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I love my fiancé and we want to marry basically ASAP. For context, we're in a long distance relationship for now, and we could make the immigration much more easier for me once we're married (which we wanted to do anyways). The problem that I have though is that I don't really have friends here and that none of us has contact to either of our families.
So it would basically be that us both go to the city hall one day and get married with no witnesses or best men.
I'm usually okay with this, but a part of me is afraid I would feel terrible and awkward on our most important day.
Will there be looks of pity in the official's eyes?
Will there be questions regarding that?
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Eloping is a tale as old as time.
No problem. Im going through something similar, and the whole situational nature of wanting to get married now is one of the biggest things holding me back.
It's so common there's a word and specific procedure for it, dude.
Pro-tip, the big wedding ceremony isn't legally binding. You aren't actually married till you sign the license.
In God's eyes you are.

Lately, i‘ve developed an issue with my husband watching porn.
Now what? So far, i had no problem with it and all of a sudden, it starts to make me lose respect for him. How tf do i deal with this?
Pornography harms your ability to empathize and pair bond. You should lose respect for him.
I mean, i‘ve been aware of the detrimental effects of porn for a long time. But for some reason, it hasn't bothered me till now because i rationalized that i am not expecting my husband to only lust after me for the rest of our life.
But it has started to creep up on me. Not the porn per se, the fact that he‘s so depending on some videos of random whores willingly showing off all their gaping holes. It‘s just - how am i supposed to respect him if he watches stuff like that on a daily basis? Somehow it‘s like there was a sudden switch in my brain and now i can‘t help but feel disgusted.
I really don‘t want that. It takes a huge toll on me and obviously on our relationship.
I don‘t want him to feel bad or ashamed, i haven‘t told him about my sudden change of mind. I first need to let this settle and try to untangle the reasons why it started bothering me. I was hoping you guys could help me do that.
Is this something you only feel towards your husband, or have you developed negatice feelings towards any frequent porn watchers?

If the former, this isnt about the porn and theres some underlying issue you havent dealt with.

If its the later then you probably just need to loosen up.
>how am i supposed to respect him
He doesn't have any other respectable qualities?

File: DyIquvwX0AA3dHW.jpg (30 KB, 500x460)
30 KB
It's now 1800 on Friday. Earlier today I got a girl's number who I think I have a chance with. I want to go out on a date with her tomorrow, but I always hear that you should never text/call a girl the same day you get her number.

Should I text/call her to ask her out tomorrow, even though I just got her number today?
Wtf. Do you really want to lead a life like mystery‘s? What a sad sack of shit. Get a better mentor or even better, just do what you want to do instead of sticking to some „technique“. That would be some refreshing big dick energy.
Honestly, yeah, the other anon is right. Be confident in your moves. I've never been confident in my moves and I think it's telling that I haven't had a lasting relationship. I have had lasting one-sided crushes, though. Don't be like me. Go with the flow
wait the general 3 day rule. buy I've waited a whole week on e with a woman after I got her number and she didn't reply to me even though she seemed very interested.

File: 1526534008769.jpg (108 KB, 764x956)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
What do I do when I'm outright being ignored? I know I should focus on something else which is what I'm doing but I'm confused because this person hasn't answered me in over a week even though they're actively posting. The last message they sent was a voice message so I don't think it's a 'loss of interest', it could be but it feels like I have to solve it.
I want to tell them that the delay makes me uncomfortable, what should I do here?
Ignore them back.

Guys,I was going out to see a guy that I met online, he was going to suck my dick, but anyways. He said he would come by bus, it's normal in our cities that there are buses that go around the centre and sub urbs, everyone is using them. So he sent me a message that he was here, I went to the station and he wasn't there so I decided to wait, then he sent me a message : Im by the forest entrance.
My hearth dropped, I saw a car going up the forest entrance a minute ago.
I was suspicious but I went and took a look.
And there it was, the fucking car and by it 2 grown men. I don't even know how I ran that fast when one of them said my name.
Now I'm at home, in safety, telling my story to you guys. I deleted my dating site profile.
Never FUCKING again.

Anything like this happened to you ? Tell me
Don't know what to do now.
>online dating
>meet in a forrest
Was almost natural selection.
If they don't meet in public at a restaraunt where people will see them, report the profile/block and move on. Human trafficking is at an all time high these days.
I don't know why but I somehow believed him. He peŕoceeded to ring my phone like times, I blocked him. It was pretty dumb but I'm just glad I made it out ok.
Why have you blocked his number instead of collecting evidence for the police? If not you then they're going to kill someone else.
God is punishing you for your sins, re think your life and go straight

File: Finnish Bear.jpg (222 KB, 1038x1459)
222 KB
222 KB JPG
hobbies vs. career
>just graduated
Facing a dilemma about what jobs to choose. I live in Los Angeles, and I have to choose between staying here, or moving out to the midwest.

Out here, I attend martial art classes with two really cool instructors, and I'm part of a magician's club. I really like the hobbies, but I won't be credentialed in my field until I'm 30 if I stay out here, just do to the competition in the field.

If I go out to the midwest, I'll be leaving behind all my friends and fun hobbies, but I'll be credentialed in four years. I could then come back out to California, probably get a nice condo, or just stay out in the midwest and live like a 50's family.

Any advice from older folks here?
There‘s no right answer.
Stick to the path that you truly want and not the one you feel obligated to take.
After you‘ve made your decision, commit to it 100% and never look back and play the what if game.

Toss a coin. Once the results are in, you‘ll know if it you‘re relieved or disappointed and can go from there.
>I attend martial art classes
>I'm part of a magician's club
How's virginity treating you?
I'm not a virgin. I just like doing stuff I think is cool.

File: 1554995914488.png (1.35 MB, 1280x703)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB PNG
I don't feel like a real human being. I don't feel like my thoughts, feelings and experiences are legitimate. I feel like I am totally unique, but in a BAD way. Like I am so fucked up and mentally abnormal that no other human on earth is like me. Do I have any chance of a normal life? How do I fix this?
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Thinking you are a special snowflake doesn‘t mean you think you‘re better than everyone else. It means you just think that somehow you are unique. You are not. Everything you ever experienced, someone somewhere has gone trough the same shit.
Believe me, you‘re the only person who actually pays attention to how your head is positioned or how your arms move. For some reason, you decided that those are facts and now your whole focus is on finding clues that strengthen that theory of yours. That‘s no way to live life, stop it!
>You are not. Everything you ever experienced, someone somewhere has gone trough the same shit.
Trust me I wish more than anything that could be true...
I want to be a normal being. I realized at 10/11/12 years old that I wasn't normal, that I wasn't like the other kids. Ever since that age I have been continuously striving to become NORMAL. Being normal is the ultimate goal in my life, I want to be like everyone else and to be accepted and embraced by society.
Read No Longer Human. Spoiler: it doesnt get better
I didn‘t say you‘re normal. Whatever the fuck that means. I said you‘re not the only one not fitting into social norms. Besides, a person who actually fits the social norms would be a freak anomaly. Most people just fake the areas where they don‘t fit. Honestly, i‘d rather not fit than fake fitting in. Sounds like a good way to losing all dignity.
Hey me too!

File: 1558534949325.jpg (218 KB, 1242x1300)
218 KB
218 KB JPG

my retarded brother can't take care of his parrots. They're big, and stuck in a cage that would be considered small even for little birds.
On top of that, the cage is unclean and their water supply is filled with poop. Since confronting him about this seems to do very little, do I give them away to an animal shelter? Or are there other options?
(No, they will not get killed there)
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Shoot the birds and get your brother hooked on crack

If this pic is even remotely legit I have fucking had it, fuck this gay earth. Consider me rattled.

Also, birds need their water changed every day because yes they shit in it. Also food attended to/freshened up if not replaced daily or every 2 days at least. If he can't do these things he shouldn't own birds. Give them to a shelter or to someone who can look after them properly.
Kill your brother, then take the birds to a shelter or set them free
the pic is actually not bad. I don't listen to Stormzy, but I don't think every kid can appreciate Mozart. Instead of picking one artist tho, I think kids should be able to pick a few selected artists that have pronounced whatever's relevant for the class.
fuck off, edgelord, this is why you're not a normie.
I would agree with you on having different srtist for different tastes in schools. However rap isn't exactly music. Its just a few notes, with an over the top base and a bunch of monkey wailing about.

I was home schooled and feel like I missed out on high school. I basically just sat around my house all day and never did anything, never had friends, never had any experiences with girls etc.
This hurts really bad, like, REALLY bad. Some days I just can't shake the feeling, and I keep thinking about it. About how I spent my youthful years alone dealing with domestic abuse, about how my overbearing mother kept me in this state, and about how nothing has really ever changed. I'm 22 now and I still live in this shithole, and im getting ptsd symptoms and a bunch of other psych problems that I can't shake.
I know a lot of people here are going to empathize with the whole missing out thing, but unless you literally did not attend high school you can't know this level of isolation. It's making me wanna kill myself. I'm jealous of every teenager, I'm jealous of people who got bullied in HS. That's hard to understand but to me anything's better than stagnation. I wrapped myself up in all these dreams and aspirations and desires that ultimately got crushed by my circumstances and now I can't go back or fix it or make up for it in any way, and it just eats me away every single day and all I can do is try to ignore it but it never works, there's always something that makes it flare up again.
What should I do?
I’m in the exact same situation...
get a job.
School isn't that great and you lose touch with your classmates in less than a year.
I know that feel. There were only 40 kids in my whole high school when I graduated. It really fucks you up to not be able to make friends. The fact of the matter is that you have abusive parents and shouldn't feel like you owe them anything
job > college > job
you still have plenty of time, teens are stupid and clueless, you didn't miss out on shit
enjoy your 20s cus it's fleeting as fuck

File: 1542322382569.jpg (96 KB, 867x685)
96 KB
2 hot chick walking by just complimented my boots and said that I'm hot as fuck. Was i wrong not asking for their number immediately? I just mumbled "T-thank you" like a retard...

Anyways i feel so good anons. It was the first time i got compliments from cute 3d girls. Maybe i still have a little chance to escape inceldom afterall...
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They were taking the piss anon.
File: 1547159129530.jpg (82 KB, 640x360)
82 KB

Nah, i'm not that retarded, anon.. i could tell if they were fucking with me, but thank you for your concern.
No worries OP. There's always next time.

One time I was with my friend and we saw that there was a big private mma fight event happening at DTLA. We went to the security guards and asked how do we get in. They said its $100 and me and my friend left. I told my friend "nah I'm not paying, I'm going to get in for free" Then I shit you not, I found a broken wristband on the floor after a minute walking away from the event. I told my friend hey I'm going to find some tape, and then went to a store and asked if they had any I can use. Long story short, I got in and my friend took a video on it. Craziest day of my life and I'm so glad that I got a video of it!
I had a three girls drive beside me and try to flag me down on the freeway once. They were mouthing things like “you’re hot” and “pull over”. They even looked cute and I wasn’t driving anything particularly nice. If I actually stopped to talk to them it probably would’ve just spoiled it, though I do wonder.
Jesus, some of these threads are amazing.

File: desi.jpg (36 KB, 525x700)
36 KB
how bad did I fuck up?
>me, 21
>visiting my grandparents in germany from USA
>have to take a train from a city in north germany to where they live in south germany
>the Deutsche Bahn is being a piece of shit again and changed the track at the last second confusing everyone
>help a girl with her suitcases and make some small talk. end up sitting next to her
>she's bulgarian, maybe 18-20 years old, cute as a button and has beautiful big brown eyes
>being sort of flirty and just making conversation with her for two hours straight, sort of consoling her because she was pretty upset that the train is late and she will miss her connection
>but several times throughout I looked her in the eyes and we just looked at each other for 5+ seconds
>anyway when her stop comes around I try to play it cool and tell her goodbye
>this is partially because I was extremely tired and not focused but also partially because my self confidence is really low
>never got her contact info, didnt hug her goodbye, didnt make any moves or anything like the beta I am
>three days later, I can't think about anything but her
>seriously I slept 2 hours last night because I couldn't get her off my mind
>so anyway today I finally have wifi and I hunted her down on messenger (this took a long time because all I had was a name and a city, and I've learned that her name is extremely common in bulgaria)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Oh i am so bumping this thread if necessary. Godspeed op
You have two choices, contact her and hope for the best. Don't contact her and there's nothing to hope for.
Yes be sure to report back, this is a nice wholesome story :3
Meh, of she was interested, she‘d asked for your number.
This whole „i‘ve combed trough the whole city to find you“ thing is only romantic in Hollywood movies. Irl it‘s creepy.

File: 1558308641677.jpg (142 KB, 688x796)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
Does anyone have any tips on how to increase social value/standing in groups/in general?
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Learn how to do sh*t. People find you more interesting if you know stuff and/or how to do stuff. If you like biking, fishing, etc it's cool and you get extra points if you do this well. Have hobbies where you do stuff outside, that's all there is to it really.
Just don't over do it, trust me if you do it all the time people can take advantage of you. Being a nice guy can be tricky to pull off even if you have good intentions, you have to balance it out.
What do you define as overdoing it?
Be a first responder. If someone is acting like a fool, be the first to point it out. If there is music, be the first to dance. Where to eat, be the first to name a place.
Doesn't that just make you pushy?

File: cockslut.jpg (373 KB, 960x731)
373 KB
373 KB JPG
Okay, inspirational bullshit and "you can do it, anon! :)" aside, how do I ACTUALLY get a gf?
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Imagine if the risks of rejection weren't so great.

I've met very unsuccessful people who fear rejection and see courtship as a daunting test. I have met very successful people who don't fear rejection and see courtship as a game.

I've met enough varieties of the aforementioned types to know that looks mean little compared to the mindset of the man.

So, again, try to imagine for a moment a world wherein you do not see the risk of rejection being so terrible. Imagine a world wherein you view courtship in a positive light.

We live within, and are influenced by, our own perceptions to a great degree.
you know what people say online or think in their heads isn't magically projected out into the minds of women right? A lot of men with gfs probably have sexist views that their gf doesn't know about. a misogynist can get laid as long as they don't express their views in public
The only thing women care about is your dick. The only reason they want you to be dominant, is because they want to be dominated. Now, to visualize how absurd this truly is, just flip genders. Imagine just caring about nothing other than a woman's pussy. You would date a hambeast if she had the right pussy. That's what it's like to be a woman.
Even if you manage to immunize yourself against rejection it'll still make you jaded.
tfw small dick

File: 15570699213.jpg (70 KB, 1280x720)
70 KB
I can't take it anymore.


I NEED, do you hear me.

Lets do it bro. I’m the one putting it in your ass though
hire a prostitute
Actually this so you can realize sex won't solve all or likely any of your problems
Pay for sex. If you're poor - that just means you ain't getting it from any other girl anyway cause don't nobody wanna fuck broke dick. Time for a job.

File: exhentai found 0.jpg (217 KB, 534x934)
217 KB
217 KB JPG
How do you learn to live with the fact girls won't ever desire you sexually as strongly as you desire them? I'm not talking about love but about sexual energy, I'm extremely sexual and everything about my gf drives me wild, I know she's attracted to me sexually but it's not nearly as strong as the sheer lust I feel for her.
That‘s just a biological fact. Think about it, it makes a lot of fucking sense that girls are a bit more sexually reluctant since they would be the ones being pregnant and having a child to look after for two decades. The female body still operates on the premise that every sexual encounter might result in pregnancy.
Also, men are in heat 365 days a year. Girls are in heat about 3 days a month. Don‘t expect male and female sexuality to be the same or you‘ll just get bitter and simultaneously make your gf feel like something‘s wrong with her sexuality. Which is not true in the least. And vice versa, nothing‘s wrong with you either.
based and /thread

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