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File: IMG_20190122_073901.jpg (38 KB, 500x522)
38 KB
Where can i find horny 40+ ladies that want to fuck a little18 yo guy like me
in your area
File: 1548074107124.jpg (79 KB, 512x512)
79 KB
In my mind, in my head

File: 1545524341078.png (389 KB, 780x880)
389 KB
389 KB PNG
>tfw want art gf

Planning on signing up for a life drawing class to hopefully meet new artists in my area, since I never went to art school. Should I expect people to not be sociable? I don't really wanna come off as a weirdo and I'm legit going because I've never drawn a nude live model and need practice, but I'd be nice to meet friends or a potential date there.

Speaking of, is there any types of meetups and events like these that can allow people to meet and enjoy themselves besides "lol just go to a club, m8" I don't drink, nor do I want someone who does. Trying to think outside the box here while also thinking of things I might enjoy even if I don't run into interesting people.
>dont want someone who drinks
Try to lower your standars. Also drinking is not bad, drunk people is.
I was an alcoholic during my depression and I'm not looking drink again. I have self control and still drink occasionally, sure, but I'd prefer I never drink again.

>lower your standards
Not doing one thing seems like a pretty low bar for dealbreakers.

does anyone know of any kind little discord support groups? i'm feeling really alone lately and thought it might help if i joined a little gang of people trying to help shoulder each other's emotional struggles but i'm apprehensive about joining one.
Don't. They are tar pits.
The ideal
>a bunch of broken people recognize that the only way they'll progress is to stand shoulder to shoulder with people who understand
>they form a web of support where the weak are able to find windfall, while those ahead find confidence and support behind them every step of the way
>all the while, they are together able to collectively digest reality and make strong realizations like "some of this is self-wrought; we are responsible for that ourselves"
>they give each other firm pushes in this direction when needed, supported by one another in both encouragement and pointing-out of mistakes

The reality
>a bunch of acerbic nerds huddle together exchanging memes, one-line quips about modernity and life with a pessimistic twist
>they foster all of their worst beliefs with groupthink, but manage to use the same groupthink to shoot down any positivity whatsoever
>together, they form a resentment of people who do not need a Discord to reinforce all their discussions and opinions, who can range from totally normal people to people who have suffered extensively, way more than they have, but who have beaten out their problems
>in the end, the 'web of support' becomes a web of justifications of why you're still there, instead of having demonstrable benefits to being there

The internet is where shitty people go when they can't hack it anywhere else. You shouldn't want to hang around them.
I appreciate the concern but I'm not going into this deluded thinking it'll be some perfect healing space full of well adjusted people with good coping mechanisms. I just wanna be part of a group where we talk about our feels even if every one is more fucked up and misguided than me.

File: 898.jpg (54 KB, 720x720)
54 KB
My best friend is of this kind and I'm curious how opinions very on this. I love him to bits don't get me wrong but sometimes I just find the idea that being an asshole is actually you really caring about someone hard to grasp.
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>Personally, I think "tough love" is generally abusive half the time.
You wasted quads on the dumbest thing I've heard all day.
>I'd rather have controlled assholes with good intentions
Most of the worst acts in human history were done with the best of intentions. Hell, most abusive acts are done with good intentions.
Yeah you're right. Rather than give unsolicited advice I'll just watch the trainwreck
You're not entitled to put your hands into other people's lives and "help" them. Especially if they haven't expressed consent to it. :/
I wouldn't want you on a construction site, that's for fucking sure.

File: 1548150906366.jpg (55 KB, 500x248)
55 KB
Any suggestion for a 28 yo female?

20 dollars top
A 20 dollar top might be alright, but get her size right.
You genuinely made me smile anon
>bath and body works gift set
>scented candles
Not that hard

File: images (2).jpg (10 KB, 263x191)
10 KB
i'm a small guy like 5'4 at 19
ever since my teens most girls and women have been taller than me and frustrates me that i can't find a girl to date that isn't taller than me and i refuse to date taller girls because i want to be like most couples were the guy is taller or at least the same hight as the girl
and i feel like a little boy instead of a grown man around most girls and can't stand it
is it really so bad to want to taller than the girl so i can hold her in my arms and stuff?
i don't care what others think but i refuse to date any girl that's taller than me no matter
and anyone who thinks i'm dumb isn't a manlet like me and understands what it's like to be trapped in a child like body while girls tower over you like your their little brother or something

any other manlets know this feel?
very funny, but women really do hate manlets, it's not even close to a meme
You are dooming your offspring to be manlets. Why dont you just approach every girl shorter than you? There are so few and far between, that you literally should.
Remember you have to take into account girls wearing heels. So I would aim for <5'2"

File: 20 years old.jpg (89 KB, 612x816)
89 KB
I am 20 years old and have a receding hairline hopefully they will let me buy alcohol, do you think this will work, if they ask anything I will act surprised and be like "I use Rogaine and you expect an ID!!!!"

Will it work?
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>legal drinkin age 21
>people actually check IDs
Come to mother Russia, truly land of the free.
>that hairline at 20
Anon...I'm so sorry.
>I am 20 years old and have a receding hairline
Doesn't mean you will pass.
>if they ask anything I will act surprised and be like "I use Rogaine and you expect an ID!!!!"
I'm 27 and I still get asked for ID, I have a beard and an 18" neck, people think I'm 30. If you try getting aggy over it they will tell you it is the policy or something because it's not worth losing their job over.

Seeing as you're saying "hopefully" and presuming that acting surprised will get you anywhere, you probably lack any emotional maturity and definitely lack social skills, you couldn't pull it off even if you wanted to, I also imagine you have a really bad baby face.
I’m 18 and look it and don’t get carded at a couple of the cheap liquor stores near where I live (USA). Just act like you belong there and buy a decent ($30+) amount of alcohol at once. Make sure it’s the most ratty looking place in a 2 mile radius of you that sells alcohol though.
File: 1546822382829.jpg (792 KB, 1087x1089)
792 KB
792 KB JPG
>21 to be able to drink

What the fuck.
21/22 is normally the age where you start getting bored of constantly drinking/taking drugs and going out and do it less often.

File: DxQnJRjUUAEy9Qz.jpg (31 KB, 490x491)
31 KB
Hello, i been studying sql for about 3-4 months now, taken two online courses and i feel like im good enough to work as a data analyst or junior dba. But for some reason im struggling to find a job or a position. I have some college done (dropped out because of money(about 1 year)) and aside from that, i have two positions. One as a computer technician for 5 months and a McDonald manager for 8. What can i put on my resume to make it more appealing to hr?

File: IMG_20190122_092852_266.jpg (155 KB, 1028x1028)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
Is it autistic if I wear this necklace while outdoors?
10 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
it's cringy asf.
don't bother my friend.
Do you have an outfit to match? Otherwise it will stand out like a sore thumb
It is not normal
But if you want to wear it,fuck it
Why wear it at all then?

Oh, fuck. Well, thanks then. Glad to know.

I'm 22 almost but I literally look 16-19 due to genes. It's like I stopped aging a few years ago.

Why so? I want to comprehend what's autistic about it so I understand better.

>Do you have an outfit to match?
Define that, please. I don't really know how you could match that since everyone's definition has been different.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Mimikyu necklace looks dope. Sylveon necklace looks crap.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (101 KB, 1280x720)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
A lot of the time I have desires to do things that are in some way quite destructive, or at the very least not healthy. A lot of the time I act on these desires. A good example is how I often cheat on my partner. I've been with her for about 5 years, and about twice a year or so I've found that I get a very strong urge to go and start another relationship, so I have have ten or so of these short lived, intense flings. The flings are more than just physical, there is usually a strong emotional aspect, but they always die out and I eventually abandon the person like they meant nothing to me.
I believe that, while I am in the middle of these affairs, I am both in love with my gf and with the girl I am having the affair with. I usually invent a completely new persona to the person I am cheating with, one that is to an extent designed to be more appealing to that particular person.
This behaviour is puzzling and I've not heard of anyone else do it except for my older brother. He doesn't really know what to make of it either, and even still the way he does these sorts of things and what he gets out of it is very different to me.
Why do I experience these desires, and why don't I feel bad about doing something that most people consider to be very bad?

File: arsmor56s-2.jpg (34 KB, 250x375)
34 KB
I was raised Catholic for about 3 years in my youth, our parents gave us the choice and everyone dropped it except for me. I've held on and really found the tenants and teachings really helpful to becoming the man that I am today.

Yet my life had not gone the way I thought it would. I think a part of me never really cared about adversity because I always said "if I work hard and don't do dumb stuff, I'll probably be okay". So I've done many things, pushed myself, but always been careful not to challenge God or think myself invulnerable. And truthfully, I've had a great life, even now, dropping out of university and being very depressed, I know that I'm still doing very well for myself and can't reall complain.

So what's the problem? Well, I thought I would be married by now and have children. I thought I'd have my own business running or at least making 100k+, but I work in service and make 30k(working part time) and have never had a girlfriend. I went to Catholic highschool and two girls propositioned me marriage, it scared me and I just wasn't thinking about sex or marriage. They both ended up marrying fellow classmates and having children. I've tried so hard to find Catholic girls to date, they always turn me down. I went so far as to try and date agnostic girls, but many of them just mocked my faith or walked away when I said I'd want to wait for sex until I felt comfortable.

It's gotten so bad that I've even considered the girls in relationships trying to cheat with me, escorts and even sex dolls as of today. There are other factors, my parents divorcing, lots of cheating around me, etc that have eroded my belief the last five years. I'm thirty now and have no hope that the future I thought of is real .
3 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I've read psalms millions of times and used it to help me through much in my life. As I said, the faith has helped me a lot in life. My problem is that my faith is disappearing at this point because I feel as if I can't make progress in finding someone else that matches me. Where is God in all of that? I'm turning 31 in a week...never been in a relationship. I don't even want relationships, just one person will do, one good, loyal person with integrity and heart. I'm not perfect, I'm jealous, bitter and wanting to buy a freaking sex doll for companionship, but that's because in worn out. I've thrown myself out there over and over again, been rejected so many times, been hit on so many times for sex, but never once her someone who said; "sure. Let's walk together without the pressure of sex, keys just get to know each other first". Everywhere I look it's the same thing, getting worse with time. And I keep thinking, "If God were real, and I have been a decent son, shouldn't I at this point have that?" I don't want to have sex with just anyone, I wanted to have a family someday, but it seems that all I can find are people who demand sex before a relationship.
for the love of spaghetto don't get children or at least don't indoctrinate them
Indoctrinate? What indoctrination is there? It's a path of life that one can choose to follow or not, just like any other. There's nothing wrong with raising children to be good upstanding citizens, even better if they can go beyond that.
I don't think the idea of God or God's being real is even the problem, because if I don't do harm or cause it for my own gain, then that's all that matters. The problem is that many people seem okay with doing harm to get what they want and we sugar coat it under "do what makes you happy", while harming our neighbours for fleeting things.
Well I guess there's no point chasing a fleeting dream anyway. Thanks.

File: 72691-1532336916.jpg (42 KB, 640x360)
42 KB
Is it wrong for a 26 year old shutin to go for 18-20 year old girls? I don't trust females that are older than 20 and not in a serious relationship.
11 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Not OP but it's Pretty obvious, since it's so easy for women to get a BF it's weird that they would be single at that age, there has to be a reason
A) you're not going to like what happens to them on the birthday the year following their 20th.
B) younger girls are more likely to explore, especially around those 'fresh out of high school' ages.
C) girls are usually into older guys because they provide a release from teenaged life; being a shut-in is kind of the opposite of that release (IE what they've been doing in high school).

You're basically hoping to find a weeb girl, but most weeb girls are going to recognize the age gap for what it is and want someone their age so that they're ensured they have common ground and understanding with them.

There are so many answers to 'there has to be a reason' that it's far easier for me to say 'why don't we just admit that you have no luck with women anyway and are hoping that shooting young will keep your chances high and their standards low'
I don't get why you guys all think young women are so patently retarded that they've forgotten all about your social insecurities, your inability to grasp the meaning of confidence and your complete unwillingness to mesh with other people at the costs of compromise and comfort zones.
Her being young does not mean you're back to being young and thus back to all these behaviors not being years-long fixtures to your lives.
I had a boyfriend from age of 15 to age of 23, but it didn't work out. It's actually a lot weirder to be single at 18 when you're at your prime physically and around boys all day every day.
How did you manage it

T. 26
Buttmad roast cool wine aunt

Why the fuck every time I stop working, I feel like shit? Like I'm going to have 2 weeks off uni, today's the first day and I already want to go back and not feel like a piece of shit. Is work a distraction from life and I created a way to cope with being sad?
Find a hobby friend. Go on a hike make something. You need distractions. You're a healthy human and feel useless after not being active that is good you want to be useful but for now kick back and relax jerk off or something. Go to a bar meet some people
Get one hobby for the mind, like learning a language
Get one hobby for the body, like working out in the gym, or hiking or swimming or whatever

Try to do them with other people, not just alone in your room.

File: DxNKQ6SUwAABj8_.jpg (176 KB, 961x1200)
176 KB
176 KB JPG
I was just offered a job at a major life insurance company. It's a commission-only sales position. I personally am very good at sales, but i'm not sure if i'm getting played by taking a job like this.

Does anybody have experience with a commission-only job at a well established company?
Am I getting played?
Any advice?
Have fun being guaranteed nothing, flinting people for bullshit that clearly doesn't sell itself, and attempting to justify why your sales were low today
File: olKtBYP.jpg (209 KB, 1107x1029)
209 KB
209 KB JPG
I realize i'm guaranteed nothing, i'm not illiterate. They wouldn't need sales people if insurance sold itself.
You response is useless and redundant
Source on the woman?
File: 1512318076493.jpg (87 KB, 640x640)
87 KB
I wish i knew
Autumn Flint on Facebook or something like that.

File: 3514614.png (49 KB, 419x254)
49 KB
how do I get a job? throughout highschool i never had a job, I applied for some but never got a reply, now i am still a full time student but i would like to develop independent savings. Frankly as well, relying on my parents income is increasingly embarrassing.
I really dont know how to formulate a resume especially with my lack of experience

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