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File: 919ig+92jiL.jpg (788 KB, 1518x2325)
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788 KB JPG
How did Jacques get away with writing a series of books promoting ethnic cleansings?
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Quit it with those antisemitic remarks
File: RedwallUSCover.jpg (44 KB, 350x523)
44 KB
>lost my childhood copy
I want to become a lolcow so I can no longer worry about maintaining a virgin reputation.
File: Bullet_45_mm.jpg (86 KB, 1480x800)
86 KB
In the 80s the West hadn't yet forgotten that ethnic cleansing was the standard method of historical unfolding.
Could someone give me the proper order to read these in? I read the first one when I was a kid but was way too confused by the rest, now I regret it

File: morg1.jpg (168 KB, 564x797)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
In that vast shadow once of yore
Fingolfin stood: his shield he bore
with field of heaven's blue and star
of crystal shining pale afar.
In overmastering wrath and hate
desperate he smote upon that gate,
the Gnomish king, there standing lone,
while endless fortresses of stone
engulfed the thin clear ringing keen
of silver horn on baldric green.
His hopeless challenge dauntless cried
Fingolfin there: 'Come, open wide,
dark king, you ghatsly brazen doors!
Come forth, whom earth and heaven abhors!
Come forth, O monstruous craven lord,

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File: morg3.jpg (44 KB, 550x600)
44 KB
Then Morgoth came. For the last time
in those great wars he dared to climb
from subterranean throne profound,
the rumour of his feet a sound
of rumbling earthquake underground.
Black-armoured, towering, iron-crowned
he issued forth; his mighty shield
a vast unblazoned sable field
with shadow like a thundercloud;
and o'er the gleaming king it bowed,
as huge aloft like mace he hurled
that hammer of the underworld,
Grond. Clanging to ground it tumbled
down like a thunder-bolt, and crumbled
the rocks beneath it; smoke up-started,

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File: morg2.jpg (91 KB, 800x981)
91 KB
Yet Orcs would after laughing tell
of the duel at the gates of hell;
though elvish song thereof was made
ere this but one - when sad was laid
the mighty king in barrow high
and Thorndor, Eagle of the sky,
the dreadful tidings brought and told
to mourning Elfinesse of old.
Thrice was Fingolfin with great blows
to his knees beaten, thrice he rose
still leaping up beneath the cloud
aloft to hold star-shining, proud,
his stricken shield, his sundered helm,
that dark nor might could overwhelm
till all the earth was burst and rent

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File: morg4.jpg (64 KB, 394x656)
64 KB
Halt goes for ever from that stroke
great Morgoth; but the king he broke,
and would have hewn and mangled thrown
to wolves devouring. Lo! from throne
that Manwë bade him build on high,
on peak unscaled beneath the sky,
Morgoth to watch, now down there swooped
Thorndor the King of Eagles, stooped,
and rending beak of gold he smote
in Bauglir's face, then up did float
on pinions thirty fathoms wide
bearing away, though loud they cried,
the mighty corse, the elven-king;
and where the mountains make a ring
far to the south about that plain

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File: grrm mound.jpg (252 KB, 750x1090)
252 KB
252 KB JPG
Well done Tolkien, well done Tolkien, HOWEVER:
>Jaime smiled at the woman in the bed. She had one hand over her left breast and the other between her legs, which left her right breast exposed. Her nipples were darker than Cersei’s and thrice the size. When she felt Jaime’s gaze she covered her right nipple, but that revealed her mound.

i cant believe ive reading EVERYTHING by this dork. I feel like a few decades down the line or long after he is dead he'll be one of those forced esoteric reads that the future generations of /lit/
You should read Peter Hitchens' review of A Game Of Thrones. He really tears it a new one.
Peter Hitchens is one of the greatest men alive. Anyone who doesn’t follow him and his works has not fully experienced our epoch. I hope posterity keeps him in mind.
Shame that he has lost his fire over the past year and a half.

File: EJL4QZpXkAEU4fs.jpg (40 KB, 462x500)
40 KB
>In which we predict future trends in self-help literature.
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How to be Blacker/Browner (if White), How to be Whiter (if Black/Brown).

Homoschooling done right.
How to get likes/
how to be a better youtuber
>"Have Sex": Dating in a Post-Tinder World
those already exist tho
> Getting intimate with your humanoid girlfriend

> The most efficient ways to impact the neural networks of your humanoid partner

File: 1560351700682.png (75 KB, 233x261)
75 KB
>dad found my copies of "The Metaphysics of Sex" "Sex and Power in History" and "Sex and Character"
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why hide it behind the daddest of dad authors tho? you wanted to get caught
have sex
Mom found my 120 days of Sodom copy once, good thing frequent precum leakage made the most suspect pages difficult to read
OH NO NO NO nononono hahahahaha
>dad's dead but he never gave a shit anyway
sorry op i don't know that feel.

File: lowlandtapir-640x474.jpg (56 KB, 640x474)
56 KB
Post your short story ideas. It's not like they're going anywhere.
Story set in a fictional Balkan peninsula about 17th century peasant rebels and mercenaries that become absolutely degenerate under peace time. With a second narrative thread involving the already degenerate, greedy and unscrupulous sister of the main character, who became de facto heir to his estate when he chose to become a captain in said mercenary army. And I'm already writing it and its coming along great
guy bangs a handicapped tiger
hard sci fi heist. set in 2050. team has to steal nuclear fuel from an emergency decommissioned nuclear plant in Indonesia. There will be drones, deadly weather, typhoons, autistic descriptions of how nuclear plants work, long range fights between air craft carriers.

A hunter gatherer in early human history explores a dense forest while contemplating humanities role in the future. He stumbles across a weird looking food which turns out to be what is known today as a mushroom. Not knowing whether it is safe to eat he does so anyway and it is open ended if the mushroom was poisonous.
A series of short stories revolving around someone playing an online game and getting killed and respawning to start every story/chapter

File: Albania Think.jpg (194 KB, 640x640)
194 KB
194 KB JPG
can someone just explain being and becoming to me as if im a 82 iq albanian?
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Bei Ng is a chinese peasant and bee cooming is what a drone does as he fertilizes the queen.
File: kebab.jpg (39 KB, 811x358)
39 KB
Reality is even funnier.
Being means that reality is in essence merely a bunch of shit seemingly bumping into eachother, but they really don't deform or anything and stay the same.
Becoming is the opposite, everything is moving all the time, any stability is an illusion, everything constantly deforms and contorts. Identity is a willed conjuration, like cupping your hands to hold water in it.
It's over

File: sky.png (703 KB, 834x658)
703 KB
703 KB PNG
which words would you use to describe a sky with clouds like this?
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It's okay dude. Nobody here is a pro. The line stinks but hell, half the lines on this board stink. Let it go
Hatch marked
kinda based tho
*takes drag of a juul*
yeah, pretty based
The sky above held spotted clouds, a checker of blue and white

File: 1554142569185.jpg (178 KB, 900x920)
178 KB
178 KB JPG
Are you guys trying to turn me into a cuck?

I'm serious. I'm not a regular visitor to /lit/, but I've come here for recommendations multiple times. And every single book you guys told me to read turned out to be a cuck book.

The first time I came here I said I wanted to read the great Russian novelists. I was told, "Read Anna Karenina. It's the finest Russian novel there is." I read it. It's about a guy who gets cucked.

The second time I came here I said I wanted to read an American novel. I was told, "Read The Sun Also Rises. It's quintessential American literature. You'll love it." I read it. It's about a cuck.

The third time I came here I said I wanted to read some Shakespeare. I was told, "Start with Othello. One of the great tragedies." I read it. Cuck.

The fourth and most recent time I came here I said OK, /lit/, I want the best novel ever written. So many people said Ulysses by James Joyce that I bought it, and even though it was tough to read, I kept going because there wasn't any cucking. Then I get to the very end. It was about a cuck!

What the fuck, /lit/?
20 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>/lit/ recommends The Sun Also Rises
>the great American novel
>which mostly takes place in Spain

Lies. This is a maladopted pasta or something.
real the magus, its about magician, no cucking.
Just wait until you get the books about women cheating instead of guys getting cucked.
Read Suicide note by Michell Heisman
Is it telling of the state of society that i know those names only because of MGS5?

Who is /ourgirl/? Does /lit/ have an official waifu?
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>I only mean IT will never
Christian morality only serves to fetter consuption and thus profit. You cant worship Moloch by following Jehovah's commandments. Capitalism has its own morality which is in conflit with the best ethivcal fat preserved from the days if Christian oligarchy.
I wont argue that most of us arent slaves to capital, but joblessness isnt some bulderberg conspiracy to keep capitalism as the dominate mode of production. The jobless class is a result of outsourcing which is only possible because of nation states borders. Whithout those borders (in a truely unregulated capitalism) wages would average out because indoviduals would be light enough to move to where the is the most demand for the commodity they are selling.
Ai Uehara
>Capitalism even functions to keep a jobless class to keep wages stagnant
No. There has always been, and there will always be, a jobless class. Capitalism keeps wages stagnant by increasing labor force participation.
>With a growing poverty class maybe
Doesn’t matter. Organized religion seeks to maximize adherents — control hearts and minds. Income levels are irrelevant.
>Capitalism has its own morality which is in conflit
>The jobless class is a result of outsourcing
> indoviduals would be light enough to move to where the is the most demand
You’re delusional. In the real world organized religion and capitalism happily coexist and support each other; outsourcing, while a contributor to unemployment, is hardly the biggest factor behind it; and people are not going to move around the world unless wage levels are extremely disproportionate, which destroys your puerile “muh open borders” premise.
You know you have to be at least 18 to post here, right?

File: Urag gro-Shub.jpg (186 KB, 576x960)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
The philosophy/Theology of all of it all. Lets just have a /comfy/ vidya thread.
102 replies and 19 images omitted. Click here to view.
You're here forever.
>I don't understand why you're so fixated on Todd, he's necessarily involved in the lore insofar as he's trying to keep a semiconsistent canon and produce playable games but nothing interesting came from him. It's his sort of attitude that produced bland European grassland Cyrodiil instead of Nibenese dragon'd jungled mothy Chinese-Roman Cyrod
True enough anon, still I think medieval England grassy Cyrodill isn't that bad. Maybe it was just the tech limitations of the time.

>Sure, whatever: https://discord.gg/ag2Pc9
Cheers anon, you're amazing.
It's Todd Howard?
I know, I'm trying to leave

File: Whitehead.jpg (28 KB, 250x393)
28 KB
W-wait... is OP a faggot?
I honestly like what I've heard about Whitehead, but I hate his name. I just keep thinking about popping a huge pimple and the odor of the puss inside.

File: LudwigWittgenstein.jpg (312 KB, 1000x667)
312 KB
312 KB JPG
/lit/ I'm gay. How can I find other gay men that are not cringe/ stale flamboyants.
71 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
I'm bi and in Toronto if ya wanna hang out with our wangs out
Based and also redpilled.
t. sophomore year chem major prescribed Adderall
Rothko#0698. My discord.
Does amphetamine legit raise IQ? Sounds too amazing to be true

which books are similar to this

I need to overcome my internet addiction

I wasted yesterday 6h+ on the internet and haven’t done anything
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
daniel goleman - focus
well, it's (((goleman))) and the material is stolen, but there's no better compilation
btw I'm extremely online, we're talking 12+ hours a day, in about a week I will go offline for an entire year
>in about a week I will go offline for an entire year
to do what?
move piles of snow from one place to another, paint barracks, masturbate in secret
I'm getting conscripted for a year, may apply for two more if it clicks
What country? I was miserable during my conscription. Also never used my phone as much as during that year (snuck it with me on guard)
Russia - smartphone use in the army has recently been banned by law, but obviosly there will be lots of smartphones available; however, I look like a pussy and often tick people off, so bringing a smartphone with me or sneaking one in in a package later on will paint an even larger target on my back - I will be taking a cheap dumbphone instead and freak out all the people who are used to seeing me online during most of the day

>shut myself inside for a few weeks
>return to the normal world
>topic of art appears among friends and a larger group
>one person of the group is blabbing on about modern art
>I start talking about the aesthetic realisation of the Neoclassical paintings in all its methods and archetypal themes which can only be achieved by such
>briefly contrast this with modernity and the idiocy of it
>talking rather poetically and idealistically but nothing special
>they're all amazed by my wisdom and ask me to go on
>we sit there and talk for many hours more broaching upon also philosophy, religion and politics
Felt like Socrates, felt good. But I'm astounded by how little the average "intelligent" person knows about these things, really it isn't even the lack of knowledge they have on the subject but their lack of creative will, seemingly no sense of higher aspirations which presented my speech in the greatest of rhetoric light. I guess us ENTPs are just fantastic rhetoricians.
14 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
Fellow ENTP Masterrace
And they do not respond because they know what you say is true.
>become lonely like me
Look, firstly just because someone isn't the most intelligent or knowledgeable doesn't mean they can't be entertaining to hang around within certain environments. Secondly some of them were intelligent and my closest friends have always been intelligent. I understand your point anon, but it's just wrong.

And thirdly for bonus points, I've never had a true friend I consider equal because my standards are too high.
Based ENTP-bro.

Philosophy would barely exist without us. Btw how do you struggle with identity?
Haha, I have won.

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