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File: 81NzEmQuAYL.jpg (283 KB, 1399x1735)
283 KB
283 KB JPG
Dear Dharma Treasure Sangha,

It was recently brought to the attention of Dharma Treasure Board members that John Yates (Upasaka Culadasa) has engaged in ongoing conduct unbecoming of a Spiritual Director and Dharma teacher. He has not followed the upasaka (layperson) precepts of sexual harmlessness, right speech, and taking what is not freely given.

We thoroughly reviewed a substantial body of evidence, contemplated its significance, and sought confidential counsel from senior Western Dharma teachers, who urged transparency. We also sought legal advice and spoke with various non-profit consultants to draw on their expertise and objectivity in handling this matter. As a result of our process, the Board has voted to remove Mr. Yates from all positions with Dharma Treasure.

In a series of Board meetings as well as written correspondences with Mr. Yates, he admitted to being involved in a pattern of sexual misconduct in the form of adultery. There is no evidence that this adultery involved improper interactions with students or any form of unwanted sexual advances. Rather, adultery with multiple women, some of whom are sex workers, took place over the past four years. The outcome was extended relationships with a group of about ten women. Relationships with some continue to the present day.

He has provided significant financial support to some of these women, a portion of which was given without the prior knowledge or consent of his wife. Mr. Yates also said he engaged in false speech by responding to his wife’s questions with admissions, partial truths, and lies during these years.
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>just spout completely wrong and infantile shit, and refuse to study the matter
cringe indeed
File: 1563018828028.png (198 KB, 337x341)
198 KB
198 KB PNG
Come talk about Dharma with us!

>To be honest no Eastern organisation would hold to their standards like this either
Hindu monastic orders that still live the same possessionless lifestyle that they did a thousand years ago like the Dashnami Sampradaya do
>You are supposed to use these meditation techniques to remove "unwanted noise" from your mind so you can focus it towards using it for the important things: Life plans, goals, etc etc.
I'm no expert, but that does not sound right at all.

File: america.png (3.32 MB, 1920x1080)
3.32 MB
3.32 MB PNG
Just look on the pic. Doesn't it say it all?
It's just European inferiority complex that made us all believe American lit (and culture) is trash.
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>Fenimore Cooper
literally who
Harper Lee?? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA she wrote one decent book and it's a literal Faulkner ripoff
Total memes not worth more than a three-day old dog turd.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I consider Pnin and Pale Fire as American novels but don't think of Nabokov as American, as he didn't either. He was a displaced Russian with an Oxbridge cant.
All shit
That's quite an exaggeration. Faulkner, Steineck, Melville, and James are objectively good writers, if not great.
somebody post the chart

Books for an INFP?
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Lmao imagine forming your identity over the pseudo-intellectual equivalent of horoscopes, jesus christ

this is a good channel for the types. a lot of people get INTJ in that survey. ISTJ is statistically likelier.
I've been able to ruin every close relationship I've had with every family member within 3 sentences based on this system. It works well enough to win friends and influence normies, as well as destroy relationships in a breath. It has enough utility under my belt, so I'll continue to use the pseud horoscope.
>Pro-tip: nearly everyone is incorrect in typing themselves and others
File: 1477709805693.jpg (95 KB, 885x660)
95 KB
the fuck is this
>pseudo-intellectual equivalent of horoscopes
>jesus christ

File: k.jpg (2.47 MB, 2560x1600)
2.47 MB
2.47 MB JPG
Fuck Haiku, they're stupid and simple and I'm sick of reading about Mt. Fuji and frogs jumping into gay ponds. Let's write Sijo instead. Sijo is a form of poetry from Korea. It is similar to the haiku in that it's a three line poem, but the syllable structure is more formed around 'blocks' within each line. The general structure of the Sijo is:
3 4 4 4
3 4 4 4
3 5 4 3

For example:
Though I die and die again, and though I die a hundred deaths,
though my bones do turn to dust, whether my soul remains or not,
my red heart, forever loyal, will never fail the kingdom.

This thread is dedicated to stretching spontaneous creative muscles through the Sijo. I like to write them personally so I won't post any of my own, but if somebody writes one and then attaches a prompt for me, I'll contribute with that.
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Gedichte sind nicht mehr als Memes, Bruder. Aber immerhin musste ich lachen.
Searching for a mask to hide this empty hole inside your heart
Lonely one, when all you ask is to be seen among the rest
Finding none, face yourself and see beyond the face, it's just me
Prompt: Prison cell
Do you even renga, bro?
Sijo only works because korean use a one syllable for a one word. The only Sijo muricans can write is pee pee poo poo.

File: Penguin_logo.svg.png (79 KB, 1200x1525)
79 KB
Wtf is their problem?
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yeah, but sadly many books I want are not available in harcover.
the actual link is in the reddit page. reddit is the messenger, not the source.
Source: I was there when the study was conducted -- astral projection.
File: 1523739373076.jpg (101 KB, 1000x843)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
Never buying Penguin again after my copy of Count of Monte Cristo disintegrated and is now a bunch of single sheets stuffed inside a scarred spine. I've seen mass-market paperbacks put up with more abuse than I ever gave that book (which was very little).
yes i know that feeling. unfortunately, you can't always find everything in hardcover, especially if you favor a particular translation (most publishers just produce paperback nowadays since that's what most people buy), but all things being equal, i recommend investing in good quality hardcovers for your favorites if you can find them.

File: 38913_001_01.jpg (132 KB, 500x845)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
>Call me Ishmael

It's probably the most famous opening line ever but it's literally just saying his name. Is there some great significance here? Was it supposed to reveal something about the character? Or is it some kind of allusion?
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That's why he was going to sacrifice him you dolt, it's only a worthy sacrifice if the loss hurts you
>american show offy nonsense
actually a quite perceptive criticism
i think you'd do well to give it a bit more thought
>Is there some great significance here?
It lets you know right away that he is Jewish. It was very nice of him, so that you can close the book right there and then.
'books is just memes!' this is the final product of this meme loving board of shit!

File: cioran.jpg (66 KB, 980x561)
66 KB
So, how are you going to ask your children for their consent to be born?
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Based. Procreation is selfish and evil
By not giving a rats ass spookster
>consent to be born
get your white ass outta here glow in the dark CIA-nigger
This pseud lit nihilism is literally no different than rick and morty
If my child is an antinatalist I’m going to put them outside.
joke's on you. i already have 2 kids.

>Our very ego-self appears as more and more complex, less and less coherent puzzle, so that to make it hold together, in addition to pills and therapy sessions, algorithms are necessary now. It's pure irony that the world "wall" is used to describe the solid streams of images information and commentary by which Facebook attempts to give a shape to the self.

If you haven't read this yet, here's the PDF:

I'll post quotes and highlights from my reading.
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>From the extreme left to the extreme right, there’s no lack of bullshitters who endlessly promise us a “return to full employment.” Those who would have us regret the golden age of the classic wage system, whether they are Marxists or liberals, are not averse to lying about its origin. They claim that the wage system freed us from serfdom, from slavery, and from the traditional structures—in sum, that it constituted a “progress.” Any somewhat serious historical study will show on the contrary that it came into being as an extension and intensification of prior servitude. The truth is that making a man into the “possessor of his labor power” and making him disposed to “sell it,” that is, bringing the figure of the Worker into everyday life and customs, was something that required a considerable quantity of spoliations, expulsions, plunderings, and devastations, a great deal of terror, disciplinary measures, and deaths. One hasn’t understood anything about the political character of the economy until they’ve seen that what it hinges on as far as labor end o f work , magical life is concerned is not so much producing commodities as it is producing workers—which is to say, a certain relationship with oneself, with the world, and with others. Waged labor was the form by which a certain order was maintained. The fundamental violence it contains, the violence that is obscured by the broken-down body of the assemblyline worker, the miner killed in a methane explosion, or the burnout of employees under extreme managerial pressure, has to do with the meaning of life. By selling their time, by turning themselves into the subject of the thing they’re employed to do, the wage worker places the meaning of their existence in the hands of those who care nothing about them, indeed whose purpose is to ride roughshod over them.
What a load of rambling nonsense. At least when 19th and early 20th century Marxists repeated themselves, it was to deliberately illustrate a particular point they were trying to make.
Makes complete sense to me, sentence after sentence being composed with France as the subject, but I kept feeling the exact American equivalents of what they were referring to in a way that I forgot this was ever written in another language for another people. Their points can be muddy and nebulous, but I think that's to be expected when we're talking about such ungainly and obscure subjects. The essays read clippy, even through those parts, however, and it is tough not to feel a resonance, a healing clarity, even an epiphany. As an American, nearly all communication originating from prestige are cruel and crude schemes, obscurantisms, subversions, PR gimmicks and flagrant dishonesty that must send up quite an amused uproar in their salons. To whatever degree Now is less pellucid, it still booms in your head like the speech itself was on fire, so sickly and anemic is the intellectual context receiving Now's essays.
t. invisible committee

Not him but fuck the fuck off with this tryhard word salad. You are not smart. You do not have to write like the last thing that you just read. You're just writing-by-osmosis because you want so very badly to affect "smart", the same way that the Committee/Tiqqun does.

You also do yourself no favors by effectively conceding the "rambling" which the other anon complained of. But (wait, listen...) trapped in your own word-salad, you make one cogent point: "I like what's in this book because it reminds me of things I know about." For future reference in rhetoric, that's what you should do: rather than trying to assemble your own French word-salad, hit beats and make arguments.

"Attach yourself to what you feel to be true. Begin there." -The Coming Insurrection, (Let me help you with this. The mere citation of the quote here accomplishes multiple things: it demonstrates my knowledge and authority on the texts (the most important part), and the English phrasing underlines the idiocy of the "(multiple) truth/facts/feelings; 'my' truth" discourse on the left which makes them so especially ridiculous today. Finally, the above is meant backhandedly as sincere advice for you on how to improve your own rhetoric.)

One of the great pleasures of Now is that the authors are obliged to admit their own impotence toward the end.

Books about butterfly’s
Your dick is small.
looks pretty similar to my cock desu
nice dick, nigga

I don't usually come on this board in particular and after lurking for a few days/weeks, I'm surprised at how many relious people and religion discussion there is here. I thought religion in today's age was just a thing for old people, and certainly not something for young people that are educated/well read.

I am not close minded, so I will give it a possibility. For you religious people, is there one book that will make a skeptic like me change opinion? All the religious authors I find seem to be people that either

A) Had a religious upbringing and can't cope with realizing they were fed bullshit

B) Had a shitty life/event and turned to religion to cope with it

Either way, I only see the proverbial "cope". Anyone has a book that can change my mind?
18 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
What do you mean by Orientalist? Do you mean a non Muslim scholar of Arabic literature? Because that isn't what the term means.
File: apusaint.png (158 KB, 730x800)
158 KB
158 KB PNG
>For you religious people, is there one book that will make a skeptic like me change opinion?
Feser's five proofs of God. It's a summary of various proofs from the very greatest philosophers who ever lived. God is not an entity owned by religion. If a summary is not enough, read Aristotle's Metaphysics, Aquinas' five ways, Plato's Republic (spec. the form of the good), and the New Testament.

Sounds like you still have some thinking to do. If Guenon awakened you to the reality of God, especially if he meant the God of Abraham, then it should follow that remaining obstinate against truth is folly. Right?
File: 564564655755565.png (511 KB, 414x532)
511 KB
511 KB PNG
>cope is bad

You will more easily succumb to the stress of life without effective cope
Religion is the supreme cope
the bible

also personal life experience of supernatural events
>also personal life experience of supernatural events
this, it's easy to be a skeptic materialist until you see the impossible happen right in front of you

Books about Misanthropy?
29 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: It says you're GAY.jpg (144 KB, 640x615)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
>forcefully give vaccines to people so we can die later from super-bugs
>lock up kids over underage puppy love
>enable bad behavior of primitive societies so they never evolve by feeding children over seas
>cops to protetct people but actually just locks people up to punish them not change them for being what they are despite a welfare state being cheaper
>in reality cops just driven bullies at best
>>the world's decay

Humans having a utopian society means literally destruction of the environment faggot.

File: 1549233929049.png (1.13 MB, 900x901)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB PNG
He is a starry-eyed science-loving bugman like the rest of them. Of him let us speak no more

I don't believe in humanism but if it seems I do through what I say then so be it.

What does this have to do with the topic of misanthropy? I disagree wholeheartedly with man's "utopia" (which is just a carrot on a stick). More often than not when you want heaven on earth you'll have hell. Similarly, I believe the environment should be preserved from science's almost Faustian excesses.

>forcefully give vaccines to people so we can die later from super-bugs
I disagree with en masse vaccination.

>lock up kids over underage puppy love
They should be taught the difference between right and wrong but not punished so harshly.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Because a lot of them aren't that, and your inability to see them as such is projection of your own moral failings. You aren't truly misanthropic, you're protecting your love for yourself by setting itself against humanity.
File: pluralrule.png (329 KB, 591x459)
329 KB
329 KB PNG
Misanthropy is a cope for self-hatred. If you love yourself you will love your fellow man. Take the Bloomerpill

File: buddhism.jpg (3.65 MB, 2712x5224)
3.65 MB
3.65 MB JPG
In light of recent events, I've updated the Buddhism chart.
I've replaced an old book with a new one which emphasizes metta, a part of practice that is oddly relegated to the back of the book that was previously in its place, as some sort of "complementary" practice.
22 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Diamond Sutra, Platform Sutra, the works of Linji
I think Western Hindu teachers have quite the reputation for sexual misconduct as well
That's only when they're fringe people outside of any tradition like Osho who promoted things at odds with Hindu teachings or when they make up their own 'Yoga system' that has no real history to it. Western Hindu teachers who belong to or have some connection/initiation to some traditional school such as the various Vedanta orders have been comparatively free of sexual misconduct controversies, even the neoadvaitins like Mooji and Tony Parsons havnt gotten in trouble for that kind of stuff.
thoreau for western pov

File: images.jpg (6 KB, 194x259)
6 KB
Is there any critique of Nietzsche or critique of existentialism in general?
I'm so into existentialism right now, I need a repressor to get sane on.

I know that Heidegger was critical to Nietzsche, but I think it was more like Heidegger's Nietzsche than Nietzsche.
I've heard Georg Lukács criticized existentialism and Nietzsche but I don't know what the book is.
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Both he and Sartre agreed he was not an existentialist, because the 'existence precedes essence' thing requires that essence does in fact exist, and Camus didn't think it did. Camus thought humans had a particular sort of nature, and it was at odds with the universe, because it desired a meaning it would never attain. The existentialists saw humans as basically infinitely malleable through self-creation, and they thought we could create meaning for ourselves in some way.
When I became an adult I grew out of existentialism pretty quickly
Klossowski and, later, Cioran have the same critique of Nietzsche, though it's not wholly a negative one in either case: he wrote his philosophy as a sort of therapy for his afflicted--physically, mentally, socially--condition. Most poignantly, that he was a weakling prone to instability so posited superiority of certain dispositions and the infinite, cyclical nature of existence.
Most Marxists disavow Sartre and de Beauvoir because any ontology based on the individual and their freedom sounds anathema to their cut and dry dogmas
>t. read the Manifesto in high school and watched a few Borban Beterson videos

I'm not even a marxist but good god this shit is annoying

>Which translation of Dosto and Tolstoy do I read?
>"Just not P&V!"
>Yeah, okay, but which one?
>"Anything but P&V!"
Can I get a real suggestion here?
19 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Okay, so you said "I don't want flavor, I want what is most close to what he wrote though." Now, while this may seem as a good idea in theory, in practice it actually isn't. It depends on the form (verse poetry, prose, etc.), and the nature of what one's translating (is it figurative? literal? colloquial?). I'll only talk about prose becuse poetry is an entirely different world (and in my taste, the opposite of would apply). For example (considering you know basic Spanish), take for instance the old saying "El león piensa que todos son de su condición". It doesn't have an exact equivalent in English, so if you find it in a text you have three options: a) Translate it literally and thus making sure no English reader truly understands it, b) Finding an English equivalent that's more or less the same (or invent your own if necessary) , or c) Relying on notes just to explain this simple thing. The laziest way is A, which is what P&V do: making things awkward and unpolished (basically Google Translate and barely one step above it). While C is just plain inefficient. B seems to be the most appropiate way of dealing with the issue. To really try and adapt a text's meaning into another language. Not a textual word-for-word replica that frankly you could create yourself, but rather a fully functional and fluid version of the work. THAT is translating. To convey the symbols and meanings that the author expressed into another tongue, preserving what you can, chaging what can't survive, but hoping most of will survive. That's why people say that translators need to be competent writers (apart from being good translators), and P&V certainly aren't. That I can tell you.
>it’s well known
stopped reading
>Words aren’t numbers with objective quality that you can input anywhere and they’ll translate, there are Russian words and phrases that have no English equivalent, or similar words and phrases that have slightly different senses and connotations and can’t translate exactly (requiring, again, translator mediation), and there are simple words like “bear” that can translate exactly. It’s a complicated process that can’t be approached as simply as P&V do.
Is the Maguire translation for Demons good?
answer them, please.

File: Louis-Ferdinand_Céline_2.jpg (1.53 MB, 1497x2040)
1.53 MB
1.53 MB JPG
Any recs for french books to read? I recently read Nausea and didn't have too difficult of a time. I want to try Céline although I heard he emulates the spoken language a lot more so I'm not sure I'd pick up on everything.

And I guess a general discussion on French literature.
12 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Well, because it's warm ? Did you read it in French and is it your 2nd language ?
It's pretty obvious
>man sits on a terrace in very hot weather
>"hey don't stay there, come inside, you're gonna get cooked up like a cooked egg !"
If you want to read into it, i guess you can say the warm climate and empty streets are symbolism for the tense climate of the beginning of the war, and the cooked egg is a metaphor for the inactive man in those times, slowly boiling inside instead of going in the bar with his friends and cooling down ? Best i can do there

English translation i just don't think it makes too much sense
I mean i understand why you'd think that, "oeufs à la coque" could be slang for morons but in context it's just not logical at all to me, why would he tell him that ? Especially when like two lines later the same friend starts talking about the climate again and then says parisians are useless faggots that spend all their time sitting inside the bar
de sade is worthy if you remember that he was kicking over society when he wrote what he did, and it isnt just a literotica or niche reddit erotic fap fest
thanks for the info, Frenchlad, I'm trying to learn French by myself and it's actually my third language.
Journey is one of my favorite books, Death on Credit was good too. I read them in English tho

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