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Any other autobiographies like his? Other than Dostoevsky's Idiot?
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Imagine getting a seriously long tit fuck from those hulking honkers
>only serious posts pls
>i am jezelposting asking for serious posts in the 1000000th “any incelbooks?” thread this hour
hey guys any books for virgins underground who are misanthropically dissociated? im looking for notes for the underground but may consider a dostoevsky novel and im ready for a potential reading of some russian existentialism maybe something like musings from the dostoevskyground or fyodor’s tales of being a misanthrope with no friends

fuck you
so much of literature is based on this topic
and let me recommend Fyodor Dostoevsky, especially his short stories but also his long ones you fucking npc
maybe he will crack your retarded exoskeleton (ever so ingeniously designed to do damage control on your horrendous existence)
anon... pls... why dangle a carrot that i can never attain...
File: sauce.gif (143 KB, 600x600)
143 KB
143 KB GIF
Yes please!... COOOOOM!... on her tits, OH YEAH!!!
Biggest load I've shot this week, alrighty!
Based Coomer posters

What have you done to make your life more Antifragile?
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I do 50 every day, can do in a row about 20
stop memeing this guy
despite the memes, Taleb offers good help for doomers.
I've also found that to be true. I just wish he wasn't that big of an asshole on the internet.
File: ellul.jpg (8 KB, 215x234)
8 KB
you people are insane, i've never posted about Taleb here. Just finished reading Antifragile and thought his boomer advices were pretty good. I still don't understand why he proclaims to be a libertarian while hating on big corporations and stuff.

File: IMG_20191204_192741.jpg (1.25 MB, 1966x2896)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB JPG
Do you believe in any of the other Gods of the Bible?
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they're demons you idiots. LESSER gods aka fallen angels of various sorts
Wrong. OT is very explicitly polytheistic early on, although it sort of gradually morphs into monotheism later on. The books are written over a 1000+ year span and the religion changed a lot in time.
This is cannon.


Books about people becoming infatuated with concepts of spiritual truths without actually getting to the fundamental truth of love? From what I know the temple of the golden pavilion might be an instance of what I’m looking for
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Read Plato's Lysis, Symposium, Gorgias, Phaedrus, then Philebus.
He's some autist that says strange things. Martin Cabello.

Thanks for posting the first recs!
Excalibur. Exercise, calisthenics, burr it's cold out.
why does every spiritual guy has to be this tattod piercing wearing perpetually high retard

File: 1532585998001.png (556 KB, 928x831)
556 KB
556 KB PNG
The last author you read is now going to live with you and follow you around for one month. How fucked are you?

If they were dead they've been resurrected.
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you'll turn into an arab
File: images.jpg (15 KB, 305x336)
15 KB
Eh he seems like a nice guy to hangout with and smoke cigs while talking about the system of objetcs and it's psychological effects on the human psyche.
Why are they in China?
>Cormac McCarthy
Should be a comfy month desu.
Abolition of Britain

Why does this man insist on writing in the way he does? Couldn't his ideas be expressed in much simpler terms, with way less adverbs and new compounds?

If anyone would like to try, I propose a game where, bit by bit, people in this thread can rewrite meltdown except this time, its actually coherent.
It's supposed to be written like scifi and jungle music.
he doesn't actually anymore. He writes like an anglo stemtard now.
Welcome to continental philosophy from Hegel onwards
That's his terrible style.

File: misty-foggy.jpg (370 KB, 700x500)
370 KB
370 KB JPG
Post a passage of your writing that you consider to contain some of your finest prose. I want to read something pretty.
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It's just the beginning of a kind of long book i'm planning. the dream is going to end in an alien invasion. its just describing a typical withdrawal dream that happens in 5 minutes.
I wrote in in like 30 minutes, please have mercy. My first real attempt at writing something sober.
A tantalising hope: A wholly different state than any of the others, written and unwritten. A satire of conscience drawing me to visualise a place for me, in which I am comfortable, stable; economically – mentally – two pillars of masculinity – in touch with my mother – my father - spiritually - corporeally - and I will say the woman – Cleo – came again – but I can’t be certain it was her – but by god the beauty in the dream – I keep seeing the sea – the coast – in my dreams – this one no exception – and gazing out across it – at evening – Cleo gone – the gulls crying for the loss – rocks in wonderous pillars and formations – low tide – a salt pillar – orange-pink – dazzily sky – I want to see it again – to see it for real – even in the dream I had a faux awakening – and knew that that had been a dream – the non-dream-dream even worse than the former – I miss it all – the adventure – the originality – unadulterated emotion. A state that has a burning sun, a gleaming sea. No sorrow, no weariness. Just an overwhelming contentment for my helm and captain, a sensation of flavors, dropped upon my tongue by the sublime.
Since my six years in that town I can no longer abide the noxious smell of malt whiskey, a malodorous reminder of that place to bring a chill upon my restive soul; of that small town, unmarked on maps but clinging to the west American coast, as if its residents would slip into the sea and be returned to the old world they fled from. Squat buildings of blackened wood were the claws with which the populace gripped fiercely, a tall white lighthouse being the single baleful eye of flame, watching the sea for newcomers that would be welcomed in one of three dingy inns, barely fit for rats, that served weak beer and even weaker spirits. It was a dreadful place.
There was no song or wind that filled the air, no light to color the world. The hills rolled endlessly beneath a sky of dull violet. Grass that grew wild in that place held cold dew on their blades. Beyond that were sparse forests whose ground held the roots of many trees. Innumerable stars had already faded from view, and the horizons edge beheld a halo of golden light. And then, there was Úrun, who ruled over all of it.

Úrun is a mountain that lies in the valley, for a bit of context.
Rainwater collects
in an old oaken barrel
outside my window

File: dwarfpotter.jpg (47 KB, 500x376)
47 KB
what house would you be in?
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slytherin looks like she would be into domming so probably her
Rowling did it because the red, blue, green, yellow houses are an actual thing in British private schools, but in real life it’s completely random. She just wanted to be a lazy writer
t. Privately educated bong
If they did belong in those they would be in them.
I was in our blue house, we only had three actually no yellow
>fuck slytherin
>marry ravenclaw
>kill hufflepuff
gryffindor can just not exist

File: 4chan.jpg (56 KB, 683x168)
56 KB
Write about 4chan in your best prose. (This is not a meta thread.)
picrel would be so good if it just had at least one more period

the second half drags for a long time

File: 1558938413589.jpg (113 KB, 1080x1350)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
Best book on motorcycles?
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>tfw she lost all her leg gains after the collision that left her in a wheelchair
Sport is dangerous.
Ive heard it was one of those gimmicky books you get as a christmas gift but never read
Hair looks better, as do the eyes.
File: iu[1].jpg (288 KB, 1280x720)
288 KB
288 KB JPG
is this a motorcycle?
How have I not seen this before? It's amazing and got me by surprise.

File: npr-logo.png (2 KB, 300x168)
2 KB

Why is all trash?
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Yeah their quota is showing, but to be fair there are a few decent books by wamyn and blacks. I understand /lit/'s aversion to contemporary publishing, but out of all these there are a few I've checked out where the writing seems solid and not just WHITE MAN BAD GIBE MONEY NOW DRUMPF
What is the patrician list then? I dont see you chucklefucks coming up with one because you dont fucking read. You faggots couldnt read your way out of a children's book.
Demoralization and Humiliation are two of the most necessary goals of effective propaganda
>no Ben Lerner
Nice try Rabbi

What do I need to read before I get into this guy?
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is he, the hegel of the 21st century?
just read the book you fuckign nig
You don't tastefully read Land after completing some stuffy thoroughly codified check list of influences, you get fucked up on him, make cringe twitter posts, and then feel a bit embarrassed after it wears off. Just pick up the book.
How do I read Immanuel Cunt without wanting to throw the book at the wall every like 3-5 pages?
what does that even mean

File: Dilthey.png (121 KB, 254x321)
121 KB
121 KB PNG
Would it be fair to critique the hermeneutic method through Michel Foulcaut's views on power and institutions, and their effect on the layman's perception on the world around him?
What are some other philosophical theories that reveal the shortcomings of hermeneutics?
read some Gadamer lmao

have sex
Depends what you mean. I think a lot of critiques of German historicism and hermeneutics are either explicitly or implicitly made on the grounds that the Germans naively underestimated alienation, naively ignored subaltern discourses, and all that shit. Check out Adorno's critiques of hermeneutics or of the "jargon of authenticity" for example. Marxists in general, because of their Hegelian concepts of alienation and the difference between objective/subjective spirit, will tend to see the "lifeworld" of the subject in terms of structures and oppressive relationships that are not navigable or "reclaimable" solely through hermeneutics. I guess the critique would be that critique itself, not just Verstehen, is necessary. Marx: "The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."

Insofar as the poststructuralists are post-Marxian, they have a lot of the same ideas. Even the postwar Marxists are sort of post-Marxian in this way, which is why they increasingly turned to things like psychoanalysis to understand how even critique, by itself, isn't enough, and how repressive structures and habits are reified. Foucault is one of the more prominent thinkers in this milieu.

Could also check out Habermas. Habermas ultimately has too much faith in neoliberal "institutions" himself (see the debate he had with Gadamer), but he was at least deeply conversant with the hermeneutic/historicist tradition, with Marxism, and probably with French shit as well.

You might also check out sociologists. Maybe Bourdieu's Logic of Practice or something. Sociologists often have the problem of how to balance first-person Verstehen with second-person structuralism / structural-functionalism, very much like the Marxists and the postwar French structuralists/poststructuralists. You can see that it's a common problematic, arguably going back to Hegel: How does the (at least ideally or potentially) radically free subject interact with institutions that necessarily, almost definitionally, restrain his freedom? What does it mean to "derive" institutions and their validity from the mass of thinking and understanding subjects?
Thanks man, looking forward to reading some of this stuff.
I'm writing a paper on hermeneutics. My intentions of bringing up Foulcault was to give an example of how our prejudices (our basic foundation for interpretation and understanding) might be controlled by our existance in a society with institutions like schools and prisons. What/Who decides what's normal thought and behaviour?
I've also written a bit about Marshall McLuhan and his statement "the medium is the message" to show how the evolution of language from an oral practice to a written one might have changed our perception and understanding of information.
Basically, the task of the paper is to explain the basics of hermeneutics, and what it is to understand meaning. My goal is to show both strengths and weaknesses of hermeneutics.
Is this guy black?

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O Дpяни.
File: 730.jpg (27 KB, 400x400)
27 KB
>socially broken and outcasted husk of a man claims to be the voice of reason about socialization
>leave your bubble and join my bubble!
read theory pseuds
piccone's collected essays


File: 1568325131735.png (1.96 MB, 1920x1080)
1.96 MB
1.96 MB PNG
Or, is it just the cheapest? Does it depend on what the beholder projects (and by bouncing it off the aesthetic, retrieves) unto the work? Is it all just kitsch by a more pleasant name?

fuck aesthetics.
fuck irony.
fuck 'infinity'.
and fuck 'zero'.

those four concepts alone have done immeasurable damage to humanity and society.

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