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File: wojakina.png (334 KB, 422x509)
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334 KB PNG
Advice on how to make a relationship with a relatively normie guy last?
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It doesn't sound like you have a lot invested in him yet so why the interest in making it work out? Do you feel he is compatible with your interests? Do you have other alternatives? I guess a lot also depends how comfortable you are with playing the field.
I just don't want to be alone anymore

How old are you? This might sound a bit crass, but how do you feel about yourself and your own appearance? One of the worst things you can do is go into a relationship simply out of desperation, because you will always know what you really want and aren't getting. How long have you been single?
I'm 28, he's 29. I only had one other boyfriend, when I was 22, but it didn't work out. I liked this guy from the first time we met irl desu. He's much more charming than he seemed just from his profile.

What concerns you the most then? Normies by definition tend not to stray very far from the typical. What is it about yourself that is creating the hesitation? I mean if you were a prepper with 2,000 shotgun rounds in your house and 4 months of freeze-dried food, or you were a Dominatrix with a penchant for blood-letting then those things might need to be discussed.

I’ve been with a girl for 10 months now. Recently she said she’s been saying that she might be Bi. (Male BTW) She told me that she had met some lesbian on twitter and that they’re friends but I shouldn’t worry about. Today I found out that my gf had sent her videos of her ass and they were flirting but didn’t go to far. She swears that it was just a mistake and is begging me for another chance. Should I believe her and try to start over with the risk of being cucked again or move the fuck on?
Leave her bro. Nothing hurts more than being cucked by another girl. She's probably going continue to sext her behind your back.

If it happened once it'll happen again.
Invite her around and then you can have a threesome

I have a small YouTube channel (1200 subs) and a little over a million views but I stopped making videos a year ago and I got back into it and I don’t know how to gain back my base without shilling my content or riding on fads.
Every time I see someone promoting their video or soundcloud or whatever like HEY GUYS CHECK OUT MY CHANNEL LOOK AT THIS SICK TRACK I absolutely never watch or listen to any of it. It goes double for people who actually pay to have their videos run as ads on YouTube or be promoted tweets or whatever.

Just make good content and let it happen naturally.
That’s incredibly hard when the content is so saturated and you only get the same 100 or so people watching
Make what you want to make and what you feel passionate about

Save you Really good ideas or any big videos for later

Never stop improving, try to make every video better than the last

Write down every video idea you have, when you have it

don't give up or get discouraged, if your passionate about what you do and you have something that you do want to do, then your audience will find you.

Don't do what everyone else is doing unless you want to be just another ~50,000K - ~100,000K vlog channel that shits out content with no passion.

Once you have an audience drop a big video every so often, eventual one of them will be the one that blows up, and after that, either a constant stream of content or spaced out super high-quality videos will ensure your audience not only remains but it will grow.

Read the comments once you start getting them, smile at the good ones, ignore the hateful one the best you can, and learn from the constructive ones. Be sure you're able to sperate hate from critique, mistaking either for the other is bad.
That's how things start off dude. People out there would kill to have 100 people watch their videos or listen to their music.
Is there any where I can shill without being a dickhead?

File: help.jpg (8 KB, 217x232)
8 KB
vi un video porno, pero lo que me llamo la atencion del video no fue la chica, si no la cancion de fondo, necesito ayuda para saber el nombre de la cancion porfabor :c
aca les dejo el linck del video...

Vete a Hispachan pendejo

File: image0.jpg (61 KB, 472x473)
61 KB
What's the fastest way to procure $1250? Legality is no issue and I am unable to get a steady job due to my personal situation.
What is the personal situation?

And I would say Uber, especially around hot spots and days of gathering. Like exiting a concert for hot spots. Or upcoming St Patrick’s Day for massive requests for Uber
my school work doesn't allow for me to have both a job, good grades, and anything resembling a healthy state of mind.
>that pic
fucking hell what the hell is this shit?
sell your shit then or sacrifice one of those things.
Are you studying electrical engineering or something?
You’re probably underestimating your capacity for stress you can get piss easy jobs like security guard. Depending on where you work you could even study while working.

File: 1510698765001.png (183 KB, 500x506)
183 KB
183 KB PNG
People at work laugh at me in situations when I don't think I did anything fucking funny.

>about to go for lunch with coworkers
>the guy whose idea it was (a big loud extrovert) says it's time for us to go
>ask him if we can go in 10 minutes because I have stuff to finish, he says "no we can't" (not maliciously, just in an oblivious self-assured tone)
>people around us burst out laughing
>another day, a girl I was talking to about some hard work stuff I wasn't sure what to do with suggest talking to the manager
>suddenly she gets up and says out loud that she'll talk to the manager for me if I don't want to
>I get up and say I'll go
>everyone starts fucking laughing
>another day, training
>I volunteer to answer some question and as I begin my phone slips out of my pocket and hits the floor with a loud thud
>everyone starts laughing

How should I react to that?
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I don't understand how that is considered abuse. Crybaby mentality.
Just go hahahahaha
>different people give different advice
no shit retard. just pick whatever seems better suited for you.
File: 1510470511457.png (17 KB, 448x474)
17 KB
>when you're the funny guy at work, but your jokes and gags aren't at the expense of others
feels good man
I think they were laughing because OP thought he was invited aswell.

File: 1416862356885.jpg (36 KB, 233x215)
36 KB
Thoughts on LDR?
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Really painful, you'll "miss them" even while in the relationship. You won't be able to kiss them, touch them, do stuff offline with them. And if the person isn't willing to take a risk for you and move at some point or immigrate to your country, it's a pointless exercise.

The relationship isn't entirely real, but the heartache is very real.

Save yourself from the pain and skip it altogether.
Bad idea
None of the benefits of a face-to-face relationship, twice the downsides and triple the potential fuckups, not to mention 'time spent together' is literally just you two chatting or camming, which falls flat unless you're a complete introvert but DON'T hate people.
Also this is true if you can spend almost every weekend together. At one point it's not enough anymore.
It’s not a relationship
Bad idea unless it's going to change to not be one soon

I'd say no more than 6 months tops

>be me rn

>femanon 20yr

>first time on 4chan

>have no clue on what to do

>attempt a thread

>probably should've stayed on Instagram and follow green text posters

>HeLp Me LeArN
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you sound like you would enjoy just using reddit
Wrong board go to /b/ u LARPer
4chan is literally just a imaging/message board, there is no secret code or initation you need to do.

▲ ▲
go on /f/ its the shit

or at least it was a few years back idk what theyre up to these days
15 year old flash files with slightly new variations every day

File: image.jpg (1.18 MB, 2000x1586)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB JPG
My dad is out of the picture already and my relationship with my mom is getting very rough. There's no addiction or other social issues in my family, I'm 22 now and I'm just desperate to make my own way in the world without family constantly around me. How can I orient myself in the world without the support of either parent and no siblings? What kind of goal(s) can I set for myself to give me the best advantages in the next 12 months?
Why is your dad out of the picture, thats probably the most important thing. My mother and sister were dealing with my father before kicking him out (excessive drinking), as soon as he was out of the picture they turned all that anger and frustration on me, because i was there.
>If you haven't moved out, leave.
>If you have moved out cut contact down as much as possible.

Get a job, then start education for a better job.

I regret this so much and don't know what I was thinking. I was on the deep web and look at illegal things. I searched it up after on my phone as well. I swear I don't know why I did it but the guilt is killing me. I myself am a minor but I am in so much pain inside and can barely wake up each and every day. I think it might have to do with the time of the year.
dude are you retarded ge

File: IMG_20190220_221221.jpg (3.13 MB, 3036x4048)
3.13 MB
3.13 MB JPG
I'm eating a high fiber, greens, and protein diet. I do body weight excersise every other day. On top if this idrink a gallon of water yet I can't get rid of this constipation.

This results to metrying to take a shit 3 to 4, sometimes even 5 times a day. And of course washing my hands after wards which gives me dry skin. That's how my knuckles are bleeding from constipation. This is hilarious and frustrating at the same time, please help.
30 carbs
30 fats
30 protein

Anything else is retarded and not long term sustainable. Just look at your hands. I can see lack of vitamines jist from your akin alone. You dont know that your body need fat to produce almost all hormones, do you? Incidentally fat makes your poop able to pass your bowels without issue.

What if I'm skinny fat? I shouldn't eat less carbs? They carbs I eat are 90% whole grain.
take something like psyllium husk as a fiber supplement and go to a doctor. how often are you pooping

also use moisturizer for your hands.
Tfw you only shit once every few weeks. Guess this is not normal.

File: sponge.jpg (51 KB, 800x450)
51 KB
How to make your roomate uncomfortable? He walks in whenever I'm clearly having a private moment and he does that on purpose and takes forever to leave, and I want to return the favour.
(cont) I can't lock myself because 1. the locks here don't work, 2. our house is shared anyway so I couldn't use them.
be creative
>a private moment
Such as
Like you're jacking off? Tell him to fuck off and if he doesn't, calm down like you're starting to 'get it' and ask him if he's gay for you and tell him how gay it is that he's watching you do that (and/or stopping you from doing it). Be very insistent that its fucking gay, because honestly, I feel like it is and thats some creepy shit if he is gay.

...if he is gay, by the way, tell him you're not.

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Obviously dandruff shampoo like everyone else says, but problem with that it is only a temporary solution.

It dries out your hair even more and u dont want to use it every day. Which ultimately leaves u w a bit of dandruff still, even if only a few days out of the week.

But as someone whos suffered from this shit for years, finally found the best shit that comes in fucking clutch


Put in hair before bed rinse it out in shower in morning. Now ur hair super soft thicc n no dandruff fuck ya
>>head and shoulder
>Might be a bit expensive

squeeze some lemon juice on your scalp before washing your hair and let it stay for a while. you're going to thank me.
>Put in hair before bed
Yeah but now your pillowcase looks and feels like a Puerto Rican fast food wrapper
Bruh dont put that fuckin much in ur hair lol, or if u do then maybe put a towel on ur pillow or get hairnets lol they like a pack of a ton for 99¢

Hey fellas. 20/M here, have a friend over the internet but I don't really know how to talk to him or how to get to know him better. I don't have a lot of friends irl, or free time to hang out with them. So talking with people on the phone helps me with my loneliness while I'm at work, but when they're gone or asleep I still have to deal with loneliness.

I guess my question is, how do I carry on conversation better, and how do I deal with this crushing loneliness?
Having internet friends is fake and gay. I grew up without the internet cause old and i would go insane from boredom and that forced me to make friends irl. You should also go into the real world instead of poking people on MySpace
my work schedule is tough, I work 4-12 pm. and I find it hard to even get out of bed by 11 am, and then I'll go to the gym and make lunch, and then I'll go to work. I don't know where to go or how to make friends irl, and I'm not sure if I have the time.

The more I look into current feminist trends the more I get confused.

How is it possible to be a “feminist”/ “good” man?

Feminism essentially means to make things more in line with general female preferences.

In is very clear that women prefer tough stronger men, but an ideal “feminist male” is to be accommodating and unthreatening in ever way.

How are these compatible?

You are also not suppose to approach women, thereby weaponizing your masculinity, but women love men to court them romantically.

This barely scratches the surface of all the obvious contradictions.

What am I make any of this? I have completely lost track of what is considered appropriate or not
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Try to stop thinking in stereotypes and approach women individually as people instead of a hivemind.
You know you're right when you're misspelling the word 7 times in a row
File: 642b37db.gif (212 KB, 269x200)
212 KB
212 KB GIF
It's the CURRENT YEAR and you're still taking feminists seriously?
File: maxresdefault.jpg (79 KB, 1280x720)
79 KB
Don't be an autistic asshole and also don't rape or molest anyone and you'll be alright dude chill out

You can say hi to girls as long as you're not being a fuckin creep and trying to imitate pua tactics
you can be strong and tough and be accommodating and unthreatening at the same time

if you dont understand how you just have autism dude im sorry

just chill out and dont be a creep and nobody will have a problem with you

(like nigga if you dont understand how to be tough without being threatening you just have a micropenis like wtf)

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