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File: TrekJam_JessFink.jpg (123 KB, 650x654)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
Hit Those Hot Notes Edition

Previous Thread: >>64025619

A thread for discussing the 'Star Trek' franchise and its various tabletop adaptations.

Game Resources

Star Trek Adventures
-Official Modiphius Page (Rules, FAQ and Player Resources)
-PDF Collection

Older Licensed RPGs (FASA, Last Unicorn Games and Decipher)

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I think it's good but moving towards great. There's a ton of potential on show, and it feels like it's only a matter of time before we get one of those oh-shit episodes that elevates the whole thing. It doesn't have that pissing-away-potential thing Voyager and Enterprise had right from the start.
Right now though I've never come away from an episode feeling like I've wasted my time. Which is a hell of a thing with modern tv, to the point that I would genuine rather sit around watching livestreams of games than watch tv and that's arguably even more of a non-content thing to watch.

The standard of writing is such that I rarely ever am stuck wondering why-don't-they-just-do-X, Alara's leaving episode being one thing but I recognise the narrative/character need for what happened. And the other thing is I like every single main character. They're all interesting, enjoyable to watch interact and try and resolve things. Even Mercer.
That's something that already elevates it above Enterprise in the rankings for me despite it not even having as many episodes out as a single season of Enterprise, since that show utterly wasted half the cast and focused on the single worst 'good guy' captain 'trek has ever had even including single-appearance people who did fuck all and some of the antagonist ones we were not supposed to like, like Jellico or Maxwell.
>not main'ing the SS Hard Yiff
Yes, they're both wearing felt hats in that picture.

I don't think it at my point it has ever been a straight up pisstake at ST. It's had some pisstake moments, but most of them are pretty general and are more like mild jabs than outright mocking. Personally I think their most vicious attack on ST was Robert Picardo's character, and that was more an attack on Roddenberry than anything. Given the showrunners and producers, I think it was always supposed to be a more light-hearted pastiche of ST made by people who like ST, but had to double down on the humor early in production to get the show off the ground. At this point they've massively subdued the humor and mostly seem like they're trying to find a right mix of tone and frequency.
Stop talking to yourself. It's shameful.
Not really seeing how it was an attack on Roddenberry so much as it was just Picardo playing someone who is a shitty dad. I dunno if he was a shitty dad, I mean, it's not what he's infamous for after all. If it were poking fun at Roddenberry I'd expect more food-stained jumpers.

Pastiche is absolutely the thing it is. If it were parody, it'd be poking a hell of a lot more fun at the conventions à la Red Dwarf, rather than embracing them wholeheartedly and then just layering on the humour through the characters and their actions and reactions to situations.

File: smotheringtithe.jpg (42 KB, 265x370)
42 KB
Previously: >>64133864

>Official Site: Contains deck building rules and the current ban list.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their decks strategy and card choices.

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the the internet.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen color identity.

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File: allegiance.jpg (1.16 MB, 1667x3000)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB JPG
Went 4-1 playing Orzhov. Opened Seraph of the Scales as promo but the real champion was Gate Colossus and Angelic Exaltation. This is the results of my box, only disappointment is I didn't get priest of forgotten ways but it's all good
Its ok, even though the art is meh, at least ill get the guild kit teysa.
Guild kit Teysa's art is much worse though
>not politely asking a friend for a teysa or trading
bad friends
Anyone know the rough chances of pulling a shock land from the new set? Looking to upgrade my manabase from battle lands and scry lands to battle lands and shock lands for my Jodah deck.

File: comfy fire.jpg (412 KB, 1600x1068)
412 KB
412 KB JPG
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Wrong and from a mouth of the grandest faggot of them all, OP.

And an absolute waste of thread space.

Kill yourself, unironically.
it has always been that way, you're supposed to target people who don't know the formula
Have you tried not caring about that and making what you like?
Shitty excuse for lack of effort or creativity caused by a very shallow pool of inspiration.
Still, the same stories masterfully presented are worthwhile.

In your most humble and sagacious opinion, /tg// What are your views on Necromancy and Necromancers?

Are they good? Evil? A means to an end?
91 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
>do they just create sentient life in a dead body that is easily controllable?
So a golem?
Depends on how you want to interpret it.
>Ripping people's souls out and blighting the land: bad
What is scorched earth?
That's putting it mildly, anon. Seiga Kaku is one of the few Touhou characters that is confirmed evil.

She acts to further her own goals, and nothing more, at the cost of innocent lives. She revived Yoshika by ripping her soul from the afterlife and slapping it back into the body with no control over said body with many characters speaking out that Yoshika has no sense or self. She abandons her family. All of this without a shred of remorse or guilt. She also brought Taoism to Japan which was already rife with a religious war.
If people didn't want their corpses to be used as thralls and servants, they'd be cremated.
Crypts and graveyards are just like an unguarded orchard or a store with a female security guard.



Newfags guide for Arena:

Card Database:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No, I mean the three words on the kits themselves.
File: 20190120_001626.jpg (1.56 MB, 2560x1536)
1.56 MB
1.56 MB JPG

Went 3-1 and the loss I got was 2-1, so, it was a pretty close one.

I picked the Grull box and went for a jund build. As the anons here said, Rakdos and Gruul were the best picks after all.

The MVPs were the Ill-Gotten Inheritance + Theater of Horrors combo, Spire Mangler and End-Raze Forerunners.

Here's my final deck, plus the shitty rares I pulled.

FUCK, ignore the trip, I forgot to take that shit out from another thread.
File: creepy pete.jpg (23 KB, 200x285)
23 KB
>opponent floods on mana
>you flood on mana
the only good standard environments have been blocks featuring playable manlands and you literally can't prove me wrong

imagine having a core mechanic that solves one of the greatest downsides and major feelbads of your game and you intentionally exclude it.

MTG's standard in the last few years just feels like a shitty gacha gambling game where even decade-or-longer veterans are getting shitcocked from being unable to actually input any form of player skill in a game that has been lobotomized of its game mechanics.
Manlands are just a way for control decks to not have to play creatures but still get the upsides of having them when they want.

File: Da FAQ.pdf (427 KB, PDF)
427 KB
427 KB PDF
It's Da PDF Share Thread!
Get ready to stuff your hard drive like a cosplay hooker at a con!

Read the FAQ ( <-- PDF attached) if you haven't already or if it's your first time here.

Please exhibit good manners. Threads start sliding off the board after a certain number of posts. More posts wasted on being rude means fewer posts available for sharing.

Request, Share, Stay Awesome!

Previous thread:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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LF Fear Itself second edition. Got two links for the first edition, would rather have 2nd. Thank you!
>Fear Itself second edition

/Pelgrane @ snip

You're the best. Thank you so much for your link and quickness.
+1 for Remarkable Races!!
Requesting The Robotic Age. Both links in the archive aren't working.

File: face_melting_rage.jpg (230 KB, 1000x1000)
230 KB
230 KB JPG
>run Pathfinder on weekends
>group is mostly casters / pseudocasters
>only one martial character
>party can do insane damage, no grapple
>some of them can turn invisible at will
>flying at will
>have teleport spells and SoDs now
>even the occult classes are getting insane
>stuff of their CR literally cannot stand up to them at all
>due to their builds there are only certain monsters I can even use because otherwise they lock them down immediately
>PF fags just say "LOL you don't know how to run the game git gud lol just change your whole adventure to throw monsters that target their specific weakpoints"
>ended up having to make final boss creature a gargantuan-size homebrew monster immune to 90% of the shit in the game (using other CR 30 creatures as a template so I have an "excuse")
>am seriously considering cutting down the plotlines I have to the two more adventures they need to resolve the 2nd plot arc of the campaign (against a really cool BBEG idea I had) because I am just so sick of it
>combat takes like 3 hours because of all the adding up of multiple attacks
>players are on their fucking phones half the time and will interrupt me to show me memes

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>classes are capable of dealing out the damage to kill a monster of CR = their level in one or two hits
>pathshitters think this is okay because Wizards have SoD spells that are even more broken
>only way to really make good combats is a half-dozen of things slightly below or equal to their CR
>some classes can literally fly and remain invisible at will and fly hundreds of feet in the air and spam their attacks and kill anything that doesn't fly or have significant ranged attack
>again, this is okay, because casters are even MORE broken so it's okay.

>getting so sick and tired of this game and all its obnoxious bloat and nonsensical rules
>this has even ruined the 3.5 games I am in that aren't this bad
>been also running 5e on the side for some friends
>not perfect but so much more tolerable
>want to switch to 5e but I just know they will constantly bitch about every rule change and how it "punishes" them
>so instead I just end up with a literal actual headache every week after running Pathfinder and working constantly to make anything an actual challenge since they have at-will class features they can negate 90% of challenges and BTFO monsters so effortlessly it makes me wonder how they even find it fun
File: caster supremacy.jpg (128 KB, 1046x753)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
Hate to break it to you, but 5e is just as shit, despite all the retarded DnDrones who will swear otherwise. The only way to have fun is to play casters or psuedocasters, and combat is just as garbage.

File: spook2.png (464 KB, 1000x1699)
464 KB
464 KB PNG
• Provide good, detailed references (pictures are better than verbal descriptions), so the artists know what you're looking for.
• Reminder that nobody is entitled to a delivery under any circumstances within these threads.
• Ignore the bait and stay on topic.

>Artists and Artists-to-Be:
• Feel free to drop your tumblrs/websites/commission/etc information, but if you're dropping your commission info, please consider filing a request beforehand instead of just advertising.

Drawfags open for comissions:

Figure Drawing:

Beginners Guide to Drawing:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
162 replies and 77 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: G.jpg (1.04 MB, 2100x1500)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB JPG
Hello there anons and drawguys!

I would like to request the character I played in a LARP. By far the greatest year I've had at the LARP. Started to character as a one time just to troll people, and I became one of the most significant player there was.

I would like my dark elf (1) with a face like on (2) / any expression fitting a madman, dressed as elegantly as the coat of (3) and the rest from (4)... especially the top hat. What is also important is to have tentacles of oozes and pure evil like on (4), with hollow eyes and ever screaming mouths.

My character became the Mad God of Chaos, and by chaos I don't mean just a title, but the concept itself of CHAOS. If you feel the dark tentacles aren't enough, I dare you to top it!

If you feel up to the task to push your creep-o-meter and scary-yet-badass level of skills into this drawing, please have fun!
That's really good anon! Thank you.
24 hour bump.
24 hour bump
Bumping for great, bird themed evil.

File: 1496731099080.png (2.37 MB, 1400x1660)
2.37 MB
2.37 MB PNG
Mono-hybrid edition! (Costs that can be payed for with either 2 generic mana or one mana of a certain color.)

>To make cards, download MSE for free from here:
>Mobile users might have an easier time signing up here:

>Stitch cards together with

>Hi-Res MSE Templates

>Mechanics doc (For the making of color pie appropriate cards)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
112 replies and 53 images omitted. Click here to view.
Oh right, forgot to mention that. Yeah, best to remove Hexproof from the card itself. Maybe you can get away with making it a creature so it can benefit from its own ability.
Cute but what are mechanics, archetypes and playstyles?

I have never seen this expanded enough for custom cards what do you suggest?
File: Frost Dragon.jpg (39 KB, 375x523)
39 KB
File: M14 Thay Riftweaver.png (263 KB, 375x523)
263 KB
263 KB PNG
More planeswalker
Should definitely be rare.

File: 100percentmad.jpg (63 KB, 1280x720)
63 KB
>that guy who tries to play as a dragon
19 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
I like you. were do you live so I may force you to be my dm
>party is five kobolds
It's not even physically possible to roll my eyes hard enough.
just find a fat, faceless ugly ass asian man and he'll roll your eyes faster than you can scream "Y...Yamatte!"
Please tell me it was like this
File: smugtohru.jpg (45 KB, 373x380)
45 KB
>that guy who doesn't want to play as a dragon (meido (female))

So, /tg/, in a fit of autistic inspiration a few nights back, I dug up an old rpg system i was working on and decided to make something of it. With major changes, i present the alpha of Coward's Rise. This is about the minimum there could be for me to present this, but i have reached a stage in development where I need some creative assistance.
Here are some links to all of the Docs I am using.

Core rules: The important bits.

Characters: Currently, all it is is a reference sheet I have been using for stats

Maneuvers:This is currently only a list of weapon types, and specific weapons which will receive unique maneuvers

Gear: A list of gear. The second most complete doc behind the Core Rules doc, armor is unfinished, but weapons are in a usable state

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
6 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
stability, Divide the damage of an attack by this number when blocking, and expend that amount of stamina, or you will be staggered

Subtract this from the Force of attacks that hit you when blocking

>Stress (forgot this one)
This value represents exertion and human limits. While it's hard to heal (and in many cases damage) HP, stress is much easier to heal and damage, and a character receives various maluses based on their stress level
All in all, the system has three major weaknesses.
>Noncombat shit, because it's made for combat shit, of course
>No diminishing return rule on weights yet
At normal weapon weights, shit works pretty fine. but if a weapon goes over, like, 10 pounds, shit will break
The system looks far more complicated than it is, because all of the rules are frontloaded. There's very little else, other than the values presented here. games like GURPS and even D&D have lots of fiddly rules here and there, which I have avoided with this, putting everything into a pretty comprehensive list of stats.
So how does it stand out against all the other Dark Souls themed RPGs?

Also, what does it do better than GURPs or Riddle of Steel when it comes to combat?
>dark souls themed
I've never actually played them, but while taking heavy inspiration from dark souls, it's not made for the dark souls universe. It has a bit of setting-specific stuff for my own setting, but if Aura and Enchantment values are removed, it becomes completely setting agnostic.
>GURPs and such
Never read riddle of steel, but aside from being completely diceless, it's, in my opinion, a bit more of an accurate representation of melee combat. Shields are not abstracted into a blocking tool, and armor is way more than just damage reduction. Most importantly, you can do way more with a weapon other than just "roll 3d6 and match it to your skill to hit."- the training and moves you have done actually matter greatly, and every character can have a slightly different combat style, rather than just being a guy who swings a sword instead of a mace
Well, the first problem is that your character sheet looks like a spreadsheet.

File: cofd.png (3.16 MB, 1920x1200)
3.16 MB
3.16 MB PNG
>Previous thread

>Chronicles of Darkness, 2E server (ban-proof)

>FEATURED GAME: Lost In Translation RUN BY: Filius ex Machina
Changelings are drawn to a small and rural town which rests somewhere between the mortal and hedge sides.
>JOIN: https://discord.gg/qFRTZE8


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
19 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Any Mage or Archmage that gazes upon you immediately realizes the futility of his or her existence and kills himself in the most efficient way, ensuring no chance restoration of any kind. Combined with Auspex 6, this power affects to any Mage or Archmage that exists. This power requieres no rolls and its always active.
TFW mages cancel this and/or send it back at the user with half of the their arcana, or just spend mana/wp to ignore it.
Nono, it cannot be clashed, wisthood, fate'd, redirected, countered... nothing.
It just is. In fact, the power is not complete. Think of any way of defeating that power. You got it? Well, that way ALSO doesn't work.
Those are the rules of Presence 6. Mages and Archmages kill themselves.
>But what if they use the power of the Watchtowers and the Exarchs combined and...
Doesn't work. They just kill themselves. Presence 6 is just a name. It's actually a short name for "Imperial Arcana Only for Vampires Presence, dot 66".
Basically having that power makes you the equivalent of a Rank 14 Archmage.
At this levels, the Vampire becomes the conceptual idea of Ideas and Concepts.
To put in perspective, for Magefags who love power levels, a Master Vampire is as strong compared to an Archmage as an Archmage is compared to a particularly angry ant.
You know how the game supports ranks 1, 2, 3 and 4 of playing, 4 being Universe-wide? Master Vampires support Rank 22 playing.
This wankery is less stupid than the actual canonical powers Archmages have, and had, for years now, so if we are going over 9000, we may as well go over 9000 elevated to the potence of 9000
File: 1524770551986.png (795 KB, 842x473)
795 KB
795 KB PNG
>it cannot beeee
>yeeees thaaat waaas the whooole pooooint

Less Greentext Edition

>Biophagus Preview

>Harken Fixed

>Rules Errata, FAQs, and Commentaries:

>WarhammerTV Tip of the Day:

>Book Megas:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
311 replies and 79 images omitted. Click here to view.
Warp lightning fired at T'au would effect it the same as a Necron warrior.
File: 1394238601062.jpg (25 KB, 384x314)
25 KB
> let them know that this Kitten has claws.
File: 1536210925364.jpg (211 KB, 1024x1004)
211 KB
211 KB JPG
>tfw as a kid I was really into my dudes and converting all my armies loads.
>now I just really love to paint my miniatures as they are shown on the boxes and enjoy having the poster boy armies.

Anyone else the same way? The only thing I could consider 'my dudes' these days are when I'm converting Inquisitor bands. But when it comes down to it I really like painting the generic Cadian 8th for guard, Ultramarines for marines and so on.
Well at least trim down that ugly fucking gorget and those abominations on his knees, c'mon
Talking about the Pariah in The Emperor's Gift? The guy who takes the bodies to The Dead Fields on Titan? Or another dude?

File: Agrippa-Spadone.jpg (33 KB, 235x290)
33 KB
Ancient Edition
Welcome to /5eg/.

>Unearthed Arcana: Sidekicks

>5e Trove


>Stable releases

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
237 replies and 44 images omitted. Click here to view.
my current barbarian is level 11, but hes going nuts at the moment and im riding him until the rails fall off, giving him a good death and going to transfer into this character.
Still don't think you'll get to 20
if you're a Fighter instead of a barb and thus can't give yourself advantage on literally all of your melee attacks then Sentinel is comparably strong
Does a tabaxi druid keep the movement ability if they wildshape?
Kensai 3/ Samurai X seems like a pretty fun, if not overly optimized build even if you ignore the weeb points.
>You get dex longsword memes for slight damage boost
>You can easily get 20 AC, 22 if you attack with an unarmed strike for slightly less damage.
>+1d4 on all ranged attacks except if you used fighting spirit that turn.
>Unarmed strike as a bonus action means you're getting a fourth attack before non-PAM fighters/TWF fighters
>Good skills from high dex + high wis

It's not a great combo, but both in ranged and melee it does well enough.

Paizo Games General /pgg/

What makes your Samurai LEGENDARY? What makes your Legendary Samurais Legend-Dairy? How do you like your campaigns- weeby, gritty, wacky or thrilling?

/pfg/ Link Repository (Pathfinder): https://pastebin.com/YLikTing
/sfg/ Link Repository (Starfinder): https://pastebin.com/rg4U6fCa

Old thread >>64059444
277 replies and 31 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 13885348643232.png (237 KB, 303x573)
237 KB
237 KB PNG
>Not naming a minor recurring character Rolle Furin Ishiatiff
>Not having Mr Nothing waiting outside The Ordinary, reknown restaurant, after asking the players for a perception check
>Not having bards sing tales of the magical sword Plasfur
>Not enjoying how the english language lets you fuck with people
>tfw it's been a while since you played pathfinder
>tfw you see the system for all it's dated as fuck mechanics.
Attack, AC, and the swing of the d20 suck ass the most, honestly.
Sunder is for hydra necks
File: 1519607137452.jpg (67 KB, 344x660)
67 KB
on the topic of ABP I wonder if it's worth saying that, instead of specific weapon/armor attunement, you just have a blanket bonus on attack/damage rolls and AC. The AC bonus would have to shift around depending on if you're using a shield, probably. Run it as a custom campaign so you can keep track of what kind of DR people face, and make sure your players know they probably should golfbag it a little... But magic weapons and armor exist, and DO NOT eat up your generic +1's to use! They're just not mandatory number fixer items now, but things that can get away with being that silly Flaming Fey Bane Cold Iron Longsword, or what have you. Anything that gives bonuses based on enhancement bonuses would just have to scale off the player's blanket +1's.
You can always sunder natural weapons and natural armor, you know
Just straight up rip off a troll's claws, or break a dragon's ribs to halve their toughness

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