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books that capture the feeling of spending yet another night staring at the ceiling and listening to the fan, longing for the warmth and affection of the tender arms of a girl wrapped around you, gnashing your teeth and crying at the conclusion that you can never have that?
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sounds like a job for the Book of Disquiet desu
That would be New Rose Hotel, loser
Except Murakami gets laid like half a dozen times in Norwegian wood and has two significant, intimate relationships with women.
Murakami protagonists get laid literally all the time. Ishiguro is probably a little closer but his protagonists still aren't whiny incels.

File: vegeta twitch.gif (344 KB, 500x283)
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You know those cliche books where the main character wants to do something, but no one believes in his ability to do so? I've come to understand just how significant they are. In this life, no one will truly ever believe in your ability. Anyone else who says they do is most likely lying to your face. The sheer magnitude of force that pushes back at you when you even dare to utter your endeavors is more daunting than the height of the loftiest mountains, be it your dearest friends, coworkers, enemies, or especially family.

No amount of reasoning will change their minds until you've all but achieved what you've set out to do. That is when people will flock to your side, ready to enjoy the fruits of your suffering and grueling work with you, recoiling with vehement offense if you dare to deny them that. They don't deserve it. Not even a crumb.
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This Mary Sue crap is mostly a modern phenomenon. Formerly the protagonist would find other like-minded people that could do stuff he couldn't. He would team up with them to accomplish a mission and then share the proceeds. He didn't have to have ultimate power, be good at everything or be loved by everyone. Normies were described only briefly and basically portrayed as the real-life NPCs that they are.

Lots of British boys' novels are like this but Watership Down is probably the most accessible.
In a perfect society, everyone will have similar genetic abilities in intelligence, strength, beauty, and so on. Because in this society, no one can boast about what he was born with, comparing himself to the unfortunate souls who simply don’t have what it takes, and believing that he doesn’t have to work hard to be special. The very existence of genetically inferior people is a detriment to everyone naturally gifted for this reason. And conversely, these gifted people discourage the inferior from trying to improve themselves. This is yet another reason why men and women, whites and blacks, etc. should not mingle in education, work, sports, etc.
Isn't the logical conclusion of this thought process a hierarchical society with people being placed in castes based on IQ? Seperate the 105s from the 115s, for example.
It's seemingly just a concept that was poorly done by others. In theory, it's a very good base for a book, but people want to insert themselves into books and ruin them, it seems.
Perhaps, but that’s a logistical nightmare and an overly pre-modern solution. We are on the verge of having the necessary tools to genetically alter humans for the better, not to widen the bell curve, but to make it thinner, shifting it to the right. As of right now, there’s not much an individual can do but associate with people similar to himself, and somehow forgot that there are people much worse, or much better, than he is at some ability or trait.

Do you have a source on that?


A source. I need a source.

Sorry, I mean I need a source that explicitly states your argument. This is just tangential to the discussion.

No, you can't make inferences and observations from the sources you've gathered. Any additional comments from you MUST be a subset of the information from the sources you've gathered. You can't make normative statements from empirical evidence.

Do you have a degree in that field? A college degree? In that field? Then your arguments are invalid. No, it doesn't matter how close those data points are correlated. Correlation does not equal causation.

Correlation does not equal causation.


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An appeal to authority implies that you appeal to the supposed quality a—let's say professor—should produce, and not to what the professor actually has produced. The fallacy of "appealing to authority" is that you give the same authority to all doctors/professor/engineers/lawyers/etc,, as if being any of these automatically gives authority, when they're just one of the correlated causes to each person's authority, oh no...

A professor, on average, has more authority than X about Y—but being a professor doesn't make you by default AN authority on Y.
The fallacy doesn't mean there can't be actual authorities on subjects, or that appealing to this actual authority is a fallacy (automatically).
> Nobody is willing to pay to repeat experiments that they know will work.

The point is you don't know they will work unless you've actually tried to replicate them. And often when you do, it turns out they don't really work.
Now even a valid study won't be replicable 100% of the time, but being unable to replicate say, 50% of the most important findings in a given fields is a really serious problem.
>Causality thread
You've never been in a research environment. Statistics aren't in their infancy anymore. You can hack many different conclusion you want with the relevant fudging and a bit of creative presentation.
Also the large majority of papers are not anywhere near this type of standard of replication.

File: 8cdk2.jpg (18 KB, 220x202)
18 KB
What's some literature with a similar feel to this?
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-t never read Guenon
You might like the more rural novels of Knut Hamsun (try Growth of the Soil).

Seamus Heaney's translation of Beowulf could interest you.

That's all I've got folks.
Prose/Poetic Eddas
Revolt Against the Modern World
Ethan Frome

File: 5261832902_221e9dd04d_o.jpg (1.03 MB, 2000x1214)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB JPG
Nocturne: Nothing Is Heard, Xavier Villaurrutia

In the middle of a silence deserted as a street before a crime
not even breathing so that nothing will disturb my dying
in this loneliness with no walls
at this hour when angles are escaping
I leave my bloodless statue in the tomb of my bed
and go off in the slow-moving moment
in the interminable descent
with no arms to stretch out
with no fingers to reach the scale falling from an invisible piano
with nothing more than a glance and a voice
that can’t remember having left their eyes and lips
what are lips? What are glances that are lips?
and my voice is no longer my voice

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Death Without End, José Gorostiza

Filled with myself, walled up in my skin
by an inapprehensible god that is stifling me,
deceived perhaps
by his radiant atmosphere of light
that hides my drained
my wings broken into splinters of air,
my listless groping through the mire;
filled with myself—gorged—I discover my essence
in the astonished image of water,
that is only an unwithering cascade,
a tumbling of angels fallen

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>In April 1996, the FBI raided Ted Kaczynski's cabin
>Among his possessions was a copy of the novelization of Gremlins 2: The New Batch, and several ticket stubs from its run at the local cinema in Lincoln, Montana
>He, for a time, used the alias “Ted Katheter”, a reference to Christopher Lee’s character in the film
> It is believed that the film’s depiction of reckless genetic experimentation is what led Kaczynski to target geneticists in the mid-90s
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File: 1561508987974.png (653 KB, 545x526)
653 KB
653 KB PNG
File: 1111.jpg (15 KB, 248x189)
15 KB
>Among his possessions was a copy of the novelization of Gremlins 2: The New Batch
File: 1557524583182.png (312 KB, 620x583)
312 KB
312 KB PNG
>Among his possessions was a copy of the novelization of Gremlins 2: The New Batch
> It is believed that the film’s depiction of reckless genetic experimentation is what led Kaczynski to target geneticists in the mid-90s
Funny that a scifi horror movie drove Ted, supposedly a genius, over the edge.
From the same article:
>Found amongst the stacks of papers that lined the walls of his 12'x12' cabin was a copy of Sam Raimi's original screenplay for The Evil Dead.
>A short distance from his cabin, Kaczynski had apparently been nurturing a rare vine species.
>It is believed that he was hoping to recreate the scene from Raimi's horror classic in which a possessed tree rapes a woman with its vines.

File: socrates.png (555 KB, 768x436)
555 KB
555 KB PNG
Which portrayal of Socrates is the most accurate, and why?

File: whatdoidobros.png (611 KB, 1000x850)
611 KB
611 KB PNG
can't find the motivation to read once a day, what do i do bros? how do i make reading a habit?
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File: 1559502936403.jpg (1.96 MB, 3000x2000)
1.96 MB
1.96 MB JPG
Find a muse, OP
Masturbate more, become a Stalinist
This. Pinkerists celebrate their optimism by fapping
I genuinely can't understand a word of this.
Motivation is a meme. Just do it.

File: slide3.jpg (318 KB, 1427x600)
318 KB
318 KB JPG
Hola quisiera saber cual es la forma mas facil de insultar de una manera educada usando palabras que no sean tan grosera y como no trabarme al responder a una persona (onions nuevo)
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Copy the british, then translate.
Intenta postear en ingles o a nadie le va a importar una mierda
Onions huevo? Why yes I would like some fried eggs with onion!
Con metáforas, por ejemplo yo a veces comparo a mis contemporáneos con conceptos inútiles. No lo pillan y eso les hace sentir idiotas, es un doble insulto, a su persona y ego.

File: dunnolol.jpg (42 KB, 640x427)
42 KB
Where do you buy books? Are there any good places with international shipping that won't rape me in the ass?
Wait, are you saying you DON'T want to be raped in the ass? What's wrong with you?
No, OP explicitly said he doesn't want to get raped in the ass by stores.
He does, however, enjoy getting raped in the ass by large males.

Source: OP's dad
I'll admit I fantasize about getting gang raped by trannies but that's neither here nor there
I get all my books from Amazon, Book Depository (free shipping worldwide) or local used bookstores. I've found that used bookstores are a mixed bag, some are filled with books no one wants to read, others are amazing.
>Book Depository
Thanks it was on the tip of my tongue. Seems like shipping times aren't too bad either

>be me
>mfw Lance Bastion pumps out another classic
Pic related
literally who?

File: Essential-Books.jpg (147 KB, 1200x675)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
For those of you with book collections, where do you want your books to go when you die? I'm thinking I'll let my children get first pick and keep whatever they want, then donate the rest to some local libraries. I wish there was some way to ensure that people actually end up reading them instead of them just gathering dust, but I realize ultimately I don't have control over that.
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paperbacks? who cares. a small selection of cloth and leatherbound books that changed my life? to whoever I think will read them
it depends on the book tbqh. if someone gave me one, i want it to go back to them. others i would want to give to the people i think would appreciate them

The question is immaterial since once I'm dead, existence ceases to have any meaning whatever. This sentiment is reflected in the books that I happen to own.
I have some esoteric and rare books of national poetry, I might burn them rather than sending them to be locked up in some library
I'm going to burn them just like Hume's idea of how to dispose of garbage in libraries

why are women who like literature always morbidly obese
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>Je suis francais
Honestly it doesn't sound like it, why does that question end in "non" and not in "n’est-ce pas?"? I mean it sounds like you're transliterating from english.
or more informally "hein?"
Oh putain maintenant tu commences à me fatiguer, tu veux de l'argo ? Du verlan ? T'es chelou comme type, j'espère que t'auras jamais de gones.
Me faire reprendre sur mon français pas un étranger c'est le comble, le pompon.
Non is also usable in this case, it's just less formal, something you employ more when you talk to someone.
No, "Hein" wouldn't be right in that case, hein is usually more like "what" and while you can sometimes use it in place of "non ?" or "n'est-ce pas ?" it justs feel weird.
Nice two double in the row btw
par un étranger*
Faute de frappe, typo

File: 1516225994512.png (60 KB, 576x597)
60 KB
>Undergrad studying phil and econ
>Not a single friend during my three years
>Social anxiety so always reading
>Want to kms

Books to make me feel less lonely?
I had the same majors

make friends with the phil grad students

it shouldn't be hard to impress them, then its just a matter of sharing a beer after exams
we'll ur studyingg a guy named phil, so at least thats ONE friend u have haha ha :^)
File: tired wojak ears3.png (48 KB, 633x758)
48 KB
I major in Business administration. I regret it every day. I fail at half the subjects, while having studied them for hours. I am just not that practical oriented. I am approaching now my 4th year (i have already lost one year to "find myself"), and i am lost. I will probably do more years in order to finish all my subjects. Meanwhile my father is far away from me and seriously sick. He needs a transplant. I want to give him my kidney, but it is "unethical".
How is it unethical to give your father your kidney?
Because we have too much of an age difference (i am 21 he is 71), plus blood relatives who are not in the same generation (aka children) are not generally allowed to be doners for their parents.

File: based insurance man.jpg (214 KB, 1000x1327)
214 KB
214 KB JPG
I understand at last... oh my god... is there a poet that comes close?
No poet, in anglo, is superior to Yeeets.

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