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File: on_killing.jpg (24 KB, 260x397)
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Why is morality during war treated differently? "War crimes" are simply crimes. For example, a man can kill another man for a number of reasons and receive a life sentence, but you can sadistically torture and murder tens of people during a war and you'll receive 20 years max, and almost never close to that much if you were on the winning side. How does being involved in a war lessen the nature of crimes?
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I remember reading excerpts of this in a B&N. I found it fascinating but later heard somewhere that the author's methodology had been called into question and the book got a dubious rep... anyone know more?
Because if you're a combatant you're "playing the game", so to speak. Same way Mobsters will kill each other in all sorts of brutal ways but generally avoid hurting civilians.
The state temporarily suspects most of law and all morals so that it can deal with its subversives or opponents directly with death and destruction, which would otherwise be too inconvenient or consigning the state to being toppled or reorganised.
His methodology for estimating what percentage of people fired their weapons at the enemy might be suspect but that really only represents a tiny portion of the book and even if it were proven to be false the book is still worth reading.

File: asdgtgtgt.jpg (44 KB, 500x500)
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Where do i start with reading? Last book I read was this (plus its sequel) probably 10 years ago

File: 118918083_o.jpg (693 KB, 856x1053)
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693 KB JPG
Who is the best french writer ?
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both of his parents were born in France. His father simply moved there because of his job.
File: 1541446495257.jpg (19 KB, 317x494)
19 KB
Benjamin Constant
Where does Maupassant rank
Below Villiers, that's where.

File: sheeple.jpg (306 KB, 1520x800)
306 KB
306 KB JPG
If you think this or follow this rule, you are a mindless idiot.
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File: ol eng pronouns.png (18 KB, 479x460)
18 KB
It's not even grammar. It's just an orthographic convention. I don't use apostrophes when I write anyway. I also make I'll lowercase as it should be if it doesn't start a sentence.

English orthography is incredibly conservative for some reason. I mean we had textspeak but that died when it become easier to type and with autocorrect/spellcheck forcing correctness.

I think it's because 'it' as we use it is much younger than other possessives so it's more akin to saying man's, which doesn't have different (in)dependent forms. iirc Old English had no distinct forms for dependent (adjective) and independent (noun) either. They were just pronouns in the genitive form. No idea how they came about or why. It seems to be from hit, but as you see the neuter was same as masculine. To our ear that wouldn't work as we'd be ascribing animacy and maleness to something inanimate.
>make "its" a possessive without an apostrophe which is irregular.
But that's regular: "his", "hers", "theirs" don't have apostraphies.
File: 1579413752433.png (384 KB, 527x471)
384 KB
384 KB PNG
America was a mistake.
I know this is a bait thread but it enrages me people here are stupid enough to actually believe proper punctuation is blue pilled.
its it's what it's its

File: 1579401406489.jpg (123 KB, 778x644)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
/lit/ films
>Behind Vatican walls, the conservative Pope Benedict and the liberal future Pope Francis must find common ground to forge a new path for the Catholic Church.
It's embarrassing seeing people who don't understand Catholicism try to make "important" movies about it. Forcing some awkward interpretation where Benedict and Francis are meant to represent the two poles of the binary American political paradigm is just culturally, philosophically and politically tonedeaf. Would American conservatives really feel much kinship with Benedict, who denounces capitalism and publicly praised the Catholic anarchist Dorothy Day? Would American liberals really consider themselves peers with Francis, who steadfastly upholds the Church's doctrines on abortion, homosexuality and the ordination of women? The only really straightforwardly "conservative" and "liberal" divide between these two are Benedict's skepticism of immigration and Francis' endorsement of it.
From the trailer:
>Pope's can't resign! If you do this you will damage the Papacy forever.
I doubt a clergyman would ever say this given the fact that five popes had resigned centuries before Benedict was alive. Lazy attempt to add dramatic flair.
>Nothing is static in nature, not even God.
Boring Hollywood platitude by a screenwriter who probably doesn't even know what process theology is or the fact that it is incompatible with Catholic doctrine.
>from the writer of The Theory of Everything and The Darkest Hour.
Bad sign. Pop historical trash.
>Nothing is static in nature, not even God.
That's an insultingly bad and heretical line. Films like this only further justify shunning Hollywood and mass media.

Further, how do they even legally make such garbage that slanders two living men?
Agreed, film stunk of americanisms. But the film had some really well-written dialogue.
pile of shit
The Tenant
Bad Boy Bubby
Jodorowsky's films
Conspirators of Pleasure

My book.
File: 1541274961103.jpg (24 KB, 315x436)
24 KB
pic related

File: 1558176959429.jpg (253 KB, 1260x1803)
253 KB
253 KB JPG
Whenever I see your name
It's when I'm already thinking of you
And I think it says less about serendipity than it does about how often I think about you

Even that you betrayed me, I can't go 5 minutes awake or in dreams without you in my head, and even in corrosive contempt I have nothing but gentle feelings toward you

What does lit do with a feel like such as

I have to spend $4000 in 3 months for this new credit card. What are the most /lit/ purchases I can make? I don't like to be a consoomer and I don't want to buy books (I pirate them all).
All suggestions are welcome
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judging by your first statement, a good book about personal finance would be a good purchase
>copper bullion
funny joke
Did you take financial advice from Rudy?
Based and citizenpilled
A good Suit.

File: IMG_3186 (2).jpg (2.83 MB, 3351x4578)
2.83 MB
2.83 MB JPG
The quarterly is out!

Winter 2020 edition has been received from the printers and is now available. Those who already ordered, yours shall be shipped out today.
USA: https://www.amazon.com/Lit-Quarterly-Winter-2020/dp/1773541811/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=lit+quarterly&qid=1579286838&sr=8-1
Canada: https://www.amazon.ca/Lit-Quarterly-Winter-2020/dp/1773541811/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=lit+quarterly&qid=1579286865&sr=8-1
Outside Canada and US, please email litquarterly@gmail.com with mailing info.
Cost is $8CAD plus shipping.

Spring edition deadline is 31st January: accepting short fiction, poetry, and essays. Rules:
-original and not previously published
-no scifi, fantasy, romance genre
-serious, plausible, evocative, or satirical for content
-author must be open to feedback and editing

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Yeah, that’s a nah from me bro.
They are already over represented in the publishing industry.

I'm not going to go the usual route of attacking you for not interacting with enough females but brother you sound deeply fucking insecure. One woman in a literary journal isn't going to kill you or kill the fact that this project is created by men and features 99% men. You will survive. There's no reason to block people out from creativity. That's what the people you don't like do and by typing what you just did shows you're becoming no better than them. I believe you can be better than that. I know you can be. Hope you understand.
That's perfect
Have sex

I do. Which is why I know if you let a woman get involved it isn't always a red flag for a shitty product. You can't tell me you have only enjoyed male entertainment or leisure. It's a non issue that you're letting overrun your brain. Be cool. Be perceptive.

File: bambap.jpg (135 KB, 1280x720)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
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Hello there, I see you didn’t read the book.
believe what? the book is just funny as hell
I think that's that girl from MDE videos
she was always kind of attention seeking right wing
File: cover.jpg (96 KB, 1240x1755)
96 KB
been done already

File: 41.jpg (18 KB, 320x266)
18 KB
reject non-dualism
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thats gnostic

God transcends and created his creatures out of nothing and in the after life we will remain as creatures and not join Him in complete union.
Done. Non-dualism is the equivalent of closing your eyes momentarily and thinking that proves vision was never real.
We were fucked the minute we lost touch with polytheism. Spiritual forces represent what is beyond the good and evil paradigm. They all work for their own interests. We humans assign them the dualism filter based solely upon how their interests align with ours. Good and evil is a human constructed filter. You don't call animals barbaric murderers for eating their young. An animal is acting in its interest. There is no "bigger picture" other than a dynamic equilibrium of warring interests.

this is literally preferable to accepting an unjust god. I look forward to it.

>he isn't unjust
of course he is, pic related
>that doesn't count
of course it does. It is better to suffer eternally in hell than it is to accept an unjust god. fuck the holy spirit.
>it's your fault, not god's
of course it isn't, don't be stupid.

Now when the dust has settled, what's your opinion about John Green? Is he a modern Flaubert?
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>Everyone who doesn't agree with me is an incel.
Is this how you cope with your wife being a whore, anon?
Would have used a dick pic but sadly this is a blue board
Holy shit you retards need to go back to lurking for a bit.
No mate the dude she called wasnt even in the country. I dont think she ever cheated on me desu, she was always ok with me but lately i saw her that she was distant emotionally. The good news is that she is leaving country.

And about the nigger stuff i feel embarrased to have that happen because we are both from good families and educated. Me getting out of control saddens me the most.

Oh and she felt the slaps lol
Their parents werent so bad desu, lawyer and her mother is a doctor, she is pretty high probs brainwashed like every other female at her age. She was actually devoted for me, yes i did freak out when i started reading the demographics about divorces etc and she told me that i started becoming isolated and aggressive. I told her i focused on my business and i dont seek relationships with normies and i only care about a good future of my children. Anyway its a long story and it hurts at the moment

File: 1578510753746.jpg (189 KB, 1588x1191)
189 KB
189 KB JPG
Write what's on your mind.
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Babies forget the process of being born very quickly, they even forget you exist if you leave the room.
You thought about starting out in a ERP community on twitter, chatango or some other half reasonable place; then work yourself up to online dating?
Pain is a prerequisite for most life. It is the base over which the rest of emotions are built. Even simple beings like jellyfish and starfish, which do not have nervous systems, have super simple nerve nets that react to touch and damage. Our pain systems are merely a sophisticated version of that, they helped us survive, for they track and help remember and avoid treaths. Accept pain as your greatest ally. Do not hate the messenger for what the enemy said. You hate danger, pain just tells you it is getting closer.
Is it normal to read about love if i've never been in one? Sometimes i do think that a lot of meaning goes over my head because i never loved anyone.
good post

This is my hamster named Spinoza.
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Not very cash money of you
Jokes on you, Satan just gave me a call, and he's made a special reservation for you at the "get lobbed at a brick wall full of nails for all eternity" fun fair.
uwu senpai
Mine is called Will
That’s a fine name indeed

File: antifa femdom.jpg (65 KB, 901x624)
65 KB
Are there any writers whose work you love but whose politics you absolutely despise?
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Anyone else who pastas add the A maybe butterfly will really kill its self if we get the A in there
I'm the above guy, it's worth a try
Celine, Hamsun, some others probably. If it's not in the work itself, I don't care
that's every thread though, as well as almost the entire world

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