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File: 3555.jpg (23 KB, 474x355)
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Do you have a favorite Greek hero?
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He wasn't a hero. Play the game or don't.
File: 1580732972719.jpg (148 KB, 669x671)
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148 KB JPG
>His wife waited 20 years for him
She had infinite supply of dick. She literally had analog tinder and could swipe on thousands of guys each day
Damn nigga, that was dope

File: mpv-shot0001.png (205 KB, 288x512)
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205 KB PNG
Books about the torment caused from seeing a pretty girl?
Already read The Sorrows of Young Werther and it was good.
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>the best excuse I had to say no was "uh I don't have a phone"

Based roastie denier

>tfw had to listen to two whores talking about tinder for 30 minutes today
File: If only he had sex.jpg (347 KB, 1498x747)
347 KB
347 KB JPG
Life is different once you are sexually rejected and called an internet terrorist over and over and over.
Think of some other disenfranchised sector of society.
Incels are not entitled to sex or a partner, if we are deeply pragmatic about it. But at the same time no one is entitled to food, water, a job, healthcare, human rights or anything either, on that same pragmatic sense.
We imagine these things to be rights because it seems inhumane to deprive humans of this, when it can generally be provided to everyone if you just do it fairly and equally. The fact we have different rules for love and relationship is a cultural thing.

So if you get minorities, LGBT, migrants, etc raging, breaking things over not having equal opportunities (to jobs, to marry, to be seen as equals) that seems intuitive to most. But when you get incels raging about not having access to relationships (arguably one of the most common experiences of human life. Most migrants/minorities/etc mentioned might die of hunger but they'll have a relationship and children while doing so), it seems weird to people.
It's probably a deeply ingrained disgust people have against virgin men. Kinda like bullying in a highschool, but more deeply ingrained. It's a very easy scapegoat. Just call a man a virgin and insult his sexuality like this. It's one of the most immediate and emasculating things possible. It's the whole origin of "Have sex".
Yet you don't see them as humans. You are to incels what the average conservative american is to a mexican migrant. You can't even conceive seeing reality through their eyes because you haven't had the same experiences.
Please don't mistake me as being insensitive or not sympathetic to incels. Everybody has their own plight and I don't doubt the toll it has. But wasn't started to be about incels is my point. Like I said, there is a kernel of truth to these things. But this isn't where I want to discuss it.
this thread wasn't started*

File: elliot.jpg (50 KB, 441x560)
50 KB
>Of those murderers who in youth were textbook examples of the Macdonald triad, it can be seen that they exclusively target woman. Woman are common targets for predators, but the peculiarity here is in the motivation. Macdonald Triad youths substitute the mutilation of small animals for the mutilation of woman not to have greater power over their victims, nor for sexual gratification; it is because in adulthood, they find killing woman easier on their conscience than continuing to kill stray cats or dogs.

Books for this feel?
I wonder if future serial killers with enuresis are ashamed of pissing the bed when they're too old to be doing so, or if they don't give a fuck. Like, they're so unconcerned with social mores already that the reason they piss the bed in the first place is because they don't form a connection in the mind saying "peeing the bed is wrong" so they just do it, not giving a fuck.
Why are brainlets incapable of understanding the difference between a serial killer and a spree killer?
Elliot Rodger was not a serial killer.
Do you know what the definition of "serial" is?
But pic related isn't Eliot Rodger, it an attractive white man unrelated to the post. I don't think Rodger had the macdonald triad.

File: 1500667103596.jpg (59 KB, 800x800)
59 KB
>tfw no mentor
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You’ll never have a garage full of lambos and books without at least 40 mentors, experts in their field who care about u personally
File: forbidden fruit.jpg (539 KB, 2048x1959)
539 KB
539 KB JPG
>nooo how will I ever make it if some 80 year old homeless greek pseudo doesn't routinely fuck me in the ass when i'm 13 nooo i'll never be a real human bean tfw no mentor noooo
Ok, just to clarify, you don't get fucked in the ass, just in the thighs. Jus sayin
>tfw no mentor boyfriend

File: images.jpg (54 KB, 706x1072)
54 KB
Requesting books with names that will make people stare at me like I'm autistic, retarded, etc. Books with names like "Why do girls hate me?" I want the book to be enjoyable, of course.
Thanks, now I'm looking at schizo books on amazon again. Gonna check out Dowse Your Way to Psychic Power: The Ultimate Short-cut to Other Dimensions over the weekend.

File: IMG_20200221_113440.jpg (171 KB, 1080x1350)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
Why don't they have book museums?
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>special collections materials are stored in secure facilities only accessible by staff, do not circulate, and may only be used in secure reading rooms under staff supervision.
in museums the art is publicly visible
That's why it's a library, connected to another library
Here in Philadelphia there is the Rosenbach Museum. They have Joyce manuscripts and a bunch of other stuff. A couple years ago they had an exhibit on Frankenstein with Shelley's handwritten notes, pretty cool stuff. They throw an annual Bloomsday party with readings, food, and traditional Irish music
A whore can turn any museum into a brothel.
File: 1549163470919.png (32 KB, 576x456)
32 KB
I procrastinated on a presentation so hard one time in grad school that I had to go the reserve library where they keep all the really old books for students to study. and some on display.
I had to set up an appointment for this book, which was only written in the 50's, and freely available on amazon, albeit a little obscure.
So there I was surrounded by books from the middle ages, including a Gutenburg Bible on display, while I take pictures of a couple of pages from a book I could have checked out from the main library if I hadn't procrastinated.
I had to use a special holder for this stupid little book and weights, so as not to bend the pages too much. All around also, are students who had set up appointments to study old codices. It was a serious ordeal, and quite comedic.

hi guys I wrote a book about u:

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yeah what would make that part better? less words, more? description? actually, specifically, tear it apart; i want to improve
Post it for free and then we can talk about criticising it.
post to the editing group.
email fourlitreview @ yandex dot com to join.
awesome! thank you

File: Source-Tsargrad-TV.jpg (153 KB, 1245x700)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
Is there anything in Dugin that wasn't already said by Spengler, Schmitt, and Heidegger?
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have u cum yet? ill let you say he cribs again pseudanon
nah, i think you are just coming into these debates with unrealistic expectations. people like carvalho think they can "prove" stuff with "rigorous arguments". dugin is not that ambitious, and is more realistic. reality is murky and complex. dugin's thinking reflects that. at least that's the impression i got from the debate.
It's just a cop out on Dugin's part. He can't put forward any original ideas and pressing him on specific points reveals that. Russians are right to think he's incredibly overrated by the west and a meme. The guy just steals ideas from Germans.
Thanks for producing those videos Millerman.

Thoughts on my prose, /lit/?
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Now that’s good prose OP, take notes
Go with simple words desu, 'hedonism' sounds pretentious as fuck next to the rest of the passage
Read more, write more.
Let me rewrite that for you:

In Nevada I drunkenly threw myself into a sliding door.

File: Max-Weber-1918.jpg (266 KB, 1169x1600)
266 KB
266 KB JPG
Thoughts on this fine gentleman? Which parts of Economy and Society is most important to read?

File: thinking retard pepe.jpg (31 KB, 699x485)
31 KB
I need to know what I am going to write and what I am going to devote my life to.
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File: Edmund-Husserl-1930.jpg (151 KB, 600x707)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
>causally deduces materialism
Don't embarrass yourself kiddo. We Platonists will have a comeback thanks to based Husserl. All will be settled once and for all.
>philosophers wish they were poets
BS, I've always thought poetry was kind of gay. As for music, I like the idea of playing a nasty guitar solo in front of adoring fans. But the actual process of making music is really boring.
File: downloadfile-18.jpg (11 KB, 244x295)
11 KB
Philosophy is an older man's pursuit
Become a philosophical artist, duh.
Aesthetics is truth and morality anyway.


You mean the 'artform' literally anyone with a phone can pursue nowadays?

>inb4 lenses high resolution blah blah blah

No one actually gives a shit.

File: Screenshot (3).png (68 KB, 641x225)
68 KB
Are fairy tales the peak of literature?
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literature peaked with gilgamesh
Borges himself said in an interview: "I think fantastic literature is THE literature, that is, literature started with myths, cosmogonies. It didn't start with realism. Realism is in fact, a later invention, I would say. But I think literature started being fantastic. Don Quixote for example, I don't know if it's a realist book or a fantastic book, I would say it's both, and there lies its greatness."
No, retard.
Because what else is a grown man going to read that makes him happy?
It can never be as good as a fairytale, It is art.
GK Chesterton thinks so

File: 1582234871041.jpg (589 KB, 1813x2048)
589 KB
589 KB JPG
>life is pain and boredom
Schopy was unironically right. I have learnt to somehow avoid pain but how the fuck do i tackle boredom?
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shut the fuck up boomer
Don't avoid pain, because boredom is solved through pain. Exercise requires pain but increases your sexual attractiveness; this attractiveness can be used to exploit new opportunities. Working hard to get money requires pain, but you will have more fun if you have more money. /lit/ people are couch potato communists so they aren't the best people to emulate if you want to tackle boredom.
>can be used to exploit new opportunities
then what?
And then free drinks
and then sex
and then new job
and then new employee
and then new cult members
and then etc etc where being attractive applies. If you're an academic then getting more money is more efficient at tackling boredom, because it means you get more journal subscriptions. Charisma can help in getting the job to support that.
Apparently coffee has some health benefits.

File: 1580167245457.jpg (208 KB, 1200x900)
208 KB
208 KB JPG
/lit/ boston meet up 2019
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it's 4chan in general really
NYC when ya plens?
They're some group of people in San Francisco it seems renovating some chapel for whatever reason, maybe one of those stupid communal housing projects.
Wow there is a black person posting here right now? Pathetic
Quim quiff.

What are some of the ‘best’ books that deal with the concept of death, /lit/?

I’ve gone from an ambivalent, “if it’s where we all go, it can’t be that bad” view of death, but over the past month or so, I can’t stop thinking about it and it’s been making me anxious.
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Why does it make you more anxious?
What changed?
I’m not sure. I suppose it’s just the process of moving on seems scary, the ego, self, memories, events just evaporating. This argument holds as much weight as a puddle, but just because I can’t remember or fathom pre-birth, doesn’t mean it wasn’t a bad place to be. It’s the not knowing that gets me.
Nothing major. I’ve been quite depressed over the past few months. I finished Stoner, too, and it’s effected me quite a bit.
The ancients didn't seem to think what came after death was bad. Have you read the Bhagavad Gita?
For dealing with the concept of death, stoic literature such as Aurelius' Meditations or Seneca's letters, parts of it ought to be very pertinent to your predicament and will encourage you to accept death as a neutral inevitability and to value every moment leading up to it (as we are all slowly dying and moving towards nonexistence) to a greater degree

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