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File: 71Y1fNd9iQL._SX466_.jpg (27 KB, 466x466)
27 KB
ITT: Modern car trends you actually like

For me it's the reversing camera
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literally fuck touch screens they're cancer
usb input for pretty much all audio players. gets better quality than an aux cable or some shitty radio adapter. also in general the audio systems in newer cars are a huge improvement over ones from 10 years ago.
And here come the upset poorfag luddites
I kinda wouldn't mind a 48v accessory drive system like the RAM trucks and others use. It would be kinda nice to run the AC or heat with the engine not running.
Electric cars are incredible even if they tend to be loaded down with bullshit. It's going to be a golden age for car enthusiasm when they get cheap enough for people to start hacking apart the powertrains and putting them elsewhere.

I am the last of the thought to be extinct Saturn shill. AMA
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If it's your only option I'd go for it
shut the fuck up. that's how. idiot
I meant to close this tab hours ago but because of that response thou hath forced my hand.
>Red pill me on the Ion Redline
When the toilet water was circling and about to flush

File: trexa_prefab_awd.jpg (46 KB, 630x402)
46 KB
Specifically talking about custom builds here, I think electric powertrains will make AWD builds much easier, since you can literally just have two motors (one for each axle) rather than needing a center differential/driveshafts running the length of the car. This could make building AWD buggies/crawlers/race cars much easier.

Pic related is something I just found out about while looking for a file image. It's an AWD EV platform (batteries are in that tube thing) that is planned to be sold specifically for building custom electric vehicles.
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There are technologies that would allow this even on existing 2WD vehicles:

The real redpill is when you realize how easy it would be to make an AWD hybrid from an FF cuckbox.
You can't just throw a motor in a FWD shitbox and make it AWD... If you use a conventional AWD drivetrain, a transverse engine and tranny in the rear or a motor it's going to require the same amount of fabrication. Batteries are heavy and there's only so many places you can put them in a conventional ICE car.

Unless those are two little itty bitty motors on the rear hubs that thing is fwd.

And then I don't know why any manufacturer would make a FWD electric car seeing as the only two benefits of ICE fwd are gone.
File: trexa_geodrive.png (244 KB, 740x396)
244 KB
244 KB PNG
Well we're not talking about using a conventional drivetrain (I know some people will hook up an electric motor directly to the transmission instead), we're talking about using two separate motors. While it would obviously take fabrication, it wouldn't be as hard as using a conventional AWD powertrain. And this is assuming you're doing a conversion. If you're doing a ground-up tube frame build like >>21655314 then you have way more liberties.
No, it's AWD. The motor is on the very front. There's another on the back. Pic related is another angle.

File: file.png (1.23 MB, 1280x720)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB PNG
A-anybody know the song?

If you mean the ending song T: Friendly Twingoanon
Oh wow, amazing shout! Thank you Friendly Twingoanon! I've been after these songs for over half a decade. Still looking for that first song too!

File: Scary Adrien.jpg (18 KB, 480x480)
18 KB
I can see the logic. Too many defaults on car leases simultaneously would be devastating.

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By devastating America's farmers, lol?
I've paid for a used car in total using a debit card.
anyone who has bought a new (that is: not used) car in the last few decades is bad with money. you gain literally nothing and you're actually MORE likely to get a lemon if you buy new. oldfags, was there ever a point when buying new made sense?
I bought my car a few months ago. Told the dealer from the start I would be bringing a check from the bank. He was cool with it. Honestly a zero stress process. And I owe nothing at all.

Pretty sure that link still works

Will the Mazda 3's success force other manufacturers to increase standards in their mid-range cars?
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Honestly better than the Tesla press relations team infesting 4chan
Dunno. Even a Tesla is more exciting that some 140hp torsion beam shitbox.
Haha yeah Mazda is really better than bmw now haha
For real, there’s like 2 guys here that lease vehicles and they’re minorities or literally a homosexual leasing a 328i
>premium strategy
What, stitching together some half-assed vinyl? Now its DEFINITELY up to BMW standard.

Mazda shills need to go back to their Miku fuckdolls.

File: cash for clunkers.jpg (31 KB, 320x270)
31 KB
I'm still mad.
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>why are people only obsessed with this shit and not the holodomor and great leap forward where tens if not hundreds of millions died but nobody cries about commies being genocidal fuckheads
You're doing it right now. A lot of people are very upset about it, but the difference is jewish people are overrepresented in western media(due to early TV/film being considered a scummy medium fit only for foreign types), so they get to complain more. If chinese immigrants were an entrenched group in US media you'd see a lot more anti-japanese and anti-communist rhetoric
Sweet deal if (((they))) can get tax dollars to subsidize it.
>the garbage early-aughts gas-sucking SUVs and momvans it actually did
Then what happened here?
I have to wonder what people were dumb enough to turn in their vehicles under this thing. Because nobody I knew trusted any Obama program as far as you could throw it.
All it took was one person that someone knew going and getting their 4500 bucks for the god damn floodgates to open man.

Once ol' JR took his old 87 rust trap pickup down and got 4500 towards getting that little Corolla, that was it, people who would have shot census workers drug out cars that were more moss and metal to get their gub'ment money

File: wintermiata.jpg (1.73 MB, 2000x923)
1.73 MB
1.73 MB JPG
Welcome back to the much needed Miata General: Winter Edition

>are you winter beating your miata?
>talk about lift kits
>plans over winter?
>post your hp gains
>anyone with a kswap?
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I live in a pretty conservative city in the UK, still plenty of limp wristed degenerates tho, so who knows
File: my own mitata.jpg (3.26 MB, 4032x3024)
3.26 MB
3.26 MB JPG
Does anyone know if 15x9 20 offset 4x100 wheels and tires will fit with no modification on an na? I've read mixed answers online, some say no modification is required and others say you need to roll fenders. Ideally i'd just want to buy the wheels and tires and then lower it with some coils and be done. Rims in question are JNC 014's if that matters
My valve cover on my 97 is leaking a lot so I'm going to replace the gasket and paint the cover, is there anything I should look at or replace while I've got it off? Is there something I can do to make the lifters not so clicky?
File: 1566515145555.jpg (357 KB, 1025x512)
357 KB
357 KB JPG
good thing the top wos up... miat is thirst.
we did it

File: mercedes-maybach-gls04.jpg (188 KB, 1200x700)
188 KB
188 KB JPG
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you can get those on a truck
show me! Not those half-assed ones.
He's calling you a turk. He's probably right.
File: 20190716_131951.jpg (683 KB, 4032x2268)
683 KB
683 KB JPG
>tokyo eki
nice train station. It was rainy as fuck when I went.
File: crippled.jpg (18 KB, 183x262)
18 KB
fuck modern car designers. They deserve the rope

File: 2019-Mazda-2.jpg (43 KB, 640x384)
43 KB
That are the best smol city cars?
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That dumb curved line on the sideskirt ruins everything and looks like a fat belly
File: velosterrspec.jpg (83 KB, 800x451)
83 KB
the we must always buy honda crowd always arrives first, and makes the same mistake.
Straight side skirt and headlight ending upwards or straight and it would look way more like a normal BMW.
Is the Suzuki Swift Hybrid version worth it?
Cheaper than the sport and probably will still be allowed to enter EU cities for a couple more years.
>4th generation not coming to US market
It hurts.

File: C43.png (925 KB, 1213x883)
925 KB
925 KB PNG
What would turn you away from buying a particular car?
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File: Nigger stew.webm (2.92 MB, 400x400)
2.92 MB
2.92 MB WEBM
Then explain why most cities in the North that niggers moved to are still crime ridden shitholes. A century is plenty of time to unlearn Southron culture if that is what's causing it. African countries have even worse problems than the ones homegrown negroes create here.

does this count
"reluctant to sell" usually means they wont budge on the fucked high price they've put their car up for.
>/o/ teach me how to buy a used truck in AZ
Make sure it's not a former work truck. They get beat to shit in the desert heat.

Love my Jimny, keeps up offroad with my dads Defender no problem and it's hilarious to drive on the streets because it fits through gaps of traffic no other car can
File: 1573526654668.png (395 KB, 750x749)
395 KB
395 KB PNG
ok boomer
File: 1574155202455.png (1.23 MB, 829x586)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB PNG
Hi Renegadefag!
defenders are shit though
File: superior.png (68 KB, 269x268)
68 KB
Jimnys make me go hehe everytime I see one

File: 1569821085157.png (241 KB, 665x310)
241 KB
241 KB PNG
Things I have learned /o/ edition

- If you just bought a used car with over 150,000 miles, first thing replace the timing belt

- Silicone Wiper Blades are worth it

- LED headlights are worth it

- Iridium spark plugs are good for well over 100,000 miles

- Steel wheels 15" if you live in a pothole state

- Don't cheap out on tires, but don't blow your whole wad on Le Michelin Supreme Meme tires

- Use synthetic 0w-whatever the manual says, change every 6 months, or 7500 miles

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Own filters are designed with foreknowledge of the engines behavior, and the engines are designed with foreknowledge of the filter. I don't know what 'improvement' you hope to get with a different filter.

and I definitely don't know why you think that that using a different spark plug will help you in a cramped engine bay. The gap is the distance between the electrode and the anode on the end of the plug. As for my experience, I've fabbed tools that enabled my shop to perform an oil feed pipe inspect/replace campaign without dropping the entire drivetrain in place. Is that good enough for you? Warranty time is 8.4, we can do them in about two now.


Sometimes... But what do you hope to accomplish with a 'better filter'. Just do your oil changes on time and you're fine.
Walmart goodyears I used to buy have about half the tread depth as the ones I just bought at a tire shop
Veepeak read abs codes?
To answer my own question: no it doesn't. In fact none of the cheap ones appear to. Cheapest abs code reader is over $90. Why is it so hard to read abs?
File: 1569189952621.jpg (180 KB, 629x474)
180 KB
180 KB JPG

they're fine, unless you're hooning or hauling. i've pulled many, many, many blown out tires off of wheels, and your expensive tires are just as likely to fuck off as the cheapest ones, in the US.


are you really going to stand there and tell us that you get goodyears at sneeds tire shop @ 10/32nds and that walmart goodyears come at 5/32nds? because i was actually a service manager at a walmart TLE a long time ago. i've handled thousands and thousands of tires in stock and ordering.

File: TOMS-Supra-Super-GT-4.jpg (192 KB, 730x487)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
This thing had a 4 cylinder Celica engine, not the 6 cylinder Supra engine. Live with that.
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Why is it that everything in Japan seems to get 10x as sunbleached in a given amount of time as anywhere else?
And even if they did, the GT-R LM and R390 were far, far removed from the road car. Comparing road cars to fully built race cars is like rednecks thinking their stock Ford Fusion has any resemblance to a fucking 900hp NASCAR.
152E, then 4TGTE.
File: 1571974156354.jpg (225 KB, 1080x1080)
225 KB
225 KB JPG
Usually something done to the picture, or specific lighting. Things that are left outside in most parts of Japan tend to get wet, and then they stay wet for most of the year because very high humidity.
Because it's the land of the rising sun

ITT: Cheap reliable cars FOR EUROPOORS

For me it's the Mitsubishi Charisma. They are dirt cheap, usually 1000 euros, and absolutely bulletproof
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90's Peugeot? 406 or 306 are also pretty comfy and spacious.
Peugeots ending with 6 are based. It all went downhill with the 7s.

nah I'd say 90's were the last truly good Peugeot but they've been making it up recently their current 20/30 models are pretty good.
Three Mitsubishis on the first page, what is happening
3000€ Auris Diesel.
Virtually unstoppable

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