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File: coolest setting ever.png (2.14 MB, 816x1056)
2.14 MB
2.14 MB PNG
while wizards of the coast is busy making books for critical roll and acquisitions incorporated they really should bring back dragonmech instead
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I'm up for having this decade be mecha but that means it will get fucked up by normies
It was kind of a mess, but I did like the gadget system it had.
It forsure is. Goodman is so fuckin' choice. Wish there was more DCCRPG and Goodman love on /tg/.
2019 already kicked it off with NGE coming to Netflix. Not mad about it tho.
I have a soft spot for the X-Crawl stuff. The idea of dungeoncrawling as a professional sport just makes me smile, and having the PCs deal with the perks and downsides of celebrity isn't done that often.

File: Poseidon.jpg (28 KB, 340x342)
28 KB
>due to the regularity of the tides, the god of law and justice is also the god of the sea
>sailors are seen as the most honourable profession
>criminals are exiled onto a raft at sea, if they make it back to land they are often seen as redeemed
>that one city destroyed by a stormflood centuries ago is seen as the in-universe version of Gomorrha

What are some other interesting ways to splice up a standard pantheon? Like, having one god for two seemingly unrelated concepts. What effects do these pantheons have on their societies?
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You might be able to get an idea of how it was by looking at Japan, where polytheism is still more or less alive.
One example is the students taking admission exams for college visiting the temple and praying to Sugawara no Michizane, considered a god of learning.

In general, you prayed to as many of the relevant Gods as you felt you had time/the proper means to do so.

A Norseman before he sailed for raiding would probably pray to Thor and Njord for safe seas and protection from the Storm, and just before battle he'd pray to Tyr and Odin.

If he felt his family had a particular connection to a god, he might invoke them if he thought it was relevant, but mostly as a "hey, please tell your husband/cousin/brother to look out for me."

I think you're making it harder than it needs to be. For a simple prayer, it's just like, tossing in a couple names, while for something more elaborate you might make one or two sacrifices, and hope those Gods intervened.
>changed completely (Bacchus/Dionysis).
I miss when he was the old bearded Zagreus
Fucking reworks
Assuming that the gods exist in a setting like IRL, how could this history be incorporated into such a setting?
That's the story as I understand it as well. Pluton is just Pluto in French.

Why do urban fantasy characters still use wands and spells? Guns are way better
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>people here hate dresden.

For good reason.
yeah, anything that needs to be hit with magic bullets is probably immune to bullets and you should have just thrown magic instead
harry dresden uses both
The best mundane offensive spells don't require strict line of sight, don't interact with physical obstacles, can be performed with minimal somatic and verbal components, and generally affect something normies can't connect, like replicating a genetic defect or creating a tiny tear somewhere important.

The best meta offensive spells have a lot of hoops to jump through, like needing to be ritual cast or to be cast during a full moon, but they break the best charms and blessings so you can follow up with a mundane offensive spell.
Make this a book

File: 1579824446119.jpg (122 KB, 766x1043)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
We're getting elfs fags!

>Elfless thread:

>Official AoS website

>Downloads; Rules Errata and FAQs:
>AoS Novels, Battletome PDF and Audiobooks

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I agree with this. We have hopes for Freeguild to recover their horses (besides ranged units) and factions like Bretonnia can be introduced without the need of some kind of bullshit new beast (if that ever happens)
learn to make your own opinions
File: The Three Caballeros.jpg (2.52 MB, 3936x2944)
2.52 MB
2.52 MB JPG
Honestly the griffs have grown on me
I would still kill to see imperial knights comeback (without having to use them as "blood knights")
Rip the bretonnian scabbard.

File: 1571067208073.jpg (79 KB, 612x816)
79 KB
Hey there /tg. Over in >>70391816 I started work on a Bionicle system I've dubbed Masks of Destiny. An anon suggested I move the topic to its own thread, so I'm doing it. Will reply to this post with the current WIP. I just finished the first run of the Great Masks. Things that were brought up I intend to work in:
>Better formatting
>Rules for playing as creatures other than Toa, Matoran, and Turaga as well as unique powersets and rules for them as Optional/Variant rules, might integrate them into the "Core" rules later
>Filtering the masks further, removing ones Toa would consider "amoral" from the Toa list
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Updated to add Fe-Matoran.

Wow, that's a fast update, anon.
I forgot about biosector, it's got a great format, guess I'm never gonna go to the wikia again
It really wasn't too hard. Helps that I'm working on something for the playtest on the 1st and ended up over-doing the setting work for it.
where is this from?
nevermind, found it

File: GettingThosePlayers.png (48 KB, 932x329)
48 KB
So, how do you do it? How can you actually convince both both grognards, new school lads and casual dabblers alike to get away from the Dragon's grip and play literally anything else?
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File: checked.jpg (37 KB, 620x350)
37 KB
Damn, i see you're not holding back with the redpills today.
Make pregenerated characters. I can get my.group to try just about anything at least once if I supply the character. Make or find half again as many as you need.
Also, start out with a simple one shot, and bring cheat sheets. Make it retard proof. 99% of the problem is that modern d&d chargen takes too god damn long, so they assume every system is gonna be that way. Straight from d&d to warhams might be tough depending on the group dynamic, but just make their buy-in limited, and make sure the session is fun! Dont worry about being too rules autistic.
Yep, pregens seems the way to go. I'll try to run the starter set after i'm done with my current D&D game, thanks.
File: 1524955169032.jpg (343 KB, 658x827)
343 KB
343 KB JPG
My current main group was initially formed off the back of a Death House one-shot at our university's gaming club, but we only got like 5 sessions into a proper campaign before our DM said "hey Im not enjoying running 5e, would you guys like to play Star Wars?"
And now FFG star wars has been our main game for over a year! We've made short forays into 5e again when someone else in the group wanted to run something, but we always come back to FFG Star Wars and to be honest I don't think we like 5e very much in the first place

We don't even have a main DM anymore since our first Star Wars campaign ended and another player stepped in to run his own prequel-era campaign. I'm gearing up to run a Genesys campaign during the weeks he doesn't have enough material for a session. And then, if nobody has anything to run, another one of us whips out Curse of Strahd and we make some progress there, it's a pretty great setup.

So moral of the story is get a good group I guess.
>expecting anybody to take you seriously
Fuck off.

File: Slowpoke.png (123 KB, 475x475)
123 KB
123 KB PNG
Did you know that despite their over representation in modern fantasy spears were the more common go to weapon in many cultures before the rise of firearms?
File: 7ff[1].jpg (207 KB, 649x536)
207 KB
207 KB JPG
Yeah, but more worryingly: someone just told me that 3.5e is unbalanced. Can anyone explain? I'm DMing a fighter-rogue-cleric-wizard group and everything seems perfectly balanced to me.
No shit sherlock. Easy to make and easier to learn to use.
>despite their over representation in modern fantasy spears were the more common go to weapon in many cultures
Wouldn't that mean that it isn't over-representation? I mean, if they were the more common go-to weapon, it makes sense that they'd be well-represented.

I need pictures! Pictures of adventurers being failures and screw-ups!
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the one from the dude who did the "remodel your shithole" comic is better

always forget the name
this is kinda hot
Christ modern Tal is basically unrecognizable.
Not like that sword will do much to her either.

File: ssssss.jpg (357 KB, 1200x1778)
357 KB
357 KB JPG
Why would you play this when Blades in the Dark exists?
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I always thought running a Lasombra-only chronicle would be a nice way to recreate the feeling of Dishonored in an rpg.
Because nobody will play BitD with me
Anon, I have some bad news for you...
>What I hope for
Nice new art and a decent setting books with lots of lore and background for all four Isles and the Pandyssian continent.
>What I expect
Reused art assets from the games and a very shallow discusion of Dunwall, Dunwall, and nothing but Dunwall. Maybe a mention of Serkonos to be expanded upon in a later supplement.
I'm mostly just hoping there will be a few powers worth stealing for my BitD campaign.

File: The-Search-for-Kyle.jpg (881 KB, 2500x4000)
881 KB
881 KB JPG
just a reminder that sometimes /tg/ actually gets shit done
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I blame it more on quests.
Is there a system that uses all these classes or just for role threads?
File: Fuck nintendo.webm (1.38 MB, 960x540)
1.38 MB
1.38 MB WEBM
too many problems to list
what the hell is this program?
like 90% of those are final fantasy classes

Does the Insulindian Phasmid pass the harkness test ?
What are you on about anon
anon wants to fuck a bug, I guess.

anyway, no, the Insulindian phasmid is not truly sentient and thus it would be bestiality, anon. Also why would you want to fuck the kindest creature you have ever met
it just gets better the longer you talk
keep talking
im getting harder
Not truly sentient Or sapient ?

I always find that travel is just a slow part of the game that players aren’t invested in. Random tables just make more fights and random landmarks that players will investigate suspiciously for too long. I tend to just roll 5 times and if any roll was higher than 18 than I think of an interesting encounter(usually non combat) and place it within the relative time span of the roll. Otherwise I just sum up around 3 notable details about the wilderness they explored and then proceed to describe the quest location. How do you guys handle travel? Is there more interesting ways of handling it without it just seeming like a drain on the story?
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Honestly it made things quite nice to visualise, especially for stuff like character introductions. Normally a player just dumps a bunch of info about how his character has brown hair and big boots and a big sword and is a barbarian, this guy had a neat little description of his character leaning on a bar and us hearing the conversation with the bartender as we slowly panned up, getting a clothing description followed by the man himself.

Definitely wouldn't work for every game, but I found it surprisingly immersive.
If you play 5e, the adventures in middle earth core book actually has some pretty good mechanics for travelling that make it far more interesting while keeping it from being long winded. I'd give it a look, as I can see it being adapted for different systems easily

I was actually going to use it for a space campaign, in all honesty, only with flying on a spaceship instead of walking
thank you
you're welcome anon
Mostly just narrate a summary of the journey and how it went. Maybe do a random encounter (Which doesn't have to be combat). Not everything has to be overcomplicated.

>What is Pioneer

>What's banned?




Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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i guess with escape and jump-start you can build a weird flashback deck? maybe add madness too i'm not sure.
also the professors dredge deck might benefit from escape
File: enigmatic incarnation.png (187 KB, 265x370)
187 KB
187 KB PNG
>break me, anons
Oh, hey, you guys finally got a new general thread! Congratulations on finally hitting autosage.
Love, /edhg/
Sure, let me few minutes and i brb with a fine brew for (you)
I've spent every second of free time this week brewing and revising my warriors deck, but it's so time consuming that I check the thread maybe twice a day.

File: 1571034517863.png (355 KB, 1003x1372)
355 KB
355 KB PNG
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Vagoos are actually way more elastic than one would think, especially when wet.
Just look at the girl and how she is glued to that ultimate cattle chad, she can't wait to be furiously mating-pressed into unconsciousness without a break for hours tonight, she must be drenched down there.
How elastic are we talking, here?
Fuck year; Gandahar
Thanks, I have GRIDS now.
Rescued from certain death with strength and steel, carried to the safety of a nearby church, married, and brought to honeymoon in Paris.

File: file.png (6.24 MB, 1991x2606)
6.24 MB
6.24 MB PNG
[CRITICAL ROLE] /crg/ {NOTE: if nothing happens during this episode as usual, feel free to talk about other TTRPG streaming shows you've been watching}

Previous Thread: >>70504134

[BREAK IF NOTHING HAPPENS-Discussion Question: How do you handle curses?l]

BED, BATH, and DND BEYOND General ["Nott Effective" Edition]

>How will nothing more happen
>When is the next attempt to revert Nott going to happen?
>Will something happen?
[Feast of Legends Stream https://pixeldrain.com/u/8-UUgLom]

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Anon you're coming across as schizo
Funny thing is, I fucking hate my dad, and I have problems with authority, man or woman. That being said Beau’s dad is like, a million times better than mine and these little faggots whining about gaslighting and saying she should knock his teeth out because he cared enough about his daughter to save her from herself. Like fuck off you whingeing fucking babies.
>otherwise they would find some comfort in reasonable, authoritative men.
This always happens, anon. This always, always happens. The types of people that get off on "hating daddy" inevitably find themselves masturbating over the idea of getting "whisked away" by some dashing white male hunk to be treated like the queen they so obviously are.

But they can't get those kinds of men, because they're terrible people. So who do they settle for? Second best, which are the limp-wristed socially meek yet sexually disgusting beta orbiter that worships the very ground they stand on. Yet the Orbiter is a poor consolation for the Chad, so they either ignore the Orbiter or insist on "opening" the relationship since, if they can't have a responsible authoritative man, they could at least have irresponsible, dominating men.
Right? Beau's father didn't run out on their family, leave her mother with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of debt and try to pop back into their life later like nothing happened. He built up their family business, tried to stop her being a criminal who was robbing people and running a smuggling business that was undercutting the family business. Getting a slap across the face and being sent off to monk school is a very restrained response. Beau's father isn't a monster.
You forgot Vex/Vax's dad, too. Who was portrayed as a real slimeball for "moving on" from their archetypal tragic mother figure.
>but did he outright say dads themselves?
Has he portrayed a single father figure as a positive influence on their family? Meanwhile you've got the Ruby over here getting held up as a paragon of motherhood.

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