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File: Snapchat-1307190462.jpg (2.05 MB, 1245x2560)
2.05 MB
2.05 MB JPG
Post cars that are a disgrace to the environment.

Pic is a 1988 C3500 with a 454 averaging 9.5 mpgs
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No it isnt. It said 14
File: 95124111991002.jpg (1.03 MB, 1024x682)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB JPG
How are these off road? I continue to see alot of them here in Boise Idaho. I like the look especially with big tires and a 2" lift. Is there a diesel with better MPG?
>legendary manufacturer
>literally who
That is why I posted the Tesla. Also the disposal problem it creates.
GMT 400 are based offroad, but they don't come with solid axles at the front unlike the older k trucks. If you want serious off-road capabilities there are several kits to install them.

Get a basic LT1 1500 over a diesel

>germany made new law
>small electric vehicles up to 20 km/h, 600W, 55 kg and 700 mm width are street legal now and only require small insurance sticker, lights, reflectors and two Independent brakes
What is stopping me giving pic related additional brakes, lights and an insurance sticker to drift around the city?
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I'm not sure, they tend to insure all these crappy chinese scooters, so why not this drift kart thing?
IDK, my commute is short and it looks like fun.
Maybe give it an AE-86 bodykit or something for the lulz...
>20 km/h
>Street legal
Imagine driving this around town and down the highway
>on the street
I hope someone plows through you at actual car speed (50-80km/h) so you stop blocking traffic
No highways on my commute and it is legal to use footpaths as well as bikepaths.

Anyone watching this? Much better than their last endeavor. They do some backstory but it seems minimal. A good chunk is actual cars. The announcing is corny as fuck though. And of course seems dramatized a little. Needs a little more grit less game show (even though that’s what it is)

Why don't you own a F-450?
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File: 1137-3077.jpg (930 KB, 1400x1332)
930 KB
930 KB JPG

I have a real truck.
The bigger X in the F-X50 is, the heavier and more capable it is.

Ranger = 1/4 ton (used to be F-100 way back) load capacity
F-150 = 1/2 ton
F-250 = 3/4 ton
F-350 = 1 ton
F-450 = 1.5 ton
F-550 = 2 ton
F-650 = 5 ton
F-750 = 7 ton

At least that's how the measures used to be.
Modern F-150 can carry a lot more than a 1/2 ton anymore.
Eh, I like Kenworth cabs more.
File: duallyburb.jpg (105 KB, 664x498)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
Duallies are still better for bumper towing.
Seething europoor. I hope you're happy raising Muhammad Jr.

File: CIAIJ0FW8AAci_h.jpg (58 KB, 640x640)
58 KB
I bought a 240sx with bf goodrich super sport tires that are rotted but got lots of tread so I've kept on driving it for months. I've become increasingly paranoid they are going to blow on the highway so I need new tires.

I decided I was going to get exact same tires so I went to tire store and they told me "generals are the best" and that they do not sell super sports.

Anyway question is - what tires should I get? 240sx s13 is not a fast car but I still like throwing it into a drift at every turn. I just want good bang for your buck tires that will feel good to drive.

SCUM posters please just get it out of your system and leave this thread fast
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Bridgestone Potenza S-04 or Michelin Pilot Sport 4S if you're looking for a summer tire
People tend to discount things like NASCAR and drag racing as being simple and lacking in technical skill.
I sure know I wouldn't be able to drive door to door with a pack of cars going 200 mph or keep a top fuel dragster in a straight line.
Drifting is getting some of that as well. There isn't the realization that keeping a 1000 hp car on the door of the one in front of you and going sideways at 100 mph takes a bit of skill.

As far as getting too big, the commercialization of any big form of sport is just inevitable. Sponsors are in it for money, not necessarily the good of the sport. They'll pull out if things start going south.
I think on the whole that people are starting to realize that there isn't this boundless potential for growth in every industry. There needs to be a point you hit and can be content with what there is. Things will inevitably go up and down, but the go big or go home mentality really fucks things up in the long run.
Potenzas are actually garbage, less traction than a lot of chink tires

If you want summer tires federals are the best ive used. In terms of all seasons most tires are made equal and whatever you get is going to be more or less the same as what you already have. It helps to read reviews, especially if youre looking for good rain/snow performance.

for stock size tires, id say get some nitto nt05s, they were pretty decent when I had them on my vert, but desu my next tires are probably going to be sailuns cause theyre cheap and grippy af on my q45
>Potenzas are actually garbage, less traction than a lot of chink tires
I've had S-04's on a couple cars and you're simply wrong.

File: file.png (481 KB, 590x390)
481 KB
481 KB PNG
Am I the only one who has a soft spot for very ugly, very bad cars?
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I don't know if this is pasta or the most bong post ever.
but...that's beautiful, anon
That belongs in the intimidating cars thread. Looks 3x too nice.
File: file.png (561 KB, 640x480)
561 KB
561 KB PNG
Robins are absolutely great fun and they are surprisingly fast.

I'd recommend one but they are very unreliable and terrible pieces of shit

>3 quarts of oil every few months
>terrible brake rotors
>bad suspension bushings
>ball joints cost a fucking arm and leg
Subaru was a bad choice

Post classy cars.

Also my question for you is what makes a car classy /not classy?

Obviously dumb shit mods like huge rims and lowering it and putting a huge spoiler on it. But even still, some cars, no matter how stock and how pristine will never be classy. Where is that line? Can new cars be classy? Could a Japanese or Korean car ever be classy?
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oh no
File: TOYOTA-Crown-3600_26.jpg (213 KB, 1024x687)
213 KB
213 KB JPG
I made this car out of Lego when I was 3
File: 20180715_100737.jpg (624 KB, 1704x958)
624 KB
624 KB JPG
(pic related is actual car in vid. Met the owner he is a very nice man)

File: fuckingfaggott.jpg (36 KB, 590x350)
36 KB
Am I autistic in this? Am I the only one who gets pissed off when I see people drive with just one hand at the 12 o'clock position on the steering wheel?? I'm no fucking nerd that preaches 10-2 or 9-3, I happen to use the patrician grip of 8-4, or more often since I drive a manual, simply rest the one hand at 6. Now, normally I wouldn't care where one chooses to place their hand on the wheel, but 9 times out of 10 when someone is driving like a cunt on the freeway, it's some douchebag in a lifted truck with this hand position. The second group of faggots I see doing this are young yuppies in their poor man sports cars. I pulled up to some cholo in his civic si the other day and his arm was fully extended, gripping the wheel like he was going to deadlift it, and literally just sitting at the light flexing his arm muscles...I've also ridden with a couple friends who drive automatic, and they place that one hand lazily atop the wheel like they're matthew mcconaughey, and rest they're other hand on the FUCKING gear selector!? Like really Ken?? YEAH? You gonna shift into neutral while were going 70mph?? My theory is that the only people who do this are impressionable faggots who saw people driving like this in movies, tv, and music videos. Like I said I wouldn't give a shit, but when I see some dweeby 18 year old blow past me in his fucking scion tc with the muffler taken off, I glance over and 9/10 it's some retarded smug looking goon who thinks he looks like vin diesel in a furious movie. NEWSFLASH you stupid FUCK, trying to look cool is the epitome of being the very opposite. You're not in a fucking car commercial, you're not in a hollywood film cruising through the open road with a cigar in your mouth. You're fucking Jake and you're going to work at taco bell.
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>right hand duct taped
Sorry my driver's seat is on the correct side
So what do you think about knee driving?

I'm only 6'1'' and a lot of women are still taller than me with heels.
or you could, you know, drive an automatic like everyone else living in the twenty first century
Even so there's no reason to autistically hold one of my hands in place the entire time.
File: 1331166603128.jpg (7 KB, 210x208)
7 KB
That will never happen but you're free to keep seething, you fuckin spastic.

File: 61t7abcaF2L._UY560_.jpg (55 KB, 1141x560)
55 KB
Thoughts on buying a used Jag S-Type? They're all dirt cheap nowadays and the looks remain timeless.
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Slightly roomier interior than the X-type.
But god are they fuck ugly man.

The V6 in them is the same unit as went into the Mondeo ST220 iirc. Most of the car was GM parts bin, so should be cheap enough to keep going.
Actually alright check auto box faults front suspension all joints and electrical faults
Post 2004 facelift cars are generally was troublesome, although they’re generally less trouble than equivalent age Mercs (although not as reliable as Lexus or even BMW stuff).
Shares a bit of the underpinnings with Lincoln LS of the time

>GM parts bin lmao
Or you know because the final year of production was some 11 years ago. Certainly better than a similarly aged E-Class or 5-series when it comes to quality or depreciation.
Excellent yard decorations, not so excellent daily drivers.

I was cross-shopping a few JAAAAAAAAAAGs and E39s before I ended up with my LS400.
Don’t walk, RUN away

File: 1566233038087.jpg (117 KB, 1205x904)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
Post your cursed car related photos
71 replies and 32 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1507711239652.png (217 KB, 500x804)
217 KB
217 KB PNG
1. A wild Elderlyasian appears
2. It uses Drivelikeaspastic
3. It's super effective!
4. Arrive at ER 30 minutes later with 6 tiny cacti where your eyes used to be.
>Cursed AF!
File: ass.jpg (186 KB, 1920x1080)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
i want to speak with whoever this is. I want to understand
I'm sure automatic drivetrain on the corolla didn't help the situation lel.
File: Isthereagod.jpg (453 KB, 960x720)
453 KB
453 KB JPG
File: 1491787282249.jpg (1.06 MB, 2048x1536)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB JPG

File: image.jpg (312 KB, 960x480)
312 KB
312 KB JPG
Post your favourite modern car and your theme

a thread died so you could post yet another one about that ugly, slow shitbox
228i is faster and a better dd

FUCK this car makes me rock hard. Fucking LOOK at it. PLEASE for the love of GOD tell me why I really shouldn’t buy a Supra Mk3.
19 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
>shit no one cares about
back when my dad got his 85 mustang GT in 86 he was looking at the new supra and thought it was hella cool but couldn't afford it. Get it anon its an awesome car.
Buy a turd gen camaro or an e36 instead
Its a pretty car, has its flaws, but pretty
Honestly, OP, if you like it, I'd buy it. Most people don't like them and they don't cost a lot as a result. As long as you can find a good one that checks out for all of the "old car problems" like rust, fluid leaks, crusty rubber, bad brakes, weird running issues, etc., fuck it man, you do you.

I'd try to drive one first if you care about handling, though, they are total boats.

What are some good futuristic type cars like this that are fast and affordable?
2 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
tesla model 3
Dont want it too explode and dont have over 15k
>stuck in 90s concept tier interior and exterior
>explodes under load
Mk.III Supra looks like the 8 series, and costs a fraction to buy and maintain.

File: Img_0725.jpg (113 KB, 800x600)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
How unreliable are these? I want a 4x4 SUV for camping and light offroad and these are extremely cheap.

My other option would be a gmt400 tahoe, but those are usually more expensive
3 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I used to play 4x4 Evo multiplayer, the Durango was the best truck in the game, it would go up anything.
Pretty hit or miss. Knew a guy who's Durango crapped out on him at like 80k miles. Total engine failure. Another guy I know drove one up to 300k miles and then recently got a new durango. So idk. The 4x4 is great though. Terrific car in the snow.
4th gen 4runners have a V8 option, but they are hard to find cheap, same with older land cruisers.

Maybe an xterra or a 1st gen sorrento 4x4 would be in your budget.
Have a few Durango's. No matter what expect to replce the fan clutch. Just upgrade to a electric fan or expect a check engine light 10 seconds before you hear your engine pop. Happened to me twice and the new setup I have has had the fan clutch done 3 times now.

5.9l engines.
Shifts hard and averages 13mpg.
2003 for my current Durango.
Can pick them up for $700 so pretty good.
Alright I did some googling and I am sold guys, just need to need if I should ger the 4.7 SOHC or the 5.2 OHV, from what I've read the 5.2 is verynreliable and the 4.7 is reliable but when it fails it's lots of money to fix

So which engine should I get?

The 5.9 is the R/T version right? Is the AWD system any different from the regular 4WD?

How weak are the transmissions? Do axles and joints fail when lifted?

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