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This has to be the country with the most underrated literature, right?
Much of the older literature, especially folk literature, has been lost due to the fact that Hungarian was for a long time considered to be a language spoken only by the commoners. Also the general success of catholicism in Hungary did not cause the break away from Latin as in Germany.

Yes, Hungary has brought forward a quite large number of poets, authors and scientists since the 18th century but most of them are ignored outside Hungary because often they're explicitely dealing with questions and problems that affect the Hungarian people.

There is also another question why Hungarian literature is neglected and this is simply because the Hungarian culture never became a dominant or defining force outside of Hungary itself and because many people still hold the opinion that Hungary doesn't belong to Europe proper.
You mean non-binary writers, right?
Krasznahorkai is the best living author today, so I can get behind this

File: 250px-Nietzsche187a.jpg (23 KB, 250x339)
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>god-tier German prose
BOOM that's right bitch he's also a masterful poet
wot rings u got bithc?
Human All Too Human bro. The R.J. Hollingdale translation. It's his first book of philosophy proper (Birth of Tragedy and Untimely Meditations are good but they are essentially works of cultural criticism, essays that he wrote before he began developing his own philosophical project. They contain seeds of what would become his philosophy but they also contain ideas that he would later refute outright. If you want to begin at the beginning with him without getting confused, start with Human All Too Human. Then once you've read from there all the way to his last books and the Kaufman-edited Will to Power text, go back and read Birth of Tragedy and Untimely Meditations. They will be even more enjoyable to read than if you had read them first before reading his proper philosophical work. You'll recognize those seeds of what would become his major philosophical themes as well as the parts where he got it wrong at the beginning.)

My two cents.
Start with eating more meat.

File: 019 (2).png (192 KB, 610x591)
192 KB
192 KB PNG
So what exactly defines Western ideology/thought/culture/values? What do conservatives mean when they cry out for the defense of Western values? Marxism itself is a Western ideology if you categorize things purely on where they were developed.
I've read some Allan Bloom and even there the concept felt nebulous.
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there is no definition, it's an abstraction that means basically whatever you want it to mean. don't fall for the meme.
what is the western equivalent of eastern Qi? is it the holy spirit?
This but also when conservatives say it they mean "I wish things were like when I was young" which also implicitly means "I wish the country were less fucking gay and brown" but they're not allowed to say that because it's illiberal
if you combine these two things you basically get the gist of it. The cultural attributes unique to 'faustian' civilization, and the more mundane designation of white christian patriarchy.
Geist, I'd say

Besides that, there isn't really an equivalent. Qi is kind of a rationalistic principle and the West has been increasingly empiricist as far as I can tell. The Western mind is fixated on particulars, and is disinclined against those sort of abstract and intangible principles. Especially since anything with spiritual implications is considered necessarily anti-intellectual, even by many of the religious. Western spiritual principles are clearer and more defined but also kept far away from worldly life. Eastern spiritual principles are more vague but also more local. Your beliefs and practices aren't in reference to a metaphysically isolated\ "world beyond", they relate to the world that is here and now, in a way that is difficult but ostensibly possible to understand. It suggests that unity isn't something you don't have to die to experience and observe.

Eastern Mysticism: Vague answers claiming worldly consequences
Western Mysticism: Clear answers claiming otherworldly consequences

Of course, religion has its own course it takes wherever its occurring and I'm sure any number of people in the east and west are more similar to each other than I'm making it sound. But in a general sense I think this is how it goes.

File: 1546707505179.png (228 KB, 387x409)
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228 KB PNG
I tried reading some modern poetry and it was literally the worst shit I've ever read. Can you recommend me some good, timeless poetry? Preferrably kind dark and shit
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okay, I'll consider it
The lack of dignified responses to this tells fucking stories about this chink-tier cardboard-manufactory training site
>it deserves a dignified response
really tells stories about how retarded you are
God abortions are awful
the poem deserves a serious response, anon

File: 1552860522872.jpg (271 KB, 1707x2560)
271 KB
271 KB JPG
How do you go from having a vague idea of a story to having a plot outline?
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Check out screenwriting books for how-tos to story. Or watch screenwriting videos on YouTube. It's super helpful in taking an idea and growing it into a story.

The best part is, novels are so much more forgiving when it comes to story structure, so it's easier to go from screenplay outline to novel. And you don't have to write a stupid screenplay.

Highly recommended.
File: wojak(you).jpg (49 KB, 645x729)
49 KB
Think louder
at the heart of many great stories is the story of a survivor. We have all survived something in life that has caused us some sort of pain or suffering and you just need to find that thing you were able to overcome and how you were able to overcome it. Maybe you were afraid to make a public speech in class one time but you were able to somehow get the courage to do it. It may sound mundane, but you are as a storyteller can punch it up. Maybe it is a character who through circumstances was made a diplomat and they have to make a speech in order to try to stop a war between different nations in a fantasy or sci-fi setting or whatever. It may sound cliche but don't just tell a story, tell your story since if it is something that mattered to you, chances are it will matter to other people who can relate.
Learn three act structure and write a beat sheet. Then write an outline.

File: intellectual dark web.jpg (92 KB, 1200x675)
92 KB
Why is Peterson and others of the Intellectual Dork Web considered a """reactionary""" when he just believes in the same neoliberal, globalist and capitalist world order as every other liberal.

Because he said something nice about Jesus, and that the clothing choices women make could attract *unwanted* attention
The actual reactionaries are not allowed to gain any steam on the internet because all the big platforms will kick them off. The far right is just a handful of guys with blogs or corners of youtube evading notice for a bit until their videos get flagged. There are complete retards like Richard Spencer but they should be considered anomalous fuck ups.

Goes without saying that there are no reactionaries in academia apart from the isolated randoms like Kevin Macdonald.

What Im saying is that reaction is dead, it's a completely ridiculous position in 2019. So the Left have to point at ''''rightwing'''' conservatives as the voice of impending Fascism or whatever.
best comment I've read all week
Yeah, this.

In the Soviet era, nobody was an actual reactionary. But they kept discovering that some guy, who failed to 100% conform to the party line, was an awful "reactionary". He got sent to the gulags, and then they searched for the next "reactionary".

It was just a purge of the people who are slightly impure. And if Jordan Peterson (who is 95% of a progressive/neoliberal/globalist) disappeared, they'd focus on the next guy, who is only 96% of a neoliberal/progressive/globalist, and is thus 4% impure. Repeat again.
Science, progress, technology (the internet - easy access to information) continues to make religiously based ideals incredibly difficult to defend. If religions want to survive in the "moral" landscape, they are forced to make concessions, which viewed throughout history are immense.

But to put it into perspective, only in 2015 was same-sex marriage legalized in the US for christs sake. That should show how much further we have yet to go.

File: 0OM1UZGVIxs-680x340.jpg (21 KB, 680x340)
21 KB
Could he beat Zizek?
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>I am American and I don't have a clue what I'm talking about, yet I feel the need to talk about it.

Cease your presence. Learn thermodynamics.
Nice argument
Peterson just got exposed as a dilettante, and a poor one at that.

1) Anyone who has taken a 100 level course on Marx could have given as good or better of a rundown and critique of the Communist Manifesto that Peterson gave.
2) No serious Marxist reads the meme pamphlet Marx wrote for uneducated workers, it's not an academic source, it's a propaganda piece.
3) Peterson, although claiming to have read and understood at least a modicum of Zizek's works, was not able to produce a single meaningful critique of his theory, even going so far as to be impressed with Zizek's take on Christianity
3a) Peterson is in many ways a scholar of religion, in particular Judeo-Christianity; he also critiques Marxism for being an athiest doctrine which rejects these principles. So if Peterson had done so much as read Zizek's wikipedia article, let alone an article on him in an encyclopedia of philosophy, let alone read one of his books on Christianity, he would have known this position and not been impressed by it. It means he didn't even watch Pervert's Guide to Ideology. Incredible lack of research.
4) Peterson did not stick to his position that Marxism was bad, instead retreating to a simple repetition of his individualism (at one point admitting that the heart of the individualism leads to the position that you must do what is best for the community anyways "good enough for you/your family isn't enough" which basically recasts JP's position as individually enlightened Marxism)
5) Peterson hasn't read Critique of the Gotha program which is shorter than the Manifesto and much more important (reminder this intellectual has been arguing against the evils of Marx for decades and hasn't even read him in any meaningful sense since he was 18).
6) By the end, Peterson wasn't even able to formulate an argument against the form of Marxism which Zizek promotes. His only point to the debate which had any relevance was to point out Capitalism's productive force, a fact that he also admits Marx agrees with and discusses at length in the Manifesto.
7) Peterson being pressed on and subsequently not able to name a single postmodern neomarxist needs no explication.

Peterson has been exposed as someone who has no real education (or perhaps intellectual interest) in political theory. I am actually amazed there are people who watched this debate and think Peterson managed even the bare minimum of understanding of both Marxist theory and the historical realities of capitalist dynamics.
stop copypasting this we all know Peterson is a deluded boomer
I haven't watched the debate but if Peterson can't do it Moly has no fucking chance.

File: Moby_blue.jpg (484 KB, 1000x1250)
484 KB
484 KB JPG
what are books I'll regret not reading?
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poor reddit bastard has been completely astroturfed by protestant hippie faggotry.
This is why heretics will burn in hell.
x are not particularly into talking about Jews. Actually everyone on x seems like they were airlifted from the comment section of a Youtube video about bigfoot
This unironically
File: 1555119602171.png (120 KB, 350x382)
120 KB
120 KB PNG
>Dry philosophy

File: temp07.jpg (47 KB, 329x450)
47 KB

File: pope+pius+x.jpg (237 KB, 800x1084)
237 KB
237 KB JPG
Why didn't we listen to his warnings?
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what are some good readings, I'm curious now
Seconding this
Benedict's great too

>The modern age, particularly from the nineteenth century on, has been dominated by various versions of a philosophy of progress whose most radical form is Marxism. Part of Marxist strategy is the theory of impoverishment: in a situation of unjust power, it is claimed, anyone who engages in charitable initiatives is actually serving that unjust system, making it appear at least to some extent tolerable. This in turn slows down a potential revolution and thus blocks the struggle for a better world. Seen in this way, charity is rejected and attacked as a means of preserving the status quo. What we have here, though, is really an inhuman philosophy. People of the present are sacrificed to the moloch of the future—a future whose effective realization is at best doubtful. One does not make the world more human by refusing to act humanely here and now.
samefag bump for interest
Rerum Novarum and Quadragesimo Anno.

File: Chart Improvements 7.png (3.37 MB, 1000x4019)
3.37 MB
3.37 MB PNG
Previous thread: >>12896963

Pic related is the current and only chart for dark/disturbing books, and it could do with some improvements!
I'm trying to collect as much information as possible on books that could be added to this chart, as well as information on the current books, to see if they should stay or not.

Green - Books that stay
Blue - Books being replaced by another by the same author
Orange - Books on which it's undecided
Red - Books that will be removed
Nothing - This book has not been talked about, so I have almost no information on it

There are some rules for the new chart, to make it a little bit more clear:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Maldoror is already confirmed in the original chart, but I will add A Season in Hell!
File: 55H4VL0092.png (1.32 MB, 653x840)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB PNG
DARK SPRING is an autobiographical coming-of-age novel that reads more like an exorcism than a memoir. In it author Unica Zurn traces the roots to her obsessions: the exotic father she idealized, the impure mother she detested, the masochistic fantasies and onanistic rituals which she said described the erotic life of a little girl based on my own childhood. The book was written months before her suicide which is eerily close to the suicide of the little girl in the book.
sounds like confessions of a mask by yukio mishima

File: 1516104084797.png (32 KB, 817x891)
32 KB
Books that will convince me to read?
Don Quixote
Read the Edith Grossman translation for the easiest experience
It's a great story, very funny, and it's what got me into reading seriously
Fahrenheit 451

File: unnamed2-750x350.jpg (45 KB, 750x350)
45 KB
What do I need to understand about Japan's cultural & geopolitical history to understand Imperial Japan? What are the best books about Imperial Japan?
It got memed around bc of last night but zen at war is food

File: dd3.png (143 KB, 600x600)
143 KB
143 KB PNG
Just wondering, what do you guys do with the dust jacket? Leave it as is? Attach it to the book with tape or something so it doesn't slide off? Take it off entirely?
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Fucking based retard poster.
File: Slide.gif (491 KB, 499x216)
491 KB
491 KB GIF
Put them aside while reading them. Put them back on when done. Plenty of space behind the shorter books to store it.
i shred mine, hate the goddman things, just get in the way, plus it keeps people from judging them by their covers
dust jackets are for show-offs.
Hang them with my other jackets

No JJBA manga allowed

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