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File: 1552051141378.jpg (197 KB, 1200x1600)
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197 KB JPG
Any other good books about NEETs/hikikimori?
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File: hits.jpg (34 KB, 266x400)
34 KB
Murakami's "Popular Hits of the Showa Era" is hilarious. Not THAT Murakami, the gore/splatter Murakami.
Phew, I was worried.
the second half of The Collector
A Confederacy of Dunces
Malone Dies
This is the first time i've been turned off a book solely due to it's cover.

File: a. sloterdijk.jpg (165 KB, 727x807)
165 KB
165 KB JPG
Explain Sloterdijk to me (or I'll fucking kill you or w/e)
We cannot know his legendary head
with eyes like ripening fruit. And yet his torso
is still suffused with brilliance from inside,
like a lamp, in which his gaze, now turned to low,

gleams in all its power. Otherwise
the curved breast could not dazzle you so, nor could
a smile run through the placid hips and thighs
to that dark center where procreation flared.

Otherwise this stone would seem defaced
beneath the translucent cascade of the shoulders
and would not glisten like a wild beast's fur:

would not, from all the borders of itself,

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4d monadology

File: 1560440937217.jpg (1.15 MB, 2592x3888)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB JPG
Best book on Roman occupation of Egyptian and Persian territories?
File: 51thjPQJKNL.jpg (57 KB, 345x500)
57 KB
>The Oxford Handbook of Roman Egypt
>Roman Egypt: The History and Legacy of Ancient Egypt as a Province of Rome by Charles River Editors
>Life in Egypt under Roman rule by Naphtali Lewis
>Religion in Roman Egypt by David Frankfurter

File: borges-breadbasket.jpg (45 KB, 500x493)
45 KB
Is this what happens to you when you read too many books?
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You lose your sight but you get more insight hehe.

This, but unironically.
Like a doll whose eyes fall inside
You become a chad?
File: 1564942198909.gif (1.47 MB, 453x344)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB GIF

File: GreeKo.jpg (229 KB, 624x434)
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229 KB JPG
What's stopping you from reading the greatest works of mankind?
If you did, how did you learn and what books have you enjoyed so far?
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>what I really cannot persuade myself to do is learning vocabulary by memorizing flash cards
I was similar situation, but after some time you will reach a point where you can simply learn new words by reading them in a text in different contexts. The initial start sucks hard though.
There are words that you simply cannot learn by just reading, the frequency is so low that the next time you’ll encounter that word your brain will have forgotten it, that’s when spaced repetition systems come into place.
how has your experience been so far?
dead tongues. I only speak American

File: file.png (150 KB, 1500x1500)
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150 KB PNG
Essential literature to understand transgenderism?
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File: 1564419959157.jpg (978 KB, 2340x4160)
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978 KB JPG
Just some basic information.

OP is a discord tranny named Chijo whos little group kept on posting pink pill/HR tranny threads all over /r9k/ /pol/ and /cuteboys/. Was homeless, cut himself frequently, never passed 4th grade, extremely (as you can tell) mentally ill, and always savored for attention, especially from this side named Foxworth and another tranny named Noun. Here's a picture.

Would feel bad, but hes an attention seeker with a terrible personality.
The Satanic Bible
the discord post log

File: Heidegger.jpg (8 KB, 177x284)
8 KB
This is on my list of books to buy. I'm working through some of the philosophers before him before I read it though.

What exactly is it about? I heard an occultist professor say that this book proved the existence of the paranormal through philosophy.
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who would win in a fistfight?
martin "hide egger" heidegger or ludwig "jeepers" wittgenstein?
Depends on context. If it were in Nazi Germany, Heidegger because he'd have sex with Wittgenstein then sell him out to Witty's old school chum Adolf.
File: apophis.jpg (78 KB, 590x350)
78 KB
>collapses your dichotomies
Scientists have never proven anything either, you dumb faggot. Not accepting philosophy has no necessary correlation with being a slave to scientific consensus.

I’m scared.
Almost finished with Plato, and except for a few of the more infamously difficult dialogues (ie Parmenides and Theaetetus) I was able to make it through with minimal reference material.
I knew Aristotle was difficult, but I read the first few pages of the online preview and realized I’ll definitely need to approach it differently.
What secondary sources and reference materials would you recommend I use? Any guides on how to take notes on philosophical readings and logic? Never taken a formal course but I’m determined to read it all and want to maximize my understanding.
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I can't sympathize. I've always viewed the Socratics as dull but unchallenging reads.
>I went to HARVARD
>I studied LAW there
hard pass
Low test detected
>doesn't use correct pronouns with trans people because "facts don't care about your feelings"
>probably would refer to adopted parents as parents instead of guardians despite the fact that facts do not care about the feelings of the adopters and adoptees
>t. brainless filtered by the organon

File: 171211_r31104web.jpg (51 KB, 450x602)
51 KB
The viral short story Cat Person by Kristian Roupenian and the subsequent reaction to it by women was the biggest blackpill of my life.

What did /lit/ think of it and what were your literary black pills?
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File: a46.jpg (89 KB, 610x859)
89 KB
I think this gets to the real reason why the story is both popular but also bad. The author takes some basic philosophical or psychological concept and bases a story around them. Most people don't know about Lacan's gaze so when they read cat person and hear about how a women thinks about a sexual encounter through the man's eyes, how her desire is tied to the way she is desired and seen by the man, it can read like mind-blowing prose because most people (even highly educated people) don't have the self awareness to put that experience into words, but have experienced it themselves. Cat Person is well written at points but it ultimately sabotages the moral ambiguity of the story. Of course, things like that do happen, it's a common experience among women to be insulted after they've rejected someone, but it serves no real story purpose apart from undercutting all the difficult questions it raises about the main character, and giving the story a little moral universe where one person is good and one is bad.

Her other story is worse because it's much more clumsy about its psychosexual concepts, and doesn't seem to understand male desire at all, but chooses to put it front and center. It also has the same problem of taking a morally ambiguous story and driving it towards an ending that removes all that complexity.

Ironically, the worldview suggested in these stories shares a lot in common with the misogynistic subcultures she is criticizing. Her view on sex is not liberating at all, and is overwhelmingly negative. Incels and "nice guys" internalize their own self hatred and project it onto women - her characters do the same but in reverse, they hate themselves and by extension hate men for desiring them. Both are narcissistic in the psychoanalytic sense of the word, they both don't understand their own agency and authority, and subsequently can't respond to the authority and agency of others in the healthy, proper way. This ends with hatred of the other, especially when the other attempts to exercise their agency. The terror that a nice guy has of being rejected is, at root, the same terror Roupenian's women have when men do anything to them (she sees women as acted upon rather than actors). In both cases the terror is that the other has a will of its own, that can act upon us, while being unknowable and beyond our control. Which is the result of a malformed, narcissistic worldview where people fail to develop their own sense of self beyond the validation of others.
He's sitting drinking at a student bar alone they'd talked about before. It's plausible and (speaking from experience) exactly the kind of serendipitous encounter a Robert-like person would try to engineer. "Stalking" might be too loaded a term, but you get the point that he's trying to artificially "bump" into her.
I really hated reading The Good Guy but this nails my life
>Growing up, Ted was the kind of small, bookish boy female teachers described as “sweet.” And he was sweet, at least where women were concerned. He spent his childhood and early adolescence floating through a series of crushes on older, unattainable girls: a cousin, a babysitter, his big sister’s best friend. These crushes were always sparked by some small gift of attention — a minor compliment, genuine laughter at one of his jokes, remembering his name — and they contained no overt or sublimated aggression at all.
>Never, not even in his wildest imaginings, had young Ted allowed himself to believe that his crushes might be reciprocated. He wasn’t stupid. Whatever else he might be, he’d never been that. All he’d ever wanted was for his love to be tolerated, maybe even appreciated: He yearned to be permitted to linger worshipfully around his crushes, lightly bumping up against them every so often, the way a bee might brush against a flower.
>He struggled in the grip of this conundrum, trying to exert self-control in the form of brutal self-punishment (standing naked in front of the mirror, forcing himself to look at his skinny legs, concave chest, small penis: She hates you, Ted, face it, all girls hate you, you’re ugly, you’re disgusting, you’re gross) and then losing control and finding himself awake at three in the morning, crying with frustration
>the summer before high school, after a particularly humiliating episode with a camp counselor, Ted went for a long solitary walk and considered his future. Fact: He was short and ugly and greasy-haired and no girls would ever like him. Fact: Just knowing that someone as gross as Ted liked them creeped girls out. Conclusion: If he didn’t want to spend his whole life making women miserable, he needed to figure out a way to keep his crushes to himself.
So that was what he did.
His freshman year of high school, Ted crafted a new persona: cheerfully asexual, utterly unthreatening, scrubbed clean of any whiffs of need. This Ted was a 60-year-old comic in a 14-year-old’s body: hilarious, self-deprecating, and much too neurotic to ever have actual sex.
Only difference is I never has any female friends and would never even consider talking to girls I liked
quality post

Magnum and anthem don't rhyme well.

I'm having trouble understanding this line that is paraphrasing Democritus' view on ethics. Can you help me?
>Gross hedonism is therefore self-defeating because its pursuit of pleasure leads it to value the pains or needs which will lead to subsequent pleasures.
trigger word is
how do you not get this?
Overriding desire to maximize pleasure will lead you to seek out and tolerate short and/or long term pain in order to satisfy this goal. Like a junkie shooting up
I really doubt that a person with an IQ over 100 can have a hard time understanding this sentence. Books are just not for you buddy.

Thoughts on stefan molyneux? Just finished everyday anarchy, bit of a slog but had some interesting points.
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If you're using 18th century terminology, no. Today? Yes, there is. The orthodoxy of the commanding elite is neoliberalism, which means that the Right is the actual insurgent movement in the West today.
based Shaun BTFO of stefan
File: neoliberal.jpg (109 KB, 1024x416)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
>The orthodoxy of the commanding elite is neoliberalism, which means that the Right is the actual insurgent movement in the West today.

The organs of state in the prime global hegemon are controlled by trade protectionists and the second biggest global player, the Communist Party of China, are not playing by any liberal playbook. If you don't have the ear of global policy makers you're not in the elite. Any pretext of "liberalism" was dropped a number of years ago.
There is nothing revolutionary about the Right you are just being a brain dead reactionary. The Right today is just part of the spectacle anyway and won't get anything done, it is all a puppet show.
>virgin is realistic while chad is the over-the-top douchebag

File: angry cat.jpg (41 KB, 628x676)
41 KB
Is it even worth trying to become a writer if I am a white male?
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Plenty of White males are writers, you dumb self-victimizing faggot. The only people Jews hate are Iranians. They don't care if you're a snow nigger so long as you don't speak badly about Israhell. Funny how you cunts act like the Jews you vilify. You're really all the same crap **in the modern era**.
Yes, if you just deliberately write for white men.
As in, you pander to the far right. They will buy every single book. You just need to talk about decadence and about how everything is fucked and so on, like, you know, what /pol/ wants to hear.
Actually it's a great market with a lot of demand and too little supply, why do you think people keep sperging over Evola and Céline ? Because there's not enough nazi writers to go around.

Houellebecq, Obertone, Zemmour, Soral, they all top the best seller charts consistently here.
In USA, i can think of that "clean your room" meme guy for example.
It sells extremely well, critics hate them obviously but there is a huge audience for that kind of thing.
Depends how gay you are.
How many people do you think are writing that exact thing?
Yes, but you have to be a cuck

File: bukowski.jpg (39 KB, 640x360)
39 KB
What are your thoughts on Bukowski? I have no idea what the general opinion is of him here.

I'm not at all into poetry so I haven't read any of his poems, but I just finished going through all of his novels and I'm finding it a little difficult to adjust back to other authors' writing styles. The brusque, matter of fact prose is effective in my opinion and I'm now finding more purple prose to be tiring. The way he manipulates emotions, from something very funny to something very sad, from loving Chinaski to hating him, is not something I've seen work often. Also, I feel Post Office is by far his best novel, despite a lot of people saying it's Ham and Rye. Ham and Rye is interesting but it doesn't have the same impact as Post Office did, constant emotional whiplash.

I have a feeling he's probably looked down on here for his opinions of the "greats", that they bored him to sleep.
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He looks like a monkey haha
I like Bukowski because it's so fun to read. I don't know what that says about me, but I don't know any other writer that gives me so many laughs.

Best novel in my opinion is the one where he talks about his childhood and adolescence. I'm audibly laughing only thinking about it.
>And Bukowski isn't that kind of guy that enjoys high art
He enjoyed Celine and a lot of English translations of Chinese poetry.
For me, it's Chuck Bartowski
also Dostoevski and Tolstoi. According to his autobiographic novel he read an entire book every night to escape his depressive situation

Inside inside
With baptism
Sliding and cheeky
Through tight curtains
Waterworld slapping
Faster and faster
and faster
No end.
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I wish I knew how to grant your request
I just got out of jail, serving 4 years for a 10 year sentence. I met my girlfriend and she immediately got pregnant but told me that she had been a prostitute, so I was having a child with a prostitute. It was a girl. So I said I wanted meet her pimp cause that’s what I wanted to do was to pimp. She wanted out but she was just going in deeper with me. OG told me everything and it was so simple. In two years I had about ten confirmed on call hoes. These women I found and fornicated with and convinced them to be hoeing than to be working some minimum wage. I was saying, I’m gonna keep fucking you, and I also want you to get fucked by other people who want to pay for it, and I’ll take care of all your expenses. Rewind. Most of these girls were young, first year of college, normal bored family jumping in my car and fucking and sucking and after a talk money, a lot of money. By baby mama wanted out, so I had my own spot in a bunch different places. Hoes came and left. Some didn’t want to hoe, but they came over to fuck like a hoe, and I paid them like a hoe. But that’s not my business. I’m a pimp. In the Big Islands is a man whose looking to spend two weeks with a beautiful girl, all expenses paid, for 10k. My hoes had Mac air laptops, balenciaga shoes, beats headphones, all that. They ran away sometimes, or their mom would come and get them. My main bitch I was really with brought her mom because she didn’t think I would let her take her stuff. I yelled like a little boy get out of my room, over and over again. I still feel like a little boy. I wear baggy clothes and like pretty young types. Making money and buying stuff.
-And where do you keep the cocaine?, the federal agent asked.
-At my grammas house
When we first got internet I knew what to do. I stayed up until dawn watching trailers for porn videos. I never had a subscription, so they just showed you a quick overview, best of. I liked that better. I was able to go through hundreds of girls a week, watching them get into a van, get naked for money, have sex, a man ejaculating into their face, and then kicking them out on the side of the road with no money. We used to have CDs with an entire episode, it was a rare find at that age. Having internet I was masterbating all night and everday. I sat on the roof of my house around 530am. It was bright and serene. We lived next to a freeway so there was that constant racing. I felt so young, and clean. I felt holy. I soon wanted to watch more.
Tim made rap beats and sold weed. So while he was showing me how he made his music he said that he was going to be right back, and he left the house. Meanwhile I spoke to Tim’s very beautiful young wife about how they had met. Being very fond of children myself I was glad to see their one year old daughter, who was smiling at my making a silly face, barely able to stand. She began

I met Tim at this tattoo shop he worked at. My boyfriend and I were standing by and I saw him and we just stared at each other for a long time. It was weird. He comes up to me and asks for my number and I give it to him. When Tim left my boyfriend freaks out, starts punching the car. I had been with my boyfriend since I was thirteen, we were sweethearts but alcohol and partying made us really crazy with each other. So like we are going to Las Vegas and my boyfriend sees Tim calling me, totally out of the blue. I hadn’t spoken to Tim at all and no one was expecting it. My boyfriend screamed and yelled and I basically ran out of the car and hid. When he left I called Tim and said, hey I know you don’t know me but here’s my situation I don’t know what to do. So that’s when Tim picked me up and drive me back to his moms house. I was there for three weeks. I hadn’t told anyone where I was going and I blocked my boyfriend and turned off my phone except to tell my mom I was ok. That’s when I got pregnant.
-Wow I said.
Yeah, and it’s sad now because my grandma is dying and my exboyfriends grandma is also. And we both knew each other’s grandmas so we visited each together. (Wipes tears from her eyes)
I slid the onion into Shreks pulsating anus. He screamed....

File: 1540587061333.jpg (2.53 MB, 1440x2475)
2.53 MB
2.53 MB JPG
How did a drunk rednick hick write better than anyone else has ever on the planet (except maybe Shakespeare)
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bump for faulkner
google dot com slash url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://typeofwords.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/4954_FAULKNER4.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwjQprGC3JLkAhXSVN8KHU7JBTcQFjABegQICRAB&usg=AOvVaw2bUjTx5cJPJT8LqUKiNcZ0&cshid=1566347752239

Here's how he did it
So which book of his should I read?
you're the type of person his books are precisely about
Pretty mediocre and not that entertaining. Next.

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