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*Mortal Kombat music starts playing*
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Because he's retarded for magic and gof butthurt that he couldn't convince anglos to run around wearing bedsheets and pretend to cast spells. He's like Crowley with no sense of humor or style.
No he isn't you retard, he refers to magic as the domain of the lower-classes and of the spiritual inept. Next time try harder before pretending to have read him.
>Regarding evil spells, there is a great difference between true sorcerers like those with which he had to deal with and simple occultists. The latter, notwithstanding all their pretenses, never reach any effective result. There have often been some of them who attempted to do something against me and, also like you, I never heard anything about it at all.
>On the other hand, when you think that things of that type should not be able to strike those who have a true spiritual vocation (but I don’t think however that can be said to have been that the case of Leon de Poncins), it is also necessary to make a distinction: if you want to speak of the psychic and mental side, you are absolutely correct, but things are quite different from the corporeal point of view and anyone can always be struck in this regard. Furthermore, since it has been passed down that some sorcerers succeeded in sickening the Prophet himself, I don’t even see who could boast of being secure from their attacks.
He believes in sorcery and is disdainful of those that do not, that's a check in the ol' retard box. He's like Crowley with no sense of humor or style. Abandon him, accept it, doesn't really matter to me, I just like knowing that you're wrong.
Just because he accepts that magic is real doesn't change what I said at all you moron, he says elsewhere in his books that magic is just a trap that distracts people from genuine spiritual progress/realisation and that it is something to be avoided.
It's a master-slave complex. Britian is objective the greatest country and built the world in it's image so no doubt it triggers some people's insecurities and need to somehow prove them wrong.

Okay /lit/ so hear me out, I’ve had a great life with the opposite sex. Smash after smash I’ve planted my seed on the rims of my unsuspecting lay’s bootyholes. However, its not always easy to tickle the fantasy of m’ladies and some have always required a little more tickle of their senses than others; thus I’d come up with erotic visual texts & stories that I’d conjure to flood the vaginal gates of my next dear smash, and most of them have always suggested that “You should write erotica, so good you are, I was touching myself throughout reading your brain”

Alas I am no writer but in that sense that my spicy and gruesomely detailed character visuals of sexy DM’s and SMS have always garnered appreciated from the opposite sex and perhaps many a times a solo rub on their part just reading my porno texts over and over again. Tldr:

how can I professionally become a writer that writes dirty shit that gets women off?
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Sounds like you need more gay sex
Have sex incel
Actually I'm a volcel
So take that you fucking fag
Your prose is fucking dreadful. Spend 10 years studying and practicing.
Thats not my writing sample, I’d post if you all weren’t such faggots

The book was trash.
I sit down in front of my PHILIPS computer monitor and navigate to Google Chrome using my Steelseries mouse (DPI set to 800.) Using my Corsair mechanical keyboard I input the URL address for the 4channel literature forum. Once there, I click on the catalog button which gives me a good overview of the current conversation. The first topic to grab my attention is one about Barnes and Noble's Leatherbound Classics collection. I load it in a separate Google Chrome tab, leave a comment pointing out that they look like something from a cartoon, before returning to my previous tab - the catalog. Next I open a thread on Gregory Sadler. Conversation, dull. I skim through until I see an image, a screenshot, of Dr. Sadler speaking about the Game of Thrones television series. In it Dr. Sadler speaks about uploading a reaction video to the series finale. Disgusted that someone I had respected watched such trite, I return to the catalog. A thread on Cline's Ready Player One. An interesting work, it can't be denied. I decide to write a somewhat themed response to the thread, but, just as I'm approaching the point of my comment I realise the mods will soon respond to the janie's call and remove this thread, so I wrap-up my comment and press the "post" button with my Steelseries mouse.

I cant read this. Its too accurate

It hurts too much. I am going to burst into treats
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Have sex.
Both Notes from the underground and No Longer Human are my favorites, Nausea would be too but it drags along too much, it has too many inecessary things to be on the same level.

American psycho in the other hand, although not as rich, and far more ornamental, deserves to be near these tittles in grace

not sure why you guys have to turn it into a virginity vs no virginity issue
>not sure why you guys have to turn it into a virginity vs no virginity issue
It's a deep concern for normalfags unable to have sex.
File: 1518537537851.gif (1.24 MB, 257x200)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB GIF
I absolutely despise people who only read in an attempt to read about themselves. The incredible amount of narcissism this must require is beyond my understanding. I can't imagine reading something and then having a fit of anger the moment that the main character stops resembling me.
Absolute retard. Its not about the book resembling the reader but the stigma associated with the book leads
to certain expectations, especially on this site and whats been said about the book. Also, fucking a bunch of suicidal girls and crying about it is pathetic compared to some of the doomer shit in the /lit/ canon, but its not that, thats the issue. Its the fact that the prose banal and the writing overall is a C+ the only reason people seem to enjoy this book is the emptiness reached by all this engagement in lust and all the self-conscious awareness Dazai has. This book makes you feel the tight conceited feeling that Dazai had due to the expectations and restriction of showing an emotional character in the East. Dazai was a dam about to burst in the terrible situation he was in, the only way to loosen up the skim tightening feeling was writing, and thats what we got

File: sad.jpg (98 KB, 1280x720)
98 KB
>tfw too anxious too read books
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I try but anxiety rises to unbearable levels.
refuse. resist.
File: 1558370833726.png (230 KB, 1000x1000)
230 KB
230 KB PNG
I know that feel
Just don't use porn
i cant read because i dont feel unique. after some pages i always get anxiety because i dont see any reasons to have opinion and discover new ideas if they are already known by a lot of people

Smoking a cigarette whilst enjoying a novel y/n?
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It makes you smarter.
I cant concentrate while smoking a cigarrette.
Im always thinking the ash is gonna fall on the book and everytime I take a puff I lose the part I was reading
Go to the auction sites. Holt's has good deals too.
I like smoking but it makes me feel guilty and reduces my fitness for sports, also is expensive and gives cancer.
File: Sakaguchi_ango.jpg (133 KB, 640x537)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
I totally get where you're coming from. I feel the same and am very careful with my books. Though I objectively see this as something very materialistic. I think, that if books are your hobby and you don't work with them, you will be more carefull. When it comes to philosophers, I guess to them it is partly work to dal physically with the books they use.

File: eliminateracism.jpg (247 KB, 1200x794)
247 KB
247 KB JPG
As a young African American man, I've experienced my share of racism throughout my life. But it seems like things are only getting worse for me and people like me, at least in North America. People's sentiments are changing. Things that used to be whispered about are being spoken aloud, in public, on social media, even by my president. Racists are becoming emboldened. Churches are getting shot up. I worry more and more about what this country holds in store for people like me. As such, I want to read more books that deal with eliminating racism. Any recommendations?
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More important debate:Why each society's collective IQ is not valued as it's impact to the civilization yet the individual's (superficial) attractiveness are overcelebrated and heavily impacts each individual's life and pernamently (de)forms his world view?
Read the human zoo. Can't remember the author but he also wrote something called the naked ape you will find him easily.
It's a pretty old book so he uses the word negro a lot. There is one very pertinent chapter on racial conflict.
File: ohhhhfugits404;DDDDD.png (16 KB, 672x236)
16 KB
hah you clicked the fake link! You are literally outsmarted by the meme! Guess who's stupid? huh? huh???

File: ug-krishna.jpg (16 KB, 300x262)
16 KB
Who are some comfy philosophers that will help me find inner peace?
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Skip all these and read Plotinus' Enneads.

he's the reddit answer
File: colt.jpg (5 KB, 225x225)
5 KB
This one
File: Adi Shankara.jpg (457 KB, 705x958)
457 KB
457 KB JPG

File: aTVSO3s.png (103 KB, 624x434)
103 KB
103 KB PNG
What's the most interesting/controversial philosophical question you've ever pondered about?
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>God is essentialy the highest law, the meta law of all laws
in other words it doesn't exist

out of curiosity
File: toast_toasttoasttoast.jpg (86 KB, 630x604)
86 KB
For the first one, see Kant's moral philosophy (check out Arendt's lectures on Kant's political philosophy maybe).
the jq

File: based.png (91 KB, 700x626)
91 KB
Create your own custom prompt for the GPT-2 neural network and post results.

File: nice.png (123 KB, 700x1586)
123 KB
123 KB PNG
very good
Internet makes you gay.

False rape allegations, #metoo, feminism, screeching— the reasons to dislike the Modern Woman are many and compelling.

What are some books where women play an extremely minor role, or even better, aren’t even there at all?
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The Peter Spouter Inn Innkeepers wife. She’s pretty based tho.
File: amino cover 8.jpg (1.86 MB, 1482x2039)
1.86 MB
1.86 MB JPG
Do traps count? Our Lady of the Flowers is p gay
Heart of Darkness
Entire Lovecraft

File: 168668.jpg (26 KB, 311x475)
26 KB
ITT we summarize great literature like a stoner
>dude its like we keep trying to make sense of things but its like all contradictions and nonsense
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that's one of the issues, yeah
>spoonfeed me
A more forthright unpretentious literary style might have served it better.
>I am unable to articulate my thoughts beyond "booo me no likey"
>and my boss dude, he's so cool!!

File: perrin ayyybara.jpg (23 KB, 245x306)
23 KB
How do I survive Perrin's fucking story arc lads? He's so boring
>Muh Faile
>Muh wife
I can't fucking stand it

File: 1557965660661.png (104 KB, 1263x615)
104 KB
104 KB PNG

We're working together to improve. Don't critique those who don't critique before/along with their piece.
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Focus on purpose of passage and keep it singular
Emphasize themes and find potentially hidden ones
Rewrite instead of edit
Think more about level of detail in relation to the importance of the moment
Dont use I when it can be helped
A decent list, should keep me occupied while I finish going over what Ive already written. Thank you again, always good to get some constructive criticism.
The horse she rode on wailed as her fingers fought the reins that held the beast. Mud speckled her white dress, she thought that she must look like a phantom from afar riding down the heath at dusk pale and lucid. She thought herself one too, she had been a living a ghost for long. Walking the halls of the house doing the same frivolous things waiting for that cracking sound of private thunder. She was not adapt for vanishing, she knew. The winds were to harsh, the branches of the trees were too long, all of it was foreign to her though she had been here since the farthest veiled memory could recall. But if she could live for just one moment more and die without hearing that awful foreboding sound again she would sink into the flowers and soil with a smile on her curdled up kind blue lips.

Like the combination of words but i hope you intended this to be funny
Cool. Short and sweet. Sounds theatrical.
This is the first paragraph to my second chapter. Is it too pretentious?

My journey begins on the twelfth of June, two thousand and sixteen. A hot summer’s day, the sky a rich blue with the sweet summer sun, shining down upon all earthly creatures. The forests formed a blooming viridescent ocean, with its’ birds sailing above the thalassic leaves; Robin, Sparrow, Goldfinch and Jay, and all other inhabitants that blessed those unceasing branches. A mansion stood majestically before those incessant waters, its walls shimmering in the ever-present light, radiating down from that inescapable ball of fire. The walls were built with a smooth milky material, which naturally caused the sun to reflect into the eyes of any unfortunate soul that made the injudicious decision to look its way. A balcony stretched from port to starboard on that illustrious vessel, for all guests and visitors to marvel at the surrounding scenery. Before the forest lay a meadow of kaleidoscopic proportions: Bluebell, rose, celandine and Daisy; the meadow like the canvas, the gardener like the artist. Before the meadow sat an equanimous river, flowing down to a charming little pond below an overarching willow tree. Foxes, Deer and other woodland animals were frequent drinkers of this well sheltered oasis, contributing graciously to its already pleasant appearance.

A great event was taking place before the river, on the newly trimmed grass, a party of tremendous magnitude stood waiting, and I along with my family were invited.
i am responding now, 4chan been weird recently

just from reading this small passage

overly descriptive imagery at the start but some are nice
second half is better narrative wise
this feels like it could be a short but would definitely need some sort of action happening. Even in thought, there are thoughts about actions whereas it doesnt feel like anything really happens

by the end of the first para you begin to repeat and it gets kinda tedious
start of first para definitely best part because you dont just muse liek a doomer
Where can I post my work if it won't fit in a single screenshot?

File: Sapiens.jpg (27 KB, 316x499)
27 KB
Anyone read this?
I liked it. I appreciated the analytical approach to subjective human experiences
I also appreciated how the author dissected different religions in an academic fashion, though it was very obvious he had a bias towards buddhism.
I also found it weird that he would define terms himself then use those definitions to make other arguements (i.e. he defines "religion", then uses that to argue why capitalism is a religion). I ultimately agreed with a lot of the points, but that's like when SJW's define gender as how someone identifies, then says that means that trans women are ACTUALLY women. It's a weak argument when you use your own definition to justify it, as anyone else could use their own definition to argue against it.

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