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I’ve been casually dating a girl for a few weeks now. I felt like things were going well, but the other day I saw my ex, and we chatted for a bit.

I realize after talking to my ex that the girl I’m seeing is missing something. Something my ex has. I don’t think the solution is to get back with my ex. That’s obviously a mistake.

But I feel like I shouldn’t be dating a girl that’s missing this X factor. Should I kinda dump the girl I’m seeing and look for someone who has this X factor? Or should I stick around and see if maybe I just need to get to know the other girl better.
My vote would be to stick around a little longer as you may have just not gotten to know her well enough. We all know infatuation is short lived so maybe see if something else catches your fancy.

Should I bring my Paddington Bear with me to see my therapist? I am 32.

Also this is not my Paddington Bear it is a picture of someone else's I found online.
Why does Paddington need a therapist?

When I was 10 my dad got out of prison.
Idolized him for a while because no father figure, only mom.
He ended up in bad shit, up and left quite a few times, moved houses (cause of financial issues) literally 10 times in the span of a few years, and each time I felt more distant and less caring if he came back when he’d leave.
Now I’m older, back with my parents for a while, and I realize I act a lot like him.
He and I both always wear baseball caps, cutoff any need for friends, both had drug problems (mine was way less worse than his was), don’t speak up on our feelings and find comfort in just being alone.
I have his temper, his laugh, his ways of thinking and now where I am I feel like I am facing an identity crisis, even more so considering I was the complete opposite growing up when everything was way less tense (things have cooled down majorly now).
I used to wear tight shirts, skinny jeans, long choppy hair, wristbands galore, and I feel his past bad actions led me to subconsciously want to step up and become him.
What does this mean? Am I my own person, or just a lost child mimicking his dad because of deep issues.

File: 1475108965421.jpg (41 KB, 391x386)
41 KB
Fucking up a date feels really bad. How long until that feel goes away? Anyone else?

I had my first Tinder date and I really liked her. We took a selfie 2 years ago apparently. She recognized me after matching. Anyways, I fucked up real bad. I usually am a person who has no trouble asking questions to connect with someone. I can keep the conversation flowing. But afterwards I was like "dude, you didn't invest at all, do you even tried to get to know her?".

It was fun, we laughed. Of course we talked. But I fucked up. Talked about sex even but I think I went too far as I can be someone who talks without a filter. She didn't want to go for another date. I can understand. She said there was not enough attraction.

1. The reason I gave up here has to do with it
2. She thought I was a catfish (we already met, plus why match with someone on Tinder if you don't like the looks)
3. Both

I normally don't give a fuck. I have had a date that went great (in my opinion) and she eventually ghosted. I didn't give a fuck except for "why?".

Would it be stupid to send her a message telling her I know I fucked up and that I think I didn't invest enough in connecting with her and that there might be more? I really am fighting myself to not do that. I'm just fucking mad because this was my first Tinder date (after trying it for 5 times or something), she was my best match (looks wise) and that she was the one who opened. Again, normally I would move on, but it feels like I fucked up REAL bad.
File: 1545969319244.gif (2.81 MB, 600x600)
2.81 MB
2.81 MB GIF
Just accept that you didn't do your best and make note of where you went wrong.
I wouldn't bother getting back into contact with her though. Tinder dates aren't very serious, especially for women, and chances are she'll just look down on you further for bugging her.
And tfw will go away when you stop thinking about it. Just try your best to push it out of your mind and focus on trying again with someone else.

File: images.jpg (7 KB, 259x194)
7 KB
Are business and finance degrees quite useless in Europe?

I like math and cs but I don't want to work as an engineer or it fag. Sales or management is my turf
Degrees are useless for sales. All you have to do is know how to sell things.
None of those degrees are useless.
That's not what STEM fags tell you

File: 1528213125943.gif (1.34 MB, 262x323)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB GIF
I badly want a gf/wife who I can have a good long term relationship with but I don't want to pass on my genes. Okay with adoption but I'd like her to feel the same so no single mom or "donors".

Is this even possible? I don't know if it is and it's been bumming me out.
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I'm not a feminist.
Weeding out the ones who are just childfree because they hate children and/or are doing it to be trendy or so they can be irresponsible while young is going to be a doozy. The female biological clock makes them really frustrated when they haven't had a baby too so girls who wouldn't at least be open to adoption might be a gamble. Not that there aren't many women who just don't want kids and don't want to adopt because of real beliefs/values/self-assessments.

What's wrong with not liking children? Frankly, I wish more parents would reflect on that before having one or two spawns before realizing how much they hate them.
It translates to people hate to me, when you hate what 100% of the population were it's hard to believe you'll treat people well. A lot of other people who claim to hate children actually don't and would go on to conceive children later.

That said, genuine reasons for not wanting to become a parent or guardian exist and those can include not having the personality fit for staying with a screaming child for hours on end, for days on end, for multiple years in a row. That's completely fair, just feels like some people go too far with their 'hatred' or have a very fickle dislike for some behaviors displayed by children.
You can have my wife, no tradebacks.

File: Dv6mWiBX0AAuUCF.jpg (48 KB, 679x960)
48 KB
I've just been rejected from a 4-year college.

What do I do now?
apply to another 4-year college?

or just go to a community college so you can get your gen-eds done for cheap
Apply to others, or take the other road and go to a community college.
Cheap and you can knock out those shitty core classes there and focus solely on your specified major when you get to the 4 year.
Def helped me.
Work at McDonald's and become a Manager. You will unironically be more successful then 95% of people that waste their money with that shit.

You went to 4chan uni
Trade school?

So I am in a pickle, /adv/. I met a grill. She’s super cute, funny and I adore everything about her. However, I am married and have a kid. I tried to “make it work” with my wife, but I just can’t. We are more of a roommates, than a married couple. I love my daughter and would do anything for her, but I’m extremely unhappy and depressed. Lately I’ve been pondering, to tell everything to my wife and maybe arrange some sort of a roommate situation, since we already live a loveless and sexless life.
Am I retard or should I just get it over without
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This seems reasonable.
>Divorce her.
I want to, but the kid holds me. Plus she moved into a new country because of me and I'm afraid that she'll move back to Israel with my kid, if we split
>moved to new country for you

She'll have to get a job.

You said you were feeling this way for halgf a year. Just to get a clearer picture, how long were you in this relationship over all?
If she doesn't have a job, that is.
I honestly am not sure what you should do here. It sounds really fucked.
Since summer 2015.
Also, she has a job. I actually gave up my job so she can find employment. Since for me.It's a matter of days, to find a gig. Right now she's working in a pretty cosy place. The thing is, she doesn't know anyone but me here, so if I bail, chances of her moving back are fucking high. And I rather eat my own dick, than live without my daughter

I’m a 23 y/o virgin. Partly because I’d rather save sex for marriage and I don’t want to stoop down to random disgusting hookups. I’ve had many opportunities in the past but turned it down everytime. I have though received blowjobs and done other stuff before.

This girl in pic related has been teasing me all week to come over. She’s been taking about what she wants to do to me and how she wants me to fuck her badly. I told her my back was hurting and now she’s going into this in depth scenario how the kind of massage she’d give me.

I’m tempted to go fuck her and lose my virginity, but I know I’ll completely regret it afterward.

I have no problem meeting girls IRL, I’m just looking for the right one to evenatully settle down with. These temptations are getting harder and harder to avoid the older I get.
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>just another biological function
Yeah. Just with the risk of disease or pregnancy, the latter of which leads to 18+ years of being responsible for another human. Not to mention it's the sole reason any of us are alive right now. Or the many proven psychological and emotional effects sex has on people. But nah. No big deal.

>saving it for marriage
I didn't say that. I said I'm waiting for someone i really like and trust. It's been hard to find for some reason. And I've tried. I wanna "get laid" but not with some emotionally distant person who can't even get over their ex and is depressed all the time.

>like taking a nice piss
Yeah, but even the people who say "it's just sex" have arbitrary standards surrounding it, like how the person looks, what they smell like, how they talk etc. You certainly do not have the same thoughts when draining your lizard.

>Or the many proven psychological and emotional effects sex has on people

That's nothing compared to the emotional toll of being in a bad relationship or having your heart broken. I envy you virgins. If you only knew how bad things really were
I’ve been in bad relationships and had my heartbroken as a virgin though..
I've had heart break too so I know how it is. Been really close to losing it to some of the girls I was seeing. Had to break it off when I realized they were not going to satisfy me emotionally at all. I can't see myself with someone who cares so little for my own well being.

File: 1545758597444.jpg (53 KB, 853x480)
53 KB
What's the best way to research ADHD medication?
What kind of resources?
The doctor my insurance has me stuck with doesnt really care all that much ,
Oh he will prescribe me anything I ask of apperently
Which would be fine if i were a druggie but I'm not, I legitimately want to this problem , and it seems I'm going to have to figure this on my own.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
I've already tried adderal and it made it worse
The thing he sent prior authorization for next is ritalin.

You got hyperactivity with your ADHD?
Trial and error my guy, I'm on concerta atm and it sucks, I seem to win the lottery for most amount of side effects. Just find one that it somewhat tolerable I guess
Kind of I guess
>Ritalin should be reserved as a last resort.

File: 1306483606126.jpg (145 KB, 500x667)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
New Tesla employee here. Does anyone work in the Reno, NV location (Sparks)? I was wondering if you may be able to upload and post a download link for the Tesla housing program that supposedly helps get discounts on the housing area.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but I can't log into my account from here, and I don't go back tow work for a week and I would like to make an offer on a house by Friday.
low effort social engineering scam attempt

File: 1545857119947.jpg (689 KB, 1094x1125)
689 KB
689 KB JPG
So apparently my 17 year old gf (I'm 20) just started her period and says it goes for seven days so we won't be able to fuck on Sunday, basically the only day I get to see her for weeks. First of all, are seven day periods really a thing? Will the pill fix that when it kicks in (she started taking it a few weeks ago)? And just how bad would it be if we had sex anyway?
24 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Yeah of course I'll respect it, I don't know why everyone here assumes that just because I'm dating someone three years younger than me (legal in my state btw) that I'm some kind of manipulative rapist, this is just a girl from my high school that had a big crush on me and it didn't workout until recently.
you're not old enough to have sex yet...
I'm not saying because of the age difference, I'm the last person to judge that, it's just I guess some girls are uncomfortable with period sex

Depends. I've had 2 day periods, I've had 10 day periods. Even went a couple months without any periods at all a few years ago. Hormones will dictate how things turn out. The pill also isn't a promise periods won't come anymore.

It wouldn't be necessarily bad, but many are self-conscious about it, especially when the bleeding is intense or the period is halfway done and the tiny flesh pieces of the endometrium come out.
I lost it at 16, lol
I'm pretty sure I'd be fine with it, I'm not a bitch. My only concern is that it would stain my bed. I'm going to see how she feels about it and if she's okay with it I'll do it.

Can we have a thread about POSITIVE aspects of life at 25? a thread about we do have and what we can look forward to and strive for? it seems very easy to feel completely lost as a 25 year old in 2019. If you post in this thread, try to keep the whining and complaining to a minimum. It’s about positivity here.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1543642419192.jpg (46 KB, 720x720)
46 KB
Auto insurance is somewhat more affordable i guess
File: Capture.png (123 KB, 975x489)
123 KB
123 KB PNG
More perspective than at 18. Things that are trivial are starting to actually look trivial. Less worry about how others perceive you because you realize you don't even register to them unless you're directly interacting with them. Friendships start evolving beyond entertainment only, you start seeing who your real friends are and learning if you're a real friend or not as problems come up and you and they have opportunities to help or stand back. You worry less about how fast you're improving or how fast your career is growing as you see the teeming masses mostly settled in to mediocrity, so any sort of improvement at any speed puts you way ahead of almost everyone.
There's nothing to look forward to on this doomed earth. I have no career, no family. Why even be alive?
File: 30s.png (290 KB, 1280x1285)
290 KB
290 KB PNG
As a 30-something year old, I look back on my days when I was 25 and I laugh/cringe at it now. It's just an arbitrary number that so many of us like to flip out over and have a like quarter-life crisis.

The worst thing you can do is compare yourself to other people, either people who are better off or worse off than you. Just worry about yourself.

You're still young enough for employers not to raise eyebrows on a relatively empty CV as long as you tell them stories about finding yourself, travelling the world and have a few skills to offer.

File: beard.jpg (165 KB, 625x625)
165 KB
165 KB JPG
My girlfriend called me out as a white collar bro who roleplays as an edgy rocker on the weekends. It was somewhat in jest but i could feel that resentment from her and it really cut deep and drove me to some existential thoughts.

Yeah yeah I have a great stable full time corporate job with room for advancement and I'm good at it ok cool the image of a desk worker is something I fucking despise. I don't want to become a fat middle management goofy beer dad when I'm 30-40.

I don't want to be a No Tattoo Suburban Prep School GoodBoy McStable but I'm doing the best I can with what I have to support myself financially and build savings etc.

"Having hobbies" and "dressing how I want on the weekends" is ultimately roleplay and nothing genuine. Getting muscular didn't help, I'm just a buff guy in a suit now. There's nothing real. Just distracting myself before I put on my khakis and glssses when Monday morning rolls up.

Should I just suck it up and own who I am and accept lifelong betadom? Im not living, I have 0 edge and my girlfriend can see right through this shit. She's not the first person to make remarks on how much of a dork I can be.

What should I do?

>In b4 shut up drink your beer and take your kids to Applebee's and be urself

Pic somewhat related
30 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>by buying a motorcycle or milsurp/leather jacket

Already dropped half a grand on a black leather jacket for this very reason
>The real you is the one on the weekends.
>The real self is the identity you wear literally less than 2/7's of your time alive on Earth


>everything is OVER and there's nothing to do about it because you can't meet the horseshit filled ideas about life and masculinity of a highschool freshman from a sitcom who doesn't know shit about either.

And yet those burnout "faux rebels" are actively and regularly rewarded in pussy and adoration for their shitty deicsions.

Funny how life works
this guy has it right

in the end everyone is a goddamn trendy ass poser, your clothing and your job don't even start to define who you are

respect for your life path anon, I'm a year younger and working in a fancy office but other than that yeah, same
>The real self is the identity you wear literally less than 2/7's of your time alive on Earth
Yes you retard. Time has nothing to do with it.
I reject that. If 5/7's of your life is spent being a sexless bitch you are effectively a sexless bitch up until your last day.

A slave who had one glimpse of freedom is still a slave at the end

Do wholesome virgin guys still exist? No robots or incels who have no choice
110 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
I could be literally anyone. You don't know me. Therefore your real official definition is "nobody".
File: blacks.png (1.27 MB, 1432x825)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB PNG
don't be fooled by OP's picture this is the reality when you date blacks.
No it' not you
Well american blacks have an average Iq of 85
This thread is pretty synonymous with this >>20470352

Not sure if you consider that wholesome though.

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