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File: 35928.jpg (13 KB, 223x226)
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what are the worst sci-fi cliches?
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my bad, I was just explaining that all sci-fi is fantasy though
File: cooks.png (116 KB, 285x336)
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116 KB PNG
>Absurdly optimistic humanocentrism where the universe is manifest destiny for humanity and humans are inexplicably special
>Absurdly pessimistic antihumanism where humans are uncommonly barbaric morons and all other species treat them like evil retards
Oh.. I misconstrued
seems narcissistic af with contemptuous and contemptible stages. last psych was right
It's a gnostic parable.

File: 0.jpg (43 KB, 337x337)
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Is there a line of thought within art & philosophy which venerates pale blond children?

File: laparesse.jpg (57 KB, 500x400)
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critique thread, post your work, give feedback, i'll start

this is a rough draft of the first part of a story i'm working on

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“Being alive now does not make sense. People just go on the internet and try to spread around as much chaos as possible, meanwhile real life goes on all around just as normal, while inside we are experiencing great upheavals. It’s idiotic to try and pin this phenomena down. It’s like an eye-floater, it moves anytime you look at it.”
“Absurdity has been heightened. It is the ideal of our era,” he said, agreeing with me.
“No Westerner believes in the majesty of human beings anymore, and yet we do things that a human hundreds of years ago would have thought impossible. None of us believe in God at a moment in time where he is actively being built. “
“God is being built?”
“Yeah, I mean AI. The Economy is becoming so complicated that only God can fully understand it. Every job is becoming more and more demanding, so that soon every meaningful occupation will be beyond human capability.”
I like it, particularly the last stanza
i didn't know people wrote good things on this board
File: IMG_20190223_123321.png (223 KB, 720x983)
223 KB
223 KB PNG
this is only a tiny, out-of-context excerpt, but i'd like to hear if it sounds pretentious or odd

i think i use the I + verb -structure and the word 'like' too much
Not to pretend to be an expert, but some of you seem to be more concerned with decorating your text than with telling a story. Using beautiful and impressive words isn't a bad thing, but if you use too many too often, the text turns from water to syrup, and is hard to wade through. Feels like it's going nowhere.

File: Charles_Bukowski_1.jpg (341 KB, 1000x1500)
341 KB
341 KB JPG
You can't dislike him
it's enough how much he dislikes himself

File: flag-of-scandinavia.png (6 KB, 800x606)
6 KB
Discuss Scandinavian literature.

Has anyone here read Jens Bjorneboe? I've bought both a biography of him, and "Bestialitetens Historie" as I found him quite interesting. What do you guys think?
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Also Swede is considered an insult in Danish in it self. Im sure its vice versa on the other side of Oresund.
Finno-uralic nomads from far east
Yeah, if you're a fucking child who browses the national reddits.
Its not considered to the current state of sweden. i think its a remnent of the many wars the two have fought. Don't misinterperate me.
Oh I know, I'm swedish. I don't know anyone who thinks "dane" is an actual insult. "Danskjävlar" is a meme; a joke.

File: nawhlsd32iz11.jpg (666 KB, 2000x3000)
666 KB
666 KB JPG
I keep mixing up usage of does, do, have, has, had, etc despite constantly looking them up. Is there a book that teaches 'tricks' to nail down grammar like it stays with you forever?

Who is your favourite Biblical character and why? Deity (angelic) or human. I myself am a big fan of the angelic creatures. The theophoric names are always so fascinating to me. Also Samuel.
Jesus par none
Job personally because reading his arc helped me the most
David is the most fleshed out and transparent character in the Bible. If anyone wants an encouragement with their journey with God and an understanding how deep the connection between man and God is, then the books of Samuel and the Psalms of David puts it in the most honest and poetic manner. In a time where Jesus was just a vague promise for a future David would never see with his eyes, faith and belief as the elevation of the human experience is solidified in the story of David. I know people don't believe, I've been the only Christian among my friends since I was a child, yet I can't stress how much my life has been blessed by studying the thoughts and testimonies of someone like David, who gained the mercy of God through purity and focus on the light from above

1Samuel 17
45 Then David said to the Philistine, “You come to me with a sword, with a spear, and with a javelin. But I come to you in the name of the Lord of hosts, the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have defied. 46 This day the Lord will deliver you into my hand, and I will strike you and take your head from you. And this day I will give the carcasses of the camp of the Philistines to the birds of the air and the wild beasts of the earth, that all the earth may know that there is a God in Israel. 47 Then all this assembly shall know that the Lord does not save with sword and spear; for the battle is the Lord’s, and He will give you into our hands.”

File: cat and dog.jpg (36 KB, 1100x618)
36 KB
Working on that novel? How many words did you write today?
Would you mind rating my prose? It's in spanish though.
La clase de mediodía había terminado. Los estudiantes de la facultad de negocio se hallaban de mala gana en el teatro universitario. Una conferencia acerca de la importancia del liderazgo en el ambiente laboral estaba siendo impartida por un empresario de la ciudad.
El teatro estaba oscuro. Las únicas lámparas encendidas iluminaban al alto y rizado conferencista, que se esforzaba por mantener cautivada a la audiencia flagrantemente impaciente porque diera fin a su ineficaz discurso.
Apenas habían pasado 20 minutos desde el inicio de la conferencia cuando Luis se retiro de la sala, rompiendo brevemente la oscuridad del teatro al abrir la puerta para salir.
Un pequeño grupo de estudiantes de distintas carreras lo siguieron silenciosamente y una vez fuera del teatro se marcharon por rumbos distintos, algunos de ellos acompañados de otro fugitivo. Al salir del teatro la luz de la tarde lo ofuscó y el viento frio de noviembre le beso las mejillas y despeino su cabello, que ahora le cubría parte de su frente. Era una tarde mas fría y soleada de lo que había previsto. Ahora estaba fuera de los gruesos muros del teatro y la multitud de estudiantes y docentes dentro, fue sustituida por escasos grupos de estudiantes y palomas dispersas fuera.
Pero, ¿para qué había salido?, ¿qué haría ahora? las clases habían acabado, no había traído un libro, ni tenía asuntos ni quehaceres pendientes en su solitario departamento. Por un momento pensó en volver a la calidez de la sala, con su miserable declamador, con su estúpida filosofía de trabajo y con la inane motivación fugaz que causaría en su público. Fue solo durante un momento, pues, en seguida reconoció a un joven sentado en el tercer peldaño de la escalera al teatro, bajo la exigua sombra que proyectaba el edificio al sol del mediodía. Tenía una rodilla sobre la otra y una copia del Señor de las moscas en las manos. Absorto en las paginas, parecía no advertir al hombre parado oblicuamente a su espalda. Luis se acerco a él y lo saludo con liviano entusiasmo, aun a su espalda. El joven guardo el libro en la mochila tendida a su costado sin voltear a verlo. Se incorporó y le estiro un apretón de manos.
Las manos del joven eran grandes y duras, pero sin llegar a ser callosas ni incomodas. En cambio, las de Luis tenían una cualidad de suavidad semejante a la seda.
Haven't worked on it in 3 months senpai
But im determined to get back to it today, even 100 words as fine as long as I keep going
Four: "suck my dick"

-It occurs to me that I am currently thinking. From this, I may assuredly deduce by the natural light, that I exist.
-after such introspection (all that is really available to me), I am able to conclude that God exists, and that he is good. I become able to treat again of the natural sciences.
-in this way, one can discern a variety of practical sciences: the relationship of geometry to arithmetic, the consideration that negative numbers are false, observation of the means of the circulation of the blood, through examination of the bodies of deceased animals, and the natural necessity with which the man must give the woman the dick.
-but more than this, a metaphysic obtains, which I am presently loathe to publish, the better to tend to its development, but let me discourse upon it at some length, that which I deign not to write. Besides this, the difference between the brutes and men is a difference of kind, and not one of degree. The brute possesses neither language, nor a soul.

Such have been the substances of my investigations. But presently, my dear correspondents, the Queen of Sweden has consented to receive my tutelage, and so I must leave for that country. farewell,
And what would falsify any of these propositions?

Who does /lit/ believe to be the best lyricist of all time?
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If I ventured in the slipstream
Between the viaducts of your dream
Where immobile steel rims crack
And the ditch in the back roads stop
Could you find me?
Would you kiss-a my eyes?
To lay me down
In silence easy
To be born again
Well Loretta, she's a bar-room girl
Wears them sevens on her sleeve
Dances like a diamond shines
Tell me lies I love to believe
Her age is always 22
Her laughin' eyes a hazel hue
Spends my money like water falls
Loves me like I want her to
Oh Loretta, won't you say to me?
Darlin', put your guitar on
Have a little shot of booze
Play a blue and wailin' song
My guitar rings a melody
My guitar sings, Loretta's fine
Long and lazy, blonde and free

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
pop music ain't lit, cuntry's best is deliverance
Brian Wilson? He wrote the lyrics to maybe three of his major songs that I can recall. Van Dyke Parks/Tony Asher/Mike Love were his main lyricists.

No Lennon?

File: maxresdefault.jpg (128 KB, 1280x720)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
>hating DFW

is there anything more psud? oh wait, I know

>praising DFW
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wtf is going on
is this the average /lit/ poster?
in a way i hope so, but i have my doubts. i suspect he's putting on an act
I can respect when someone like bloom hates on DFW because he actually cares about books and shit.
But when all the 20 something university thots criticize DFW it always comes off as passive aggressive and an attack on him for being white and a man, not the actual content of the books he wrote. It seems all so transparently insecure. You score 10 points every time a white girl uses the word "bro' passively aggressively to describe DFW
Reminder that DFW decided it was worth getting his literary legacy #metoo'd for these 4/10s
pretty sure he killed himself to avoid it.
this is why Marry Karr tried to shift the blame when Junot Diaz took the hit.

Im interested in studying ethics seriously and (for now) auto-didactically especially utilitarianism and suffering-focused ethics.

Im philosophically illiterate. Does /lit/ have an image macro for getting into utilitarianism or any advice in general? Is it necessary I read all of platos works first or something like that or can i just start reading Bentham or do I need some preliminary reading? Thanks, girls.
File: 9780199695287.jpg (44 KB, 433x550)
44 KB
If you simply wish to study utilitarianism for now you can start with Bentham and you'll be fine, follow him with Mill and Sidgwick. If you want to study ethics generally then Plato and especially Aristotle are very important. My Ethics lecturer recommended me pic related as a good book series on the history of ethics. I haven't read it but if you can find it in your local library or on libgen then it may be worth looking into, if only as a starting point for further study of the authors discussed. I really don't know much about ethics so hopefully another Anon will come by and give you a better answer. Consider this really just as a drawn-out bump
Shit thanks man. This is why 4chan is the shit. Its reddit level thoughtfulness of response minus the plebness
No worries mate, I just hope someone more knowledgeable will help you out.

File: 154131.jpg (216 KB, 1166x1764)
216 KB
216 KB JPG
Was Prince Andrei a cuck? What did Tolstoy mean by that?
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retard lingo is for retards anon
man that part sucked but you knew as soon as she first sees Anatol what is going to happen
That scene where Andrei tries to fall asleep the night before Borodino but instead starts remembering Natasha trying to tell him a story she doesn't think she can properly tell but Andrei understands her anyway...
Andrei was too good for this world.
Prince Andrei is the last literary character I can remember actively "rooting" for, even though that wasn't the point of War and Peace
His death is the only one in literature that has pissed me off. I even knew it was going to happen and I still got mad with Tolstoy when he died.

File: 9265942.jpg (31 KB, 304x475)
31 KB
I just finshed reading Tacitus' Annals. What do I need to read next to chronologically read through the main Roman sources? Do I straight jump into his Historiae?
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Lmao anal, fucking stupid my guy
Anal is patrician as fuck friendo
what's a good modern overview? is mary beard's spqr ok?
I honestly don't remember much when I read modern history works, everything has been shortened so much to a few sentences that actually took a shit ton of effort. A lot of times important details are left out and there is hardly any information where the author or authors got their ideas from. Personally, I prefer reading the primary sources because that's what historians use for information as well. Maybe if I'm mostly through the canon I'll read a modern history work. I also wonder what >>12648001 said.
A good modern historian will not only use the great classical historians, but also all the mediocre classical historians who you really don't want to read because they couldn't write or they just provide tedious lists that are good info, but dull as shit to wade through. They will examine research and archaeology to add more detail. Often the classical sources will contradict each other, and you want a professional to tease out what really happened, eg maybe Tacitus said X happened, but Suetonius says Y, and when we examine the physical evidence and Listus Boringus's list of harvests it suggests Z.
Also a professional will always cite their sources, a foolproof mark of a shit history book is no bibliography, no citations or footnotes etc.
It will never be as well written though. Guys like Livy and Tacitus are among the greatest prose writers in history, so it's not really a fair comparison

File: image.jpg (14 KB, 225x225)
14 KB
Since I'm a Catholic I can't join this cool sekret club but I'm still super fascinate by their symbolism and esoteric meaning. I really want to know how their system of morality and philosophy works
Any books that can teach me what they believe in without ruining the secrets of the initiations?
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>all these Cathocucks

Do you people have kids to rape at this hour?
>wants to learn occultism
>is catholic

Oh nononono
File: 1538976411952.jpg (65 KB, 575x651)
65 KB
>le reddit snark reply
upvoted, duder
Francisco Franco was also a Catholic and tried to join in.
Surface tier are just christian boomers who like to hang out together.
Higher eschelones are presumably Jews. Not literal oy veys, but zions nonetheless. "New world order" and all that. Influence politics, etc.
Highest eschelone are likely satanists that praise Lucifer (aka the light barer) for giving humans knowledge of Good and Evil or some shit.

Not worth.

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