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I feel empty. I'm not very sad or anything, actually quite the opposite, I'm usually happy. I just don't feel good about myself and I don't feel like my life is really going anywhere. I have no energy to do things anymore, I usually just lay in bed and watch movies or YouTube or anything really. Help me anons.
Go for a run or walk.
This. Start exercising.

File: Scars.png (443 KB, 537x599)
443 KB
443 KB PNG
what is /b/ i really need to know
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me /b/erating you
12 year old containment zone
/b/ is like a buttered up goose the last day of spring. /b/ is like a diaper at 3am. /b/ is like the mayonaise on your pancakes. Ya feel me?
a fossil
It's pissing in an ocean of piss.

File: 1544958536443.jpg (63 KB, 640x853)
63 KB
been in a ldr for over a year, allready meet her, but she is losing interest on me over the time, because distance and bot beeing able to be there when she needs, but im managing to change my life and my job so im able to marry her and bring her to my country. also im depressed as fuck and that isnt helping.
how do i make myself more intresting for her?
just wanna save my relationship
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File: 1544516941744.jpg (65 KB, 512x709)
65 KB
>long distance
>losing interest

Pic related. Give up on her, treat your depression and next time find girl from your location.
i think it has started to distance her from me beeing depressed.
last week she wanted me to buy her chocolates. but i was busy and didnt had time to do it. she didnt even let me explain why i was busy (honestly i was taking care of my father)
she is allways busy too but im going to try to watch a movie with her. thanks for the tip
well after her i dont want anyone else. better off alone.
>better off alone
I agree with your statement. First fix yourself. Only then go seeking complications like gfs.
This. Long distance just doesn't work. Also, never let a girl make you chase her, this is a stupid game people end up playing. If she's losing interest, let her.

A group of blacks have moved into an apartment building right across from mine. It's a pretty decent expensive neighborhood, but I guess they've packed about a dozen of them into a two bedroom. They are blaring music at 2:30 AM (like last night), they put a grill out in front of the buildings and invite tons of other "homies" to drink alcohol and be loud/obnoxious. I'm sure the apartment complex will get rid of them soon, but its been a month. Should I start complaining and calling the police? I feel like thats kinda bitch made, but going to fight a dozen drunk nogs isn't going to work out well either. Thoughts on this?
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I dont know exactly what building their in; I had somthing similar happen here about a year ago and the tenants were gone in a month flat. New manangment is in now, so I'm worried. I feel like I'm going to have to anonamyously call and say "the blacks that moved in", but they might not even investigate that because "thats raysis!"... idk, I guess its time to start making phone calls, I just wanted to hear that I was in the right for it.
walk up to them and tell them that they are in a white only area
Every time they do something that's disturbing, call the police.
They'll have to send someone eventually.
Sooner or later they'll get fed up and go directly to management to tell them to get their shit together.
Have any neighbors who are like minded to do the same
The good news is the rent will probably go down soon.
report them for drug possession and tell the cops they blast rap music about killing pigs

File: 1306483606126.jpg (145 KB, 500x667)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
New Tesla employee here. Does anyone work in the Reno, NV location (Sparks)? I was wondering if you may be able to upload and post a download link for the Tesla housing program that supposedly helps get discounts on the housing area.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but I can't log into my account from here, and I don't go back tow work for a week and I would like to make an offer on a house by Friday.
low effort social engineering scam attempt
ok, i'll bite. How does your dumb ass come to the conclusion that the pdf distributed to all new employees is a social engineering attempt? There is no account information associated with it.

But please, explain yourself.

File: 1544288957008.png (375 KB, 1032x774)
375 KB
375 KB PNG
I'm always bored and I need something to pick up women with (put hobbies in my dating profile bio or meet women through the hobby itself). I don't know my interests and I hate doing most activities. What do I do? Here are some hobbies I know enough about to have conversations about and fool people into thinking i like:

>listening to music (love doing this, but hate sharing my music with other people)
>loves kinks and talking about sex, but so does every guy lol
>have a vague interest in travel but hate travelers
>dont like to watch movies but i know enough about them
>dont watch tv except AA comedies and reality tv
>hate reading
>hate physical activity
>has the world's worst motor skills
File: 1547547992028.jpg (51 KB, 600x600)
51 KB
>I need hobbies to pick up women
No, you need hobbies to make yourself interesting enough to have women allow you to approach them.

Also, you need to experiment with productive hobbies. Watching movies or playing video games aren't fucking hobbies. Pick up painting, woodcarving, carpentry, writing, pottery, sculpting, metalworking, blacksmithing, electronics prototyping, anything that has a manufacturable result at the end. Otherwise, you'll just be a boring fucking consumer, and women will see through your lack of passion and ambition.
Also, listening to music also isn't a fucking hobby. It's an entertainment passtime. Understand the difference between having a passion for things other people make and having a passion for things you make. Writing and making music or learning an intstrument are also both good, PRODUCTIVE hobbies.

File: download.jpg (6 KB, 259x194)
6 KB
tl;dr Daughter isn't mine but my son is, how do I confront my wife?

>been married for 9 years, have an 8 year old daughter and 1 year old son
>happy marriage, we don't really fight, have an active sexual life and we both work
>recently got a pay rise so decided to get private healthcare for my family
>involves various tests and screens before it starts
>receive the results, everything looks good and our insurance begins
>reading through the leaflet, lists my daughter as having O blood
>alarm bells start ringing as I'm AB, was brought up by a step-dad who is also O and know that it's impossible for AB to have O children
>call hospital to double check the results, she is definitely O
>only reason can be is that she's not my daughter

How do I confront my wife about this, or should I confront my wife about this and ask for a paternity test? I'm sure my son is mine as he looks exactly like me but I don't know what to do. I love my little princess to bits and I don't want her to grow up in a broken home but I don't know what to do.
72 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.

Pretty shit situation. I would agree with everyone saying to somehow get a paternity test done. Google how to do it without anyone knowing.. there must be some way. Personally, I'd do it for your son too.

As for what to do with the information if it comes back that you're not the father.. well. I think you'd be justified in leaving, but, personally I would consider staying anyway, just because I would have raised that little girl for 8 years with 100% a paradigm of being her dad. I don't know if I would have it in me to abandon her.

I *know* this is letting yourself be played like a fiddle by a woman, but fuck me if it isn't hard as fuck.

That's a copypasta, you newfag chucklefucks
I'm not the rapist poster. first post in this thread. But come on raising another man's child makes you a cuckold. simple as that. And most men would agree. And you or whoever I replied to instantly justified her cheating on her being raped. Like you couldn't possibly think women could cheat or have their own agency to do so
This is exactly the kind of retarded shit I expected to see. If she did infact cheat, chances are the guy didn't know she was married and she's the one to blame, not him.
This is between you and your wife. Can you accept she cheated and move on? Or will it always be in the back of your mind?
Go to another country to get the test if you had to

File: footer-background.jpg (183 KB, 1400x932)
183 KB
183 KB JPG
Will I fail a drug test next week? I was around second-hand weed/wax smoke for a period of 3 hours last night. I haven't smoked in 4 years, and have a sub 15% bf.

File: 1546336045943.jpg (942 KB, 1462x2615)
942 KB
942 KB JPG
>Even your "friends" aren't really on the same level as a friend to other people. You have to buy their love, and can't expect anyone to call you first, or return your message. You just have to live your life, hoping you'll stumble into someone you know when you feel the need to talk,

Almost a fucking wizard with no job for the last month, decided to call one of the very few "friends" I have to help me with the jobsearch, dude comes 2 hours late while I sit around the food court just checking my phone every 10 mins. Barely apologises, faffs about and half-arses looking for a job for less than an hour and then tells me he has shit to do and will meet up next time and promptly disappears. I know next time means next month at the earliest.

How are you supposed to move through life if your support group can barely be called a support group? I've become obsessed with this pasta cos it seems to have my life down to a t. And I can't think of any rebuttals to any of the points he made.
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I'm not going to bother reading that bullshit screencap, but seriously stop being a whiny bitch. Why even meet at a fucking FOODCOURT to Jobsearch. Are you a goddamn retard? If you're not even hanging out at each others place you're not real friends.

What are your hobbies? Best way to make a real friend is to have common interests.
It was supposed to be at the library nearby but he couldn't be arsed and did it on our phones instead.

>If you're not even hanging out at each others place you're not real friends.
Course we're not, I haven't had any real friends since I was yay high. But I don't really have many people besides a couple of parasites, and he's in the same position jobwise.

>What are your hobbies?
I don't really have any hobbies, videogames, movies, anime they're more like chores now.

>but seriously stop being a whiny bitch.
Why is it that I'm a whiny bitch and yet all these other threads where youngfags have basic problems with easy fixes?
Consuming media is not a hobby.
What is then?
I once called my ex classmate for drink. He selected a place onthe street where he lives wit his gf. I used to live on the other side of our capital city. I showed up 10 minutes earlier just to wait 2 hours till he showed up full-high.
After we talked 3 minutes, he told me: “Okay, anon, what do you want to sell me?”
I was just: Nothing.
He was: Arent you doing MLM?
Me: “Nope, i am an engineer.”
He: “Oh, ok, then i stay.”
So we got drunk, but i still feel myself strange if i remember to the whole scene.
He definetely tought i want something more than his time, but he doesnt even gave his time for free.
I fucking hate people like him.

File: she wants to die.png (313 KB, 627x475)
313 KB
313 KB PNG
I don't really consider myself a negative person, and I didn't really until today when my best friend, who I talk to everyday said that my recent moods lately have been weighing him down and that the "The last thing I need in my life is more negative people" and that he wants me to go back to the way I was before I was hit with a pitfall in my life.

I wasn't in a terrible mood before this, and I'm feeling a lot better now, but I'm still kinda dumbfounded, what in the fuck do I do? He means almost everything to me. I'm trying my best to feel better and talking to him about my daily feelings helped a lot, but I guess now I can't even do that. I didn't know this same issue would weight him down like this. I can understand where he's coming from I guess. And he's not my boyfriend, so really he doesn't owe me anything. I'm just kinda lost.

I guess I just suck it up, don't mention it to him again and, try to feel better I guess?
People dislike being around sad people. Just imagine somebody would waste like an hour of your every day when all they would say are complaints.

Try to talk about something else than your depresso.
File: so cute.png (627 KB, 603x563)
627 KB
627 KB PNG
Yeah, you're right. I am feeling pretty good right now anyways, so I can just deal with being sad at times by myself and just not mention my mood when I'm feeling down. Since knowing myself I'll just feel better in a few hours anyways.
Seriously this. I was a problem boyfriend in high school, as in, girls would flock to me because they loved dumping their minor problems on me, but if I was ever sad, especially after my grandma died, they all cut contact because I was no longer this passive ear they could vent too. I stopped doing this entirely and now pretty much tell all my friends to fuck off if they have minor problems they complain about for longer than a week.

I don't hold it against you, OP, and I'm sure you're emotions are valid, but you're being an emotional vampire. Please consider that sometimes, not only do your friends want to talk about themselves and their problems, but also want to talk about and listen to positive things happening in both yours and their lives.

Seriously, go to him, apologize, and change your outlook to be a little more positive. Also, maintain a level of emotional Independence and space. He'll respect you more for it.
>Since knowing myself I'll just feel better in a few hours anyway.
Then try working through your issue by yourself. You obviously don't need his ear to have introspection, so spare him your negativity so you can both share positive things. If you both can't enjoy each other's positive company, you're not friends. He's just a therapist that's working for free.

Again, you're likely not a bad person, but please try and practice self-awareness, since it will help you grow as a person and have more and better friends as a result.
File: jwbmnj.gif (215 KB, 570x550)
215 KB
215 KB GIF
You seem to be a a bit too blunt and direct but you do have some valid points.

I was thinking about apologizing to him as well, I promised I'd be a better friend earlier anyways, so I think that's in order anyways.

Sup /adv, It’s the titty man himself. Recently posted a couple threads on some success I was having on Tinder and a few anons had dropped in to ask for advice on their picture section. Here are the threads for anyone who missed:



I crossed my face simply because I don’t like the thought of it immortalized on this degen website, but I’d like to give some tips based off of what I have going and why you can’t just have any random pictures on your profile.

So here we go:

#1 Girls are constantly swiping and I have under a second maybe a split second to make a first impression. Eye catching and interesting. Hookah in a pool is both. Think of something very creative. If you are 10/10 Chad you don’t need to do any of this, it only applies to average guys like myself.

#2 I’ve got their interest, now they want to see what else I have to offer. The jet skiing pic shows I like to enjoy the outdoors and have fun. I’m from Ohio and this pic was taken in Florida, so it could also show I travel every so often.

46 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
Not true man, just keep swiping right. They literally won’t come to you.. even IRL you need to get out there to meet and date. The longer you expect things to come to you, not just women, the more likely you’re going to be waiting for forever.
What if you get their number, they ghost you, you give up on them, and they contact you?
I get ghosted all the time, I just learned to be less sensitive about it. If they ghost once then it’s up to them to get in touch and reschedule. If they ghost twice, fuggetaboutem.
>If they ghost once then it’s up to them to get in touch and reschedule
Yeah, I'll do that. Thanks.
Good luck brother.

File: 1547570524751.png (285 KB, 1000x800)
285 KB
285 KB PNG
Dear posters who tell everyone who feels screwed over to blame themselves because 'you are the common denominator in all of the situations where you have problems',

Who is the common denominator in all of the situations where someone had a problem and you gave them advice?
You're retarded

File: vaporizers-101.jpg (25 KB, 720x340)
25 KB
I'm planning a trip to Detroit for the auto show and was looking for some info on the legal cannabis dispensaries. Are they allowed to sell for recreational use yet or is it still locked down to medical card holders? Just curious how much fun I can have over the weekend.

my older sister is depressed cause our upbringing was shit and our parents suck. At the same time though she's like a black hole, sucking up all good energy you have and only has the ability to laugh if it's on my cost.
Also she literally learns phrases by heart she repeats in order to make " conversation"
In general she talks like she's a granny from the 50s even though she's just 35. Just talking to her makes me feel depressed and unfun.


>how do I keep a good relationship with my sister without having to spend too much time with her?

pic unrelated
I too had a shitty upbringing. Your sister sounds like she's sapping your energy. I would personally limit my contact with her by creating excuses.
Every word of this reminds me of my ex

I’m a 23 y/o virgin. Partly because I’d rather save sex for marriage and I don’t want to stoop down to random disgusting hookups. I’ve had many opportunities in the past but turned it down everytime. I have though received blowjobs and done other stuff before.

This girl in pic related has been teasing me all week to come over. She’s been taking about what she wants to do to me and how she wants me to fuck her badly. I told her my back was hurting and now she’s going into this in depth scenario how the kind of massage she’d give me.

I’m tempted to go fuck her and lose my virginity, but I know I’ll completely regret it afterward.

I have no problem meeting girls IRL, I’m just looking for the right one to evenatully settle down with. These temptations are getting harder and harder to avoid the older I get.
65 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
I almost lost mine to a trainwreck of a girl. She was so fucking hot but my god she was so fucked up in the head. Had to cut her off.

Why are the hot ones always so fucked up? I have such a hard time leaving my gf because her body is perfect and her DD tits are also literally perfect. And she rides dick better than any girl I've been with. But she cant get past her ex to save her life.
The moral of the story, is that if you're a moral person sex should be something meaningful to you. The more meaningless sex you have, the worse you'll be able to connect with girls.Its really special when its new, and with someone you love. But you'll blow that meaning if you're fucking thots.
Don't do it OP, be strong. I had many opportunities to throw mine away, and it was very tempting at times, but now that I lost my virginity to the love of my life I am so happy. Words can't explain how grateful I am to myself. My boyfriend was also a virgin. Temporary satisfaction of a brief organism could never come close to this feeling. Once this thot ghosts you for what she thinks is a better guy you will definitely regret it. Maybe the other guys in this thread wouldn't, but they they don't share our values.
See the only negative aspect I see in saving it, is that even if I marry the love of my life, what if we're not sexually compatible? Or what if she doesn't have a high libido like I do. Just because I'm a virgin it doesn't mean I don't want to have an amazing, wild, and consistent sex life. I've heard stories of couples waiting until marriage and the sex ended up sucking. But I've also heard the opposite. I don't know, I'm just paranoid that it won't end up being what i imagined it to be all this time and regret not having fun earlier.

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