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File: welcometotheNHK.jpg (16 KB, 215x300)
16 KB
Hi /lit/

I've taken up making audiobooks as a hobby.

Right now I am recording Welcome to the NHK


Chapter 1:

I'll be making a new thread every couple days with updates.

Any Tips or Reading Recs welcome
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thanks! Will do! I hope to make these threads a /lit/ staple
thanks man! It'll get better when the neighbor otaku and Misaki show up too

I'll be doing the first four Log Horizon Books soon as well
Is Misaki’s depiction in the manga any different from the anime?

I’ve heard that the manga in general gives Sato’s neuroses more “screen time”, and that this makes the dark tone of the work more authentic. Would you agree? I guess the more general question I’m trying to ask is if the manga is worth reading.
this is the Light Novel not the Manga

She is more of a Normie in the Light Novel and Satou is more human too and less cartoonish.

I never read the Manga

File: S_book_cover.jpg (13 KB, 227x346)
13 KB
Is it good, or is it just an uninteresting gimmick? It seems interesting, but I'm unsure if it will be in any way worthwhile.
File: pale.hires.jpg (722 KB, 1500x2314)
722 KB
722 KB JPG
just read this instead
No read At Swim-Two-Birds instead
It's really worthwhile don't pay attention to these traditionalists, S. is very good and it will make you much better at reading other texts, and you'll enjoy the experience a lot.
It's fun and entertaining in a very "nested" way.
Think of it as a easier House of Leaves - less typography more plot.

Holidays being what they are, try to get it as a gift. Buying brand new (to make sure you get all of the inserts) can cost a bit more than other books.

Obv not going to impress /lit/izens, but it's not trash-tier. If you're like me and read multiple books at the same time, pick up something by unknown anarchist B. Traven (who the book is obviously based on). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/B._Traven
thanks lads
i got it for christmas like a year ago and didnt actually consider ever reading it because it said JJ Abrams on the front

File: 581108_ra473.jpg (84 KB, 727x763)
84 KB
>Which arrow flies forever? The arrow that has hit its mark.

Based nabby quotes/passages thread
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to wonder at trifles – no matter the imminent peril – these asides of the spirit, these footnotes in the volume of life are the highest form of consciousness, and it is in this childishly speculative state of mind, so different from common sense and its logic, that we know the world to be good
File: Watkins.jpg (56 KB, 570x691)
56 KB
I like Nabby from an aesthetic point of view, but reading more on his views on other writers has me convinced that he had a massive inferiority complex.
Yeah see thats why people should stop fucking posting that shit because it just gives the brainlets all these ideas about him. Its like when people post joyce's love letters and they take only the snippets about his passion for Nora's farting when they fuck, when if you read the full love letters theyre beautiful declarations of love. Like its fucking done at this point to post his "strong opinions" because pwople get this false idea of his art

Nabokovs critique of other writers is literally all a PR stunt he did
I'm surprised this one hasn't been posted:

>The cradle rocks above an abyss, and common sense tells us that our existence is but a brief crack of light between two eternities of darkness. Although the two are identical twins, man, as a rule, views the prenatal abyss with more calm than the one he is heading for (at some forty-five hundred heartbeats an hour).
Pale Fire

where do i start with whitehead
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you don't
don't read the corrected edition they censored the more occult aspects
not the op, but shit i got the corrected edition

File: Paxotn.jpg (44 KB, 800x324)
44 KB
How do you write good humor?
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But desu, "just be yourself" should be the rule in writing humour for prose. Have the situation dictate the humour. "I'd better stick a joke in here so we know the character doesn't take things seriously" is never going to work. Not to be actually amusing. It's just too contrived an approach to take. Unless your character is one of those assholes who memorizes actual setup-punchline jokes, you just have to find the humour, not manufacture it.
If your character does tell actual jokes - street jokes are fine. Just hunt around for one that matches the situation, that can be kinda cool and ironic. If your character is an actual comedian, find a comedian who is similar to your character and just start doing impressions of him when you aren't writing, get a feel for him.

Honestly you shouldn't be that conscious of techniques and devices when you're writing anyway imo. Understanding literature is cool, but all that shit should be in your subconscious while writing. Professional boxers don't think "better rotate the hips for some extra power in this jab". It's deeply learned, it becomes a reflex.

better nate than lever is an extremely long joke ~ 10,000 words
it's similar to the moth joke, in that the humour comes from the fact that the setup is long and has its own literary merit aside from the joke. "why write all this for a joke" pretty much.
Both jokes still abide by the brevity rule though: the punchline for each is very short. "better nate than lever" is the actual punchline.
like this: humour
Repetitive language and escalation
Anyone who has been raised on memes/predominantly experiences humor via memes cant write good humor
Step 1: be funny
Step 2: be able to write
Step 2: write funny things that appear in your head

File: lil schopenhauer.png (245 KB, 960x321)
245 KB
245 KB PNG
There's no justification for natalism. Prove me wrong.
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Waste your whole life insisting that life is worthless if you want. Just don’t expect to convince anyone else.
compelling arguments
There are clearly no arguments that will convince you so why bother arguing? Please carry on as an enlightened antinatalist, I’m sure life will be as worthless as you think is. Enjoy!

Meaning and purpose are just words to describe things that only make sense in a human context. Looking for a meaning of life is like looking for a meaning for a rock or tree, it doesn't even make sense. How can a rock have meaning? It's just a rock. If you want to find what it's made of that's a type of meaning, if you want to find out how old it is that's a type meaning, but there's no overarching general "meaning" to a rock.

Meaning is not a thing that exists at all expect in the minds of people
Existential angst is the period when someone is upset that life is meaningless because they still think the universe should or even could have a meaning. They still think meaning exists as an objective thing and that our universe just doesn't have it.

The whole problem is just in your head. All you need to do is relax your mind and the universe becomes perfect.

File: flat,550x550,075,f.jpg (23 KB, 550x550)
23 KB
>the KJV is a garbage translation
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File: Christ-chan (38).jpg (815 KB, 2048x2048)
815 KB
815 KB JPG
>the KJV isn't the only perfect Word of God in English
unironically kys
Are there people who actually think the KJV bible isn't the greatest literary accomplishment in the English language ever penned?
Yes, its people whose native tongue is english yet can't handle sustained elizabethan prose (aka morons)
It objectively is a garbage translation only revered by "muh prose" idiots and rebbit/crossboard transplants regurgitating "memes" from shit threads like this.

What are some books that are thematically perfect counters to nihilism & pessimism?
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File: 30.jpg (260 KB, 1000x789)
260 KB
260 KB JPG
Pickwick Papers
File: the-planet-on-the-table.jpg (101 KB, 640x1080)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
My diary desu
Read some Pierre Hadot man, he rocks.

File: 235.jpg (34 KB, 193x266)
34 KB
What should I start with, V. or Lot 49?
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Lot 49 is mediocre, just jump straight into Gravity’s Rainbow desu
I read V. first and thought it was a better introduction than CoL49. It'll start off using a lot of navy terminology you might not be familiar with but it mostly goes away after the first chapter.
I started with V. and I think it was a pretty great intro.
If you're thinking of reading Gravity's Rainbow I'd at the very least read V. before that, they're interlinked in a lot of ways.

No, start with the short stories which Pinecone dismissed but are worth reading. Then read V.

Lot 49 is what a lot of people recommend because it's short but I found it a little difficult the first time
dont get started

File: dondelillo.jpg (72 KB, 259x400)
72 KB
>Journalism has replaced the novel. The Great American Novel is before us now, being published serially. It's the collective writing by the intrepid journalists documenting the Trump era. They deserve every respect.

What did he mean by this?
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what would Don Delillo know about the great american novel? the answer: zero
There is nothing great about American fiction.
Journalism is really not that enjoyable to read atm, however important it might be that you imbibe it anyway. It’s not as though we have anyone of the stature of the New Journalists of the ‘60s-‘70s writing, and even those profiles/hot-takes (increasingly the latter) that do capture the public’s attention outside of Media Twitter tend to be written by novelists like Alexander Chee, Will Self, etc.
> They deserve every respect.

cant believe he'd say something so retarded...no doubt journalism has replaced the novel but its also the internet age and there's no sense of history everyone has amnesia

im a big delillo fan but he's an idiot...im going to try to contact him and tell him to (re)read balzac...journalists have and always will be shit
btw i forgot to mention that i'm a big gay homo who like penis in my bum :)))))))

File: k.png (21 KB, 1200x1200)
21 KB
im want to write a revision for the english language

i have studied 4 languages in my life and i have found that english is the language that breaks its own rules the most. has the most letters that are interchangeable. im not super serious but i just want to put it on paper. my main problems lie in the basics, alphabet and punctuation and their unnecessary uses and rules. i find that there are many rules that have either lost meaning over time and have become diluted or are just there "just because"

so if you are interesting please tell me your biggest problems with english from a linguistic or grammatical point of view. if anyone is interested in joining me i will post a link for communication tomorrow if this thread can survive

also give me a name for our new english manifesto
File: Smugwojaktipsfedora.png (85 KB, 640x540)
85 KB
there are languages that would need this far more
english is a fairly new language so it doesn't even compare to other languages in unnecessary rules
t. quatrolingual autist
Why don't you begin by learning English language grammar, first of all?

Which books should make the list?
22 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Audiobooks also count of course
Perfect aim
50 different editions of the Oxford
I'm only reading two books: Montaigne's complete works and Shakespeare's complete works
Would it not be better to stablish a more long term challenge? And for it to encompass multiple but related objectives aiming all for common things?
Like the following, which is a challenge I made for myself for over the course of 3 years, starting on the 21st of december:
-Reach a high enough level of understanding in Japanese, to be able to read contemporary novels.
-Reach C2 in English and Spanish (my native tongue), even though one lives with a high level of proficiency in his native of tongue this is not enough to reach the maximum level of understanding of it.
-Reading 323 books with the last one being a contemporary japanese novel.
-Writing a whole book of at least 150 pages.

File: demon.jpg (377 KB, 1007x756)
377 KB
377 KB JPG
what books about demons or closely related to demons does /lit/ reccomend?
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I second this.
Screwtape Letters
City of god. Really good. Augustine investigates on what demons are made of, etc.
Nifft the Lean, by Michael Shea

>oh, now i see where he went wrong
Malleus Maleficarum, of course

File: self publish.jpg (11 KB, 281x179)
11 KB
I belive in the "Fake it till you make it" style of marketing.

I have some novels that can never be published, but amazon exists so fuck it i'll put them up myself.

I have a few ideas

1. The Worst Author in America
I start to go on social media and advertise myself as the worst writer in america. I build a professional looking website, full of fake "Razzie" like awards about how bad my writing is, maybe even fake parody quotes form other authors like "Children shouldn't read anymore -JK Rowling, His work makes me want to Retire -Stephen King" Just try to get my name out there like "You got to check this guy out, his books suck..." might make people morbidly curious

2. Fake Reviews
I get about 20 people, pay them all to buy my books and give 5 star reviews all in a short period of time, could this fuck with the amazon algorithm and get my books noticed in suggestions for people

3. Ad Campagan
Find some middle of the road podcasts/youtube channels and patreon my way to mentions and advertisments

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
1. So bad it's good is played out. Too many people tried being intentionally bad and banking on it, so putting "my book sucks" all over your website is as bad of an idea as it should obviously fucking appear to be.

2. That never fucking works. It's always obvious as shit and will immediately drowned out by the dozens of honest, disappointed reviews.

3. That's just regular ass marketing.

4. Kids don't fucking read anything other than YA movie tie ins, so you're not gonna have any outraged parents patrolling around with signs reading 'Ban Anon's shitty fanfiction'.

File: all this belongs.jpg (39 KB, 323x500)
39 KB
Just got pic related as a Christmas present for my mother. Did I make the right choice?

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