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Your favourite section and why
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I have read up to the part about the murders. It is almost unbearable to read. I've asked on here if I can just skip it, but the consensus is that it's a necessary evil to feel the weight of the whole novel. I've been stuck here for a month and dunno if it's worth it to finish it.
File: rob.jpg (271 KB, 1024x1197)
271 KB
271 KB JPG
The part about Fate. Full blown noir and suspicion.
based trips
yes thank you. i don't know why everyone on this board hates that section. its enthralling
I liked them all actually

File: siggy.jpg (78 KB, 900x750)
78 KB
He was the only one to successfully answer the meaning of life: to have kids.
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in a way he´s right but his own attempt to create something worthy was in bane because he´s such a hack, celibate or not, he only made garbage
Natalism is based.
Muh Eros&Thanatos. It's like Freud never moved beyond the aesthetic realm. (Also why he was a coke addict)
Schopenhauer essentially argued the same point. His concept of Will inspired Freud

What are some novels to give to a modern woman that she can actually relate to and enjoy? I do not of course mean some drivel written by a purple haired faggot promoting sexual deviancy and hatred of the opposite sex but rather something written by a woman of real virtue, a treatise on the essence of womanhood. I want to get my girlfriend into literature but I want to give her something with a female protagonist, something she can relate to but at the same time something that promotes traditional values, the redirection of existence to a structured life devoted to divine purpose, etc. We read The Odyssey together and she surprisingly enjoyed it and was fascinated by the portrayal of women and gender roles instead of seeing at as a hyped up work of archaic misogyny.
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Your girlfriends a whore faggot
make her SQUEAL
I would say middlemarch too.

Another suggestion after that is "The collector" by John Fowles. Half of it is written from the perspective of an psycho incel and half of it is written from the perspective of a female art student. Both perspectives are handled really well. Amazing novel and there's a lot more to it than you first think.
Post Office
>modern woman
>traditional values
Woolf, O'Conner, and Morisson all deal with women in traditional roles and finding higher purpose in them

File: rupi.jpg (8 KB, 203x249)
8 KB
Poetry critique thread. I'll start:

the connection you feel when you and anon are called samefag
and only the two of you know the indemonstrable truth
the only human connection you've had all week
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Disinhabit heaps of flesh
that ask the eyes of "I"s
cling to every threat of death
rebuke the cure of time

O Entity immortal rise!
our terminal machine!
intangibles as love surmise
as fragments on a screen

we've muted every scream
I ask myself the same thing while reading D. H. Lawrence's poetry. I prefer his proses.
Tunak tunak tun, tunak tunak tun, tunak tunak tun, da da da
Tunak tunak tun, tunak tunak tun, tunak tunak tun, da da da
Tunak tunak tun, tunak tunak tun, tunak tunak tun, da da da
Tunak tunak tun, tunak tunak tun, tunak tunak tun, da da da

Dholna, vaje tumbe val taar, soode dil de pukar, aaja karle ye pyar
Dholna, vaje tumbe val taar, soode dil de pukar, aaja karle ye pyar
Dholna, vaje tumbe val taar, soode dil de pukar, aaja karle ye pyar
Dholna, vaje tumbe val taar, soode dil de pukar, aaja karle ye pyar

Duniya yaara rang-birangi' naal paidi naye changi
Duniya yaara rang-birangi' naal paidi naye changi
Duniya yaara rang-birangi' naal paidi naye changi
Duniya yaara rang-birangi' naal paidi naye changi
Pretty hilarious desu

Borders on good



The sparseness of lines leaves one wanting a little bit more in terms of readability; conceptually sound

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Silly string spews forth from the gargoyles' eyes
and cement rains down from da skies—
myriad Mariams dance with stolid Steves,
Christmas nods to pregnant Eves.
People ask why—not how—
they ask why, and he bows.
The conductor bleeds electric screams,
the building builds eclectic beams
supporting the converts of coronal spasms—
that great magnanimous yawning chasm
(into which the strings spiral
and the cement congeals chiral).

The kids play baseball with sand,
calling it constantly grand—

Has /lit/ read his work?
this. don't read him anon
"Anyone who doubts the declining literacy of book reviewers need only consider how the gabbiest of all prose styles is invariably praised as "lean," "spare," even "minimalist." I am referring, of course, to the Paul Auster School of Writing:

>It was dark in the room when he woke up. Quinn could not be sure how much time had passed—whether it was the night of that day or the night of the next. It was even possible, he thought, that it was not night at all. Perhaps it was merely dark inside the room, and outside, beyond the window, the sun was shining. For several moments he considered getting up and going to the window to see, but then he decided it did not matter. If it was not night now, he thought, then night would come later. That was certain, and whether he looked out the window or not, the answer would be the same. On the other hand, if it was in fact night here in New York, then surely the sun was shining somewhere else. In China, for example, it was no doubt mid-afternoon, and the rice farmers were mopping sweat from their brows. Night and day were no more than relative terms; they did not refer to an absolute condition. At any given moment it was always both. The only reason we did not know it was because we could not be in two places at the same time.(City of Glass, 1985)

"This could be said in half as many words, but then we might feel even more inclined to ask why it needs to be said at all. (Who ever thought of night and day as an absolute condition anyway?) The flat, laborious wordiness signals that this is avant-garde stuff, to miss the point of which would put us on the level of the morons who booed Le Sacre du Printemps. But what is the point? Is the passage meant to be banal, in order to trap philistines into complaining about it, thereby leaving the cognoscenti to relish the irony on some postmodern level? Or is there really some hidden significance to all this time-zone business? The point, as Auster's fans will tell you, is that there can be no clear answers to such questions; fiction like City of Glass urges us to embrace the intriguing ambiguities that fall outside the framework of the conventional novel. All interpretations of the above passage are allowed, even encouraged—except, of course, for the most obvious one: that Auster is simply wasting our time."

-BR Meyers, https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2001/07/a-readers-manifesto/302270/
I've never read Auster but the way this faggot talks makes me want to read him out of spite.
>But what is the point!!!
This guy needs to go shove a book up his ass and wait till it digests into sludge.

Is self-insertion always a bad thing?
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No. I mean even ignoring the obvious >>14298089, a second-person story isn't inherently bad. The issue arises when a story with insertion needs to trick people into thinking that this isn't what's happening. If it needs to maintain a lie to maintain the audience, there's likely something disingenuous about the work.

Doesn't "self insert" mean like, leaving room for the audience to self-insert, a-la blank-slate anime protagonist? Going off OP image?
It’s not if you do it right
Man is God’s self insert.
I used to think so, but after reading Kafka's and Dostoyevski's books i figured it can be done gracefully
No, a lot of medieval lit is self insert since it's the writer's journey and self discovery. If it's not self aggrandizing and Mary Sue, it's generally fine

what will the literary 2020s be like?
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Trump's tweets will take an impressionistic turn.
>The more literature you read, the more your ability to critique new literature grows. It's not hard, anon.
its an issue of quality and quantity. There are 100,000 or more very low quality books put out each year, how does one find the quality? There are different websites, publishers, bookstores, clubs, universities, professors, that are 'striving to be the gatekeepers and ambassadors and championers and preachers' of the continously contemporary literature, still there is an extreme quantity of these groups, and still, how to determine which of them most likely has correctly championed.

In short, how to avoid being wide eyed and curious and confidently going to a few of the many gate keepers and championers of contemporary quality, and reading 100 worthless books a year, is the only response better luck next time? There are many many people that get paid many many money to dedicate their lives to finding the highest quality contemporary literature and making it accessible to the 'public', what steps can the public take, namely, high brow patrician /lit/izens, to not waste their time and money finding the best literature made today?

That anon is saying, from what he sees hoisted and championed, it is all shit, where can one go to peruse the contemporary selection of 'the furthest from being shit'?
Let his boomer meme die already.
I am sure there is some historical value, it is certainly something of a literary achievement, but at the same time it is something like 'copy paste facebook extravaganza: a boomer tale; Mom youre embarrassing me, the novel'
You're right.

4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
still interesting I think. Tolstoy holds decadent artistry to account, and espouses an instrumental view of art. When I read it I was still trying to make sense of the 'anything goes' mentality of modern art, and more so its infusion with SJW nonsense in recent times, so Tolstojs view was kind of eye opener to me.
disagreeing doesn't mean it isn't worth reading
The historical overview of beauty alone makes it worth reading even if you don't ultimately agree with his conclusions. He has a pretty hilarious takedown of Wagner as well where he exhaustively describes his experience attending one of his operas.

The oversimplified conclusion of the book is that beauty is nonsensical, and that true art must be religious in nature, be understandable by the common man, and it must convey a feeling from the artist. Also he points out that the degeneration of art through recent history is a result of the upper classes no longer believing in God. This is when notions of beauty were introduced and when people realized that was nonsensical, stimulation and novelty in art became paramount.
He's not really saying that people sucked, it's just that weren't creating art. They were creative and they made things that may have invoked a physiological response in viewers or they might have made something which is very unique but ultimately they were deviating from true art which can be logically defined.

File: 61vwcVZrD3L.jpg (119 KB, 1589x2560)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
what are some other light-hearted nihilistic books?
My diary desu
under teachers toilet - a scat ebook

on a serious note - if i punch you in the stomach i can get you to renounce your beliefs so shut up
>under teachers toilet - a scat ebook

post link?
File: 1562185563520.jpg (108 KB, 856x1024)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
There is no light-hearted nihilism. The only nihilistic conclusion which remains true to nihilism is suicide.

File: ismail-inceoglu-ahex.jpg (605 KB, 1253x1696)
605 KB
605 KB JPG
Monthly Reading, December: Ice - Anna Kavan

SFF Charts Gallery

/sffg/ Group (33 members)

Threads, Other Charts, Recs, Release Dates, Downloads, etc

Previous Threads

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Any reccs for high fantasy that DOESN'T suck tolkien's dick (something similar to the witcher or the chronicles of narnia)
There are hundreds of high fantasy books that doesn't follow Tolkien.
Damn you were supposed to sell malazan to me. When I said can't deal with different povs between books I meant more emotionally rather than being too stupid to follow the story because I get really invested in (good) characters. Is malazan secretly some throne of glass-tier meme? I listened to the general thread consensus on black company and botns and loved both of them.
>Has there ever been a bigger waste in all of SFF?
Okay. Who's better in his specific sci-fi subcategory?
Well there are a bunch of new characters in each book and there are certainly characters you can become invested in.Sometimes it takes a bit until a character you might like returns, but there are 10 big fucking books with plenty of opportunity for that.

Of you like the soldiers in black company you will probably like the malazan army soldiers, they are fucking rad.

File: yukiom.png (318 KB, 700x459)
318 KB
318 KB PNG
Why is gay literature the best minority literature?
11 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Oscar looked gay af, Yukio is a surprise considering his whole samurai background.
Basically, he was so poor he couldn't afford basic living or healthcare and died because of it
Mann, Proust, Henry James, Wilde. They've really got that early 20th century bit all sewn up
But tere is definitely a gay literature, a gay culture

File: 1513313330679.png (613 KB, 501x661)
613 KB
613 KB PNG
Why is Evola so cringe compared to Guénon?
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The Recognitions is the closest book there is to a "Evola Reader" as it provides a wide survey of his thought.
that's quite the accomplishment
Evola levels some decent critiques of Nietzsche but only to arrive at even dumber solutions.
>The Recognitions
I haven't personally read this one, however, looking over the essay titles in it, it looks like it would be an awkward place to begin. The Metaphysics of War is a pretty good starting place, as it well describes the cyclical view of history, which is central to perennial philosophy.

I believe the best way to begin is
>get a decent understanding of neo-Platonism
>read Meditations on the Peaks
>read The Metaphysics of War
I haven't read Meditations on the Peaks but The Metaphysics of War is too repetitive and limited in scope to be a good introduction imo.

File: hqdefault.jpg (19 KB, 480x360)
19 KB
17 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
ideology is the opium of the people
I don't know what school you went to but every other professor I had found some way to squeeze Marx into their curriculum
What the hell is that comma doing there, OP??
I don't think you understand the quote
A right wing bullshiter. Yes.

File: 0o0o0oo00o0o.jpg (65 KB, 620x413)
65 KB
My parents were recently asking what I want for Christmas. Does anyone have any good recommendations on books that are introductions to theology and philosophy? I've read a little about both and they intrigue me immensely.

Thanks /lit/
Your picrel is perfect for what ur looking for. Also some good basics/intros are
>all of Camus’ works
>stoicism (Marcus Meditations)
>Divine Comedy
Try G.K. Chesterton, the titles that spring to mind are:
The Ball and the Cross

He's a very comfy author, BTW, great Christmas reading!
A Body of Practical Divinity by Thomas Watson
Thoughts For Young Men by J.C. Ryle
Etienne Gilson for medieval philosophy (and thus christian theology).
The Bible.

i am a midwit so i could never go too far with philosophy. fortunately i have a good groundwork and know a decent bit about music and math

i will teach him to read from a young age as well as how to read at a higher level.

When he asks me about the existence of god i will tell him i dont know. i will teach him the gods of the old and hand him the books of all the abrahamic religions and that it's up for him to decide.

I will instill in him an early love for music composition and theory. he will be playing lizst by the age of 10.

i will teach him algebra at an early age, since it can actually be understood by kids at a much younger age and schools are just slow.

i will teach him how to think, tell him there are no absolutes in the world and that he should question everything that can be questioned

and of course, i will teach him the overman
49 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
the overtranny
the dark shading patch above his eye fucked up an otherwise good drawing of nietszches head. On the body the "lou" tattoo is some reddit tier shite, its a real "wink wink only real nietszche fans will get this" Otherwise, I like the drawing of the body.
File: ebony nibba.png (155 KB, 500x420)
155 KB
155 KB PNG
>the overwoman
you´re raising him to be something that it´s not achievable by any human being, don´t do it anon
since modern women are nymphomaniacs i will teach her to use men as dildos instead of submitting to them

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