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File: bertrand-russell-radio.jpg (121 KB, 818x1024)
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121 KB JPG
Thoughts on Russell?
I hate your analytical shit and how auspicious in good part that Wittgenstein went to hell
How can some one be so retarded and so smart at the same time?
File: 1536025545018.png (55 KB, 422x345)
55 KB
Brainlet Russell
His work is extremely hit or miss. His strengths make him one of the most important philosophers in history yet his ignorant sides make him embarrassing compared to his other stuff
Retarded when he talked about anything outside of the OG analytic Canon, and when he talked analytic Canon he made pussies wet worldwide

What are /lit/‘s thoughts on this?

File: dn25472-1_800.jpg (102 KB, 800x613)
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describe a vision you've seen while in the throes of literary ecstasy.
ur mom

File: Beowulf.jpg (27 KB, 263x406)
27 KB
>at B&N, see pic related
>don't recognize translator, decide to try it
>open it, read first line
>immediately close book and put back on shelf
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B&N translations are often complete shit. I once read their translation of the Tao Te Ching. As I was reading it, I compared it to other translations, and found that it was incredibly inconsistent with almost every other one I could find. Either this translation was the one exceptionally correct one, or B&N cheaped out and didn't hire a proper translator. Guess which one is far more likely?
you can learn Old English in 3 months if you're single-minded about it.
What is the best translation? Tolkien?
Edwin Morgan's translation is really good. I'm reading J.B. Trapp's Medieval English Literature anthology (also recommended) and I find it quite better than others I've read.

I was just trying to put myself into the mind frame of someone else, and think about the emotional responses which other people give. Perhaps I am inadequate to accomplish such a task, perhaps it shows my lack of practice. But I put myself into other peoples positions and tried to imagine how I myself would react, like people who have been upset and incense with me. It's hard to imagine the underlying convictions of others though, because one can invariably only have the convictions inside of themselves.

I was thinking about myself at the coffee shop. I was afraid that the girl at the counter would look me very closely in the eyes, because then I would surely fumble because she was rather cute, and I would have perhaps made things awkward. So I just kept a focused gaze ahead of me and tried to just buy my damn coffee, as one might say, and imply with my posture that I my mind was elsewhere, that I am nothing but an impatient and grumpy old man in a young person's body.

What this interaction made me think about was the ways in which one experiences their own consciousness. One could be avoiding thinking about the moment and putting themselves mentally somewhere else, like pretending that their minds are off in the distance, and focusing ones attention on arbitrary spots in the room to avoid the fact that ones eyes are wandering hopelessly around to prevent them from opening an exposed hole into oneself by laying them on the eyes of someone beautiful. It is like thinking about where one is oneself.

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Lol you typed all that nonsense for nothing. Faggot.
Do less
Not for nothing. Writing is a good exercise. If exercise is not worthwhile, then there is no reason to upkeep life itself. Exercise is the upkeep of life, after all. And it's from my blog, its appearance here is incidental.

I skipped carnap and positivism. I felt like i knew what theyd been trying to say and i didnt agree. But now im reading some negarastani and he unironically likes carnap. Did i miss something? I thought carnap was a laughingstock

File: lead_720_405.jpg (69 KB, 720x405)
69 KB
What Americans could win the Nobel in the next 30 years? Could an entirely new talent emerge in that time?
Me too. Faulkner and Hemingway, us.

File: 91Zws8HYpuL.jpg (702 KB, 1518x2339)
702 KB
702 KB JPG
god i love mortal engines. the scale of its worldbuilding, the intrigue, the history, the silliness and seriousness that goes together like salty and sweet, its such a shame that the movie was such a tremendous, bile-seeping cock up.
We don't take kindly to you redit folks round these parts. You better not let the sun go down on you here, stranger.
lookie here, mister. me n' the fellas were lookin to discuss this here piece a literature, and we dont much appreciate accusations of that type

File: beckett.jpg (578 KB, 1200x1586)
578 KB
578 KB JPG
In which language should I write?
>native spanish speaker
>know english
>just started learning french
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Why not all three?
Japanese so you can be punny
Hebrew or Latin.
No es tanto el hoyo
sino el bollo
con el que relleno el coño de tu madre.
Rocío en el jardín.

File: David_Foster_Wallace.jpg (286 KB, 1113x888)
286 KB
286 KB JPG
Why do you idolize him despite the fact that he committed suicide?
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Jesus didn't commit suicide. He was executed by the Romans. He could have stopped them but he didn't because it was the Father's will not his own.
i idolize him precisely because he committed suicide
It was definitely his own will. His father couldn't enforce anything
Fucking polytheist. What's it like to eschew millennia of theology out of pure ignorance of it's meaning? You wish you were a christian
He's literally Jesus Christ.

File: deleuze.png (284 KB, 554x762)
284 KB
284 KB PNG
Please fucking explain

File: downloadfile-3.jpg (38 KB, 474x380)
38 KB
What should i read? I really liked catcher in the rye,ham on rye, and no longer human. I identify strongly with the protagonists and see them as "correct" in general
I like tolkien beyond just lotr. Not really a big fan of fantasy in general. I liked dandelion wine by bradbury
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You'll probably like ask the dust
ask the dust. I veto this. Read it and think mr bukowski here is your god
Nah ive read alot. I dont believe in that kind of hierarchy of books

I guess i already did on accident.

Your taste is pretty crap for someone who has "read a lot". I don't think you even know what that means and somehow doubt you are a Classicist.
Then i guess i have crap taste

File: 112818158.jpg (2.3 MB, 3000x2308)
2.3 MB
2.3 MB JPG
what are the books THEY dont want you to know about?
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Atheists fear this book
Anything by Samuel T Francis
Paul Gottfried critique of Neoconservatism
Anything by Christopher Lasch
The Man that would be queen for a critique of transsexualism
Are talking of fedora overlords or (((them)))?
The International Jew by Henry Ford

Go on /lit/, prove to me you’re not a drone. Post the actual non-meme last book you read which you overall had a negative opinion of.
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Mrs Dalloway
Yasunari Kawabata - The Sound of the Mountain
>he actually endures a book when he doesn't like it

It was kind of interesting but that's as far as my praise for it goes. I also read Messiah and it was no better.
The majority of people in their twenties do not have the capacity to genuinely evaluate literary craft without the help of secondary sources. To force someone to do it would turn them in to someone who comes up with opinions based on nothing.

Why do not you try to live reality instead of watching it in the distance?
Get closer to reality, without having to live a life marked by the suffering of trying to give the world a personality destroying yourself
I don't shirk from reality. We are on this earth like a baby in the womb. Just as a baby develops in the womb in anticipation for the higher world to come, I develop here such that I can be accepted into God's kingdom.
This is the reality that we all yearn for.
That's pleasant, it reminds me of a lake house that my family had in my youth. But what you wrote is naive.

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