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File: download.png (5 KB, 294x171)
5 KB
I just moved to UK and I need a car to commute to work, what's a good reliable car for around 500 pounds?
I have a drivers licence for 3 and a half years, how much will insurance cost me?
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You absolutely can get a reliable car for that kind of money. There are dealers who get by on that end of the market and not much else.

£500 will get you a running, MOTd, VAG TDi or any other former taxi type car + certain 4 cyl BMWs.
Choose from the trifecta of terror; ford mundano, Peugeot 306 or soft top bedford rascal.
I think you mean squirrel, lad.
Mondeo is a legitimately good car to be fair, can't go far wrong with a petrol mk3
Peugeot 406 2.0 HDi
Skoda Octavia/VW Passat 1.9 TDi
Toyota Avensis (petrol or early D4D)
Ford Mondeo (petrol or TDDi, avoid TDCi)

basically anything that taxi drivers drove 5-10 years ago. Insurance might be steep though

Don't mind me just the forgotten Ferrari passing through
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>You forgot this car even existed
I fokkin wish
I want a ff
Enjoy your trip to page 10, you ugly piece of italian shit.
I wish I could forget it but I just want it so bad
Those fuckers were 30k about five years ago niw they go for about 80.
Who the hell buys these and why?
a lot more to come now that Ferrari is a publicly owned company ready to be pimped out

File: 1554691671953.jpg (121 KB, 1081x1080)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
I've been charged with Reckless in VA, live here, was going 82 in a 60, was busy day dreaming and not paying attention
Does anyone know how fucked I am? Apparently its a fucking class 1 misdemeanor? I can get up to 1 year in jail? I wasn't arrested, but was given a ticket ordering me to show up to traffic court (not optional and cant pay it in advance)

I've been doing a lotta research online and it seems that the year in jail thing is largely a scare tactic to intimidate people into not doing it to begin with, it seems people who were going way faster than me had their shit dropped or reduced, and the only people who ever get any jail time at all are people that were going like 95 mph+, or had alcohol involved or had a crash or were pricks to the cops or judge or whatever
I also had an expired inspection sticker idk if that makes a difference or not

Do I need a lawyer? What do?
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OP, have you tried not driving like a shithead, and looking where you're going?
UN recognised it and mediated after the invasion. More real than Somaliland.
You’ll be fine. Just find a good lawyer and slip him $500 chances are someone knows the judge and it’ll get taken care of.
Have you tried reducing the amount of cop cum in your diet or are you obsessed with all natural organic stuff?
>all these children not knowing Virginia is the worst state to speed in
Never get off I95 for any reason.

We all know subaru uses shitty head gaskets but we also know the aftermarket head gaskets are flawless and the repair is cheap and easy so why do people make such a big deal over it? i mean it literally requires the most basic of tools to do.
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Lol you line up the gears and youre done. Pull off the belt.
Headgaskets have not been an issue in 15 years, OP is a faggot.
>everyone drives the current year model
Wtf are you smoking you don't need to take out the engine to do the heads you fucking re-

my bad, I'm so sorry.
>Get it home straight from the dealership and switch in a tried and true head gasket that you know won’t fail. Why take the risk that an inevitable blown head gasket down the road takes the rest of your engine with it when your engine overheats?

It was the actual HG design which was something they already fixed after 2004 but even with those older ones if you kept up with full synthetic oil changes and used premium gas along with using OEM approved coolant.

Justin at AWD auto explains wat do about Subaru HG issues and why boxer engines need more TLC.


File: image.jpg (57 KB, 474x710)
57 KB
Hey /o/
How many "oh shit!" dash lights do you have on which just get ignored? Most severe cases win.
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Got that half engine warning light on a -4°F day
Scared the shit out of me until I figured out what it was
Got the red oil pressure light in my Saturn a few months back. Got a surprise head gasket failure.
Check engine since 3 years, it's the timing chain getting loose but I don't have 1400€ to fix so idgaf I guess I'll just die
Evap system small leak check engine light.
One. TMPS sensor snapped off by a dipshit boomer mechanic.
Managed to turn off the oil change light after a different boomer mechanic didn't deactivate it when he serviced the car. Eight months ago.

I don't think my bike HAS any monitoring lights or warning lights beyond the ignition and ABS lights.

File: 20100403_0028.jpg (144 KB, 1024x680)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
How many of you where is snows, have a winter vehicle and a summer vehicle? What do you have?
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Nice! Best looking truck Ford made in the last 40 years
If you have a car with a drivetrain that can't get full potential out of "proper winter tires" and you wrap it around a telephone pole you're gonna be buying a new car anyway. Also, what other anons are saying about salt is true.

Why eat food? You'll just get hungry again.
Summertime it's my Mercedes or my BMW but when the snow flies it's this old beast
I don't drive much during winter, but my MRS works fine in snow.
>60% of weight on driven rear axle
>proper winter tires
>re-painted half the undercarriage with anti-rust paint
I have a vehicle that is good year-round, and a motorbike that is used year-round unless it's actively snowing or raining.

Maybe you just need to learn to fucking drive?

File: 991163673.png (912 KB, 1295x2048)
912 KB
912 KB PNG
Where were you when microtransactions were added to vehicles?

Next feature is deploying airbags during collisions by tapping your creditcard for only $499 with AirBag Assist ™ in the BMW Appstore®

BMW is truly reaching Peak turkmen
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>they're kikes
Got it
>An "update" improves what's already a good product and brings it to the bleeding edge
Incorrect. A vast majority of software updates are for bugfixes and security holes. Tesla updates are no better, they aren't adding amazing features or functionality with updates they're just fixing what is broken.
That's true, but it sounds better to have an update (usually a positive) than a recall (inherently negative).
Normalfags aren't reading changelogs, they just know it's now "newer". A larger version number has to be better than a smaller one, right?
the sooner the car industry collapses the better
Then all that's left are new car manufacturers making rising from the ashes making 90s style cars. That would be epic.

File: IMG_20190805_224253.png (174 KB, 581x244)
174 KB
174 KB PNG
I'll start
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That looks great tho. Finay something without a fake fuckhuge grille
Actually a cool idea for a thread
you shut your whore mouth
I don't know man. With a CVT, Safety Sense bullshit and that godawful infotainment system, I don't think it will last longer than a Fiat product.
Even if the electrical stuff goes, the drivetrain will probably keep going, the radio on my Accord was blown up when I got the car, but I slotted another one in and she bumps.

I'm about to get married, and want some short-term fun before my dynasty of male heirs comes along. I'm thinking hard about taking a two-year lease on an RF miata. Is this idea poopy?
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>car enthusiasts are a dying breed. In 15 or 20 years, it will be even worse.
People are always saying that and they're always wrong. New generations are still going to have car enthusiasts, they'll just be enthusiastic about different things and not care about all the 'purity' demanded by the previous generation if a new technology yields better results.

Think about it this way, the more the general population buys big SUVs and wants them to drive themselves the more legal power we'll have to argue that lightweight sports cars for enthusiasts who want to drive are more like motorcycles and deserve a separate legal category that doesn't require 40 airbags, driver assists and a front end made to plow through crowds.
i like this line of thinking
This. "Don't wanna be under water on the loan honey"
My mom had a a '91 Celica and I grew up in the rear seat until I was around 10. My firstborn is gonna grow up in the rear seat of my 86. It's the same color even and she cried a bit when I bought it.
Good luck with your marriage, anon

File: Porc-Logan-Portbagaj.png (146 KB, 462x253)
146 KB
146 KB PNG
Do you guys let animals in your car?
If so what was the biggest animal ever to be in your car?
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post recipe, Muhammed. Sounds good.
>Romanians behaving like animals
Next on the news, water is wet
I just keep it real simple, dump italian dressing in a plastic bag with a few pork chops, marinate them through the evening and then throw them on the grille just long enough to keep them cooked. Let them sit a couple minutes after they're done and then season to taste. Pretty nice whenever you want to make something for guests that's also braindead easy.
Do hookers count?

Is it worth it to go for the hybrid Corolla? It's $6000 more than the base model. What would be the advantages?
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depends on whether the hybrid system removes engine start/stop lag at stoplights
Front is based.. hatch rear is meh, sedan rear is chrysler 200/10
Looks like they just gave up and copied Dodge. Which is fine but Dodge has already been making these cars for years with actual V8s.
based on what mileage?
50+ MPG from a car that doesn't look like a prius, it's what toyota should have been doing for years.

File: hTx2x4Vq.jpg (96 KB, 750x454)
96 KB
ITT, describe car culture where you live. I'll start:

>lifted bro trucks everywhere, I swear to god every other fucking car is a lifted truck. Please just make it stop
56 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
Nothing but Chevy, Fiat-Chrysler, and Fords, the poorest people who live here have better cars than you.
Portland, OR suburbs
Where in the fuck do you live, California? I'm guessing a part of LA where a bunch of YouTubers live, right?
most of the people where I live are either from California or at least used to live there though.
That's bullshit, I live in Barrie and all the jeeps I've ever seen are mallcrawlers labeled 'gurl jeep'

Shitboxes are loved by /o/. We like to say they have character. We beat them to hell, and they somehow still go another 50k miles. When brand new with 4 miles on the odometer, we smugly donned these vehicles "econoboxes". But they matured, such as a fine wine does. They surived to 300k miles with minimal repairs. Just like a soldier earns the Purple Heart, our "econoboxes" earned their reputation as the "shitbox". There are a few cars that will always be known as great little shitboxes: the Toyota Corolla, our beloved Twingo, and America's frontrunner, The Geo Metro.

The Geo Metro was conceived much the same way I was: during a 4am cocaine fueled grope session in the back seat of an AMC Gremlin.

The year was 1987. A few Detroit executives who were down on their luck decided that we need a car designed for real human beans. A car that would love its 8th owner more than its original buyer. A car that had seen 3 oil changes its first 100k miles, but now is pampered by synthetic blend every 2,999 miles. Sunroof? Fuck that! 4 cylinders? Nope! We want 4 wheels, 3 cylinders, 2 doors, and one goddamn good car.

Thus the 1989 Geo Metro was born. It reigned supreme for decades, much like a dictator in Asia. Jay Leno owns 7 Geo Metros in case you forgot. The Geo Metro is the only car to win at Monza, Laguna Seca, Silverstone, and Talladega. Ford and Chrysler appealed to the US government in 1990, saying that production of the Geo Metro created an unfair advantage for GM. Unfortunately for Ford and Chrysler, 98% of the members of Congress drove Geo Metros and loved them to death. The Geo Metro placed 4th in the 1992 Presidential election behind Ross Perot.

Some say the Chevrolet Aveo was the successor to the Geo Metro, but I refuse to believe. Nothing can ever succed over the Geo Metro when it comes to its main purpose: being a spectacular shitbox.
22 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
What say ye re: Suzuki Samurais?

My shitbox experience was with 12A mazda rotaries. Something about the windshield wipers flying apart out on Hwy 128 at midnight during a January downpour. I shouldn't have had so many Irish whiskeys before I left to drive back.
Back when Germans actually could into shitboxery. A 2.slow won't get you where you want to be very quickly, but it will get you there.
OP, this is one of your best shoops.
>you totaled you parents Subaru pretending you were Colin McRae now what?
Sides have achieved escape velocity houston.
These are a good laff op.

File: s-l225.jpg (10 KB, 225x169)
10 KB
What are your favourite iridium (or better) spark plugs for your vehicle? I've been thinking about getting the new-ish NGK Ruthenium spark plugs for my Buick. But I'd like to hear what you guys like.
>pic related
10 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I put those plugs into my Datsun U20, still haven't gotten it to run and good and it used to. For the money I am not impressed at all.
Unless you upgrade the ignition system with a MSD unit, then copper NGKs are the way to go on a Datsun.
Had the NGK Irridium plugs on my 280zx and it ran like shit so switched back to the copper ones and it's much better.
Old engines from 40 years ago need the increased surface area of the copper plugs and not the fine point of more modern ones for a better fuel combustion ratio.
Datsun is awesome.
ngk laser iridium
For me it’s the Autolite 45
The best spark plugs are new spark plugs.
Just get copper/oem and stop buying meme plugs.

File: 1511301953619.png (18 KB, 509x411)
18 KB
My father traded in his Camry for a Highlander.
He lives alone. No grandkids to haul around. No pets. Nobody has ever sat in the backseat of his car.
So why did he buy a $40,000, 3-row, 8-seater SUV?
>"I like to sit up high."
137 replies and 32 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Dad please at least go for walks to lose some weight and stop eating so much
Fuck off son.
I bought a truck because I like to sit up high. I do use it to haul tools around but honestly a hatchback with folding seats would have been good enough. Sitting up high makes me feel like king of the road. Dont @ me
You’re a very good son anon :^) my family has always been higher income but my mom is a brainlet roastie who bleeds my dad dry, I hope I can buy him his dream car, a 1970 Chevelle SS once he retires
how people who buy trucks and SUVs to “sit high up” look
No ragrets. It's a fantastic crossover, has taken 190,000 km in 4 years with nothing but standard maintenance. It's reeally not a car for people that love cars.

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