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>Dude just work on your bike lmao
What the fuck did you expect?

File: delta.png (829 KB, 913x913)
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What does she read?
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Who’s this cutie?
my wife
File: delta 2.png (870 KB, 940x931)
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she's my wife
Delta Goodreem
File: delta 3.png (1.01 MB, 634x1176)
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Stop being a jealous whore. Just because you havent gotten the rough fuck that you crave doesn't mean you should lash out at your superiors.

Just finished Franny, I’ve also read nine stories and catcher. What’s my hipster status?
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File: 1546354555640.jpg (58 KB, 1024x536)
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Hello, newfriend.
>everything Salinger wrote is worth reading
Catcher is straight ass. His nine stories are so much better that it’s hard to believe it’s the same writer.
Cringe. Franny is the best thing Salinger ever wrote. Zooey is Tarantino levels of self masturbation
Why do you think Catcher sucks? What are your favorite of the nine stories? Do you like story 8 and 9? Different guy btw.

What is the most /lit/ field of science? (Math included)
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it’s electrical engineering
Anticipatory systems theory
Computer science is one of the most philosophically relevant fields. Tons of early computer scientists were also both pure mathematicians and philosophers.
File: 1560935696662.jpg (84 KB, 1902x161)
84 KB
based anon. i see too many retarded normans that complain about math being 'useless' but they fucking love science and muh exploration! it's pure propaganda

File: Lit.jpg (1.94 MB, 2880x2160)
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1.94 MB JPG
Post your hauls/stacks, ask for reading recommendations.

Just got these over the past week. What should I read first?
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Used bookstore haul

Also got Naked Lunch by Burroughs and Master of Go by Kawabata which I bought at my regular bookshop.
File: IMG_20190625_182104__01.jpg (3.5 MB, 4579x2994)
3.5 MB
3.5 MB JPG
Nice, have you already read Life and Fate by Grossman?
No, but Stalingrad comes before

File: ICON0.png (105 KB, 320x176)
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105 KB PNG
Dostoevsky vs Joyce vs Dante vs Tolstoy vs Nabokov?

Out of all these chaps, who:
1) Writes the best prose
2) Characters
3) Plots
4) Philosophy
5) Style & structure
6) Most original
7) Who'd you go out drinking with
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No he’s not at all, you’re low IQ—I say that frankly and seriously, not trying to hurt your feelings.
Read Nabokov’s explanation for why he’s lackluster, he summarizes the high IQ complaints quite well. So at least you know where people smarter than you are coming from.
>i'm smarter than you
imagine being so hung up you have to resort such petty faggotry.
I see, were you doing differently when you said “disregard /lit/ opinions”? Is the implication not that you’re smarter? And who’s hung up, the guy who responded to you once, or the guy who was cut short in littering the thread with pro-Dostoevsky agitprop? Or will you say you’re a totally new anon now?
It’s not “resorting”, it’s the truth. If someone says the Earth is flat, what can you say to them other than, Nah, you’re just not smart enough?
holy shit
... how is that either “holy shit” or a fedora moment. Completely meaningless response. This is the sort of brain that thinks highly of Dostoevsky. Thanks for proving my point.

File: 913UUB2mZuL._AC_SL1500_.jpg (347 KB, 978x1500)
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347 KB JPG
Suttree vs The Road,
who wins?
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but its The Crossing
Nah, that'd be Orchard Keeper
File: 1560592007840.jpg (49 KB, 590x786)
49 KB
Nigga its no contest, Suttree is the best book McCarthy has ever written.

File: 1561486712953.png (70 KB, 380x349)
70 KB
I'm a 40 y/o boomer who hasn't read since high school. What books would I like?
start with the greeks
start with good, short books:
>Of Mice and Men
>The Great Gatsby
Then move on to a couple longer ones that are universally acknowledged as good:
>As I Lay Dying
>The Catcher in the Rye
You would like it if you continue on without wasting your time on reading.

We got any creeps on /lit/?
What time zone broada

i major in math and i've been trying to understand what this pseud is talking about. is he literally just modelling certain metaphysical concepts with a mathematical object? afterwords you further speculate from the ramifications of the axioms?

what the fuck? why are people losing their shit over this? i don't even think what he is doing is nonsense, just obvious. mathematics=ontology has always been a truism to me. for example if we suppose goldbach's conjecture to be true, and we have an even number of beings we can seperate the group of beings into 2 groups of prime beings. it is obvious that in so far Being is predicated on each being, number in the very least is 'predicated' on a group of beings. obviously Badiou goes more advanced by drawing a situation-set isomorphism and muh generic set and le event.

is this really it?
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just fuck my shit up

the real question is how his maoism connects to his mathematics
Being as such is inconsistent multiplicity, which means unstructured and not composed of any unities. Then it's pre-discursive.
With this being the case linguistic categories can't reach it. However we have a mathematical theory of pure multiplicity which can deal with it because unlike language it doesn't presuppose any unities, it's Cantorian set theory.

This is the argument as far as i understand it.
This seems unappropriate. Set theory is merely a mathematical language among others. It cannot reach any pre-discursive form of being, it is even less equipped for that than ordinary language.
A is B ergo fuck capitalism and shit
yes because with the null set you can still construct all the numbers. however, it is a bit confusing why linguistic categories can't reach it? aren't languages to some extent also mathematical structures? pic related. you can create an alphabet of null sets no?

File: books on DFW 2019.png (328 KB, 1366x768)
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328 KB PNG
Is Wallace studies a pyramid scam? Like who the hell even buy all these books on DFW that get published every year besides college students doing their thesis on DFW?

I understand articles, but how is this shit sustainable by book publishers?

I am pretty sure DFW himself is part to blame for all that shit he said in interviews and E Unibus Pluram, but I don't think he would have appreciated academics making a whole industry out of him.

also, >tfw no 20th anniversary edition of Brief Interviews.
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>I know most academic studies work like that, but you'd think DFW studies in particular would be more reflexive about it, because, well, they study DFW.

Almost any field has reasons to be more reflexive, ultimately they can't be (not functionally at least) because it would collapse from the inside. The only niches that thrive are the niche that manage to suppress or at least manage the self-aware behavior.

Humans activities are mostly circular. It's a bit of a discomfiting observation, but it opens doors for manifold fulfillments once you've accepted it.
>just this self-sustaining cycle that makes me uncomfortable
all literature is like this
Welcome to academic publishing
Who was the last author that enjoyed such a thriving scholarship anyways? Joyce?

Wish some of these guys wrote something about David Markson when I was doing my thesis on him.

File: fisher.jpg (40 KB, 550x393)
40 KB
Are there any unbiased books which deal with the internet post-2010 and how it's affecting society and how it'll affect it in the future?

In 2008 the internet still seemed like such an interesting, novel experience, but now it just feels aggressive, overwhelming and rapidly developing towards some kind of sinister end-point.
No such things as unbiased books.
File: KAN_book.jpg (31 KB, 324x499)
31 KB
Never read it, but this is what I thought of.
>Mark Fisher
Based and Blessed.
You were a kid, you had a new toy, you were excited.

File: harold-bloom.jpg (138 KB, 1000x646)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
>tfw you read the intro, outro and parts of Harold Bloom's Western Canon, and all his interviews, and realize everything he says is right

It's a beautiful thing to think about literature not as a competition of social forces, but the ability to express difficult and complex thoughts which expand one's mind. Nonetheless a canon which is not viewed for its moral, religious, or political virtues, which I would personally describe as the 3 realms of bullshit.

Harold Bloom's life is very clearly coming to an end very shortly, he's been appearing almost dead for the past 20 years and he's reaching the age which no one surpasses. Does anyone else stop and think about how Harold Bloom has influenced them, and how long it will be until our world takes time to appreciate literature as a solitary comfort, and not a social currency? and furthermore, as a challenge to the intellect?

If only we used the secular canon as a tool through which to teach ourselves, not morality, religion, or political agendas.
He has good takes on a lot of things but his gnosticism nonsense is stupid and regrettable. He's right about resentment-discourse-based 'criticism' though.
I'm not sure what you mean by gnosticism, I haven't heard him say anything about it, and googling the term it doesn't remind me of anything he's said.

He's wrong about Tolkien.
He came to define himself too much by opposition to certain currents of academic criticism that he should have just ignored because they're ignorable and dumb.

And despite what you say, Bloom's view of literature was often too competitive and dickfightish. Anxiety of Influence often feels like he'd rather be doing sports commentary.

He also succumbed to the most obviously fake memes about inevitable culture decline and how poets can't have the "strength" they had in the past. Believing your poetry is magical and throwing yourself into a volcano isn't strength. The 20th century meme of how culture has declined from the grandeur of the past and artists can now only have a quieter, more reserved strength is one of my least favorite.
No, no he’s not, you’re just a slackjawed genretard.

Is Brahman an accurate description of God or is God a trinity?
53 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
They are not Indians, most probably white hippies.
The projection here is outstanding. Even discussions in comparative metaphysics are apparently a way for anonymous-but-obviously-racial minorities to gain the approval of that one specimen they yearn to be looked at favorably by, namely the "white man" (using the 2019 definition of "white").
My apologies, JESUS CHRIST created the universe, and then later sacrificed himself to himself (suicide, I guess?) because of a woman eating a fruit despite being told not to, or something like that, and now everyone who doesn't dunk themselves in water and profess JESUS's name by mouth is going to hell forever because Jesus is a merciful dictator. Pass the wafer, please. Thank you pastor.
I don't believe in any of the Hindu deities as really existing, but the concept of Brahman could very well be true.
based poo

File: 1560737067655.png (798 KB, 1000x1221)
798 KB
798 KB PNG
Capitalists vs Socialists

Who was in the right?
Unironically? Both are fucking spooks from the goddamn Cathedral. Modbug was right all along for fuck's sake.
/lit/ - Literature

Mixed economy tho
Don't use the word spook when you don't know what it means you hack
>not real socialism

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