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Mechanical or hydraulic clutch and why?

both have pros/cons. i dont mind mechanical cable, no chance of leaks etc but a few of my trucks when it thaws then freezes again here in north Canada the cable gets froze up mornings and they slowly stretch then snap

some cars when the cable snaps the replacement cost is up there, i remember years back a guy with a Taurus SHO came into the shop i worked at with a snapped cable and the replacement was almost $2k estimate for some reason
No preference

File: 082919-red-light-fts.jpg (135 KB, 610x333)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
Where were you when you realized that civil and traffic engineers were absolute fucking niggers?
>can't even handle a fucking 4 way intersection
>red light is about 2 and a half minutes long on a fresh cycle
>green light is maybe 18 seconds and if one person fucks up the timing then barely anybody gets through
>light is green for you but the light a quarter mile up ahead is red
>gives a protected green to both sides when only one side needs it
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As one myself you are just making excuses. We should have more roundabouts
I'm French and we have those everywhere and I got out of countless crashes because fags don't seem to understand how indicators work. And those who want to get in at all cost, and then stop for no reason in the middle
I am an European and they are fucking annoying, I would rather sit at a redlight than those stupid things
With high traffick they are a total pain and cars tend to disappear behind my A pillar all the time

French-Americans are total retards and many are part Nig
We have intersections like that here and I hate having to slam on my breaks just to let one car through.

hi everyone
i need to find the automatic transmission for a Ford F-150 XLT, 4.2, year 2003
thank you
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Normally it's towards the aft end of the engine, down low, near the bottom of the car and dead center

You'll likely find the automatic transmission there
It came with a Google solenoid set, with Ebay style torque converter, a Facebook Market place planetary gearset And with a Craigslist output shaft.
it's right behind the engine
Here boy jus pull it out of my old truck, I sell it to ya real cheap! H’yuck h’yuck

File: images (4)_13.jpg (15 KB, 225x225)
15 KB
Had a friend who was an "expert" wet sand the fuck out of my car bonnet which had some sun damage(he used 400 then 800) well he's eaten right through to the primer in a few spots and the edges I've managed to fix most of it using a da polisher and a meguiars compound followed by kitten wax and has come up perfect but I'm wary of cutting into the wetsanded side as there's not much paint left do I have to respray and build up the paint or do I have any chance of polishing 800 grit scratches out (I know I'm dreaming and have no hope but maybe someone knows a miracle that could help
Sorry it's too dark to get a good picture of the panel in question
Bad news. You won't be able to polish 800 scratches out. Give it a light rub with 1500 minimum before attempting to polish. I'd lightly wet 2000 as well. What color is it?. Your two options for the rub throughs are respraying or brush touch ups. Solid color I'd probably brush, metallic or pearl will need to be sprayed.
Thnxs heaps for the reply I thought that was going to be the case unfortunately it's a metallic sky blue I'll post pictures in the sunlight tomorrow thanks again
File: 20191117_120134.jpg (3.54 MB, 4128x2322)
3.54 MB
3.54 MB JPG
I prefer the updated option
huh, that looks like a VW transporter

>the barrier is taller making the test more difficult to pass since it strikes a large portion of the windows
>IIHS says the average weight of new SUV and crossovers is 4200 pounds. That's the weight of the new rig, too.
>And now the rig will hit the vehicle at 37 mph.
Are you ready for windows to get smaller, belt lines higher, and A and B pillars to get thicker?
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Not a mutt but that's practically paying taxes for healthcare so why the fuck not just do that?
Doesn't stop me from enjoying my shitbox
That's the 5%, Stacey will be driving a Toyota Cuck4, not a truck sized Lexus or Beemer
I’d be willing to bet those taxes would be a lot higher than $35/month.

File: 1574193499538.png (418 KB, 785x774)
418 KB
418 KB PNG
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free as seasonal rewards, iirc
Incorrect, if it detects a huge gap in speed between you and the car behind you, it will ghost your car to send the rammer into the wall.
Meh don't own the game I've had Fh4 on and off as the games pass was free and 2 months for 2 bucks just missed out
I'd also remove the Lexus badge.
Only five more years, lads.

Since Ford is focusing more on EV I have this one question to ask, how do you think their fully electric F-150 and electric Transit will preform as everyday work vehicles when range and charge times is still a problem for all electric vehicles? And this goes for all EV fleet trucks and vans not just Fords in general.
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What pick Up Truck is ideal for the American men, who hates Guns, hates Big cars, hates Cars with very high fuel consumption, hates rough cars, and looks for super small cars, with very Low fuel consumption, friendly appearance and easy to drive?
Which pickup is that?

And why would the image pickup be ideal?
Some japanese shit, Isuzu or whatever. Because it is everything you asked for. (low fuel consumption, super small, friendly appearance, easy to drive)
>buy Tesla solar panel
No thanks, I'll buy better solar panels from a different manufacture.

File: PSX_20191110_122437.jpg (91 KB, 1102x1649)
91 KB
Dacia Duster won

suzuki sucks dick
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>image obsessed
Imagine bragging about what some company did.
Europe doesn't matter
I dont even like suzuki, but the way Renault shills are OBSESSED with it always cracks me up.
no shit a cheap car sells better in europe :/

its a 11k-13k € car

File: Snapchat-1970163758.jpg (787 KB, 1440x2688)
787 KB
787 KB JPG
There is Bird crap on my window. Is using the wind shield wipers a bad way to get it off? Don't want to damage the wipers but don't want the bird dropping to eat through the glass
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>bird dropping to eat through the glass
Just lick it off like everyone else.
Window cleaner + mild steel wool
File: 010.jpg (88 KB, 490x290)
88 KB
>Window cleaner + mild steel wool
>mild steel wool

just use a grinder with a flap disk, works much faster.

I recently bought pic rel for drifting. How did I do b/o/ys
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You da real MVP
not as well as you think you did.
I’m already feeling it. Going to have to retrofit S13 parts or 3D body pieces to get this thing in decent shape
File: 1549483057924.jpg (771 KB, 970x545)
771 KB
771 KB JPG
>iS tHaT aN 86?!?!?!?!?!?!
Nice Toyota, i love these.

I'll start:

I have a 2001 Forester SOHC EJ25, currently the block is sitting at a machine shop getting some work done to it and in the meantime I want to drop something else in, found a 2004 Forester xt 2.5 at the scrapyard and if it turns out the engine is a suitable donor, what are some things are to be considered before I drop it in? Assuming it's a DOHC turbo, what kind of modifications will I have to do to get it to work?

Another choice is the EJ20 SOHC engine swap but then the issue is with deleting the EGR.

Wat do?
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I need advice, Subaru owners of /o/,

I'm looking at buying a 2016-2018 WRX - just the regular base model.

What are some things I should know about buying one second hand? Common issues? I'm looking for it to be around the 50k+ km range (or 31k miles for Burgerbros).
File: subawu.jpg (2.74 MB, 4160x3120)
2.74 MB
2.74 MB JPG
my new hotrod. ej25d, manual trans, 140k miles, and no rust.
I believe the early 2016 models may still have suffered from the syncrho issues of the 2015 models. It would be easier to avoid the 2015 and 2016's all together.

Try to buy one stock as best you can, buying one with mods often comes with people not getting their cars tuned for it, like catback exhausts or intakes.

Make sure which ever used one you buy has some sort of service history to it. Don't really wanna buy a car that claims to be clean and runs good if they haven't done the appropriate maintenance.

Depending on the mileage you may want to invest in a walnut blasting of your intake valves. The EGR dumps exhaust into the intake tract and without port injection your intake valves get really dirty. I don't know how to quantify this but people claim, including my tuner that around 50k-100k this should be done but it heavily depends on usage. If it saw track or autoX days then you may want to have it done sooner. It may be easier to just have a BMW dealer take a look at your intake valves, typically BMW dealerships can do the walnut blasting but won't do it if they don't have to. If the intake valves are black thats fine but if its caked on black shit then have it done, thats the significant carbon build up you don't want. If you're buying in this 50k km+ range look to make sure that you do the transmission fluid and spark plugs by 50k miles what ever that is in km, Look at the service interval I can't remember but its either 50 or 60k miles.

Other than that the platform is pretty solid, there are no real known issues about the car yet but its been 6 years now that the FA20DIT has been used.
>walnut blasting for intake valves... 50k-100k
miles, I didn't specify miles
So I have 20k miles on my WRX just wanted to update.

Little minor things to look for:
>wheel bearings and/or worn brake pads
You'll know when someone has driven the car hard if you hear a mild pulsing, this is likely a worn wheel bearing which is normal the WRX's and by extension Imprezas are known to have these things make a harmonic pulsing.
>wheel studs
Wheel studs are a little odd in that randomly ,if you change or rotate your wheels, one of your studs will seize your lug nuts.
Look for a blue-ish tint on the rotor, this means the rotor has been glazed by the overheated brake pad which typically means its been driven really hard, like AutoX or track days.

File: 20191118_172130.jpg (2.81 MB, 2331x3108)
2.81 MB
2.81 MB JPG
You have 10 seconds to prove that you have at least 8 cylinders
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File: IMG_20191508_125621.jpg (177 KB, 875x655)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
diesel power
>needs to big turbo his lawnmower to even try to compete
>gets fucking gaptized anyway
cope. Also show me a turbo 4 that beats this car from factory.
your stock Honda Accord is not beating an 392 faggot
What kinda catchcan you guys run?
One looks like a JLT

Consider pic related. Every company is pushing out electrics with what tech they have. But they’re quickly abandoning that tech for the next gen tech.

I know a guy who bought a bmw active hybrid 7 car. It’s simple. An electric motor attached to the transmission where the torque converter normally sits. This is wired to a battery that’s welded in to the trunk.

The car is now bricked because of an unknown issue in the hybrid system. The car was only in production for a few years and then bmw moved on to completely different motors and batteries.

Consider the consequences of this. A limited run of cars spread out over Europe and the US. Nobody is trained in these hybrids because they’re rare. Essentially exotics.

That means parts are rare and the ability to repair them is even more rare. In order to fix his 7 series AH from 5 years ago he has to replace the entire hybrid system from motor to battery because nobody knows how to troubleshoot it. That’s $15k before labor.

Each battery cell in an i8 is $1100 before labour and there are 6. But that battery cell is now out of production as it was replaced by a new type of cell. Now you can either upgrade the entire hybrid system because the software and motor are programmed for a certain system or pay for rare out of production battery packs if you can even find them.

Basic moral of the story is, you’re insane to buy in to all these current beta test electrics. The tech is dumped and replaced faster than it sells, literally. The stuff in a 2019 i8 is totally obsolete and impossible to repair for under 5 figures. The same is likely true for any electric car.

Worse, each i8 and Tesla and Mustang can have different batteries and motors year to year making each year a special limited production one off. Aka, rare and expensive.

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So everybody would be happy.
I don't understand, if we were building cities around nuclear power for its advocates to live in, wouldn't we be building 4th gen reactors that can use reprocessed waste reducing its amount instead of piling it up?
hydrogen explodes upon decompression in normal atmosphere. Any time the tank is punctured that means it goes boom. Good luck trying to get zero car crashes to make that viable.
okay then, when there's no oil left how do you plan to power your car without doing that?
Enjoy 20% efficiency and 5$ per liter petrol equivalent power price.

File: Rampage.webm (2.94 MB, 480x480)
2.94 MB
2.94 MB WEBM
Is your car pachyderm proof? What car do i need to go on a safari and not worry about rhinos, hippos or elephants? Is a Mazda good enough?
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Why don't shoot them before they fucked your car
>known to have derailed a train
It's easy to derail a train compared to toppling a tank or IFV.
File: DSC_1051.jpg (894 KB, 2300x1505)
894 KB
894 KB JPG
When it comes to elephants I find it easier to take the /k/ approach than /o/.

Are there any sites that do a good job at displaying information about a car? I hate how I cant actually fucking sort cars out by engines, transmissions, drivetrains etc. because people dont include the information.

As a bare minimum, sites should require the VIN.

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