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File: 1539757044444.jpg (29 KB, 360x360)
29 KB
As a GM, what are you supposed to do in-game when the party inevitably goes full murderhobo and kills random villagers like a GTA game, if not send in the local lord's men-at-arms in full harness, experienced scouts and trackers, and lucky peasants with crossbows?
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What would the Ancient Tome of Dad Jokes even do? Force everyone who isn't a dad to stop what they're doing and groan/facepalm while dads/father figures have a light chuckle?
dont play games where pcs are always considered unbeatable by "normal" people
alternatively don't play games with players who think killing helpless villagers is a fun thing to do
I get better players.
>it's wrong for the universe to be internally consistent and for players to have to deal with the logical consequences of their actions
You're a fucking idiot.
>hating HEMA
>hating our /k/omrades
Yup, legitimate fucking retard.

>you all meet in a tavern
>tavern owner hires all of you
>it is a Cyberpunk Bartender Action campaign
Yes or No?
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File: CAeKkZOUcAAsv2L.jpg (157 KB, 970x1174)
157 KB
157 KB JPG

>The bartender doesn't have a cybernetic arm.

File: (mildly) cyberbar 3.jpg (398 KB, 1200x900)
398 KB
398 KB JPG
What is he, some kind of Gentleman Loser ?
File: best boss.jpg (100 KB, 800x1142)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
File: 200% anime.png (380 KB, 550x704)
380 KB
380 KB PNG
>hey you know how you play make-believe to experience fantastic adventure
>how about service sector employment instead

I'm down for slice-of-life, but at least make it a life that isn't about wading through stinky shouting drunks
Depends, can we get part of our wage in Dorothy time?

File: Tezzek_Union.png (1.83 MB, 1920x1080)
1.83 MB
1.83 MB PNG
I'm not used to making maps quickly. I threw this one together this evening for an upcoming campaign. How does it look? This is a version with a texture overlay.
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It's post-apocalyptic fantasy. The 'end of the world' occurred roughly 300 years prior during The Great War, which ended in every side using their weapons of mass destruction on everyone else. These were magical in nature and warped reality. The winners of the war said 'fuck this' and left the planet. They now live on the moon in giant glowing cities. The only people still alive are where there was basically no fighting, on tiny islands off the coast of an unimportant continent.

These islands have formed a union with the express purpose of rediscovering how all the magic of The Great War worked and using it to retake the continents.

The party is a group of government employed scavengers/cartographers/explorers. The start of the campaign is when evidence is found that there might be a population of people somehow surviving inland. The government is mobilizing a lot of their men to try and find these people.
Exercise, rendering and effects.
If youre a complete fag like me you can do it in paint.net.
Its easy enough for me to do it and i have very little knowlege about it.
I use paint.net from time to time, what do you use to make them? I've created water effects before, but I couldn't make mountains that well.
Clouds and wand tool. Fuck around with oil painting, median and sharpen to achieve different results.
File: nista.png (127 KB, 800x600)
127 KB
127 KB PNG
Honestly speaking, its a quick but quite limiting way to do it.
And you get really raggidy coasts.
Here a 5 min fuckaround.

File: file.png (910 KB, 1240x697)
910 KB
910 KB PNG
What are some IRL people who look like they belong in a PnP game?
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File: file.png (266 KB, 353x424)
266 KB
266 KB PNG
Young Kojima looks like a PC from a shadowrun game
File: LMAO-Man.jpg (124 KB, 568x710)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
File: D9uWo6FU8AAymUU.jpg (106 KB, 826x459)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
I never thought I'd see a reference to that song on this board https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=H6wl-EyhXl0
There was already a thread with their keyboard guy for OP.

Think of some place the common folk generally consider 'safe' within your setting. Some place where they can live a normal life: get enough to eat, work an honest job, marry, have kids, and not have to devote any head space to the thought of all of this being arbitrarily stripped away one day by violence.

Got it? Good.
What is the 'perceived' density or abundance of Monsters in the area vs the actual Monster density within the area?
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Very high, but 99% of the problems can be handled by musket wielding local militias. The 1% of times they ask for adventurers are caused either by the villagers thinking the threat is too great and thus they would rather hire someone else rather than risk their lives, or the villagers were rendered defenseless recently either as a result of gun-grabbing nobles or fairies fucking with them.
>10,000 monsters per acre
>20,000 monsters per acre

That's alotta fuckin' monsters, Anon.
Is everything okay in your setting?

Maybe he's including ants
About the same density as IRL bandits and big predators in premodern societies, assuming the villagers have shit for combat skills.
Only truly arrogant monsters would dare risk angering the local lord and his men-at-arms in full harness.

File: START.jpg (1.36 MB, 1400x1445)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB JPG
My friends and I have always talked about starting some sort of a DnD campaign, and now we finally do it.

Not a single one of has any experience with pen and paper games, so I'm turning to you guys or help.

We're trying to start a small adventure online and communicate via Discord. Any tips for us newbies?
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It helps to have your campaign have a light-ish tone while keeping it grounded. I run my stories seriously but with comedic elements so that it breaks the ice slightly before you get into the nitty gritty. I would super advise against a comedy campaign though. Personal experience but I've always seen it lead to shitty DM'ing because no one actually gives a shit.

>Simple tips:
1. Write down notes but don't treat it like your bible - a dose of chaos is part of the fun

2. Don't let them walk all over you - If they pull any bullshit you crack down on it immediately. You don't have to be a Hitler DM, just understand if you give an inch, you give a mile. Your players will usually like you more if they feel like you won't let them get away with anything.

3. Encourage character dynamics and try to keep players talking as if they their characters rather than themselves. This is a weird one but a problem a lot of newbies have, understandably, is that they are either self-inserting or thinking as themselves with the character aside. Really try to keep everyone as their character and actively reward them for doing so with minor little incentives like a free drink at the bar or some secret revelation that can lead to reward. It makes your campaigns soooooo much better and helps ensure my first two points.
I watch a lot of YouTube when I'm uninspired. Matt Colville and Web DM are my personal favourites. Colville covers a wide variety of topics and has solid advice for starting your own campaign (start with a town, have a small quest first, introduce villains early) while Web DM has a lot of 5e-specific earlier videos and newer videos that are somewhat setting neutral.
My advice if you are just getting into tabletop is to find a better community than /tg/ to get advice from. This place is a gaping shithole filled with larpers that pretend to DM, people who have not been in a game that lasted past two months in decades but think they are god's gift to dice, and retards so hopped up on an imaginary culture war that they no longer even know what normal human interaction is like.

A new DM isn't necessarily going to have the experience necessary to pick out the shit advice from the maybe one or two good replies that MIGHT pop up in this thread. Honestly, just find a better place to ask this.
In reverence to the post before me, stop playing d&d and play my autistic extreme simulationist tabletop game ye taffer.

That being said
-relax, don't try to know everything, do everything at the same time
-regardless of the game read the corebook or corebooks, and create a character to understand a bit about how the game works, if you just read it you will miss a lot of nuances, so actually create a character-
-make it two characters and test combat,just kill them for an hour or so
-read the corebooks throughly, for d&d this would be reading players handbook, creating characters and test combat and then going to dungeon masters guide, and then monsters manual and maybe testing some combat with monsters from there
-get an adventure module, something for starting or level 1/beginner players. Again play the module yourself from start to finish, make sure to read and play thoroughly

Congratz, you probably know more about d&d 5th edition than most of the posters here. Some extra caveats
-Realize discord chat is a bit different than real life neckbeard gathering, I find peoples attention spans are far lower on online chat games, google hangouts-webcams etc are better as it forces players to pay more attention imho
-while you can play different styles d&d is a combat focused game, don't be afraid to try to play different games, like horror and detective shit? give cthulhu a try, like politics? check vampire the masquerade etc.
Organize it well.
Get a dice roller bot.
Have a channel for every session.
Have a channel for announcements.
Have a channel for every player to keep notes.
Explain rules to them. All of them. In detail. You cant keep track of multiple PC's, their XP, their HP, their ammo, their stats... have them do that for you.
Use visual aids. Id advise paint.net since its semi decent for making maps. If you have internet good enough to stream and keep a decent voice quality, do it.
Make a channel for homebrew and divergance from rules.
Make a channel for NPC/PC/equipment/location descriptions. Itll help you out a lot.
Make a general and a non rp channel to not clog up the rp channels.
In general, have at least half a dozen channels to keep shit in check. It works out well, you just need to semi occasionally upkeep them.
Now for the rest of the shit.
Its ok to not know everything and take a minute to talk shit out with your players, they might know things better than you do. I say this as a person that gm's to a soldier and doctor both of whom are a decade older than me.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: cfd.jpg (6 KB, 128x128)
6 KB
So what is the next trend of tabletop games going to end up being? Apocalypse World and DnD 5e have paved a way towards more "RP heavy"/little actual design playstyles, but it seems to me that this hasn't been adopted very well by Paizo, White Wolf, whoever the fuck has Shadowrun's IP at this point and other companies who tried to ape the style, but have utterly lost the plot in some other way.
Is there going to be a resurgence in complexity, are we going to have a fusion of styles like the editions before 3e DnD, or what?
I just think that trying to simplify the game like DnD 5e has vastly decreased the value and potency of the story times that we get, because there is only so much that you can do in "simple" systems, but maybe I am talking out of my ass and having boring ass games like it is just going to be the future.
24 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
All the ____ World games are MTP, except it's really only MTP for the MC who are encouraged to arbitrarily do anything up to and including fucking you over totally on a successful roll anyway. Rolling a successful Read the Sitch can and does explicitly in an example in the rulebook lead to a sudden ambush by an overwhelming force of Water Cultists. Since the MC is explicitly told not to plan scenes in advance by the rules, but instead told to retroactively think of what NPCs are doing offscreen, this can only have been retconned into existence, unless you're deliberately ignoring the rules as they are in the book.

As to 5e, if it's not MTP, then there's literally no resolution for anything outside of combat because the skill system is entirely "the DM pulls a DC out of their ass while you suck their cock for advantage". There's no actual DCs or explicit uses for skill, only vague categories that the DM picks from at a whim (or just ignores and decides on an random number).
Enjoy having a table for every single possible existing action and then throw a tantrum when the action is not in the book.
Retard, there's obviously a middle ground between "define nothing" and "define everything". Defining difficulties for common actions in a 300 fucking page rulebook isn't much to ask for. If you're running a 50 page rules light, maybe, but that's not what D&D is.
Powered by the apocalypse games and dnd 5e are exactly the right and practical middle ground. I have never seen any decent DM actually use difficulty tables or even base decisions off of the tables even vaguely. Just fucking come up with a difficulty that seems sensible to the whole group at the table or go play Rolemaster and quit complaining about MTPs.
The fundamental reality of the world under the internet, applicable to almost all domains. The average person does dumber and dumber shit churned out by garbage centralized institutions, but things have never been better for those of us willing to put in the work.

File: file.png (69 KB, 360x302)
69 KB
Why is there still no game where you get to play as Zanzibar Land?

How would you do a ZL management game?
Am I looking at ctf_facingworlds?
What? You want something like Chapter Master but with Metal Gear style mercenary companies? Because that's totally what I want.

I've been tinkering with a MGS aesthetic, paramilitary base building video game in Unity for some time but haven't made much progress with the visuals. It was going to isometric, 3D with sprites but I've scrapped that.
Nah dude, there are two towers at opposite ends.
File: aae.jpg (25 KB, 601x469)
25 KB
The Civ 5 mod that lets you play as the MSF (and the DD if you lose your Mother Base), is probably your best bet.

File: 1567518630312.jpg (113 KB, 750x927)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
So how does your girlfriend feel about your passion for tabletop games?
327 replies and 44 images omitted. Click here to view.
You can't compare coffee, which is an acquired taste, to something that is rooted deep within every human. The biological clock ticks, tick tock.
But since you apparently DID start drinking coffee even if you don't like it, you seem to lack the mental fortitude to actually do your stuff.
Thus I suspect you are just not able to find a mate, otherwise you would have bowed to the pressure already.
Yeah, that is what I mean.
I have friends you dipshits. Friends aren't going to fix my loneliness however. Having friends won't change the fact that no matter how long I spend hanging out with them, I will still return to a lonely fucking apartment and sleep alone in my lonely fucking bed. Friends no not fucking fix the need for physical affection, intimacy and companionship.
Lose weight
>I'm not desperate for 4chan approval
He says as he went massreplied to everyone up until 3 in the morning

File: 1568089406483.png (2.05 MB, 960x960)
2.05 MB
2.05 MB PNG
Big dick edition
>Shrike Preview

>Iron Father Preview

>WarhammerTV Tip of the Day:
https://youtu.be/mW4MLOycsp4 [Open]

>Downloads; Rules Errata and FAQs:

>Book Megas:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Ynnead is Slaanesh, so yes.
Is usually play AoS since it’s the superior game in both rules and models
It’s fantastic, very swingy and fun. Main problem is that some of the random missions can be very unbalanced but usually you and the opponent can just agree to draw a new one.
Being interesting
The average reading comprehension has gone down in recent years, people can’t and won’t read past high school

File: dachshund.jpg (28 KB, 474x395)
28 KB
>the party encounters a weeny
70 replies and 16 images omitted. Click here to view.
Thots are the farthest thing from "apex" you could get.
They can sense evil.

Must be why you hate them.
And because muzzies and especially Mohammad are shit, instead of recognizing the good boy for what he is they decided he's an agent of evil for protecting their house.
Also, the dog form isn't nearly loli enough.

Tried to play Hillfolk/Dramasystem, loved the character creation but beyond that it was like “k, what the fuck do we do now,” any thoughts on mixing it with other rulesets? I want to keep some elements of the drama system, but in a game form that’s actually playable.
Well what did you play before that's you're so creatively bankrupt?

>he expects the commoners to praise him for being a hero
Let's be honest here, most people would think of adventurers the same way most people think of modern soldiers, a necessary job reserved for dumbasses.
166 replies and 27 images omitted. Click here to view.
Firefighter here, where do I get six figures without sucking off the entire city council to make Chief? No place where the cost of living isn't insane. The schedule is pretty great though.
>some people won't respect you no matter what you do?
Those people are called assholes, and they're rightly mocked and/or ignored.
Yeah, that's because they make you feel bad by example, they make you realize you're a selfish piece of shit. Volunteer for something once in a while, you'll feel better.
...and? They went and got it, why shouldn't they keep it?
i like the discussions here

File: 1497587538571.png (354 KB, 665x574)
354 KB
354 KB PNG
Hey, /tg/, is there a way to roleplay a monster creature (non-evil aligned) without looking and/or making it the most special snowflake thing?

A part of me wants to touch on some of the monster creatures as PCs, but I am hesitant on it being a decent idea, I am up to get the punishments that come with playing a monster race (not being able to go in towns unless given a good excuse, for example).
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Play a setting where monster races are civilized or a lesser allied race or something. If minotaurs are known to be footsoldiers in the grand army they may be more tolerated.
You make one that isn't shitty. Tada. If you're especially worried about the dreaded 'special snowflake' moniker just avoid the red flags that you should avoid with all characters
>Unusual 'cool' name (Note: Joe Steel being a historical figure does not give him a pass)
>Exotic markings/prominent scars that have no (good) story to them
>Unusual coloration
>Is the best at something
>Exudes an aura of grandeur
>Capable of teleporting behind someone to tell them they're already dead
It's easy to not make it snowflakey, the relevant questions are

A. Do you have a DM who's willing to run Monster Town Weebshit/whatever so that it's normal?
B. If it's a setting where 30-60% of the public is neutral monster race people, will you still want to play one?
A: no clue yet
B: Yeah, I wouldn't mind if the setting has more neutral monsters and monster towns, if my DM does not want to do that I will accept consequences that come with playing a monster race (again, not being able to go to towns or having a harder time interacting with other races)

I find all of that pretty cringy, to be fair, I think the best way to make a character is make it simplistic, like we humans are, and let their story develop naturally, I'm not a huge fan of weeb shit.
why picking a monster class is seen as a snowflake thing?

Are you capable of making a character as complex and engaging as Slap-Happy Jack?
32 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>(YEARS long)
/tg never ceases to amaze me
If you've not covered 40 sessions by the end of a single year, you're doing it wrong;
Or have a job.
i 100% agree with you here. my group plays usually twice a week and for about 8-10 hour sessions on average. but clearly the group in question is full of wagies so they probably get to play once per month when Mr Noseberg gives them time off. and then they play for a total of 2 hours, 90% of which was them quoting critical role. the "40th" session in the image is actually probably their 4th or 5th session as well as the anniversary of the campaign

Vance didn't invent anything like the DnD magic system, but he did have the murder hobo thing down pretty well.
The party doesn't know this, but my witty quipping character only cracks so many jokes to over-compensate for his soullessness due to being an undead. He has no love or hate for life, but will end it if it threatens his continued existence.

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