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File: IMG_3907.jpg (37 KB, 329x499)
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anon.. head over to >>>/sci/ and try name dropping Dawkins. See what happens.
youre acting like Dawkins is some popsci charlatan who isnt respected by academics. Look at the names on the back of the Selfish Gene praising
Probably the best popsci book on biology there is.
/sci/ is just as shitty as any of the other boards on here
I bet it would be the same vapid superficial criticism he gets here, nothing about his actual content. Nothing about whether he makes a compelling case for a particular theory, instead only the most stale of old memes and things about his tone or demeanor.

File: IMG_7499.jpg (74 KB, 429x640)
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Is Magarshack's translation of The Idiot any good?
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I doubt it. I read his translation of the overcoat and it seemed like half of the sentences were cliches.
old language. but its an old book so thats kind of a non-problem
megashark is basically a more polished Garnett, who rushed through her translations at a very fast pace
I read it OP, about 100 pages, before putting it down out of frustration bc he renders it really weirdly. Then i got McDuffs translation (the current penguin classic edition's) ans it solved all the problems in Magarshacks and now Myshkin lives in my heart and The Idiot might be my most memorable dosto read. Magarshack's Karamazov is much better
kill yourself and take that meme with you in your grave

File: images (5).jpg (12 KB, 214x317)
12 KB
Who were some writers/philosophers who were not formly educated.
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That's because the closeted denizens of lit are commie beta cucks who only read philosophers that satisfy their addiction to seeing their own edgy thoughts confirmed more eloquently than they would ever take the time to do independently. This is because deep down Delezue and Neeto cucks are at odds with the people who are living the lives these betas can only imagine.
Jean Genet


fucking idiotic, what are you talking about? he studied with the world's foremost logician at fucking cambridge. you can't get more formally trained than that

like 3 years ago witty was the most posted philosopher on this board.
Camus? He was more known as a novelist, but anyway he grew up pretty poor before he became the guy who won a Nobel prize.
Hubert Selby, his work definitely has a certain grittiness to it.
>Jean Genet
only correct answer

File: LostSymbol.jpg (115 KB, 200x305)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
Any books with a better twist than this? I'm sure there are but it's been a year since I've read anything good.

File: download.jpg (8 KB, 177x284)
8 KB
I just started reading the Portrait of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde and I have to say it is very enjoyable. The basic premise of corruption and hedonism along with the prose makes it enjoyable. I won't say more so as not to give spoilers but I think it's a good quick read if you want something gothic
Everyone's read it, Anon. It's a book for 15 year old effete prettyboys.

Which is why it's one of my favourites

File: 10357575.jpg (27 KB, 318x453)
27 KB
I read through the first chapter. People keep saying it's good. What should I expect?
cool atmosphere, overlong plot development, fairly incoherent themes, hot 17 year old, cults and shit, i forget
>People keep saying it's good
I don't know what people you've been listening to, a lot of people say it's his worst.
It's not bad, it didn't need to be as long as it is. The author's method is just to sit down with no fixed end goal and see where his mind leads him and it kind of shows here.

I've finished the book myself and I agree with this.
Read Mishima instead

Mortimer Adler indexes the whole of Western thought
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cringe af tbqh
“The title of my book is How to Serve Man”
more like 'to serve men' haha what a homo haha
File: adler.jpg (9 KB, 200x280)
9 KB
>And you may remember an occasion where someone said to a speaker, in one breath or at most two, "I don't know what you mean, but I think you're wrong."
>I have gradually learned that there is no point in answering critics of this sort. The only polite thing to do is to ask them to state your position tor you, the position they claim to be challenging. If they cannot do it satisfactorily, it they cannot repeat what you have said IN THEIR OWN WORDS, you know that they do not understand, and you are entirely justified in ignoring their criticisms. They are irrelevant, as all criticism must be which is not solidly based on understanding. When you find the rare person who shows that he understands what you are saying as well as you do, then you can delight in his agreement or be seriously disturbed by his dissent.

How can one single man be this based? You literally don't have to know anything else if you want to use the internet.
scholastics thought of it before him

File: 1351041.jpg (20 KB, 225x350)
20 KB
book for this feel?

File: 1542407528713.png (1015 KB, 779x900)
1015 KB
1015 KB PNG
>gf said J.K Rowling made some of the best literary works of the 20th century.

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lmao, shut up /pol/
And? The role or women is not to be an intellectual. It’s a good thing that she doesn’t engage seriously with literature. To me, to do so would be a sign of some sort of dysfunction in her, a lack of proper femininity that she is attempting to compensate for. Only men, who treat the subject of literature with the actual respect and seriousness it deserves, should be the ones to engage with it. Her role should be not an “intellectual partner” but the future mother of your children and a part of the foundation and proof of your manhood.
Which house was she sorted into?

File: download (3).jpg (68 KB, 634x434)
68 KB
How many of you have a psychopathic disorder?
What books do you like to read?
Do you think there will ever be a cure?
Missing out on human emotion is kind of a downside.
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it seems that you have sociopathic tendencies rather than being a psychopath. the two are quite different. maybe you have an undiagnosed mental disorder as well. who knows!
Sure but it’s ONE indicator. Kids kill animals all the time, throw on some burzum and drown some cats in a bag. It’s nothing definitive or even consequencial by itself.
from purely a practical perspective, being a sociopath -- read: not a full blown psychopath because i think that that would be a tad uncomfortable! -- seems like it would be a nice thing. it's the embrace and the pinnacle of what i think human nature is.

but from a being-a-person and a human experience perspective, being a sociopath seems like it would freaking stink!
What is the esoteric viewpoint on psychopaths; are they just demon spawn?
Nearly everyone in this thread is a fucking retard and just pulling stuff out of their ass. Psychopathy and sociopathy are just forms of retardation. Sociopathy is more severe than psychopathy. Sociopaths have lower IQs and more violent urges. It’s literally impossible for sociopaths and psychopaths to “””blend in””” because blending in requires you to understand other people (LITERALLY the definition of empathy).

The smart psychopath meme just exists because of movie villains and female pseudopsychologists who have fantasies of being raped by a strong and callous older man.

File: 777.png (12 KB, 549x548)
12 KB
What are some good novels with this feel, /lit/?
Bump for interest

Genuine thoughts on his poem?
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Why did i read it with a Limp Bizkit voice in my head
Would have some sympathy for this kid if he was younger but 12 year olds are retards, so fuck him
He's only going to get it even worse now lmao
It's mostly crap; the ending seems good because it's a bit punchy but then "born to stand out" is almost absurdly arrogant. If I were his bullies I'd double down on the bullying as a result. Just spew doggerel calling him a bitch until he gives up writing poems.
It's also unoriginal. I have a strong suspicion that either he saw Wonder, or his parents did and used that line to console him one day.

File: ww.png (35 KB, 217x232)
35 KB
The Higgs Field is the demiurge, the electron is Sophia: the Higgs field is an inertial dampener for intrinsically massless particles (like the electron), even a massless box filled with photons feels mass if accelerating, there is an "ontological unity" of mass and temporality: Consciousness is the murder of time: Kant initiates eschatonic thought with the transcendental turn: critique is reflexion, the essentialist's critically "lazy" or dogmatic isomorphism of thought and being becomes judgment's snap-tight tautological identity with its own transcendental schematic: knowledge must coincide with the conditions of possibility for knowledge: I can say x is y because I am always-already schematizing perception in a way that guarantees the validity of all such subject - predicate judgments: synthetic a priori statements throw a wrench in everything, how is it there is an inherent geometrical, mathematical, etc. /productivity/ to certain spatiotemporal identities? Precisely because space and time are preconceptual - a priori forms of intuition - that intelligibility must synthesize this raw mass of data according to a "built-in" - locally processed - criterion of intelligibility: consciousness is negativity: the abyss of transition between cause and effect, the imperceptible degradation of energy between the forward masculine cause and peripheral feminine effect was what Hume rightly diagnosed as un-thematizable, Hume the canary of the Hegelian machine: causality as just the a posteriori reportability of the brute sense-Now, causality unfounded from any final telos that is not the /perpetual self-evolution of telos/: Kant's project was Hume and Locke's parallax: the question isn't about experience or the innate structures of experiences, but the structurating power of /experiencing/: the speculative cut as diagonal transversal, German Idealism was the self-enunciation of Western philosophy. Hegel's dialectic announces thought as the redoubled negativity of appearing, the cogito is other to itself because its /saying/ is other to itself: its enunciation is temporal, the empty form of time as the /saying of saying/: Heidegger and Silesius' Flower: time says only that it says Nothing. Kant absorbs the thanaton - the unit of death of causality, the oblivion between in and out breath - into thought's immanent circuitry: temporality does not limit but /initiate/ an ordered series of representations, time becomes an inescapable feature of finitude, or in other words, Kant was more Hermetic than he ever knew: as the infinite must collapse into the negative (otherness) of finitude, finitude must transpire in the negative of time: THE EMPIRE NEVER ENDED.
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File: image.jpg (2.42 MB, 4032x3024)
2.42 MB
2.42 MB JPG

Roger that
Cute; are you a boy
based 4channel exegesis poster
These things are so reddet
we must overcome becoming-reddit to not limit ourself to things that are not-becoming-reddit.

File: tao_te_ching.jpg (34 KB, 300x500)
34 KB
What's your favorite translation?
Hall and Ames
Addiss&Lombardo, the only one I've read.
One of the popular translators doesn't even know the language, he just makes mashups from other popular translations, so beware that guy.
Thanks, I'll be on my guard. The first translation I read was Robert Brooke's - middling, not very exciting. Hope he's not the guy you're talking about.
Just learn classic chinese lmao

Just finished Naked Lunch loved it. Anyone know if his son's book was good?
It's really not sadly. Just read more Burroughs, have you read The Soft Machine?
Ah, no just naked lunch and junky. The revised boy scout manual looks nice too.
>burroughs thread
nice. Are there any books that I would like if I love Junky? I don't think anyone writes about drug use in fiction as god as Burroughs does.
Jesus' Son by Denis Johnson was a pretty good read.

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