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File: StoryArc.png (755 KB, 1024x845)
755 KB
755 KB PNG
Do you plan your plots and arcs in advance? If so, which structure do you follow? How would you format/enforce each of them? Could you give examples?
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Create setpieces and characters and think about how the players' actions affect them.
Bases, especially mobile ones like a ship open up a lot of options for both sides of the gaming table.
Neat. Once they finish the mutiny though they can still end up going to Location B on their own. If they choose to go to Location C instead, well it just turns out that's where the big bad's #2 is, or where he was headed next, or any number of things to get things back on track.

Or maybe they fuck up the mutiny and end up being taken to Location B in chains, or maybe they crash the ship trying to get to Location C and wash up near Location B anyway.
Is it possible to run more than one? I mean, take Frodo, he succeds and becomes a hero but his sense of the self is destroyed in the process as this is the sacrifice he has to make to succeed.
>Do you plan your plots and arcs in advance?
I actively scheme against the other players, yes. If we didn't, the narrative would be boring. Character and general arcs are left to happen organically, however.

>If so, which structure do you follow?
Review your options, what you know about your enemies, and plan accordingly. Execute and adapt as needed.

>How would you [format] each of them?
Alphabetically for ease of organizing.

>How would you [enforce] each of them?
Going to depend a lot on the specifics of the situation, however superior mobility, dependability, and resource superiority are always key.

>Could you give examples?
Currently planting a variety of chemical based area denial fail safes into conquered territories and leaking false intel to the other players about them, suggesting that the weapons are instead psionic in nature so they waste time and resources countering the wrong weapon type. Additionally major bridges and other infrastructure is being rigged so it can be destroyed remotely on command, and a mixture of rage inducing viruses and necromantic curses are being staged as a final "fuck you" to anyone that tries to reclaim the territory.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: Kobold DM.jpg (477 KB, 2247x2603)
477 KB
477 KB JPG
Hello /tg/, I have a project I think would be fun.

We're going to make a monster manual, one of those weird, Monster Manual 3 and onward kinds where they've run out of all the regular monster types and just start making up crazy shit to throw in. Give us your Sennmurvs, your Urgalastas, your Blackstone Eidolons, whatever concepts you can think of. We'll have 100 open slots, which we'll compile into the full manual in the end.

Then we put together some basic stats for them (Think something like how Veins of the Earth did it: Basic hit die and damage die, some loot, etc.). Get it all written down and put together, a little blurb explaining how the thing is supposed to act to the DM and whatnot, and then we illustrate them, using any technique at our disposal. You good at drawing shitty things in ms paint? Go for it. Want to photoshop a bunch of animals together and call it a new kind of owlbear? Do it. Have actual drawing skills? You're probably in the minority. I'll be drawing some myself, and trying to doodle up any ones that don't get picked up by others.

So, tl;dr
>100 monster entries, make up any kind of monster you want, so long as it's weird.
>After the pitch, we figure out simple, relatively system agnostic stats for it.
>Then, any anon who can and wants to, regardless of artistic skill or medium, makes an art entry for it.
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File: everything is bears.jpg (829 KB, 810x2715)
829 KB
829 KB JPG
bears that collectively swarm to mimic larger monsters
>Lives underground in large caves and caverns
>Looks like a giant jellyfish with a dozen legs insead of tendrils, evenly spaced around it's body.
>it's legs are covered in small plates of sound-reflective bone, allowing the creature to 'hear' it's surroundings by feeling the vibrations on it's legs.
>It stands about 20 feet tall, but some variants can grow as high as 80 feet.
>When hunting, they walk around aimlessly in their 'hunting grounds' (cave they inhabit), poking their legs into every nook and cranny to locate a source of meat
>When a food source is found, the Piz'imuri impales it on one of it's legs, the hairs on which act as tiny hollow needles.
>It then sucks up all of the creatures liquids to digest, and moves on.
>Purpleish-red oozes with a black, pudding-like skin over their sticky bodies, these wretched slimes feed on the pleasant, good dreams of individuals, leaving them only with horrifying nightmares
>When threatened, the ooze will form into a humanoid shape and the black skin will harden into armor-like plates, allowing it to hold its form. It often will base its form and the weapon it uses off of the dreams harvested from its last victim
>Attacks from this creature deal additional psychic damage, and prolonged contact with the black outer shell or skin will cause an individual to fall asleep, allowing the Knightmare to harvest their dreams (contact is accumulative, every strike delivered making a target progressively more tired before they fall asleep completely and become drainable)
>If killed, their hardened skin can be used to make a flexible, durable armor, and the concentrated essence of their ooze is said to be able to grant peaceful, lovely sleep, and enhance psychic abilities
You know what? OG quantorg poster here, and I say fuck it, dimensional anchor wont stop the quantorg (because lets face it, would a DM who pulls the quantum ogre dilemma really let one spell stop him?)>>69026929
has the right of it, you already have ways to shut down the quantorgs teleportation and it's not traveling to different dimensions so anchor wouldnt have any effect
Op here, bumping with the latest update with th document. We've hit 95 creatures! Only 5 left before we hit the initial goal, though at this point I'd be down to just keep doing more, this is fun as hell. Transcripting everything down is a mess, but thems the breaks.

Making a modern horror setting where the Illuminati accidentally released spooky supernatural horrors into the world (and I'll be shamelessly ripping off Trevor Henderson's aesthetic for them if you're familiar with that guy) and I need a way to classify them. Here's my classification system so far:

>HPE: Hostile Paranormal Entity. Blanket term for these beings. In this case, "Paranormal" also comes with the added definition of "supernatural but not created by man", separating it from thinks such as the Machine Ghost (poltergeist AI) and occult supersoldier program.
>Class-N: A number denoting the type, based on the relative time of its classification. Class-1s were the first paranormal entities to be categorized, and take the form of floating, hollow-eyed, grotesquely deformed heads shrouded in flickering darkness. Class-2s are humanoids with similar horrifically deformed bodies. Class-3s are near-shapeless oozes or worms with rents and tears in their flesh which function as toothy mouths.
>-L: L denoting Letter, comes after Class and refers to a subtype within a Class. For example, the -G suffix means an entity is Giant compared to a usual specimen. Therefore, a Class-2-G HPE is a humanoid Hostile Paranormal Entity of abnormally large size. Depending on the amount of potential subtypes, multiple letters may be used.

Any contributions to this system would be appreciated. The idea is that there can be many individual variations within the Class-N-L system. A Class-2 HPE could be a lanky skittering thing with wrinkly gray skin and no facial features or a lumbering obese brute with no skin and a maw of blocky teeth, but both fall under the classification of being roughly the size and shape of a human and give players a vague idea of what to be looking for.
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Yeah, SCP can get a bit too dark sometimes.
>So what would be the overarching scope of this system?
It's a means to create a multinational database of otherdimensional creatures which the various post-Authority (world government) nation states can refer to when undergoing mixed-army operations against encroaching non-human threats unleashed by the fall of the sorcerer-presidents which previously ran the world with their army of occult frankenstein soldiers and genetically engineered living weapons.

>What is the organization like?
There is no organization, just countless balkanized city-states separated by untold horrors operating at a tech level approximating a particularly shitty eastern European country, fighting each other for land because it's much easier to take over previously safeguarded territory than to expand yourself.

>How extensive are the HPEs?

“Picture an ocean. The bottom of the ocean. Okay? It’s pitch-black down there, and we’re walking through it, blindly, arms outstretched. But we’re not alone. There are many, many things down there with us. Hunting things. And mostly we go unnoticed. Every once in a while, one of us will make a wave. A disruption, in THEIR ocean. We may not realize it’s happened. But suddenly, they see. And they come pouring out of the walls you thought were so solid a second ago and there’s not a thing you can do. They see you now.”

The whole planet made a wave.

>Are we basically recreating the SPC foundation?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Ah I fucked up the quote. Anyway that same Trevor Henderson guy wrote that and I thought it was neat. Basically, in the setting that I asked for help with the classification system for, earth got totally synched up with the creepypasta horror nightmare realm. Most animals are extinct, the plants are withered and gray, and every night the entire world comes alive as the HPEs fully manifest outside the protected zones, ripping into and feeding on one another. All mankind has left to keep itself sane is one another, a paltry amount of genetically engineered food and companion animals, and of course the many remaining living weapons that were produced by Authority, the sorcerous world government that took over the planet and instituted the most oppressive regime imaginable before finally falling to hordes of insane cultists led by sapient HPEs who style themselves emperors who to this day war among themselves as their cultists are replaced through the generations by progressively more inhuman subjects.

Basically the aesthetic is Dark Souls but replace the gothic architecture with Brutalism and riot gear.
So the aesthetic is kinda like Remnant: From teh Ashes?
I don't know what that is.

File: 1570108565753.jpg (21 KB, 320x256)
21 KB
I'm trying to make my setting's magic less "cast fireball, casters everywhere," and use more subtle, "realistic" magic, but I'm drawing a blank on more things I could do. I have things like cutting open an animal and reading its intestines for predictions of the future and making your eyes roll back in your eyes while using limited telepathy on objects in the house, but that's about it.
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>Magic items are limited to those made at caster level 7.
Not if you know what you're doing. In Pathfinder you can reliably get magic items of CL 10 levels higher than your own, provided you start with the lower level stuff and build for it.
There are other mythologies that ended up granting their mythological figures the ability to throw entire mountains, fly aloft on swords held purely by their chi, and in (usually) hindu mythology, fire arrows of lightning that would raze all the earth
Preparing a spell requires more than just taking a nap for 8 hours and studying for one.

Preparing a spell means doing more- negotiating with the spirits of land and sea for a single casting of Water Breathing, gathering materials for a potion or incense, which upon drinking/lighting you gain 'detect magic' for one use, or similar effects.

Perhaps learning a spell would be more involved. To gain Water Breathing, you have to establish a contract with the Spirits of Land and Sea, which preparation afterward would be simpler, but you'd only be able to prepare it based on how the contract ended up. If you're not too good at the negotiations, you might only end up able to prepare it while on the beach of a certain sea during the full moon.
How would you fix it?
What do you need to remember for negotiation of this kind?

File: 1563345312065.png (1.3 MB, 1200x1495)
1.3 MB
1.3 MB PNG
Tell me about the fairies in your setting, how do you portray/treat them?

Do people fear them? Worship them?
286 replies and 46 images omitted. Click here to view.
>No, but I'd like to see it too. Can you remember anything else that can help us track it down?
I don't know whether its a 2 or 4 panel comic. Theres a male character whos wondering how a female fairy could take a humanoid schlong and how she could give birth and the fairy mentions how stretchy it is. She may or may not have said to try her.
The overall results were as follows:
-The Dwarfs and Elven Empires were divided. HARD. The mecha god of elements literally tried to hold the ancestral homeland of the former together, but even his might over the elements that helped him to shape the world couldn't calm the seas, winds and volcanoes so easily. Most of the place was held together, but some parts drifted far away. Some even drifting to lower and upper layers of the world. The Elves on the other hand suffered a different problem. Not only most of their colonies were cut off, the ever-growing debauchery and decadence caused them to act like total douches. This also resulted in them turning their Dark Elf elites into cheap labor and worse after they beat enough . This resulted in the latter torching the whole Elven Empire after being freed from their arcane chaining, taking everything that was or wasn't bolted and flying away to the cold, harsh northern parts of the uppest layer. Those that survived the ordeal they reformed the old Empire into something more republican with a mixture of city states. The colonists who lived in the more tropical parts of the world became Wood Elves with organic magitek, while the ones in the mountain settlements turned themselves into Metal Elves after a alchemical freak accident.
-The Draconians were decimated. When the gods were busy making sure the world wasn't torn apart, the demons threw literally everything at them. It ended with a race-wide Phyrric Victory, were slowly dying out and resulted in them in uplifting the Lizardmen to save what little of their civilization was left.
-The cryopods were scattered over the world layers. The beings, Humans, were made incomplete. They were average in every regard, short life-spans and more. In other words they were kind of a failure...IT LOOKED LIKE IT.
Why can’t the fae reincarnate?>>68739266
Why would you want to slay an angel?
>Why not with more than three types (at once or in total, BTW)? What are some common combinations?
At once. This is mostly due to mortal limitations on multitasking - spellcasting is very mentally taxing, as mentioned, due to needing to maintain focus on the spell to complete it. It's possible to put a spell on hold, but that drains your mana constantly.
The most common combinations are blood magic with horror magic (usually exclusive to some monsters like vampires and werewolves), tri-elemental Traditional focus, Metal, Mind and Fight used as a knockoff Duel magic (Esoteric), as well as Traditional Contract with some genealogical Esoterica and low-end emergency Holy Magic.

cont, this is a long one.
>What are the gods like?
Gods have a loose hierarchy, as follows:
>The First
The First god, who created the world from a white void using the Book of Abstraction. Has since left the world in search of more places to create. Very creative, appears mostly as a humanshape hole into the white void.
>The First Gods
Mortals brought to the world by The First, or otherwise lured there (with one exception - Luis, the god of destruction, is the youngest Outer God - more on that later) and later deified through remnants of The First's power and their own actions.
>The Circle Gods
Mortals deified by the First Gods and given a subject as a circle of influence to ease the First Gods' burden. Tend towards megalomania and haughtiness, though some end up allright.
>Aspect Gods
Mortals deified by the Circle Gods to act as underlings and handle one specific aspect of their circle in their stead. Usually have a lot less to do than the Circle Gods.
>Stand-In Gods
Generic gods deified from mortals, who take over any other god's task when said god is unavailable. The First has one, although he has no idea what he's supposed to do. Tend to grant prayers without much care for who the prayer is for.
>The Engineer
A mortal who built the Eternal Engine to lessen the burden on the First Gods by handling the world's maintenance. Somewhat creative, with a bent towards cute girls. Hires people to help him sometimes,

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

How come Mortal Kombat never went the rpg route? It’s got a good enough setting for it.
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It did and it was shit. Lurk moar.
Something to that effect. She was a demon who sought atonement and tried to redeem herself.
Because Mortal Kombat has decent ideas, but god fucking awful execution. I like everything involving Mortal Kombat except anything that NRS actually got involved with. If they made a TTRPG, it would be terrible. I'd bet money on it.
>I hate nrs even though they created the game
LIU KANG- The "Ryu" of Mortal Kombat
PL 9 (135)
ST 16 (+3) DEX 24 (+7) CON 20 (+5) INT 12 (+1) WIS 16 (+2) CHA 12 (+1)
Acrobatics 4 (+11)
Intimidate 3 (+4)
Knowledge (Arcane Lore) 4 (+5)
Knowledge (Theology & Philosophy) 6 (+7)
Language (Cantonese, English) 1
Notice 9 (+11)
Sense Motive 5 (+7)
Stealth 4 (+11)
Survival 4 (+6)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Clan Battle Royale Edition


The FF Beta:

5E Mantis stuff:

5E Character Generator:

FFG Fiction:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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In FFG version it is mentioned that they fight Gaijin invasions as well.
Deleting the shadowlands requires burning out more shugenja souls than exist in Rokugan. The ritual the Kuni used to cleanse their own lands took a terrible toll on them, and the shadowlands won't just sit there and let you cleanse it ten feet at a time.
Kunawan has made a monumental mistake and now both princes are missing.
Will Seppuku commit for his failure, will he assume the price? In any case an absolute failure.
FFG Clan Wars are going to be very interesting, of course.

File: 1571082283966.png (482 KB, 1000x1500)
482 KB
482 KB PNG
Coeurl Corral Edition

Discussion of the Towergirls CYOA, RPG, Setting, or Video Games welcome here!

Everyone is welcome.

Main Gens: https://imgur.com/a/9hzpx
Legacy Charts: https://imgur.com/a/IRtoHXh
Side Quests: https://imgur.com/a/7euVXRT

Alternate Costumes: https://imgur.com/a/xyF47FP
Fusions: https://imgur.com/a/ZlBCQbY

Fan V4 Gen:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I also just realized 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and Duchess aren't wearing underwear. Levia and Wyvern too, but they usually don't.
What do you think their true purpose was?
The half dragon is the funniest to me, cause essentially he bought a small human
File: Tiny_duchess.png (8 KB, 434x461)
8 KB
File: Kobold Duchess1.png (5 KB, 434x461)
5 KB
I like Duchess variants.

File: Da FAQ.pdf (425 KB, PDF)
425 KB
425 KB PDF
It's Da PDF Share Thread!
Get ready to stuff your hard drive like a cosplay hooker at a con!

<-----READ this FAQ (PDF attached). if you haven't already or if it's your first time here.
If you haven't read it, we will know and you will be ignored.

Please exhibit good manners. Threads start sliding off the board after a certain number of posts. More posts wasted on being rude means fewer posts available for sharing.

Request, Share, Stay Awesome!

Previous thread:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 288557.jpg (169 KB, 899x1119)
169 KB
169 KB JPG
new donation, thanks to the anon!

Realms of Rothaen - Core Book [Dungeon World]

In the castle
I got only the prototype edition. Upped to /r/fkucwuar @ vola for ya.
/PHLIGHT @ rebrand for everything Edge of the Empire or other FFG books.
Like I said to him in my earlier reply to him, that would be the second (lesser) option. That only has one of the two requested books and has not been updated in a while.

The preferable alternative is in "Da Curated Archive" under the Star Wars heading (the game line).
Does anyone have the copy of Conan the Wanderer with art, and the text-only draft of Conan the King, to share please?

Something about the idea of an undead creating life seems stupid.
37 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Like Blade?
no, the whole point is that they reproduce by killing/cursing life that someone else created.
Undead reproducing sexually? No. Vampires? Depends. In some settings vampires are simply cursed, so those types of vampires can reproduce, but the curse would probably affect their children in wild and unpredictable ways, or at the very least result in passing on the curse. Undead vampires though? No, I don't think they should sexually reproduce.
If you give a vampire an artificial heart to pump blood does that mean they've come back to life?
Does that make vampires the most likely of all species to commit rape?

No kobold thread?

tg has changed
134 replies and 45 images omitted. Click here to view.
I’m partial to fins
Those are Kobolds. The poseur nu D&D shit? Nah.
Cute argonians.
You are dumb. It's ackshully Ashley.

Alaska edition
>where to get it
>how to play

Lore discussion is also welcomed
Previous thread: >>68902446
100 replies and 24 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1500848816009.gif (1.81 MB, 640x480)
1.81 MB
1.81 MB GIF
Never heard of it. Worth a look?
The Midwest Brotherhood is probably the only ones who could unite with the East Coast Brotherhood. Not to mention that the Northern Brotherhood operates out of Montana and North Dakota
Yes. Absolutely. It has imagery exactly like that gif in it.
File: 1456888162822.png (129 KB, 1352x1196)
129 KB
129 KB PNG
>80s with bomb proof vaults everywhere?

File: Warrior ladies.png (974 KB, 2343x1608)
974 KB
974 KB PNG
Are they humanoid or monstrous? Casters or martials? Colossal or petite? Pretty or handsome?
97 replies and 26 images omitted. Click here to view.
>little boys
>not little girls with their big honking futamazon dicks
They are humanoid and infact are a variant human, the rest varies because while theh have a warrior culture they respect that their are more them one way to war, and that in order to war one must have people running things back home, though many clans prefer to sell services as guards from local saurians in exchange for food and such so they dont have to farm. Though some feel that doing so would vassalize them and instead have their images using unseen servent or the like.
File: 1571833239950.png (380 KB, 400x402)
380 KB
380 KB PNG
FUTA Yuri, friend.
How does the bloodline magic work?

File: OSR General 07.png (13 KB, 335x308)
13 KB
Welcome to Old School Renaissance General, the thread dedicated to TSR-era D&D, derived systems, and compatible content.

>Troves, Resources, Blogs, etc:

>Previous thread:

Page 10 edition: someone post a question.
308 replies and 32 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Sounds like something a GM would say.
Now we know you're trolling.
It's a catchphrase from The Gaming Den, a forum of 3rd ed diehards who believe that unless it's written in stone down to the nth degree it might as well be improvisational dance and the DM can and will destroy you at any moment. Third edition really does cause brain damage.
WotC induced degeneracy
You don't have to like it but isn't saying people who like another edition of elfgame are brain damaged a bit much? Disregarding the trolls in this thread
I always see hardcore edition war shit but there is no way I am the only one who play both old and new dingos & dungbats
It's not so much a true statement as a silly reference to an old Ron Edwards article. At the same time, if you read that forum for any length of time you'd start to think the same thing.

File: Kemmler_Total_War.png (948 KB, 700x998)
948 KB
948 KB PNG
I think in a good Foil to him.
63 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
Universes and systems where it isn't evil are shit though, because then there's literally no downside to using a bunch of skeletons for free labor.

Animating the dead should be an unethical shortcut to power
>The only good necromancer is one that never raises a single thing corpse.
An arbitrary limit that reduces what can be learned from Necromancy. You've gotta study all the arcane phenomena, son.
you don't explain anything about general mechanics of raising the dead in your setting/game
also you mention a good cleric summoning them not a good necromancer
or do you mean necromancy while using the term necromancer
File: jan.png (74 KB, 218x248)
74 KB
If you are a cleric using nercromancy, you are a necromancer cleric. Never said divine magic and arcane magic were that different, my setting is not made for D&D, I play Savage Worlds and make no distinction between casters in that case. Anyway, you could still use the same pacts if you are not part of the church to summon dead warriors, but as the Ossuaries are in the hands of the Church, you would need a good reason for them to give you permission.
Why no distinction?

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