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File: litquart4.png (192 KB, 1890x474)
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192 KB PNG
Just wanted to give an update on The Lit Quarterly. So far, I've received and edited:
>six short stories/flash fictions
>five poems
>two essays
I'm expecting one more story and one more essay, which I think will be enough to go to print. HOWEVER, if you have been working on something to contribute, I will review and edit up until the 3rd of July. Repeat: THIRD OF JULY for any submissions. Am sending to printers before 12th of July.

If your work isn't ready by then, don't worry. I've had so much fun with this project that I'm certain to do it again, refining the process, tweaking the format, and perhaps expanding the scope.

When I've printed the quarterly, I will make a thread here for you to request a copy. My intention is to sell at cost...hopefully $10 or less per copy, depending which printer I decide on.

Any questions, comments, or submissions send email to litquarterly@gmail.com. Pic related for extra info.
How long is a short story? I'm assuming ~2-3K words right? I might edit one of my stories to around that to submit
File: 1560555614715.jpg (53 KB, 467x700)
53 KB
Does anybody even care about literature anymore? I feel like this is all a fucking meme and you have absolutely Zero chance of making a living off of writing.

File: pv03269zpi631.jpg (75 KB, 750x539)
75 KB
>Show me where the Marxists are Jordan
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More specifically, right wing is about natural order, law of the jungle. Left wing is about imposed (typically injected with some ad-hoc framework of "fairness").
The trouble with constructed order of marxists is that power is like gravity. You can *try* to defy it, but doing so requires constant energy input to keep the delta-v (ideology, brainwashing) and usually cost in externalities (gulags). Capitalism, on the other hand, arises spontaneously.
Yes, peterson is incoherent boomer hack, but I suppose he can work like neil de grass to introduce young people into poli sci.
Progressive neolibs mutated into zombie Marxists.
need any more nametags on that image Ben?
Reminder that liberals (even the classical ones) are Marxists by this spurious definition.
>We serfs, who work the land but can't claim ownership, and who must give a portion of our yield under threat of military force, are being OPPRESSED by the noble class who claims ownership of the land but does not work them. We must have a REVOLUTION to stop this!
>one class is claiming oppression by another class? Marxism! t. Jordan Peterson, defender of western values
Reality is marxist

File: gtrtrgrtg.jpg (114 KB, 660x493)
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114 KB JPG
Which one should I read next, /lit/?
I've read that
Savage Detectives isn’t very good, I don’t know why people praise it so much. Haven’t read GR. So GR is the right choice

I need some suggestions for books on the period of the renaissance (1401-1495) outside of Italy. I've already read Jacob Burckhardt's "The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy"
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examples? someone said she had severe ocd too
File: 1559498653091.jpg (156 KB, 750x749)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
they broke up forever ago
such a sweet princess (silently: *thegoslingscream.jpeg*)
mods please just fucking delete this already it's completely orbiting and not at all about literature

File: George Fitzhugh.png (174 KB, 790x420)
174 KB
174 KB PNG
>"Fuck John Locke and his autistic bullshit".
>Conservative anti-capitalist.
>Man is a rational social animal.
>Engels had to agree with him on the condition of slaves compared to proletarians.
Truly the best american political philosopher.
The South is the most based and /lit/ region of America but /lit/ refuses to recognize this.

File: flannery.jpg (16 KB, 313x389)
16 KB
goat female writer GO
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Shelley and Radcliffe, obviously.
>Sappho seems like the Taylor Swift of her time
What did you mean by this?
File: vintage-austen.jpg (57 KB, 600x595)
57 KB
Post a better bibliography. You literally can't
Who is the pic? Is it a girl. I sort of look like her. I’m a boy

File: 220px-ShelteringSky.jpg (27 KB, 220x316)
27 KB
Is this book kind of bad or am I missing something?
You're missing something. It's actually kind of good

File: libra.jpg (356 KB, 1920x1080)
356 KB
356 KB JPG
How many books do you read in a month ?
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used to read from 3 to 5 a month or one 1k pages book, but then I read certain austrian novel of about 1.5k pages and it took me like 5 months to finish it and it sort of drained me. Now I’m lucky if I read 2 books a month (~250 pages each) and I haven’t even tried reading a 1k pages book again, since it would probably take me like 3 months even if it’s some easy book. I’m looking for that one book that will make interested in reading a lot again.
i only work parttime over summer/short books (a couple of platonic dialogues, for example)

if it's all longer works I'm probably closer to five.

but assuming you can read just three hours a day and average 30 pages/hour, thats 90 pages a day. 90*30 is 2700, which is good for ten books or so depending on page length. im lazy sometimes etc. tho so I don't always get there
During good seasons 4-5. During bad seasons nothing to two books. Certain seasons hold to much sway over me, and it stops me from feeling an urge to read. It sort of sucks because I feel bad about not reading as much as I usually do other times of the year (best seasons: fall/winter worst seasons: spring/summer).

When are the 90s finally going to end?
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all attacks can have a very good reason to occur.
I've always kinda wondered what Fisher expected to happen though, I feel like the rapid cultural change that occurred from 50s - 80s was bound to slow down at some point. Like he points to Burial and stuff as an evolution in music but where do you go from there? Ambient electronic music is music stripped down to its absolute barest. What comes after that that could be considered new?

I wouldn't mind if he was just observing the phenomenon but he always seemed upset, I just don't know what he expected
can someone name some of his most influential/best essays/blog posts?

my library only has his collected k-punk book and i don't want to read 500 pages of blog posts
being blog posts, a lot of them repeat the same themes. I would recommend

>Exiting the Vampires Castle
>The Privatisation of Stress
>Fear and Misery in Neolibeeal Britain

File: Snapchat-414205444.jpg (450 KB, 1311x2640)
450 KB
450 KB JPG
Also, what's your favourite book? It can be anything. Mine is a dictionary. A gift from my mother.

File: IMG_20190626_140041.jpg (750 KB, 4032x3024)
750 KB
750 KB JPG
Which one should I read next?
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lmao!! xD good joke, Moby Dick is brilliant OP and a delight to read!
I was in AP lit in a really rich high school and we didn't read Moby Dick or For Whom The Bell Tolls. Idk how old you are but I'm 21 and I can tell you that the high school lit curriculum is in absolute ruins. They're starting to teach shit like The Fault in Our Stars, The Handmaid's Tale, and The Hate U Give to high schoolers now. It's only getting worse by the year.
1. Dunces
2. Moby Dick abridged version. Read the whole book if you still like it
3. Hemingway

The Corrections is like reading a Medium blog longer than the Bible.
Dunces is a comfy and light read. Only problem is that the main characters exploits is so much more entertaining then all of the side characters dilemmas is gets boring to read sometimes.
>Honestly skippable

File: 1561516419708.jpg (64 KB, 512x473)
64 KB
Why is critiquing other writers' works so easy, but actually writing it tough as shit?
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Why would there be any shit in a cake retard?

That's like saying you're writing a novel and you're going to smear shit on every 3rd page.
If there can be pineapple on pizza why can't there be shit in cake?
The ingredients of a cake are like the words on the page. Or were you trying to say the only difference in writing is what it’s written on?
>If there can be pineapple on pizza
You can put any food you want on a pizza.

You get your dough, your sauce base, your cheese and everything else is a free for all.
You make a convincing argument.

File: IMG_20190621_105717.jpg (47 KB, 556x840)
47 KB
one of the must depressing things about adulthood is never having the time or energy to read
Do you work 18 hours a day?

File: le happy authors.png (110 KB, 1618x374)
110 KB
110 KB PNG
These three lads are the only Jewish-Americans (ignoring Bob Dylan) to win Nobel Prizes in Literature. Thoughts on them?
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Singer is pretty bad. Basically just Jewish folk tales with no real aesthetic value. Petty moralisms. At least they're short.

Bellow is overrated as a stylist and a dime store philosopher but the best of the bunch.

Haven't read Brodsky but I've never been into Russian poets in translation so I doubt I'll like him.

Dylan getting a Nobel is just embarrassing. What an ugly voice.
>no real aesthetic value.

read it in Yiddish faggot
That guy was a fucking idiot
None of them were SJW Jewish elites that are destroying our societies today. These are all common people that happened to be Jewish and most of them were poor as shit.
>no J.D Salinger
>no Philip Roth
>not even Kafka

File: Holden.jpg (840 KB, 1089x1386)
840 KB
840 KB JPG
Any books about adolescence and depression
Pic unrelated.
Claus and Lucas trilogy
Crime and Punishment
Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and his years of pilgrimage
burgerpunk layer 06
Pic related

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