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File: 1560976369993.png (267 KB, 1280x720)
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267 KB PNG
How do you tell if you're genuinely falling for/in love with someone or if you're just so lonely to the point of being that desperate for some form of affection and that?
You genuinely enjoy the time you spend with them, and want to spend more time with them because they bring you legitimate happiness.

File: eldritch doge.jpg (9 KB, 200x200)
9 KB
Hey neighborinos. So long story short I've realized that I completely want a female stalker to love me. We could get rent a place together and spend all our time cuddling on a full futon getting drunk on lean and watching King of the Hill. How and where do I meet such a woman, and what would be my approach?
Just swing by your local AA meeting and wait. Soon enough, you'll be trapped with all of the life ruining crazy pussy you could ever want! Enjoy the inevitable heat death of your own humanity.
lmao it's true AA is a cesspool
That's actually perfect because I have a THC addiction I really need to kick.
go to NA for that. the pussy there is on an entirely new level of wacked
just don't

you'll be hanging by a thread most of the time

File: IMG_20190625_112939.jpg (107 KB, 1280x720)
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107 KB JPG
What's the best way to reject a girl you really don't like?
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a friend of mine who I've had a will they/won't they thing going since we met straight up told me today she thinks I'm cute and is attracted to me

We've been getting closer lately and I've been trying to really open myself up to her in the past few months and she's basically given the green light for straight up sex, but

damn it bros I don't think I can go through with it. I just don't find her that attractive. She's really smart but damn it she's basic and dull as dirt. She has a body like a bag of milk. A mombod (not a mom). Her years in university did a real number on her

Shit I might end up hooking up with her out of guilt if you can imagine that
Appeal to her ego whilst doing so.
"I'm really flattered but......"
Make sure you stress that you are flattered lol.
i just tell them no, ain't nothing wrong with that imo
and i don't make excuses, fine maybe try excuses twice but that'll NEVER stop a woman from nagging you, if she's into you it looks like she'll actually believe them all the time.
she was fat and i said i like thinnier women so she said are you calling me fat and i said yes and she was like oh you are so manly and honest

just say no, if they have a a fixation on you you can be a babyraping genocidal maniac they will still love you

File: 1561068551689.jpg (657 KB, 1920x796)
657 KB
657 KB JPG
Where can I meet art hoes outside of uni?
Art hoes are usually crazy my dude id steer away from art hoes find a chick thats into medical or pharmaceutical stuff.
Really smart chicks
I'm not exactly sane either. I just want someone to chill with and get excited about music with

Art galleries, art openings, art exhibits, etc.
Abortion centers
This, or on websites such as Instagram pages and Deviantart loool

File: 1560011836935.jpg (97 KB, 700x781)
97 KB
I'm going to try to self suck tonight. Is there any useful advice/tips that can make it easier for me?
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The pain ain't worth it bro.
I'll tell you after I find out if I like sucking dick or not
But anon, pain is the only thing that makes life worth living. That and getting your dick sucked.
But what if you're not gay, then you'll regret sucking your own dick.
If you aren't already flexible you gonna paralyze yourself. Just jave good flexibility would make this possible.
Don't get discouraged if you can't do it. You can always just facial yourself.

File: sound-wave.jpg (60 KB, 1024x768)
60 KB
Tomorrow im going to work and I fully believe that my boss may be trying to fire me for bogus reasons. I'm not the most tech savvy guy when it comes to audio files. Can someone please let me know what app or how to record audio for a long period of time with my phone in my pocket? Thanks.
Most phones come with a recorder app out of the box. On Apple they’re called “voice memos”
Imagine it playing back

Also audio is usually a big file, so make sure you’ve got space or else it will stop
Get yourself a decent voice recorder. This kind of thing is 'power intensive' and will drain your phone.
I always have one in my pocket due to the line of work I'm in.

My roommates are kicking me out on Sunday. I'm going to have 450 to my name and I'm looking for a place to stay. What are some sites aside from craiglist I can look for a room for at least a month?
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I’m a dumbass so no. But I have texts of the payments discussed and paid, if those can be considered receipts. And my roommates are a lot of things but not lairs.
Yes I will call the police tomorrow and get more informed thank you
I’m in Vegas.
I think youll be fine, contact police and explain the situation in Full. But the law is on your side 100% they cant just kick you out when they want it has to be a process
It doesn't matter if you aren't on the lease, your roommates are technically your landlords and they have to follow landlord laws if you have any record that you were paying them to stay. Talk to the police, they will know more.
I will. Thank you both.

File: 1558687018967.jpg (132 KB, 1280x720)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
How the fuck do you permanently fix procrastination?

Hate yourself and your position enough to make the change yourself to work harder. Gotta want it enough.
You need a great suffering. Like a broken heart.
building on working harder, whats more important for me is to just work more. The more you work slowly the more you will find ways to improve. You just need to set time aside to do it. Reliability and self accountability will get you way further than just pure effort. If just putting effort in for a day work i doubt you would be asking here. good luck!
give yourself something to do that is even more awful, so you'll procrastinate by doing the thing you need to do

File: 1560847797353.jpg (51 KB, 546x550)
51 KB
What would it take to completely become a ghost without doing it all in one day? I feel like my social media presence is very toxic on my privacy, and theres too many people leeching off my energy. Too many people know me, and I've been trying to find ways to be less visible around my home town (without completely running away)
I have alot of friends I want to stay in contact with, but the vast majority of people on my snap and Facebook are people who could ruin my life if they wanted to. I know they're not all malicious but I see the possibilities of the downfalls I could face from being too popular here. If I cut off my presence all at once, people will bug me. I've been having trouble balancing my desire to hide, and my desire to talk to people. Its killing me... I know I haven't explained this all perfectly but I stick out like a sure thumb to all my enemies and toxic aquantances here.. idk what to do I almost want to kill myself some days, just wishing I could change my name and not be remembered by all these idiots. I need to find a way to go invisible before I lose my sanity...
fake your own death
why do you WANT be big douchebag?

>>oh no i made too many friends
>>oh no i wish they would all leave me alone

poor me me pity my life: yeah umm no. your own fault
this has happened to me. Its just over anon, the ship has sailed
Idk, just post some shit about privacy concerns and start deleting things.

File: pic_79468f897f1.jpg (55 KB, 686x456)
55 KB
I am social outcast, but I still want romantic relationships, so I keep buying the same hooker to have sex with me for 3 years.
I've noticed I am no longer attracted to her, and don't feel any sexual desire at all near her. But. I still like her as human being, we know each other for a long time and it's easy to talk with her.
How can I make myself attracted to her again?
General advises like roleplay kinda doesn't work, because she is not my gf, but a hooker, and if you know, rp is additional service and I don't have enough money for this.
stop paying for hookers, you pathetic waste of a man
...stop paying for food in shops then..?

File: tiresome.jpg (37 KB, 807x659)
37 KB
hey /adv/, over a year ago me and a group of very good friends I have known for 8 years got into what I'll call, the argument. We've had arguments and fights before, but not like this, this was catastrophic. I haven't spoken to these 3 individuals in over a year since this event happened. I really miss them and want to reach out to them again but I don't know and am somewhat afraid of how they will react. The most interaction I've had with one of them was being in the same server and typing in chat, or in another friends discord that they happened to be in and posting memes and shit and having them react. But its really like I'm talking to a stranger. I want to try to start a new leaf but I don't know if I should or if its too soon. any advice or input on how I should go about this or should I leave it alone, give it more time?

will post more info for anyone who wants real context, if they have any ideas
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I don't think its too late, what makes you think it is?
bump, I need some responses people
People do it all the time, I got ghosted by a childhood friend a few months ago 'cause I couldn't show up to work one day. People just kind of move on, I don't know if it's always been this way but seemingly no one sticks around.

File: ghgp9nk9f7431.jpg (88 KB, 1024x552)
88 KB
I'm 26, college graduate, making ~35k in a part-time job unrelated to my degree. I live comfortably and don't overwork myself. I intentionally chose to work in a decent paying part-time job post-college (graduated last year) in order to delay the 9-5 grind and allow myself some free time before I sell my soul to the wage-lords.

I have a lot of free time on my hands and I am not sure how to constructively spend it. I haven't had this opportunity before in life. I'm looking to make the most out of it. Any opinions on how to constructively fill my time? Hobbies, travelling, learning new skills, etc. are all appreciated.

If you were 26 and had free time to spare, how would you spend it?
Learn a new language
Learn how to invest your money so you can earn passive income to avoid the real 9-5 grind
Achieve physical perfection
Learn carpentry

Great recommendations, thank you! Any opinions on what language?
French is easy, so try that. Learning how to cook meals you want to eat is a must imo. I enjoy gardening and bowling, so maybe you would too?
>passive money
Never forget op, all these fags on instagram that have like 10 min talks about how it changed their life and don‘t fucking tell how, are all ponzischemes. No exception.
I learned how to get passive income by that time. Investing in real estate and renting it out. After that i focused in hobbies and fun times. Now i do mountaineering. Traveling. Working with wood. Etc

Already posted this on the Q/A section and thought maybe it’s better to post here like idfk.
I NEED HELP finding someone who can help me get information form this guy.. I can’t do this myself but will gladly repay The favor
It’s rly means a great deal and anythis would be appreciated desu
Which "guy".

File: 1557944013057.png (53 KB, 279x120)
53 KB
working on improving myself but I still hate myself does the feeling go away
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It's not going to be instant , it may be months before you start feeling better. The important thing is to keep going
kys namefag
You just keep going on with whatever you are doing, and what do you hate about yourself anon if you hate it so much try changing it and keep grinding

im at the stage where it doesnt really matter desu I am who I am and if people dont like that I dont want them near me

Good luck!
File: 1559692934943.jpg (7 KB, 231x218)
7 KB

How can a man be improving if he hates himself?
You dont just go from hating yourself to full on loving yourself its a process bud, a slow one at that

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