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And why pic is the best part?

Here's f&f 9
>same old cars
>same old stunts
>same old characters probably
>those armored futuristic truck
Why is this allowed?
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Not as much about cars as about stunts.
I remember being on my P's (Australian provisional license, what most 17-19yr olds are on) and having a Corolla SX with a cannon on it. At the time that show car spec stuff felt cool. After watching Tokyo Drift my mates and I would drive home racing all the random other teenagers in our shitboxes. Those were the fun times. The actual street racing, modified cars, it was all exciting at the time. It wasn't great acting but it didn't take itself too serious.
The new ones have lost their magic and they've veered off from what made it popular into a giant cash cow. Saw Hobbs & Shaw the other day. Absolute trash.

You know what makes these movies shittier than ever? All the fucking dumb CGI and futuristic bullshit. Why the fuck does some black guy have a motorbike that shapeshifts under buses and has some super ability that makes him bulletproof and have super human strength. The fuck is this, the avengers? Oh and the bad guys guns can be hacked by by a shitty old laptop in Fiji in 15 minutes, the same bad guys that developed the immortal black guy technology. How did they even attach the F&F name to this trash.
What about some petition to make Fast great again?
It flopped.
>protagnonist is an unlikeable, redneck faggot
>his BFF is a fucking little bitch with the ugliest piece of shit car ever put to film
>all the other characters are complete try hard faggots and completely unrealistic
>Too many riced out versions of otherwise amazing cars
>No Walker or Diesel

The only thing I liked about this movie was that it took place in Japan and has some excellent shots of Tokyo. That's literally it.

How many kebabs can we fit there?
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Imshallah brother! May the prophet smile upon you!
File: no my brother.jpg (31 KB, 370x416)
31 KB
Wallahi, those are kafir cars. The ultımate drıvıng machıne is blessed by Allah SWT (PBUH) himself
Owner of my favourite kebab place drives a 420i GC
>not the cheapest rwd car in europe hence not a car for poorfags
nothing wrong with bmw but thinking bmw/audi has any class or brand aint deluted to shit by delusional turkroaches is being a delusional turkroach
I keep my prayer mat in the back of my 1995 5-series. Imshallah brother!

Name a better truck than the Ford F250 diesel (late 90's) go ahead, I'll wait.
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Stay pressed fordboi
File: c14_app02.jpg (94 KB, 660x440)
94 KB
Late 90's 3500 Silverados, with a lift kit and brush guard of course.

I mean, does this pic not scream to the world that you role your blunts with Swisher Sweets and the finest Afghan Kush that the deep Southern United States can provide?

Does this truck not wet the undergarments of the female kind via mere drive by?

Does this truck not make you basically God?
CUVs had piece of shit N/A 6.2/6.5 detroit diesels in them. Just terrible problematic engines. While Fords of the same era had the glorious 6.9 IDI. Also the POS GM trucks had very poor corrosion treatment which is why they rotted out much worse than the Fords.
Those wheels are awful. Fucking white trash fag
As someone who has been in 2 viral "Florida Man" Articles, I detest such baseless arguments

File: Ninja-650.jpg (144 KB, 763x382)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
Everywhere you go, people keep talking about 400cc and below bikes as "beginner" bikes and say anything bigger is too dangerous, etc., but no one ever actually says *why*.

What is the actual reason bigger bikes are supposedly not good for beginners? Is it because people are assuming beginners are people that have only driven automatic corollas and know nothing of powerband, how to roll on the throttle to avoid wheelspin, and will think nothing of doing a top speed run in traffic on the highway?

If I already fully understand horsepower, tire grip, and how to respect a more powerful bike from other motorsports (cars, 2-stroke karts, ATVs, etc), is there any reason I couldn't just get a more powerful bike and not be a dumbass with it and be fine? Is there any defacto reason a more powerful bike is completely incompatible with a new rider that understands and respects how to ride a high horsepower machine?
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Yes it's a meme. Makes no difference what bike you're on, you're likely to die regardless.
Well you just summarized the entire thread to a T.

OP, you already made up your mind when you started the thread. Just go out and buy your bike and become a statistic within 3 months.
>4chan /o/
>experienced riders
There's like 2 good riders on this board if that. The rest are commuters.
Power and throttle response vary widely.
first bike was a Daytona 675R. by the end of my second season riding, I was doing track days in an intermediate class and never once laid it down. as long as you have the knowledge or even just common sense to know your boundaries, it shouldn’t be an issue. the people who buy a CBR600RR and wreck themselves within a week probably would have done the same on a 250 anyway.

Favorite angle grinder? Wheels, attachments, power, etc, without breaking the bank
i'd kill for a Milwaukee one but all got is a cheap $20 from harbor freight that works awesome.
Makita every time
Harbor freight is based
Hitachi 5 inch. I used to be a labourer for boilermakers and Hitachi always lasted the longest

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Easy choice. FUCK all of the incel peasant cars posted thus far.
The Allante was such a flawed car in so many ways.

>designed and body shells built in Italy to give it a pseudo-European flavor
>hideously unreliable electronic dashboard
>meh V8
>$53,000 (!) price tag (in 2019 dollars that's about $80,000)

Yet it sadly had to happen. Cadillac was very, very sick in the late 80s and the medicine had to be taken, no matter how bad tasting it was, to get healthy again. Boomers were rejecting Cadillac in favor of imports, they considered it outdated and their dad's premium car. The average age of new Cadillac buyers climbed to 60+ and GM had to contend with emissions, safety, and fuel mileage requirements they didn't have 20 years earlier.

Yet the Allante was the first tentative step towards reviving Cadillac's image for a new era, as flawed as it was.
File: download (2).jpg (85 KB, 736x552)
85 KB
this is the best convertible
A high price does not a luxury car make
During the 90s, Cadillac still peddled their traditional land yachts like the Fleetwood that appealed to people whose next ride would be a wheelchair or a 7x2 box, but other products like Seville were pointing the way to getting people too young to remember the Great Depression into the showrooms.

File: 1541302752388.jpg (130 KB, 494x254)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
Is rolling coal still a thing?
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Seething loser must be cool not having freedom of speech

It's only the daddy's money fags that do it anymore. The entire fad started because smoke used to mean power. Retards just started poorly tuning their trucks to churn smoke for no real reason. Nowadays, most diesel guys know better. Poor tuning can result in a catastrophic repair bill. So only two kinds of trucks smoke - drag trucks and pavement princesses.
File: ECNJ4IuVUAIb1kn.jpg (127 KB, 576x1024)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
pic related
A semi did this to me once I was really surprised since rolling coal isn't a thing in Europe. He did it while I was stuck in traffic and he was coming from the opposite way.

Since we've got really bad emissions restrictions (my Miata is an overly polluting vehicle according to the country's standards) it was a really thin smoke
Where are there hippies in the Midwest?

Checking out Honda CRZs on Autotrader.
Is there some reason a good amount of them sell for under $20k and have fewer than 50k miles on them? Is there anything wrong CRZs?

Just looking for something with a manual, and is close in size to my Opel Astra G 2-door whenever I go back to the US.
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Why the fuck would anyone spend 20k on such piece of shit?

What the fuck is wrong with nu/o/
Yeah $20k is v8 American performance territory or ND Miata. Plenty of RWD sporty cars ku there besides some 2 seat hybrid civic.
yeah, it’s like people forget that if you lived in America, the CRX had the exact same problems everyone complains about the CRZ having. I owned both at the same time and they drive damn near the same, the CRZ just feels newer
They look awesome, and will probably get the job done if you don't need very much room to haul people. However yes they are very slow, but if you don't need the car to go fast and just want to commute then its great.
Thanks man, I appreciate the answer.

File: 1507087078004.jpg (23 KB, 418x405)
23 KB
Florida Anon. Looking for my first car. Pops has agreed to pitch in 1k if I get 1k myself (200 dollars short) I just need a roomy daily car, automatic, since I don't know stick but want to learn. Sedan, Wagon or Hatch. Reliable, but something I can work on myself if need be.
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Civics and Camrys are your best bet, I like Civics.
go buy a honda element with 200k on it for like 3k
Just get a civic. Where in Florida are you so we can check Craigslist?
Space Coast. My internet was out all night. Glad to see this hasn't been archived yet
>why does no one read the sticky anymore
the sticky is recommending 20-30 year old cars now
most people on /o/ can't even change their tire if they get a flat, let alone have the knowledge or know-how to fix a 20/30 year old car and it will need fixing if you expect to drive it for even a couple of months

Sup, I just rembered when I saw my first classic stang on a car convention (Europe). I think it was a 70 and it was fucking huge. The fact that it was a 70 and that I read they were supposed to be the small ones, the ponies you know....
I like small cars, and I like to entertain the thought of having a smaller version of something.
Like a Sandman ute that's the same size as a Brat. Would be awesome.
Does anybody here feel the same about different cars?
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I have a wb ute and I sure as fuck wouldn't want it to be any smaller. It's already modern cuckbox sized
This, every single time.
70s Sandman package was available in ute or panelvan.
File: $_57.jpg (321 KB, 1600x1059)
321 KB
321 KB JPG
I mean I compare things to British roadsters...
File: 49ginettag40.jpg (224 KB, 1040x585)
224 KB
224 KB JPG
I agree with
If you go after volume the new cars are way bigger. They are more massive, often slightly higher and lower to the ground at the same time. I bet the new charger/challenger displaces over 20% more water if you fishtank it. Apart from that, guys chill the fuck out pls.

File: ugly.jpg (182 KB, 1920x1080)
182 KB
182 KB JPG
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was just laughing with a car buddy how "in the car world, bus taillights usually means it's fast as fuck"
This was all a trick. I deceived you.
What do gaming mouses and super cars have in common?
File: qo07ksz18tm01.png (1.52 MB, 2500x1600)
1.52 MB
1.52 MB PNG
sharp edged, overpriced and surprisingly unergonomic? Apart from a kind of underwhelming build quality... from what you expect

Is it worth going to tech school to become a mechanic? I'm trying to get my life in order and looking for a trade I could learn. Something that will be in demand and let me pay my bills.
52 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Lol no you wouldn't tubby you'd send yourself to the hospital with myocardial infarction from working yourself up too hard ranting and raving your fake tough guy /pol/tard shit. Fat faggot.
See if you can take classes with body and mechanical. Body shops are always looking for people and the most mechanical you'll do is replacing an odd axle here and there or cradle and knuckle assemblies.

Body shop business booms if you're anywhere urban. It's the best of both worlds.
>have to change thermostat (common leak on them) on r56 mini
>water pipe (plastic of course) on back of engine going form thermostat to water pump
>try to seperate thermostat from that water pipe
>thermostat wont come off the fucking pipe
>shitty plastic piece of shit pipe breaks on waterpump end
>have to fuck around and pull out the broken shit with a hook and order another pipe
>get the same thing a few months later
>be as careful as possible to avoid breaking that pipe again
>it happens again anyway

Mkae sure you have a lot of patience because theres a lot of FRUSTRATING FUCKING SHIT that you'll be doing
>adjustable wrench
fucking newfags

File: images (8).jpg (51 KB, 679x452)
51 KB
Hayden Paddon is about to be the first ever WRC driver to race in an EV
kiwiland is about to send tesla (and everyone else) back to the stone age
Im going to meet him in about a weeks time what are some questions i should ask him?
6 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Tell him to go fuck a sheep.
can't wait 'til he wraps it around a tree.
Just imagine the explosions.
and? no one cares about EVs. boring as fuck.
1. How is it going to make sound
2. Why is Rallysport Magazine so fucking shite
>opressed lithium
free a alkali brother

File: twing.png (89 KB, 222x199)
89 KB
Twingo thread?
Twingo thread!

Post, talk Twingo.
123 replies and 61 images omitted. Click here to view.
That is indeed strange.
Usually, if a dealership can't sell a MK1 Twingo they either go down with the price until it sells or they just fucking scrap it instead of it taking up space in the lot.
File: IMG_7852.jpg (104 KB, 800x533)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
Pls no bully
anything i should look out for? i can get it down to like 700 if it has been unsold so long. I need a winter daily, and lil twingo seems to work
Thots on this fire paintjob? Thinking about doing it irl.

File: maxresdefault (2).jpg (69 KB, 1280x720)
69 KB
Looking at potentially picking one of these up. Anything I should know? Problem areas? Especially fond of the 2006-2010 plain jane body. Interested 5.7 models only.
19 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Pretty sure those have some janky bullshit where the engine shuts off half of the cylinders at highway speeds to save gas. I've heard a few stories of those engines either getting stuck with only 4 working cylinders or otherwise simply not running right. I've never owned one, but there's got to be a reason why other automakers aren't doing the same thing. Also, what other anons said, Chargers ain't Crown Vics. They certainly don't have the same track record and reputation when it comes to overall reliability. I wouldn't do it, even if you do have a boner for cop cars.
cop car? imagine how many niggers have been in that thing
>Pretty sure those have some janky bullshit where the engine shuts off half of the cylinders at highway speeds to save gas. I've heard a few stories of those engines either getting stuck with only 4 working cylinders or otherwise simply not running right.
Anyone know?
Why is this so weird? Back in the day my local police auto auction would sell them all day long for $250 out the door.
Cop vehicles rarely go to the regular scrap yard. They're usually auctioned off to special companies who decommission them then scrap them right away. Same reason why you never see any Grumman LLV's. I can get CVPI's and Taurus PI's at the public auction but I don't think they even bother with the dodges. They're too fucked to auction off.

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