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File: iIz06zG-_400x400.jpg (18 KB, 400x400)
18 KB
How do you answer the question "why do you want to work for this company instead of other companies?" in a job interview when there are many similar companies in the market?
With the truth.
Research the company. Check out their website. Google news reports about them. Read their annual report to stockholders.

Be able to say something specific like "I know you're about to move into direct selling [or whatever] and think it would be exciting to be part of that from the start."

What kind of man do most women want? Steps to becoming that man?
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They want a man that gets things done. Lean from self discipline and manual labor.
>altruism leads to destruction
Yeah says the beta.

Women spend 9 months pregnant per kids, then breastfeed, then raise. They're incapacitated for long stretches of their life and simply can't offer you anything in return. they need to count on altruism.

Find, men on /r9k/ for example are some of the most narcissistic people on earth.

>big muscles
They want a man who's beautiful yes, but they're not men. Men care lots about looks. So that's why it's hard for you to understand that women look for more, when you yourself do not.
File: whocares.jpg (45 KB, 443x750)
45 KB
they want a man who doesnt think about what women want but know what HE wants and takes it
Are you a woman? Why do you want this? What is most attractive about it? Are you saying women are submissive and need a dominant male in their life?

i would start by being less concerned about what most women want, and finding one you want and becoming closer to what that one woman wants.

File: 1402764523426.jpg (41 KB, 400x400)
41 KB
Went out on a date with a guy and in the beginning it was all going pretty well, but at the restaurant when we ordered our food he asked for mango juice. I giggled and asked him why he wouldn't order wine or champagne given that he didn't drive there, we took an Uber together, and he told me he didn't drink.

Ocasionally, on New Year's or a friend's birthday, he might have some alcohol, and even then it'll still be a small amount. He told me it wasn't because of religious purposes or anything like that, he just never acquired a taste for alcohol. It's been about four hours since the end of the date and I don't know if I want to see him again. He drank fucking juice, he's twenty-six, not six, but evidently he didn't get the memo.

Am I being unreasonable about this? He was a pretty great guy aside from this, but this is a pretty huge bump in the road.
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This is a good bait. This is a nice fucking bait.
Look, it even made me reply. Reading it actually made me mad.
Get the feeling we're all missing a joke hidden in here somewhere. MGTOW?
The joke is us replying, I think...?
I don't know. I've been behind a shitposter's workings once and it was just a depressing vortex. Coping, lying, cover-up stories and excuses as far as the eye can see. Like some sort of alt-reality anime shit.
next time spike his juice with heroin
What does it say about you that alcohol is such an essential part of your social life?

File: cheeze pizza.jpg (526 KB, 1280x720)
526 KB
526 KB JPG
So I found a ton of CP on my girlfriends personal computer. I really dont know where to go from here? Should I report her. Just break up with her? I really dont know
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I think it goes without saying that you two can never have a child.
Plot twist:

OP is a girl and the porn was on the boyfriend's computer.

She genderswapped to get real advice based on love.
Lmao at all the pussies in this thread who need the police to wipe their butts for them. Confront her about the porn, don't take any of her shit and if she doesn't shape up and get her act to get her then beat her until she does.
Why did faggot OP leave the thread?

But what if her child is a son? Then he'll get lucky.
>advice based on love
Kek, more like advice based on white-knighting and pedo-supporting

File: 1446088851144.png (53 KB, 298x415)
53 KB
How can I relate to girls my age and at the same time not be normie Twitter sis tea wig yaaas *sassy black lady gif* tier?
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As far as I know (I should probably clarify, that blogpost was mainly about colleagues) most of them are 18-20s
Yep, and people usually start wisening up in their 20s.
Hello teenager/person who thinks like a teenager
I'm an exception to your "rule". I was always kind during that age just for the sake of being kind. I've always been pretty deeply religious and the parts of scripture that spoke of rejoicing in suffering and loving others just as much as yourself really spoke to me; additionally my parents had told me since I was a kid to do the right thing "because it's the right thing to do". Weirdly enough it mostly pushed people away. They either thought I was dumb because I couldn't tell when people were taking advantage of me or weird for thinking differently about some things or thinking I was always just trying to kiss up to everyone. I know I never did what I did for myself (not even to feel better about myself, although that was a nice side-effect), not really even for other people, but mostly just because doing good things is a good thing and the more you try to complicate that the more difficult things become. I would say your "rule" is a pretty good generalization, but never view your generalizations as absolutes because there are always exceptions.
I don't mean be, "teehee! how are you today?" shopping clerk levels of niceness (I can kind of see how people probably do find it creepy, mom-ish, or fake), just be a friendly, somewhat openminded (not to things that challenge your morals or values), chill person whose generally inoffensive and someone who people can confide in.
Honestly, I think I was able to relate more when I stopped scoffing at "normal" things that other girls like and stopped acting like a pretentious faggoty special snowflake. I'm not assuming that you do that, but maybe you do. This mainly meant "pleb" media and normal-er hobbies like traveling or hiking. I still don't like 90% of that stuff but I don't get triggered by it anymore and automatically have my opinion of that person lowered.
Anyway, hobbies are kind of interests, just things you very much like to do; reading, cooking, crafts, etc. I'm 19 and I can relate to normal people my age despite being homeschooled, from a different country, a former bitter hikki with no friends that legitimately wouldn't go outside for months to a year at a time and generally being shut off from people the majority of my life. You just need hobbies, interests, the ability to chitchat, and to not be a dick.

tldr; You can find normal, relatable, interesting people who are your age, just be somewhat interesting too and don't be an asshole.
By becoming a slut and having lots of sex.

How do I stop drinking completely? I drink around 15-18 beers by myself every Wednesday and Saturday night and it’s effecting my brain and body in very negative ways. I don’t enjoy things in my free time unless I’m buzzed or drunk. Any advice?
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Honestly, the only way you are going to convince yourself that you can have fun without drinking is to attempt to do so. I was exactly like this. I used to play online games and go out with friends and I'd "only enjoy it" if I was drunk. I eventually stopped drinking entirely because I wanted to start losing weight so I could start dating again. At first, the world lost a lot of color, but my brain adjusted to normalcy after about 3 weeks and I was able to enjoy things without having to be piss drunk all the time.
This post gives me hope anon. Thank you. It’s been a long time since I’ve missed a drinking session and my body and mind would thank me dearly for it.
Switch over to hard liquor, fewer calories and you'll get drunk faster.


File: saddpepes.jpg (103 KB, 1200x800)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
Besides when cutting strong onions I haven't cried in years. Help me out bros. What is the saddest song you know?
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Think about the 2 million innocent Germans who were starved to death on purpose in a concentration camp by the American's after the war ended.

The pacifist ending to Undertale made me squeeze out honest to god tears for the first time in almost a decade
Believe it or not, "You'll Never Walk Alone" from "Carousel" - but you have to sit through the whole movie for the song to have its effect


File: coffee.jpg (5 KB, 259x194)
5 KB
Can coffee cause hairloss?
literally everything will kill you.
File: 1471465523803.jpg (69 KB, 498x482)
69 KB
>Can coffee cause hairloss?
> ... Can coffee cause hairloss?!
There are luxury shampoos that brag about being full of caffeine

File: image.png (77 KB, 1614x1482)
77 KB
There's this guy I'm really good friends with. He's a genuinely good guy, but comes across as a total douche and I'm not sure how to tell him.

He's attractive, /fit/, really intelligent and pretty chad on the whole, has plenty of friends. At his heart he isn't the person he projects to other people. But he has no success with girls and although he doesn't talk about it, I can tell it's really getting him down. Not to mention I think he's losing friends gradually as time goes on.

The problem is the way he dresses he looks like a dudebro, with his general clothing style and backwards baseball cap. Given that he also lifts loads he looks really vain and kinda insecure (which he isn't but it really looks like it). Also any time anything remotely political comes up he invariably starts an argument. He's a big trump supporter, which is fine just seems like he goes out of his way to start political arguments every time he gets the chance. Most girls I know don't like him based on that fact alone. Even though I agree with a lot of his political stances, he always states his opinion in a really arrogant way; as if it was fact.

I genuinely care about him so I'm not sure how to bring this up without it being really awkward. There haven't been any good opportunities when talking with him, like if he was to say "I don't get why girls don't like me" or whatever I could gently mention something, but he never talks about that at all.

Any help appreciated.
You see him as a Chad.
He's Chad for a reason.
Don't change that.

You know you're wrong when his problem becomes more of a problem to you than him.
He's almost a chad, he told me he has social anxiety and depression and stuff. He doesn't really have the confidence to pull it off

I was an absolute autist and moron during my highschool years. I didn’t realize the full extent of it until I lived an entire year as a NEET. I want to change and am making steps to, but the memory of how much of a dumbass I was sticks to me. I feel like I can’t ever go out into the public ever, afraid of running into highschool mates, getting a job even.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Here you go OP.

Yeah pretty much this. I don't know a single person that doesnt cringe at their past, including myself. But I can't remember anything cringey about anybody else. Just myself. Just don't worry about it OP
I've felt this way for 7 years since dropping out of school, its best to move to another state to remove these anxieties anon
I remember reading a post a while back where someone said "cringing at your past is a symptom of improvement"
There are three wonderful things about getting out of high school.

1. You're out of high school !
2. Absolutely nothing that happened there matters anymore.
3. You are now going to enter new worlds, be they college, work or whatever, where NOBODY KNOWS YOU.

Nobody knows you were a loser back then. Nobody assumes anything about you. This is one of the very few moments in life when you really can re-define yourself and start over with a clean slate.

File: crying.jpg (151 KB, 800x450)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
Hey /adv/ I need your opinion. What do you think of e-begging? I'm practically broke, but I want to keep writing about some particular interests that may be informative for other people in the community I'm in. But it's hard to keep this hobby afloat, to translate stuff (J-E) I need a lot of time, also since I'm flat broke there's a limited thing that I can write, and I'd totally write more things if I could afford to buy some related materials I needed. I was thinking about opening a donation like patreon or ko-fi but I kinda ashamed of e-begging, I feel bad to urge people to donate for this hobby of mine, despite it may be useful for other people. So what do you think? Should I try to work part time to support this my self or is it ethical to beg people I knew for money to support me. Thank you for listening.
No idea what J-E is but there's nothing wrong with starting a patreon, you're not forcing anyone to donated to you and people often like supporting creators so they can make more content for them to enjoy.
Japanese to English. There are ton of materials available only in Japanese that left untranslated, I want to spread more knowledge and information but ofc I can't afford it with my own fund atm. Thanks for the feedback though!
Have you considered seeking employment for it? Lots of companies need assistance with localization for anime/games. If your Japanese and English are decent enough, you should definitely be able to find work.

There's also many anime/games that aren't in the process of translation, and you could do fan translations. Many people would consider donating via Patreon if your work is good.

File: sc134816.jpg (445 KB, 2000x1321)
445 KB
445 KB JPG
Is 21 dating 17 that weird? She's graduating HS this year, I'll be wrapping up my associates at the same time.

Friends with her brother who also works with us, he's a cool dude, pretty sure he'd be fine with it. But maybe my perception of how OK the age difference is warped?
I'm considering waiting until she turns 18 in June but I want to ask her so fucking bad & am terrified someone else will move on her (she is wife material).

Also tips for asking out a friends younger sister? Reddit telling me to ask him FIRST but I don't think that's right, how do I do this with tact & not fuck up everything?

ALSO, I just got out of a long-term relationship a month ago. Girl / friend are both aware. Is that long enough or will I look like some quick rebound seeking fuckboi?
Perfectly fine.
legal but stupid

File: dreamworks.jpg (47 KB, 345x387)
47 KB
A couple of my friends are avoiding me and are silently, passive aggressively mad at me and have been for a couple weeks. I didn't know why up until today when I found out that they're upset that I said "nigga" once in front of them. I already apologized for it before. We're all white and I was using it in reference to myself, calling myself a "nigga".

Should I try to salvage this? I've only been friends with them for a few months but if they wanna throw it all away for something as dumb as this I'm wondering if it's worth it.
File: Chris-Brownn-45864.jpg (63 KB, 1300x788)
63 KB
they think youre trying to be a nigger, dont take it bad my nigger, call ya niggers anything you want my nigger. Big ups mah nigger. Im a nigger btw my nigger. Stay fresh mah niggar.
Wow that's pretty silly. Apologize and address it directly but make a mental note that you need to find some better friends who don't take offence to non-pc talk.
bump for help
Find new friends!

That's what a real nigga would do.
"hey, guys, I'm sorry I offended you. Blame it more on stupidity than prejudice "

File: 67198807_p0.jpg (1.23 MB, 1200x1788)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB JPG
WHAT woman, gentlemen, with poetic longing, thinks about the subtle differences between her body and that of a mans, and how great it would be to discover it for herself? I haven't seen such sensitivities in a woman. The day I do, I'll roll over and play dead. No, I'll die!
No, gentlemen, women, I'm quite certain, regard men's bodies with a healthy dose of disgust, just, in fact, as we ourselves do.
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File: tripfag hiding.png (247 KB, 1032x1444)
247 KB
247 KB PNG
Tripfaggot is a cringy retard. Who would have thought.
Oppose my argument. I'm here to benefit from discussion, as I'm sure you are too.
Don't speak to me ever again.
File: 1540341689383.png (176 KB, 1000x1000)
176 KB
176 KB PNG
You are the basedest individual on this board, a toast!

why do normalfags come here?
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>betacuck thinks he somehow can keep all the dank memes to himself
try asking for advice next time loser
>dank memes
Because how can I find help with my 7th boyfriend if I don't ask 4channers?
To offer advice to very unhappy people whose greatest burden is the fear that they are alone and uniquely deficient in their unhappiness

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