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File: fichte.jpg (106 KB, 991x991)
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Where do I start with Fichte?
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You start with A
As a non-shitpost, friedrich beiser's "german idealism: the struggle against subjectivism" is a really great guide to that whole era of german philosophy and has great exposition of both Kant and Fichte

So as a place to start that's probably good, but there's no point in trying Fichte before you know Kant inside out
this, beiser is a good place to start but i would honestly start with Fate of Reason first. also, there's a good anthology of writings edited by george digiovanni (and i think someone else) called From Kant to Hegel.

i agree you can't really understand fichte except in deep historical context and as a response to kant. beiser's reading of him is a good starting place, because he gives you a historically situated, relatively holistic (and therefore hermeneutically plausible) reading, one that resolves some of the recurrent weird issues in fichte - like whether he thinks the fucking world exists or not (answer: beiser thinks he does).

but yeah to really appreciate fichte you have to have a deep understanding of what was at stake in the kantzeit, not just in kant's wake but in the whole philosophical crucible that the kantzeit represented, as a culmination of the early modern period and attempt to wrestle with its key ideas and their antinomies.
File: DBxgabtw5Ss.jpg (64 KB, 477x597)
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Wikipedia. Because nobody knows who tf he is.

I love you guys. How’s everyone doing tonight? And should I have a second beer
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5.99 for one beer! Fuck no, don't drink more. Save your money for something better.
No, drink some water, because you probably haven't had enough water yet today
If you drink that second beer you'll be too buzzed to be able/want to keep reading. Drink water and appreciate the ale you already had :)
>tfw can't afford beer
Reading Rimbaud's letters in between doing revisions. Enjoying my time for now, because come Monday the anxiety will slam back in. Also pretty sure op is posting from a dormroom.
I’m always a fan of one more beer, as long as it won’t get you too drunk!

My night’s good, haven’t read much because grad school but it’s almost summer... plus I just boofed some kratom :)

File: 1554830959855.jpg (106 KB, 655x700)
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>Joyce is the greatest novelist
>Shakespeare is the greatest playwright
>Montaigne is the greatest essayist
>Pessoa is the greatest poet
>Borges is the greatest short story writer
but who is the greatest philosopher?
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cringe, this is what happens when you take the /lit/ pill seriously Joyce was trash and narcissistic he overestimated his abilities because he made one good book, which inturn made him beleive he can create the ultimate prose filled book but ended making a cluster fuck of shit that got published soley because he ghosted literary circles for 20+ years this really was because he new he coudent make anything better than Ulysses so in one quick year he wrote a shit prose book that made no sense LOL! Also hes a shit munching low iq irish fart sniffin cunt
fucking based and redpilled
based thread
The only non meme answer (Aristotle is acceptable too, I guess...)

File: original.gif (1020 KB, 500x281)
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1020 KB GIF
Books about bootlegging in the 20s? im in the mood for some after watching this show

>So basically yeah I'm not even a Marxist, just go read reactionary Christians like Hegel and GK Chesterton

What did he mean by this
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he observed the business cycle, diminishing returns, and the manner in which urbanization and industrialization destroyed/chipped away "tradition" and "traditional" culture.
Oh my fucking god. It's been explained. Read the thread or listen to the Critique of Gotha Program audiobook on YouTube.
So basically a bunch of shit other people saw since Ancient Greece
Clearly not
>zizek wasn't calling nazis bad by calling them crazy, he was calling crazy people good!

What are some books that will make me in to a doer? I've avoided doing productive stuff in my free time for so long, it is like I have a mental block
Not how it works.
Jordan Peterson my man

>he reads translated poetry
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That sounds like a lot of work.
shakespeare read translated poetry
Much have I travell'd in the realms of gold,
And many goodly states and kingdoms seen;
Round many western islands have I been
Which bards in fealty to Apollo hold.
Oft of one wide expanse had I been told
That deep-brow'd Homer ruled as his demesne;
Yet did I never breathe its pure serene
Till I heard Chapman speak out loud and bold:
Then felt I like some watcher of the skies
When a new planet swims into his ken;
Or like stout Cortez when with eagle eyes
He star'd at the Pacific—and all his men
Look'd at each other with a wild surmise—
Silent, upon a peak in Darien.
File: 07c.jpg (43 KB, 706x521)
43 KB
>He enjoys poetry not directly transmitted from the creator's brain via telepathy

File: J.K. Rowling.jpg (26 KB, 400x400)
26 KB
Is there anyone this board that was familiar with Peterson's work before he became a, supposedly, alt-right meme?
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He was doing jungian interpretations of Disney movies at his university. The fact that he blew up did nothing but reveal how little he really has to offer intellectually. For fucks sake he only wrote 1 book before cashing in on self help.
Is this legit? It seems to confirm some of the things I've heard from his former academic colleagues that he is pretty much a mentally sick weirdo.
Yeah I read his Maps of Meaning before he blew up; comparative mythology in the vein of Eliade and Jung with a modern psychophysiological twist. Shame he turned into a hack, he could have been so much more.
the alt-right denounces him as a shabbos goy lel
They even call him "Juden Peterstein" heh.

>there's no such thing as bad literature
That which comes before must necessarily produce a coming in the present, a coming in the present must necessarily produce a coming of the future, and so on. It's all really very simple
>there's no such thing as bad music
only bad readers and bad literature

File: deleuze2.jpg (103 KB, 495x630)
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Where's the pomo chart?
File: 333 (2).jpg (65 KB, 467x350)
65 KB
>mom found the porno chart
there is not a definite pomo chart in a definite place but rather many pomo charts fragmented and in many diffuse places
File: 1540547636408.jpg (562 KB, 1823x998)
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562 KB JPG
He unironically is

How does it feel to be a total phony? Everyone on this board is a useless pseud. None of you know anything beyond how to name drop people smarter than yourselves. You jerk yourselves off for having read the right people, and act like condescending pricks to anyone who hasn’t. I’d be offended by the smarmy attitude if it wasn’t such a thinly veiled mask over your own insecurities. Fuck this gay board and everyone who visits it

Pic related, literary narcissists, the lot of you
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>I know who narcissus is! look!
pppffffffffahhahahhahahahahahhahahhahahahahhaha get the fuck out of here pseud
You clearly havent spent much time on pol because leftists do sometimes come by and make threads. At least they did, I havent really gone on pol since 2015 much
>4 years ago
The absolute state
Feels pretty great tbqhwyf

I was once in church & a man stood up & said "God is not a logically sound concept". Pastor broke down in tears. Everyone stood & clapped. That man walked out & everyone followed him, listening to his tales of logic. That man's name was Steven Hawking.
>God is not a [human] concept
holy based
File: 1549395562147.jpg (50 KB, 600x503)
50 KB

File: Carl-Jung-Headshot.jpg (159 KB, 1095x1440)
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159 KB JPG
is there a way to make a chart for Jung as an introduction to his incredible bibliography? There may be already one that exists or many, but I have yet to see it. I've read The Undiscovered Self, Man and his Symbols, Archetypes and the collective unconscious, as well as a short introduction to his work. I just ordered Two essays on Analytical Psychology, after realizing this is probably the best introduction to his work.

Also I would love to have a dedicated Jung General if there was enough interest?
I've been dying to get into Jung for years and never really taken the plunge because I don't know where to start, so a good annotated chart would be really appreciated.

Any recommendations from you would be great too OP.

When will I grow up out of the Nietzschean phase? Because... it is a phase... right guys?
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You'll grow out of it when you realize there is more to life than philosophy, but you'll always take the lessons with you. I read Nietzsche when I was 14 because I wanted to look cool (Beyond good and Evil) I had forgotten I was lowest in the pecking order in a shitty public school...no clue what I was thinking...Likely go the shit kicked of me more for quoting it. But it opened my eyes to lot, but over time you find other things and people and you take what you feel is right with you step by step and build your own outlook.
Heh thats why you read 'beyond'.
>threadly reminder that he literally was an incel
Yeah because his younger sister sexually abused the poor Nietzsch.

File: featured_art.jpg (408 KB, 2000x1200)
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408 KB JPG
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your diary desu
mine is perfect :3
The western canon is based on his writing but his writings are based on a caveman's understanding of human mind and evolution.
tropic of capricorn. Back then when everybody was getting married before having reached the age of 24, sleeping with two whores and contracting four STDs was the bohemian lifestyle, that book might have rung true with some people. Nowadays by the time you've reached 25 you've had over a hundred tinder dates (you only have to swipe once in whichever direction), and the STDs you contracted are as much a part of your CV as the countless unpaid internships you did at a publishing firm or your local vice magazine office. Back then you rebelled against a contract called marriage because you wanted more in life. Today you count your highscore. Today you rebel by refraining from leading such a superficial life and just once have natural feelings for another being. Nobody would read that though, as Adorno told us it would just be kitsch.
File: 306638_1100.jpg (52 KB, 1100x825)
52 KB
>Infinite Jest is bad
Rehydration is necessary, but it is also quite satisfying.

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