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File: Outback cat .jpg (2.18 MB, 4032x3024)
2.18 MB
2.18 MB JPG
Cat grenaded at 140K and we plan on replacing it and local exhaust shop offer to slap in a catback for cheap (at this time) since I figured this would be a good time mod/upgrade.
Chambered muffler and an 18" glasspack. Make sure the muffler doesn't make it sound like a fart can. Flowmasters are nice.
Sheeit is it gonna sound like ass?
n1 style catback if possible. straight piped. UEL headers if possible.

I'm gonna buy an MR2 Spyder later on in the summer and I definitely plan on getting a hard top for it. I looked online and the ones that I found that seemed fairly affordable were Duraflex ones, but I am well aware of the garbage build quality. Car forums (besides this one) are really weird to understand for me at least, and many posts on this topic are over a decade old. Does /o/ know any good hard tops out there that are at least decent and won't empty my bank account for a few months? Or should I just deal with the convertible top for a bit more than I want to and buy an OEM top?
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based and gaypilled
Just save up and get OEM, there’s a ton of additional parts that are covered in the overall purchase like weather stripping, etc. I had mine sitting around for a little bit before I got it, but you get what you pay for.

Also it’s worth the extra for the ‘03 and after, they tend to be better taken care of.
Dont believe these copy and pasters honestly I owned cars that people say are costly to maintain and it isn't that costly and I'm a poorfag, I think some people just have bad luck more than others with cars
"this car is a piece of junk, got tons of common problems" is true for every 15 y/o car, it's all luck of the draw when cars get that old, and you never hear of the success stories of someone never having issues, so confirmation bias is a big thing

>t. 996 fag
Only the SMT gearbox has that issue, the manual versions are fine.

File: brap_stallion.gif (942 KB, 129x215)
942 KB
942 KB GIF
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Definitely my 92 DeVille. There's something about old shitbarges with leather seats and how they smell.
When I was in highschool I knew a drug dealer who was a few years older and drove a Corolla, he smoked Newport cigarettes and blasted rap all day in it and it smelled like cheap cologne, weed, and Newports. Very comfy to ride around in while he visited trap houses and bought coke from the Asian Crips.
They're proud of swinging their dicks around in public
Smart marketing, creating a safe space defense for potentially "mentally ill" customer base
Saab 900.
They all have the smell and it's great

90' skyline GTR, one owner, clean title 10k miles, asking 35k. Should I jump on this or am I being had? Someone convince me not to dip into money that I told myself I wouldn't touch
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With this level of butthurt over your stupid 90s sportscar I cant help but imagine you look like pic related.
Man I’ve literally proven to you that you are wrong. You think they aren’t worth what they’re selling for. That’s fine, but you’re wrong. No need to go on a rant about being wrong. Just accept it and move on. This isn’t 2012 anymore.
They suck. I owned a 32 gts4 and a r33 gtr and they were both overhyped. 33 was the better car because 32s were shit from factory. Buy a mustang gt instead and have more fun with less money and issues. Also a 30 year old car with 10k miles Lmao, if thats legit everything is fucked on it because of age alone. Buy a new mustang.
You have not
actually i got it dynoed and it barely made 150kw. turbo kit, rods, pistons, injectors, fuel pump, intercooler and it made 423kw on e85.. all were easy as fuck to install with the engine out of the car. took me and my cousin about 3 days

File: 1_EVxIgkIOMAeDON89XXglNg.jpg (166 KB, 1226x1096)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
will cars really become more like an electronic device rather than a big complicated machine?
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>no air bag
I think I just got some dust in my eye. Dang it.
the Tesla Sex Appliance (available for preorder, deposit $7000) has ripped elon's dick off and he has bled to death in a horrible lithium battery fire. the ota firmware update will fix this problem.
Yea OP is a complete retard
Yes please give me a car that is more flammable than a gasoline car.
Here take all my money for it and when your at it here is my wife you can fuck in front of me.
t. Telsa Owners
Cars are an appliance. I wont even blink when they accidentally ship with water temp and soak settings on the PRNDL knob.

I recently got an 07 Matrix of Copart for $1000.

The previous owner did a muffler delete (as well as a cold air intake) and while the car sounds pretty good, Im going to go ahead and weld an aftermarket muffler on.

Any recommendations on mufflers that sound nice and wont break the bank? I’m currently leaning to a glasspack from magnaflow for $34.

Pic related.
What else was wrong with this piece of shit? Is it just that rear quarter panel pictured?
It's going to be virtually just as loud with a glass pack, you know.
No muffler
>wants glass pack
Get a damn walker and shut that chinkmobile the fuck up ya goon

File: Snapchat-434022099.jpg (181 KB, 720x1280)
181 KB
181 KB JPG
Just got some 3m tints for the first time. A buddy of mine said to keep the 3m stickers on it so the resale value of the car goes up. Is that true? The dealer told me to take these stickers off with wipes in 3 days it incessant sure
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This is like when people leave all the tags on their baseball hat.
So you recommend taking them off?
File: pouch_540x540.jpg (24 KB, 540x540)
24 KB
It's just ink not stickers.. alcohol will clean it right off

File: 2003-RSX-S-Perf-1.jpg (145 KB, 1024x683)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
>tfw your car is a zoomer
It really is the worst feel
What do you call your car that's a zoomber but built on an acient platform.
>built in the 2000s
>platform from the 1980s
A panther body

File: thumbnail(9).jpg (141 KB, 878x659)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
Installed a Magnuson kit, acceleration is much improved.
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Cabe Toyota in Long Beach
Why? Genuine question.
Bigger tires + climbing hills at altitude slowed it down. Forced induction has really helped.
Does it really increase mpg?
Unfortunately no. I have not noticed a difference.

File: 1541529703826.jpg (616 KB, 1632x1224)
616 KB
616 KB JPG
my dad hit a deer with his car yesterday morning and i fixed it before sundown
he drove my car today and hit another deer and i just finished fixing that
i am supremely based
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yeah both died
Screw the bull bar, you need a Pontiac with a peripheral bumper
my deer hit a car with his dad yesterday sundown and i fixed it before morning
he drove my deer today and hit another dad and i just finished fixing that
i am supremely gay
based and fucking redpilled
if he didn't bring either of them home he's a faggot
thank god my state passed a law removing the fine for doing that

What's your favorite LOOKING engine? Does not have to be a performer, but would appreciate excluding all the ones with a giant plastic cover.
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This thing has nitrous

Nigga, they use gold on purpose
File: boom+BANG.jpg (68 KB, 436x393)
68 KB
>god that fraction is pretentious
it's a german car - the cringe is strong
File: LFA-engine-in-bay-02.jpg (58 KB, 753x450)
58 KB
the surge tank is the best part about the car

Should I attempt to fix this myself or bring it to the mechanic? I dont mind trying to fix it myself but I am wary of draining fuel before removing the fuel tank. I live in the city so not a lot of space to work with. Also I'm not sure of the problem yet but i figure it's the fuel tank or the pipe I between. What should i do?
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The filler is usually on the side of the tank or on the back of it, aimed slightly upward. I would assume it's the filler especially since you have a leak when filling.
>Idk how heavy it would be to remove or if I'd have to drain it first
Just drive around and run it down as low as you can. An empty gas tank for a little topaz is probably not even 20 lbs.

Check the filler tube first though.
Ok cool, that makes sense thanks for the advice. Do you think I could access it from the trunk too? Maybe drill a hole hole ok access the clamp for the filler hose? Assuming that's the issue.
maybe yes maybe no, I don't know where the filler pipe actually runs on a tempo (topaz?). at most lift the carpet up on the side where the filler hole is and see, but don't drill holes, otherwise, you might have to take the inner fender on that sides wheel out and it might be behind there
Just replaced the rubber seal for the filler neck on my foxbody. The filler neck is the pipe that you put the gas nozzle into while fueling. It extends from your fuel door to the tank. Get under the car and check to see where the leak is coming from. It should look wet or dirty. 30 year old rubber likes to crack and split so that may be the cause.
You must be the only one in your whole town that drives a Mercury Topaz coupe.

File: mrcds.jpg (158 KB, 1500x1500)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
explain this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GArPkgdH0sg
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If the first thing you mention when criticizing a car is the quality of the screens, that's when you reach peak onions
too bad about the shitty 1.6 i4 and FWD like all of their cars, making it as boring as any bottom of the barrel econobox
File: ZJ060D_31_1.jpg (136 KB, 1440x1080)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
nice trips
I was comparing the first edition to the 5 series because that base model has cloth seats
>these digits yet such dogshit opinions
>quality of the screens
>wanting screen bleed when comfy cruising at night
> peak onions
>expecting something from a product that claims to be premium is bad
Poojot is going to get absolutely btfo when they enter the burgerclap market and they get surprised when burgers actually expect premium shit if they're sold a premium product
I bet you think blue filters on phones are useless too. If you look at pics that aren't doctored PR pics you'll see the screens have quite bad light bleed
Indeed, blue filters on anything are nigger tier
>hurr bad color accuracy good
Only /wsg/ and /gif/ have sounds due to retards ruining everything.

BRZ vs. Miata

first, let me say that the BRZ has no stigma where i live. they are virtually non existant. i've seen only one or two in the last few years. i'm no t concerned about the miata being a "hairdresser's car". i'm not concerned about the 0-60 time of either one. i just want a lightweight RWD coupe with a manual transmission and both of these are the same price for a used 2018 model with ~10k miles at $24k.

which would you choose and why. no i don't want a mustang. no i don't want a camaro.
76 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
Honestly yes. I'm going Maita. It's got some great aftermarket it and more in development for some modest power gains, the community is far more knlodgeable, it's got the retractable hardtop, it's got the true two seater experience. I can sacrifice the practicality since I'll be hanging onto my BMW.
File: 1561079413678.jpg (128 KB, 1024x684)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
what i want to know is why dont they offer the eternal blue mica with the nappa leather!?!? easily would be the best color combo.
It literally isnt.

There hasn't been a successor to the s2000 because no one has made anything similar. The Miata has always been designed with a balanced idea in mind.
The s2000 was designed primarily with focus on the engine alone.
this thread needs a serving of rice

File: IMGP0123.jpg (82 KB, 850x567)
82 KB
I finally hit 6 figures in my savings account, the big $100,000, that's right.

Is it time for me to finally have some fun? Was thinking I get a used Saturn SL2.

Can I afford it? I've been stressing picking up this hobby for a long time, the majestic SL2 is my dream but if it isn't time then it isn't time. Am I blinded by love? Should I keep saving?
55 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
I would unironically build a SC1 racecar
Based and patrician taste OP, don't listen to fags that yell that the car is cheap or whatever
If it's your dream car money shouldn't matter at all
Jokes on you nigger I actually like talking about Saturns. They're great fuckin cars
I prefer the SL1 with an auto for bombing around town.
File: doesntevencount.png (645 KB, 833x485)
645 KB
645 KB PNG
OP hope you can afford the model with the automatic seat belts. My grandma saved her whole life for that car and after my grandpa died she could finally afford it. Never have to buckle up again. What a time to be alive.

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