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File: 1439351713783.jpg (145 KB, 865x639)
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145 KB JPG
How much of a threat would the average soldier of your setting be to your PC in a one-on-one fight?
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Well, against the Warlock, by himself, no magic, he stands better-than average odds of at least getting a hit or two in. Dude has shit for actual physical combat skills, except for his enchanted gear giving him an insane amount of Armor, and the fact that he's as close to unkillable as the rules allow (you need to destroy his head or heart completely). Factor in that "the average soldier" is actually a pretty competent fighter, and yeah, things probably don't go the Warlock's way.

With magic, the soldier has no chance in a contest of arms, as that allows the warlock to manifest his "auto-critting black hole sword" spell combo which could outright kill even a captain with 10% of the base damage and lets him use his Magic Projection for attack and defense.

Against the Warlock's pet fairy, he also stands zero chance, unfortunately, as the fairy grew to be specced for melee combat before the Warlock learned the spells to make him melee capable.

Against the dragon pacted to the Warlock, he loses immediately, because it's 2 fucking kilometers long and made of elemental darkness.

Sooo... 25% odds?
Well, my pc's an alpha-strike king who'll literally always get the first attack in. He'd win the confrontation in the first turn and likely move out of reach, but if he gets hit in range even twice, he's probly dead
It depends on where they start and who wins initiative. I usually don't use NPC classes, and have the NPC's a level or two above the PC's. So at a straight fight starting at 20 feet a soldier has a decent shot at killing a party member head to head.
I'm playing a Dawn Caste Solar. These are the guys who could, with the right charms, grab a t-rex and chuck it a solid distance at character creation.

I think it's fair to say that the "average soldier" would get thoroughly destroyed.
Depends on which PC you're talking about. For the most part a trained soldier that's properly outfitted will provide a good challenge, especially in a squad. There's one exception though, due to one asshole that has immunity to physical attacks.

Looks like we're back in business, so let's do this and let's do it right.

>>Transhumanity's FATE (FATE Conversion)
>>X-Risks and After The Fall
>>Chuck's Eclipse Phase Wiki

>>the10 things you should know about Eclipse Phase
>>Advice for new players and GMs

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File: op5bLPp.jpg (837 KB, 792x1350)
837 KB
837 KB JPG
The fuck is a doll house? Where is this from?

>offers animal sleeving, snuff and neotenics but not catgirls
Transhumanity was a mistake.
I assumed by simulated they meant XP or similar VR. Hard to see how it can be a 'scenario' if you're actually just going out and raping someone.
It's from Sunward.
Catgirls are probably included in the "and worse" part
>take infugee hooker
>suppress memories of ever leaving earth
>restore memories
>hazard pay
Maybe you're the one who gets raped?

File: 1548059027462.png (520 KB, 797x535)
520 KB
520 KB PNG
Meanwhile on extranet /tg/
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File: Tomb_citadel.jpg (72 KB, 749x519)
72 KB
Curious: Did you guys see those leaked pictures of alien ruins they found when digging out Thessia?
Hopeful: I wonder what kind of race lived there?
Go on Fornax Select since they’re lugging everyone a free 7 day trial and search for the Blueberry Jelly series. Alternatively you can watch Hanar-San does Japan to get the picture.
>move to Ilium for job
>struggle to find players for tabletop and PnP gaming
>finally find group
>entirely asari except for single krogan
>been playing a campaign for half a century
Anyone else have to step in this particular shitstorm?
>be me, cronfag lord
>some blueberries got into the tomb
>we were suposed to sleep for atleast a few tousand years more
>they notice our presence and send some blueberry in
>wants to do something called "diplomacy" with us
>havent heard about that for 60 milion years
>mfw she wants some tech from us
>I tell her to GTFO
>she tries some psycher bulshit on me
>doesn't work
>I kill her and get my legions ready

File: warhammer_40k_large.png (271 KB, 410x476)
271 KB
271 KB PNG
Warhammer 40.000 - 9th Edition playable with Funkopops for easier introduction and newcomers to the hobby, Rountree says.

>The phenomenal paintjob and models at Funkopop allow for a quicker gamestart. Just open the box and play.
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tell it to fat chicks that make strange sounds when they see something adorable in adorable in the local nerd store. I never said that what they like is nice or true.

Sometimes I wish I had another hobby.
Doesn't look too bad. Might get the space wolf one.
>liking chibi "cute xDDD" head inflation shit
both are shit, just one is higher quality shit
File: 1528511053268.jpg (97 KB, 482x641)
97 KB
File: Absolutely_Disgusting.jpg (158 KB, 640x472)
158 KB
158 KB JPG

File: 1521586830053.gif (478 KB, 500x348)
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478 KB GIF
Why do people keep inviting women to tabletop if they more often than not seem to be the catalyst for drama?
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I’ve never had that problem boyo. It helps when you have a friend group that includes women to begin with, that way you don’t have people sperging out over tits for the first time. It’s groups of people who are suddenly exposed to women & suddenly have hormones shouting to establish a hierarchy & compete for mating rights rather than just enjoying a good game.

Your group doesn’t even have to be a bunch of virgins or incels or autists for this to happen either. Just people who have MUST COMPETE FOR MATE going through their head. One of the dudes in my group was a bit of a whore who hit on every female he got within ten feet regardless of whether he had a girlfriend at the time or if the girl had a boyfriend. He just always wanted to stick his dick somewhere & it was a nightmare to play with him if their were women around.
this OP. Play with party for 6 years straigh, one women, 6 men (even DM), women even date one of them. No drama. Finish campaign, most got marry and now we just gather at birthdays and play some random tabletop game (lack of time).
If I may provide my own anecdotal experience, the women that have been part of my RPG groups haven't caused drama.
Because the tv and computer says moar diversity. Each group needs to meet a quota, regardless if she's interested in the game, unless the whole game franchise be branded sexist or misogynistic.
Your women might, but it was not that way with a group i was part of at college. Everyone's milleage may vary

File: 1490441095099.jpg (41 KB, 468x510)
41 KB
Have you ever had a group/friend fall out over a tabletop related issue? What happened?
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That's honestly fucked up. Sounds like the GM is specifically fucking Sorcerer guy over just to make him feel small. All hostility warranted.
1) its a game
2) if in IRL you're going to prevent me from stopping a world destroying alien cult yes I would kill you. Nothing personal
>Anonymous discussion
>No outside drama, focuses solely on the topic

>Discord or Plebbit or any social media cancer
>People bring up your history and attack the person not the argument
>Others use their identity as support for their argument

Being able to separate the argument/discussion from the presenter is genuinely superior. One of the core tenets of good criticism (both giving and taking) is that you can separate the person from the work, and pure anonymity does that automatically. The fact of the matter is that all of this drama in this thread was caused by you revealing your identity (with all attached baggage). If you had never spoken up, this thread would still be a good conversation about drama.

In other words, fuck off with your ego.
>Anonymous discussion
>No outside drama, focuses solely on the topic
Good kek lad

File: 1491918683921.jpg (347 KB, 1920x886)
347 KB
347 KB JPG
What are some settings with this aesthetic?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Yeah I agree. This piece in particular is bit earlier than Warhammer, or at least by Imperial culture in the setting, but can be used for more backwater/traditionalist provinces.

Notably the artist who drew this, Igor Sid, also does official Warhammer stuff, so the presentation would be similar.

Igor Sid, the artist, says straight up its a tribute to Edwin Austin Abbey, whose works have this aesthetic in spades. A lot of it is just directly shakespearean, arthurian legend, and other early modern/late medieval subjects, done in great detail with excellent atmosphere.
and very good use of red

Saw this just now and thought I'd put it forth for discussion. New possible rules update for all Marines (Nice and not nice) to upgrade the basic bolter and any combination there of.

As a very long time player this does harken back to 2nd ed where marines were the only ones who could rapid fire.

And I feel that a bit more fire from the basic weapon for line marines would be helpful.

Please share your views.
Piece of shit, just post it in a general.
File: 1469601523215.jpg (95 KB, 1063x751)
95 KB
Bolters are underwhelming at the moment, but I feel like marines are already some of the strongest models in the game and don't need any buff. Yes, I know marine players disagree, because they are retarded fuckups who still manage to lose despite playing on easymode, but they are wrong.
Found the CAAC players

My player wrote a fucking poem about the campaign. First thought I've had after reading it was sharing it with you.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
>6 pages
File: DorcasNice.png (20 KB, 266x232)
20 KB
To be honest I'm not going to read all six pages, but it's still great to have a player so invested in the story. Whatever you're doing, keep at it.
The meter is all over the place and the form is generally wonky. But I am a cynical asshole so don't let that distract you. It's really cool that one of your players did this, and shows that you are doing something right.
Thanks, guys. I feel like all the effort I've pulled into this campaign is worth something now, if at least one player is so invested into it.
Not going to read six pages about someone else's game, but a quick glance indicates it is way more cool than I thought it was going to be. Good going, OP.

File: Thrawn-Art.png (501 KB, 854x478)
501 KB
501 KB PNG
Admiral Thrawn gets a perfect copy of every work of art ever produced by the last civilization you ruled or fought for. What quirks or weaknesses does he identify in your civilization from this alone, and what tactics would he be likely to use to best exploit them for victory?
Dunno, because Thrawn's "art into psychology into tactics" process was a bullshit asspull and the weakest point of every work he was in.
File: Ben'edictcumb'erbatch.jpg (1.46 MB, 1920x1080)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB JPG
>"art into psychology into tactics" process was a bullshit asspull

Nah, the only asspull was that one time he calculated exactly how many people moved between two docked ships (and which ones went where), based solely on the time the two ships were together. Pellaeon even spends a few lines of mental monologue about how bullshit it is.

The art psychology thing is fine. The fact that it's a black box process based on Thrawn's alien intellect is the very thing that makes it work.
Nah - in one book he was predicting the fine details of an enemy fleet's combat maneuvers based on a couple paintings and sculptures.
>based on a couple paintings and sculptures

...And confirmation from another intelligence source on who exactly the enemy commander was. Thrawn bases a lot on his mystical art-reading ability, but the key thing is that he backs it up with fine Admiralship, too. It's another tool in his kit, and he uses it as such.
I mean we have Thrawns own confirmation that it isn't a flawless process. There was a scene between him and Pellaeon I believe where he describes an alien race he studied thouroughly through their art, yet couldn't find out how it related to their tactics. It was only years later where he thought he understood it at last. Shame he annihilated the whole species before that.

File: fate tiamat.png (1.49 MB, 1280x1138)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB PNG
If I want to run Fate's version of Tiamat as a final boss in 5e how would I do it?
I'm gonna stop you right there buddy

> Orks
> Tyranids
> Chaos

Which of these three uses up the most of the Imperiums resources? How much more manageable would the other threats be without one of these

File: 1542938763781.jpg (981 KB, 1920x1274)
981 KB
981 KB JPG
2 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Netrunner was made into example nobody would be too eager to follow.
Netrunner, Megacorp, Transformers, KeyForge, DBZ, all the anime ccgs, Star Wars Destiny, Arkham Horror, Legend of the Five Rings. You are limiting yourself by not researching the breadth of available card games.
Because the gold rush of the 90's is past us, just like with RPG's in the early 2000's. Paper TCG's are dead and only the cult of MtG and the weeb YGO/BushiBullshit community are left.
The whole tg hobby seems to be slowing down and now just repeats the same beats.

what's the optimal party size in your opinion?
2 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I never had an issue with more people leading to less planning but I've seen the party dynamics suffer.

Generally with more players the stuff becomes more mission oriented while with fewer players everyone is fine with going along with others personal storylines.
23 screaming elementary kids.
5-7 but expect two clusters to form
>You have enough of a buffer to run the game normally even if 1-2 players have to cancel.
>You have enough divergence to cover the bulk of situations on your own.
>You can focus on individual storylines without one player getting nothing to do because there's too few people to get shit done.
I could go on.

Once you reach 5-6, the game starts to become too mission oriented, with people having an answer to basically everything. 7+, you will never get anything done, ever, for the entirety of combat, and the DM will generally focus on a handful of people while leaving everyone else left in the lurch.

Which game has the best demons/devils?
My homebrew.
File: YuHe7OB.jpg (140 KB, 684x970)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
Silver Age Luchador cinematic universe and related homebrews.
well it sure as fuck isn't anything involving wayne "weebshit" reynolds

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