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File: asdlaskjdakldjkl.jpg (110 KB, 1057x639)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
should i go for it bros? 60k miles on the clock and the seller says its running super fine, well maintained car
btw after conversion its $8000 USD
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Peak Cletus posting lol

RAMs are for dumb fat poor balding baby dicked little men.

I’d never be seen in one
That is a lot of car for $8k. I have not heard any bad things about that V6. Try to find a Mercedes mechanic close by and take it there for inspection if the dealer will let you. If he gives his blessing then go for it. I don't see why not.
it never was about the tariffs guys
this is why american cars (before Tesla) fail in Europe
We've never gotten 6-cyl S-Classes in the US, so...
The W220 was sold for one year with the v6 - 2006. It was also the regular wheelbase rather than the extended version sold throughout that generation run of 2000-2006.

My 3k 2005 civic was recently hit by a truck, and the truck driver's insurance company accepted that he was was entirely at fault.

The insurance company sent out an appraiser and they're offering $3300 to total my car. They sent a valuation report with comps (pic related), but they're adjusted everything down by a lot to come up with their (((Adjusted Comparable Value))).
The only differences I can think of is my car has 153,000 miles, and has a manual transmission, while these have automatics.

How do I avoid being jewed by the insurance companies?
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You had a 3k civic, tie offering you 3k for it. That is the best deal you could ever get. If you had sold your car, you would not have gotten 3k for it.
>If you had sold your car, you would not have gotten 3k for it.
H-how do I find a replacement 3k civic /o/? In 2019 they just aren't the same anymore
>How do I avoid being jewed by the insurance companies?
You need to find a significantly more powerful Jew to send into the Jew arena (court) to fight for you in a trial of Jew combat (word games). Also you neck probably hurts really bad, doesn't it?
3300 is all your car is worth dude. You aren't gonna get anymore than that, your car isn't more valuable because its a manual. Your car was valued based on its condition, mileage and current market value based on that.

You aren't entitled to a newer car you're entitled to a car that was of equal value to your current one.

fucking craigslist, facebook marketplace, literally any website just google it.
Did you ask them what the buy back is? Or tell them that you demand it to be fixed to the same condition as before the truck side sipped you.

File: 1552950171214.jpg (16 KB, 278x303)
16 KB
There was a cursed picture thread this weekend, I couldn't find a certain picture.

found it

>pic related
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haters desu

File: me, soon.jpg (65 KB, 600x340)
65 KB
Recommend me some Used/New Good GT cars.
bonus for
>4 seats, manual, comfortable, low cabin noise etc.
Big bonus if it's Trackable. Mostly though I will go fast on a straight line, so 200mph capable cars would be appreciated. (Autobahn)
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Can I have some
MY2009 gtr's at 800hp with brand-turbo kits go for 50K.

How much? give me your papyal, I can give you a free pizza.
I think i'd buy a used premium shitcar for around 20k, probably an evo7 or something and live happily ever after with 40k in my bank.
Nice digits.
W12 Continental

What are some tips for buying battery? Numbers and specs should be looking for?

For context my 2014 sonic LS Chevrolet in sw florida. Its not going under 32 Fahrenheit here
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So my battery is nearing the end of its life expectancy then. Does it make sense to pre-purchase a replacement and keep it in stock or even preemptively replace it? Is there a way to tell when they're about to go or is it just sudden?

Any other battery replacing tips one should know about? Scotty Kilmer says that if you don't supply a supplemental power source through the OBD2 port all the electronics will be inadvertently reset:

Dont purchase a battery until you need it. Batteries degrade from the moment they are manufactured.

Have your battery tested by auto zone or walmart and they can tell you if it needs replacing or not.

Batteries tend to crap themselves during the summer or winter time
not same anon, but yeah there are real weight and longevity benefits to a lithium battery. figure out what CCA your car needs and check out a battery from braille or similar for what you need
Find the size that fits your car, go to Walmart, buy whatever battery fits your budget. FL heat and driving with the AC kills batteries pretty quick, whichever battery you get will last like 3mos past the warranty, whether you buy Duralast from AutoZone, EverStart from Walmart, or whatever brand Advance and the others carry.

I suggest Walmart because their prices are the best. Walmart’s Gold and AutoZone’s Gold are going to be literally the exact same thing, but Walmart tends to be like $50 cheaper because Vatozone makes all their profit on stuff like that.

For numbers, they all have a size and CCA and capacity. The deep cycle and extended capacity are if you plan on running music and shit for extended time without the car running.
Since your in FL it doesnt matter because you dont need high CCA.
So just get the manufacturers specs or higher.
I would try to get non mexican and chinese batteries. Try to get american ones because the mexican ones die fast.
AGM for start/stop, or if you don't drive the car a lot.
I replaced my 8 year old Lead Acid battery in my BMW about a month ago.
And get a good warranty. Interstate got sold to johnston controls so their batteries are now made in Mexico.
Unless you dont care about going for the battery replacement, but the AAA dude told almost all the batteries he replaced were made in mexico ones.
Lead acid abused should give 4 years. Agm is pricier but will last longer if you dont drive much.

Is the series 60 still a good engine?
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Don’t @ me unless you have something to say that’s relevant.
I know my 3406e is 550. Because when I ordered this glider I chose a factory built 550 rated crate engine from CAT.
Honestly you sound like a kid who drives a sprinter van who lurks on power stroke.org

Here is my work order when I ordered it.
Never said one was stronger. Said one was better. Ever here of reading comprehension?
No cause u kids are sitting in ur room playing gta
you sound emotional, maybe you should write a poem. Enjoy your little metal box tonight, Im sure your family misses you and wont remember you put a price on being away from them :^)
Those tropes won’t work on me. I’m 4th generation driver I live for this. also only sleep in the truck 3 nights a week. And I think it’s the secret to our marriage.
True misery is watching the same stupid tv show night after night with ur breeder.

Real men go slay the wooly mammoth whole momma minds the cave
shell find someone to rescue her again just like she did before

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>that they never get pulled over for driving like assholes because cops are terrified of lifted trucks. (The high ride height means they can't see what's going on inside the truck when they walk up to it and there's a perception that lifted truck owners are likely to be the kinds of people who'll shoot a cop in a traffic stop
I think a lot of people have a hard time wrapping their head around the fact that if you get stopped by a cop, the cop is more afraid of you than you might realize, especially if you look like you might be dangerous. After all, there have been too many tragedies like the Vietnam vet back in the 90s that gunned a cop down at a routine stop. Plus the little service pistols they carry are no match for people who may potentially be packing big/powerful/illegal firearms.
Nope, it's illegal and the "I thought I saw something" excuse will never hold up now days when everyone has dash cams
File: lotus-evora_100709823.jpg (528 KB, 1920x1080)
528 KB
528 KB JPG
>implying my imaginary car has a view
>going 10 over in fast lane
>way faster than lane next to me, would have to slow down a lot to merge
>faggot brotrucker still tailgates me

Why can't you faggots just be content with going 10 over? No I'm not going to go 80 in a 65 just so you cucks can get home 30 seconds faster.
Is it legal to put a rear facing horn and lights on your car so you can tell tailgaters to fuck off

File: images.jpg (8 KB, 225x225)
8 KB
Let's see how many of you are living outside your means.
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getting hired by a municipal government instead of some shitty private company
Dodge Dart?

More like Dodge Fart
File: 20180825_151903.jpg (922 KB, 2560x1440)
922 KB
922 KB JPG
70k a year
This glorious machine
>2000 Miata with a few simple mods
I would turbo it but it's really a question of having the time to do it, the space to do it, and it's currently my only car so I don't wanna try to boost it, break something important and be left stranded with no way to work. If I had a second car I would do it in a heart beat, but I don't have the space to park a second car.
how did the camaro hold up?

t. DDing 86 camaro TPI

File: Snapchat-1581910105.jpg (38 KB, 354x629)
38 KB
Right, so, I bought a VAG 2.8 V6 30v and I'm getting terrible fuel consumption, about 15 mpg average.

Anyone got any ideas of what I should look at?
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>vag-gots fighting over fuel economy
top-tier entertainment, post cars
Was it always 15mpg or did you better mileage before?
Check airfilter

Check and make sure you are using the correct octane of fuel

And if both are good run some fuel injection cleaner, either techron concentrate or gum out.
Not buying a 2.8 litre V6 if you’re after fuel economy might be a good start.
>It's a German car, it uses metric.
so 15 meters per gallon? okay, that's pretty bad.

File: download (3).jpg (44 KB, 637x358)
44 KB
How sketch is street drifting, i mean as long as you go to the middle of bumfuck where there is no traffic/ cops it seems relatively ok or am i wronge
Go with friends and a pair of walkie talkies
kinda what i figured
I wouldn't worry about legalities. I would worry about my car. ONE dumb little mistake and you've got major body damage that costs several thousands to repair. plus the shame of having to explain it to other people.

File: 1572933024458.jpg (342 KB, 1920x600)
342 KB
342 KB JPG
Now that Mustang is dead, what cars are left for men?
File: BOOMER SOY.png (72 KB, 403x347)
72 KB

- Ray

File: 1490810970953.jpg (182 KB, 800x533)
182 KB
182 KB JPG
Why are black plates not a thing anymore? >:^(
Because white is right.
black plates have been a thing for half a century now in texas
File: liechtenstein.jpg (52 KB, 567x388)
52 KB
Just move to Liechtenstein.
Looks exactly like my w123. Here in France you can put these plates on classic cars


GM's lawsuit alleges that FCA's former CEO Sergio Marchionne authorized bribes of more than $1.5 million paid to UAW officials. Marchionne died in 2018.

It also alleges that Marchionne hoped to force higher labor costs onto GM in hopes of furthering a plan to induce the company to merge with FCA.
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>macaroni Italian trying to bribe pure American souls
>pure American souls
It would take years, like decades of higher labor costs at GM in order for them to consider merging with anyone, not to mention they'd ask the US govt for assistance again anyway. What a ridiculous plan.
seething samefag yuropoor, go pay your breathing loicense and get stabbed
i agree. theres gotta be some other reason, it doesnt make sense.

File: 1573932396934.png (301 KB, 519x637)
301 KB
301 KB PNG
>Dude buy used! Dude muh depreciation!
>go on used car site
>5 year old cars are 80% of MSRP of a brand new one
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Have fun with your new BMW
Volvo actually
Have fun with your chinese deathbox
owned by a marketing agency

I live in Philadelphia and there is a ridiculous amount of top trim chargers/challengers on the road. I honestly see more 392/hellcat trims than SXT's (with the obligatory black n' mild scent and tire screech at every green light)

File: r.jpg (323 KB, 1440x810)
323 KB
323 KB JPG
reminder that tolls are a good thing
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/pol/ is a containment board filled with retards
>acquiring money through voluntary trade is worse than theft
>Moreover, legislators condemned it as a luxury project that would benefit only the few wealthy enough to own cars; the Nazi Party was against public spending on highways for this reason, as were the Communists and the Reichsbahn, the German national railroad, which feared highways would take some of its freight business. Even the association of German car manufacturers did not support highway projects; they were concerned that long-distance driving would overtax their vehicles.
File: ausfailia.png (618 KB, 1478x964)
618 KB
618 KB PNG
yes, good goy, do not speak up against rampant crapitalism
I swear if nothing is done about the way chinese bought farms in straya, they'll become a case study for decades to come on how you can't eat money
all roads lead to totalitarianism

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