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File: 1523151090624.png (39 KB, 179x171)
39 KB
I finally introduced my DNDrone friends to Vampire: The Masquerade and they were absolutely hyped about it. In fact, I was excited too where it got to the point where I downloaded the pdf of the handbook after a long time of searching databases. Fast forward to this week where I was doing some research on VTM lore to improve my ability of being a proper GM for this, but it turns out that there was a fifth edition of the handbook. I downloaded and presented the rules from the Revised edition, or the third edition.
I don't know if I fucked up or not. Is the fifth edition better? Am I better off just rolling with the Revised Edition? I already showed them their clan options from the Third Edition so idk if I can pull out from this now or stick with it.

TL;DR, I rushed to understand the rules of Vampire but I got a earlier edition and I don't know if it is any good.
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>fascists are bad and should not play our game
>the majority of vampires are fascists or fascist-adjacent
Big oof
Revised is fine, it's the most played one alongside V20, you can interchange things among them just fine.
V5 shifts the focus way too much, enough that it doesn't really feel like Vampire anymore not to mention how eager the writers were to share their political beliefs with you.
Yes and only 5th edition is stupid enough to include this badwrongfun pol shit.
You actually lucked out.
methinks that they just don't want white males playing their game.
That being said, I think I'm good with Revised.

File: eb_logo.png (13 KB, 310x83)
13 KB
Getting ready to try Eberron 3.5 for the first time. What the most fun class to play?
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This thread is about the 3.5 version. Orien Swiftblade is from 4e, if I'm not mistaken.
Just don't take a time-warping plane
It's in both.

4e made the mark PrCs into PPs (an excellent choice, tho they are of varying quality).

The 3.5 version gets the ability to make a full-attack after a teleport as its lvl 10 capstone, with some very nice utility and more teleports along the way.

Artificer. Abuse those magic item creation rules like you're an alcoholic father.
Psychic Warrior, Psion, Warblade, Crusader, Unarmed Swordsage, Bard, Beguiler, Binder, Ranger, Dread Necromancer, Factotum, Duskblade, Incarnates, Totemists,Ardents, Wilders, as well as stuff like Rogues, Barbarian, Dungeon Crasher Fighters, Spellthieves, RAnger/Scout multiclass, etc.

There are a lot of really great classes in 3.5. Most of them aren't in the Player's Handbook. Those ones are either trash or ridiculous OP. Try a class with interesting abilities, basically.

The new races are pretty fun. Warforged are effectively living golems who make great artificers of all things, since they can repair themselves and buff themselves way more easily. Changelings make great rogues, factotums, or basically anything else you want. Shifters work great as druids, rangers, barbarians and wilders, especially since there's a LOT of feat and ability support for the race, some of which is connected to all those classes. Kalashtar are the least interesting by themselves, but are connected to a very interesting area of the world, and are your excuse to have a psionic character, as they are all about that. Daelkyr Half-bloods are fun, though from a splatbook. Think the protagonist from Tokyo Ghoul, only less powerful. That's the race in a nutshell, who gets free symbiotes.
Also, goblins and hobgoblins might as well be a core race in Eberron, especially as bards, because they aren't considered monsters in the setting.

File: 1545257483903.jpg (32 KB, 720x748)
32 KB
So if the warp is full of psychic echos...does that mean memes become physical entitys there?

If enough races were in on some shitty meme joke, would that joke become the 5th/6th Chaos God?
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Okay, but even then, lesser thoughts and ideas can still from beings yes? Like the greatergood god?

In the warp, amongst all its horrors, could Killroy be there?
Firstly, I'm not sure that all authors agree on the existence of the god of Greater Good. Still, let's assume here that it does exist. In order to have psychic echoes coalesce into a warp god, people have to put faith in it, not just think about it from time to time, that's why there is not a god for each Hive World even though they can have a population greater than the whole Tau Empire.
nah man not a god just a person
a person made of memes
>So if the warp is full of psychic echos...does that mean memes become physical entitys there?


>If enough races were in on some shitty meme joke, would that joke become the 5th/6th Chaos God?

No, Chaos Gods are formed from base emotions.
You could have minor warp monsters and such, or the occasional minor god(but never a chaos god) if people start worshipping en mass

File: too old for this shit.jpg (179 KB, 1097x728)
179 KB
179 KB JPG
What are battlemages or spellswords like in your setting? Are they like the kind of mages who are have their gifts from a young age (ex. Dragon Age mages) but decide to use maces instead of staves or is the magical talent gained from study at the local arcane university? Maybe the said individual joined their nation's army and got free education. I'm not talking about or excluding warlocks here. What are your thoughts about these arcane warriors /tg?
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That's a battlemage at best; someone who uses magic in melee, not someone who uses magic to boost their melee capabilities.

Channels their mana/chi inwards, boosting their dexterity, strength etc? Uncanny dodges, surprising strength etc. can give just the edge needed.
im my seting, magic comes inherently from the mind, soul and body, so anyone could tecnectly become a spell sword, but it takes traning to master or even manifest a small magical phanominon, there are spesific forces in armies and magic schools for armed combat combined with magic, it takes practice and a lot of dedicasion, but anyone how isent severly handycaped could achive it, they would also need to money to studdy it in the schools or prow themselves in army servis

I kinda like the idea of subtler supernatural capability, kind of like the stuff that comes up when you see someone claiming that martial arts masters or mystics can climb slick walls with just their fingers or stay underwater for half an hour or whatever. These less obvious, but potentially very useful abilities that are not so much about being awsome at killing people, but about being able to get where you're not supposed to go, subvert expectations and survive unexpected situations.

Kind of like the less egregious stuff monks do, but not necessarily steeped in any mythicism and inner energy shenanigans. These ideas have also featured in western martial cultures. Celts were really fond of the idea that warriors should be able to perform "feats", some of which were pretty much deeds that would have required supernatural capability of some sort.

(I also seem to recall something about the recurring idea that warriors proved themselves by being boiled without dying, which would have supposedly strengthened their bodies if they survived)

This would obviously only be intresting or notable in a setting that doesn't have a lot of obvious magic. Nobody is going to give much of a shit about being able to jumb real good or climb against a river's current while submerged in icy water if fireballs and flight spells spring up a lot.
Interesting idea.
You're all dumbasses. Clearly this is a reference to Our Lady of Orbital Bombardment - MAGICAL GIRL LYRICAL NANOHA!

Who or what was your best villain?

What were their motives, strategies, and tactics? What were their ideology, race, and characteristics? What made them unique and/or stand out from your average "hurr durr life is worthless" garden variety evil?

Pic related is mine: Vul'thoom. Cosmic manifestation of chaos and disorder. Not so much motivated as preordained, its own power and eventual return is out of its own control - too powerful for it itself to stop. The PCs at my table found it refreshing that they were fighting something that literally couldn't be reasoned with, tricked, or beaten. The best they can hope to do is delay it.
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> Wakfu Universe
> Modded 4th Edition, unironically because it was easy to make it look like the turn-based MMO.
> Universe is known for a few of its species to be forever-BBEG (Xelor, Sram, Zobal...)
> Decide to make something new.
> See the courageous, slow-witted, chivalrous and incredibly flashy living tropes called Iop.
> Make a female Iop BBEG
> Wants to stop bigger threat (demonic invasion, called Shushus)
> If she loses, someone became strong enough to stop them.
> If she wins, have enough resources to stop them.

> Managed to say an approximation of this sentence:
"Valiant effort, but you're not the heroes of this story. If you were, fate would intercede to save your pathetic lives. Goodbye."
" Hum, madam?"
"Not now, I'm busy"

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
anpowerful illusionist exhero who became tired, and detached from reality. he couldnt die so he was trying to get the components needed to erase himself from reality. at least thats the jist of it.
where's the villainy
the concept is that if he erases himself from reality, then hes not there to help save the world, thus everyone currently alive has no idea if they will still exist in the new timeline.
The obsession was one of reputation, of being close to the target. Contracts were exclusive, but came at a price.

The life debt was kept intentionally obscure. Since the PC remembered the event, but not the villain, he was free to invent anything... And try to invoke it through battle and language barrier.

File: 2MM80.jpg (71 KB, 499x748)
71 KB
I'm getting back to GMing after a break, and I don't know how to break it to our players that I really really don't want to GM the same game again. We're only about 9 sessions in, so it's not too bad of a heartbreak, but I feel like a dick. How do I tell them and pitch a new game?
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Just tell your players you want to do something else. It'll be easier if you shift to a completely different setting or even a different system. If your players were really enjoying your previous game and want to go back to it, then consider it after you've run something else for a while.
I am a regular GM too and I handle it by making mini campaign set to last no longer than 10 session and then having another campaign doing something completely different. I will have that campaign happen in the same world so I don't have a lot of extra work to do building up new NPCs, maps, etc and the players will keep their PCs if they want. A simplistic example is that I will run a mega dungeon for 6 sessions, take a break, and then do a murder mystery. It really works for me, it gives me and my players variety and no one gets burnt out.
Start something else with them in paralel to this game
Make the new game amazing while purposely downgrading the quality of the first
They'll end up wanting to cease the first one to save more time for the new.
Turn your campaign into a dungeon crawling, murderhoboing board game until they all die from excessive difficulty ramp. Have as many lulz as possible. If your group is not shit, let them know in advance and get them on board with running their characters through the wringer to create a beautiful blaze of glory.

Otherwise? Watch them realize this ride has no brakes and enjoy their reactions.
"you wake up screaming in a cold sweat. It was all a dream. All of it. But that isn't nearly as scary as what you woke to: you look down and see the slightly mishapped body of a slightly socially inept mid-to-late 30 year old."

Then have them make character sheets of themselves and throw those into whatever setting you want to demoralize them.
we're 20 though

>set your clock
>you have five minutes to homebrew an RPG system
Fantasy gang war for a magical city

Players build their boss and underlings from a list of fantasy tropes. Resources and manpower are tracked and success is determined by the amount you dedicate to a task. Games is played in phases. Upkeep for bribes and such, planning heists and projects, collecting extortions and dues, results of the previous round revealed. All broken up by a negotiation phase between rounds where all the gangs meet. Checks are made using a d100 and the DM is playing a politician trying to get re-elected so he has to actually act to allow success/fail for operations but the gangs on the loosing end gain blackmail as a currency used to enforce a fair time
You're a legendary mage working to create wonders that withstand the test of time and become legends themselves.
Yahtzee with cards. Draw 6, discard some, redraw up to 6. Repeat with turns.
Face cards (and aces) can be used to assign a magical effect to the wonder. You can only have one of each face card as an effect at a time, but any number of aces. Number cards can be assigned to these effects to increase their power OR used to further complete the wonder. Completing the wonder has less effect without a minimum amount of effects.
Suits have general themes which must correspond with the general theme of the magical effect used, e.g. Spade is Lightning/Power/Artifice/Speed/??????, so a Queen of Spades must have an effect that aligns with those somehow.

It's hazy, but I've got an idea for a setting where life-force can be used as 'currency' and wagered in high-stakes contests. Said contests don't necessarily have to be fights; tests of wits, guts and skill all go as long as all parties agree. Default on a wager, and harsh punishments await, from suffering indentured servitude, to being forced on dangerous missions. Or you could simply die, forcing your party members to bring you back from the dead... for a price.
wow i'd like to play this

File: 1555762015407.png (100 KB, 256x256)
100 KB
100 KB PNG
Do you have a preference to mundane or fantastic backstories?
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I prefer desperate men who go to great lengths to accomplish very petty goals
Can you provide an operational definition of mundane and fantastical?
File: Hester_Shaw.png (439 KB, 600x575)
439 KB
439 KB PNG
>Here's your Hester Shaw, bro!
If your backstory is longer than four sentences, you are getting too complicated and they also just become clunky over time. The best is to go with a basic background and letting your current adventure define your character. You can never get as deep or interesting backstory than through game play.

My favorite example of this was s dude, who's entire motivation and backstory was: ''Imma get some of dat barbarian booty''. He ended up falling in love with a barbarian princess and defended her people from notrome! He got imprisoned in the shittiest prison ever for treason. In a later campaign he escaped the prison and was on the run from the law. He and the party ended up becoming these Robin Hood-esque folk heroes, until my character eventually got eaten by a zombie hoard.
you should be allowed to be somewhat special - hence you are a player character. But It should be more like,
"Most of my village distrusted me because I had those close bonds with animals etc. and when the plaque happened they accused me of being a witch so I fled" which could be part of the bakstory of a Nature-based Sorcerer Boodline.

Then again you should at least write something about your friends and family - or the reason why your character has no social ties to anyone - and the reason why you are living this life instead of becoming a craftsman etc.

My DM likes normal backstorys, people who become special by playing. Which also means going with the flow of the campaign. So you wouldn't try as hard as possible to for example become a fey when the plot is about demons and angels or something like that. There is less planning in that kind of playstyle but it gets rewarded very highly.

File: 15161453284514514541.jpg (830 KB, 3000x2000)
830 KB
830 KB JPG
Has anyone felt like Mortal Kombat is the perfect traditional game universe? I am a little miffed the newer games seemingly ignore all the great world building that took place in the 3D MKs. The setting is basically anything cool to boys thrown together kung fu,shoalin monks,ninjas,special forces soldiers,evil mercenaries,lighting gods, demons.

Has there been any mortal kombat board games or RPGs?
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I think Killer Instinct is better as a universe, as far as fighting games go.

Unless you wanna go weeb, in which case I'd push Guilty Gear to the hilt.
Fatalities don't really need rules though. They are purely fluff. The fight is already over at that point.
>Feng Shui
My nigga. I can never get a group together to play it. I've introduced it to 3 different groups already, and they enjoy the oneshot I run for them but never want to do a full campaign.
yes it does I am pretty sure most military dudes would loose the will to figth after goro just ripped a guy skin off whith a single hand
That's just following cause and effect with some logic. Rules-wise at best you need some universal stuff for fear like 40krp does. Mostly not even that, just basic logic on how NPCs would react to dismemberment.

Which elemental system do you prefer? The one used in China (Wood, Metal, Water, Fire, Earth) or the one that the rest of the world ended up developing (Water, Fire, Earth, Air, Aether)?
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What is this from again, how does it work?
>Creative: >metal > water > wood > fire > earth > metal.
Okay I get
>water nourishes wood, wood feeds fire, fire hardens earth into metal
but then it stops, how does metal interact with water at all?
>Destructive: metal > wood > earth > water > fire > metal.
metal... cuts wood? Then wood digs into the earth with roots, earth absorbs water, water douses fire, fire melts metal?
metal gear?
What is that?

>Unearthed Arcana: Artificer v2

>5e Trove


>Stable releases


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
338 replies and 22 images omitted. Click here to view.
Honestly at that point I'd be punishing my table for metagaming rather than looking for rule changes
But it's also just much easier anyway. If a monster would die on the first turn, why bother rolling intiative?

It's barely much of a rule change as it is 'just get this over with'
>Realise too fucking late that alchemist artificer is a dex>int class, not the other way around
>Pitiful number of spells per long rest overall and what damage spells I do have are mostly poison or acid
>Guess what half the fucking monster manual is immune to
>Despite having mediocre dex do far better just sitting back and shooting over and over with arcane weapon to buff damage and buffs to hit
>Heals are pretty good but frankly nothing making a shit ton of healing potions and many-handed pouches can't fix

I should have just waited for Battle-smith.
>Page 6
Have some integrity anon.

We always talk about demons, but what about the humans who consort with them? What would compel a person to make a literal deal with the devil? Are they doomed to become demon food or do they have a chance at becoming a demon or some type of ascended/descended being themselves?
13 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
How could they break it for good?
File: Demon Friend.png (368 KB, 838x816)
368 KB
368 KB PNG
The demons start at a young age.
The cute kind of creepy.
Is that demon being genuine?

File: kirb.png (75 KB, 199x346)
75 KB
What are some characters that are almost unanimously agreed to be able to win against the shit in 40k?
284 replies and 52 images omitted. Click here to view.
nah nigger i just hate SCP with a passion over how poorly written and incohesive it is along with all that slenderman five nights at freddies shyte.

BPRD or bust.
>Cyberman weapons
>on par with Necrons
At very MOST they are T’au tier.
File: 1557194806556.jpg (197 KB, 1280x720)
197 KB
197 KB JPG
Everyone memes about Shaggy, but sleeps on my boy Fred.

I'd watch the shit out of Bill & Ted's Grimdark Adventure.
>bill & ted exploring with trazyn

File: peshawar_lancers.jpg (32 KB, 300x391)
32 KB
In autumn 1878 a spray of comets hit the earth. The first of which landed near moscow with the force of a large atomic bomb, more impacts pelted continental Europe going westward to North America. The largest of these cosmic projectiles hit the Atlantic Ocean, causing a massive tsunami which wiped out cities across the North Atlantic coast, sending up clouds of dust into the atmosphere disrupting the gulf stream.

Great Britain was spared the worst of the direct impacts, having no direct impacts and ireland stopping the worst of the wave but faced further peril from a sudden temperature drop and with it starvation. To save as much as they could of British Civilization as much of it as possible was relocated south to Australia, India and South Africa before rationing broke down and the islands were engulfed in food riots and cannibalism. By the time normal weather returned by 1890 all that was left of Europe, Most of the US and China was wilderness haunted by cannibal bands.

Now, a century and a half latter, the British Empire still is the dominant power in this world, though ruled from Delhi rather than the small colony of London, even with the rise of the Japanese Empire in the East, France outre Mer, the Caliphate and South American warlords to the West and the Russian Empire to the North. Steam powered cars roam the streets while airships ply the skylanes.
Suck on THAT Bismarck!

File: 1549596115588.png (1.37 MB, 1600x911)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB PNG
>Western Dragon- Violent gold loving sociopath

>Western Dragon- Wise benevolent fluffy noodle
69 replies and 17 images omitted. Click here to view.
Yeah, she cool. She almost had a heart-attack when they announced the Spyro Remaster.
I know this is 4channel, so nobody will believe me. But quite the opposite, she's super thin and does archery.
File: Stgeorge-dragon.jpg (58 KB, 405x599)
58 KB
OP, you can delete this thread and try again. We won't tell.
I would suggest taking on the mannerisms of a dragon when she pleasures you in bed.
Same thing in my country. Dragon male, fairy female. While Japan is the other way around. They all transform into human.
>"Fucks anything but their own species"
>Implying thats a bad thing

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