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File: 1.2..jpg (84 KB, 800x535)
84 KB
Why are your browsing /lit/ instead of reading?
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I'm afraid that I won't understand what I'm reading and it will hurt my confidence.
I'm a chronic procrastinator and it's killing me
i havent read 1 book this year desu apart from uni books
I’m contemplating what to read
That's why I mostly read the bible.

File: leatherjournal.jpg (78 KB, 600x489)
78 KB
Where do I get a really nice quality leather journal? In Canada or US preferably. I'm looking at this right now:
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Fuck off im not telling you my leather guy. You hipster faggots have already ruined his business enough and he’s raised the price of everything
Fuck you leatherman
I’ve been researching leather journals for the past month straight.

Some pro tips:

1. Avoid anything made by the Amish. I’m not kidding; their craftsmanship is complete shit. They are an attractive option because they use exotic leathers but it’s simply not worth it.

2. Buy something standardized like an A5 cover or 5x8 legal pad so you can swap out the paper for other applications too. Gives you some more flexibility

3. Consider padfolios if you don’t mind the size. More options and better craftsmanship

4. If all else fails, just get a generic leather moleskin cover/holder

5. Etsy has some ok leather workers but the wait time is a bit long

Pic unrelated, marissa Mayers old office
Ask me how I know you're an autistic social recluse
Buy one from a vendor at your local Renaissance fair.
Best journal I've ever purchased came to me that way. It was quite expensive though if i remember correctly.

Where should I start with him?
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He was rich.
just write good books you get a pass on quite a bit
There is also an audiobook of Burroughs reading Naked Lunch but I can't find it anymore. Burroughs voice really adds to the character.
This works in America.

What are some examples of talentless or mediocre authors that somehow made it to the list of “crticially acclaimed historically significant authors” because of either their personality or marketing skills?

Pic related is the epitome for me
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your mom was enjoyable last night
Me, hopefully
Did you enjoy popping her pimples?
>Ham in the Rye

Ah, the unexpected Bukowski/Salinger collaboration.
File: tx.jpg (12 KB, 249x249)
12 KB
Ham in the Rye, Post Office > your favorite book


Now that pewdiepie has ruined alfsvoids esotericism, what are some other /lit/ approved niche YouTubers?
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Oh? What's your account name?
File: manchild.png (113 KB, 187x228)
113 KB
113 KB PNG
>in every video i wear a different hat
MODPO is good for poetry







Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: 1469661292515.jpg (47 KB, 500x375)
47 KB
Fuck yes, thank you bro.

Its time to stop

File: page_1_thumb_large[1].jpg (28 KB, 320x452)
28 KB
>within the globalist neoliberal paradigm, sleeping is for losers

What did he mean by this?
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Elon Musk was never a wagecuck
Musk was born to a massively wealthy family. His engineers have made pretty much everything for Tesla. Judging by the amount of tweets Musk makes he isn't working too hard.. The man even admitted he lucked in to Paypal. You just sound like a wagie who thinks anyone can do anything.
This book was much better than Fisher's Capitalist Realism.
I work on a commission basis, so I set my own hours. I just really like money is all.
>being this spooked by fictional fiat currency


File: rat.jpg (31 KB, 400x299)
31 KB
Can someone suggest some novels that show the emptiness in hedonism? Preferably more obscure works because otherwise i'd just google.
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The Great Gatsby
The Picture of Dorian Gray

Have you ever had sex?
This is patently ridiculous. First of all, literature helps anyone, regardless of their material or ideological predilections, to better understand the arguments for and against any position. Even your imagined example of someone who has achieved the peak of hedonistic bliss but has nevertheless found it soulless could certainly better understand the nature of his amorphous sense of its insufficiencies by reading Plato, or Kierkegaard, or whomever.

If the average person’s life experiences were rich, complex and nuanced enough, and if the average person could understand every nook and cranny of these experiences, down to their deepest roots, we would have little need for literature and philosophy, and would not hold great thinkers and artists in such high regard. They have gone to the extremes we cannot, extremes in the world and in themselves, bringing with them into those abysses intellectual and spiritual tools with which the average person is not equipped, and they have come back from such subterranean depths to articulate the strange sights they saw, the profound wisdom they gathered, the new categories they derived, with an incisiveness, eloquence and grace to which it would be foolish for the Everyman to even pretend to aspire. A genius who dedicated his life to the question of hedonism, tracing out carefully all its merits and demerits, will have a much greater understanding of it than some rich douchebag who never thought twice about the deeper meaning of his lifestyle, or some rich douchebag who did think twice about it, and gave his fortune away to charity.

Not every question deserves a reductive pseudo-Nietzschean answer about resentment and power dynamics.
You're shouting the wrong advice at the wrong person. You couldn't be more off base. I'm a man looking at another man who's locked in a prison and I want to know what he thinks. Chill
very well put

File: cc1.jpg (26 KB, 619x453)
26 KB
In a barbarous and foreign land, where the sky was extremely dark but things were shine as if they were on the open day, in such weird land, our heroine woke up without memories of that day or how she arrived there. She saw a really old and big oak there next to her, some vines that entangled it graciously, some dark greenish but dull bushes that surrounded them and danced all around. She then felt a pebble in her shoe, one of the ancestral pebbles and marbles that filled the ground there. She saw some stones, smoothed and limed around, and she wondered if there were some centuries ago some fortress there. Butterflies fluttered around her, making she feel it was a dream, but where is that place, she kept asking herself. The smell of wet dirt and rotten folliage made her felt a bit of hunger. It was a warm and perfect day. Everything was silent except for some cicadas that were screaming quietly.
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I'm also ESL, so take my opinions with a grain of salt. Also on mobile so shit formatting

>In a barbarous and foreign land, where the sky was extremely dark but things were shining as if they were on the open day,
Why does this happen? It's super confusing to have this image right away without further sensory description. Is it night? It there even a night?
>in such weird land,
This adds nothing, either cut or finish the description and add a full stop.
>our heroine woke up without memories of that day or how she arrived there.
Our heroine has a fairytale feel. Is that your intention?
>She saw a really old and big oak there next to her, some vines that entangled it graciously, some dark greenish but dull bushes that surrounded them and danced all around. She then felt a pebble in her shoe, one of the ancestral pebbles and marbles that filled the ground there.
Don't repeat "some" so much. In fact you could omit it.
>She saw some stones, smoothed and limed around, and she wondered if there were some centuries ago some fortress there.
Can't find a term for "limed around". You should point out these stones are larger, or people are going to imagine pebbles like the one in her shoe.
Again "some" fortress
"And she wondered if those could've been the remains of a fortress", something like that

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
This. Sorry OP, your grammar just needs work. Your first sentence is unreadable English. Once you get up to speed on the language you might be alright.
If you really are ESL, this isn't bad. Your grammar definitely needs some work, but you are conveying your idea pretty well. I enjoyed your post.
Avoid words that end in -ly
oh fuck, my novel is about a family, how screwed am i?!

File: 1527156707038.jpg (46 KB, 850x440)
46 KB
What comes after Nietzche created nihilism and postmodernism?
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nietzsche did not create nihilism that was the rational/socratic man and christcucks.
That is some real entry level tier knowledge of Nietzsche
Friendly reminder that Nietzsche would burn his own books if he were still alive today.

File: 1524744282030.jpg (36 KB, 694x693)
36 KB
Would you agree with this statement? This board seems to despise certain best selling books.
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There is a distinct difference between going against the grain and not liking something popular for the sake of being different and passing yourself off as interesting (i.e. contrarian/snowflake), and expressing sincere worry for inevitable cultural decline and the rise of mass society (i.e. blackpilled).
File: 1544575054010.jpg (224 KB, 634x937)
224 KB
224 KB JPG
This, also >>12219189
I’ve got a soft spot for McCarthy so I’d argue that you’re a fucking pleb if you shit on either of the first. I welcome anybody who shits on mass literature, bless their hearts.
When you hate popular things it's definitely a sign of being an interesting person
File: 1529441401316.png (303 KB, 478x866)
303 KB
303 KB PNG
Nietzsche was right when he said that modern people, wh*toids especially, are of mixed social origins meaning elite and graceful proclivities can be in us all as well mean and plebeian ones. In the past, aristocrats would hate popular expressions for nothing else than being popular. The philosophy of difference may have been as dear to them as compassion and morality are to us. I mean, the Latin patricians literally spoke a different dialect from the proletarii and when they started to merge, the elite spoke to each other in Greek. Entirely "elite" tastes are now a thing of the past considering high culture is increasingly accessible. That is to say there are fewer and weaker barriers to entry for the most innovative artforms and the aspects of elite culture quickly descend to more common circles. The most experimental music can be found on YouTube, regular people save up money to buy high-fashion pieces, everyone has extremely cynical opinions about visual art and we crusade against illiteracy moreso than we do against malnutrition.

That said, there is still a very human impulse to find or create difference in rank between things and people so individuals will engage in the formation of exclusive cliques either way. So what happens when elitism cannot be effectively expressed through taste? I think>>12219184 and >>12220122 got it. The financial and leisure class, I think, dropped the tendency to create and enjoy exclusive media so they engage with very common and accessible media; the lowest common cultural denominator. Remember things are popular less out of quality and more because of its' ability to resonate with as many people as possible.

Now difference in rank comes not from which media is consumed but rather how it is. The politicization and patholigization of casual media is an example of this. When something's artistic merits are so base and simple, culturally enriched people will either seek something a little more engaging (now ruled out as an option) or will complicate it according to their own experiences and opinions. Want an extreme example? Go look for that article trying to uncover the children's cartoon Paw Patrol as unironic fascist utopianism. Or there was this one critic trying to extract Socratic philosophy from To Pimp a Butterfly. You think Kendrick Lamar really tried sneaking in Greek skepticism into an album about nogs shooting nogs? This is entirely an artistic development of the consumer; here enjoyment and critique becomes art itself because there you can show off your fancy-boy edjumacation and your familiarity with once more esoteric works in context. It became a trick of people in meta-ironic elite circles to let entryists and tourists look for and relish in more complex works while they themselves re-assert their dominance, not by separating themselves like ascetic priests but by showing off their elitism in the midst of the commoners.

When will you guys admit that literature is a dead or at the very least, quickly dying medium? The rates of books sold may be the same, but the rates of actually good literature that is sold and that makes any sort of dent in the public consciousness is dropping precipitously. When was the last time that there was a book like The Sorrows of Young Werther, a fantastic work of art that impacted an entire generation? The good writers of literature, who spend their whole lives in the creation of this work, publish their work to an small audience of highly educated upper class rich people that barely appreciate it. There will never again be another Homer, another Dante, another Milton. Serious literature has no impact except maybe on the life of the writer himself.
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
File: 66666666666.png (79 KB, 416x435)
79 KB
>Why are you doing an unpopular thing?
>Do a popular thing!
The west is dying and with it the higher spheres of achievement.
never said to do something else.
I do what I want, bitch

In this case, it happens to be reading and writing, so smd and blow it out your ass
Mine too my nigga

write what's on your mind
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Hiking, shopping, listening to music, going outdoors...

Seriously though, I have a few. I play Warhammer because I got into it at an early age and enjoy the creativity and art of it. Fun camaraderie with the lads I know too. I read, obviously. Is that considered a hobby? I'm honestly not entirely sure. I write too but I know it's mostly trash. I've dabbled in blacksmithing because it struck my fancy with historical things. I would like to take up sewing. No joke. Not just a hobby but also quite useful. Calligraphy too. Looks cool.

Being a NEET is fun and all but a bit stressful when I need more money.
Niiiniiii ninononi niiiiniiii ninononi niiininononi nininonino
I used to take pride in reading more difficult books but now I realize I lack the general and basic knowledge to really understand them.
>Is it possible to be a Christian and a Nietzschean?
No. The end of the latter is to perpetuate the recycling of Spirit within Kosmos through the expedient gratification of primal/materialistic urges, and ignorance of the Spiritual dissipation and death that this entails. The end of the former is to awaken/reveal the occluded, latent nobility of Spirit within the world and transcend Kosmos through martial struggle and the nourishing of nobility/life. Some of Nietzsche's concepts pertaining to self-realization and self-fulfillment can be reinterpreted and comprehended within Christianity, but as far as I'm concerned, more optimal alternatives exist, and his works are more valuable as sociocultural accounts of his milieu.

>I disagree with his assessment of Christianity (well, insofar as Christianity is Catholicism, Orthodox, Copt, etc) as a slave morality
Christianity is a spiritual doctrine;
>Catholicism, Orthodox, Copt, etc
Are Judeochristian sects. Judeochristianity conduces to degeneracy and slavery; Christianity conduces to optimality and freedom.
I fucking hate everything. I'm cold inside. I use things to distract me, I grew up on 4chan. I don't know what I'm doing in life. Im Paranoid, I can't sleep. I'm depressed. I get a surge of happiness for like 30 minutes then I withdraw. My mind only calms down when I sleep. but im still happy to be alive and experiencing all this, we only live once so i'll embrace it.

wow this what somewhat therapeutic.

File: Plato_Complete_Works.jpg (37 KB, 333x499)
37 KB
what is the quality of pic related edition like? i'm about to buy it, just want to make sure i'm not getting fucking memed
29 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Spotted the Marxist comie undergrad pseud!
It's like you walked into that on your own volition you fucking ungrateful tard
>Plato believed
are you even trying ffs
>are you even trying ffs
Not an argument.
If you sincerely believe that rhetoric doesn't belong in an argument then why are you on 4chan?
>If you sincerely believe that rhetoric doesn't belong in an argument then why are you on 4chan?
That's not an argument I'm afraid.

File: Db5zzHoXUAA33KC.jpg (313 KB, 900x1200)
313 KB
313 KB JPG
Should prospective authors avoid academia?
17 replies omitted. Click here to view.
most well socialized guys fail shit tests miserably if the definition i found online of shit test means anything. It seems like the guys who are good at passing shit tests would be aggressive or uncaring men
tfw no thicc classicist gf
File: 1542144637084.png (251 KB, 601x601)
251 KB
251 KB PNG
>venmo in bio
>gofundme stickied
Niggers always looking for a handout.
I just want to fuck her really hard from behind.
By not getting a bachelor's degree, one in America these days is putting themselves at a disadvantage, when it comes to wanting to seek a job apart from writing books, self-employed publishing.

File: 18462724.jpg (830 KB, 1350x2190)
830 KB
830 KB JPG
Why does every fucking author become slow as fuck after the second or third book?
I want to know when it became cool to be a lazy fuck that takes forever to write. Ffs, Brandon Sanderson cranks out books like a welfare queen shits babies, but GRRM and PR can’t put out one book every five years?
The name of the wind is trash, it reads as if the author has never left his flyover home or read about other cultures
GRRM and PR keep rewriting that's why. I bet there's like 10 versions of TWOW written and thrown out.
ITT we post the worst of the series. These books are shite.
“I hate them!” Ell spat, surprising me with her sudden rage. “I hate men!” Her knuckles were white as she gripped Greytail’s reins. Her face twisted into a mask of anger. Krin put her arms around Ell, but when she looked at me I saw the sentiment reflected quietly in her dark eyes.

“You have every right to hate them,” I said, feeling more anger and helplessness than ever before in my life. “But I’m a man too. Not all of us are like that.”
When they're the quality of Sanderson's books that's nothing to be proud of.

Unfortunately for Rothfuss, he isn't any better and STILL takes years.

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