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File: 1560045271725.jpg (451 KB, 1920x1079)
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What is /lit/s opinion on audiobooks? I've got a list to read for research on a project which means that I'll have to put in references and talk about the ideas in the work I'm reading.

The list includes Neuromancer, Do androids dream of electric sheep, Stepford Wives, Tik Tok, Roderick, and The Bicentennial Man.

Should I listen to the audiobooks or read pdfs?
Read and take physical notes while reading if you want to retain as much as possible and understand as much as possible. Listen to audiobooks if u don't give a fuck.
Op stop posting literally me
I'm taking notes in both cases but I want to know how much audiobooks will hamper my understanding.

In perfect honesty, I've never actually listened to any audiobooks unless podcasts count. But I thought it'd be easier (and faster) to take notes while listening cause this is a shit-ton of reading I need to get done by Thursday.
I read faster than they do, and there's no use listening to them while you're doing something else since you're not really paying attention. If you're sitting down and really paying attention they're still worse than books since you can't easily rewind, review or crosscheck so it's always going to be a less optimal use of your time even if you're a slow reader.
You have to write json dialogue tree files too!?!

File: hegel.jpg (49 KB, 630x630)
49 KB
Can someone tell what useful information you get out of Hegel? Something you can actually use that isn't just posturing.
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File: 61x9CHq3JbL._AC_SL1500_.jpg (66 KB, 880x1360)
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Hegel's dialectics started out as a theory of love, how two lovers become one whole. First you go out of yourself and give yourself to your love, negating yourself. Then you negate that self-negation and see yourself in your love together with your love as an organic whole of two parts, each part for the whole, the whole for each part. This family whole then adds children, a new part you go out of yourself and give yourself into, then you negate that negation and see yourself in and with your child together as a family whole, each for eachother as eachother.
You get really good at thinking. See section 19 in his lesser logic
you gain Nothing.
Based longposter
>tfw occultists had been writing 2 = 0 or 2 = 1 for literal centuries before Hegel came along to Tim Buckley it up

File: sad animemes.jpg (46 KB, 889x500)
46 KB
>Spend 3 years learning german to read the best philosophy in the world in its native language
>Realize now philosophy is a scam and poetry is the real deal
>Now I have to learn Italian
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>Friedrich von Logau - Das Sinngedicht

Wie willst du weiße Lilien zu roten Rosen machen?
Küß eine weiße Galethee: Sie wird errötend lachen.

>Leopold Friedrich Günther von Goeckingk - Als der erste Schnee fiel

Gleich einem König, der in seine Staaten
Zurück als Sieger kehrt, empfängt ein Jubel dich!
Der Knabe balgt um deine Flocken sich,
Wie bei der Krönung um Dukaten.

Selbst mir, obschon ein Mädchen und der Rute
Lang nicht mehr untertan, bist du ein lieber Gast;
Denn siehst du nicht, seit du die Erde hast

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You should have realized that learning is stupid
>Realize now philosophy is a scam and poetry is the real deal
cringe. just undo this part and you're good
you have goethe, holderlin, novalis, rilke, trakl, and so much more at your fingertips. i envy you
Trakl too

>what you do for a living
>what you wish you did instead
>last good book you've read
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>Literature Student
>lit prof/scholar and writer
>White Noise
Behaviorism is only popular because it's conveniently empirically measurable. They're enamored with Skinner, CBT, etc. /because/ they're making an empirical attempt to measure the mind. You may find psychophysics more interesting, with Fechner as a historical example and contemporary neuropsychology as the modern clinical application of it, but that's still much more about cognitive-behavioral capacities than how a person "feels" per se. But if you're studying philosophy you should be familiar with the epistemological problems and probable ungeneralizability inherent to introspective modes of studying mind such as psychoanalytic theory. I actually think that reductionism is more honest, and the misleading of laymen comes in when journalists and "educator"-popularizers falsely portray inchingly crawlingly tiny steps in research as massive leaps in our understand of mind. But hey, neuro-psychoanalysis is a brand lately too, so if you sell it someone will buy it.
what's the most /lit/?
File: 16-36-55-1563254645086m.jpg (55 KB, 911x1024)
55 KB

>what you do for a living
Assistant manager at car wash

>what you wish you did instead
Welfare neet

>last good book you've read
100 years of solitude

File: fghz4er.jpg (110 KB, 626x939)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
After he killed his brother Abel, Cain went to the land of Nod where he met people, found a wife, etc...
But wait a minute - weren't Adam, Eve and their sons were the only humans created by God? Who did Cain met after his banishment?
Someone please explain this for me!
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File: 1560592020228.jpg (11 KB, 255x253)
11 KB
You want a Lillith experience? Just ask a beautiful woman to have sex, then she will say "No.", and that's it.
>if the criminal fired the gun at person A but person B moved into the bullet's path and died then the criminal should not be charged with murder because he didn't try to kill person B
Where do you think our legal system comes from. Talmudic commentary.
A common enough theory afaik is that Cain married a woman who wasnt really human, and that's why a lot of mythological monsters claim lineage from Cain.

Literally the first page of the bible. God creates a bunch of humans on the sixth day. They are entirely separate from Adam and Eve.

File: D_sHLGoXkAY15iQ.jpg (338 KB, 2048x1536)
338 KB
338 KB JPG
If you were an employer, would you encourage your employees to read your favourite books?
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i would only employ illiterates because they're easier to exploit
Cringy Af.
I would just mock their bad choices and explain why they are bad

>what is seniority where everyone strives to be the weekend floor sweeper because it pays best
>what is not being able to fire an idiot
Smart people hate unions
Every second spent reading a book is a second not spent making me money.
Yes I would. My vote doesn't count. It didn't count when I last voted for him and it will never count in this sham "democracy"

We must offer the solution and win over the people and organize them in time for the collapse.
You're a terrible person. Probably have horrible taste in lit

File: 1563788393251.jpg (21 KB, 1024x427)
21 KB
>Walk for two and a half hours to the nearest forest because I want to be alone
>Walk 20 minutes deep into the forest and find a nice dry log to have a sit on
>Not 5 minutes later some fucking faggot and his dog come trampling through

What the fuck does it take to escape from people on this fucking hellhole of a planet?
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>Walking on trodden paths.
Wtf do you think? Rarely trodd trails grow over in a year—if you're on a clear trail that shit is being used daily. Don't be a pussy and walk where there are no trails.
I wasn't on a trail, I got into the forest and turned immediately off a trail and walked through the bush for 20 minutes. And STILL these fucking pricks find me.
It was a Woodsman, not a man.
now imagine what the animals feel like

Leibniz is full of shit.
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It's estimated that he had a 200+ IQ. Maybe, just MAYBE, you just don't get what he's saying because your IQ is 100 points below his.
130iq here, I understand that he was a genius in maths, but from the philosophical point of view he just seems to be someone riding the free train of Rationalism of that time, while giving almost childish-like visions in a philosophical context. I respect him for his mathematical big brain, I'll give him that.
i came up with (a primitive version of) that as a kid not even bullshitting. it's why i've always felt at home with leibniz whereas most others seem to consider him weird

>Poetry thread

Honestly what is the fucking point
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Dnt be mad ur a fag uwu
Poetry, the original
Just add arbitrary
line breaks, and you're
good to go

I poo poo on you
Please help me please help me please
I pee pee on you

You wage in a cage
Nation is inflations slave
Do you want freedom?

Some haiku for you
I hoped you enjoyed these
I go masturbate
This is pretty good though
A thot with an English degree
Who thought she could write poetry
Scrawled down a few lines,
Full of whinges and whines,
Then went sucking black dick,
That roastie.

File: oswald-spengler.jpg (48 KB, 900x512)
48 KB
Is Decline still worth reading, or is it outdated?
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What exactly is the Faustian spirit? Self examination, making deals with the devil, striving towards infinity?
>because I'm an eastern euro anon and I feel that we'll at least come out alive from this whole thing. However, if I was western, I would be hopelessly pessimistic after reading Spengler.
I honestly want to move to ee but I dont know where. Russian is the only language I know of those and that country seems broken.
god he was so fucking smart and ahead of his time
>There are lemon yellow butterflies, there are lemon yellow Chinese. In a way, one can also say that the butterfly is the winged Central European dwarf chinaman. Butterfly and Chinese are known as symbols of lust. For the first time, someone has recognized the accordance between the great age of lepidopteran fauna and Chinese culture. That the butterfly has wings and the Chinese is wingless is merely a surface phenomenon!
Robert Musil on Spenglers style of writing.
I started it recently. Absolutely worth to read. This introduction is also interesting https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=ru&sl=auto&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.e-reading.club%2Fchapter.php%2F97744%2F1%2FShpengler_-_Zakat_Evropy._Obraz_i_deiistvitel%2527nost%2527._Tom_1.html

File: file.png (693 KB, 970x647)
693 KB
693 KB PNG
E-readers, based or cringe?

Which one should I get? The Kindle Paperwhite seems good enough for what I need.
93 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
Hell yeah brother, you don't even need to read that many either. Even at conservative, cheap pricing of 5 bucks a book that's still only 20 you need to read before everything else is pure savings.
What the hell is wrong with /v/?
>kobo Clara HD a little more expensive than paperwhite but has adaptive lighting for reading at night, apparently works better with pirated books, some have edge bleeding, otherwise good
>paperwhite has no real advantage as far as I can see except a slight price decrease and apparently newest model is waterproof
With calibre I guess the drm isn't an issue but fuck Amazon, so I guess kobo it is. Is 6 inches really good for reading or do you just get used to it? I went into a Walmart the other day and picked one up, place was a dump and no one around so not sure if it was the Clara or not but it felt small

The h20/aura isn't worth shelling out nearly twice the price for 0.8 screen inches more, right?
>ignoring the value of flexing on friends w your stack
Aside from the fact I could not give less of a fuck, none of my friends read anyway. Never understood the bookshelf threads.
>lol bro look at all dese buks i red
Literally imagine seeking validation for your hobby instead of just enjoying it.

what are some books about accepting the fact that we currently live in the declining era of western civilisation?
49 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
Everytime i see the sample size and characteristics on behavioural genetic studies i wonder how can such studies be considered methodologically acceptable. It's indispensable to rigorously monitor the participants profiles if you wan't to even have any credibility when trying to 'isolate enviromental factors'. In the study you linked they just consider income.
Also, heritability doesn't equate to inmutability.
>comparing blacks to cereal killers
Dawn to decadence by barzun
People bring up the point in the pic often but I think the idea of racial segregation simply won't fix it. The true source of the Western decline is freedom, it breeds individualism and therefore divides us. Our nation is divided into thousands of smaller communities, many of which oppose each other, because we pick and choose values and beliefs. With an authoritarian government, all races could be united under one culture, all working towards the good of the whole instead of chasing whatever petty bullshit they find important.
>starts after 9/11 and isn't per capita
you must be one of those famous left wing intellectuals I hear so much about

File: bakuni.png (310 KB, 583x738)
310 KB
310 KB PNG
>'They [the Marxists] maintain that only a dictatorship—their dictatorship, of course—can create the will of the people, while our answer to this is: No dictatorship can have any other aim but that of self-perpetuation, and it can beget only slavery in the people tolerating it; freedom can be created only by freedom, that is, by a universal rebellion on the part of the people and free organization of the toiling masses from the bottom up.'

Remider Bakunin was Right in Everything he said. Period.
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
By "it" I mean the degeneration of proletarian dictatorship and the defeat of the communist revolution. Of course every state oppresses people. That's not what we're talking about.
The degeneration of a proletarian dictatorship happened only once, in the circumstances of a XX-century backwards semi-feudal state that had been ruined by 8 years of war.
ussr, china, cambodia, cuba, etc are marxist identified states

i believe people like you are extremely hateful and relish the idea of mass suffering under the social guise of wanting a better society. or maybe youre just deluded, that would be far better for your soul
I'm a pope-identified person. Call me John Paul III.

>or maybe youre just deluded
As opposed to someone who believes that it will be possible to defeat a coalition of bourgeois dictatorships without violence and without a centralized organ to lead the struggle.
File: 1560366005395.png (342 KB, 498x558)
342 KB
342 KB PNG
it is not possible to win against evil at all and trying to kill what you see as evil will make you into a demon because tour sight is flawed and the impulse to kill is wrong

christ taught loving those around you and forgiveness, his kingdom was not of this world, but you can see glimmers of it in the small human kindess we give to each other

What the fuck was the point?
Can anybody explain?
I don’t get it
39 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
inspired... by that same french excellence
They're completely unrelated apart from superficial similarities, start with either.

It's an adaption of something, no need to be a stickler.
The technology isn't even valuable to us. The government is sending in people to collect artifacts in order to experiment on them and find out what the hell they are and see if they do have any use. The security isn't lax either, it's the people the government send in who are doing the smuggling. Why do you talk about a book you haven't read?
I have no mouth and I must scream

File: 260px-Stirner.jpg (24 KB, 260x276)
24 KB
Often memed, often made fun of, but who can deny his philosophy ? Isn't he really the ultimate thinker ?
I read all his stuff and it's useful for reseting you to zero, but then you need to create your own meaning and choose what you want unspooked, I became christian which is 100% consistnet with his beliefs because I WANTED to
Very hard to argue with bc his ideas arent presented in an argumentative fashion. They're just sort of stated and they dont really make predictions. They're unfalsifiable.

Which isnt to say that they're wrong, just that "who can argue with him?" isnt an argument for them being right.

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