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File: SiqYErKn6vg.jpg (53 KB, 510x515)
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Describe a person you are in love with
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The sagacious philosophical collective "Funkadelic," renowned the world over for their perspicacity, intellectual rigor, and almost intuitive beauty of thought, address just such an issue in their seminal work, "Maggot Brain." Their advice is: hit it and quit it.
File: 1553044285566.jpg (210 KB, 1024x681)
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a depraved khazar harlot, whose soft raspy voice makes me shiver. her excessive use of perfume doesn't cover up the smell of stale marijuana smoke lingering on her clothing. she often speaks of suicide, and wakes up at night screaming about monsters and intruders.
i was afraid of her and pushed her away. i want to go back.
Why? That "crazy girls are the best in bed thing" is true?
she is extremely affectionate and curious about everything; really a joy to venture around sightseeing with. she has cute cheeks and huge tits for such a skinny girl, and we definitely clicked sexually.
i never asked her but i think she was abused as a child. she used to tell me that if i took too long to text her back she would think about killing herself. the first time we had sex was 3 hours after meeting each other and she made it clear she wanted it almost immediately.

File: breaking-news (1).png (159 KB, 1280x720)
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Harry Potter. I liked Black Library books more.
Catcher in the rye.
Huh. Really?
Well i didn't like it

Bestiario and Cronopios y Famas are his best collections imo
the story of my life or, my dairy desu
portrait of a lady. it was kinda boring desu

To me it feels like someone just had regrets after actually going about and seeing the world for once. It’s mostly emotionally devoid (more evocative prose could’ve probably saved the really hackneyed plot).

Why is it so highly rated? Am I missing something?
Because of the parallels to Stevens and the Nazis. It's a very political book, and the prose is fine. It portrays the character well. It's not that lyrical flowing type of book since it's first person narration about an idiot. It's no Tom Jones or Middlemarch, but tells its story very effectively.
Also complaining about plot in a character driven story is like saying, why doesn't my action movie have enough philosophy? It's a different kind of story. You're essentially saying why isn't Die Hard more like King Lear
The whole book deals with denial and the prose is absolutely drenched with it.
It's not emotionally devoid when you realize that the entire narration consists of Stevens' mental gymnastics.
Did you like Never Let me Go?
Okay I probably misused the word 'plot', but yeah I see it as a story of his denial and how he's forced to come to terms with how he'd misunderstood his life's quality, and what really mattered.

It's not that I didn't like the book, or that i took major issue with how prose could've been used better. I didn't see how it had 5 star ratings because there's much that was NOT in the novel.. at least considering that Ishiguro won the Nobel Prize, I think i'd just set my hopes really high?

Considering the parallel with the nazis// How is it 'very political'? I see where the comparisons start, but calling it naziesque seems a bit far lmao

File: BZ8RuOS0_400x400.jpg (39 KB, 400x400)
39 KB

is she the greatest literary critic of our time?
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it's a review, you dummy
Has BEE learned to shitpost yet?
Wtf I love Him now
Ew it's like if adorno was born 20 years ago and jumped on the tranny bandwagon.
he's about as irony deficient as the homunculus that shit out this article

File: file.png (88 KB, 1050x1050)
88 KB
Why didnt Achilles run past the turtle?
He did.
Zeno has an incorrect grasp of space, time and motion. Which is not surprising when you try to understand these things before the invention of zero and calculus.
When the Achilles is behind the turtle, the number of steps is finite. The argument of Zeno implicitly imply that only finite step is possible. After Weierstrass set off the mathematics rigorous, Cantor managed to deal with (actual) infinity rigorously. With actual infinity, cantor designed so-called ordinal number, and with ordinal number, cantor designed the steps where the number is infinite and Achilles run past the turtle.

File: A1ZCxsVuOzL.jpg (1.19 MB, 1684x2560)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB JPG
Redpill me on this novel.
Bought it on a whim while on vacation. Not too bad so far, but I don't read a lot of fiction. Is it liberal-pandering "woke" garbage? Is a lot of the "Africa-inspired" lore actually stolen from other cultures?
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File: wm.gif (2.4 MB, 465x200)
2.4 MB
2.4 MB GIF
>excellent writing skills.
>Cormac-level, even.
pick one
I also wholeheartedly endorse this, but hold far too much animosity towards black people to actually purchase it myself

Blood Meridian is fucking great.
And James novels share Cormac's predilections for the gruesome and the profane.
It helps that they both write historical fiction, too.
File: H0jxN49.jpg (462 KB, 1050x1080)
462 KB
462 KB JPG
>Blood Meridian is fucking great

Listen, atheists. If you don’t understand the fact that the old laws (the Old Testament laws) were murky HUMAN articulations of God’s will, that Jesus Christ’s presence on earth fulfilled them, and that the New Laws of charity and love are supposed to restrain the Will rather than the Hand (the purview of the old laws vis a vis Fear), you are not qualified to make any robust argument against Christian morality
>muh stoning gays
>muh tattoos
From Thomas Aquinas:
>In His doctrine He fulfilled the precepts of the Law in three ways. First, by explaining the true sense of the Law. This is clear in the case of murder and adultery, the prohibition of which the Scribes and Pharisees thought to refer only to the exterior act: wherefore Our Lord fulfilled the Law by showing that the prohibition extended also to the interior acts of sins. Secondly, Our Lord fulfilled the precepts of the Law by prescribing the safest way of complying with the statutes of the Old Law. Thus the Old Law forbade perjury: and this is more safely avoided, by abstaining altogether from swearing, save in cases of urgency. Thirdly, Our Lord fulfilled the precepts of the Law, by adding some counsels of perfection: this is clearly seen in Matthew 19:21, where Our Lord said to the man who affirmed that he had kept all the precepts of the Old Law: "One thing is wanting to thee: If thou wilt be perfect, go, sell whatsoever thou hast," etc.
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Making Kant intelligible really is like trying to interpret glossolalia. If I had to explain it to a six year old, I would paraphrase Wittgenstein: "I want a name to be that which cannot appear in the statement 'X exists.'" The problem of, for instance, whether or not "red" would continue to "exist" if every particular red object were destroyed. What I have written is much, much clearer than what you'll get in the first Critique, unfortunately. Why did you stop insulting me? I feed on that shit.
>watch the Derrida interview about Americans asking people to "elaborate."
I need a link to this. English subtitle needed.
Isn't this kinda contradict his philosophy?
File: viola.jpg (28 KB, 640x449)
28 KB
>a writer of a fiction satire of Christianity that stole from Greek mythology

this whole thread needs to perish
And yet, you bumped it. Fucking newfag.

Good Spanish books. Not particularly from Spain but in the Spanish language. Is Don Quixote worth reading? Its the only one I know of.
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Así empieza lo malo - Javier Marías
Los enamoramientos - Javier Marías
I'm at the story about the two friends. One of them is married and he told his friend to try to seduce his wife to test if she is a whore or not.

>he leaves for two days
>tells his wife "my friend will stay here for the time I'm absent, treat him like you would treat me"

he hinted to his wife to fuck his friend, I swear those things are all over this damn book

I read them like I would read a short story collection. I don't care when I will finish it.
That story made me laugh. Imagine semi-accidentally orchestrating your own cuckolding.
Cela - La familia de Pascual Duarte, La Colmena
Lorca - La casa de Bernarda Alba, Bodas de Sangre, Yerma
Las novelas de Antonio di Benedetto, en especial Zama, están cargadas de una belleza rutilante y desoladora que he encontrado en pocos autores.

File: chad nf.png (718 KB, 2439x1084)
718 KB
718 KB PNG
Fact: Reading fiction is no better than playing videogames
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pretty rich coming from someone who parrots arguments
File: 1553406035589.jpg (10 KB, 200x313)
10 KB
>Muh nonfiction
>Vidya bad
>all fiction is YA trash
>"focuses on what's important", yet still spends his time shitposting on /lit/ for approval
>"abstract worldviews bad" -- probably didn't understand the energy unit in physics because energy is all abstract
>thinks reading mein kampf will make him less of an incel
>no concept culture since culture is portrayed and preserved through fiction; total social outcast because of it
>has been contemplating suicide since '82
>poems hurt his head
>Bland, dry, uninspired use of language throughout his body of work because nonfiction doesn't utilize the clever techniques crafted and nurtured by fiction writers. Usually talks with an ear-grating monotone voice too
>has to tell himself after every page that he's better than fiction readers or else he'll get bored and put it down

There, I fixed your meme.
For somebody that hates fiction, I thought you would've realized all this by now.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>20 year old book
Christ, has it really been that long?
No. You might as well off yourself now

Where is the avant garde of today?

Any serious contenders? Any artists with a radically new vision? Name names.
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They're making games for itch.io
Michael S. Judge
File: mde-sam-hyde.png (282 KB, 600x336)
282 KB
282 KB PNG
Bradley J. Milton
lol no. theyre all autistic hacks incapable of humanity.

What is the meaning of life, /lit/?
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To honor the Undying Gods. That and
to kill your enemies.
The intellectual love of god.
To be happy, i. e., to do as man does: to think, as than of man is to think.
Thanks fren
File: WUsmLY.png (367 KB, 800x800)
367 KB
367 KB PNG
to live and die with dignity

File: 9780190670610_l.jpg (33 KB, 323x400)
33 KB
It's not too famous... seems pretty amazing. Should i go with this, or kenny?

File: Landy.jpg (75 KB, 588x666)
75 KB
Approaching Eden is a Synthetic-Epic of Revelation Fan-Fiction.
For Fans of: Jokes, History, Distortion, Video Games, Cartoons, Magnets, or Jesus.
Its High Intensity!

Here is a ROUGH draft of the new work. Its all in order in the folders, but if you want to browse the index file in each folder they are out of order.

My suggestion for how to approach it is just in order. I designed it with the idea in mind that not every piece of the puzzle would appeal to everyone, so I encourage you to skip videos or text you aren't interested in reading/viewing. Its meant to be browsed. The final product will be a wikia that other people will be able to write on, so I'm trying to keep written exposition to a minimum. Basically all events, and "pages" will be pages on the wikia. There will be a youtube channel with all the video playlists organized on it as well.

2 Notes are the Z posts are going to be presented as text on screen in videos containing the symphony music. So 3A's music video will have 3Z's text on screen. The Symphony pieces and Dopesmoker will have timestamps for each individual link showing where the exact breakpoints are as well.

I have reached the first polishing stage at least, maybe I will burn it all down and rebuild, but maybe not. We will see.

Thanks for whatever time you take looking this over, I will appreciate any and all feedback (especially on what there should be more or less of).
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based child not pretending to see the king's invisible clothes

Help Me!!! HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
bang bang
File: 1552705343297.jpg (71 KB, 600x591)
71 KB
How can I help anon :)

>tfw there is no way to know that your brain is really yours and not just a machine running a simulation of (you)
>And even less ways to know that machine is actually a SHE
Fuck off
File: Andrea001.jpg (159 KB, 1000x1000)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
>Everyone is female. I mean very simply that everyone wants to be a woman. What one does with this desire is what we call gender.

ngl verso is on fire rn
t. shebot
I'm willing to bet there were women in Classical Athens who got off on pretending to be men. Not that there's any way to lose that bet.
File: 1539751054724.jpg (119 KB, 768x768)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
>not wanting to be a girl
What is wrong with you

Do you agree, /lit/?
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>typing out laughter
Nbd = No big deal
>Competes with a dead guy
>Still loses
Lmao git gud
no way lmao

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