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Against the creamy sheen of the torn tapestry of the wall, pearly marble fingers slimed themselves over helios-gold shining phalli, suddenly holding them in a wrestler‘s grip, crunching them downward & pulling on them, as if to break them off. The french window opened & let in the flaxen heat, which mingled with the blond that merged with the whiteness which imposed itself upon the room. The unsneezing ivory stood facing this in pouting blood & aether-chrysoprase, her tightly bound flax resting over the shoulder of her blouse, whose cuff was also tight against her pearly palm.
In some medieval tea-house (practically fallen) had been her silent peasant sculptors. The patriarch had been an even lesser poetaster than of the „minor“ class & his meadow-kisser baked bread, placing herself as she did in the muddy cabbage-rows in front of the decrepit orange-rooved monastery.
The patriarch of the Lycee in the Romanian citadel had become aware of „an unarmoured (naked?) anti-valkyrie removing the cyan souls of the weak & straight-facedly condemning them to the crimson chamber of hades“. Naturally, considering he was the most heavenly of gold-lined arch-angels, named the clever & wise Gabriele, he would approach her & take her blushing pink-hued teenage chastity.
In the dark mahogany-laden smoking room, she lay her skirt-covered behind on an even darker leathern seat beside the debonaire suit. She sat like a little boy & the monocle‘d paederast-director slowly craned his balding stare to glimpse the just-teenage knickerless cunt press itself yellow & piss-stained against her aging cream cotton stockings which were tightly attached. Nervously, she clumsily stood up amidst the daunting swank toffs & just as messily fell with her alabaster on to the shoulders of the aroused bow-tie‘d director with her blushing kiss pressed crimson-as-lucifer against the sweat of his lined-with-wrinkles forehead. The chalk of her teeth now breathed in to his nostrils that she needed desperately „to piss“ & then proceeded to do so down her cotton & thigh, leading to the peculiar sound of green-as-meadow wee bursting from a silver mechanical tap.
In his smaller artless apartment he nervously produced a cream pair of his spanked daughter‘s soft cotton in the arousing form of a pair of stretchable stockings & crumpled-up knickers. When he also wrestled the shining throb which secretly lead in to the largest room in the lesser place, his other virgin daughter was shockedly standing @ the other paint-peeling entrance, flustered & winter-coatedly. Between him & her stood another half-naked barely teenage virgin.
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I have some grammatical errors in here oops
3/10, read about 30% of it but didn't really pay attention

The post button gave way with a satisfying crunch. As the ennui of existence leaked slowly from beneath my dorsal fashions, I contemplated the waves of lunar corn squalorously shambling across the way. The muse squirmed between my dripping thighs. Never before had I impaled myself upon such glorious inspiration, nor would I ever again. Tragically, the world was not ready.
>read about 30% but didn’t pay attention
Ok. Also your writing is very pseud.

thanks, anon. I do think it'll make a bit more sense in context because there are multiple timelines in play throughout the story, and there's supposed to be some ambiguity regarding which timeline is implicated here in this scene. The bottle of booze is meant to suggest which one it might be. Your central criticisms are valid. I have to tone down the sunshine motif, replace the wooly hands bit, tighten up the flow etc. Thanks for the feedback
The most important decisions in life are never made carefully. It’s those split second, heat of the moment reactions which produce the greatest triumphs, or most crushing defeats. You can let the heat burn in you, it can burn for a long time, but whatever the decision, it has already been made.
It’s rare that the fire dies, it takes intentional smothering because adversity only makes for a greater burn. It burns through adversity, depression, even threat of physical punishment. But the only way for it to be put out is if the owner wills it, and unfortunately many flames are extinguished. Extinguished in favor of a false sense of security, for the approval of others, or the idea that one is “right” in doing so.
This story follows the flame of a young cellist, through the flares and smothering they experience in playing music.

new Space Taoism/Pancreativism/Cosmotech thread. discuss Deleuze, Whitehead, Land, acceleration, schizophrenia, capitalism, Yuk Hui, cosmic horror, cyberpunk, whatever else.

random interesting links:

new Yuk Hui
>One speculates on this unknown end of absolute deterritorialization like gamblers staring at casino tokens. Accelerating disorientation does not create an exit from the global time-axis. On the contrary, it merely disrupts momentarily the established orders and conventional modes of operation. In China, for example, expanding bandwidth and storage capacity for data flow have given rise to social credit systems, which simply stabilize and reterritorialize the flow of capital. A recent survey conducted by the Free University of Berlin showed that 80 percent of Chinese respondents approved or highly approved of these social credit systems, with 19 percent neutral and only 1 percent opposed. The disruptive and apocalyptic qualities intrinsic to acceleration are by no means anti-humanist. In fact, they reveal an extreme humanism fighting to save itself through massive destruction—a twenty-first-century nihilism.

Mark Downham: Cyber-Punk, the final solution
>inspired Fishter, Land, CCRU et al

Uncle Nick

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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What is 'space taoism'? you mean like the force in star wars?
>One speculates on this unknown end of absolute deterritorialization like gamblers staring at casino tokens. Accelerating disorientation does not create an exit from the global time-axis. On the contrary, it merely disrupts momentarily the established orders and conventional modes of operation. In China, for example, expanding bandwidth and storage capacity for data flow have given rise to social credit systems, which simply stabilize and reterritorialize the flow of capital. A recent survey conducted by the Free University of Berlin showed that 80 percent of Chinese respondents approved or highly approved of these social credit systems, with 19 percent neutral and only 1 percent opposed. The disruptive and apocalyptic qualities intrinsic to acceleration are by no means anti-humanist. In fact, they reveal an extreme humanism fighting to save itself through massive destruction—a twenty-first-century nihilism.

Brave Chinese philosopher shills dystopian panoptican by painting it as the cure for modern nihilism! for more on that stay tuned for after the commercial break!
curse of Name
haunts on
someone explain this to me NOW
Holy fuck philosophy legos

File: 1543721396431.jpg (379 KB, 1621x1551)
379 KB
379 KB JPG
Who is the Holy Trinity of literature?
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I'll concede Maupassant but replace Poe. Having influence alone doesn't make him worthy. His influence only stretches as far as thematics, the writing itself is not great, mostly hackneyed gothic cliche in every area. It's embarrassing enough he even has to be argued over Kafka or Chekhov.
Says the fag supporting the degenerate Schoenberg. Coltrane is Next Level, especially in the context of those surrounding him. Or do you actually think Schoenberg’s compositions are suprerior than Coltrane’s? Lmfao
reply to this post with an in-depth, written in italian, description of why it's so good or fuck off
Milton, Hölderlin, Baudelaire
Schoenberg ruined classical music.

The judge is like evil Jesus. He is wandering around in the country with his disciples, giving sermons and performing miracles. But instead of extreme compassion, he teaches extreme selfishness.
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Lmao what does this even mean?
You can't stop what's coming, anon
And if you seriously think that people with different taste than you are brainlets, then you are the brainlet.

It's not like McCarthy hasn't done this before. That's how he wrote the road. "Just a story about a dad and his son" according to him. I believe McCarthy intentionally wrote it loosely to leave all that interpretation to the read. fine, I get it. Then come up with some decent interpretations

It's understandable if you can't to call the judge a control freak, an autist, or a sadist. It's another thing completely to circle jerk each other with reddit tier theories that the judge was a demon, the kid's imagination, or some other goofy shit like that.

Incredibly stupid take.


Painfully stupid opinion


You guys are fucking idiots.
The Judge says, quite clearly, that he wants to route out nature and force it to stand naked before him. The freedom of birds is an insult, etc.

He reveres and respects war above all, and it's why he kills the kid due to him showing weakness.

He is the Devil, and his opposite is the grace of God.

He even eludes to this during a scene with Glanton where they joke about the "souls" of his men, and the potential of them being promised to him.

But what really drives it home, even more than the madness of Melville and his Ahab influence, is the scene that almost directly quotes Milton's Devil.

Where the Judge has them piss on the ground to create gun powder? Is identical to the scene where the demons approach Satan and ask him to help them make bombs to fend off the Angels.

Divine Comedy and incest femdom

Where to start with this Pagan beauty?
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File: cho.gif (624 KB, 290x231)
624 KB
624 KB GIF
File: popcopy.gif (495 KB, 322x345)
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495 KB GIF
Fuck off to /pol/!
wtf man
solid advice

Any (preferably) Christian or philosophical works that refute or interpret Nietzsche in terms of favoring slave morality? Or was Nietzsche too based?
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Also, if you wish, this is an extremely good youtube channel.
Books interpreting Nietzsche worth your time:
Ressentiment by Max Scheler (by a Christian phenomenologist)
Heidegger’s lecture series “Nietzsche”

That’s about it.
"Pious or even merely church‑going people seldom realize how much good will, one might even say willfulness, it requires nowadays for a German scholar to take the problem of religion seriously; his whole trade (and, as said above, the tradesmanlike industriousness to which his modern conscience obliges him) disposes him to a superior, almost good‑natured merriment in regard to religion, sometimes mixed with a mild contempt directed at the `uncleanliness' of spirit which he presupposes wherever one still belongs to the church. It is only with the aid of history (thus not from his personal experience) that the scholar succeeds in summoning up a reverent seriousness and a certain shy respect towards religion; but if he intensifies his feelings towards it even to the point of feeling grateful to it, he has still in his own person not got so much as a single step closer to that which still exists as church or piety: perhaps the reverse. The practical indifference to religious things in which he was born and raised is as a rule sublimated in him into a caution and cleanliness which avoids contact with religious people and things; and it can be precisely the depth of his tolerance and humanity that bids him evade the subtle distress which tolerance itself brings with it. ‑ Every age has its own divine kind of naivety for the invention of which other ages may envy it ‑ and how much naivety, venerable, childlike and boundlessly stupid naivety there is in the scholar's belief in his superiority, in the good conscience of his tolerance, in the simple unsuspecting certainty with which his instinct treats the religious man as an inferior and lower type which he himself has grown beyond and above."

thats awesome
>an abundance of self-love and security (security in one's own strength); it gives to the lesser, the weaker, even the equal. The strong is the lover and the weak (or the equally strong) is the beloved.
This describes Nietzsche though.

So, does meditation really work? Every single esoteric book I've read mentions it, but scientifically speaking there are a lot of unanswered questions.

Also, if I want to start meditating, what books should I read that are not the usual new age esoterica non sense?
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>So, does meditation really work?
If by "work" you mean "gets you possessed", yes.
Buddhism and Hinduism are satanism.
Elaborate please.
false witness is a sin
It needs to be acknowledged that consensus on the exact goal is disputed.
I wasn't going to post but why THE FUCK is this thread on page when it had two new posts!?

It is well known among authors and scholars that the keystone of morality is a belief in God and the immortality of the soul. For if this world is all there is, and supreme justice does not exist, a man may break every supernatural law which relies on oath and vow alone for the sake of survival. For the avowed atheist, the ideal of humanity, along with the moral law, is merely expedient, serving the purposes of the will to live alone. Mainlander, like every great genius, recognizes this truth and understands its significance. He faced a tremendous difficulty, however, when, in his philosophy, he found himself forced to proclaim the non-existence of God and subsequently of any possibility of immortal life. Fortunately for him, he had already attributed an entirely negative value to life itself, which he had demonstrated, along with Schopenhauer, to be blind will to live. Therefore, he could attribute to its alternative, that is, complete annihilation, a true, positive value, since to end life would be to solve the great moral problem which all deep thinkers face, the problem of existence. Evidently, not only is absolute annihilation into nothingness to be preferred over the never-ending "sultry saloon" of existence, but, perhaps more significantly, it is possible.

Mainlander's proof of this is perhaps dodgy at a best, for he merely provides a quite phenomenological explanation, viz., that, as far as we know, the individual will disappears utterly with the dissolution of the body, leaving, finally, only elementary particles, whose destiny is quite unknown even to science. Here, Mainlander's cosmology is admittedly obscure, for he does not explain how the individual will enters into the body upon its formation, seemingly out of the same nothingness to which it returns, and this would seem to contradict the his concept of annihilation, especially since, for him, time has a real underlay in motion, which means the flow of time corresponds to a real cosmological development. He also does not explain how the universe is so constituted that it follows the development that it does, only that, profoundly, the will to live is actually the outward garment of the will to die which characterizes all manifestation, which he interprets as a true revelation concerning the nature of God, who apparently shattered himself in order to end an eternal existence. At the moment of creation, the Deity suddenly fragmented, severing an inherent unity which was replaced by the world of plurality in which we now live. The now individual, innumerable threads of life follow out their course, ending abruptly, each in its own special time and place in the cosmos.
11 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
As was explained in the second post, Mainlander's philosophy describes the individual as severed irrevocably from God. He does this, mainly, to explain the plurality of the world, and also to offer him (the individual) alone the keys to salvation, not through worship of a deity far above him, but by putting an end to all the violence and misery of the world by silencing his own will, which is not tied to that of others and so does not require a collective upheaval, but merely an individual effort through trust in God's ultimate intention. However, Mainlander's conception of the cosmos as a plan of God also precludes free will, and hence we run into the paradox I describe above, where the salvation of every man and creature was already secured before the world began and so it is difficult to see how the reigns are really to be offered to the individual. God is just as unassailable in Mainlander's declaredly atheist philosophy, as he is in any theistic one. There is no reincarnation, according to him and so the individual will of the beast is saved through annihilation just as is that of the greatest sage, and it is really inconsequential what actions either of them takes. He seems to have undermined the significance of moral action by trivializing it. I see this is a problem in Mainlander's work, although his sentiment and nobility come through in his general aims.
As a gnostic antinatalist, this!
File: 1547699233374.jpg (33 KB, 500x500)
33 KB
>As a gnostic antinatalist

Im not trying to be obtuse but i genuinely cant extract from what you're saying a coherent concept of an individual. The individual is a will, which is redeemed by being silenced?
I don't understand the unpopularity of the idea that maybe God is a dick. I mean he makes hell and whatnot. Pathetic measly humans can't be doing with that sort of thing.

File: operation_doomsday.jpg (258 KB, 1200x1200)
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258 KB JPG
What are some reputable non-fiction books that talk about the inner-workings/formation of cults?

File: autism wheel.jpg (29 KB, 353x417)
29 KB
Write about anything minor or grandiose that you're trying to cope with atm and reccommend a book to other copers.
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You must know they know you post here. Your time is limited. By "they" I mean your FAANG of course. Unless it's Netflix, in which case LMAO
Join a monastic order. That's what Des Esseintes needed.
Just kill yourself now. Even believing that marx might be right is grounds enough for suicide.
How can you be so sure of something if you haven't read the primary source? Marx is one of the most strawmanned authors out there
MahaPrajnaParamita-Sastra by Nagarjuna, the answer for most philosophies

File: G9bhqYw.jpg (90 KB, 683x939)
90 KB
My diary desu
Ma’s diary desu
Here,lots of books about cute mommies

File: 1547404683687.jpg (828 KB, 3000x2119)
828 KB
828 KB JPG
Have you ever tried reading an author from first sentence to last testament? All of their works from beginning to end? I'm considering picking one author per year and reading everything they ever wrote, not just their greatest hits. Onviously this is impossible with some authors like Dumas and Henry James, but most great canonical authors don't have more than 10-20 books worth of writing to their name, that's like 30-50% of what I read in a year. Considering doing this with authors like Joyce, Dostoevsky, and Milton, among others.

What do you think? What would be the benefits and drawbacks to this approach?
17 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Compare king Richard 3 to macbeth
I might do this with Phillip k dick just to say I’ve read it all. I realise already that it downhill from the books i have already read
I've done this with Joyce, Austen, Dickens and Shakespeare. Going to do Tolstoy this year.
I'm not sure what I'd call his "best period."

I am not a huge fan of Broom of the System, Girl With Curious Hair, or Brief Interviews With Hideous Men. So I guess everything after that. Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again, Infinite Jest, Consider the Lobster were my favorite books. Oblivion and Both Flesh and Not were also great.
The Pale King was very interesting, especially because at the time I had a mind-rendingly monotonous job, too. But since it's unfinished, well. Yeah.
Some parts were fantastic, like the girl and her therapist, or the part about the Christmas shopping. Hated the parts about the contortionist, though.
Aivazovsky is kino

If you don't sub vocalize, you don't have a soul.
Not that telling you this matters since you're just a flesh puppet of the demiurge
103 replies and 18 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Not having an inner voice makes you an NPC
>But not hearing that inner voice when you read makes you a brainlet
Is sub-vocalization hate a seething NPC meme?
i don't know what puck is but I just like that picture
well, better start with reading Perfume
remember when /lit/ used to be pretty much in agreement that subvocalizing was a bad habit and reduces your ability to read quickly. Well, now that all the subvocalizers have found the NPC meme, they can cope by pretending that the people who don't subvocalize (and as a result read faster, think faster, are all-around smarter than them at abstract thinking) are just not real humans.
I don't understand what you people are talking about. What is this stuff about a larynx moving? Are you claiming I can't speak words while reading entirely different words?

File: 1200px-MaxStirner1.svg.png (84 KB, 1200x1555)
84 KB
How do I integrate his philosophy in my daily life /lit/?
20 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Yo man, cool down, he's just making a meme
? I doesn't look like one.
Stage III.
Stop posting as a tripfag on 4chan's literature board
steal shit
smash trashcans
tell spooks to fuck off

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