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File: maxresdefault (10).jpg (119 KB, 1280x720)
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I'm been an ex-Muslim for a long time and told my parents half a year ago. At first they were a bit upset, but accept it. However they always act as if I will eventually return to Islam and that there is so much to the religion (they want me to return, but not through force). My dad isn't too religious but believes, my mom takes religion seriously, but doesn't practice extremely (e.g. doesn't wear hijab).

I've been thinking of preparing a document outlining every issue I have with Islam using verses from Qu'ran, Hadith (words of Muhammad) and debunking common logical arguments used by Muslims. Sounds fun to write.

Should I actually do this though? I know I'll never be disowned or anything, but I don't want my mom to mentally struggle or feel sad, especially at her age (50) since she thinks more emotionally and loves religion and tradition (in an old-fashioned Western country way, not radical Muslim). My dad will probably be fine with it. I can finally explain my side and show that my beliefs are well-founded.

This a good idea guys?
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write it out as a fun exercise if you must. but yeah, if your parents aren't part of the problems, you probably shouldn't bother inviting the chaos in.
File: 1557942786612.png (21 KB, 788x699)
21 KB
Regardless of whether or not you show your parents, you should still make that document and then reflect afterwards on how you feel.

Also, please upload it and link us.
I just leave adults to their shit. People 38ish and up are pretty much locked in their world.
When times change, maybe we'll be in ours, maybe not, but I don't think anything you do will convince them. Like flat-earthers, I think religious people consciously choose this knowing that, in life, there is positively no comeuppance for anything and then you die and it abruptly ends all at once.
dont write it down and give it to them you fucking retard. if anything use it to organize/remember your ideas and confront them verbally

I have all the information needed to put this man on blast. I just need a helper. He raped a 13 year old girl and I want someone to pass the information along to the girls mom.
Why not just notify the police yourself? Pretty sure that would ruin his life, too. Too cowardly to get your hands dirty and actually have to take a stand for something?
Nah not your personal army. If he is guilty of a crime, report him to the police.
Okay, prove he's a rapist
The police are your helpers. You can even put in an anonymous tip if you're too much of a pussy to call in directly. Do it. Be a hero.

>Casually date a chick for 3 months
>Lose interest, break up
>Few weeks later "Anon I'm pregnant"
>Both agree we aren't in position to have it
>She goes in for medical abortion
>Keep in touch while this process is wrapping up
>Drift away and cut contact
>Texts me out of the blue
>"Anon I'm still pregnant, I don't know how"
>Apparently she has paperwork from the clinic saying she went
>Has decided to keep it
>Says I don't have to be involved
>Is 18 weeks pregnant now
>Has done nothing by party for the last 4 months
>Family is pretty well off financially

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If you didn't want a child shouldn't have slept with a random girl without protection. If it lives you should be in its life in some way.

This is the consequence of sticking your dick in places.
Were you with her when she had the abortion?

You should prepare to man up. Get a lawyer if you want, but you probably won't win this one. If anything, the lawyer will be damage control if you really really don't want to stay with her.

Maybe if you're lucky she actually doesn't want you in the picture, but be prepared for her to go back on that promise. You could try acting like a bum and hope she sees you as dead weight to really make her not want you around? Maybe pretend like you took up drugs, just make yourself gross. But uhh start saving up money now and prepare for the worst. Child support and a lawyer ins't cheap.

>Were you with her when she had the abortion?
I was not... It's entirely possible she didn't actually go. Right now it's just a waiting game until the paternity test and things calm down some.

>is op
>responds to ways to avoid responsibility
>ignores everyone else

people only makes threads to hear what they want to hear. so many irresponsible men in this world
Irresponsible people. After all, she was part of it. At the same time, I get it. Sex feels good and is one of the few things in life that doesn't suck. People get caught up in a biological drive and lose their minds. I'd love to say I'm immune to that.

That said, a person is being born so time to step up. Not for some arbitrary moral imperative, but for society, OP. We have enough broken people in the world with daddy or mommy issues. Be a part of the kid's life and fix your mess.

File: 1558639775553.png (191 KB, 1248x1284)
191 KB
191 KB PNG
I don't really have friends irl bc I don't like most of my peers (OP here is 16, so I'd appreciate if u were kind to me :] ).
I mean, I've suffered from anxiety and stuff(ion want to bother u with the story of my life. I've always been rejected and never had many friends), but I just can't interact with people.
When I used to hang out, last year, depersonalisation used to kick in very often, and I'd either go home, leaving whoever Ive been out with alone, or I wouldn't talk.
I don't have any interest in common with young people around me: different tastes of music and memes, different interests and different conceptions of life (lately I've been thinking on how life is basically meaningless because we're just clusters of biomolecules and feelings are products of chemicals reacting in our brain).
I want to graduate in neurobiology or psychology, and I'm planning on moving abroad, somewhere in the us or Japan.
but I know that living like this, avoiding social contacts and not hanging out, won't led me anywhere.
How can I change all of this? My only real friends are sum ppl i met online and I feel misunderstood by my peers, even tho I don't like them.
You have to be 18 or older to post here.

File: 1558032861695.gif (1.52 MB, 499x281)
1.52 MB
1.52 MB GIF
delet this or you might get b&

File: exp.jpg (176 KB, 1200x1200)
176 KB
176 KB JPG
What is the best piece of life advice you can give me in one sentence?
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Love comes when you least expect it
What if I only have one very close friend
Not him but I suppose those are zeroes.
live your life, never eat yellow snow.
0 + 0 + 0 = ???

File: 1557800660320.gif (1.26 MB, 540x540)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB GIF
I'm bored of life and there isnt anything I really care about really doing. Lonely and just want a gf to be intimate with. I'm bored of everything else. I dont know if having a gf will fix my problems and me being apathetic about everything for some reason probably will get in the way of maintaining a relationship as well as finding one. Do I end it all? I feel trapped, bored, depressed and depending on my mood I also feel very hopeless in everything. Thinking about trying antidepressants as well.
Crazy that these days, death is a less fearful prospect to so many men than simply talking to a girl. Blows my mind

File: Basic Pepe.jpg (16 KB, 450x297)
16 KB
Just didn't know any other way to label it.

Don't suppose anyone has any idea how to deal with issues related to having a cock that goes for 4-5 hours straight without cumming as the girl says "Wow why is it still so hard?" right before squirting for the first time creating a beautiful memory that got quite a lot of use out of the spank bank? No? Shit, would have been nice if all the losers out there talking shit knew a thing or 2 :(.

I mean when you basically turn any girl you end up with into a cock crazy nympho cause you seemed to fuck her up somehow and the very real terror of not being able to ever trust a woman again becomes a very terrible possible future :/. Something like this, run of the mill or no? LOL ... sigh.

Just remember assholes that we don't all have great lives and some have it worse then others so learn when to whine like a woman the right way if thats the path you chose to take.
stop gripping your dick so hard when you masturbate

I just need someone to know I'm not ok.

>be me
>be depressed isolated fuck
>go to college and get mental health help
>make healthy relationships
>graduate BS chemistry with math minor
>leave college with sense of self worth
>move back home
>5 days post graduation ask strict parents for permission to visit college friend.
>get denied because money is tight and "you already had your fun" and "it's time to get serious"
>insist you have your own funds from side gigs
>get told to save that money
>insist again
>father slams the headphones you got him for xmass on the kitchen table

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
This is very very close to financial abuse, but not quite. What's stopping you from moving out?
I don't have a job yet. No way to pay any bills

File: or.jpg (178 KB, 650x507)
178 KB
178 KB JPG
is it ok to date an abo? I have a crush on pic related
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If she looks like that, yes
Thats a hell yeah. Wonder what is going on in there though.
Many people are now fapping to her.
I'm one of them.
yeah, and shes cute

but you are aware that you'll be dealin with all sorts of shit even if she is sane. Lots of people will dislike you for it, and also her extended family and friends will have more issues that you could even imagine.
on the plus side shes probably awesome in bed and lots of fun
Have you got any idea what their obligations are to their family.

You would be better off finding a Filo. At least then most of the family will be o/s and you will only end up sending money back home.

File: YcfEJzRE5D8FHk7gvwBW.jpg (82 KB, 640x640)
82 KB
In b4 FBI, 16 is the legal age here.

I'm 24. Ready to be condemned
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File: IMG_6012.jpg (329 KB, 866x723)
329 KB
329 KB JPG
Girls tend to mature faster, they're naturally more adept at this kind of thing, AND they get more opportunities to practice it. An 18 year old girl in 2019 will likely have a higher alcohol resistance and be more experienced at dating than you, OP, so I'd say go for it. But leave the honourable girls alone. Those are the ones people in this thread are worried about.
and who are the honorable ones? I doubt there is many in 2019, and why not go for them?
I should clarify I’m not married to the 17 year old. I’m married to at 25 year old that I’m cheating on
And she knows you're married? I feel knowing you're married makes it more exciting and tempting pfor her.
Countryman of yours here, OP. 27M, never been in a relationship, been let down twice.
I have no advice, but was hoping for some from you. Where do you usually meet girls, and how's the approach?

File: kaguya cri.jpg (99 KB, 1364x768)
99 KB
>I'm a 9, and you... eh, you're probably a 7.

something my boyfriend just said to me. i'm hurt
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File: 1554684595851.jpg (170 KB, 700x574)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
Take out his kneecaps and then call it even.
He's probably wrong, guys are notorious for overrating themselves. What a shitty thing to say to a girlfriend, though. If you haven't been dating long I'd dump him.
are you kidding?

OK let's just rephrase it. "Yeah I'm extremely attractive, and you? Well, you're attractive, sure."
Please tell me in what world that is OK without context? It isn't. If she BEGGED and goaded him into telling her what he felt on a rated system, ok, that is one thing. But to say this kind of thing without much context is truly a horrible thing to say. If he feels that way, why tell her, tell her he thinks she's a solid 7.5 and he's a 7.5, maybe an 8 (and laugh) like, you just don't do this I'm sorry.
You're bf is a dick. I am, as well. I'll sometimes make mean comments like this to my gf like call out her stomach fat and don't 100% know why. She's mostly very sweet to me. Sometimes it's because she annoys me and others because I legitimately feel that way.

I am mostly very good to her, but sometimes I say random shit like this if I'm being honest. Maybe I am trying to drive her away? Who knows, but I am trying to be better
Why tf would he say that? Is he negging you? Why neg someone you're already dating.

Go out to a bar and have half the bar offer you drinks, see how many offer him squat. Assuming you're femanon

File: 20190524_225218.jpg (370 KB, 922x830)
370 KB
370 KB JPG
Unprovoked illogical one sided arguments. Avoiding escalates, so does debating, or listening. Other party is impossible to satisfy. They are narcissistic so they believe they are teaching. No one calls them out. I am 100% subservient and loyal. I am used as a scapegoat for anger and self-resentment through pitiful complaints over non-existent problems. Distancing myself from this person is not an option at the moment. How can I demand respect? I can give more details if that helps.
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I live with them and I do 90% of the time but I don't want to sleep on the street and so they will wake me up and talk to me until I leave or when I get back if they aren't asleep
I am not home until I get sleep deprived and feel like I could pass out standing up and then I get dreams interupted by him and then leave its a neverending cycle been happening again since I had to move back a year ago
I thought about homeless shelter or welfare but I refuse to take assistance from anyone and ive been thinking about living in a bush in a tent but ill only b able to do that until winter
Op here, I think its possible to correct how he treats me so im tackling the problem head on
Op here, hes heard me say all this and more and nothing has changed

I am useless with technology. The other day my pc decided it wanted to stop cooperating. I can’t click on anything in my taskbar, or anything on my desktop that is a link to the internet. A lot of other things don’t want to work either, such as logging off or restarting, as they stay on those screens forever unless I manually turn it off on the button. I tried to do a system restore too and it failed. Wat do
Do a hard reboot (hold down the power button for at least 10 seconds)
Boot it in safe mode and run a virus scan.
Is it a windows PC? Any windows PC can be fixed in three simple steps:
> 1. Reboot the computer
> 2. If that doesn't work, back up your data and do a fresh reinstall of windows
> 3. If that doesn't work, it's a hardware problem so either take it to a professional or chuck it in the garbage and buy a new one
If you really are retarded send it to some repair center to do a format.

If you have a regular IQ get some external hard drive to save all your important data and format the PC yourself.

Is a lot easier that you may think, get windows from a reputable site (my digital life I think is where are the legit ones), put it in an external usb and reinstall windows.

You can probably find a fuckton of tutorials about this on the net.

Some cleaning never hurts, remove the dust from the fans and stuff
When in doubt, wipe and reinstall.

File: oKxXdLx.jpg (95 KB, 688x904)
95 KB
to those unaware just imagine that emotionally im anakin skywalker and the girl I like is padme. Cause the days she gives me short replies I get into this cycle of cynicism and if or when she talks to other people it always feels like she's getting away from me.

I only get this feeling since she told me she likes me to but for reasons unknown she says she isn't ready to date. So when she say talks with any guy whatsoever it feels like I have competition and it gets exhausting since she has a ton of guy friends that are all single.

how do I break myself of this? Cause I don't want her to worry about my reactions about things or worry about me in a bad way.
>uses periods before a sentence ends
you almost got me to take you seriously.

File: 1552703501819.jpg (54 KB, 540x960)
54 KB
>be me
>go on tinder
>talk with them
>give my number or ask for theirs
>either leave me on read or unmatch
why the fuck would you match me if we're not going to talk or meet irl
81 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
To be honest, its much easier to be entertaining irl with irl activities and shit.
k :(
can you explain why you say that, though?
I've had women who have given me their number when I was piss drunk and a total stranger to their whole city and sex, although she was like 34 and only did a one night stand with me and now ghosts me as well.
You absolutely cannot do this on tinder. She has upwards of 500 matches at any given time, and every single one of them wants the phone number.

If you meet someone in real life, you at least know what they look like and you've interacted with them a bit. On the internet you have no way of knowing that they aren't an identity thief from Bengal with stolen photographs and a VPN. Never ask for the phone until after you set the second date.
>>Be a boring person
I don’t have the need to ask random idiots...
>>Complain about how others are so boring
Not complaining, just a suggestion on why people just “randomly” stop talking to you lad, one girl, two, three, something’s wrong with them, every single match? Guess what!? The problem is you!
>You realize nobody with a brain wants to spend all their time figuring out how to entertain you, slag?
Sadly enough kid you need to keep the spark, and if you’re a bore, sorry others might not

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