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File: all this belongs.jpg (39 KB, 323x500)
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Just got pic related as a Christmas present for my mother. Did I make the right choice?

Are there any sociology/psychology books written about 'conversation traps'? Certain subjects seem to be natural sink holes for conversation, like politics and religion. You have to be careful to let a conversation not go there, and once a conversation goes there it is impossible to back out again since it naturally escalates and people can not stop talking about it even when they want to. When you're in a cultural context that does not protect against these things being discussed with taboos it is extremely easy to let every conversation collapse into these subjects.

I want to know more about this phenomenon and someone has surely already thought about it.
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Tribalism is good to you retards now o I am laffin
whenever those topics come up, ignore the surface issues and inquire about the motivating principles behind their beliefs. What moved them to that particular faith? Do they hold revelation as a suitable ground for belief? What should a society do with the least competent members of it's population? Unless the individual is just an absolute prick, you can always make some kind of progress in a conversation
Emily Post.
File: 1334329164853.jpg (60 KB, 600x623)
60 KB
I can talk politics just fine without escalating it, I just dont reveal my particular stance on the subject

File: Freud vs Jung.jpg (8 KB, 287x176)
8 KB
Alright /lit/, recently I've finished reading Carl Jung's "Answer to Job" for a class, and I'm trying to brainstorm a thesis for my 4-6 page final argumentative essay. So far for a thesis, I'm thinking of going with something arguing that Jung's views are heavily skewed in a negative religious manner due to his attempted departure from Freud's more biological focused teachings. Does anyone have any ideas for a thesis? I'm just kind of brainstorming.

The other books we've read are "The Epic of Gilgamesh", "Dante's Inferno" (a personal favorite), the "Dao De Jing", "The Koran" along with some shit by Ibn Arabi, and "Answer to Job".

Any ideas at all are welcome, and let me stress that I'm not looking for someone to write this for me. I'm just looking for some brainstorming help!
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what do you men by "psychic facts are wrong"? or "jung is ascribing truth to exp"?
Learn to capitalize your sentences, bitch.
title plox
Flying Saucers: A Modern Myth of Things Seen in the Sky.
OP here.
At least I try, unlike the vast majority of the population. And at least I have the courtesy to avoid insulting others when anonymous.

Fair enough. I honestly didn't think of it in this manner. Clearly, I'm going to have to read up on Jung some more, so I think I'll avoid using him in my thesis. I'm trying to think of another argument that I can extrapolate from the works that we've read. I've already done an essay focused on Gilgamesh, and one on the political background behind Dante's Inferno, so I'm trying to think of something else. I'll keep this updated while I can.

Lol. I'm going to have to check this out.

I understand the supply of pussy was cut off but you can still use naughty thoughts and use your left hand to scratch the itch.
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The historical part not considered by the author himself were the available male/boy prostitutes at the time (though that's still not a perfect substitute).

>use your left hand to scratch the itch.
As evident by the rise of our modern eunich subclass, the Incel, your left hand will only appease that kind of itch for so long.
Because Lysistrata is a comedy and didn't happen irl.
They could have fucked each other too.
File: 1494372332379.jpg (45 KB, 540x304)
45 KB
>tfw too smart to understand a basic sex comedy
Jill is nice and all but sometimes you need the real thing.

Anybody fluent in, or better yet a natural speaker of, Spanish that can suggest good books of any genre to a young fool. Anything is appreciated

Also general Spanish lit discussion
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Bumping for this
i am also interested in some poets someone with in the B1-B2 level could understand
100 years of solitude, 2666, Fictions by Borges, Don Quixote
Pedro Páramo, El llano en llamas, Cien años de soledad, Ficciones, El Aleph, Aura, Bestiario, Rayuela, those are mostly short works that are really good, especially Pedro Páramo
Author-wise I'd recommend Julio Cortázar, Jorge Luis Borges, Juan Rulfo, Gabriel García Marques, Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer (his main works are poetry tho), Calderón de la Barca, Miguel de Cervantes and Mario Benedetti (he's mostly a poet)
Ernesto Sábato - El túnel and Sobre héroes y tumbas.
Adolfo Bioy Casares - La invención de Morel.
Manuel Puig - Beso de la mujer araña, Boquitas pintadas
Do not read anything by Juan Rulfo if you are just starting to learn spanish. I'm a native spanish speaker and it was difficult to follow from time to time. He uses a lot of pretty specific mexican expressions and vocabulary.

File: IMG_0753.jpg (73 KB, 500x713)
73 KB
Volgiti agli avi tuoi, guasto legnaggio.
Crispy McBacon

File: Fat.jpg (8 KB, 480x360)
8 KB
Can we all agree, fuck slam poetry?
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slam poetry, and any form of art, becomes ass whenever it becomes tainted by political ideologies and stops focusing on the personal or existential
kek is this real
nick nack

The focus on the person is the issue dude. You need to read less bed poetry, respectfully.

File: 1538099728789.png (69 KB, 1129x1363)
69 KB
I've made the executive decision to stop reading War and Peace.
>half way through the book
>irritated/depressed at the thought of finishing it
It's not "bad," I just don't enjoy it and it's become more of a burden to me to read. Nothing really keeps me engaged to it aside developments in individual love narratives. If this book was more oriented on the Masonic lodges and life in the war instead of Russian aristocracy maybe I would persist but I'd rather read more books and enjoy said books than unwillingly finish War and Peace just for pseud credit.
Okay, thank, cool blog.
i found war and peace incredibly entertaining, especially the aristocrat parts
i also watch soap operas so this may have something to do with it
I gave up a quarter of the way in, don't get me wrong it was an enjoyable read and I'll probably return to it but plowing through 70 pages a day and then still having like 800 to go give me a sense of fatigue
File: 1500347510090.png (572 KB, 1424x648)
572 KB
572 KB PNG
That's basically my sentiment.
File: 15445674106710.jpg (50 KB, 604x440)
50 KB
It's ok, most of Russians consider it boring as fuck, even Tolstoy himself didn't like it.

File: ap-obit-achebe-3_4[1].jpg (63 KB, 534x712)
63 KB
Was he right about Joseph Conrad?
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See, I would take the opposite view—the essay certainly convinced me with examples from outside the text that Conrad was racist, but Heart of Darkness not so much.
Yes, but who cares? Conrad was a racist. Neat. He was also much smarter than Achebe, and more importantly, a superior writer.
Conrad, a contemporary man, could not have written anything else, one must take context into account, whilst I agree that he was racist he couldn't really help it .
Any books that subvert the narrative of Africa being a magical place that was ruined by white men?
File: xala.jpg (20 KB, 295x475)
20 KB

Xala is about the rampant corruption of Senegal's post-independence government.

File: catcher.jpg (39 KB, 492x750)
39 KB
What are some good secondary texts on Catcher in the Rye? Books or journal articles are fine, I'm enrolled in a university.

Some girl just told me Boswell's Life of Samuel Johnson reminded her of me. What did she mean by this?
you're a fat retard with tourette's who everyone assumes is smart because he talks in ye olde englishe? idk dude
Are you a good conversationalist, OP?
She means youre difficult to read; she didn't read that and (therefore) she can't read you.
I like this meme
haha LOL!

File: IMG_0748.jpg (70 KB, 500x323)
70 KB
Red-Pill me on Princeton Handbook of Poetic Terms.

Originally published in 1987. This compact volume makes available a selection of 402 entries from the widely praised Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics, with emphasis on prosodic and poetic terms likely to be encountered in many different areas of literary study. The book includes detailed discussions of poetic forms, prosody, rhetoric, genre, and topics such as theories of poetry and the relationship of linguistics to poetry.

Bibliographic information

Title: The Princeton Handbook of Poetic Terms
Volume: 3255 of Princeton Legacy Library
Author: Alex Preminger, Jr.
Editors: Alex Preminger, Jr., O. B. Hardison, Frank J. Warnke
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 0691638306, 9780691638300
Length: 326 pages
Subjects: Literary Criticism Poetry

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I thiught it was a dictionary categorised by metric denotation. The bookstore clerk lied to me.
>The bookstore clerk lied to me.

More likely they bullshitted so that you would buy the product and/or go away. I assume the book was not present, otherwise you could have perused it.
Does such a dict exist, tho?

File: painfulcase.jpg (131 KB, 1280x720)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
>Every bond is a bond to sorrow.
>he heard the strange impersonal voice which he recognized as his own, insisting on the soul's incurable loneliness. We cannot give ourselves, it said: we are our own.
>He could hear nothing: the night was perfectly silent. He listened again: perfectly silent. He felt that he was alone.
>His cheekbones also gave his face a harsh character; but there was no harshness in the eyes which, looking at the world from under their tawny eyebrows, gave the impression of a man ever alert to greet a redeeming instinct in others but often disappointed.
>He lived at a little distance from his body, regarding his own acts with doubtful side glances.
>He had neither companions nor friends, church nor creed.
>No one wanted him; he was outcast from life's feast.

File: 450_1000.jpg (30 KB, 450x261)
30 KB
I'm currently reading Metro 2033. What do you guys think about this book?
Better than the game.
I really enjoyed the perilous journey Artyom was forced to undertake; the fear is much more palpable that the one transmitted on the game. Some sections are pretty unnerving and while I don't think it has much to offer on the way of high literature, it is still an enjoyable novel with some interesting passages.
Really enjoyed it honestly. The worldbuilding and setting were very nice, story was nice, sometimes theres odd choices of words due to the russian/english translation but for me it was a page turner.

11 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
nietzsche x rupi kaur
>rhyme and meter
>Rupi Kaur
This was my first impression.
What is the name of the book?
The title of the thread

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