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File: tenor.gif (11 KB, 220x220)
11 KB
So i have had a crush on this guy since 2014. we have met but i am 100% sure he does not remember me. I texted him on fb on his birthday and we started talking but then he blocked me. half a year later he unblocked me and texted me again but the way he texts makes me feel that he is playing with me. i kinda have been stalking him for a while and told him everything I knew and it kinda surprised him because he keeps everything private and HAS NEVER POSTED ANYTHING ON SOCIAL MEDIA. but i knew he went on a vacation because my stalker skills are amazing. so now he is surprised that i know that much and he likes playing so he keeps texting me but does not reveal much. I also have never posted anything so he also has no idea who I am. but I don't really like this situation but he is the only guy I have ever liked and I don't know what to do. Should I try forgetting him or keep texting him?
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Does he have a big cock?
idk i have never seen it but I don't care,really
Move on. He seems like a dick. Don't try something with someone with so many red flags
You're a silly hoe. All jokes aside let it burn, he doesn't want you. Go put your energy into someone/something else.

>"but then he blocked me"
>"my stalker skills are amazing"

You're clearly making him uncomfortable. Stop doing this (and don't do it again to anybody else, actually)

File: image.jpg (2.69 MB, 2400x1800)
2.69 MB
2.69 MB JPG
>gf has BS in elementary education
>doesn’t want to teach anymore
>owes $5k for unfinished masters
>can’t find another job, and jobs she is qualified for want her transcripts (school won’t let her have them because she owes money)

What can a mid twenties woman do with an education degree and no real other skills? She’s very organized, detail oriented, persistent, and headstrong

Pic related, what she’s tired of being.
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I know. She just gets her hopes way up every time, puts all of her eggs in one basket “This [insert idea] is going to change my life and everything will be better!” and then crashes hard when it doesn’t work out as she had planned in her mind.

I was just wondering, because i’ve done training for trade skills, what are some training opportunities for women?
She could teach some community education courses to adults or teens just to pay off the $5,000 easily in a summer. The colleges usually don't require any degree, especially community colleges. You can make a lot of money depending if the course is popular enough. I taught summer programming and electronics courses to teens. The college didn't care I had no degree at the time. I made $90 per hour ($100 per student, 30 students per class, 20-hours total per class). Colleges will give you a 60% cut of whatever the course price you set, but may not advertise it.

If you live in the USA in a state that requires some NRA class to get a concealed carry license, she could teach for $125 per student and easily have 10-20 students per class. The instructor course is usually $200-$300 range.

That interesting. Did you have to do some training beforehand for the particular subject, or did you just go off the knowledge you had+curriculum?
For the summer programming courses, I had no formal training beforehand for what I taught. I also had no teaching credentials. The community education coordinator did make me give a mock class for about 10-minutes until he felt comfortable I could teach the subject.

The programming curriculum was based on a free online tutorial that I got permission from the author to use for the classes, and was easy to learn. The electronic courses were free curriculum online just for teachers by the companies I bought the parts from. It was pretty easy to learn at the time. I supplemented the curriculum for simple stuff like 'what is a variable' to basic trig concepts in case students didn't know, cause the programming course was a introductory to intermediate level. Computers were provided, and software was 30-day demos to save money.

I then developed a comprehensive class schedule planning down to 5 to 45-minute blocks explaining what was to be learned. All the students managed to learn the curriculum in less than a week. Each class was 20 hours long (Mon-Fri 8am-12pm, and another course 12pm-4pm) with breaks, computer game time, watched a movie, and had a guest speaker.

It's a great way to make an easy $10k to $15k in a summer if done right. Parents liked being able to drop their kids off before work, pick them up during their lunch breaks, and their kids learning more in a week than years in the public school system.

TL;DR No experience, no formal training, no certification, no upfront costs, made $10k+ in a summer teaching for a few weeks.
Become an RBT and work with children with autism, she can also work as a substitute teacher or something

File: hqdefault.jpg (13 KB, 480x360)
13 KB
I've been with the same woman for over 10 years. She is progressively getting worse and I fear that she is bringing me down with her.
She gets fatter and fatter every year, while claiming that she's losing weight. She constantly complains about her "pre-diabetes," yet does nothing about it. "Eating all that bread isn't going to help you," I tell her, only for her to say, "but I'm cutting down," which is a lie.
She is lazy and completely unmotivated. All she wants to do is spend my money and, from time to time, have sex only to affirm that she is desireable. But she is not. I have to be half-drunk or extremely horny even to consider doing anything with her.
The last time we had sex, I looked at her face and I went limp. I thought, "why am I with this person? I can do better than this."
I've tried to break up with her numerous times, only to cave in and get back with her. I don't fear being alone, as I have been alone for much of my life and did just fine. I think I have too much pity or sympathy for her. This has to end.
WTF is wrong with me persisting with this stupid relationship?

Be strong. Cut her loose. Don't back out. You can do it.
I recently went through a breakup with my partner where I felt similarly. I tried a couple of times to leave but something inside me always wanted to run back. I think the best thing you can do is just rip off the bandage and not look back. Completely disconnect from her in your real life and online. It might be hard at first but it's definitely worth it.

You're a good person for worrying about her, but you have no obligation to take care of her or do anything else for her. She's her own person and doesn't need you. Breaking up with her might even help her get a reality check.
Have you tried telling her that you don't want to have sex with her because of her weight? As much as it'd hurt her it may push her to change. I'd say to give her an ultimatum if you still want to be with her, tell her she either chooses doughnuts or you
Just leave Anon, it's the right thing.
You only live once, you don't want to be on your death bead thinking wtf happened here?
Instead of saying you don’t want to have sex with her because of her weight, trying say you don’t find her attractive and you are losing feelings for her, hopefully she doesn’t throw the whole “Sex is all men want” to her family and friends or something because chances are she’ll try to make it your fault somehow.

My girlfriend has gained weight. Everytime she has to dress up she freaks the fuck out. I tried bringing her to the gym and cooking for her but she always falls off the wagon. Whenever I'm at the grocery store she tells me to buy ice cream. What should I do
text her back and be like: do u remember getting mad about being fat the other day? u sure about the ice cream?
That sucks.

I don’t know, make her start running
Do not enable her self destructive behaviors. If it really bothers you, have an intervention. This intervention will then fail because society enables this behavior in women. Then you leave for someone strong willed.

Is it cheating to go on a date with somebody else when you're in a relationship?

I love my boyfriend very much but recently it's been extremely difficult and we don't seem to be getting on as well as we did. He moved away to another city to work for the summer so I barely see or talk to him and he has expressed doubts about whether our relationship will work long term. He's all I think about and I love him immensely but I've been getting lonely recently and don't feel like he is putting in much effort to contact me so I decided to go on a date with somebody else for the evening. It is primarily just for some company and maybe get a fresh perspective on my relationship.

Is this a huge betrayal?
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You're welcome, but I said the exact same thing in several other, briefer posts up-thread, and I never called you a whore. You called me a child and a virgin, though. But I wish you the best and hope you can work things out

I have a female roommate, and we will go out to eat at nice restaurants together sometimes. Even that feels weird to me. It’s just two roommates getting dinner together. But even still sometimes it feels weird to me.
OP is your typical woman.

Things aren't going perfectly with her current boyfriend, so she monkey branches off to another guy and rationalizes it inside her head by saying bullshit like: ''it was only for company''. Give me a fucking break. And women seriously believe this lie they make up themselves.

It's bullshit. OP is sniffing out what her options are and weighing them up. This is female monkey branching 101. If the monkey branch attempt fails, she'll just pass it off as if it was an evening spend together with him as good friends but nothing more. If the monkey branch attempt succeeds, she'll jump ship to this guy and ditch her boyfriend because ''one thing led to the next :3''.
Well yeah, the fact she even called it a “date” is a major major problem

File: pepe-the-frog-lead-2.jpg (200 KB, 720x378)
200 KB
200 KB JPG
How do find??? I'm in my early-mid twenties, so the clock is ticking pretty hard. Indian Americans tend to be pretty blue-pilled, including what I've seen of the men. Really, most men around my age are pretty blue pilled. So I'm left to wonder - are there many Indian conservative men out there at all?

Asking this on 4chan is weird, given the politics :) sorry for intruding. But I think I've seen some Indian types around here (I can tell because they post nudies of Indian girls). So I figured this would be a good place to ask.

So, a pro 1A, pro 2A traditional Indian man. If you exist, you probably visit this board. How could I go about finding one of you in real life?!

File: 1563193434326.jpg (1.03 MB, 3988x3988)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB JPG
...wank over women, fantasize about being in romantic relationships with girls I like, pillow talk, etc... except for a recurring fantasy I have where a fit, tall, muscular Chad completely humiliated and degrades me, the twink, is wearing really skimpy stuff (tight, thong-like underwear crawling up ass, socks pushed down, cut up t shirt so midriff and most of arms exposed, and a slave chain/leash)... not even being ass fucked, just humiliating shit, degrading destruction of my dignity and shame.

Why the HELL am I like this?
Probably because you think that's the easiest way you'll get sexual gratification

How to deal with being an insecure Chad? Sure, I get sex every once in a while and people tell me that I look alpha male but I have severe dysmorphia and think I look like an incel all the time.

How to increase my self esteem?

File: 13pgm9ylg4621.jpg (158 KB, 1440x1425)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
He broke up with me because he was tired of being in a relationship and having to make plans for us as a couple and not for him as an individual.
Do you guys see any chance of him coming back to me or should I move on?
I really love him and I am willing to wait for him. We haven't talked for a bit and I go to bed every night hoping he'll text me soon, but I don't know what to do with my life.
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Thank you anon, that was incredibly sweet.
anon is right. As a guy I would say he either isn't the right one for you, or he needs to mature and then come back. my tendency leans towards the former but best of luck.
Thank you, it's hard going through this
Well how often do you make the plans and what kind of plans does he make?
It was more about planning the next 6 months, I don't want to get too much into detail but after these 6 months were over we wouldn't really have to plan our lives anymore

File: 1491511000305.jpg (189 KB, 626x853)
189 KB
189 KB JPG
Is it a red flag if a girl says she wants a low maintenance relationship?

Also i really love this pic
Not if that’s what you’re into also. But since you’re confused, it’s a red flag for you.
>But since you’re confused, it’s a red flag for you.
I've heard people say that you don't love your SO if you want a LMR, hence why im asking

File: cool-orianna.jpg (289 KB, 1920x1200)
289 KB
289 KB JPG
hello, i have this problem where i freeze when im about to talk with someone and when they sstand near me my attitude of freeze makes them nervous. I also cant even make eye contact and my head hurts and stops working when this happens. I also realize that i make involutonary mouth movements, my body is in tense and also for some reason i close slightly my eyes. my voice also sounds broken and becomes weak. All of this bothers me really hard to the point where i look antisocial. i just want to think again freely and express myself without scaring people (wich im really concious of). Do you know what the fuck is going on with me?
I used to be a sperg like you but the adrenaline burnt me out eventually and it doesn't happen anymore
Just talk to people
what do you mean?
i dont have adrenaline problems
bumping for help

Any tips on how to get rid of old junk and making a couple dollars in the process?
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Haven't had any success with yard sales
Invite friend or neighbor. You can do a lot more as a team.
Ebay. Slower and more effort but by far the best way
Alternatively amazon has a service where you send all your shit in a big box and they give you some of the profit from it after selling it all.
Ebay though, too simple not to
How are the fees with EBay?
Etsy could be a option too if you got stuff that hipsters would want like old type writers, or sunglasses. Whatever you do make sure that you pay your taxes, and not sell anything illegal like turtle shell rimmed sunglasses.

>make out with guy for the first time
>he asks me to b his gf
>say no cause I don’t live where he lives (he’s from Europe and I only visit where he’s from every summer for a 2 weeks or more)
>actually like him back but can’t b together cause I have to go back to usa
How do I deal with my emotions

File: IMG_20190820_150347.jpg (790 KB, 2112x2816)
790 KB
790 KB JPG
Hey anons
I don't like my hair and it lowers my confidence. In the picture it's not combed but when I comb it, it goes wavy.
Anyone offer some advice?
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Wdym? What else is a problem?

What way would you suggest me combing hair? Forwards? To the left?
Hallo Julian Kevin
1. Change your hairstyle
2. Change your attitude
3. Change your race
What hair style do u suggest
File: download.jpg (52 KB, 736x981)
52 KB
I have something like this, except I don't use any hair products so mine isn't "up" like on the picture but just to the side. Not too short on the sides. I'm very happy with it, looks better than any other haircut with longer hair. Would recommend to you aswell.

Anyway, this is the closest picture I could find. When I went to get a haircut last time I just said that I have too long hair and the hairdresser lady just started cutting it and pretty much made this haircut without me saying anything. Maybe you can try the same way, letting the professional decide what would be best for you?

File: 20180516_135349.jpg (74 KB, 680x262)
74 KB
I've basically only had one date in my entire life (I was 20, 21 now) and want to know how the hell normies do it. Do I have to use Snapchat or Instagram to get their attention?

>What do I do if I want to approach an attractive woman assuming the time and place are appropriate?

>furthermore, how do you approach a woman in a way that doesn't make you look like a rapist or serial killer?

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