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File: 1234jees (1).png (72 KB, 1042x968)
72 KB
When im with people i know i am the life of the party making the whole group laugh. but now everytime I get a new job or meet new people im always chalked up as the quiet guy. I always think of good things to say after iv walked away from the conversation. I know a lot of people have this but how can i learn to use what i know i have in my head in the moment during conversation?

I’ve been hearing mice and occasionally been seeing them in my house. I’m too much of a chicken shit to tackle the problem myself or call an exterminator. My family thinks there’s no mice problem at all. Pic related is the hole I’ve found in my closet. What can I do?
get a terrier

Is it true that a relationship will never happen unless both people like each other from the start? I made many threads and the feedback is mostly "move on its a waste of time" "you cant "win her over"" when i put replies like this together it appears as only way for a relationship to work is the latter, is this just 4chan/adv/ being cynical or actual people talking from experience?
A lot of men who spend time online advising other guys about women are absolutely jaded as fuck. The fact that the red pill "movement" even exists should be a testament to this fact.

The most meaningful relationships in my life started after I knew the girls for a while. Getting to know them and spend time with them would raise my interest as well as hers, and I mean interest beyond simply the physical. At the end of the day, yes, a woman has to desire sex with you in order to want a relationship. That's what people are driving home when they go on about attraction, desire and that it's a waste to spend time pining after a girl who sleeps with other guys but turns you down. It's also true you can't win a woman, really...she will get to know you, maybe her feelings change for the better or worse, but that mostly depends on her, not you.

If the woman repeatedly turns you down, never acts like she physically desires you by touching you etc., and continues to date other men but not you, or is obviously a flirt etc. you get the idea - you'll kind of just know when she's clearly not into you that way and you should move on. But otherwise, consider she may not know you very well, hasn't really considered you romantically (meaning it didn't cross her mind, not that she thought about it and went "ugh, fuck no"), doesn't really know you like her etc. that's all also possible and your best choice when you like a girl is always to make a move.

That said, what even is your current situation?

File: 1438654750858.jpg (19 KB, 452x300)
19 KB
I would never, ever cheat on my gf. Probably planning on marrying her. But the thing is, this married girl from my place of work keeps popping in my head. I have dreamed about her a few times, masturbated in the bathroom at work to her 3 times and felt absolutely terribly guilty about it afterward....what would my gf think if she knew? There's definitely been some romantic tension between her and I despite her being married. One time I needed her help with something at my desk, she got really, really close to me to "get a better look at the screen because she cant see" and her arm was resting on mine, her face inches away from mine for a few minutes, I turned to look at her and her face was redder than I ever saw it.

I think the reason is a "grass is greener on the other side" type of thing. That is, she is so different from my gf in many ways...she is a much "warmer" person with a very silky smooth voice where every vowel she speaks warms your heart and relaxes you, where's my gf is well...a bit "grating" when she talks. But there are many other things about my gf I could write a huge essay about as to why I like her...the point is, how can I stop thinking about this married woman at work! To quote Dostoevsky's "The Idiot", the narrator says of the main character "Poor idiot, you cannot love two women!"
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Then leave if you’re not ready, what a coward.
>grass is greener on the other side
Yep. And if you ever get to the other side, the side you started on will be the other side.

This seems identical to the "bunny ear girl post."

T. The asshole in the bunny post.

Think what you want and do what you should.
File: cheating bait2.png (78 KB, 540x281)
78 KB
I'm kinda in the same boat anon. Me and my gf are already used to each other, 3+ years together, we also live together etc.

Recently been feeling weird around this coworker, only that she's single. I thought that I would never feel like this ever again, but she makes me blush and all the other teenager shit that I last felt in high school. I just want to kill my feelings for my coworker - I love my girlfriend and would never cheat on her, but I guess I already am cheating just with these thoughts. It doesn't help me that my coworker is also flirty with me.
Your stupid i had the same idea and im sure many more men have and most of the time its your mind.

File: 1545751553964.png (149 KB, 624x399)
149 KB
149 KB PNG
How did you guys figure out what you want to do in life?
Am 20 and still don't know :(
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If there's something that you really want , it's great because you have a lifetime to achieve it .

If you don't have anything you wish for it's still great . You won't have to work hard. Just enough to sustain yourself (food , bills , vidya)

I used to really want to become a actor from my early teens and now that I'm 20 I've completely given up on the idea and don't really have any life plans to replace it.

Which is what has me in the same boat as you :/
I looked at some of the things I loved as a kid and thought "I wanted to make that".
I think that's the basic drive behind what I'm trying to do now, along with death.
But I'm only 20 so I have a way to go before I can say I've done it or that I'm on the right path.
I just tried different things. At first I thought military was for me, but I hated it and I didn't want to continue. I tried going to college, and I didn't know what I wanted to do but I still went. I met a girl who really encouraged and loved me while in school, and she really brought out the best in me. I was first of my class, and now I'm heading to medical school. All because of her, even if she dumped me. Sometimes other people kinda influence your life. For better or worse.
I'm 25 and I fail at pretty much everything. I figured out I want to die but I'd probably fail at killing myself too.

File: blue_velvet.jpg (134 KB, 1200x802)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
>dumped over two years ago, no contact
>still as in love with her as the day she left
>can't bring myself to date again
>fucked sluts, hit the gym, worked on my hobbies, tried to be a better man, studied
>shit all feels hollow without her to crawl into bed with at night
>cried over her today

How do I unfuck myself at this advanced stage of fuckery? I'm hopeless and I just can't see any way out of this mess without telling her I feel this way and either getting shat on or not.
isabella rosselini looks like dave foley in drag

File: BLEACHED.jpg (53 KB, 501x450)
53 KB
Is it normal for a mixed person to not like bleached hentai? (the irony) I'm good about hentai from white on white, black on black, Asian on Asian among others. But for some reason I rarely like bleached... is racial or just not for me?
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So what are we talking about then?
File: by legoman.png (236 KB, 596x414)
236 KB
236 KB PNG
Just white dudes fucking black chicks? I feel like that's just not your thing, more than being a race issue.
Honestly I wish more whites fucked dark skinned black women. Take them away please. You think you're reverse cucking us when you're really doing us a huge favor. Black women were a mistake
File: yep.png (12 KB, 299x441)
12 KB
>Just white dudes fucking black chicks? I feel like that's just not your thing, more than being a race issue.
Makes sense
The black guys and the black girls of this generation really do hate each other...

File: lXSWGjR.png (65 KB, 1092x1037)
65 KB
Hi fellow robots
I have been diagnosed with depression but have been feeling a lot less depressed ever since I started taking anti depressants back in December. The only thing that was really bothering me that I really wanted to have a girlfriend and be in a relationship. I had only been in one before, and I was used for sex in it.
I just started a new relationship with this girl I matched with on tinder on January 1st, we met up for the first time on a dinner date on Friday the 18th. We have seen eachother 4 days in a row from the 18th to the 21. She's everything that I could ask for in a girl; she's kind, sweet, loving, understanding, relatable, wholesome and patient. There is not one thing that I don't like about her. I have met her family already and they like me, my family also loves her.

But today was the first day I haven't seen her since meeting her and I've felt somewhat depressed all throughout the day. I have been obsessing over the thought of her as I really really like her. But I am also worried that I am being overly attracted and DO NOT want to become dependent on her for my own happiness.
I haven't felt this down since before I started doing anti depressants, and it really sucks to have the depression and obsessive thoughts come back.
But I also feel the happiest I have ever been when I am with her. She makes me feel fucking amazing.
It's a slippery slope and I don't know what to do. I really want to be with her but I have a very obsessive personality.
I don't want to be as obsessive and don't know how to prevent myself from becoming attached, expesually this early in a relationship.
TL:DR I am 4 days into a new relationship and am depressed when not with my new gf. I am an obsessive individual and want to make sure that I can be dependent on my own without her for my own happiness
Any Suggestions?

How long does it take for a check to come thru the mail
They sent it out on friday the 18th will it be here by the 23rd ?
What do you guys think???

File: 1542101904515.jpg (73 KB, 354x1007)
73 KB
I'm a junior college I'm in a rough spot. Two months I was in a bad car accident, a drunk driver hit me and friends and we were all severely injured. I've become paralyzed in both of my legs and now I'm stuck in a wheelchair.

I am a pre-med student and I still intended to pursue medicine even though I'm crippled now but after speaking to my pre-med advisor, I feel incredibly disheartened. He told me that my credentials were top tier but being a disabled person now has put me at such a severe disadvantage, that it might not be possible for me anymore. He told me he's not trying to be mean to me but being a paraplegic, pretty much no med school will give me a second glance.

Needless to say, I'm incredibly distraught but its not like this stuff wasn't in my mind. There's so many obstacles that I'd need to overcome and there's no reason for them to accommodate me when they could just get a normal person. I feel so heartbroken but I don't have time to be a whiner.

I had some foresight. I had chosen to major in math as a "backup" plan. In reality though, I had no intention of ever using this degree so I don't really know what to do with it. I'm good at math, I have a 4.0 GPA in my math subjects but career wise I...don't know what to do with it.

Any math majors can help me out here? Should I just restart with a new major? I'd like career suggestions that even handicapped people can do. Honestly, I don't really care what I do anymore. My passion was medicine so anything else will make me miserable so I might as well just go for the money.
28 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>Get rejected because you're disabled

What the fuck?
You'd get better advice from Reddit unironically, you could even start a GoFundMe or something
Never applied to med school, huh?
I'm glad I didn't, they seem like real assholes
Read the book "think and grow rich" with an open mind.

Seriously. read it. nao

File: 1547439002853.jpg (37 KB, 443x550)
37 KB
>Be 20
>In college, second year
>Kissless virgin
>Sheltered as a child
>Never worked a day in my life
>Don't even know how to get a job, or a house, let alone how t do most adult shit
>Socially anxious
>Didn't really socialize much in highschool
>Missed on the social experience of making friends and getting a gf
>Present day
>Lonely...Depressed...Borderline suicidal
I just don't know bros...I can't really imagine my self going out with friends, getting a gf
all of that, it sucks...
6 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Not OP but as good advice as this is? it's also terrible advice. Therapy is prohibitively expensive especially for someone with no income. When I went I was paying $40 co-pays per visit and still got hit with hundreds of dollars in debt each month because my deductible wasn't met. I doubt his will be either.
bump, im sorry im really desperate
All these except drinking. Drinking in parties to get drunk is for subhumans.
Try to socialize with others in college. The only person that can help you is you, unless you want to shell money to therapy so someone can tell you the same thing, but take your money as well. For a job any fast food place will work, or any grunt job will do also like an oil change shop or a cashier. At this point don't get picky because if you do then the doors lessen. Don't give me shit on saying you got autism and can't socialize, make friends with dudes and talk about shit that is relatable like vidya or TV or be funny if you can. Do this in your classes or at lunch, or honestly wherever. People don't mind unless you're a dick or if they're extremely busy. Work with what you got as opposed to the opposite. For your girl situation I'd not worry about that because you don't have your shit together and bringing in someone you'd fancy sticking your dick into won't help you out right now, worry about the current shit you're in besides the lust you're experiencing. Your anxiety will lessen the more you're out there, either that or take a fist full of pills to take that away. Everyone has anxiety, and it's up to you to try and work past it. It's your boat OP, excuses hold you back and are irrelevant to everyone else so making them only puts you where you say you are. Hold your head high and get your shit together, because nobody else will do it for you. It gets better, but only if you make it better. As your social circle builds then there might be openings where you can hunt a girl, or just go out there and talk to one. Everyone has to and you're no exception, but get your shit together first instead of worrying about getting your dick wet. Godspeed OP
I'm on a similar situation but I had a job once. hate it. Barely got time to sleep. I'm 27 and there's nothing outside plus it's fucking dangerous. I struggle to life people or be social. Almost everyone feels like shit, boring persons. I can't trust anyone.

File: 1484709454578.jpg (7 KB, 235x193)
7 KB
Hey guys,

I'm pretty fucked up sexually, I'm into everything from scat to vore but I always found cuck porn and the thought of that disgusting up until recently.

So anyway last month by chance I came across a giantess cuck video (which would usually turn me off) but I watched it and enjoyed it and since then I've been watching cuck themed giantess videos semi frequently.

What do I do guys out of all the fetishes I have I do not want cuckholding being one of them and I'd do anything to get rid of these thoughts :(
Stop watching porn period. You didnt get these thoughts naturally

Is it more effective to make friends with a girl and ask her out or ask her to set you up with one of her friends?

What's the best dating strategy in terms of getting girls?
You shouldn't be trying to be friends if you want a romantic relationship, you should be showing sexual intent from the beginning.
>What's the best dating strategy in terms of getting girls?
have drugs, sell them at bars, clubs, raves, and events, eventually girls will be hounding you to give sexual favors in exchange for your drugs.

He asked for a dating strategy, not a casual sex with drug addicts strategy.
Dating your friend is generally bad idea; especially getting into a friendship with someone with the intent to eventually date them.

But having her hook you up with her friends? That sounds like potential.

>What's the best dating strategy in terms of getting girls?
There isn't one (at least there's not a one-size-fits-all strategy).

>not a casual sex with drug addicts strategy
That's a funny way of describing 'practical date rape.'

When it comes to crystal necklaces like in pic, does it really make a difference whether you buy a fake vs. real one? Are there any pros/cons beyond the subtle visual differences? Sorry if I sound retarded.
9 replies omitted. Click here to view.
what do you mean by fake? like plastic? Or is a "rock artificially baked at high temperature" a fake to you? Because the latter is literally the same thing that happens in nature. It's like saying you're drinking "fake" water because it's not from ground, but from a water pipe
they are shiny rocks
No, sorry. Why such an odd question?
Just curious if you were someone I knew.
Plastic. Shit, haha, ok that's sad because I didn't even know about that happening in nature. So there's literally no difference then? Can you even get the same color and texture found in opal without opal?

File: 1391555251633.png (97 KB, 285x266)
97 KB
What's the difference between friendship and romance?
From the outside you can't tell.
What do you mean?

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