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File: 432534534534.jpg (46 KB, 988x683)
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Best opening lines in literature? I'll start:

>I spent the night before my first day of teaching in an excited loop of hushed masturbation on my side of the mattress, never falling asleep.
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Peer, you're lying!
>He spends most of the play doing just that.
Maybe you read too much, incel.
what cringy comma
Ah, Hysterical Literature. Wish that photographer dude continued the series.

My rejection of the world, or vice versa (it doesn’t matter), makes me feel superior. What can I read that will humble me in my loneliness?
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Whats his some sort of threat? There really isn’t any winning is there?
>vice versa
Bad news, faggot, you are retarded, not superior. When society thinks you're a faggot then you may appear as a faggot. Society is sick, but that doesn't mean its rejection of you is baseless.
what difference does it make?
File: 9780679642329.jpg (64 KB, 468x700)
64 KB
Why humble it? Read this if you haven't already, you've made the right choice. Now all that remains is to gather your powers within yourself and CREATE, heedless of what critics say. You've taken what you will from the world, now transform it.
what? Rilke would laugh at this comment

>Spend millions of years where your entire day was dedicated to hunting for food, water and socialising
>Finally evolved to modern homo sapiens and min max life so hard you spend your entire day doing fuck all
>So much time on your hands you have to think up arbitrary, abstract goals just to fill the empty space
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>doing fuck all

there is a difference between meaningless wagecucking 8hrs/day and doing fuck all. Not the same type of purpose and meaning crisis. neets are not the majority yet.
And your proof for this claim is where exactly?
>Most of you absolute niggers think of early humans as comic book caricatures, matter of fact most calories did not come from hunting down huge animals, but rather from abundantly available fruit, nuts, mushrooms, vegetables, insects and literally anything else edible. Early human palate is closer to that of a pig, rather than a wolf.
The sole reason human beings are even here is because we got shittons of calories from meat that we COOKED making it digest way fucking faster than usual thus rewarding us with way more energy from the equation. We didn't stuff ourselves full of berries and shit. We got meat 2 or 3 times a week, often skipped entire days not eating anything and ate gathered foods as snacks.
I mean it increases 2x your chances of getting lucky and becoming filthy rich because of someone elses work and using your money to push stupid shit that cant work because of fundamental laws of physics
>there is a difference between meaningless wagecucking 8hrs/day and doing fuck all
No difference that matters.

NEET's are apathetic at best, wagies just want to kill themselves.

File: honklhonk.jpg (47 KB, 800x450)
47 KB
Essential honkpill lit?
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Capital Vol 1-3
Camp of Saints

Has anyone who is not /pol/ read this? It's a blast, but people only want to talk about racism whenever it is brought up.
Negroid masculinity and the warrior gene: (((mass immigration))), white women, and the bell curve
File: celine_trilogy.png (521 KB, 964x499)
521 KB
521 KB PNG
File: 1574089203190.png (246 KB, 600x597)
246 KB
246 KB PNG
harrassment architecture

File: poe1.jpg (49 KB, 321x500)
49 KB
Avid reader and uni student here. My only passion has ever been books/reading, and I can't think of any other profession I would rather go for, I would be miserable in any other field. But I've heard the Editing and Publishing industry can be very difficult to gain a foothold in without connections, is this true? Is it just an impossible pipe dream that I should just give up now and not bother with?

I apologize if /lit/ is the wrong place for this thread, I just thought there might be some people familiar with it here. I'll move to /adv/ if needed.

File: 1574097425145.png (112 KB, 1644x1370)
112 KB
112 KB PNG
What books might this individual like?
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this was me and outside of obvious stuff like homer, plato, shakespeare, I really enjoyed seafaring tales like moby dick and robinson crusoe, and french blackpillers like celine and houellebecq
If you're self aware enough to identify with this pic, then you're not too far gone
File: famalam.png (29 KB, 1644x1370)
29 KB
Shut the fuck up retard. Not even my version is close to me.
Elliot rogers manifesto
Based gloomer brethren

Or is it just a way for nations to get rid of incels by using them as cannon fodder?
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>War hasn't been honourable since the Napoleonic wars.
American civil war, Zulu war, Franco-Prussian war, Spanish-American war...

Anon no...
Achilles was a whinny bitch, so Zeus punished him.
No. There's nothing glorious or honourable about using drones to do 99% of your dirty work. The only honourable combatants at this point are guerilla fighters.
No, there cannot be courage or glory in anything unless Liberal media idealogues say so. You're a cringe incel if you believe in anything except things explicitly rubber stamped by several rounds of focus group trials backed by machine learning processed ad data harvested by international corporations. If Jews on Late Night Comedy shows are not exhorting it, it is immoral to believe it.

Conformity and comfort are the highest virtues. To actually believe in anything, as opposed to just wallowing in irony, is the greatest sin imaginable.
good point

>Taught by Leibniz at the Court of Berlin, Princess Caroline had an 'ardent love of learning, and fondness for metaphysical knowledge' and frequently corresponded with her former tutor after moving to England.

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File: LIEBNIZ.jpg (150 KB, 624x800)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
Stop anon. Liebniz was pure!
>'ardent love of learning, and fondness for metaphysical knowledge'

Is this code?
Leibniz was volcel though.
Imagine how thirsty Caroline was over a man that only cared about Jesus and Calculus and genociding t*rks.
Nobody is more impure than those who inspire a love of learning, as "love of learning" is a desire for one's current understanding to be continually perverted and questioned. It is the greatest pleasure of every great teacher to have their own teachings perverted by their students beyond what they had envisioned.

Yes it's "being queer" on a level of being queer that is most queer.
This is projection of your own mentality: you are ruled by your gonads, and so you assume everyone else is. Having a healthy relationship with your entire body is simply unimaginable to you, because you don't experience it.

File: 61Fkb1F2vOL.png (73 KB, 512x512)
73 KB
What would have we done without them?

goodreads appreciation thread
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>What would have we done without them?

I'd have used Librarything.

I use it to catalog my collection. I can then check my collection on the phone before making a book purchase to avoid buying duplicates.
I just post a handwritten list of all the books I've read each year directly to the FBI, it saves them a step.
>Oh good, a wholesome Goodreads alternative
>Oh god, this is the worst UI of any website or software I've ever seen, ever
exactly. 2007 UI

File: Fredy Perlman.jpg (40 KB, 220x337)
40 KB
Any authors who are opposed to economics on principle? Who don't believe that making everything in this planet purchasable on Amazon is an intrinsic good? I can only think of Perlman. Marx doesn't count.
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Holy shit, how are you going to manage that?
Probably not like this generation gives a shit about having kids and hopefully this trend continues
Go vegan
The anarcho-primitivists (Zerzan etc.) promote a return to pre-stockpiling culture so in that sense they are anti-economic.
>The success of amazon signifies that most modern people do not value these types of services in their acquisition of material goods.
Amazon was VC funded, and ran at an enormous loss for quite some time, basically until they had sunk enough of their competition that consumer choice had actually been removed as a variable.

File: 1493109952922.png (56 KB, 959x887)
56 KB
What's the angriest you've ever gotten over literature?
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What social circles do you run in that most people you know actually knows who Celine is?
I had to read 'Memoirs of Emma Courtney' for English class some time ago. Bih wouldn't stop crying: By the twentieth time she 'wept', I wanted to take the MC and shove her through a wall.
Grad school lol
Not that it would change their opinion of him, but how do you explain/defend his political stance/writing during that era?
I basically just say you can enjoy something and think critically about it at the same time. Good politics =/= good art; bad politics =/= bad art. I firmly believe Celine is the greatest writer of the 20th century and the extent to which he's been blatantly plagiarized is proof enough of.

Besides, you're never gonna "cancel" Celine. The French government already did and he's been dead for like a billion years. You're only cheating yourself by just totally condemning him like that.

File: the road.jpg (297 KB, 736x1212)
297 KB
297 KB JPG
Did you know that The Road by Cormac McCarthy is on Oprah's Book Club reading list, and that Oprah herself conducted McCarthy's first ever television interview? That's hilarious. She tricked probably thousands of cat ladies into reading and incredibly bleak and depressing work which either drove them into even deeper depression or was something they couldn't even begin to understand. Is Oprah a patrician?
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True comprehension transcends 'reading levels.'
Some childless wine chugging cat lady could never understand a father-son relationship
File: sample.jpg (178 KB, 840x728)
178 KB
178 KB JPG

As the Goodread reviews amply demonstrate.

A sample:
>I could write a book on how much I hate him and how phony he is, but I'm tire.
Ya I'm sure you could buddy
Maybe he likes Oprah

Monthly Reading, November: Let The Right One In

SFF Charts

Threads, Other Charts, Recs, Release Dates, Downloads, etc

/sffg/ Group

SFF Novels Voting - ~24 hours per round

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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One thing about you Jews i like is your swearwords. They actually sound like swearwords. Similar to German it just sounds right. I do hope that we can agree though that if there ever was such thing as a real life devil, it's George Soros.
She is still a cunt in the witchwood crown series. Horse people are just garbage.
File: horse woman.jpg (121 KB, 605x908)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
>Horse people are just garbage.

Because I won't be available for rest of the day.
yiddish swears are great because they sound exactly like english swears, but don't get official swear status, so you can say them wherever you want, including temple. you can call god a schmuck and all the rabbi can say is "yeah, that's fair"

as for soros he's not some "jewish mastermind". its a little ridiculous how nonsensical antisemites get over stupid conspiracy theories. you don't cite sources, you don't provide evidence, your only justification seems to be that jewish billionaires exist as if white, non-jewish billionaires don't outnumber every other ethnicity except maybe the chinese

like, I can understand why you revile black people even if I don't agree with it. the anti-jewish shit just sounds like the ravings of a lunatic. if you guys wanted to say billionaires in general had a secret cabal dedicated to controling the world id buy it, but my mom cant even afgord her apartment without a roommate. you're telling me she's got influence over world affairs?

File: fourgospels.png (116 KB, 462x225)
116 KB
116 KB PNG
What does /lit/ think of the gospels?
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Ancient and/or religious literature is hard for me to get into.
the ultimate meaning of based, and also gospelpilled

The Bible for the most part is super fucking boring and I don't know why you guys keep pretending to read the whole thing cover-to-cover but the Gospels are legitimately pretty good, especially after you've been wading through however many hundreds of pages of awful verse and just the shrillest, most annoying Jewish self-loathing imaginable. The Jews fuck up, God punishes them with a plague or a foreign invasion or something, the Jews grovel and cry and jerk off about how horrible they all are, God forgives, repeat ad nauseum. And finally they just get sick of it and murder God and here we are now.

Sidenote, but Jesus is fucking terrifying. Totally not like pop culture Jesus who's a nice guy and kind of a hippy. He's got this quiet rage that keeps you on edge and says shit like "To him who has much he will have everything; to him who has little he will have nothing." I'd like to stay away from him but according to him you can't. We're all standing in his headlights.
I really like John. I was sort of a puritanical zealot in my late teens so I thought the gospels were kind of gay and focused mostly on the epistles, but now that life has taken it's toll on me I find the epistles much more difficult and the Gospels inviting. In another time I might have joined Holy Orders, but the path of a young professional is fraught with with temptations. In the modern world it seems impossible to get ahead while remaining pure, and my job is so taxing that I think I'd die without the emotional support of a cute girl. I don't love money, but it seems wrong to throw away my career; shouldn't God have led me down a different path if I wasn't supposed to be here?
>>The Bible for the most part is super fucking boring and I don't know why you guys keep pretending to read the whole thing cover-to-cover
The only boring parts are the 'historical texts' (I mean Samuel, Kings and Chronicles). The Numbers and Leviticus with autistic descriptions of ceremonies aren't the best either.
Everything else flows quite nicely.

File: dostoevsky-700x350-2.png (263 KB, 700x350)
263 KB
263 KB PNG
Where do I start with Dostoevsky?
28 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1525161613259.png (237 KB, 3113x2252)
237 KB
237 KB PNG
>mgw "Verbrechen und Strafe" statt "Schuld und Sühne"
The Gambler
you're right, I completely forgot about Nietzsche.
I'll read another translation someday and see if it doesn't look so bad to me.
No. The Idiot is terrible.

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