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File: dragonaut.jpg (12 KB, 197x255)
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I mean, think about it:
>Both wrote about fantastical god-like beings that represented different facets of their own psyche and the political turmoil of the times they lived in.
>Blake saw these beings as something to embrace or to struggle with; Lovecraft thought it was best to shrink back from them
>both were Anglos (although their personalities were representative of different kinds of Englishness)
>Both were autodidacts (insofar as writing was concerned)
>Both suffered from some sort of mental illness/complication; Lovecraft probably had an anxiety disorder and was possibly on the autism spectrum, Blake was most likely schizoaffective or schizophrenic
>Blake was revolutionary and anarchic in his politics; Lovecraft was reactionary and authoritarian
>Blake was nostalgic; Lovecraft was paranoid
>Blake was emotional; Lovecraft was rational
>Blake was an abolitionist; Lovecraft was a white supremacist
>Blake was spiritual; Lovecraft was secular
>Blake was a very very sexual person; Lovecraft was asexual and repressed
There's the groundwork for a potential dissertation here, I think.
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Thanks, I aim to please.
>"His ex-wife, Sonia, described him as an "adequately excellent lover.""
frickin normalfag
Why should I just smash these two authors together in an effort to prove nothing of value?
I know what that is so I clapped!

File: 1537048766178.jpg (304 KB, 1430x1876)
304 KB
304 KB JPG
hello any lit users interested in a reading group
join server


hes just like me

File: 11group.jpg (97 KB, 709x1196)
97 KB
That we don't live in a world devoid of meaning but in one of excess meaning.
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is that a Velazco painting?

Spaniards used to be so fa.
Accounts of the world which provide one with a satisfactory psychological disposition towards it. The systematic knowledge personal or institutional which is required to comprehend a situation to one's emotional and/or intellectual satisfaction...

Of course that's part of the 'problem' at hand: we seem to require everything be accounted for in detail, and there are usually a multiplicity of explanations which can't be resolved but only deadlock or multiply further. Or, on the absurd side, the abundance of evidence required to even invalidate (to be a nihilist requires one have read variety works which prove a consistent, rationalising, total account of why things are meaningless). Or, from another angle, that everything be treated with intellectual interest, that all aesthetic objects be considered sociologically, conceptually, be 'of interest' and indicative of... whatever. Hell, to be even a kindly (a)solipsist one would be under the impression they first become a scholar/initiate/esoteric of Buddhism. Etc.
File: nightwatch2.jpg (138 KB, 722x602)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
Is Dutch Rembrandt friend
Read Wittgenstein and continue to blossom, beautiful flower.
We live in a world devoid of meaning and in one of excess information.

Keyword: information. We are bombarded by information, and we lack experience of said information, so we become detached from it, and it becomes detached from meaning.

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No just go ahead and ;post who you like
Ahem just post the names
Shaykh Aḥmad al-Aḥsāʾī | René Guénon | Henry Corbin
Rūḥollāh Khomeinī | Sayyīd ʿAlī Muḥammad Shirāzī | Plotinus
Nasīmī | Rūmī | Ibn ʿArabī
george macdonald was a good looking man

File: 1541252264851.png (376 KB, 1000x1000)
376 KB
376 KB PNG
>just got let go from my job

please give recs that will help me cope with the feeling of insurmountable anxiety and uselessness
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See the last line here
Are you German? That's the only country I can think of that's having its shit pushed in recently.
File: 1464050222023.png (455 KB, 810x688)
455 KB
455 KB PNG
I had a job interview today.
They called me less than 3 hours later to tell me a hard 'no but thanks'.
I went to the library and got some books then came home and read Paul Tremblay's "The Cabin At The End Of The World".
It was okay. Sort of made me want to kill myself but then I already wanted to do that.
I was let go from my job recently too and although I have come to abandon all future aspirations I've still read three books in the last five days added a solid chunk to my book despite heavy drinking.

what do you think of this sonnet I wrote seven years ago?
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masturbatory but good for now
>"but you're my only wife."
>hmmm, how should i begin the next one...
>i know! "BUT soon,"
i think you are my nigger even though it's a bit of a mess. I feel what you're saying in the poem
t. Poojeet
the only people whiter than me have bleach blond hair. im curious what about the post sounded like an indian to you

File: mlt frdmn.jpg (6 KB, 331x152)
6 KB
give me your best charts on economics from brainlet to redpilled tier
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I found JS Mill's discussion of the steady state in his Principles of Political Economy pretty interesting

>shitting on keynes
>mispronouncing his name
>economics is the only science with brainlets
not true, sociology has some pretty big retards
I'm sure it does. I just can't remember the last time I read sociology. :3
It's literally in the title.

File: IMG_2451.jpg (702 KB, 1380x2100)
702 KB
702 KB JPG
I have no background in metaphysics, and especially not Kant or Deluze. Will I understand any of this?
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It sounds like you have a few mental limitations to evolve beyond :P
oh, was that one of your "jokes" where you misread something? "human" includes both mental and physical, if that was a joke about mental limitations. again, if you read transhumanists, when they talk about overcoming mental limitations they are talking about literal fucking brain implants, not "woah like society is changing the way we think about gender"
does this all just come down to the fact they both use the prefix "trans"? is this where this whole thing is getting hung up on? you need to fit trans in with tranhumanism? I would rather spend time with someone who's trans over a dirty transhumanist any fucking day of the week, trust me, keep that cancer away from trans people
where does the impulse to fuck come from ?
There's the freud model that dominates the academic world, but maybe, just as the origin of life, his value lives in his ontological and unabstractable mistery.

One thing is sure, the tecno capital singularity is going to milk dopamine drops with bioware like the McDonalds sponsorship to the USA team in the 1984 olympics, but in reverse. Everytime USA economy goes up, they are going to send a sex-bot to rape you in to your house you are going to cum all over the carpet while tv is on because you were watching Star Wars Episode XXXIII on Disney Plus.

File: perfume1.jpg (48 KB, 340x511)
48 KB
Have you guys read it? What did you think?

I personally loved it. It's a dark, twisted delight. Strangely hypnotic and very well written, especially descriptions. There is also an audiobook version on Youtube, very worth while. The narrators voice is pure gold.

The movie was ok, but nothing special. The only good thing about the film version is the soundtrack, but it sucks at transmitting Grenouille's inner thoughts, which is important to understand what's going on.
I have read it years ago.
I liked the beginning, but I felt that the writing and the pacing got much worse during the middle part.
I read it when I was 13 years old. It was the first novel that I recognize as such. It had density in the narrative, the characters were complex enough, they had defined and realistic aspirations, dreams, points of view in reality.

I understood Grenouille as a person who fall into strange lifes choices that were not his fault. I felt empathy for him because no matter how hard he tried, he never fitted anywhere.

The end was sad. That what I rememeber most. I was thinking about how they guy was good at something and used his talent to actually have a life. The problem of course was the method. His final form of art. The ultimate decantation of human desire.
I liked it.

File: image.jpg (38 KB, 225x225)
38 KB
what does /lit/ thing of taoism? is it based or cringe?
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I read that in Bertrand Russell's voice.
Jean Cooper, Ellen Chen
If you want to get into reading more esoteric Taoist texts, the I Ching becomes very important.
When you meet one of them they will agree but say some 1000 chinese have attained the tao, but non chinks will always fail. They are as skeptical of chinks as of westerners tbqh but westerners never can achieve it.
why is the tao te king unachievable to non cchink moderns
It is good. The Chuang Tzu and Tao Te Ching are essential reading.

I want to get into philosophy but I've read just a small amount of books in general, so I don't know if I'll be able to infer most of the stuff philosophers write about. Should I try to start with the greeks or what?
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Okay, thanks a lot anon
Also I didn't get into ethics alot (only plato and aristotle because i dont really care bout ethics tooo much)

I also didnt go into the analytics a lot (bcuz idk if you wanna read em): Frege n stuff

Obvsly this is just a suggestion if you want to go at it the "academic" way. You might aswell just start reading and go from there.
piggybacking off the other guy, just go on wikipedia and look at a bunch of stuff and see what interests you, but don't let that be the end of it; actually seek out books on the topics that engage you.
get off my back you perv
??? > Stoics > Plato > Nietzsche > Baudrillard > Heidegger > Land (1) > Lacan > Deleuze > China > Sloterdijk > Girard > Land (2) > YH/Cosmotech.

File: John_Locke.jpg (471 KB, 984x1138)
471 KB
471 KB JPG
Why doesn't /lit/ talk about him?
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Nah, not really. Locke's liberalism is pretty milquetoast. Plus, he grounded his arguments in a natural theology, so i don't see how his views would lead to nihilism.
Mainstream, not exotic or edgy enough.
Is that Andrew Jackson?
/lit/ does not tread territory with no uncoverable hot takes
Never read him, but I judge by his face that he’s a sententious centrist with nothing really to contribute.

Worth reading or nah?
9 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
They're moral lessons for children, made entertaining enough to keep their attention.

Go back.

Capitalism is for shit. Neofedualism it is and is supporting a dystopia where most suffer and only a few enjoy themselves. A crime against humanity.

c u c k
>unironic Hungarian nobility
Based but your ancestors are probably the reason Austria-Hungary doesn't exist anymore and modern Hungary is so puny.
>Reddit spacing
Capitalism gave plebs like yourself the ability to read so redblood merchants could make fatter profits. You think the aristocracy wanted literate subjects?

lolita works precisely because of the age gap between lolita and humbert. Any good love story requires obstacles for the story to be good, in this case, the obstacle is their age gap. You can't just change lolita to a single woman of 25 and expect the book to be same as good. Humbert wouldn't have to work hard to get her, nor will there be resistance for him. This is the reason most good love stories of literature are adulterous. The protagonist being married to someone other than his desired one works as a resistance that the protagonist has to overcome, which in turn creates the story.
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It's not a love story you absolute retard.
nice bait
It is.
You mean bait? Because you're right.
>book about the abduction and serial rape of a child

Is this a love story??????????????????????????????????
File: 1560705709217.jpg (12 KB, 300x286)
12 KB
there was no rape, jabroni

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