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File: IMG_20191025_173427.jpg (67 KB, 608x586)
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What is the type/genre of books that are popular now? Is there a site to check this? What u think will be that genre that will take control of this media in the next decade?
anything with "girl" in the title.


I have woken up in a complete panic. Last night I submitted an essay at university where I have cited guenon at least twice, im too afraid to actually look. It’s past the submission date so I can’t change it. Why the fuck did I do that? Will they notice it? Will they know who he is and reprimand me?
Your tutor will likely just eyeroll at it
It’ll turn out that your lecturer was guenon-poster the whole time
File: heresy.jpg (115 KB, 537x356)
115 KB
115 KB JPG

You'll be expelled for being a pseud

What's your major? What is the subject of the essay?

Also tutors don't check shit, don't worry.
i hope you do get reprimanded for citing a filthy muslim, but i doubt that would happen.

File: 1530830934266.jpg (91 KB, 960x960)
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Which board would win in a philosophical debate: /lit/ or /sci/?
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Who’s the /lit/ poster with the biggest brain? I’m thinking it’s the guy who posts fake Wittgenstein anecdotes.
Thats my point. In a debate there usually is someone who comes out on top and seems like they make more sense
Butterfly will be one of the very first lemmings to die in a world war.
Right so, we're sending Butterfly into the debate as /our/ representative against /sci/
I'm pretty sure that /sci/ and Butterfly wouldn't have much to disagree about.

Post shelves
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What fucking publisher is that, I've been looking for one with the bindings of that style for so long
Everyman's library
>Brent Weeks
>Joe Abercrombie

Post more autism
File: 20190424_010422.jpg (1.61 MB, 2448x2448)
1.61 MB
1.61 MB JPG

File: K-On-Cover.jpg (386 KB, 1000x671)
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386 KB JPG
>everyone comes up with a premise for a short story
>we randomly swap premises and write the stories
>on christmas eve we all post the stories in a thread
It was the fifth year of chinese occupation and there began rumors of japan wanting to invade
At this time of the year, our normie main characters are occupied with their daily lives, unaware of Chinese Santa making his way to them.

This should be called Chinese Whispers

File: feels.jpg (159 KB, 900x599)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
Think about all the stories, philosophy and myths from neolithic and paleolithic people that we'll never be able to experience.

I wish we had a time machine
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File: 1539202514461.jpg (65 KB, 700x1082)
65 KB
Yeah, but the dreams we forget each night are a reflection of our daily lives and historical setting (things that we can still experience) while the thousands of epic and unwritten sagas (think about thousands of Iliads and Odysseys) are lost forever.
They could have given us valuable insight into the thoughts and philosophy of countless societies who came before us.
no worries. they'll borg us all soon enough
Think about how many genius sages of the pre-historic age that we never get to hear or read. Humans have been anatomically modern for 50-35k years I believe, and recorded history is what, 5-6k years? 2-3k B.C.? Seems very likely that, considering the other tens of thousands of years, there were some big brain dudes we’ll never know about.
>Damascius lived for awhile in Harran, writing an epitaph for a woman which read, “I, Zosime, who was before a slave in body only have now gained freedom for my body too.” He never really outgrew his need for rhetoric, and he wrote a no longer extant book of five hundred seventy-two stories similar to the Arabian Nights. He also wrote on the immortality of the soul, mythology and miracles, and the topography of the sacred places.

Who did it better?
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File: the boiz.jpg (169 KB, 1280x960)
169 KB
169 KB JPG
those doggos are creepy af

I can only tell that you're a faggot. But nice quads.
File: 1514357747554.jpg (55 KB, 640x468)
55 KB
rude two-bee-H

To accept Villeneuve as a quality director is to garb yourself in a coat of hot pockets and video games and then writhe around on the ground in a supermarket while screeching and slapping yourself on the sides of your head.

He is cheeto dust. Nothing more. Nothing more than a hack, a useful tool for studios to trot out to say "Hey, we're making art house!" I cannot wrap my head around the adulation he receives, let alone the wide praise this has got. The film trudges from set piece to set piece, leaves us no real questions or anything to think about really.

The same bullet that kills a capeshit fan will also kill the Villeneuve and Paul Thomas Anderson fan. They come from the same root, from the same doritos stained console. They are frauds, and as a warrior of cinema it's my duty to expose the fakes and the inauthentic when I see them. I will fight with crawls and teeth until the last imposter is fallen to the ground I have about as much respect for denis villeneuve as I do for the dogshit on my shoe. It is reddit. It is video game hot pocket. It is capeshit. It is cheeto dust. I'm literally screaming right now and slamming my arms down on my desk just thinking about it.

Imagine sitting next to an Villeneuve fan. The smell as he rubs the cheeto dust into his body in preparation for viewing his "based" movie. The flutter of his fedora as he tips ecstatically as Deakins pans shots in great numbers like one of his video game cutscenes. The sound of him vibrating at the hot pocket resonance every time "based" meme actor is on screen.

It is the most depraved video game infantilized manchild degeneracy. It is saturday morning cartoon. It is non-neurotypicality. It is memes. It is video game. It is tarantino. It is imdb. It is coca-cola puberty. it is axe body spray. it is a white stain on boxer shorts. it is arri alexa hot dog caffeine on disney channel.
I hate BR2049 because it's Reddit: the Movie. Standard shitty scifi flick that imitates arthouse aesthetics. It's the $20 Patek Phillipe imitation, the Chrysler 300 with Bentley badge, Ready Player One wrapped in Ulysses dust cover. A film by fedora for fedoras. It's the quintessential pseud movie. A pedestrian easily accessible scifi story covered in several coats of artistic cinematography and featuring just enough quasi-philosophical meandering to turn away both the ones looking for a fun flick and those looking for serious kino - it has become the Holy Grail of pseuds. Quite obviously more mentally stimulating than capeshit, yet never as much as to take the viewer out of the comfort zone of the usual evergreen scifi questions and babby's first existential crisis - it's the perfect cultural artifact to attach to for someone desperately longing for the image of "thinking man" or "cinephile", while not actually being interested in challenging their own thoughts or developing authentic taste. It's a movie for smart-but-lazy dropouts, for young adults who sincerely use the word "normie", for men with "So it goes" tattoos rereading Hitchhiker's Guide for the third time, for community college freshmen that write posts starting with "as an engineer", for "I love Nietzsche! Nihilism, fuck yeah!" people, for those that have buried themselves so deep in irony so they can't even be honest with themselves anymore. The sort who will make fun of ham-fisted Black Mirror VR episodes in one thread and expunge upon "deep" connotations of holographic waifu in 800 character multiposts in another, the sort who get off on reddit gold received for their standard issue incoherent teenage "philosophizing" dreck spiced with 'human condition' and 'Hegelian dialectic', the enlightened-by-their-own-intelligence crowd. The painful kind of selfaware capeshit swine that constantly whines about the death of cinema while watching nothing but Hollywood and dismissing everything else as pretentious
>all this writing
>99% is just insults
>1% is an actual point
>zero specific examples
Jack Kerouac

File: sult.jpg (91 KB, 600x600)
91 KB
What should I read to get a /lit/ boyfriend? Pic related: I'm like the main character, but cute.
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Hm, I don’t know maybe just tell someone something that doesn’t make any sense than stalk them and see if they fall in love with you
I am stalking this high school age girl, but I want a /lit/ boyfriend as well.
Does she know your stalking her?
I've spoken to her, she knows I exist, and she knows I often wait by her bus stop, and smoke outside of her workplace (she works some evenings), and sometimes I walk by her school and stare at her.

But I don't know if she knows that I am stalking her.
Hm well good luck with that

File: r4XucI6Yoz8.jpg (40 KB, 512x512)
40 KB
preferably fiction, but my favorite non-fiction genre is collected stories by docs, so anything will go.
Bulgakov's Morphine is one of next reads, heard it's great
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Medical Nemesis by Ivan Illich

He has one of the best non-fiction book names of all time. "Useless for Ignoramuses."
The Magic Mountain by Mann
Doctor Glas by Söderberg
Doctor Zhivago by Pasternak
it had the petty humanity, soul manifesting in insignificant things, that I'm talking about. not that I like this romantic stuff thouhg.

Why the fuck did he have to die without finishing it, it's not fair bros :(
To me it works, because the very nature of the book is about not reaching the goal, just wish it was longer

I think it is more interesting unfinished. Keeps the story more interesting and guessing stuff like the twin's parentage is pretty fun, by the way I totally think it is one of the people who have connections to getting into the castle itself. I think K would've realized this at some point and blackmailed them into letting him see the landowner.

Been reading some Lucian. A highly influential satirist of antiquities
>During the Roman era, eunuch priests worshipped Atargatis. Similar to the Galli priests of Cybele. At the shrine in Hieropolis founded by Semiramis, eunuch priests served the image of a fish-tailed woman. Rituals to the goddess were accompanied by flute playing and rattle shaking. In one rite, young males castrated themselves to become cross-dressing priests at the temple and thereafter performed tasks usually done by women. The obligatory lake or pond lay nearby, full of sacred fish which no one was allowed to eat; nor could anyone eat Atargatis's sacred doves. The priests were described by Apuleius as mendicants that traveled around with an image of the goddess dressed in a silken robe on the back of a donkey. When they arrived at village squares or a receptive estate they would perform an ecstatic rite, designed to attract a crowd and elicit their contributions. The priests were described as effeminate, wearing heavy makeup, turbans on their heads, and dressed in saffron colored robes of silk and linen; some in white tunics painted with purple stripes. They shouted and danced wildly to the music of flutes, whirling around with necks bent so that their long hair flew out; and in an ecstatic frenzy they would bite their own flesh and cut their arms with knives until they bled.

Hah! From the same culture that later brought the emperor Elagabalus. There’s your tradition, trad-boy
So no one’s read any Lucian?

Just finished this. What did you guys think of it? I thought it was kino.
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>says the guy
Did you just assume my gender?
>page 7
>0 replies
It is to laugh
It is typical of anon.
One of the most influential writers of antiquities and they go on and on and on about Plato instead.
Thread is also trans related, which anon has a love hate relationship with. I’m laughing at you all.
It's not anon who is laughable here

Class in in session children! Today's assignment is to compare and contrast the styles and philosophies of the six major romantic poets(Shelley, Byron, Black, Woodsworth, Keats, Coleridge) and explain how the works of shakespeare, chaucer, and milton influenced them. There must be, at minimum, six paragraphs for each romantic. You shall present your work infront of the class when you're finished and are subject to all forms of ridicule and mockery. BEGIN!
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File: Mel Gibson.jpg (30 KB, 600x411)
30 KB
Yo sir! I gotta go to the toilet. And why yes, I am 15 years old. And no, I will not put my cigarette out.

Before I go tho dude, stop hassling me. You should know as an educated man that the "dumb-alpha" is a derogatory stereotype propelled by jewish money. A jealousy sustained for thousands of years. I'm probably the most intelligent person in this class with my nordic physiognomy and all. I'm all the more likely to be the most polite also, not like those nerds with their weird perverted humour.

Anyway, see ya stacy, lookin a bit fat there.
Wait wtf did I get Saturday school for??
Romanticism was an artistic, literary, and intellectual movement that originated in Europe toward the end of the 18th century. Scholars regard the publishing of William Wordsworth's and Samuel Coleridge's Lyrical Ballads in 1798 as probably the beginning of the movement, and the crowning of Queen Victoria in 1837 as its end. Romanticism arrived in other parts of the English-speaking world later; in America, it arrived around 1820.

OP was so excited. He thought someone had done his homework for him. Upon closer inspection, he saw it was a wikipedia entry. The Romantic period was one of major social change in England, due to depopulation of the countryside and rapid development of overcrowded industrial cities that took place roughly between 1798 and 1832. The movement of so many people in England was the result of two forces: the Agricultural Revolution, which involved enclosures that drove workers and their families off the land, and the Industrial Revolution which provided them employment, "in the factories and mills, operated by machines driven by steam-power". Indeed, Romanticism may be seen in part as a reaction to the Industrial Revolution, though it was also a revolt against aristocratic social and political norms of the Age of Enlightenment, as well as a reaction against the scientific rationalization of nature. The French Revolution was an especially important influence on the political thinking of many notable Romantic figures at this time as well.

The Romantic movement in English literature of the early 19th century has its roots in 18th-century poetry, the Gothic novel and the novel of sensibility. This includes the graveyard poets, who were a number of pre-Romantic English poets writing in the 1740's and later, whose works are characterized by their gloomy meditations on mortality, "skulls and coffins, epitaphs and worms" in the context of the graveyard. To this was added by later practitioners, a feeling for the "sublime" and uncanny, and an interest in ancient English poetic forms and folk poetry. These concepts are often considered precursors of the Gothic genre. Some major Gothic poets include Thomas Gray (1716–71), whose Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard (1751) is "the best known product of this kind of sensibility"; William Cowper (1731–1800); Christopher Smart (1722–71); Thomas Chatterton (1752–70); Robert Blair (1699–1746), author of The Grave (1743), "which celebrates the horror of death"; and Edward Young (1683–1765), whose The Complaint, or Night-Thoughts on Life, Death and Immortality (1742–45) is another "noted example of the graveyard genre". Other precursors of Romanticism are the poets James Thomson (1700–48) and James Macpherson (1736–96).
File: wwefwef.jpg (35 KB, 480x480)
35 KB
HEY he >>14304238
copied me! >>14304984

UGH what eva my 40 year old bf told me he is going to marry me so i wont need this shit anyway when his dad dies and give him all his money. Well be rich and i wont evr need to see your ugly bald head again

later incels
no the thing is that his name's wordsworth so this is kind of awkward and embarrassing for you huh

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