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File: UklG.jpg (109 KB, 1280x720)
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“When I take you to the Valley, you’ll see the blue hills on the left and the blue hills on the right, the rainbow and the vineyards under the rainbow late in the rainy season, and maybe you’ll say, “There it is, that’s it!” But I’ll say. “A little farther.” We’ll go on, I hope, and you’ll see the roofs of the little towns and the hillsides yellow with wild oats, a buzzard soaring and a woman singing by the shadows of a creek in the dry season, and maybe you’ll say, “Let’s stop here, this is it!” But I’ll say, “A little farther yet.” We’ll go on, and you’ll hear the quail calling on the mountain by the springs of the river, and looking back you’ll see the river running downward through the wild hills behind, below, and you’ll say, “Isn’t that the Valley?” And all I will be able to say is “Drink this water of the spring, rest here awhile, we have a long way yet to go and I can’t go without you.”

It changed me for the better

File: joker hong kong.jpg (843 KB, 2048x1374)
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Describe this image in your finest prose

not a dog by popular demand

File deleted.
What are the best books to learn about Roman history and society? From the beginning to its demise, I'm highly interested in knowing all about it.
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I'm becoming more and more sickened of flesh fiends as I grow older. I had a kitten once and once he matured, he could not help but mount anything in sight including its own mother. You could pick him up and it would be in such a senseless frenzy to get from A to B. He eventually ran off but that is beside the point. I see these images, and humans are the same exact way. Remove the sensations of pleasure from the act, and it is quite a pathetic thing to be engaged it, and it is the ultimate end which people serve in all their daily going-ons. Divorced from any subjective pleasure it does not lead to any intellectually productive enterprises. I've had all the sex you could have and it did nothing but dig a deeper pit. Religious thinkers are only right in their idea of will. Too bad they fail to hit the nail on the head. A man is nothing more than a mesh of brain, subject to inputs, and that brain is a product of what it does. The more this is fed, the more it becomes man. Affects memory, will and action. Imagine being such a braindead NPC that you are imperceptible to how this changes you as you age. Imagine paying no attention to the increase of sexual dreams. Imagine paying no attention to how no matter how often it is done, it is never satisfied. If you exhaust the dialog options of the cumbrain, it will eventually concede it does not care if these are its thoughts and is just happy to take whatever pleasure comes along in life. It is worse than willfully going in to a barn and living like a farm animal.
Have sex.
Based. Thirst traps help memes
Keep your shoes on, Dorothy
Is she planning on cooking her legs, too?

File: 1558587553314.png (90 KB, 628x767)
90 KB
What would a good book be for someone who has failed to ever develop a meaningful relationship with another person?
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White nights Dostoyevsky
You don't need books. If anything, you need LESS books. You need to go out and interact with people in person.
why women can only think life through a relationship. is it because women are parasites feeding on beta males to work for them and support them not matter how appalling women are?
Because women live to serve their husband and raise their kids you fucking cuck

2019... I am forgotten
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he was actually thinking about a certain german materialist economist
I remember reading a post on /lit/ about how this would happen, it pointed out that he's just the latest in a long line of experimental Marxists who for a while get really popular then disappear into obscurity with no lasting impact on philosophy.
As opposed to every single public figure??
Are you honestly claiming that no public figure has ever had a lasting impact, just to defend your sniffling marxfu?
Stll better than peterstein

File: Homer_British_Museum.jpg (206 KB, 635x800)
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206 KB JPG
>"Homer" names not an individual singer, but the very idea of a poet
So I was Homer all along? Awesome desu. Be prepared for my epic poem, I'll let you know when I publish it.
homer was a woman
Homer was two kids in a trenchcoat.
Homer was a disabled, blind slave. I don't see why the pro-disability movements don't support him.

File: 21-39-05-images.jpg (17 KB, 323x500)
17 KB
Why is this so fucking hard to read?
I need someone to explain each chapter.
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Your probably 18.

Also its reddit tier superficial pseud fuel. I've never found Cowmoo to translate well into english.
File: p.jpg (43 KB, 600x693)
43 KB
Not reading it in the original language.
This made me laugh
I'm 22

Why is pseud fuel?
Sorry man I can't understand french
I'm reading in Portuguese tho

File: iStock-1035676256.jpg (2.3 MB, 2309x1299)
2.3 MB
2.3 MB JPG
Does everything operate for a reason? Is there anything that escapes this rule?
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>One fundamental property of God must be that he is eternal
stop right there and prove it. don't try and slip that in there nigga
Reasons are things we invent, they're things we attribute to the world. So whether or not something happens for a reason is entirely up to us.
Reason means putting things on a scale, it means to consider. There is no reason to anything, it's something we attribute to the world when we see correlations. If you look at anything, you can perhaps check for its causes and also observe its consequences, but there is no reason to it at all.

Schopenhauer talked about the principle of sufficient reason in the world as will and representation.

I'm just saying; I don't know.

File: 1574008952966.png (1.19 MB, 736x602)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB PNG
What is your opinion on publishers as a whole? Should we go back to paying a printer directly to have our books in print? Would you rather keep it as is?
We should switch to an entirely Ebook based format fuck publishers
Anyone should be able to distribute any book he wants without paying royalties, but only if he copies each copy by hand like an illustrated manuscript.
Uh, isn't that already the case?
I looked through a list of 200 books published EACH in 2019 and 2018. There were zero worth reading from '19 and only 3 I would even consider opening from '18.

Publishers deserve immediate and merciless genocide. The only cures for this absolute STATE are ropes and bullets. We must remove the cancer.
anon, I...

Found an interesting passage in the book “The Golden Age of the Moor” what do you guys think?
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Was this the guy who claimed that the Olmec were black?
north africans are white
>defeat through romans -1070BC+157=-913BC
>Foundation of rome: 753BC
what did the romans mean by this?
Yeah, not to mention the fact that the Roman Republic didn't reach Spain until 200BC
They're not, but they certainly aren't black

File: B1TGm8lYzVS._SY200_.jpg (17 KB, 246x200)
17 KB
What do yall think of fantasy twilight clones such as the great library series?
I don't think about them.

File: 32342432432.png (488 KB, 526x482)
488 KB
488 KB PNG
I need books like Old Man and the Sea, but I guess "faster" paced?

>be junior in college
>don't want to be a virgin forever/not have a fun college experience
>American Lit II class with cute girl today
>we're reading Old Man and the Sea
>professor asks about our first impressions
>girl says she liked it but it's really slow

I thought for the holidays I could give her a book and recommend it as something better
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Eh, don't gift her the book. Start a conversation with her at the end of class and walk out with her. Do it a few times and get her number. Your semester is probably wrapping up so you might want to just ask her out for coffee or something
I mean what makes hookups work is people feeling that they're having fun together, if you relax, take interest in what she's saying and enjoy yourself in the conversation while joking every now and then sure, it can work. You signaling that you aren't allowed to talk to her without buying her something first obviously tells her that you don't think that you deserve her which isn't very attractive. Two equals enjoying each other's company, having fun and being curious about one another is a good recipe for hooking up
Try this
Thought this was the only reasonable reply and then realized that OP is probably on the spectrum which made >>14296241 seem like a much better suggestion.
why would that suggestion be autistic?

File: Zizek_small-.jpg (185 KB, 800x546)
185 KB
185 KB JPG
I want to read about communist theory but I don't know where to start. I have a copy of the communist manifesto but that feels a bit like jumping into the deep end. I have done very little philosophical reading and almost no political theory reading (I'm a history undergrad). Where should I even start? I've heard that Zizek is good, and I've also heard that it helps to have companion books for certain (usually older) texts. If possible I'd like to read on the later USSR, but thats not necessary. Thanks frens.
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I think youre supposed to start with Capital, then go on to the Manifesto
File: 00400.jpg (24 KB, 300x300)
24 KB
Just think with your feet, anon
ignorance is no crime, but it's incredibly ironic to say the communist manifesto is the deep end and zizek is not.
i agree with that except i would put theses on feuerbach in between manifesto and 1844 manuscripts
if you talk to any actual commies you'll notice that they all have grappled with the gulags as well as holodomor and the catastrophes of maoist china. i think a lot of the ways they address them are shitty, but this is the case nevertheless
It borders on pop-pol/phil. I enjoyed it, but it's not an important book, same with Violence, Living in the End Times, A Thief in Broad Daylight, etc.

File: あほ.jpg (35 KB, 319x335)
35 KB
Does this exist? I imagine Japanese publishing companies would be more proactive in shutting them down. Thanks in advance for any help.
There's the DJT library, but most of it is trash. Apparently you can request books now, but I haven't tried it. I'd really like to know an alternative as comprehensive as libgen.
Baka gaijin

File: Nietzsche187a.jpg (1.21 MB, 1464x1986)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB JPG
Pseudo-philosophies, such as Hegelianism, Egoism, and Nietzsche-worship have greatly contributed to the worsening of western philosophy, and the destruction of the western intellectual.

Such "philosophies" are more akin to political ideologies, as they often rely upon conjecture, unrationalized claim, and emotional impression. These ideology-philosophies also are similar in that they most often seek a semi-spiritual goal: in Nietzsche's philosophy, to become a so-called overman is the object of all one's actions - very similar to Stirnerism, in which one seeks to break the supposedly false bonds of societal control and hierarchy.

A great striving towards a utopia or utopian man is found in all these ideology-philosophies. It is not then a great surprise that many dangerous and provenly violent political ideologies, such as Marxism and National Socialism, also hold this similar value of "Utopia through Struggle".

In "Thus spoke Zarathustra", Nietzsche's prophet, who is quite similar in presentation and theme to Christ, is hounded by devout followers and disciples, who seemingly hold him in some sort of spiritual office.

These ideological values of thinly-veiled spiritualism and authoritarianism have no doubt had a horrible effect on western civilization at large, corrupting and convoluting legitimate socratic discussion and progress through political and social means.
7 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
de Tocqueville is one of the most insightful and timely commentators an American could ask for, but I agree that Locke and Voltaire are (and were by the dawn of the world wars) antique.
>in Nietzsche's philosophy, to become a so-called overman is the object of all one's actions
Nietzche never said that every single person should become an overman
but all philosophy is ideology you stupid /pol/turd
>"Political ideologies"
Idk about what Hegel says, but the other ones dont really tell you to support any political ideology in particular. In fact they do a wide critique at almost all political ideologies
>by using my philosophy i have concluded that my philosophy is correct.
>by using my philosophy i have concluded that other philosophy is incorrect.

Who cares pseud, go read a (one) book.

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