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>waste a year of my life teaching English in a shithole for peanuts
>Put 2k in a shitcoin that immediately halves in value
>Finally decide I hate it here
>Quit my job and fuck around for a month and somehow drain almost all the rest of my savings doing nothing
>Buy a flight home
>Thought it was this evening but turns out it was actually 12:10 this morning
>Not enough money for another ticket
God I'm hopeless
At least you're not in life time of debt, right? They have it really bad, trust me.

How do you feel about joining the military? Work with computers, cybersecurity, construction, or the like. Rebuild your life from discipline the military gives, and their great training for the civilian life afterwards.

Just don't be a grunt or anything low skilled, or else you'd really be retarded.

File: 1334176215906.jpg (364 KB, 718x677)
364 KB
364 KB JPG
me and my wife are 31, are we too late to have children? both of us are also kinda overweight at 90 - 100kg 172cm height

we've spent the last few years really working together to lose weight and this is the lowest we've been but we're also worried if we wait any longer there will be other complications with pregnancy due to our age getting up there

any other parents on this board at all? i know this is a weird place to ask but i have nowhere else to go you guys have guided me all my life
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>I highly doubt that weight is genetic.

i didn't say that it was. but there are people who have genetic markers that make is easier or harder to gain or lose weight.

that doesn't eliminate the fact you have to operate at caloric surplus to gain weight.

but it does mean that some of us have different metabolisms which is definitely genetically related. And you overlooked the important part:

>There is mounting evidence that different genes will be passed on based on the physical condition of the parents.
im too lazy to look up the sources but youre still young. your wife, however, will be on her fertility prime till she's 35 years old so you still have time to churn out a couple of kids. complications for both mother and baby do go up after 35, but again im too lazy to look up sources so look them up yourself.
My parents were in their 30s when they had me
I'm 23 now

It's certainly not too late
but at least one of us (twins) has asperger's syndrome
Not sure if that's a potential risk

And I can't promise you a child won't ever complain about the generation they grew up in because of it
I'm pretty definitely sure ASD is not a risk factor of having kids past 29. But if I'm wrong, don't blame me
That’s not that old. Doesn’t matter how fat you are

File: crossroads.jpg (24 KB, 475x313)
24 KB
Recently graduated college and I've luckily saved enough money from an internship to cover living expenses for ~6-7 months. Currently living in my parent's house and here's my choice:

>pros for current city: nightlife/HS friends/senpai
>cons for current city: shared apartment/longish commute(30-45 minutes each way)/competitive to get a job

>pros for moving: my own townhouse/nice car/short commute(10-15 minutes each way)/easier to find a job in my field
>cons for moving: much less livelier/no connections

What would you do?
Where do you live? My suggestion would be to move to any kind of city with at least a decent amount of "friends" and shit to do and people to meet, and at least a base level of jobs. My thoughts is that if you can find at least a job to pay your bills, then you can just spend the rest of your time doing shit you like, and hanging out with your new friends. Pick a nice city with lots of walking areas for all the cool people to hand out.

My whole life I have mostly stuck to vodka because I hate new things, but I tried a dirty blue cheese olive martini at a wedding and I'm never drinking fucking vodka screwdrivers again. Martini fans, what's the best mid-range-priced gin and vermouth for a martini?
just get shit at a liquor store and drink from the bottle fucking pansy

File: 20190901_171120.jpg (46 KB, 316x316)
46 KB
Can I make money from producing snuff films? Who would I talk to and what are the pros and cons?
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Get a real job and stop posting edgy shit on 4chan.
You know, FBI, this may be your laziest attempt yet.
So it wouldnt be a large amount of money?
I dont care if anyone thinks I'm a scumbag. I hate living things. I just wouldnt want the
death penalty since I'm in burgerland.
I do have a job

How would I find an accomplice? I'm kinda an innocent looking girl and I feel like no one would take me serious to be my partner in crime but it would also he a good cover up.
Wow anon is edgy as fuck
You can have this dick as an accomplice.

It'll shut your dumbass up real good from all this edgy talk, hoe. Get you thinking about butterflies and shit, bitch

Women “chasing chad” or “riding the cock carousel” and overall just being vapid and vein can be detrimental. Women getting married in their 20s and losing so much of that potential life experience can also be detrimental.

The middle ground of having meaningful, casual relationships is best for most people.
decent bait, well done on your impending 20-30 replies before 404
>A question aimed at one biological sex
>Expecting truthful replies
Neck yourself OP

File: seiko.jpg (127 KB, 1000x1000)
127 KB
127 KB JPG

I was wondering if someone on here could either help me or direct me to an active watch forum that can help with questions related to seiko diver watches.

I've been doing research on my own for about a month now but I've come to a wall i just cant seem to figure out.

Any help is highly appreciated.
Try 4chan fashion or go on Reddit , people will talk about Watches on fa

File: IMG_20190917_220051.jpg (44 KB, 480x441)
44 KB
A girl keeps making her ass evident to me, very close, sometimes she touches my arm with her ass. She also touches her breasts and shows her legs in sexy clothes. However she doesn't touch me with her hand. I think she's trying to confuse me. She verbally does not show interest in me but her body language says otherwise, if I take initiative in the conversation she is friendly. What to do?
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High "School" or College "School"
just hug her suddenly from behind, touching your crotch on her ass.

If she reacts defensively, you strictly follow this pattern:
> get your arms off
> close your eyes (and keep it close)
> take a deep breath
> say: "FUCK"
> then open your eyes
> take a look at her expression with a serious face
> If she's scared, say "i'm sorry but u r hot, we should hang out sometime" then laugh about it and elegantly leave
> If she's confused or somewhat interested or surprised, say "we should hang out" then laugh about it and see what she'll say.

If u decide doing it, pls tell us what happened
Make a point of ignoring her. Withdraw yourself, and if she speaks directly to you, keep your responses short and uninterested.
you need to build self confidence

your non-verbal messages need to explode self-confidence

like... "wanna have some ice cream over there? no? tell me if your change your mind, bye"

At what point are you too old to have/make friends?

Seems (at least according to general consensus) that it would be late-20s/early-30s.
Never. It might get harder if you or the people you're trying to be friends with have children but it's still possible.
Not at all. That's just when making friends isn't as "automatic" since everyone gets busy.

The trick is to keep yourself out there and talk to people you don't know
Late-twenties or early-thirties is when it starts slowing down, but the making friends doesn't come to a halt until forties or fifties.

That is, unless you don't mind being known as that weird guy who tries to make friends with younger people.

File: Deer.jpg (373 KB, 697x674)
373 KB
373 KB JPG
What are some things I can bring up on a first date to prevent awkward silence?
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Nah, when I first read that I thought it was a bit weird. I wouldn't consider myself socially retarded, just pretty shy and not talkative.
For conversation, remember FORD
F - Family. Any brothers or sisters? Where do they live now? etc.
O - Occupation. What do you do for work?
R - Recreation. What do you do for fun?
D - Dreams. What do you want out of life?
Fuck you, I hate it when people make "example" conversations when giving advice and add the parts where the girl replies. It's always
>guy says dumbass shit
>girl replies enthusiastically because what the guy said was totally not retarded
Abortion always gets a conversation going.
don't be afraid of silence. not all silence is awkward. it can be really calm and natural for a conversation to die down and then pause for a moment and then you jump into a different topic. you should go on a date with the express goal of making as many of these happen as possible if you're afraid of it happening to quell your fears.

File: 1546064420082.jpg (70 KB, 608x448)
70 KB
We've been dating for almost 3 months now and became an official couple a few weeks ago.
What does it mean to take things slow? Sometimes i feel like she regrets making our relashionship serious and she is using this time to figure out what she really wants.
Whenever we talk about us she never goes beyond the "im happy with you and im glad we're together" while im pretty sure im already falling for her. Im scared im the only one developing stronger feelings here and that this is only going to hurt me.
What should i do? Give her some space? Stop texting her for a few days? Spend less time with her?
I dont want to talk about this directly with her because its just going to make me look insecure and needy.
18 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Spoken like a true virgin
For the love of god don't jump to conclusions. Tell her you want to be good for her and then ask what does she want moving forward.
Dont make your life revolve around your relationship. Stop worrying so much and just live your own life. Dont make her such an important part of it. Shes just a girlfriend, not a wife
Ask a couple friends to go with you if you have any and then just hang out with them there maybe meet up if it lines up and dont make anything happen if she wants to meet up she'll ask you too. Or just dont gove a shit cause she just proably doesnt want youto hamg out woth her peoples yet.
Found the roastie

File: boomer.jpg (43 KB, 724x540)
43 KB
How to mog recruiters at job fair without being offensive?
I am a computer science major in my jr year and I do not think that I can get by with my resume so I think the best thing to do is figure out how to mog the recruiters without outright disrespecting them. So for example if someone brings up my lack of experience or few projects I just mog them instead of talking about it. Any ideas?

File: file.png (562 KB, 749x694)
562 KB
562 KB PNG
How do i stop acting arrogant without realizing it ?
i want to make friend in uni but i'm too afraid to approach them which it's fine but once we're in class and answer our teacher questions i feel as i'm standoffish
>teacher tell us what someone gains and how different the price is depending on the place you're selling it
>tell her that i gain x(more) because i sell the product on the internet/other place
>done something similar multiple times knowing most of my classmate haven't sold any product(drawings/art)
No one has told me anything about it but i often realize how cocky i sounded after i close my mouth
i'm just really anxious
>i'm just really anxious
Then just open your mouth slightly less.
Unless the teacher is calling on you specifically to answer questions, be quiet like the rest of the class likely is.
I mostly respond because I feel bad for the teacher and because I feel awkward if I stare or if I’m being disrespectful for avoiding looking at them

File: 1561311865334.jpg (1.4 MB, 2560x1440)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB JPG
Guys, I have the flu and for some reason I thought it would help to take some acid (~150µg) and now it's coming on really strongly and it feels horrible, like it's multiplying the flu. What should I do? Call an ambulance?
Oka, thiks are getting worse now for sure. Help?
It's been an hour since your posted, how are you doing? In your situation I'd go outside instead of sitting at home miserably also listen to some heavy music to get through it, wish you the best bro
There is no need for an ambulance. You'll be fine.
However remember for next time. Lsd isn't a goddamn medication for pathogens, and its a mood enhancers. IE whatever you're feeling going in is going to multiplied by 20.
You were concerned about being sick, now you think you're dying. Good show. Chill, you'll be fine. I do recommend taking some medication and going to sleep though.
Lol what was even going through your mind where you thought acid would help with the flu, come on man

File: 0389 - Icon.png (471 B, 32x32)
471 B
471 B PNG
How do I stop beating my dog?
22 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Whenever my dog does shit I don't like, I just grab him by the collar, look him in the eyes, and loudly yet firmly say stuff like "STOP" or "BAD"
>Everyone on this planet is a faggit dog lover
easy, kys
fpbp >>21376278
Why are you beating your dog

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