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File: 2019-Kia-Stinger-07.jpg (70 KB, 800x400)
70 KB
Now that the dust has settled and the shills and trolls are gone can anyone give a legitimate reason on why you shouldn't buy a KIA Stinger?
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It's not a bad car if you plan to buy the I4 but pitching it up in the V6 range I'd prefer the Q60 over the Stinger
Glad to see I'm not the only one who hates that horrible design element.
why do i feel an urge to rip out that fucking screen?
It’s in there pretty nicely, might need some power tools to remove it. I will admit it would be nice if it retracted into the dash.
Why are car computers so laggy?
>TFW no turbo button on your car computer

Post your favorite car that you can't have. >>20935040
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Explain me why did you choose HITLER'S CAR?

You could choose any other much less controversial German car or car from any other country . Wouldn't you feel strange choosing another controversial car, such as the one driven by some other criminal for example: Stalin, Idi Amin, Pol Pot, Mao Zedong?
File: Buick GSX.jpg (79 KB, 799x491)
79 KB

Hitler's car did nothing wrong.
The W25 is simply put, simpler and more elegant.
For one, no hydraulic meme features that cost your life to fix.
Adequate power and speed for the time, it'll do the highway just fine.
Four-seat convertible without looking like the early 2000s
And it's a matter of taste, but I happen to fancy 1930s cars.
This is a practical dream car, unlike my other favourite: Auto Union Type C.

Besides, Hitler's car did nothing wrong.

So a friend works as a PDI manager for JLR, he showed me this.

The two wires exposed are the can wires, controlling comms between the body control unit and 16 other systems to the back of the car. It’s 2019 model year, unregistered, full fat Range Rover 4.6L V8 petrol. £100k sort of price, with wires twisted, and not even taped together from the factory.
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I think he means in the context of /o/. Only the japs/koreans make reliable cars these days.
Everyone can afford a nice cup of tea. Not everyone can spend thousands on a car.
All fucking redcoats must fucking hang
High speed signals (mostly differential pairs) get fucked by stuff like that because it screws with the impedance
CAN is slow as shit though

>his car doesn't have an analog clock
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Is this what brainletism looks like?
>mfw when paying massive option price for a quartz
Advise is a verb.
>his car has a clock
Please stop posting like you're a Europoor who just experienced early 2000s ghetto culture

File: download.jpg (244 KB, 1600x1155)
244 KB
244 KB JPG
This is the Land Rover Discovery 2 td5

Say something nice about it.
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>the V8 rover is just shit

The 3.9 and 4.4 were the td5's alternative. And they were just as bad as the td5.
>Anons dad has a TD5 and some Americans visiting England were surprised that you would bother with a diesel in such a small vehicle
Even a broken bong will bing the right BHP twice a day.
until the L322
>laughs in Toyota
did those stupid japs ever grow out of using glass front diffs?

File: 08-es-hero.jpg (29 KB, 400x236)
29 KB
I got 10k to spend on a used car, I want a sedan with comfy seats. I was looking at Lexus, Acura, and Volvo. What do I get?
Get a Buick
honestly this if you just want a big comfy car go for buick or lincoln
Are those two brands reliable? I don't want them in the shop all the time.

File: Capture.png (132 KB, 437x210)
132 KB
132 KB PNG
Why are WRX owners so retarded?

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because 90% of them are vaping fuck boys that are more concerned with how the car sounds than whether or not the car is properly tuned. I despise WRX drivers, there are a ton of of them in my area.
Man thank you for reminding me of this dumpster fire of a guy
Transmission in the STI is actually very strong
silver with white wheels looks pretty good
File: 1557425844973.png (216 KB, 697x399)
216 KB
216 KB PNG
somehow this limp noodle of a man created a popular youtube channel, and married a hot bitch. WOW.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (109 KB, 1280x720)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
Long beemers make me erect
Yeah, but the BMW has a big sniffer too
Reminder that the grill is designed this way exclusively for the chinese market because they have a weird thing with air intakes.
China needs to go back to keeping their citizens to poor to afford such frivolous things.
Communism for thee but not for me

File: NSX-FRONT.jpg (350 KB, 1000x667)
350 KB
350 KB JPG
what are some cars that you suspect will appreciate in value over the next 5-10 years?
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LOL no. Plenty of weebs got that techbro or buttcoin money. The DC area is full of rich weebs of all races.
File: 64824678.jpg (106 KB, 791x709)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
Basically car that is prone to being molested.
The 240SX/180SX/Silvia platform will suffer the most.

KFC seasoned wedges are amazing what are you talking about?!
File: s12.jpg (78 KB, 640x480)
78 KB
This is the car you say to yourself "I'm not paying the meme tax for the AE86 so I'll buy this instead"
>Crown Vics. It'll take longer than 5 years because they built so fucking many of them.
As a p71 owner I doubt this, The only reason why they are "popular" was the fact they were so cheap and reliable with a 'merica v8 and positrac. These things will never be nostalgic for most people or collectors since even with the police package they're painfully slow. Also they were marketed towards the greatest generation market. There is for collectors with police car fascination; buying some cop cars then throwing gear back on but that such a small fucking group that it will not bother with any p71 that has more than 50K miles, even then they'd likely spend their big cash going after the unique police vehicles like catfish, caprices & jeeps.
Honestly, if I had to make a bet about what panthers would be valuable one day; I'd say the marauder, the 1992 Victoria which was the most produced and is a hen's tooth now as that year only with the "revolutionary" deleted grill. Maybe some of the top trim towncars.

File: 1492183741643.jpg (85 KB, 500x561)
85 KB
I'm looking for a cheap, small "warm" hatch in yurop.

Had to think of all the possible cars there are that might fit the description, but there are a lot of them:
Seat Ibiza Cupra
Peugot 208 GTi
Suzuki Swift Sport
Renault Clio RS
Opel Corsa E OPC

I don't even know which of these have a proper LSD or are light weight.
Can you guys recommend any small, zippy cars?
(FWD preferred, it's always rainy and snowy where I live).
Fiesta ST has an LSD iirc

File: images (1).jpg (6 KB, 259x194)
6 KB
Who was your favorite personality and car in the show? Why? There's been a disappointing decline in quality this year on this board so lets have a classic /o/ thread again.
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Where the fuck do you think you are faggot? Reddit?
My favorite car is the Sil80 and my favorite personality is Sayuki's breasts.
rx7 waifu
>Not knowing an anime is shit after one episode.

Get a load of this amateur.
File: file.png (695 KB, 800x828)
695 KB
695 KB PNG
Ren is best girl.

File: boomer cars.jpg (20 KB, 635x147)
20 KB
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Sent from my iphone using tapatalk

Ted Stevens
usmc 73-74
usps 73-07
2004 yellow convertable vette(for the missus
2006 HHR SS(for the missus)
geo convertable (for the missus)
68 vette 427 big bruiser
pt cruiser convertable(for the missus)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>mfw my 19 yo brother has that exact quote on the back of his truck.
Turbocharged engines will introduce themselves to you with shortened engine life, increased complexity, higher cost of repairs, and expensive oil changes.

See image.
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MR. POPO approves.
File: ohwhatthef.jpg (329 KB, 744x858)
329 KB
329 KB JPG
File: 1558831940043.jpg (45 KB, 1028x750)
45 KB

Peak kek
File: NIGGER.webm (336 KB, 360x360)
336 KB

File: x90.jpg (18 KB, 280x210)
18 KB
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this and 1976 ford pinto
File: 1558554772551m.jpg (78 KB, 888x1024)
78 KB
You just described an MR2 and you want him to buy an MR2? cringe.

That's a suzuki mighty boy
Tiniest ute I've ever seen
because it isnt insanely tiny

well i would drive it if i wasnt 6'7"
am not polish tho, im a toothpaste

hng yes

why the fuck does every half baked car startup call their first model "one"

could you not think of ANY more original names?
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Good to you anon. I wonder how did you introduce it to your partner? Ok, communication with your partner bla, bla... obvious but how does it start?
While having lunch: "hey X, we should try [insert kinky things here]! - Sure Y, let's do it now"
This would be cool but i don't think it would be that simple
>inb4 brainlet
i've no social skill, so i won't ever have this problem, still i'm genuinely curious
File: 1545873974393.jpg (11 KB, 217x218)
11 KB
we were getting handsy one night and she mentioned prostate stimulation by pressing on the perineum
I told her they make toys specifically for prostate stimulation, and we looked online and picked one out
she was shocked initially to find out it went in the butt, and we had the "isn't that gay" conversation
she saw how it was a game changer in my orgasms, and when I brought up other methods of stimulation she was pretty on-board
all in all it took ~2 years from the initial conversation to the strapon
I probably could have moved things faster, but it wasn't a big enough deal for me to push it
You are halfway there friend.
>this isnt even my final form
Lightyear X200SV GT-R EV 450 Turbo Intercooler 30V Special Pininfarina Deluxe Luxurious Edition ONE

solar panels on EVs are drops on the hot stone. the range might be enlarged for an ideal angle of incidence of the sun or is just not related to it.
>marketing prank at its finest.

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