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File: 1494634818630.jpg (857 KB, 756x9800)
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Guess who's back??? back again......

youtube . com/ channel /UCmrscB5lMf-yaOiygC7WzTA
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mmmmm baby tampon boy
Has anyone made any tasty comment?
>Dubs of a creeper
>spotted the virgin
Leave her alone you cunts

File: 71OsS+ePZFL.jpg (238 KB, 1400x2132)
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Was Whitehead right about God?

Whitehead's idea ofGoddiffers from traditional monotheistic notions.[116]Perhaps his most famous and pointedcriticism of the Christian conception of Godis that "the Church gave unto God the attributes which belonged exclusively toCaesar."[117]Here Whitehead is criticizing Christianity for definingGod as primarily a divine kingwho imposes his will on the world, and whose most important attribute is power. As opposed to the most widely accepted forms of Christianity, Whitehead emphasized an idea of God that he called "the brief Galilean vision of humility":

It does not emphasize the ruling Caesar, or the ruthless moralist, or the unmoved mover. It dwells upon the tender elements in the world, which slowly and in quietness operates by love; and it finds purpose in the present immediacy of a kingdom not of this world. Love neither rules, nor is it unmoved; also it is a little oblivious as tomorals. It does not look to the future; for it finds its own reward in the immediate present.[118]

It should be emphasized that for Whitehead, God is not necessarily tied toreligion.[119]Rather than springing primarily from religiousfaith, Whitehead saw God as necessary for hismetaphysicalsystem.[119]His system required that an order exist among possibilities, an order that allowed for novelty in the world and provided an aim to all entities. Whitehead posited that these ordered potentials exist in what he called theprimordial natureof God. However, Whitehead was also interested inreligious experience. This led him to reflect more intensively on what he saw as the second nature of God, theconsequent nature. Whitehead's conception of God as a "dipolar"[120]entity has called for freshtheologicalthinking.

The primordial nature he described as "the unlimited conceptual realization of the absolute wealth of potentiality,"[118]i.e., the unlimited possibility of the universe. This primordial nature iseternalandunchanging, providing entities in the universe with possibilities for realization. Whitehead also calls this primordial aspect "the lure forfeeling, the eternal urge of desire,"[121]pulling the entities in the universe toward as-yet unrealized possibilities.
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I think he's completely correct, upon the spread of christianity in the roman empire, the christian church bestowed all high powers upon god.

It made all of mankind look ridiculous, look we have to obey the invisible man now.
>invisible man
Sounds like Romanticism more than anything; if not directly a simplistic form of Vedanta.
Whitehead's metaphysics was influenced by the Romantic poets specifically Wordsworth and Shelley

What am I in for?
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Marx taking pages upon pages to say something he could have said in a single paragraph. This book could be a couple hundred pages shorter if Marx weren’t so repetitive.
Say it in a single paragraph
A coupe hundred pages shorter, it's still 800 pages. The brain needs things to be repeated in order to memorize.
Don't forget to read Vol.2 and Vol.3.
Effortpost here, unlike the shitposting above.

Capital is harder than it seems, especially the first three chapters. You can easily misunderstand the labor-theory of value, thus giving false credit to austrian critiques. For example, some of them say that Marx theory is stupid because if something has labor contained in it, that doesn't make it valuable. Right. Marx agreed with that and he said so explicitly. But as I was saying, the first three chapters are difficult. It gets easier once you go on though. Some chapters are incredibly fun to read (the historical chapters).

So, keeping in mind these difficulties, I will give you some advice and recommendations. Don't expect to really understand chapter n°1 for the first time. Read it. Do your best. But you will come back to it, so don't worry if you don't get everything. Keep in mind that the rest of the book is easier and much more enjoyable if you can survive that. You will also need auxiliary bibliography, so here I'll write some recommendations:

-Rosdolsk, "The making of Marx's capital": a great and long book, again, you don't have to read it complete. But if you are having difficulties with something, go and look it here. Basically, Rosdolsky reconstructs Marx's arguments using both Capital and Grundrisse (the drafts of Capital). It is also a difficult book, though.

-David Harvey, Companion to Capital: a lot of people will call this bullshit, but they're total brainlets who haven't read capital. This is a really easy book for beginners, really enjoyable and full of today examples that will remind you why Capital is both relevant and interesting. Some people dislike Harvey for being a "revisionist", and though he did said some stupid shit outside this book (he wrote an article claiming that Marx didn't have a LTV), his arguments are actually good and quite deeper. I would say: if you don't get something, read Harvey first and Rosdolsky later.

That's pretty much all the advice that I can give you.
I forgot: the fourth section of the first chapter, which talks about "fetishism", is the key to properly understand LTV. Don't forget that.

What is your favourite work on anthropology? I found Hart's Understanding Human History to be very comprehensive.

Can anyone help me id this short novel? I only had a used copy and I lost it and can't remember enough to find what it was.

>eastern european author in the 60s
>title has an R and one word I think.. like a Relic or Remembrance or something
>about 170 pages, short
>about a man named Innes or Ines who commits suicide and his wife leaves him
Fat pets make me sad: how disinterested in your pet's health must you be to let it becomes like that?
I agree usually the owners are the worst and just respond with baby voice "OOh bUt he looOves food." fuck that.
bump. I wanted to finish it or itll bug me
JUST REMEMBERED AT WORK. it's called Rituals by Cees Nooteboom if anyone's interested.

File: number-1.jpg (405 KB, 724x733)
405 KB
405 KB JPG
What do you guys think about "Instagram-able" writing. Michael DeForge is a great writer and makes interesting stories, but clearly his stuff wouldn't be popular if he didn't
1) Have the artistic skills to illustrate his own stories.
2) Have a platform where he could post each page as he made them.

Releasing one project after working on it in silence gives you a short amount of time where you can tell people to buy it/check it out before it gets annoying. If you release a page a week or something, you're giving something new every time and essentially promoting your work over the course of months without annoying people.

I've illustrated some stories and releasing a page a day on my instagram had people far more interested than when I've dropped the whole thing at once.
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It's simply a different way of publishing imo. I don't think DeForge had to sacrifice what he wanted to do with this story. His work is just in a medium that happens to be well suited for getting reach on social.

I've just been thinking about different modes of publishing lately.
The only respectable form of publishing is to upload your work online for free and anonymously, as the medieval craftsman of old
hot take
I’m sure people will disagree but my thoughts are this
“Art” is formes from the intercommunicative exchange between artists and audience. All defining and categorization and qualification of art is done way after the fact, after enough people have previously agreed on a certain thing being art.
One of the only things consistent through development is an insistance on change and self reinvention

So in conclusion make art- anything creative that appeals to people. I can’t confirm that’s the secret to always making quality, but it’s a much better shot than trying to follow rules enforced by people looking to the past.
isn't it like stories in magazines and newspapers?

File: 20190821_161422.jpg (3.41 MB, 4032x3024)
3.41 MB
3.41 MB JPG
What a brilliant man. What are your favorite Hemingway shorts? Here are my top 3, although I haven't read through all of them yet:
>Snows of Kilimanjaro
>Indian Camp
>A Clean, Well-Lighted Place
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Also read those 3 novels back-to-back when I started getting into his work. I really enjoyed his "A Moveable Feast" (only other novel of his I've read, besides the 3). It's fairly short but contains many captivating anecdotes about his time in Paris. Although his novels are excellent, I think Hemingway was a much more skilled short story writer, so I'd recommend you try to get your hands on the Finca Vigia collection.
Probably >>13680354's top 3 stories so far?!
Macomber runs away from the lion, though, not toward it haha. Then his wife "accidentally" shot him during the next day's hunt after fucking the alpha Safari guide the night before. Bravo, Hemingway.
File: 511CvjCrtmL.jpg (44 KB, 331x500)
44 KB
Moveable Feast is a great counterpart to sun. And I'm reading pic related right now, which is a fun and enjoyable expanded history of the time during a moveable Feast.
You worded it like shit though. You make it seem as if you havent even read those three yet they're your favs. Learn proper English you cheeky cunt.

File: remilia.jpg (202 KB, 945x945)
202 KB
202 KB JPG
how do you get motivated to write and how do u start
t. total noob
I have my qt anime gf encourage me
motivation is fleeting. to write regularly you need it to become disciplined habit like brushing your teeth. the discipline will also allow you to think about the world in a literary way. there is no secret to doing this, or way to start. you just have to do it.

some people talk about waiting for inspiration, or complain about not having enough free time. unless you are literally irreparably disabled, there is absolutely nothing preventing from writing, no matter what the state of your life is.

this is an Epictetus quote that is really common:
>If you wish to be a writer, write.

it is truer than its immediate meaning. you do not need software, a computer, pen & paper, good ideas, or even spare time. you can just write, anywhere, in your head. realising this is incredibly freeing. i work two jobs and am a full-time STEM student at a very very good uni and i still have time to write about a page a day.

(the reason you do not need ideas is because the first things you write will be awful regardless of how good your ideas are. also, writing without ideas is a good conduit to creativity, if you're stuck. even if 99% of what you write is shit, it's still more productive than if you hadnt written. if u legit cant think of anything u can just do diary entries or describe random objects - it's still useful)

btw quitting anime, or at least degen escapist anime, would be a good start to becoming a well-rounded disciplined writer dude

File: 2343264.jpg (80 KB, 318x398)
80 KB
Any anons here who own this edition of Creative and Critical Thinking? It's out of print and costs a lot of money. The main difference between this and the older edition is that it has a chapter called "Propositions and Arguments" which is absent from the older edition. Seeing that it's fairly short, maybe a kind anon with the book could snap some photos of that chapter and post them here. Would have been greatly appreciated.
A pdf of the older edition is on libgen btw.
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last page
I'm that same anon. Sorry, as a university student, I'm just not in a position to scan the entire book, curate it into a PDF, and then find a way to upload it. I don't have the equipment or the time, and given how much this book has skyrocketed in price, I wouldn't want to potentially destroy it to get it scanned efficiently either.

I can upload pics here and there when I have the time, but that's about it.
Thank you Based Anon.
Yeah it's a hard book to get your hands on and especially given that some material is missing it's really nice to see some of it get posted. It's a good thing that there's a pdf of the core book on libgen although it's an earlier edition. Maybe some time in the future you could take some pics of the last two chapters, so that we could have all of the main additions covered.

To make double sure that it's searchable, this is Chapter 2 of Creative and Critical Thinking by Moore, second edition.

Thanks again man and have a great day.
Is this book really that good?
No I've read it when someone shared the PDF. It's almost the same as the new one, and honestly the book isn't very good anyways. That trivium chart is really just a meme.

Worst book you've ever been subjected to thread. I once heard an old woman tell this guy his book was shit to his face. She was right.
Pure shit
You're not wrong
I was in the thrift store with my gen-X mom and she pointed to a book she'd never read but had been hugely popular when she was in middle school. Called Flowers in the Attic. She didn't know what it was about except that there was incest.
Found a copy online and holy fuck. Twilight and Fifty Shades of Grey are quality literature featuring mentally sound characters by comparison.

File: iVUarfp.png (87 KB, 714x810)
87 KB
the last 5 or 6 shits ive tried to read all started strong but my interest completely fizzled the very next day, ive started watching movies instead and i havent picked up a book in weeks. i want to return but im not sure if i even give a shit anymore
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Because he was the younger of the two brothers.
Hope the movies you're watching are better than the Sopranos.
i watched stalker a few nights ago, shit was incredible
>t. autist
I finished an anatomy book a week ago. Kind of burnt out on history so giving science a go. Wondering what i should read next. Tired of manually converting pdf to text for tts since i cant be arsed w/ diagrams and such. Hang in there read something that interests you gl

Which writers lived the liveliest lives?
Rousseau. Would hide in dark alleys with his pants off hoping women would spank him.
Absolutely based. Did he influence Freud?

File: wes.jpg (46 KB, 480x468)
46 KB
Thoughts on modern philosopher Wes Watson?

>that hairline

File: Neechee.jpg (20 KB, 266x355)
20 KB
>People claim to be driven by love and empathy are secretly (or not secretly) fueled with hate and resentment
Nietzsche writes extensively about this, but has this been expanded by anyone afterwards, or is there any literature that deals with this?
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>What on earth are you fucking talking about? Everything about Nietzsche was anti-scripture
Lmao if you actually believe this. Biggest messiah complex in philosophy
Not by Mordan Bederson
Christians are supposed to hate the world.
>christianity with its revival in woke liberalism
Christianity and current liberalism have nothing to do with each other. Liberals are explicitly anti-Christian.
They claim to, but only out of resentment. If their daddy didn't beat them or whatever they would love being alive like anyone else. They often covertly do too, the majority of the Christian's I know are much more invested in their temporal futures than an agnostic like me. It's all window dressing

Post fan made book covers.

Anyone read this? It's a pretty fucked book.
>Looks up Alissa Nutting
WOWZA! AWOOGA AWOOGA! I would like to be NUTTING inside of her!
It's been years since I've read Tampa but I remember thinking it was well done. Lying him down on the counter and fingering his booty hole was a bit much I think. I also read her short story collection "Unclean jobs for women and girls" which was also fine.

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