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Is there any critique of Nietzsche or critique of existentialism in general?
I'm so into existentialism right now, I need a repressor to get sane on.

I know that Heidegger was critical to Nietzsche, but I think it was more like Heidegger's Nietzsche than Nietzsche.
I've heard Georg Lukács criticized existentialism and Nietzsche but I don't know what the book is.
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theism is unjustifiable
there’re some good philosophical arguments for the existence of god (like the first cause), but they don’t justify theism for sure (only deism)
Who are you to say he's not a philosopher?
Read some neo-existentialism
- Ferraris

Otherwise read some real philosophers like
- Markus Gabriel
You can be an existentialist and believe in god like kierkegaard tho
Christianity necessitates existentialism. It wouldn't make sense.

File: 1558203604691.jpg (24 KB, 351x365)
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Why do universities pretend that poetry is important?
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Poetry is suppose to be learnt and memorised during nursery to enlighten the soul and fill your spirit with happiness and memories of old times.

Its taught at university as a joke, rubbing the lost wisdom in your face as you struggle to point to America on a map
>>13681067 your female parent is a whatever you said
no the point of ppetry is to impress whamen with how sentisive your are
America is a shit country. The social climate is riddled with shitstorms and muh culture rants. The individual wants to surmount the highest peak yet his culture wants to be dragged along. Technology has made echo chambers of social platforms, and personalities have degraded into expression-per-cue occurrences. Finer points of humanity have been eroded by said shitstorms, and the level of crime, muh racism, obesity, and shoddy workmanship have left the few men worth their weight in gold trying to keep shit clear of their family members’ eyes and ears. Universities should be more strict and serve first to instill sold work ethic, then to endow students with skills. Poetry comes only after a student has become a self-sufficient member of a working and intellegent society. Otherwise, we get flooded with retard trophy wife moms and their stupid little soccer teens buying Rupi books and lauding her while they watch Opera act amazed as part of a sales op. The retardation currently present in this country has permeated every crevice of the arts and sciences. The only ones who are safe are the sober-minded men who adhere steadfastly to their hard-fought values and diligence. They are the ones who produce work worth gold, yet it is ultimately corked in a bottle and set afloat on a rolling sea of belligerent fuckwits. This is precisely what the beginnings of shithole country looks like
Why do undergrads pretend that poetry isn't important?

are there any thinkers who take the position that marx was correct about dialectical materialism but wrong that the only class conflict within capitalism being between the bourgoisie and the proletariat?
As in they argue that some different class, other than workers, has emerged and will replace capitalism with some new system which is neither socialism or communism.

I’m scared.
Almost finished with Plato, and except for a few of the more infamously difficult dialogues (ie Parmenides and Theaetetus) I was able to make it through with minimal reference material.
I knew Aristotle was difficult, but I read the first few pages of the online preview and realized I’ll definitely need to approach it differently.
What secondary sources and reference materials would you recommend I use? Any guides on how to take notes on philosophical readings and logic? Never taken a formal course but I’m determined to read it all and want to maximize my understanding.
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>I'm going to ask an irrelevant question but it's okay since I got dubs
>look at me greentexting my narrations of other anons hehehoho
recently made the same jump OP, read all of Plato except Laws and started reading Categories yesterday. I dove right in and I am reading lecture notes I found on google to supplement my reading. It’s working so far, but I’d recommend taking your own notes as you go through to grasp what’s being discussed.
What secondary texts did you use? Struggling with Parmenides right now

File: 106736.jpg (9 KB, 200x200)
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>At this point Schuon again met Madeleine, the girl who had once brought breakfast to his Lausanne attic. Madeleine’s brother arranged a meeting between her and Schuon by Lake Leman, the spectacular lake on which the city lies, and for a while the two met occasionally, sometimes going for walks in the woods just outside Lausanne. On one occasion Schuon watched Madeleine dance, either in the woods or in his room. And then, for reasons Schuon does not explain, Madeleine ended the relationship. Schuon had fallen in love with Madeleine, and his “unhappy love” for the woman he referred to as his Freundin (a German word literally meaning a “female friend” but normally meaning girlfriend in contemporary usage, that will here be translated as “beloved”) took on monumental proportions. Schuon wrote numerous poems to his beloved (a selection of which he would later have printed), and went frequently to a chapel near the lake where they had met, to pray for her to change her mind about him. He even abandoned his use of the All-Highest Name in his daily litany because he was distracted by his “earthly love.” Schuon required that his followers in the Alawiyya join him in this “unhappy love.” “Whoever does not love Madeleine is not of the order!” he would often say.
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Well, it's on the Guenon chart
It's not a terrible introduction to Traditionalism, but the author is very uncharitable, or outright dismissive, of certain aspects. He's an Islam scholar, and the whole book must be seen through that eye; Islamic aspects of Traditionalism are emphasized (while other aspects actively diminished), Traditionalists who deviated from Islam/Islamic orthodoxy are subtly criticised, etc.
>ficki ficki, come to sheiks embrace!
So all talk of spirit and perennial traditionalism is inferior to one roastie? All traditionalists are huge copers, you'll never escape nature.
I liked Sedgewick's book and i follow his blog but he's totally wrong on the importance of some members such as Dugin. Other than that i dont have any complain

File: Erasmus.jpg (76 KB, 649x682)
76 KB
Why does the European Union love Erasmus so much? Is it because he was a Dutch Humanist?
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They literally have a student scholarship program to help move around Europe for internships/courses that's been discussed itt.
I just finished my erasmus exchange programme and hate Germany more than I already did, it's Sodom and Gomorrha.

israel, so i can shoot arap children and feel like a big guy
Because they never read him properly

I get weird cult vibes from their functionaries to be honest.

File: harold-bloom.jpg (359 KB, 1600x1050)
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359 KB JPG
Is there a literary criticism chart? I want to read some good theory and literary criticism books but i don't know where to start.
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Bumping for this too OP

there are cheap used copies on amazon.
Are there any periods or books which you specifically want to study? If you narrow it down, I'll recommend a few (if I know any, of course)
File: 17329926182.jpg (105 KB, 853x1280)
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105 KB JPG
What if I told you to read this?

>was a nazi yet still fucked a jewish qt
Absolutely based
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t. unpublished, mediocre, scrawny virgin
have sex
>Daily reminder that the guy from Philosophytube doesn't want to read Heidegger because he is "problematic".
So he reads "unproblematic" philosophy or what?
Most influential philosophers were "problematic"
Did he like to get gassed by her long windy ones?

File: cristo.jpg (5 KB, 300x168)
5 KB
anyone got any good quotes from noirtier? need it for a project. Thanks

File: anne_desclos.jpg (54 KB, 512x328)
54 KB
>Desclos' lover and employer Jean Paulhan, a fervent admirer of the Marquis de Sade, had made the remark to her that no woman was capable of writing an erotic novel. To prove him wrong, Desclos wrote a graphic, sadomasochistic novel that was published under the pseudonym Pauline Réage in June 1954. Titled Histoire d'O (Story of O), with a sympathetic preface by Jean Paulhan which nevertheless did not reveal her identity, it was an enormous, though controversial, commercial success.


>Story of O is a tale of female submission involving a beautiful Parisian fashion photographer named O, who is taught to be constantly available for oral, vaginal, and anal intercourse, offering herself to any male who belongs to the same secret society as her lover. She is regularly stripped, blindfolded, chained, and whipped; her anus is widened by increasingly large plugs; her labium is pierced and her buttocks are branded.

File: EBDWmtvWsAAHuv0.jpg (204 KB, 1080x1080)
204 KB
204 KB JPG
>That feel when no de-humanizing girlfriend

>aiming for politics at uni
>need to read some related books to talk about in my interviews
Any recommendations? Any absolute essentials?
baseline read the republic, the prince, leviathan
File: hitler weeaboo.jpg (66 KB, 634x727)
66 KB
adolf hitler obviously






File: collage.jpg (534 KB, 1764x1170)
534 KB
534 KB JPG
>Browse /lit/ catalogue
>Barely any literature threads
Fine, /lit/, here you go - contemporary masterpiece from Bulgaria, of all places.
Guy has a thing for minotaurs and mythology, and an increadible talent. I haven't ever seen it discussed by anons, but it should be, because it's just a astounding work of literature - a bit of bildungsroman, but not really a novel, perhaps rather an epic... written in prose? No idea how to categorise it, but I promise it's worth it.

(The Anglophone wins the prize for worst cover, as per usual)

File: 4185615jpg.jpg (37 KB, 500x490)
37 KB
>Phenomenology is the only way to make complete and pure philosophy based on truth.
Try to refute it.
I study literally five different kinds of phenomenology and have no idea what the fuck you're talking about. Why would you post something so vague and shallow if you really want to talk about the subject? Why is every thread on this board always like this? You might as well have posted "Descartes is RIGHT." Right about fucking what?

File: mlt frdmn.jpg (6 KB, 331x152)
6 KB
give me your best charts on economics from brainlet to redpilled tier
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I like Mises' Human Action. I'm sure people around here find him and his praxeology a meme, but to me it provides a simple enough framework that is useful to me understanding the world of economics (at least on the level I'm interested in).
I phrased that wrongly (english is not my native language). What I wanted to say, is that you'll understand the motivations of the policies enacted: why and how they do it. You won't understand why they don't work, that's true. But you got to start with the beginning. For example, if you read macro by Mankiw you'll understand why the FED thinks that as we approach our NAIRU because of this expansion, they have to raise the interest rate to prevent inflation from appearing. Maybe this is obvious to him, and in that case he sure can skip them. But most people don't even know what is a bond, let alone monetary policy and how the FED tries to control inflation, or what is QE.
You realize different people at the Fed think differently right? For example here's a 2001 quote from Greenspan:
>But continuing to run surpluses beyond the point at which we reach zero or near-zero federal debt brings to center stage the critical longer-term fiscal policy issue of whether the federal government should accumulate large quantities of private (more technically nonfederal) assets. … I believe, as I have noted in the past, that the federal government should eschew private asset accumulation because it would be exceptionally difficult to insulate the government's investment decisions from political pressures. Thus, over time, having the federal government hold significant amounts of private assets would risk sub-optimal performance by our capital markets, diminished economic efficiency, and lower overall standards of living than would be achieved otherwise.

Obviously understanding what the academic consensus is before you can go against it is ok but it makes things even harder to think differently.
>You realize different people at the Fed think differently right?
Sure, and 2019 policy issues are way more complicated than the typical textbooks which are outdated in many senses. As you mentioned earlier, they never thought inflation would be so low with so much monetary stimulus because they never conceived things as stocks buyback among many others. But as you also said, there are some "consensus" (of course, the heterodox claim that this consensus are usually really flawed, and they're probably right) and if you don't know what are these consensus, you won't be in a position to debate practically nothing.

>Obviously understanding what the academic consensus is before you can go against it is ok but it makes things even harder to think differently.
That is all I'm saying. I know it makes it harder, but you should remember that most of the heterodox authors spend half of their time debating with neoclassical economists, specially keynesians and postkeynesians. That's one main reason why I sustain that it's the best way to begin with econ.
Economics in Three Lessons and One Hundred Economics Laws

Does Nietzsche himself recommend an order to read his books?
start with the gayreeks

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