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File: VN5Uwg6.png (628 KB, 633x833)
628 KB
628 KB PNG
>be me
>28 years old male
>eat right
>gym 4 times a week
>reading a book a week
>playing some vidya
>watching some tv shows
>occasionally fucking chicks from tinder
>drinking wine and listening to podcasts the rest of the time
wtf am I supposed to do with the rest of the time? life is getting boring.
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YouTube surfing
That’s how I kill time between trips to see my woman in another country who plans on living in the states with me soon.
hang out with them more idk
I was pretty much where you're at too OP. I find life sucks unless you set up long term goals to look forward to. It could be anything like training to win a competition, learn a skill by a certain time, get a promotion, etc. You just need something to constantly work towards. Life is kinda like Minecraft. Sure, you could survive just as well in house made of pure dirt over a house made of diamond blocks, but you're not gonna be as fulfilled.
Personally my goals are
> Raise at least two children
> Make at least 200k a year salary by the time I'm 35
> Be more attractive than at least 8 out of 10 peers my age at all times
damn good luck with that
what do you get for the man who has everything?

find a woman who really makes you wanna jump and shout.wait for that choir of angels and then move to cambodia or somewhere crazy with her and have a life of adventure and romance

I photobombed a picture by making the "Ok" hand sign and my boomer uncle told my parents that its a white supremacy symbol. They're pissed at me and I'm trying to explain to them what the circle game is but all they do is say shit like "nope, im not gonna look at THOSE WEBSITES" or "you're making us look like racists"
How tf do i convince them how retarded this all is? They think im some deep dark web alt right extremist mastermind all over an innocent JOKE
What do? I've linked them to countless articles and videos explaining this meme
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The conspiracy theory angle is good but don't call the uncle a racist. That just validates the left's moral framework
Lmao. I told my parents that Tarrant is awesome dude and they were okay with that. They only said to not make shooting in the closest mosque, since they don't want me getting to jail.
Tru but OP isn’t trying to prove anything, just not get in trouble with gullible parents,
It’s kind of like that situation with Pepe meme where white supremacists use a meme and hormones immediately assume Pepe or other memes are a white supremacist symbol

Not horomones

File: tenor.gif (3.21 MB, 426x426)
3.21 MB
3.21 MB GIF
Been in a relationship for about 19 months, shes very serious about me jack'n it though i'm a horny bastard. I don't want to push her for sex too often bc our relationship wouldn't work that way. I very much care about the relationship and have abstained from fapping, but still have frequent urges to do it. What do?
Ask her for a hand?

What are some of all you anons best openers to use to dm a girl you’ve never met in real life
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For a "boomer" (32) who grew up with the internet and had social media shit in his teens and still does, someone fuckin' explain to me why ANYONE thinks "sliding into DMs" on some bitch you don't know ever works.

It's like the dick pic. All it fuckin does is show how insanely desperate you are. Why?
send her that pic of waluigi
32? youre not even remotely a baby boomer youre a millenial
That's why I put boomer in quotes. Boomer vs. Zoomer meme.

How do you find validation in life?
By making my parents proud of me

File: index.jpg (9 KB, 299x169)
9 KB
Anyone here got any experience with antidepressants, I'm taking efexor and mirtazapene everyday. Kinda want to go off them because it is making me gain weight. Missed a dose yesterday, now today I want to kill myself so rethinking whether I should go off them.
Any advice would be great, I still feel depressed everyday, feels like they are not working.
i was on them for 5 years, then i got a genetic test done that showed how i metabolize different drugs and show which ones work for me and which ones dont. it ended up showing me that none of the pills i had been on were ever doing anything good, and that because i was metabolizing them wrong i had toxic levels of seratonin built up in my brain.

ive stayed away from psychiatric medication ever since. i struggle with my issues sometimes, but i feel better handling them on my own. with medication theres too many variables, you dont know what it's really doing to you.

some people do benefit from it, if youre actively suicidal when youre not taking it maybe look into doing genetic testing to find out what would work best for you. i think it was kind of a new thing and probably pretty expensive (my parents paid for it so idk exactly), but it could be useful. i would personally recommend staying off them and trying your luck sober, and try to do your best with meditation, physical well-being and a well rounded lifestyle, but you know yourself best

File: 1519119254316.png (231 KB, 779x767)
231 KB
231 KB PNG
i cant imagine anyone wanting to be with me.
I have a decent job and im in decent shape and people dont seem to dislike me but i just cant imagine anyone being interested in me in the slightest.
Whats wrong with me?
nothing nigga. nothing is wrong with you. self hatred will distort your perception. youre jut as capable as anyone else, but its up to you to follow through on your potential

do you have any friends? anybody you talk to at all?
You’re not putting yourself in enough situations where you can talk to women you share a common interest with.
There’s always a woman looking for a man to do right by her.

File: 1553581226812m.jpg (39 KB, 724x1024)
39 KB
Jesus Christ I want to have sex so much it is consuming my mind all I can think about is sex and hot girls

How the fuck do I keep my libido in check
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That's depressing.
How to get friends and invited to parties?
Lol this maybe works when you're 40.
I'm in my early 20s and it is weird for a guy in this age to participate in the nightlife by himself desperately asking normies for personal info that are already involved with their own social circles.
It's over for him unless he finds a cool people and is lucky enough to meet people who want to be more than acquaintances
Save something disgusting in ur phone, everytime ur horny , open ur phone and look at it, i think about people eating shit.
I'll grant that it's more difficult, but it's certainly far from "over." I know because I've done it many times since college. Unfortunately, because he's a retarded faggot who wasted his days on 4chan instead of developing socially OP has a steep climb to normalcy no matter what he does. But going to a bar is by far his best bet, way better than the other retarded faggots in other threads saying "durr just pick hobbies man," and better by FAR than internet dating. Some other ideas:
>If he lives in a big city, he could go to a bar in one of the tourist areas and pick up chicks on vacation hoping to make "memories" of their trip to wherever.
>go to a bar when it's not "poppin" on the weekends and pick up girls in their mid twenties through their thirties just hanging out for drinks and attention
>pick up a bar game like darts or billiards and chat over a game

He has to do something if he wants more than just complaining on 4chan in his life. It'll be harder for him than others because he's a retarded faggot, but he has to.

File: iu[1].jpg (44 KB, 413x310)
44 KB
Like the title says. I can't. I always fuck up and make it awkward. Here's the crazy part: I'm not even trying to date these bitches.

They're coworkers, and I'm just trying to make idle conversation or be friendly. But they're young and think every guy that talks to them wants to fuck them. Don't get me wrong. I've checked some of them out and if we met outside of work and they were dtf I'd tap that without question, some of these girls are pretty hot. But at work I have no ulterior motives whatsoever other than idle chit chat but their bitch shields still go up every time.

The only ones that don't do this are the ones over 30 that know what's up. Everyone else seems to have them on in perpetuity and only turn them off with male staff they know well (I'm newish, worked there for about 3 months). How the hell do I get them to tone this shit down without being direct about it since directness is just going to have them denying anything whatsoever untoward is happening.

picture unrelated
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Reading this thread makes me hate you to you fucking punk.
Why? He is naive to think you can make friends at work but other than that he hasn't done anything worth being an asshole.
You got to let those bitches be bitches, they’ll only drag you down with their high maintainince bullshit.
I can 2nd this, the world doesn’t follow the golden rule.
You sound annoying just stop talking to them and mind your own business

File: 1496500224565.jpg (29 KB, 640x480)
29 KB
At which age is useless to go to college?

Anyone here have experience getting a degree past the normal age? I'm 27 and I'm sick of my life but I don't know if going to college now would be worthless.
Is getting a degree this late in my life going to give me any possibilities or would employers just see my age and lack of experience and ignore me completely based on that?
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any age. waste of money
snek class
Literally any age dude, the only life factors that should be considered is
>do you have kids
>is there anyone dependent on you (animals don’t count)
Go for it, atleast go to community college and associates degree
Age doesn't matter, the only issue is as you get older you naturally accumulate burdens, these burdens make it harder to study.
I finished my first degree at 23, got a job in my field of study decided that field sucks ass, now I'm 27 and I'm getting a degree in another field, at no point did I think of my age as a limiting factor. Just do it for that piece of paper to show your future employer
Never too late. I went back 20yrs after I graduated high school. If you're not happy where you are, get where you want to by doing what you have to. You're going to be glad you did, I betting you'll love it too.

File: 505574d.jpg (84 KB, 700x695)
84 KB
Fellas, I need help

I'm a lad in the UK who ended up chatting to some lass over the pond. Originally I meant nothing of it, just mentioning things we both had in common.

I ended up liking her, and while I'm not really bothered by her appearance, I've got a dilemma:

If I end up liking this lass a lot, the only case is seeing her and debating if it's worth going to pursue. The girls like here aren't common down here in Bongistan so I'd be willing to at least give it a chance.

For those in Let's, how do you cope with the distance? How do you manage to muster up the ability to hold a conversation? How do you recognise issues without body language? How do you respond to infidelity, or worse, something explicit on the internet?

For the Americans, how do lot get your regular dosage of tea?
cut contact with the girl, and then cut your neck open
go visit her bro, the uk's a shithole.
I'll note that one down
This place has always been a shithole. Retired twats who cannot speak English yet are furious at brown people, Asian people who are furious at the Arabs since they cannot speak English, the average non city English lad is either thick as fuck or whole heartedly obsessed with politics and rationalwiki

I’ve spent over a decade making Youtube videos and the most views I’ve ever got for a video was tens of thousands of views, but most of the time my videos get less than a hundred views. I would like to know what I could do to get views, I feel like nothing is working.
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Click bait,good popular tags, interesting thumbnails and cross promotion with other channels through collaboration.

You don’t have tits to drag in the lonely losers and married guys. You probably don’t have any entertaining skills or else you’d already have a plan. A lot of what makes things go viral is luck.
This is what marketing is, you have to pay to get exposure no matter what. Unless you’re already famous and stupid people think you’re better than them.
You need to start making what you like. Because those are things that matter. There are loads of people trying to sell based on the demographics, and fads. If you are genuinely invested in your interest it will show through your videos, and you will be selling something you believe in.
Dont do clickbait, YouTube is trying really hard to filter out clickbait on people’s recommended
Open an Instagram, Instagram has tools that will let u advertise ur posts on people’s timeline. Prices can range from like 5 dollars for 1000 views

File: Sz9Av6X.jpg (98 KB, 1920x1080)
98 KB
howdy gamers

i'm planning on ODing probably at the end of this month, and I'd rather not either leave someone i know with the responsibility of finding my body, or being found on the street somewhere and brought to the hospital. what's a good way to just die somewhat peacefully without either of those happening?
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If you were certain about killing yourself, you wouldn't care who was left to clean up the mess. You're just worked up go blow off some steam
it would just be an envelope addressed to you. i get if youre sketched out, but wouldnt it be nice to have at least one new experience to look forward to?

i'd hate to see you give up, man.
Many people make a plan out of it. Your sentiment is still right on and it comes from a place of love, thanks man. (Not OP)
File: 1538207159436.jpg (54 KB, 720x720)
54 KB
>i'm planning on ODing
No creativity these days, it's disgusting.
This is the best thing you could come up with?
Buy a miata or some other cheap sporty car and learn how to drive, then drive like a fucking madman. Either you have a great time or you die, win win.

File: image.jpg (1011 KB, 3088x2320)
1011 KB
1011 KB JPG
How can I rid of acne without going to a doctor? I don’t have the money for that at the moment. I have scarring but it doesn’t bother me because I can’t get rid of it anyways.
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why do you look almost exactly like my ex boyfriend though
99% chance it's not him though
woah what if it is thatd be pretty funny

I sleep in my face, so if you do just make sure you wash your pillow case often.
only if his name is aleks and he lives in Canada gAsp. or maybe it"s just someone who happens to look like my ex boyfriend and live in Canada and have the same name

File: helmet.jpg (76 KB, 700x491)
76 KB
They say if you work on something for 10 years you will be good at it. I spent the last 2 years in community college doing general classes. Now im taking time off to find out what the hell im going to actually do. Im 21 and I have the hobbies of a 80 year old woman and a 12 year old boy. Here is a small list of my hobbies and interests that I as a young man living in this modern world can come up with. Please tell me the best options i can do with any of them.

-Twitch streaming
-Going into broadcasting ( I have been told i have a nice voice but I think this field is dying idk if its worth it)
-Becoming a maintenance man (this is my last option I don't think id fit in much with this crowd)
Why not all of them? If you do all of these you will have a vast amount of inspiration for every single one of these hobbies.

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