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File: meme.jpg (81 KB, 514x550)
81 KB
Greetings /o/
Do any of you have experience with a product like this? A local oil and lube shop offers to do headlight restoration for $45, and I've seen kits like this for sale for about $30. I don't have any experience doing this myself, but I'd like to give it a try if it's a viable option.
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Oh. A pair of headlamp assemblys for my civic were about $60 on ebay. Even so, better to replace it.
Dont forget to soak your sandpaper

Hard to find

It's a secret

Research and try green container turtle wax

Its magic

Trust me
Depends what you want OP, you want it done right and not fading again? Take it to a detail shop where they can restore them then install a film to go over the headlight to protect.
I second this, or try Flitz polish and paint restorer and work it on with a polishing pad on a drill

File: 1550299951014.jpg (280 KB, 997x666)
280 KB
280 KB JPG
Anyone tested there 0-60mph speed

Mines is 8.9 seconds seriously thinking of taking mine back.
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oh well that makes sense
car review sites consistently say something like 4.2 for the car and 6.0 for the truck
File: IMG_59011.jpg (252 KB, 855x1282)
252 KB
252 KB JPG
Overtaking at freeway speeds is painful.
But it is indeed a blast.
>FJ Cruiser
>7 seconds
No it doesn't
Yeah everyone knew he was lying

I’ll start
>BMW SMG gearboxes
>light weight
>F1 design
>65 ms shift time in highest setting
>form of it still used in BMW most other race cars
>still faster than PDK
>co developed with manual transmission meaning reduced cost of development for manuals, aka, they could exist if SMG has been popular

Boomers raged that their race car transmission wasn’t smooth enough at traffic lights and now BMW won’t even develop a new DCT, manual, or an SMG. Thanks for the torque converters boomers.
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File: Patrick_Dempsey_Photo13.jpg (528 KB, 936x1404)
528 KB
528 KB JPG
PDK/DCT is good because its not as jerky as SMG's pump at traffic speeds, its just not good on the track only because its heavy, not that it really matters for hpde, and if you want to go the opposite way the DCT thinks you do its not so fast anymore.

Not that its ever as slow as a manual.

Doesn't really matter, because DCT and manuals are dead, and SMG is very dead.


All hail slushbox autos.
You think planetary autos, but with a clutch, like AMG transmissions are gonna get popular?
I explained it because for a DCTs shift time it matters how you measure it:
>no gear engaged
0 ms
>time after disengaging clutch and before engaging next gear
negative time
>total time the gearbox is doing something
Pretty long, probably half a second or something
>time where two gears are engaged at the same time
VERS short time
yes, primarily because BMW drivers are becominng normies and normies want to know why their $100k BMW m5 has jerky shifts.

BMWs ZF8 has a torque converter just for launches almost as a response to SMG hate.

I think Gm/Fords 10 speed has like 4 clutches on a planetary gear system?

Again, in todays market normons who have the money want 'sports' cars but not actually sporty cars. Smooth shifts are key. Fast shifts? Why?.

AMG is smooth and slow but who tracks an AMG? I've literally never seen one show up.
File: 1549323654079.jpg (92 KB, 638x1000)
92 KB
>pretending the SMG was better than a tradition manual
>inb4 "muh fast shiftz"
Faster doesn't mean better

Post em.
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it makes a huge difference if youre on an imperceptible roll too, less to overcome. theres actually the '1 foot rollout' as well to think about when comparing to stock times.

i'd be interested to see these cars from a 50kmh dig or something instead, less variables.

might give it a try, but i guess you need to wear a gopro or something to film it on a stick shift.
This V8 is running REALLY de-tuned.

If you compare it to >>20430929 and >>20430938
It should be somewhere between these two, but it's slower than the 9-5 which is some 2-2.5 or whatever liter engine.
You guys are slow as fuck
File: Hmm.png (7 KB, 473x454)
7 KB
>camera pans slightly up, fence alongside road is moving at walking speed
It's just that wagon wheel effect where a fast moving object appears to slow down.

Imagine if the GM wankel engine wasn't stillborn and in accordance with GM design concepts and we got:
>A twin rotor Corvette
>All of the rotary H-Bodies (Monza, Starfire, Skyhawk)
>A gm sourced rotary AMC Pacer
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File: rapide333.jpg (43 KB, 1000x467)
43 KB
Fucking knockoff trips derailing my rotary meme thread
stupid fucking newfag
File: 1516858087099.jpg (209 KB, 1152x864)
209 KB
209 KB JPG
>three rotor trans am
We would be talking about The AMC Pacer being the first revolutionary Detroit economy car and not the K car
GM's one redeeming quality is that they make good, reliable performance engines. Why would you want them to ruin that with a wanker engine

File: 1524617962374.png (425 KB, 600x598)
425 KB
425 KB PNG
Stop my dumb ass from buying a fucking Chevy.

Budget: 26k, preferably less-- much less honestly
Need: Something fuel efficient that can take 15-20k miles a year for the next decade and not bankrupt me at the gas station. My secondary concern is no CVT or turbo with egregious lag or anything that doesn't handle nicely-- not really interested in something that's fun to drive just something that's not completely uninspiring, I'm going to be spending a lifetime in the damn thing.

I've test driven a 2018 Malibu Hybrid and it's got a pretty nice demeanor, handles nicely and responds quickly to the throttle.

I'm looking to test drive a Camry Hybrid soon, I don't know what to expect but it'd have to be a damn sight better to be worth the amount of money it costs over the Chevy.
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Buy an acura
Buy a ford
buy a honda civic. best cars around. not even.memeing
All of them have cvts
Buy a Mazda 3 or 6 op.

File: Untitled.png (302 KB, 800x461)
302 KB
302 KB PNG
What are the pros and cons of ecu controlled ignition and distributor controlled ignition?
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I'll one up you there anon.

Yeah the modern tune ecu is also an app, gg on reading my post. Now go post onsa in dbt
Used to be and (?still is?) that the crank sensor in a distributor less ignition dont give a fuck if it is the compression or exhaust stroke and, therefore, fires the plugs after every upstroke.
ECU, the ability to look at a datalog after a run is invaluable.
Magneto is a best.

File: 1549544180415.jpg (111 KB, 1080x1231)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
>post car for sale at $13,000
>market seems to dictate around 14-16k for my similar odometer and quality
>will take anything above $11,000

>9k cash now bro
>8k today
>9k cash, this is the best offer you will get
>9k cash
>swap jetski
>swap shit wrx (x2)
>swap BA falcon (x4)

I finally got an offer of $10,000 (pre inspection) but I really dont want to take it, it's already a pretty reasonable asking price

is this standard affair when selling a car?
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You spoke just fine as you dirty talked when I was secretly using your webcam to record you wanking to porn.
I am ready to send the video to all your family members on Facebook and Twitter unless you kindly read me the codes of activated iTunes cards
first send bobs and vegane
>written off
if OP is selling with a roadworthy it wasnt written off unless he found the dodgiest cunt ever to write up the RWC
actually nah even then it wouldnt be possible to get it passed vicroads
OP it's pretty dodgy to not disclose in the add, but if you're genuinely going to tell someone that it had a crash then your not a total cunt
if you dont tell them, then yeah, youre a cunt

desu though youre right about the price (provided it didnt have a crash and the gearbox isnt totally fucked)

goodluck selling it over a VE SS though, theyre around the same price

File: scion_xb_1st_xb_1-5019.jpg (125 KB, 1600x1200)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
post cars that should never have been born
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I don't get it. It's just gigantic with no rhyme or reason to it.
I dunno, the first gen has really grown on me since it came out
>we need a car with lots of cabin space but a tiny trunk
>the car has to only come in old lady colors and has to be symmetric from the side
>oh we also want it to sort of look like a stretch along all three axes beetle but non proportionally
>I gotchu senpai
Nissan said their target market for that was middle-aged mothers who'd grown used to SUVs and CUVs and who's kids recently went off to college meaning they didn't have to haul kids around anymore.
And thus that garbage Murano CrossCabriolet was born.
The E36 compact looked so normal, too...

File: car-radio.jpg (127 KB, 950x534)
127 KB
127 KB JPG

I'll start: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4lMwvX41uAQ
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Mentally ill.
It comes on the classic hits stations frequently enough to not worry. Not the best thing to listen to but better than OP or the guy below you so far.
File: 4YtKdsM~2.jpg (7 KB, 127x127)
7 KB
Static X - The Only
Halo - Warthog Run
and most Eurobeat that's been memed to hell and back
File: serenity.png (42 KB, 377x707)
42 KB
god dam normiecore flakes
sick of those glassy eyed wii me avatard fuckers
.ps not even mad
Literally says on the website:
>It does not make you cool playing these tracks in your 'banging' sound system in your car really fucking loud at night.

File: Resized952019022095114851.jpg (326 KB, 1200x1600)
326 KB
326 KB JPG
Post ur snowy bois
54 replies and 42 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: IMG_20190127_154949.jpg (1.84 MB, 3968x2976)
1.84 MB
1.84 MB JPG
blue one is mine. had to be towed back home by the hilux like a sled
Wish it snowed here more. :(
I didnt even know they made the 300zxs in green, tf? It looks really good

File: Weimar 2.0.jpg (80 KB, 435x690)
80 KB
Do you let girls drive your car?
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I fucking beat women
File: 1513139046757.png (129 KB, 314x278)
129 KB
129 KB PNG
>at least my girlfriend's sperm is still active
why do you actually care who people have sex with? human beings are so fucking stupid it's unbelievable
MtF + FtM

>people were saying these were gonna be well above MSRP due to dealer inflation like the Civic Type R
>dealers selling them for UNDER MSRP because, low and behold, you never pay full price for a Hyundai

At 24-25k (which is what these are going out the door for) these things are impressive. There's literally no other hot hatch for the price that beats these things.
Made in Korea

Tech is all German

Wtf is wrong with you

Toyota or Lexus

>people were saying these were gonna be well above MSRP due to dealer inflation
Stupid people say stupid stuff

File: IMG_5259.jpg (29 KB, 487x280)
29 KB
What do you think about the Opel Manta?
5 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Tell the story
File: 20171212_122852.jpg (315 KB, 796x796)
315 KB
315 KB JPG
File: 7022005.jpg (84 KB, 400x257)
84 KB
Okay, so most people know that Keyboard Cat is old VHS footage of Fatso the Cat created by a guy named Charlie Schmidt. What that footage was originally used for was the intro to a skit comedy show that Schmidt and his friend Gerry Cook pitched to Comedy Central back in the 90s called Earl's TV Repair (with music by Fatso the Cat).
Charlie and Gerry met working at a TV prop & effects studio in Spokane, WA in the 80s. They did motion control photography for commercials, channel bumps, etc. Gerry did the old pinball machine Monday Night Football opening. If you watched American TV in the 80s-90s you've seen something they did. On their off time, they made an independent short film called Only a Buck, in which Charlie played this awkward guy who would come up with all these weird inventions, basically he was playing Gerry. His character drove a beat up blue Manta that was, you guessed it, actually Gerry's Manta (and still his favorite car to date). After they finished it, they rigged up a box van as a camper (picture related) and toured around the country.
While they were in Los Angeles trying to line up press spots, they were in a traffic jam and spotted Rob Reiner a few cars over, so Gerry shouted "Hey, Meathead!" at him to which he tried to ignore, but Gerry is not to be denied and this lead to a cross traffic shouting match with Rob Reiner.
I know this because I used to work for Gerry. After he got out of TV he ran a small photo studio doing motion control product photography and I was his post-production supervisor for a while.
The h-body has no European dna besides its pininferina design concept
>TheChevrolet Monzais asubcompact, four-passenger automobile produced byChevroletfor the 1975–1981model years. The Monza is based on theChevrolet Vega, sharing itswheelbase, width and 140-CID (2,300 cc)inline-fourengine. The 1975 Monza 2+2 was designed to accommodate the GM-Wankelrotary engine, but due to mediocre fuel-economy and emissions-compliance issues the engine was cancelled, and a fuel-efficient, 4.3-liter & 5.7-liter V8 engine option was substituted (Wikipedia)

So much for the American education system failing me on late 70s sport compacts, why bring up such Reddit European condescending shit anyway?
That's a epic story man!
The more you know.

Thanks for sharing it!

File: 20190220_175649.jpg (3.89 MB, 4032x3024)
3.89 MB
3.89 MB JPG
Bedford Rascal
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Needs red mudflaps and outboard lights
bedforded and rascalpilled
Can you japcrap do this dindt thibks so1
>Needs a dolly and ramps to get a fridge onto a ute
That's just embarrassing.
I saw this porno, its "8 men 1 fridge", right? Also my fucking Cavalier can move a fridge if it can fit through the hatch, and so far at least two have.

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