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Guys I think I got an STD

I'm getting strange clear, painless bumps on my foreskin.I can just scratch them off and I'm left with a bead a jelly.

Happened at the same time I got a yeast infection with red circles around my groin

No discharge burning or anything
You reap what you sow, degenerate
>The Heaven has punished thou for such blasphemous acts! How dare you have sex without God's permission???
/adv/ is so useful these days
That's why I don't o to hookers, cause I don't want to pay for STDs.
Even if you wear a rubber you can still get an assortment of diseases.

File: index.jpg (8 KB, 300x299)
8 KB
After a period of introspection and working hard on myself, I'm about to get back into dating around and seeing people.

I'm a bisexual male. That seems to turn a large portion of the population away from considering me.

How do I tactfully make this information available to people to avoid wasting everyone's time?

I've seen people be very "out there" with their preferences. That's one strategy, but I also don't particularly want it to be the center piece of "me."

Truthfully it shouldn't matter. It's really other people's insecurities that are at play with being uncomfortable with my sexuality. Am I trying to be too considerate?
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Thank you for the advice and sharing. Good to hear about successful relationships concerning this. Too much misunderstanding and negative press out there.
This is fantastic to hear. How sure are you that they're into it as opposed to being polite? If you're still around, would you mind sharing any stories of encouragement or times it worked out well?
Truth is, nobody wants to hear about your sexuality. If you're just hooking up, the other person doesn't have to know, and if you do get into a serious relationship where you want to tell them, they'll already have accepted you.
you should suck cock
>After a period of introspection and working hard on myself, I'm about to get back into dating around and seeing people.
Make sure you do but don't look desperate cause they'll run.

File: a2853404814_10.jpg (145 KB, 679x1200)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
I have to constantly deal with sadness, loneliness, and urges of self destruction. I know it's gonna get better though and that things are looking up, but I feel really, really fucking angry I have to deal with this shit so intensely. It's unfair and I'm mad. How do I deal with this angst/anger? Music doesn't help too much, power electronics doesn't have a fraction of the catharsis it used too.
You're depressed.
See a psychiatrist.

Started work at a new company and met a guy who’s funny, smart and very polite. Last week, he stopped teasing me, saying hi or small talk. He seemed even annoyed and angry in my presence which is so confusing. Yesterday, he walked by me few times without a word until finally he forced himself to ask me a question (small talk). He looked forced and his smile was forced too (never seen him like this before). I answered and he quickly left. He seems to still be friendly with other coworkers. What is going on here? I have a crush on him but feel upset by his sudden change
Probably has nothing to do with you.
I would say go out of your way to shine on a nigga, and if he is still a bitch write him off.
What kind of company is it and what job do you do there? Maybe you fucked up something that affected his work?
Otherwise, he's probably just going through something in his life that's affecting the way he's treating everyone. Ask other people about his behavior.
>. What is going on here?
Bullshit gossip and back talk.
>hell is other people

File: 1555069887315.jpg (148 KB, 684x872)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
I have a crush on someone who is basically a neet who has had maybe a partial girlfriend once in his life and that was it. I feel like maybe it would be really dumb to try and pursue someone who has such limited experience with women but on the other hand there's just so much about his personality that I like. He gets so excited to talk about games and manga and stuff he likes and he loves sharing it with people that I constantly find myself asking him to show me new things he likes just to hear him get excited.
I have been working on sending him signals I like him but its not working. Someone else in our mutual friend group however did notice so clearly I'm being obvious enough for someone who has more experience with woman. Also if I am not directly talking to him about something he likes he gives me only one to two word responses. It makes me unsure if he likes me very much if at all. He has also mentioned before that hes not really actively looking for a gf but wouldn't be opposed to the idea.
So I'm basically just really confused and need some help from a third party, what do you guy think? I'd ask someone else but my mutual friend group is so small that the only person I would have to ask is the one person who found out and I have already bothered them too much about this topic.
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You are worth being kind to. Mostly if you can see value in a damn neet. You obviously have a very good heart. Like I said. Learn to love YOU. You'll get a real man, be patient.
you don't know enough about OP to actually say that she's worth more than some NEET.
You are a special fucking unicorn and i adore you

That being said just tell him. Who knows, maybe youll be the one to turn his life around and make him fix himself into a more independent, respectable guy
Again, a pile of shit is worth more than a neet. You'd have to be pretty fucking worthless to not be worth being with a neet
If you like him what's the problem.
If you don't want to ask then hang around more and the convo will lead in the right direction.

My boyfriend is aspergers smart and I don’t know how to catch up. Some days I think maybe I’m actually retarded because I feel like I can’t mentally keep up with him. I have terrible memory and have a hard time absorbing his wisdom. How do I get on the same level as my boyfriend so that I can keep him mentally interested? Or should I just see a doctor and get the sped diagnosis?
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>Typical fags aren't any more likely to whip their dicks out than anyone else.
How many pride parades do we have again?

>Criminalizing prostitution is socially damaging.
Prostitution is socially damaging--I said "that doesn't mean I don't want to criminalize".

>That's not degenerate, or anything that "society" has to "climb out of."
Of course it is, you just don't value anything that would be negatively impacted by your degeneracy.
>: one that is degenerate (see DEGENERATE entry 1) : such as
>a : one degraded from the normal moral standard
>b : a sexual pervert
You are rejecting the negative connotation of the word--the word itself has a clear meaning.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>How many pride parades do we have again?

Pride parades aren't about whipping your dick out, you succoran flipandorbatch.
>Prostitution is socially damaging

To whom?

If somebody want to sell their body, it's their fucking body.

You could sell yours. You just don't want to.

Neither do I.

So what?

Let people do what they want. It's no skin off your back.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>To whom?
To everyone who lives in the society where it is rife. You go and look at the typical prostitute, and tell me that they're living happy and fulfilling lives. The whores themselves are only a part of the problem--the 'customers' are devaluing sexual morality every time they buy a 'service'.

>Okay, first of all - I could define "stupid" as that which is not smart, and then affix that label to you
Knuckledraggers of all sorts call their opponents "stupid", but it's rarely accurate and never is it for the right reasons. If I value certain things, there are going to be optimal and non-optimal ways of achieving them. One is stupid if they pick an objectively poor method of reaching their values. One is not stupid for having a given value.
>You don't need a fucking dictionary because I'm fluent in English.
Evidently I do, since you like to argue semantics and then get asshurt when I show you that I'm using words in the proper sense. Or perhaps you'd like to explain how a legal system can't pander (per the definition you claim you don't need, "indulge") to gays. Don't want me to bring up the dictionary? Then get the definitions right on your own.

>No, you weren't.
Tell yourself what you want, but remember it's a baseless fabrication and still irrelevant to the argument at hand.

>I honestly think that if you thought I was gay, you'd think I was lesser, and that's the whole fucking problem here
Nonsense. I think you're already a subhuman, you being gay or not has very little to do with it.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Dump him and date me.

File: 1551565108761.jpg (309 KB, 1600x1200)
309 KB
309 KB JPG
i just spent the entire day socializing and now i'm replaying it all back through my head and remembering points where i was slightly awkward and cringing at myself
why do i do this to myself? how do i stop?
I do this pretty frequently but I try to remember that they aren't going to remember those moments of awkwardness for very long. If it was really bad you might laugh about it in a few months, just remember that its much worse from your perspective than it is from theirs.
I grew up doing this. It's your subconscious trying to fix your autism by showing you what you're doing wrong. Its basically making you more self aware. Over time the autism wont be so bad and you'll be less socially awk.
It's like touching a a hot stove you don't do it again. And go easy on yourself. You can't change what already happened it's useless to stress about.
you can't you're completely fucked I've been successful and happily married for years and I still mostly remember negative shit throughout the day. the difference is that I stopped apologizing to myself for it. I don't give a fuck
>how do i stop?
I think you know.

File: tenor.gif (46 KB, 220x167)
46 KB
How do I gain the ability to pick up on signals that a girl is into me?
If she comes up to you to say Hi all on her own
don't be autistic while speaking to a girl and pay attention
if she is comfortable taking a giant wet shit right before your very eyes
If she touches her hair or rolls her eyes or has like a childish like voice all of a sudden or sounds like she's trying to get a favor.
Basically you look at dog and you compare.
Dog wants a treat bitch wants a bone.
I walked by a girl at my apartment complex today, I guess we'd never really even met face to face before despite living a few doors down for like 3 months. Anyway we looked at eachother and she was a lot cuter then I realized, and she looked at me wide eyed a bit (pretty sure thats not just in my head). Anyway this lasted for a few seconds while I walked by her.

Was this just her looking at me and I'm being autistic or was she showing interest and I should leave a note under her door asking her out?

File: 1508341502263.png (69 KB, 328x277)
69 KB
>wasted 4 years in community college, forced to take several 4-10 credit semesters
>no vehicle
>every interaction with mother is just shaming, long lectures about I'm a failure with no future, or talking about how I'll get thrown out out
>didn't throw a party for her 50th on top of this
>time wasted is treated like a cardinal sin that I can never recover from
>nothing but a part time retail job
How do I get out of this lifestyle? I feel like I can't influence anything in my life at all, what's the way out of this?
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Go join the army. I hear they give 40k enlistment bonuses for 11b now. Got me into shape got me motivated I went back to school and knocked out a bachelor's start to finish in three years debt free.
Find a new mom
>Go join the army
subhuman kike detected. nice try.

What changes?

Pretending not to realize that community college is mostly a way for people to make money?

Your problem is that you know too much.

However you can best sell your labor is however best you can sell it.

Whether it's porn, writing essays for people, or underwater welding, it's labor.

So like, find your market, mah nigga.

You don't need to change anything.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: tnyPcfR.jpg (91 KB, 736x911)
91 KB
>long lectures about I'm a failure with no future, or talking about how I'll get thrown out out
So many memories.

File: wikihow-start-a-cult.jpg (56 KB, 700x506)
56 KB
If your therapist says something about it not being a good time to date because you're fucked up or something, is it reasonable then to have soulless casual sex (as I have heards it described, though as usual on this board, I don't fucking know shit about that) or will that just fuck me up more?

Let's forget the rejection shit and whole inexperience thing. What I really want to know is this: I have been told that casual sex without a relationship feels emotionally painful anyway and that essentially the reason some people can do it is because they've done it so much they've built up a wall.

Is this true?
Bro no.

They mean that you are not fit to have any sort of romantic relationship with another person.

Your shits all fucked up.
soulless casual sex is not something that will help you in any way

A few years ago I started drinking alcohol, doing DXM, DPH, Datura, Pseudoefedrine, Methylphenidate... (whatever drug was easy to get)
Now in the last few months I started quitting all drugs and now im only stuck with alcohol withdrawals that I deal with Valium (Which im tapering off, evem though its only been like a week using it)

Well now that Im mostly sober Ive been starting to have paranoid thoughts about having HIV even though ive never had unprotected sex because I my alcohol withdrawals had rashes... The intrusive thoughts about the rashes and potentially having HIV is sapping all my motivation and makes it harder to quit valium.
Find a place that does a HIV Test and get a non disclosure agreement signed with it so it is private, get it out of the way. If you're dead, you're dead, might as well not live the rest of the life you have on drugs, right?

HIV by the way is not the death sentance it once was. There are cures on the horizon.

You are learning to deal with your issues instead of running away. The more you do that, the better you will get at it, and the less you will need anything.

The physical structure of your brain is going to be goofed up from drugs, this is called somatization. Your brain needs to rewire itself, your brain chemistry needs to rebalance itself. You need to give yourself miniumum a year off of drugs and eating and living clean to get back to balance. Make sure you have the things in your life to do that. If you have the resources, see a psychiatrist and talk to them about cognitive restructuring. There are reasons people get into bad situations, you need to work your way out of yours.

There will be eureka moments where you go "Holy hell that was a bad idea". When those happen, a wound goes away. You want to find as many of those as possible.

Good luck.

6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Meh, whatever you say
Why do I get the impression that the guy was handsome?

Did his delivery really change anything? Come on now...
>How to confess to girl you like them
you don't, women like the chase
No no no! You fool.

Never fucking confess shit, you ask her out.

“Hey, jessica. I think you’re beautiful, would you like to have coffee and walk around lake winnabaraskaramuioa with me?”

And no, once you show that you want more than friends, you can never go back. But thats the risk, and the risk is what makes them attracted to you in the forst place. If you arent taking a risk to askt them out youre failing.
Not possible

Hi /adv/,

I think this young lady is offering to partner swap her husband with me. I can't say yes, because I don't speak for other people, including people who are not my girl friend, even though she invited me to this event. How can I get her to say yes to me, and maybe the other 2 can work things out, if they are interested?
This is the best move. If she isn't down move off that bitch and find someone who is. Life is way harder when there are unanswered questions for shit you could have done but didn't.
Listen, I'm just going to let them go on and do whatever they do without me. It doesn't seem like they can make independent decisions, and that's a little annoying, but it just feels like it takes their whole group to equal me and just can't act as individuals yet. Okay?

How do I trick doordash into giving me free food?
File: 1556944678047.jpg (21 KB, 500x500)
21 KB
So you want to turn "doordash" into "dine and dash"
Complain enough about the food quality and you can get a credit but no free food unless you do a chargeback on your card.

File: 1520570538348.jpg (48 KB, 657x527)
48 KB
How much does getting fit improves your looks in a 10 scale number?

Like getting ottermode, how many points does it increases your sex appeal?
58 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
If you out-grew 85lb dumbbells and 400lb barbells within 6 months then you unironically have pretty high tier strength genetics.
Yes because that is boring and inassertive.
I'm saying I went through high school without any girl noticing me. Everyone was hooking up and shit, everybody was getting asked on dates getting invitations to parties etc while I was nonexistant and I certainly didn't get any rando girl come up to me to just small talk or whatever then after I lost all the extra weight and after I started taking care about my appearance girls would just randomly start talking to me anywhere. I would often just sperg out at the beginning. It took me quite some time getting used to any kind of attention.
Probably subjective, and it's hard to give yourself an objective number because tastes differ. I went from 4/10 to 6/10. Maybe 7 or 8 if I put in some effort with hair styling, dropping the glasses, etc.
You shouldn't expect wonders but it definitely does something. And the confidence you'll gain will make you feel great.
>after I started taking care about my appearance girls would just randomly start talking to me anywhere. I would often just sperg out at the beginning. It took me quite some time getting used to any kind of attention.
kek 100% the exact same thing. it was like almost happened overnight. i mean it's great but i sure didn't know how to handle myself at first. really was kinda like this:

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