it isn't John?
8 Where it is written how can you achieve highest state of energy?
9 It is said 34ἀμὴν (Truly) λέγω (I say) ὑμῖν (to you) ὅτι (that) οὐ (no) μὴ (not) παρέλθῃ (will have passed away) ἡ (the) γενεὰ (generation) αὕτη (this) ἕως (until) ἂν (-) πάντα (all) ταῦτα (these things) γένηται (shall have taken place).
Explain what is γενεὰ. What will be next γενεὰ?
10 What is the state of your Ἂμπελος? How to heal it?
11 Explain meaning of 1 Corinthian 11:3. Why should you protect mind to be in state of purity of Christ? What happened to the minds of atheist whose minds were corrupted and Christian purity was lost? What followed that?
Often, the simplest explanation ends up being the correct one. No, saying everything happened by the universe rolling "yahtzee" 1000 times in a row so that pure chance is responsible is not in fact simpler than intelligent design. Much as we 3 dimensional beings can freely create and erase 2 dimensional things without limit via pencil and paper, it isnt too far removed to say a 4 dimensional being has that same capacity over the 3 dimensional world.
two things.
1. it's boring to you because you don't know the truth, you don't understand it. go run along and do whatever you think is best, but stop cringing and wringing your hands in the dark like a faggot
2. you are gay
Can you give me the answers to these?
I'll get to them eventually. But even the books I've already passed I'm not sure. I'm currently at Numbers.
>1. I think Joseph, but I don't remember.

Some time ago, I was able to visualize reflective objects and mentally zoom in to a specific scene. These scenes would often but not always be indoors. Planning or moving around was difficult (but not impossible) as though I was locked into one specific view. What does this mean. Is it remote viewing or just interesting visualization abilities of the mind?
Look up symptoms of brain tumors.
From looking into reflective objects? That’s called scrying.
If you were seeing the reflective objects in your mind and entering them like a portal, that’s astral projection.
can you go into more detail about how this is done? Actual reflective objects, or imagined ones?
"Jewish Meditation" - Aryeh Kaplan
I'm not calling you a jew, or saying you should be a jew, but I am saying they have studied the fuck out of visualization practices.

File: Buff Alien.jpg (144 KB, 576x800)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
Why do people want to fuck monsters?
To get better roles in Hollywood productions.
The sheer taboo of it.
File: 156202.jpg (756 KB, 1362x1059)
756 KB
756 KB JPG
Because submitting to the profane transgresses the life drive, which brings an individual into jouissance. It's Paganism in the sense of it's actual divine practice.
There are people obsessed with murders that want to fuck them. Real sick shit. Those fuckers get love letters in jail and whatnot. Crazy bitches.
It would be cool to have sex with something other than a human. Obviously you could just fuck an animal, but it's not as fun when they can't consent. Although that gets me thinking. What about Koko and similar apes that can communicate with sign language? What if she used sign language to ask you to fuck her? Would that be morally wrong? I don't think so. We should be teaching more animals direct communication skills like this.

File: 1566112110855.jpg (2.1 MB, 2000x1333)
2.1 MB
2.1 MB JPG
I'll start
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File: 1550216377596.jpg (252 KB, 800x812)
252 KB
252 KB JPG
not him, but it applies here and his posting it doesn't make him a /pol/tard, you brainwashed nerd.
This dog looks so weird
File: 1566280720180.jpg (175 KB, 960x951)
175 KB
175 KB JPG
That's a distortion caused by light reflection. That guy has air spots under his phone cover and that white pole is reflecting a lot of light onto the face of that lady holding the burger.
>Now read the last part with euphemisms included
>you're welcome

Are Black-Metal people Possessed? Always dark, empty killer eyes, reversed Crosses, love Death, cold-blooded etc . Pic related
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Metal is good for reviving dead people.
no, they're larping tryhard edgelord faggots.. but some of them makes some really good music.
You took the bait the entire genre is based off you faggot
it's all art and theatrics except a lot of them probably do have depression or anti social traits. anyway listen to Summoning or Windir, shit absolutely rules.
Rap and pop artists are more likely possessed imo, but I met a demon who wore black armor and went by the name Black Metal so maybe there is something behind op's theory.

File: index.jpg (7 KB, 225x225)
7 KB
why do i feel comfort whenever i visit /x/

why is /x/ becoming normal for me
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File: D1ZSpXsV4AAtlwY.jpg (160 KB, 974x755)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
The world go so strange that the topics on here seem normal and familiar by comparison
File: comfydoge.jpg (319 KB, 1803x1351)
319 KB
319 KB JPG
oh yeah
Your ok too fellow faggot
I love X because there are no faggots there
Because /x/ is the best board, it's greatness is just hidden behind the veil of magick.

File: winning.jpg (75 KB, 401x639)
75 KB
I'm the guy who remembers the time loop. I wanted to throw something else out there that I remembered yesterday. The Argentina crash got me thinking about how the DOW is going to crash soon, then all of a sudden I remembered this interesting little tidbit. Trump says that he's a failure as a president. I don't remember the exact wording, maybe he says something like he's failed as the president, but the general gist is there. I guess he thinks the president's entire job is just to keep stocks going up. He seems to just completely sweep it under the rug once everything picks back up, but I just thought it was interesting that someone like him would ever say something like this about himself. I don't remember exactly when he says it, but the DOW crash is coming up soon, so I figure he might actually say it even before the queen of England dies in October. I thought that was my closest memory of a public event, but this one actually may be closer.
Tried posting this on /pol/, obviously they don't give two shits, as usual.
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And the loop continues!
Hey, i'm here for the interview.
Have you thought about trying to set something in motion that will occur *after* you die? Send someone a package, a letter, something, and arrange it to be delivered *after* you remember dying? That is a simple action, and it represents you changing the loop, even if you're still a slave to following the broad strokes that end in your inevitable demise. Maybe the simple act of doing this will change the loop, will allow you to survive. And even if not...You changed things. And if you can change this one, little thing then perhaps you can, slowly, during each recurrence, change things little by little until it adds up to you surviving.
Anything that occurs after I die is the same shit that always happens. So if I send a letter right before I die, that's what I always do, and they always get it after I'm dead. I've definitely been trying to change small things just so I could change anything at all. Most stuff is out of my control and I'm fine with that. What really bothers me is that I'm pretty damn sure every single movement and thought I make are the exact same every time. Being aware of the loop does not free you from it. Everything I do to try to change something just turns out to be what I do every time. So in those scenarios, not trying to change something would actually be how I change it.
I figured out a way to morally justify not doing my ex-coworker the favor. Not that I have to justify not doing someone a favor, I just feel bad about not doing it because he's genuinely a good person. Thinking about it rationally, I'm not doing him a favor in the first place. I'm doing the boss a favor. My coworker can take his vacation even if there's no one there to cover for him. That part of the business can just be temporarily shut down. By not having any profits during that period of time, perhaps my old boss might even see why he should hire someone to take my old place. So in fact the real favor will be getting my ex-coworker a new coworker, so that he doesn't have to do that shit all by himself anymore. I'm sure I thought about it this way last time and still let myself get swayed into helping him, but I'd like to end this thread on a positive note. Perhaps I really can change this one small thing and it will lead to bigger things.

The thread is just about at the bump limit, so it'll probably be dead by morning. I'm proud of it being up for a week and reaching the bump limit. I've never had a thread do that before. 89 IPs means that nearly 100 people at least gave some consideration to this thread and who knows how many lurkers there have been. So while it's not much compared to the general population, I'm glad that there will probably be over 100 people spooked when the queen dies in just a few days over 2 months from this point. 4 months after that, they will be spooked again when Hillary announces her candidacy. I'm assuming late February, given what I remember about her getting in just before Super Tuesday. From there everything else will unfold and hopefully I convinced at least 100 people that I'm telling the truth about my experience.

I'm open for last minute questions, but will not be making a new thread after this. The thread is winding down and seems like a good point to stop. I don't have much else to say anyway. I'll see you cunts in October.

File: 1561362728503.jpg (208 KB, 700x933)
208 KB
208 KB JPG
Another "Cat wants you to know what life is" thread.

This time the Cat wont just post a long ass text that tries to explain human existence / spirit goals / human lessons / reincarnation. This time the holy Cat will greentext. Feel free to ask the Cat anything soul related. Quote parts of the greentext and share your thoughts if you like. I will ask the Cat to reply.

>earth is a FAST XP leveling lab for "souls"
>human bodies are very popular. From the perspective of your actual "oversoul" its a great lucky thing being able to steer a human avatar. You have to earn this.
>everyone has at least one guide. But dont see it in human ways of thinking. They dont sit there and watch you all the time like television.
>from the perspective of the actual "oversouls" non-physical spiritrealm a human life just takes a short moment because time works differently there
>near death experiences vary according to your beliefs. They are designed to relax you so you can accept your transistion. High level souls with much experience do this job so they wont fuck up somebodys growth process.
>life is hard but thats the way it has to be and most of the time we make it hard ourselves (ego)

Remember. Hate speech and swearing wont help anybody and will be ignored by everybody most of the time anyway. The Cat doesnt like bad vibes!
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I will kill myself some day with the intent in mind to free myself. So as I drift into death, I will focus on my will. Hope it works.
File: 1563620506131.jpg (45 KB, 600x600)
45 KB
I showed you my information, /x/. Now show me yours
Rolling for demon catters.
your cat is a pussyyyyyyyyy
and a pansy

File: maxresdefault.jpg (231 KB, 1280x720)
231 KB
231 KB JPG
How do I get a stand irl /x/?
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Somebody posting about something paranormal BUT from media I don't like! Horrible!
Probably would need to be your best self yeah.
This ngl, Dio, Diavolo, Giorno, all of them fellows with powerful stands are monads, with their own personal issues of course but at the end they're ultimate beings as humans and beyond
Only parts 1 and 2 are on Netflix which dont have stands

I legitimately think my mother is possessed, she speaks in tongues in the middle of when she talks or else she gets an extreme stutter, she hears a voice in her head that she refers to as 'her' and in these mental breakdowns when she speaks in tongues she cuts herself or tries to stab herself with the nearest sharp object

I am not a man of religion but I'm legitimately worried and she's been like this/getting worse for the past three years, she tells me that she's been blessed by an angel that's teaching her to speak ancient Hebrew but I doubt its the case
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I've tried she's been on three kinds of antipsychotic >>23243987
medication over the past three years, none of them work and if I try to get her into an institution she'll kill herself before they make it to her
>I legitimately think my mother is possessed
She's not, the problem is that she has retarded children.
If your not religious then you have no hope.
Start reading the bible around here and get ready

File: 1521457886606.jpg (2.03 MB, 4032x2268)
2.03 MB
2.03 MB JPG
saw an archived thread mentioned in a green text thread and can't find any update to what happened to the OP

link to thread http://archive.4plebs.org/x/thread/20497356/#20497422
probably a larp think some other guy did a red light thing a few months later
he spent a few minutes laughing at you morons and then went and retrieved his red gel covering his lights
He was taken
File: screenshot_345.jpg (113 KB, 906x252)
113 KB
113 KB JPG

File: 1530056924580.jpg (156 KB, 709x595)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
>met a guy at a bar
>randomly asks me if I had faith
>tell him I don't believe none of that
>he laughs
>buys me a drink
>tells me most people don't, but that leaves them vulnerable
>tell him what the fuck is he talking about
>he laughs and walks away

This was the most strange and frighting interaction I had with a stranger. I honestly thought he was gonna pull a gun out and fucking murder me. What does having faith got to do with anything? What the fuck was he talking about?
42 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
So wait, you're telling me that a man in a bar bought a woman a drink in hopes she'd fuck him? This is mindblowing
File: 1466932589087.jpg (52 KB, 206x182)
52 KB
I think he was actually asking if you're enlightened. Well, moreso he was just asking 'where you're at'. The answer will clearly display an individual's level of understanding, consciousness and spirituality, asked in such a way that one could assume he's just some Christian. It's kinda genius.

If you have no magical practice nor divine protection then you can end up in very vulnerable positions. Where you could not only be killed, but also treated to things worse than death and after death. Not that this is common at all.. most dangerous would be something like accidental astral projection.
The important thing is to not worry about that interaction too much. He could have been fucking with you. He could have been crazy. He could have been a zealot. Either way this kind of interaction could put you in a state where you start to see patterns that aren't there. Try your best to rationalize your environment. Is it more likely that some force is interested in you? Or are you just paranoid?
You're a boring little pissant.

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