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File: ethics.jpg (36 KB, 193x303)
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I certainly hope I'm not the only one who's taken an interest in this book and read it several times. Even if you didn't read it, only read a part of it, or just wanna read it, I'm curious.
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Eh bien c'est qu'il y a quelque année j'ai découvert deux où trois choses complètement nouvelles sur une période très courte :
la méditation "pleine conscience" (avec un article qui trainait sur science et vie je crois)
le structuralisme avec l'école de Frankfort (à ce moment on avait des cours de sociologie à l'université)
et spinoza avec le vidéo de Lordon d'Usul (que je suivais depuis jeuvidéo.com comme une grande partie de son public j'imagine).

Ces trois nouvelles expériences sont entrées en "résonance" et m’ont profondément bouleversé dans la manière dont elle pourraient sembler distantes et incohérente entre elles au premier regard, mais comportaient chacune une forte relation "cachée" par le biais de l'intuition pour au finir révéler cette abyme de complexité et de cohérence avec laquelle tu semble être familier.
Cette sensation d'avoir passé sa vie à voir le monde en noir et blanc et de voir enfin les couleurs.
Je t'enverrais mon mail dans tes commentaires youtubes incessamment sous peu alors, je préfère pas trop le poster ici comme tu peux comprendre.
Très bien, merci pour le contact et ton témoignage. Je dois dire que personnellement j'ai eu pour la première fois l'impression de penser pour de vrai, comme si je me rendais compte que les montagnes au loin n'étaient qu'un rideau de scène et qu'il y avait un vrai monde derrière. J'ai aussi eu cette sensation avec certaines substances. Je comprends où tu veux en venir, pour ma part j'ai aussi eu un parcours avec un avant et un après. Je te recontacterai par mail, bonne nuit.
Mais avant de te contacter je crois qu'il faut que je révise l’éthique hum .. pour te dire en ce moment je lis surtout des ouvrages sur le zen et le yi king, je viens de ressortir Spinoza de la bibliothèque exprès je m'y mets demain.
On aura l'occas d'en rediscuter alors, je suis un peu dépassé par tout ça et je n'arrive pas commenter pertinemment ce que tu dis et te poser des bonnes questions parce que comme je t'ai dis plus haut à force d'être le seul à parler de néolibéralisme et de déterminisme dans mon entourage j'ai finis un peu par me résigner et céder au sirène du postmodernisme pour le champ politique pour laisser place au bouddhisme zen pour le champs spirituel, avec une cassure nette entre les deux cependant.
Aussi il est tard et mes yeux se ferment tout seul, j'éspère que le thread sera toujours là demain, bonne nuit.
based and baruchpilled
Can I begin with him by his Ethics?

I think the greatest failing I've ever personally experienced in my education growing up was that I was never taught how exactly poetry works, how to read it, and how to appreciate it.

Why do poets choose the structure of their stanzas (?) the way they do? By which I mean, why are some lines short? Why are some lines long? Why do they sometimes leave a large gap between words? Is the way the poem is physically written (or printed) supposed to influence the speed, rhythm, and tone it is read in? Or is it completely arbitrary? I'm sure it must have some significance, but I never really learned what it is. I always end up just reading poetry like a book, without any regard to reading it stylistically, and I believe that's the reason why I never really learned to appreciate poetry and I don't read it often.

I've posted an example here. You can see that words sometimes have longer spaces between them than just an ordinary space. The lines start and stop on certain words for a reason, I'm sure of it, despite the fact that you could fit in another word on that line if you were simply trying to print it on as little space as possible.

Why is poetry arranged the way it is? How can I learn to read it "properly" and therefore maybe learn to appreciate it more? I know virtually nothing of why poems are constructed the way they are except that rhymes usually (but not always) are at the end of a line.
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But anon, if I don't it's my fault for abandoning students. Those shitty teachers, amirite?
Don't fret too much, anon, abortions fear reflection. You've been scorned an educated by society, now you know that you must take the monumental task of destroying all genealogies in the process of forming a new one (read: you must not, you don't have the superlative academic training, no one has for ,maybe, a century), or you must find sufficient peace in never being an intellectual, or at least an awake one.
Of course it's your fault. You fucking whelp, take some responsibility. You CHOSE to take their education into your hands, of course the megaborted institutions and the retarded don't let you really leave a mark on the students, every arm of society is, at once and always, indirectly distracting everyone from or directly rending useless via impediment any real attempt at master-pupil relating.
I don't blame you any more than the next guy, anon. It's an anonymous burden, and every teacher (evert student every parent) is just as at fault for even mantling themselves for mass education, in a way. It's hypocritical, and I'm not in any place to make economic or political prescriptions, much less any real actionable statements. I'm just mad and critical
>it's your fault but society
Fuck off. I don't make society, I didn't break society. I'm asked to fix it and blamed by cunts like you when I fail.

Good thing you dropped out, it's clear the system wasn't the problem with your education.
>I'm just mad and critical
"useless" works too

What else should I read to understand Maoism? I have the quotes from Mao but I want something more especific
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Starve your own children to death and blame it on Sparrows. You'll understand Maoism in no time.
Maoism isn't really worth the investment. It's so hyper specific to radicalizing chinese peasants
Best post since the first dawn of April.
The Great Union of the Popular Masses
On Practice
On Contradiction
Combat Liberalism
On Protracted War
The Question of Independence and Initiative Within
The Chinese Revolution and the Chinese Communist Party (especially this one)

All of these may be found on the Mao Zedong Internet Archive.
based and millet pilled

File: woke.png (268 KB, 485x416)
268 KB
268 KB PNG
Just picked up a book called the lifetime reading plan. It's labeled as "a classic guide to literature." Has anyone tried going through these type of reading list books? How was the experience?
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It's probably not the worst thing, but I feel like that would just turn into a chore.

Just read what you enjoy.
Surely it's recommended to read the classics?
start with the Greeks
Funny enough the first thing on the book list is Homer
Don't read from a list. Imo Kantbot's advice is golden.

>Dont use any ‘great books of the western civ’ reading lists ever, pick a centerpoint and move in a spiral outward studying a writers whole oeuvre then those of his contemporaries, then their influences etc. Cant stress this enough.


File: Touhou.jpg (1.33 MB, 1882x1136)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB JPG
Why haven't you written your book/novel, /lit/? What possible excuse do you give yourself to not write?

For me, personally, is I don't know how to start my novel. I've done outlining and made notes on my novel but I don't know how to start it let alone write it. There are times where I cannot go more than a week of writing before I erase it and start all over again. Hoping that the next attempt is more successful than the last, yet always finding myself in the same position no matter what I do. At this point, I don't know if it's just my self-perceived or actual mediocrity as a writer, but it left me depressed.
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Lack of motivation.
Not for myself, I have plenty, but my characters lack any kind of goals and desires to speak of, so there's nothing moving the plot forward.
Is there shame in writing a Young Adult Novel? More so, an Urban fantasy novel? I don't think their should be shame in writing those if you're using them as stepping stones in your writing career?
Currently doing projects for school and writing smut for a contest.
Instead of deleting, why don't you try revising?
why smut

>protagonist travels the world recruiting experts and formal rivals in order to combat the greatest encroaching evil spreading throughout the land

What are some books with this feel?
Heart of Darkness
how do i delete this thread?
Can't wait for the incoming arch where Zizek dies of diabetes and Peterson must take up his mantle and discover the secrets of Hegel
knowing peterstein the evil is fascism right

File: 220px-Karl_Marx_001.jpg (21 KB, 220x278)
21 KB
Where do I start with postmodern neo-marxism?
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George Ciccariello-Maher
your imagination
This rancid piece of garbage:


Don't actually buy it, though, just pirate it somewhere. It's one of the most incompetent things ever put to paper BUT it's a book JP has cited as influential in his "understanding" of pomo thought.
cuck philosophy put together a good debunk on this book.

File: 260px-Stirner.jpg (24 KB, 260x276)
24 KB
Just read the damn book already.

File: 1540763968119.jpg (158 KB, 1020x582)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
Post your short story ideas. It's not like they're going anywhere.
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A small band of drug runners comprising a nuclear family are attempting a run in the depths of Corrugon space. Unfortunately, they're discovered by an automated drone and their ship is shot down onto a barely-colonized Corrugon outpost planet. Reeling and trying to repair their ship, they're attacked by the local Corrugon forces and their daughter is kidnapped, prompting the father to set out on a rescue mission. From here we get to see three very hot storylines.

With the father gone, the son takes his opportunity to become the man of the house in more ways than one *wink wink*. The mother is in fact a consciousness spread out over three bodies. This allows her to achieve constant vigilance and when all three of her brains are working in conjunction the speed of her thoughts far outpace those of a normal human. However, her intelligence is based on exponential reinforcement of all three brains working in tandem, and isolating one brain from the other two causes a sharp drop in intelligence to sub-60 IQ levels. The son, through deliberate manipulation of the connections between the brains, begins a process of stepfordization, turning his mother from a hardy space adventurer into a submissive fuck-bunny eager to please (and keep the house-ship clean). Of course there will be scenes where the son has two bodies pleasuring him simultaneously, and comparisons of the pros and cons of each of one. It'll be very hot.

The second storyline involves the breaking of the daughter at the hands of the Corrugon forces. They are gelatinous beings with consciousness spread out across the entirety of their body. Thus they can separate pieces of themselves into their own, autonomous consciousnesses, albeit at a much simplified level. They use this ability to infiltrate her body, which they do via tentacle-fucking, of course. So as they're tentacle-fucking all of the daughter's holes including her nostrils, they are traversing her mucous membranes and bypassing the blood-brain barrier, allowing them direct access to her brain. Though the autonomous consciousness cannot survive long separated from the main Corrugon body, over a period of experimentation they are able to control the daughter's reward center such that their probings induce an intense sexual bliss in her. As the Corrugons tinker with her mind and interrogate her for information she is reduced to a drooling mess idly playing with herself and eagerly spreading her holes during each and every session of tentacle-probing. It'll be very hot.

The third storyline details the journey of the father to rescue his daughter. He makes contact with a Corrugon who is sympathetic to the cause of the humans and in fact has a human fetish. So the friendly Corrugon agrees to help the father so long as he teaches them the ways of human sexuality. The father sets out to teach the friendly Corrugon how to imitate human physiology. Though initially quite simplistic and caricatured, through hands-on teaching sessions and encyclopedic entries on the nature of human anatomy taken from his pocket electronic encyclopedia (a basic device with universally useful information) the Corrugon creates passable and eventually nearly-convincing of humans, not just on the outside but interiorly as well. Of course there will be scenes of the father feeling the texture of every aspect of the friendly Corrugon's body and probing her holes (it will adopt the body of a woman) to ensure that they are convincing. They will devolve into intense sexual sessions, as the Corrugon's inherent composition allow it to deliver intense pleasure not available to humans, such as an extendable tongue wrapping around the father's member, and other deviations in anatomy, such as skullfucking the back of the Corrugon's head. It'll be very hot.

As they approach the enemy's stronghold, the Corrugon reveals that the best way to enter it would be to "camouflage" the father by allowing the Corrugon to meld with him completely, a never-before-attempted fusion of Corrugon and human only possible due to the Corrugon's extensive research into the shape of humans aided by the father. The father allows the Corrugon to enter him, the two becoming one body. The father-Corrugon manages to enter the stronghold and rescue their daughter, but find her in a nearly-broken mental state. They carry their unconscious daughter into the wilderness. As she awakens and sees both the loving face of her father and sensing his Corrugon nature, the confused, mind-broken daughter can only respond with arousal and a fumbling attempt to undo her father's pants. Half-unwillingly, the father makes sweet, restorative love to his daughter, embracing her gently, kissing her with a father's warmth, as he ejaculates into her, commencing the perfect union of father, daughter and Corrugon. It'll be very hot.

I don't really know how to wrap things up after that though.
Cringe but redpilled
File: 67867868.jpg (35 KB, 600x600)
35 KB
More like Fifty Shades of Gay.
A day in the life of a guy working at a funeral home
I wanted to make it a short story mixing some poems i have written about it.
But I don't know how to link everything together

Hey /lit/sters, why are minorities so much better at writing books than white people?

White people < Black people
White people < Native Americans
White people < Indians
White people < Chinese
White people < Arabic people
White people < Jewish people
White people < Southeast asians
White people < Hispanic people
White people < Japanese people


post your profile, friend me and each other, rate, hate, debate, etc.
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I don't friend people on goodreads because it isn't a social media site. I use it to keep track of and look up new books. I don't give a shit about having friends on it, except for my few in real life friends.
>because it isn't a social media site.
it is your brain dead moran
File: 1550979380714.jpg (9 KB, 302x225)
9 KB
If you want a more extended answer: Mein Kampf is an often boring, often repetitious piece of poorly written agitprop which holds little value beyond its historical significance. The most interesting parts were his accounts of NatSoc ideology, but these can be found better explained in the papers of someone like Alfred Rosenberg, and his accounts of propaganda and oration which are actually quite insightful. However, this comprises a bare fraction of the book, with the rest being a plodding self-aggrandizement of himself and the party, and agitation against marxists to stir up his base. There is no reason that it should be 600+ pages.
have sex
t. serb

>What are you currently reading?
>What's your favorite secondary world
>Thoughts on the trend of modern authors giving world building precedence over plot in their books.

Monthly Reading for April: We by Yevgeny Zamyatin

Monthly Reading books: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/15ZwgDZVXB-nLqjbgcqgntZDyTddd0eqP


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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That's not in the plan, but his mother's spirit resides in the tree and she gives him a livingwood arm made from one of her roots,, so arguably for the rest of his life, whenever he uses that arm to jerk off...
Boooring. At least make it so that a part of her spirit resides in the arm to provide sage advice like masturbation and fingering tips at appropriate moments.
Can you just jerk off before you post? Filthy degenerate.
File: ZydmWoQ.gif (1.56 MB, 450x253)
1.56 MB
1.56 MB GIF
Got him.
A new home for the handicapped


File: IMG_3992.jpg (1.98 MB, 3264x2448)
1.98 MB
1.98 MB JPG
Picked all these up for only $7.00.
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That Greek tragedians book. I want it. Nice selections m8.
Thanks, I've been meaning to do a deep dive into the Greek tragedies
What condition are they in? I saw some at a thrift store for around that much but the pages weree pretty tanned.
A bit dusty. Besides that, no tanning and in great condition.
File: IMG_20190420_105710.jpg (963 KB, 2560x1440)
963 KB
963 KB JPG

File: Rene Guenon.jpg (7 KB, 192x263)
7 KB
This guy blocks your path and says:
>"Stop measuring things"
How do you respond?
7 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
*facetimes schuon*
"Let's compare dick size (no homo)."

I slap him hard across the face and drag him by his hair into an alley, bending him over a garbage bag. He squirms and starts cursing me out in French as I yank his trousers down past the curve of his unappealing pasty white ass. I order him to count how many fingers I have shoved inside him. Initially he resists but i start to kick him behind the knee, aiming for his joints

he coughs out. I spit on my fingers to lubricate them and reward him for his obedience. We copulate violently in the alleyway. Afterward, we smoke cigarettes and argue about our favorite poets.
I dont need any units to express how bad you sucked in that star wars movie.
"Why the long face pal?"

File: whitehead.jpg (62 KB, 390x522)
62 KB
Alfred North Whitehead thread

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