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Is there any universe where both tall and short elf species exist?
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That's a halfling.
3e halfling or tiny elf who cares as long as she is 3 feet tall and sexy and calls you mister

I think you mean portable fuckdoll.
Fun size
I was in a game ware I tied to get the guy playing a female halfling to play the purple game so we could raise some cash, "She" would lure humans in as a child prostitute then I'd rush in accusing them of raping my daughter and blackmail them. But the player and the DM were creeped out but it was listed in the encyclopedia of crime as a mainstay of the purple gang in 1900 Chicago

File: skitter.jpg (459 KB, 1600x1035)
459 KB
459 KB JPG
This is probably something I'll have better luck with on Reddit since /tg/ seems to hate weaverdice, but I kind of want to see what kind of powers you guys come up with.

Come up with the worst thing that you think could possibly happen to you/ the worst thing you could possibly learn and roll 2d4 and 2d78. I'll give you your classification and motif and someone else actually defines your power.
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Wildbow described a Tinker who is like this before, someone asked what a Tinker 15 would look like and this was his answer.
>You can build anything, and you can manifest advanced materials with which to build more, secreting it from your body. Further, your produced gear upgrades itself over time.
>However, this comes at a cost. Your volition is gone, the shard is in full control, and in the course of its building frenzies, you're a mind trapped in a body that has been altered to a cyborg state, every limb and joint bending painfully in the wrong directions as you scurry and lurch this way and that, vomiting out materials that tear up your throat and mouth, and knock teeth loose, or feeling red hot agony as ceramics and hyperspecialized alloys thrust their way out of your body in spears and slabs.
>Because the shard doesn't know how to take care of a human body, you fester, maggots eat dying flesh, you starve, and the solutions the shard devises and tinkers to sustain its host only barely keep you sustained, hauling you back into existence when your body or mind start to give. It needs you sane, for the occasional reference, so it drugs you to do just that.
>Your waking existence is forever dying and slowly going mad, but never quite getting that release, filled with dread for those moments that are absolute torture, where the shard produces materials. Your sleeping existence is worse, because you get a sense of how the shard thinks, and of why things are the way they are. You were a threat to Scion, his path to victory figured that out, so he took you out of play in the most efficient way possible. By destroying you, and making you a tool against humanity.

I can't really confirm because I haven't read it yet but I heard that this guy actually shows up in Ward alongside other characters that were originally just examples to clarify lore questions or explain power sub types in the Weaver Dice documents.
Rolled 1, 2 = 3 (2d4)


Suffering from depersonalization wasn't too bad. It was like going through life as an observer only vaguely aware of itself, save for those moments of cruel clarity. During those moments the anguish over existence and identity were overwhelming, but soon to be washed away again by the sweet embrace of disassociation. That is until the fateful accident. Everything was on fire. Everything. It burned. It was painful. The clarity came all too quickly and then faded. Now there was nothing. No sensations left. Everything was numb. Neither soft, nor rough. Neither sharp, nor blunt. Neither hot, nor cold. The nerves were burned away, leaving nothing behind. Now those moments of clarity were like being locked away in isolation. Viewing the world behind bars. A conscious observer, begging to be free.
Rolled 70, 14 = 84 (2d78)

The main problem I've always had with that is she has a super-strength. It takes a good 5 minutes to suffocate to death. All she had to do was fly upwards and hack enough of the bugs out to get enough breath to let her find a parahuman that would help her out.
File: nwf6hp3y75m11.jpg (140 KB, 900x1157)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
Speculate powers for this Trigger?
>Highschool Football Star
>Popular, involved in various clubs as well as having stellar grades
>Signs of mental disease start manifesting
>Small things at first, anxiety and irritability
>Mood swings and irrational behaviour start to dial up
>Graduation approaches, everything is going fantastic.The future's looking brighter than ever.
>tinker terrorist from "that quiet kid in the class" takes entire building hostage
>Discount Bakuda, can only make sustained time devices
>Time bombs Football star as well as his entire family in a bubble of time(kind of like Khonsu's orbs)
>Football star is trapped inside with his family and prays for rescue.
>Football star growing increasingly agitated as hours turn to days
>Believes his entire life is ruined, they won't ever get out of here. All that work for nothing.
>Tinker breaches the barrier to their prison and approaches the family, no one but the football star notices
>Football star goes into a rage and attacks the Tinker in a attempt to protect his family

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: orcs.png (786 KB, 1049x343)
786 KB
786 KB PNG
Tolkien, Green, or Pig Orcs?
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D&D was good when orcs, goblins, ogres, drows, and giants used to be a monolithic evil entities and those few who are good are extreme outliers.
green is best

but why choose one rather than having all? diversity is strength
Orcs are tan to green in coloration, savage and pig-like but were originally made from corrupting elves.
Pig orcs for rape. Then Tolkien, then green.

bestnaught edition

>VoxCast - Episode 1: Jes Goodwin

>Preorder Preview: Wrath and Rapture

>Vigilus Defiant – Your Campaign Toolbox:

>WarhammerTV Tip of the Day:

>Rules Errata, FAQs, and Commentaries:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: common mistake.jpg (69 KB, 387x411)
69 KB
Are you faggots still discussing the nu-lore ?
The end result of the Emperor's Spears with just be Red Corsairs 2: Imperium Nihilus Boogaloo.
>Tyranids (started a few months ago)
Necrons - just finishing painting my KT and I got a battleforce for christmas.
Paint your shit.

File: Pepe.jpg (1.1 MB, 1920x2715)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB JPG
The final villain of my 5e campaign is Pepe. He has been acting as a vendor the whole time and my players just think he's a silly reference. he is the head of a druidic cult trying to bring a new dawn to the world. whats the best version of shadilay to play during the betrayal. Pic related
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I'm glad your thread failed you stupid fucker
What is this?
The metal cover for the actual final battle, but the betrayal itself needs to be somber and sad, or alternatively bizarre and whimsical.
Obviously the original. Casting Druid spells with that meme magic!
File: KekvsMoloch.jpg (790 KB, 963x1438)
790 KB
790 KB JPG

Look up Shadilay Patriotic on youtube. Praise Kek.

File: asdkfj.jpg (216 KB, 1146x1154)
216 KB
216 KB JPG
Hey /tg/. How do I avoid becoming "That Guy"? I enjoy tinkering with character builds, specifically DnD 3.5 and 5e, and I've gotten a couple of concerned looks from my groups when I tell them excitedly about a feat I had discovered, or a variant rule that looked interesting, or an idea I had to tweak a base class/subtype. I like to make powerful characters, I suppose, and I'm more than happy to help my party members get an edge on what they're trying to accomplish with their characters when they ask. I just get the feeling they're thinking I'm trying to powergame or break the system when it's just what I enjoy doing.

TL;DR what should I do to avoid becoming "That Guy"? Is it as simple as attaching stronger RP ties to my out of game mechanical decisions about my character? I feel I already do that for the most part.
24 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>went on to DM
>been running an amazing game with great players and have been going strong
>actually have a rogue player that is doing exactly what I was trying to do
>strong in combat, social situations, skills in general, and is excellent at role-play
>other players are struggling at the role-play portion, but is constantly trying to help them
>I now have this constant worry that people think I'm making them out to be some protagonist since they are the one that interacts with NPCs the most, and as a result has more things going for them despite me trying to throw everyone bones where I can
>no problems so far, everyone is loving it, but because of that last game I have an almost irrational worry for both my player and my own DMing
OP here, and I kind of like that idea.
It's strange to think of such a character and then just fucking toss that shit but it sounds interesting...
Also I'm sorry that DM treated you like that, anon. But sounds like you found a great group to DM for!
Holy hell, fuck those utterly pathetic retards

>decide to confront people about my treatment
>they are all passive aggressive rather than giving me a straight answer
>get told I hogged spotlight too much
>from the beginning I was working with the DM to get people who didn't talk much to open up and try roleplaying
This part gets me the most, seriously, they should all kill themselves
It's okay Anon, just make sure that after whatever main campaign thing you're doing, you give each character their own "arc" where they specialize in whatever their character does.

File: gns04_a1_art2.png (461 KB, 700x448)
461 KB
461 KB PNG
Zero-G Edition

>What is Genesys?
Released in November 2017, Genesys is a pen-and-paper generic RPG system and toolkit by Fantasy Flight Games, using a refined version of the system presented by their Star Wars RPGs (Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, Force and Destiny). Its central mechanic is the Narrative Dice System, using pools made of specialized dice to create narrative results.

>The second official splatbook - Android: Shadow of the Beanstalk - is now available for preorder
>A:SotB adversary decks are now also available for preorder

>Player-made Genesys settings

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
133 replies and 44 images omitted. Click here to view.
Have it be standalone, but perhaps include asides for retrofitting? When the new stranger things drops your mentions of arcades will be invaluable, same if someone tries to run World of Darkness or something.
File: sheet.png (312 KB, 1128x1689)
312 KB
312 KB PNG
Well, I have a few things, the attachment I have is just the Alpha character sheet for now. Thought it would be nice to at least have an idea of what would be on a character sheet like this. The Needs (Hunger/Thirst) are something I'm thinking of getting rid of because I don't want some tedium in the gameplay, but I have it there just for now. For professions I've added Administrator, Athlete, Conartist, Counsellor, Officer, Thief. All professions also get a special perk because I know that archetypes are limited for being only one race.

For locations, There's a barely functioning hydrodam just saddling the mountains and looming over the area, a shitty dead mall that was not even finished. No overworld for now while I piece it up.

Into lore now, its a county out in nowhere. It was an old Timber town which tried to expand but the projects all fell through. The town is just barely even there, holding on with just some of the most downtrodden and hick people out there. All the jobs dried up with the timber and hydrodams so the people around town got pretty desperate for hope, which is where the cult steps in. A bored and hopeless town is easy pickings for some dude spouting nonsense so people drank the flavour-aid and joined. The cult is just some nonsense that the leader made up, but on the side there are some separate occult shit going on too.

The forest is ancient and has it's own sort of entity that dwells within in, it has a lot of Forestry-Lore creatures like Hidebehinds, Shagamaws, and other Fearsome Critters, they're not directly connected to the cult but are their own free bitches who just creep out the locals.

As for the Corps, its really just a collection of them who have sworn secrecy not to tell anyone outside of their circle what they're doing and to enforce it they hire mercs that are trained on the scenes and do some bullshit fuckery too.

Anyway there's a bit more but I'd just like to see your thoughts on the basics for now.
How do you use hunger and thirst anon? Is it like a fixed amount of food and water to mark off a tick after some time?
What the hell is "Instinct"?
So into that, will probably put them in the town's malls.

Two modes but can be turned off. The Needs mode is supposed to be only for survival situations, that is if you're out of town and stranded, in some fucked up situation out of town.

With Simple Mode, GM just has a number that the players need to beat to be fine. If they miss out on it they get setbacks, challenges or very minor injuries by the discretion of the GM to simulate exhaustion. Each time they don't get to that point it gets more severe.

Hardcore is tracked by the players individually, they just gotta get up to 10 points (food and water have varied amount of pips it fills up, peanut butter is OP) and the rest are roll-overs for the next day or can lessen the severity of exhaustion.

I think I'm trying to get something similar to the feeling of how Rainworld did it, where you keep moving and might need to spend some time finding something to eat, but you still have enough leeway to do your stuff or forgo it a couple of times.

But yeah, if that doesn't interest the players or isn't needed you can just forgo it entirely.


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 004.jpg (2.31 MB, 2560x2048)
2.31 MB
2.31 MB JPG
Reposting a thread of yesterday. I'd ask for some more dark stuff for my campaign.

Once, I pulled off a really neat thing and I'd like to repeat this thing again. This will be a thread about gruseome warcrimes and torture.

In my campaign I had a group of players, who were fans of CRPGs and when I mentioned them Goblins, they were all "Oooh, good old Goblins again". In their eyes, they were just a group of generic mooks to be slain. And they were. To a point when my party has found an overturned carriage. In near vicinity, there were two children and a male corpse. Man had 10 feet long blood trail leading to him and was full of short, crudely made arrows. One child had her throat cut. Other kid had head chopped off and a turnip sticthed to it. At the base of a nearby tree, there was a female corpse tied up. From her waist up, she was naked, with a few arrows stuck in her torso and a few around her head. Her face was unskilfully flayed. There were goblin carvings in bark and in her flesh.

Never again did my players look the same upon goblins/orcs.

I need a few similar cases for my next campaign. Main protagonists be Orcs.
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.

This isn't quite so gruesome as most, but it was a bit of a slow burn. The PCs' overseer and sort-of temporary mentor in the mecha game I'm running is the officer-secretary to a VERY STRONGLY IMPLIED TO BE HORRENDOUSLY CORRUPT general, it's also been implied that the secretary is quite strong with a mech. They also knew she'd done time for war crimes, and tonight she told the story to the team's sniper, who she feels a bit of kinship with because they both had shitty parents.

The secretary served a stint in prison because when she was a regular trooper as part of the occupying force on a somewhat primitive tropical world, the occupation government was lenient with the natives, providing medicine and technology and entertainments. The more traditionalist elements of the native society resented the occupying government for this because modern comforts were destroying their traditional society (why form hunting brotherhoods when you can just use modern farming?) and leading their youths off into the cities and away from the tribes. Plus the occupational government was a lesser arm of the greater space-nation that had killed the natives' goddess. So the natives started getting territorial, turning to piracy and "the old ways", and in the process, a couple of them brutally tortured, raped, and murdered a girl, only to get caught by the secretary, who killed them with her mono-knife. The tribe's chief demanded reparations and the occupational government covered it up, because the natives "weren't used to alcohol" and had been drunk. Their acts of terrorism continued, so the secretary stole her own mech and a ton of future-MREs and survival gear from the base she was stationed on, forced the tribe's members out of their huts at cannonpoint, then burned their village. Then she followed them. When they came to another village that agreed to shelter them, she did the same thing. Villages that turned them away were spared...
Rape is forbidden in sessions.

...but anyone who helped them, joined them. She'd play with them, waiting a few days or weeks, letting them settle, and then swoop back down in her mech. If they wouldn't leave their homes, they'd burn in them, anyone who gave refuge to the tribe (which had done plenty of things BESIDES rapemurder the girl, just to be clear) would join the steadily larger caravan of refugees, stalked by a giant metal killer and now too large for most villages to take them in, constantly on the run. The occupational government tried to stop her, she shot their mecha down as nonlethally as possible. The herd of refugees tried to break up with the tribe's elders sneaking away, she herded them back in. Eventually they linked up with a rebel group and lured her into a trap with anti-mech missiles, but they didn't realize how hard she'd been playing with them the whole time, and she wiped them all out and enjoyed it. Then she let herself be taken in, spent some time in jail, and was let out when the general she spent the rest of her life serving was put in charge of the planet to handle the full-scale rebellion that had broken out (which wasn't actually entirely her fault as it had been brewing anyway and the occupational government had made a big show of throwing the book at her for her crimes to appease the natives).

Now I know what you're thinking, OP. How the fuck will this apply to orcs? Strictly speaking, it doesn't, but there's a terror in flight, in being stalked by a superior enemy who can just crush you at her leisure and is absolutely devoted to making you suffer. It's not all about flaying and disembowelment, or the blood eagle and scaphism, psychological cruelty is good stuff too.

We often see "points of light" settings where most of the world is in a nightmarish state save for a few beacons of civilization, typically a city or village that functions as a sanctuary from the horrors that lurk in the woods and in the deep. But what if we reversed that course of action? What if instead it was civilization that was the nightmarish dystopia, and only by going innawoods could you find some semblance of tranquility?
Exalted works on a similar basis, life sucks under the tyrannical exalts but out in the deep wilderness you can generally find freedom and safety.
Real life.
The problem is we seek comfort in society. The big bad wolf is held away by a show of force from the village.
The nightmare in the city is often an invisible force like a serial killer that behaves like an animal, but blends in as he looks human.
In your scenario, only a single person or a small group lives in this forest, so you have to come up with a reason why this is preferred over having many people.
I can only think of short term problems that could be solved this way as keeping a family safe by yourself is hard.
>you have to come up with a reason why this is preferred over having many people
Those many people are a greater threat to you than what lurks in the woods. Sure, being nice and comfy in a city seems good when it means not being eaten by rabid wolves, but try being a Jew in 1940's Germany and tell me that society is making you feel "safe". Cities are in fact rarely ever safe, they only give the illusion of being so. Crime rates are often through the roof in the city, cities are the first to suffer riots and starvation in times of hardship, and for most of history cities have been a never ending meatgrinder where plague killed people faster than they could be born. And yet it is the city, and not the cabin in the woods, that is seen as the sign of safety and of civilization.

File: l5r06_book_left.png (1.07 MB, 700x964)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB PNG
Enter the Shadowlands edition



The FF Beta:

5E Mantis stuff:


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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So do anyone of the people who already have EE want to share the timeline changes?
File: 1486966589366.jpg (121 KB, 794x1006)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
Yikes. Yeah, nah, opinion discarded.
Doesn't the Isawa have a strained relationship with the Brotherhood anyway?
Does it? Sounds interesting.
I think it's mostly their arrogance and claim to being the one true authority on all religion, including the Tao.

File: map.jpg (586 KB, 1920x1080)
586 KB
586 KB JPG
Ignoring cost, which map maker software is the best?
65 replies and 12 images omitted. Click here to view.
>all those snap to borders
RIP your wrist.
that reminds me is there something out there like Hero machine that makes heraldry for game nations
for my regional outdoor maps i still us AKS hex mapper from about 2000 it makes D&D maps like the old Grayhawk world maps
File: Map.jpg (5.02 MB, 4961x3508)
5.02 MB
5.02 MB JPG
I made this one

I need your help in deciding /tg/, i fap to the lore of both of them and the same goes for looks so i just can't decide.
If you want a competitive craftworlds list you're basically going to have to ignore every single aspect warrior and just run wraiths and bikes. If you're going ynnead then do whatever
Guard are a fluffy and mechanically useful addition to other Imperial armies if you already have any.
Guard are bitches who need stupid artillary and armor to be competant. They make all these lies about afixing bayonets and charging shit but all they ever do is horde up and shoot.

Put away your basalisk and your leman russ mon-keigh and face me like a man!
>still playing 40k

File: 1542685690068.jpg (117 KB, 1000x725)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
You are tasked with creating a paramilitary organization to handle paranormal threats. Wendigos, skinwalkers, witches, time travelers, espers, aliens, satanic cults, and so on. The threats are highly varied, and your organization is off the official records and will have to rely on a steady but mild stream of income from several small business fronts that are laundering money to you. Your organization is technically publicly known, but thought of as a complete joke by most people. You will be reliant upon a mixture of ex-special forces and weirdos who want to join your organization, and any attempt by anyone to reveal the truth of your activities as more than a joke will result in liquidation.

So how do you go about organizing your task force to take on the numerous threats that might be lurking about?
77 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
That's what the weaponry for.. Sure, the skin walker may laugh that white ash doesn't work on his ass, dumb mortal. You know, until he's introduced to mr anti tank rifle
I'm not gonna help you beef up your resume, anon...
Well of course if you start by valuing all sapient life equally then allowing a being that MUST cause multiple other sapients to die in order to live is the correct thing to do, tragic but necessary.
*not allowing
>alternative revenue streams...

So cartoons, action figures, Halloween costumes (handy for explaining away sightings!), t-shirts, etc.
It allows the conspiracy theorists to seem to be deranged fans, and the actual direct action groups to appear as LARPers, and could even help with suppression of information through "copyright/IP infringement" lawsuits.

File: 1511178470425.jpg (36 KB, 530x725)
36 KB
BSoD Auto-sage Edition
>>63366596 Previous data repository

Adepts, how will you upgrade your maniples with the new efficiency software update? Also Fires of Cyraxus when, a forge and it's valuable tech is in danger.
182 replies and 49 images omitted. Click here to view.
What >>63477034 said except I'd leave the kataphrons out of the melee. They just don't have enough attacks. Electropriests are very good in melee if you can get them there. They also benefit from Stygies shenanigans. I don't know if it counts as melee to you but Graia's warlord trait is amazing in melee range. Skitarii within 6" of your warlord get to count their rapid fire and assault weapons as pistols and unload at point blank. This makes vangard seriously scary with their good BS, lotsa shots, and toughness debuff. And on the off chance that you never get into melee with them, hey it's still a squad of vangard which is awesome.
No but i feel like theres an educational childrens puppet show waiting to be made.
God I wish we could take 30k archmagos options in 40k

>he didn’t have any armor
Confused the hell out of me too

Once you get end game guns like torsion cannons and solar atomizers the difficulty plunges, especially if you get the range bonus + max level energy damager booster + armor ignoring canticles. I felt like a failure if I couldn’t win each combat on turn 1 and even ended certain matches in a single extremely buffed torsion cannon shot
And where'd all this come from, source wise?
Man I love the weird ass fluff for the Admech gear like the Torsion Cannons. Too bad most of it is crap in 40k. Eradication Beamers and Volkite too. I really hope they put the 30k stuff in the game, but they make it neat with an actual niche, so it's usable.

What kind of government do elves [in your setting] have?
How is leadership decided? Do they allow non-elves into their culture?
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
elves in my setting are actually quite short-lived on average due to their fragile physique and lack of adaptability to new environments, but they get to live about a century if they're born in the right conditions and remain there as much as possible
so elven civilizations that stick to the forest or hills or wherever they reside in are often part of a society in which the oldest member gets to decide things by default, and in rare occassions in which there's more than one elder elf these become councils instead
there is no lower limit as to how old you need to be to be considered an Elder so old man assassinations for a 40-something new Elder to take the place of the old one are not unheard of
this makes the elven guard really important, sometimes respected far more than the Elder itself because they hold the life of the Elder in their hands

so in practical terms they're conservative morons because they're always inevitably 30-50 years behind despite their wisdom
In the big setting I'm most invested in currently, most modern elves live similarly to and among other races, participating in their politics. This includes the sorts of governments one might find on Earth. Feudal monarchies are pretty common. Humans and dwarves are the most common royals, but elves exist at the top, too. There are many city-states run by elves, variously monarchical, oligarchical, or republican. Some more friendly to outsiders than others, as with all kingdoms. The Emperors of the most powerful empire in the world are called human, but they claim elven blood descended from one of the ancient elven God-Kings (in addition to numerous other claims of important ancestry).

Most of the more reclusive, mysterious, and semi-legendary "Ancient Elves" live in theocratic societies, worshiping God-Kings who rule absolutely over their peoples in near-utopian island kingdoms, magically suspended above the clouds and hidden from mortals' sight. They commune directly with the creator deities of the world. Non-elves would likely be welcomed as guests if they were to somehow attain the ability to get there. Any funny business, though, and they would summarily be brought to the mercy of the God-Kings.

There are also various communities of earthly elves who are effectively remote monastic orders that pay no heed to governments other than their own order's hierarchies. These orders are scattered across the world and have scarce, if any, contact with each other or the outside world. They are left over from a bygone era of turmoil when the God-Kings warred with each other and had not yet truly ascended to divinity. These orders were created to protect places of immense power and keep them from falling into the wrong hands, both for the protection of the world at large and the protection of the people who would unwittingly seek these fonts of incomprehensible power.
The true elves follow the traditional loosely-affiliated clan system that their elders did before the apocalypse. Forfeiting their immortality to retain their connection with nature has allowed for quicker generational overturning and their culture is actually beginning to evolve.

The mongrel elves, who kept their immortality, broke their covenant with nature, and used DNA samples from every main race to breed castes of servants, are led by pureblooded elves, attended to by pretty servants/pets/bodyguards of mostly human+elven blood, except for the retainer breed which is elf+dwarf (it amused them to make a slave race primarily from dwarven stock), and those thralls in turn handle dealing with the ugly but pragmatic castes, designed to be expendable, stupid, short-lived, but good at menial labor. The purebloods are essentially an eternal aristocracy few enough in number that everyone knows everyone, so they can mostly be likened to a sort of sword-and-sorcery mafia family that runs its own country.
One set of elves I am working on is a monarchy that is heading into a succession crisis. The elven king is very old and very lll. Elves in this setting typically wait until one child is an adult and having children of their own before having another and typically never stop having them, so the children of the king are of vastly different ages. There were five offspring of the king, 2 princes as the oldest and youngest and 3 princesses in the middle, but the old prince fell in battle. Because they are so varied in age from the young prince having just had a kid to the old prince having at least one great-great-great grandchild. There are many arguments about who should be ruler, wether it be the young prince, the eldest princess, or the eldest son of the old prince who is not that much younger than the eldest princess and MUCH older than the young prince.
File: hqdefault.jpg (32 KB, 480x360)
32 KB
No elves in the setting

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