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What are some good books about cowboys or the american frontier?
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The Ox Bow Incident
Yellowback Radio Brokedown

Butchers' Crossing

File: 71uaopT76YL.jpg (157 KB, 1020x1360)
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157 KB JPG
What are the best apocrypha?

File: Loli.jpg (28 KB, 640x620)
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>You will never have complete object relations with your dick
That's probably a good thing. You can't exhaust every interaction at once anyway, that would be like setting your dick on fire and covering it in ice, cocaine, radioactive waste and bees, chopping it off and yet keeping it perfectly attached and healthy, erect and non-erect, all of this at the same time and then some. Even if it were possible, is that even desirable?

File: elf wife.jpg (915 KB, 2266x1897)
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Elf Wife Edition
Thread question: How many elfs can you wife?

RECS https://www.goodreads.com/group/show/1029811-sffg
CHAT https://discord.gg/KWPCM7m
CHARTS https://mega.nz/#F!QyJVEQpL!utXEIGMAprWxM9GMGLxxtg
LINKS https://pastelink.net/sffglit
THREADS https://warosu.org/lit/?task=search2&search_subject=sffg
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>glory-seeking underdog MC gets a powerup in his darkest hour and uses it to deal the final blow to the big bad
>ends up even more insecure in his own abilities as a result and has to go through two more books worth of glory-seeking before he grows enough to let someone else defeat the final boss

How kino would this be?
File: wizard_knighte.jpg (59 KB, 451x341)
59 KB
You're still stuck in the language of video games and shonen anime so not at all.
as a rule anything that wins a scifi or fantasy award these days should be avoided
Was it rape?

File: existentialcomics.jpg (26 KB, 604x452)
26 KB
>hey chud, lay off that incel Nietzsche and read some De Beauvoir instead
how do you respond
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Hank hill ass
Did he say all owls faggot? He specified the Owl of Minerva.
>social progress
>human rights
>moral progress

WTF I love science now.
>Biological imperatives gave us democracy.

>Philosopher David Hume argued against the plausibility of miracles:[128]
>1) A miracle is a violation of the known laws of nature;
>2) We know these laws through repeated and constant experience;
>3) The testimony of those who report miracles contradicts the operation of known scientific laws;
>4) Consequently no one can rationally believe in miracles.
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Nothing changed. It just got more detailed.
Nope. Read Hume.
Brainlets can't understand Hume's conception of scientific law.

No. It assumes regularity in some sequences of events.
Hume doesn't even reject causality. He just says our intuition of it is confirmed by circular reasoning.
>It assumes regularity in some sequences of events.
That's the same as assuming the validity of induction.
Miracle is a discontinuity between a cause and effect. If it happens it could never be scientifically studied.

File: tao lin.jpg (19 KB, 351x499)
19 KB
Read pic related yesterday afternoon after a friend raved to me about it. Am I missing something profound or is this seriously how you appeal to the modern reader?
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I'm friends with a few hippie types who said his last book was interesting.
Learn2read m8
>lit was already shit
What does 'already' means again?
i like some of his short stories but really disliked taipei. trip was interesting and i'm excited for his forthcoming novel (leave society)
go to bed tao
File: 1580894622988.png (902 KB, 991x806)
902 KB
902 KB PNG

File: 9780451521545-uk.jpg (30 KB, 303x500)
30 KB
Were victims of "Werther Fever" the original Doomers? They even had their own meme outfit like the black hoodie and killed themselves because >tfw no gf
You're not far off, and Goethe was not at all happy about it, especially those fan-boys of his tragic figure who pestered him in-person.
Chateaubriand had the same problem too. He wrote René which was about an emo young man finding solace in nature. This was the birth of romanticism in France which made all the young men emos. This made René wish to have never written that book.
I like that Werther drawing. Reminds me of me
>when you find out Napoleon was a Werther fanboy
Well, he did get repeatedly cucked by Josephine.

File: pjimage.jpg (151 KB, 500x1000)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
i just realize my country a TINY LITTLE ISLAND IN THE CARIBBEAN is runned by 5 families who got their start in drugs & now owns almost everything that doesnt belong to the government & they are currently talking about privatizing those companies to sell them off to these families

I need Tools to arm myself against them

under those 5 industry power families there are the religious families who control everything religious its like a mafia
> 3 main muslim families who control everything islam
>5 Hindu families
>1 catholic group
>1 christian family
>1 orisha baptist group
Under the religious leaders the entaintatiners who are slaves to the 5 families comes in on the radio & local tv to control the narrative
Puerto Rico here. Which island do you speak of? I am disposed to reinforce your ranks when the island-hopping tropical boogaloo breaks out. The book "When there is no doctor" is good for self-sufficiency purposes.
I wouldn't worry much, the hurricanes should have hardened you into a real man already
File: dfgdfg.png (57 KB, 940x721)
57 KB

we dont get hit from hurricanes the wind braks off Venezuela
Based naipaultown poster

File: download.jpg (38 KB, 270x406)
38 KB
ITT crappy books /lit/ tricked you into reading
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I honestly liked this book and agree with Ligotti on many points. He masterfully presents the human condition as a horror story. If you cannot see the logic in his arguments then you merely suffer from the delusion he mentions in the book.
CoC is amazing though
>suffer from
That's a funny way of saying benefit from
that's the whole point of the book. seeing worth in something that is inherently worthless doesn't benefit anybody.
Yes tell the good goys how much these books suck

File: images (1).jpg (12 KB, 232x217)
12 KB
Edición Imperial
Hilo para discutir la literatura hispana y traducciones a la lengua castellana.
También sirve para publicar y criticar textos en español.
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NO hay poema más bello en habla hispana que su Amor constante más allá de la muerte.
The other day I found a compilation book of letters from the Spanish conquerors in a friend's house, at first it is a bit confusing about how they used some letters but it is totally understandable by modern Spanish readers.
Las editadas por la UNAM. La Ilíada de Bonifaz Niño y la Odisea de Tapia Zúñiga.
Gracias por leerlos. No eres la primera persona que me dice eso, pero la verdad es que no busco deliberadamente sonar pomposo. Lo que sí busco son imágenes contundentes y palabras exactas para expresarlas, pero supongo que eso deviene en que suenen así. Pero no estoy de acuerdo con lo de escribirlos más sencillos. Eso no me dice nada.

Miguel Hernández, Borges y Severo Sarduy son los sonetistas que más leo, y admiro mucho a Góngora y Quevedo.
Es Góngora subnormal

File: Decadent Society.jpg (312 KB, 1400x2113)
312 KB
312 KB JPG
I've preordered my copy

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>most interesting opinion
what does this mean?
He quasi endorsed the Green New Deal
Wow talk about brain dead
it means you only care about politics as a fashion statement
"if you like hearing novel and thought-provoking perspectives then you don't care about politics"


File: memeuze.jpg (73 KB, 648x720)
73 KB
How do I get into Deleuze?
61 replies and 16 images omitted. Click here to view.
Bateson in particular is quite an interesting and underrated thinker, bridging aesthetics, cybernetics, psychiatry, epistemology, biology and etc. not only the double bind theory of schizophrenia but also the plateau(this last deriving from Bateson's and Mead's anthropological and photographic study of the balinese)

>–3 But even more: plateaus do not climax only to then disappear. They work on consistency as change and subsist towards an open end. The anthropologist, psychologist and philosopher Gregory Bateson first introduced the term in his book ‘Steps to an Ecology of Mind’ when describing behavioral patterns in Balinese society. Bateson went to Bali in 1936 together with his then wife Margaret Mead – the two were actually married on the trip, in Singapore. Bateson and Mead documented Balinese culture in extensive field notes and by the use of photography and motion picture film – now a seminal early anthropological research. This research is part of Bateson’s endeavor to describe the tool of ethos, which he names as the “expression of a culturally standardized system of organization of the instincts and emotions of the individual”. Bateson is interested in describing basic theories of conflict, a field he later terms schismogenesis (Bateson, 1972: Steps to a Ecology of Mind, p. 116 ff.). Conflicts, to him, most often imply a form of cumulative action – the rising of a conflict, which he first and foremost finds in relation to erotic interactions. He concedes that complementary action between humans are all to often structured by “curves bounded by phenomena comparable to orgasm”, i.e. a built-up of intensity, a climax and a decreasing action. Now, within Balinese society, Bateson does not find these patterns at all. Rather he finds the opposite, a state of interaction he terms plateau. For this interactive state, his main example is erotic games between mother and child: The mother excites her child “pulling its penis or otherwise stimulating it to interpersonal activity” only to turn away as soon as the child is “approaching some small climax” (Bateson, 1972: Steps to a Ecology of Mind, p. 121) and urgently asks for further stimulation. But rather, the mother leaves the child alone and becomes a mere “spectator”, not reacting even to angry and physical claims of her child. Bateson concludes that thereby a basic human tendency toward “cumulative personal interaction” is muted and proposes his idea of plateau: “It is possible that some sort of continuing plateau of intensity is substituted for climax”

Speaking of interesting, I actually just had to google a fact I knew about Bateson because it seemed too ridiculous to be anything other than a figment of my imagination. Namely, that he was involved in that NASA (although probably CIA) experiment involving injecting dolphins with LSD which resulted in some poor woman having to jerk off the captive dolphins so they wouldn't attack her when rutting.
File: 1557376738433.jpg (78 KB, 750x800)
78 KB
Try Manuel DeLanda's stuff on Youtube, he really tries to be clear and precise, even if his focus differs from most deleuzians.
insane tankies are right about french theorists being (if indirectly) the product of CIA, but that's because our whole reality is CIA. the cybernetic organism is a cold war point by point byproduct of Marxism Leninism, just like Marxism itself was the mirror of 19th century capital.
Not mandatory imo, honestly even medieval philosophy is optional

File: images (4).jpg (4 KB, 220x220)
4 KB
Is the purpose of art to transport the perceiver to a state of higher consciousness from where they can contemplate about morality, ethics, spirituality, sensuality etc.?
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I was going to say generally through a visual medium, but whatever.

To be conveyed.
File: 1581709756145.jpg (55 KB, 596x557)
55 KB
from the Metaphysics of Fine Arts
>If the reader wishes for a direct example of the advantage which intuitive knowledge—the primary and fundamental kind—has over abstract thought, as showing that Art reveals to us more than we can gain from all the sciences, let him look at a beautiful human face, full of expressive emotion; and that too whether in nature itself or as presented to us by the mediation of Art. How much deeper is the insight gained into the essential character of man, nay, into nature in general, by this sight than by all the words and abstract expressions which may be used to describe it. When a beautiful face beams with laughter, it is as though a fine landscape were suddenly illuminated by a ray of light darting from the clouds. Therefore ridete, puellæ, ridete!
>you can hear God behind every note of Mozart
Enjoy going straight to hell you retarded deist.
>seething that the Gregorian chants will never reach the divine beauty of Lacrimosa.
Lacrimosa isn't even good you dumb normalfag. Mozart wasn't even very good, he's a corporate product of a zeitgeist.

Guenon has argued all music should be purely chanting. Music with power comes from working within an initiatory/ritualistic context. Listening to music for its own sake, is closer to a bowel movement than a transcendental act. The hylics dancing to club pop understand this fact of music having power beyond itself better than you do listening to culture industry propaganda alone.

can we trust scientific knowledge or is it dogmatic and only relevant instrumentally
Ultimately, you have to decide what you trust.
And what you trust is never the scientific discovery. What you trust is someone else's impressions about said discovery.
Then, it will always remain up to you to trust things you can experience yourself or to trust someone else's attempt to explain things.
>can we trust scientific knowledge
the idea that you can "trust" "knowledge" of the "world" as it appears to you is laughable
I guess anon is bringing some normative argument to that what we call scientific knowledge production. Widely regarded as being of a higher merit than non-scientific knowledge production. Yet, non-science and 'real' science are both human based activities, mainly group oriented, and groups can and inevitably will always get into some dogmatism.

Whether it is only relevant instrumentally I would disagree cause without it we wouldn't have rockets and electric cars, and tv, internet etc.
Yes? It's the most trustable "thing" in reality [pure logic is beyond that], it's not necessarily accurate but trusting anything else is probably more questionable
Science gives results, and we can trust it insofar it gives us the results we desire (insofar it is useful to us) We cannot be sure why science works though. it could be a powerful magic just as easily as it could be a true understanding of reality. there just isn't any way to know for sure.

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