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File: 20190419_145217.jpg (2.44 MB, 4128x2322)
2.44 MB
2.44 MB JPG
Hi! So I live in the Netherlands and am a broke student does anybody know any food places/delivery services that allow afterpay?
File: download (2).jpg (36 KB, 474x316)
36 KB
The NL LIFESTYLE is about being frugal and high IQ bless them. The problem is that you immediately look for 'food places' which by nature will have high markups. Maybe you could get some good advice on frugal eating from those around you while also making friends if you ask around?
You're a student and this is the time for you to learn and become more knowledgeable and skilled! In the mean time if you truly don't have enough money to eat borrowing money may be your best option, but use that money to eat inexpensively! There are great resources online if you search for them. You could even set a goal to spend less than a certain amount every day on food.
just go to the local turk theyre cheap af

File: 1551283239164.jpg (26 KB, 540x540)
26 KB
Should I accept money from parents? We live a normal life, I have a good job and we're pretty relaxed. They got some money from selling something and my dad came to me today saying he'll give me money to buy me a new phone and a new bike since the last one has been stolen. I refused because I'm pretty stubborn and prideful, and I like to get things my own. I haven't accepted money from anyone ever as I've always had at least a part time job since highschool.
Anyway when I refused he got a bit mad / sad and fairly passive aggressive, like "ok, whatever, call me when you change your mind".

Should I just get over it and accept the money? Or just forget about it and let them to their thing with the money? It's not that much money to just d whatever you want, but enough for a new bike and phone, or maybe a vacation for them.

Should I lose weight and try to get abs, or gain weight and try to grow my muscles.
I'm male 5'8 155
Why not both go on a diet and start going to the gym.
Your body type is unlikely to be the biggest guy around.

Go for speed and agility with a dab of endurance
Definitely focus on muscles. Trying to get a visible six pack is way too much fucking work unless you really won the genetic lottery. Building muscle is easy. Literally just eat a lot of food and lift heavy things and put them back down.
At 155 if he lost weight he would be hungry skeleton mode

File: 6515587.jpg (49 KB, 620x400)
49 KB
Is it possible to work a trade while going through college? During the summer, for example?
If you go to college part time maybe. Most trades will want you in class for 8 hours a day or be on a job site.

File: 1555593197066.jpg (1.19 MB, 1621x1120)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB JPG
>had sex or carried out affairs with many taken guys over the years
>always justified this to myself with "it's not my relationship, not my job to respect it"
>a friend of mine tells me that's no excuse
>"Even if it's not your relationship, you still have the responsibility to be a good person. You will always have that responsibility, and any excuses you make serve no purpose but to divert your eyes from the horrible things you've done."

Is she right? The first few times I went for a guy who was taken (either dating or married), I felt guilty, but that faded away with time. It gets easier, as the old saying goes. Now, though, I'm not sure what to think...
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File: download.jpg (10 KB, 225x225)
10 KB
how would you judge the following scenario:
you meet a overweight person that tries to lose weight. you know this and start (in a somewhat pushy manner) offering them that really really tasty chocolate.

is that cool nor not?
File: Boomer_Sip_pepe.jpg (31 KB, 334x334)
31 KB
>Roastie literally fucked away her empathy
Amazing if not bait
Bait thread
shut up and let the rest of us LARP

File: download (1).jpg (10 KB, 244x207)
10 KB
I've recently been on tinder looking for one of these many many hookup success stories and I discovered something troubling. There is a stunning lack of large women on tinder. If there is such a "swipe phenomenon" why are the bigger girls not in on it? Since I have pretty much established that there is a lack of big girls on tinder. where are they? What app are they using to find dates? They must be out there somewhere. Help me /adv/. You're my only hope...
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try the Midwest, that's all I have here and I'd rather stay an incel forever
I don't discriminate. The only turn off is bad hygiene. Big girls, despite not taking care of their food intake, do clean themselves up well. I don't know how they reach all those crevices, but from my experience, they do.

I'm on okcupid and there are plenty of fatties here.

/fit/ has a thread dedicated to hating fat people where they post fat tinder profiles among other things. Ask them how they find them.
I can find the occasional one too. But that's different. I figured being where I am that there would be more trailer queens or recently divorced pudge monsters to take care of. I'm going to try OKCupid and POF to see if that fairs any better.

File: Tarbosaurus.jpg (1.07 MB, 906x1000)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB JPG
why don't women like dinosaurs?
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I think girls are lame and gross.
File: 643x0w.jpg-1820076660.jpg (66 KB, 643x362)
66 KB

Can you be any more wrong?
File: jurassicpark.jpg (6 KB, 160x124)
6 KB

t. women
I don't like lizard like creatures . I prefer cold hard robots and machines
That's lame, who wouldn't find dinosaurs neat?
Try getting to know some ladies who are into the sciences, I'm into biology and archaeology and think dinosaurs are pretty cool but I'm more into hominins personally

Has anyone ever hooked up with a girl that rejected them in the past?
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i've had worse, they agreed to date long distance then denied it later on and was scared of me

typical bullshit i have to put up with
I can’t, I never asked her why and it kills me inside because she was so into me before but when I finally made a move I was probably too late or seemed weird
Been there, it’s painful. I honestly don’t know what to tell you other than take it like a man and do your best to move on. Everything passes
Yeah, once. It was interesting.

I was fucking this one girl and she was 10/10 in my eyes. She let me creampie her twice in a row without cleanup (was so hot).

Then we stopped fucking and hated each other for a few months I tried to get with her, she rejected me. Then another few months after that I was going through a gnarly dry spell, so I texted her again and even offered dinner. She just told me to meet up at hers at night, I came over, fucked her brains out, and legit never talked to her again

Idk brah
Pray for me, I’m gonna text her today

How do I cope, if possible, with being transgender without transitioning (and without killing myself)? Sorry for asking here! But /lgbt/ simply says (obviously in a well intended way) that transitioning is the only way out, there's no cope. And it's really looking like they are correct.
But if I decide to transition I'd have to do it in extreme secret since my parents and almost everyone I know (except maybe one ex-coworker) are extremely against trans people. Either way it would be useless because I'm too old (26) and I'd look like a terrible mess. I also can't afford to move out.
I think seeing a psychologist is not required in my country to transition. I did go to therapy some years ago, against my parents' will, but my therapist said I should just have sex with random people while pretending to be a woman in my mind (?). I didn't try that but I didn't consider that therapist to be helpful.
I think I'm already reaching the limit of my depression and anxiety and low self esteem and I'm freaking out. My self esteem has reached its all-time lowest and now I just hate being outside and interacting with people in general. Idk what to do.
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I guess it's uncomfortable because I care, like everyone does, about what people think of me and how people see me. Also because I care about expressing myself visually I guess.
>What if there was no way to change your body and you were stuck with it? Would you just kill yourself then?
I guess I'd inevitably keep isolating myself until I'm no longer functional in society. I'm already on that track.
>try to be present in the experience try not to wander off mentally.
Yes I have that problem too.
I still think that I live in a constant state similar to when you know the answer to something but can't speak up and say it. Every time I'm around people I think I could or should be acting different and looking different and I can't. I guess it's the same way you'd feel uncomfortable if you were required to wear a fake mustache constantly or something like that.
Transitioning is no solution, suicide rates are just as high post op as pre op.

You need to work on improving yourself. Work on your career, your fitness, hell even a hobby. Get really good at something, that will improve your self-esteem greatly.
>I guess it's uncomfortable because I care, like everyone does, about what people think of me and how people see me. Also because I care about expressing myself visually I guess.
Right everyone does care about that but there is a huge difference between dressing in nice clothing taking care of your hair and skin and getting surgeries and radically altering the hormone composition of your body so you look the way you want to visually. It is never necessary to do that in order to express yourself.

>I guess I'd inevitably keep isolating myself until I'm no longer functional in society. I'm already on that track.
So that is what you would do? Just give up? Why do you hold that belief? It doesn't sound like a belief you would have come up with on your own it sounds like something abusive people convinced you of.

>I still think that I live in a constant state similar to when you know the answer to something but can't speak up and say it.
You know the answer? You know that having boobs and soft skin will make you happy? Anon I get that people care about appearance and acceptance but if the only way a society will accept you is if you go through all these cosmetic procedures that is not something that is wrong with you it is something wrong with society. I think you know that you don't need those procedures to be accepted by people.

>Every time I'm around people I think I could or should be acting different and looking different and I can't.
Many people feel the same way but they do not get surgery and hormones they learn to accept themselves. You need to accept yourself as you really are which is a man and that is not something to be ashamed of or hate.
>Idk what to do.

just be a gay guy. Lots of people are gay and seem happy with it.
I imagine that those gay people that seem happy being gay are just gay and not transgender.

File: 20190403_001412.jpg (89 KB, 1176x686)
89 KB
Was addicted to 5 things now only 3. Ciggaretes,alcohol,coca cola i want to stop one of them so do i stop ciggaretes or alcohol? Becouse they are the worse ones.
Id quit the cola man, that shits tasy af but its horrible for you.
Try stopping alki-hall and ciggies cold turkey. It will really suck, though.
t. someone who quit cold turkey
Basically I had loud tinnitus for a week and daily panic attacks for about 3 months. I couldn’t stop shaking for the first 3 days, and I fainted a every time I got up to do something. I also couldn’t get any sleep for like 4 days. I had to call off work for an entire week because I keep fainting and vomiting, and they just ended up firing me because I never got a doctor’s note.
I thought about killing myself everyday for the first year, but in the end I just ended up feeling normal. I save like $100/week on what I used to spend on booze and ciggies.

GF of 4 months says she is unable to love and broke up with me 3 days ago. She said the i felt like the best friend she ever had, but thats about it. We gave eachother time to think about it and we see eachother next week to talk about it. Ive tried everything to change her mind, but she thinks the single-life is better and relationships are annoying. Any tips to convince her?

Btw we havent kissed because she is litterally pic related and even handholding / hugging is a lot for her. Could this be a way to convince her of the pros of relationships?
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Don't try to convince her rn. Let her break up.
Speaking from experience. My first relationship was similar and we broke up after summer vacations. It was around a month or two that she came back. Then we lasted a long time.
Convincing her will probably lead to the same scenario in the future. Best friend went through that three- four times and then they were done.
So I would suggest you to rather work on yourself for now so that she is more likely to come back.
This reply was for highschool/college relationships. Don't refer to my advice if your relationship was a mature one.
Thanks, but as narcisstic as it sounds, i dont think i need to work on myself, but she on herself. Even tho she's sort of lazy and physically weak because of some medical illnesses, she is still the one I really love because of reasons I'm not even sure myself.

I strongly believe, that she is depressed and I always was there for her the way I wished, when I was in a similar situation.

But still, the kiss is somewhat my secret weapon I'm not sure about...
How old is she and you?
I'm 18, she 17 its the first relationship for both of us. I guess I can say to her that things don't always have to go well the first time and that there is always a second chance to fix those smaller things.

She said that she really, really likes me for who I am, but she her problem is the whole love thing
>because of reasons I'm not even sure myself.
Probably because you see her as being available if only you could figure out the right combination of buttons to push, and what you perceive as a lack of other options.

Some people are foolish and see disinterest as a huge turnon, like "I will be so special if I can win her over". Maybe it's because you see her as weak and lesser, unlike those other scary women who seem so much better than you.

Do not go into (or continue) a relationship with someone based on "this relationship would be perfect if only they would change".

Figure out what you want out of a relationship, figure out the negative stuff you can tolerate, and then make your decision on whether or not to stay romantically involved based on that.

My baseline for what I must have in a relationship includes "returns a romantic interest in me". A few months is long enough to figure out if that's going to happen. Move on. Stay friends if you can do it knowing that you're not going to be romantic partners. Not just intellectually knowing it, but in your heart and gut so that you're able to stop having those sorts of feelings for her.

I've had random situations in my life happen that I've seen in my dreams before.

Just the setting and the sights of certain environments, I'll feel like I've seen this before. I've been to some interesting places where I'll take a step back and go "I knew I'd be here"

Am I psychic or is this a mental illness?

File: 1[1].jpg (22 KB, 852x480)
22 KB
For old anons.

Anyone made any progress to improving their lives?
I'm trying to get /fit/ which seems to be working but I'm getting headaches when lifting for some reason and they seem to last for days.
Trying to learn how to be a web dev since that seems to the only way to get a career that isn't hideously under-paid or requires years and years of experience I don't have. But I keep getting stuck at certain points and I can't tell if it's because I've lost brain cells working in dead-end job for years. I mean, I know a person who's not academically gifted but he's approaching a 6-figure salary in that field.
No idea on how to fix the lack of a social life, I just spend my free time walking aimlessly hoping to bump into someone.
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I don't know, 4chan is not really that different from reddit despite the zoomers desperately wanting it to be the secret club they used to hear about. And there's more (zoomer) femanons here than before.

Then again older NEET/shut-in femanons are probably tired of this site these days, especially since nothing special happens here anymore.
>I just get the feeling I'm gonna have to work some shit-tier retail job for at least 2-3 years to show I'm not some bum degenerate to an actual company.
You could work some wagelsave job while applying for a real career? That way you'd have something in the background.
Start studying management, self employment, and take responsibility for your own destiny. Accept that it may not be lucrative, but at least it’s a form of personal security
Check out daijob.com, there are thousands of IT jobs for people that at fluent in Japanese. If you do both you really will be on a gravy train

File: IMG_20190419_195108.jpg (216 KB, 1218x1210)
216 KB
216 KB JPG
What the fuck is wrong with my toe nail, i has a surgery on it back in November because it was ingrown. Now it looks like this, seems to have some kind of nail looking thing on the right side sticking out of the wound that was made during surgery. what do i do fellas? is this just a normal thing or should i do something about it? visiting the doctor is obvious solution here but i want to know what im getting myself into.
You have a fungal infection it's nothing serious I had the same thing. Schedule an appointment with a Podiatrist and they will give a liquid you should apply to it once per night. It will go away after a few months :)
Don't think you need to go to the doctor for that
Just head to your local pharmacy
Thank you but color is just one of my worries, what worries me the most is that it's slightly deformed and there seems to be some kind of leftover nail growing out of the wound.
It goes away.
You have to cut the toenail flat, dummy

going to buy some weed tomorrow in london but ive bever bought drugs before. Should I just ask around? how much does it cost, and how much do edibles cost?
There are threads for this on NSFW boards
Have fun in prison.
I've tried weed before and it wasn't really worth it. You're spending your money that you earned or others gave you because they like you just for something that will make you feel funny for a bit, and leave you empty at the end. You deserve better man! Why not buy some running shoes and go jogging or some supplies to C L E A N Y O U R R O O M?
>Should I just ask around?
Better to know someone who has a contact and ask them instead. Enjoy it if you do, but don't come to use it all the time, most of the damage done happens before you turn 25 (before your brain is finished developing).

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