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File: 236748.jpg (161 KB, 900x1273)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
Do you allow undead PCs in your games? Have you played as an undead character? Undead PCs general thread!
We’re all undead around here.
File: Ghoul villager.jpg (59 KB, 428x726)
59 KB
Right now my biweekly game is basic as fuck and pretty much the default setting™ because I'm an inexperienced game master and I'm still getting a feel for how ok my players are with me incorporating horror elements in my fantasy (which I love) but eventually I plan to include a nation that is ravaged by a civil war that happened a century or so ago, in which every side used increasingly powerful dark magic to combat their enemies, leaving the land a cursed wreckage where crops barely grow and spawning large amounts of undead as a byproduct. Nowadays in this nation, people live in very insular and distrustful societies and strongly fear dark magic and those who use it, often in an angry mob sort of way, as their history teaches them that dark magic will destroy their home. Society has pretty much crumbled from the metropoli that used to exist around the place, being reduced to feudal eastern europe-like villages with strange and sometimes disturbing customs, but there are also societies purely consisting of undead that were simply unable to die properly because of the latent dark magic still gripping the land. Most of the living residents of the nation view their undead neighbors with extreme and violent prejudice, but most of these undead are amicable enough, albeit some of them are a little insane from existing in this unnatural state for too long.

File: apoc.jpg (32 KB, 648x264)
32 KB
I really like the ruleset PbtA and the games that use it, the new Kult as a shining beacon in my mind, but I can't seem to find a book such as the Genesys Core as an equivilent; granted, I haven't looked at Apocalypse World itself as based on what I've read about it, it's just "another" game that uses it. I have a homebrew in mind where I want to use it, should I just cave in and get ApocWorld and get it over with?
No one?

File: 510vM6uEnuL.jpg (45 KB, 389x500)
45 KB
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I like the Star Trek game. It's probably the best RPG version the franchise has had.

But you have to be careful with the metacurrency stuff. Despite what the book states, I don't allow players to roll for trivial crap. I did once, and players were constantly capped with their Momentum, making supposedly difficult rolls easy. There wasn't any challenge or fun in the game.

With capped Momentum, players are also very averse of using Threat - and why should they? - which robs the whole point of that system.
Yeah in the STA game I'm currently in the DM does keep a pretty good bead on when and how momentum is generated and uses threat when it would make sense for the most part. It may seem like extra busy work for the DM but because the base 2D20 system is pretty straightforward and intuitive it doesn't drag things down. But yes when there's meta-currency on the table it does require cooperation between players and the DM. But as long as you aren't complete spergs, I found it enhances the sessions.
File: 1520376795159.gif (2.91 MB, 257x212)
2.91 MB
2.91 MB GIF
File: myman.jpg (89 KB, 500x375)
89 KB
my man, it is all so tiresome
File: 1548081321443.png (74 KB, 302x170)
74 KB
14 reasons why the original sword and sorcery lore and setting are totally boring, and why thats a good thing!

File: 1557270290150.jpg (118 KB, 1024x1434)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
Dark Sorceress Edition

>What is Genesys?
Released in November 2017, Genesys is a pen-and-paper generic RPG system and toolkit by Fantasy Flight Games, using a refined version of the system presented by their Star Wars RPGs (Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, Force and Destiny). Its central mechanic is the Narrative Dice System, using pools made of specialized dice to create narrative results. The intention is for the system to not merely be a narrative system, but also to be highly flexible and adaptable to most any conceivable setting and premise.

>The second official splatbook - Android: Shadow of the Beanstalk - is now available
>A new premade adventure for Shadow of the Beanstalk is available

>Player-made Genesys settings

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>ersatz liliana vess
p hot though
The "dark magic girl" has existed before Liliana.
I don't personally like the new fluff, but someone might, so - what about Bolt Rifles and other Primaris related stuff?
I considered doing Primaris, but I think it'd involve a hell of a lot of extra work. so I might leave them for now.

May release them as a little mini-expansion down the line, though. Depends where the demand is, I feel like I'm going to be pretty burnt out on marines after doing DW *and* GK.
Understandable, and completely fine by me. I think the Primaris are a dumb idea in general, and were thought up solely to sell more minis.

If Deathwatch and Grey Knights aren't special enough for my game group, I'll rather find a new group than indulge their wankery.

Replication Crisis
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File: 1558488497405.png (660 KB, 888x1194)
660 KB
660 KB PNG
I made my first ever thog.
Is this the new Bruce Wayne?
I wonder if the Belkster™ could charm the worm. I know he's more of a ladies man, but if it worked with the dinosaur…
I like this worm

>Did I ask you, Giant d

I snorted.
>I wonder if the Belkster™ could charm the worm.
I don't think so. Probably only works on creatures with animal intelligence, while the death worm is at human level.

File: pepewrap.jpg (12 KB, 480x360)
12 KB
Has the Betcher's Gland ever been statted? In the wargeme or RPGs?
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>ones with their helmets off
God, 40k is so fucking stupid.
No it’s not, they use their cqc weapon. Acid spit is s3 ap -1 and that’s a fact.
Range: 3m; Damage: 1d5; Pen: 4; Toxic
Deathwatch core Rulebook, page 37

Not exactly the nastiest of weapons, but get a decent shot on a guy without a helmet, and you'll mess someone up. Not going to do anything to orks, for sure, but it'll mess up an eldar or human, if the toxic goes off. Not too hard to actually one shot a normal baseline human with it, actually.
imagine sperging about heads
OP here, thanks for clarifying.
>Range: 3m
That's one hell of a loogie.

File: 9156fAoLZiL._SL1500_.jpg (468 KB, 1489x1500)
468 KB
468 KB JPG
Prove me wrong
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I think it's because the shows' message is very strongly against being a fan of its characters, so anyone missing that is actually missing the point and is probably stupid.
Caves of Qud is such a good game, holy shit.
Dawngliders can suck my dick
Nah, Gamma World has its problems, but it's salvageable. Rick & Morty is and always was a smouldering fire in a barrelfull of bio-waste.
It's just a fun little setting that's made for short, highly-lethal oneshots and mini-campaigns.
What a combo.

File: 1557709734430.png (237 KB, 491x491)
237 KB
237 KB PNG
Hey, /tg/, I need some help.
I've been interested in DnD for a while but I had no friends to play with.

I have friends now and we are making a game, I know the basics, I've read the book (we are playing the 5th edition), I have my character, nothing edgy or OP or any of that shit.

I am nervous, the game starts next Saturday and I still don't know how to get into the character, any recommendations or tips to not fuck up?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Make a character that's easy for you to play. It's nice to stretch yourself sometimes, but getting too far outside of what comes naturally to you can make your character difficult to play, and you'll have enough other shit to worry about given that it's your first time role-gaming. My recommendation is to just make an adventurous version of yourself. Well, not specifically yourself. You don't need to actively try to make your character act more like you; just do what comes naturally. The character can always be motivated by shit that happened in their background (your sister might have been killed by orcs) or that happens in the game, but you don't need to create a complex personality from scratch. Just let your character's personality naturally evolve. And don't worry about doing a funny voice. You don't need to give yourself more to worry about, and more times than not those are actually a detriment to the game, as they come across as fake and silly. Nobody expects you to be a professional actor. All you ever need to do is put a little emotion into your voice (raise your voice a bit and talk sharply if your character is angry), giving other people enough of a hint as to how to read your character that they can imagine it in their heads. And even that's not something to get too hung up on at first. If you can manage something other than a flat monotone during your first few sessions, you'll be doing okay.

Don't worry. It's a learning process. You might not know what you're doing now, but you'll get better. Chances are that your first session won't be that great in any sort of objective sense, but that's okay. Honestly the best thing you can do is enjoy it anyway. Having fun is more important than getting everything right, since you having fun will make the game more enjoyable for others.
have you tried not playing DnD?
I think you're probably overestimating how serious a lot of games tend to be.

In my experience, they're very laid back, social, light-hearted affairs, most of the time. The characters are in a situation, you react in order to solve a problem/ amuse each other/ advance the plot.

Do you have a character in mind? That's a good place to start. Having a character you find entertaining is a great start. Even if it's just a few simple traits or motivations, it lets you dip your toes in the water and enjoy yourself. Don't worry too much about the dramaturgy. Nobody's expecting great acting ability.
Lowkey don’t worry that much about it OP. Very few people have amazong first games, and that’s ok. Treat it as a learning experience if shit goes south, and enjoy it when shit goes right

Plus if you’re playing with irl friends you’re already almost guranteed to have a little fun

Yes, I actually do have the character already!

I don't have much into it yet, I've been stuck on college finals for the past week so I haven't been able to work on her design, but she is an adventurous Bugbear that has an attitude more or less like Johnny Bravo, she is flirty and a show off, but not really very smart, her background is a Folk Hero one and she is a barbarian.

I have a few little things added, I am thinking on giving her a strong accent but I am not sure of which one yet, I think that the idea of an accent would help me get in character easier.

File: WYR23515.jpg (55 KB, 900x900)
55 KB
>Launches June 28th
>6 core boxes, 1 core rules (also free online), 1 book to act as a codex per faction and 1 box of cards for all 1st/2nd ed. models for that factions
>conditions down 100+ to 11
>Crews made via keywords and down to smaller dozen or less teams again
>Can hire second master at steep soulstone cost
>no 2 player starter deck so you start fresh you gotta find all the stuff like a fate deck seperately yourself.

I'm excited m8's. I love the Weird Western meets Gothic Horror setting and the small but very detailed crews. Throwing on music from Wild Arms or Westworld and playing through some narrative campaigns with friends has always been a hoot and i'm excited to get more folks into playing now its far less complicated to get into now.

Personally from my existing stuff i'm sticking with Mei Feng. The Foundry Keyword is pretty solid as of launch and her Rail Crew is now a lot less like shitty box fodder you auto replace with Metal Gamin and shes pretty competitive right out the box for beginners. While i'm leaving others like Molly to sit for a while as they are far more dramatically changed and need new playstyles to run.
For the new stuff i'm grabbing the Youko box but boy is that not beginner friendly, only grab that if you are already a Ten Thunders player, otherwise its kind of jank. The others seem solid though.

What do you think of the new version and are you ready to get your rootin', tootin' voodoo an' shootin' back on?
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Yew take that back!

He has decent rules, but his character, art, and general aesthetic are awful.

>do we know yet how and why [the Neverborn] cut a deal with Marcus?
>I think its probably because of his affinity with nature may be turning into a 'reject the humans, make Malifaux natural again' stance
I've been wondering, are those giant mosquitoes as horrendously fragile as they look?

Not that fragile (that would be Zipp's Iron Skeeters), but a bitch and a half to base properly.
I have heard Lynch sucks in 3E. Is it true?
Also, how competitive play 3E with only one master?

Lynch's raw ability to murder a model you loaded with Brilliance has been reduced, but he's still great at controlling your deck/hand and the enemy.

File: l5r08_art1_a2.png (609 KB, 700x638)
609 KB
609 KB PNG
Castlebuilder's Union 102 Edition


The FF Beta:

5E Mantis stuff:

5E Character Generator:

FFG Fiction:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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If you want the older Rings you could flip Brawn and Finesse.
Use the most appropriate Trait for what the Ring represents.
Brawn and Resolve for Earth Ring rolls
Brawn and Wits for Water Ring rolls
Finesse and Wits for Fire Ring rolls
Finesse and Wits for Air Ring rolls

Willpower seems to be the sole providence of Earth rolls and Air and Fire both key off speed and quick reactions/thinking

The problem with this analogy is rings are more broad, with both physical and mental aspects, where as 7th Sea's traits are laser focused on "how does a swashbuckler solve his problems". You will probably not get a clean matchup.
The traits and rings don't need to match,since there are 4 abilities which can be rolled and a meta-point ability, both using the same system. Just have them each roll using the appropriate ability when needed, whether that be trait or ring and chalk it up to metaphysical differences.
>tfw no qt samurai gf

I love Centaur, but there’s two centaur fetish threads up right this very instant just on /tg/
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File: H5it2AQ.jpg (88 KB, 799x999)
88 KB
I'm just tired of hearing 'SPOOKY' all the time.
I still like playing him.
Imagine being a furry.
>If you aren't happy with /tg/, go find some SFW community
/tg/ literally is a SFW community for TRADITIONAL GAMES. The lewd aspect was always present, but it was just one among the many faucets of /tg/ creativity. You faggots are turning it into furry EPR central and pretending that it was always this way.

>Kinkshaming here of all places? Seriously?
Yes. "Yiff in hell" - that's the only message your kind ever deserved here.
>but so are
No. They don't spam cancer posts and threads. They are not shutting down any discussions because said discussion has it's own dedicated threads that are not disturbed by them. They are not "just as bad".

>who are so afraid of being seen as magical realmers
They are not afraid - they simply do not enjoy bestiality ERP becoming the status quo expectation for the archetypes they are using.
>from day one
>posts the 3e version
I bet your cranium makes whistling noises when the wind blows sideways.

File: drow.jpg (93 KB, 800x999)
93 KB
How should a drow male act towards females on the surface?
90 replies and 12 images omitted. Click here to view.

>An ilythiiri hooking up with a cow

>surface elf bragging about how he totally banged a hot drow babe finds out the hard way about their reversed gender roles
With extreme underdark horniness? Imagine Ed Greenwood writing Driz'zt.
Like the whipped Bitch boi he is

File: msp.png (319 KB, 399x731)
319 KB
319 KB PNG
you know the drill
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File: Vlad MSP.png (382 KB, 1200x533)
382 KB
382 KB PNG
In the vacuum of space nobody can hear you honk?
File: Sieppaa.jpg (99 KB, 1080x556)
99 KB
Pretty standard outcome, I think.
File: hi_im_kevin_feige.jpg (213 KB, 1200x597)
213 KB
213 KB JPG

File: drakar_ee7ecx.jpg (124 KB, 476x593)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
So the endgame of the campaign I'm currently DMing is going to be something along the lines of the party stopping the recurring antagonist from freeing a devil that has been imprisoned inside a dying dragon for a million years or whatever.

The antagonist is currently trying to find an artifact that can be used to finally off the dragon. I don't want it to be the Dragonslayer Blade 3000 or whatever, but I don't quite know what I want it to be either. Any ideas?
How did the devil got imprisoned in the dragon? I'm asking because you could do that again, and maybe this time in something far less dangerous than a giant flying fire-breathing lizard, like an inanimate object you can store in a safe place. Like a magic mirror or something.

File: 1558474964394.jpg (42 KB, 397x553)
42 KB
Turbofrog edition
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File: file.png (210 KB, 265x370)
210 KB
210 KB PNG
Holy shit
the quad quads of failure
Hibernation Sliver's new best friend?
A bit pricy, I like the green one better, and they can't be combo'd with each other.
There is also the fact that the unearth cost is flat 2, getting big a big sliver like this is pretty great.(also if you have a mana sliver you can get back A LOT of stuff)

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