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File: RedEyes1.jpg (484 KB, 800x418)
484 KB
484 KB JPG
What's causing my chronic red eyes? They're not itchy, I'm getting enough sleep, I'm not hungover... but I always look like I'm a little exhausted.
maybe its all the weeeeeeddd
that weedle de deed
You could just have irritated eyes from looking at a screen for a long. Of time I get the same thing
It is pretty much all I do. I work 8 hours in front of a screen, I come home to screens.

File: 1536602666065.jpg (73 KB, 960x960)
73 KB
Help? What do? My friend called me to hang out in couple of days. I agreed and later he suddenly told me there's gonna be more people, I don't know them. Everyone will have girlfriends and boyfriends except me. There's a really big chance that I'm the youngest in the group. I just don't know how to react if they start kissing or something, I can't just stare at them. I think it will be more awkward because there's one girl which my friend wanted me to flirt with and make her my gf, but she has a boyfriend now.
I have been in similar situations and honestly as long as you have someone you know there that you can fall back on to talk to when convos with the new people end up in dead ends you should be fine, I recommend just introducing yourself and carry a demeanor that says you are friendly and are interested in their interest. Also, is there alcohol? like is it a gaff(social drink up), if so view as an opportunity to show your best side, if they are considerate then they shouldn't kiss in front of you if not then I say you should just sit it out but i doubt all of them will be making out with their gf/bf, try and talk with the ones that aren't, also if she has boyfriend best hold of on flirting mate, just talk and build rapport.
Just go have fun with your friends and their gfs, have a nice time and socialize. You dont have to have a gf, stop thinking that you do. If you go there assblasted because you're single you will not have any fun. Be happy in your own skin and enjoy your life. Just be yourself bro.

File: yoga.jpg (43 KB, 573x440)
43 KB
Things are getting serious with this girl. any advice on how to handle your first gf? I'm 24 and shes 19. She's adorable and i just wanna protect her so nothing bad happens to her
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Can you expand on that please.
this thread might be helpful to the both of us
if she's over the age of consent, it's a-ok
pray for the best, prepare for the worst. be grateful for the treasures you have while also being aware that if you lose them there's more to be found in the world.

lacking omnipresence, you can't stop everything bad from ever happening to her, you can only show her you care. bad things happen to everyone all the time, they help us grow and appreciate the good things. only after tasting something bitter do we crave a sweet.

in the future that you imagine, do you see her growing as a person by experincing the ups and downs of the world or is there only room for her to be your girl that nothing bad ever happens to beause of your superb capabilities as a male protector who's been around a whole 5 years longer to know what's best for her?

many people end resenting those whose overprotective natures suffocate them, despite all the good intentions. it would suck to be associated with missed opportunities, stagnation and frustrations in the mind of someone you love.
How did you guys meet
Even though I'm kinda the jealous type, I think I'm self aware enough not be controlling.

File: 1521488508023.jpg (26 KB, 640x425)
26 KB
hello how is everyone
i want to make some deepfakes but for some reason the software is difficult to get by
who can share some downloadlinks, thanks
File: 1539106501546.jpg (211 KB, 1067x800)
211 KB
211 KB JPG

it's only for personal research if you know what i mean
File: 1550199200701.gif (246 KB, 800x732)
246 KB
246 KB GIF
File: 1542740351612.jpg (38 KB, 448x272)
38 KB
high quality bump
That image is perfect

I'm trying to win over a girl I'm interested in but she's currently with someone else. I'm competing for her affection with some fat, vaping retard who thinks he's a chad. he pays almost no attention to her and he shares no common interests with her either. However she has already expressed some level of interest in me and has stated several times that she doesn't like her boyfriend all that much, so I might have a chance with her. I'm hoping that she'll break things off with the other guy soon but I don't want to get my hopes up. I know all this makes me sound like some nice guy faggot but I really need some advice.
Welllll ask her out.
File: images (27).jpg (19 KB, 420x420)
19 KB
You are seriously stupid to not see the clear signs, I truly pity guys like you but at the same time you bring me amusement.

Wanna hear a real advice? Show interest in other girls and stop being a beta orbiter or a crying shoulder.

File: Snapchat-59192153.jpg (582 KB, 1080x1920)
582 KB
582 KB JPG
I've got no idea what to do.
So I'm a student, first year. I live in the UK. I work a rather well paying(11/hour) job on the weekends. It's essentially 12 hour shifts Saturday and Sunday. The problem is, it's just too much for me. The walking around, last time I couldn't walk back home after finishing the shift. There are so little job opportunities here it's funny. Another option for me would be deliveroo. I don't know if I should stay at that job that causes my feet to be destroyed or start an easier job for less

What do?
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Let me tell you my situation. I live in Leicester, honestly I can't find even a retail job anywhere. I've sent maybe 30 cvs, no reply. Even McDonald's didn't work out.

Working there is beneficial for me because I have the opportunity to work firing the weekend, and go to school during the week. Plus, I get about 253gbp a week, which is more than enough. I work warehouse jobs since August and being there isn't a problem, the 12 hours are. The balls of my feet and heels hurt so much.

I don't want to lose this job because I'm scared i won't find something else.
warehouse shift took me 1 year to get used to. Did 10-12 hr shifts so a little less than you. Make sure you eat and drink healthy so your body can repair. And get your sleep! Also: if your pride is making you work 100% but this is hazardous for your health, then just work 90% or 80% your speed. you dont have to work yourself to death bro.
Wear comfortable shoes and maybe start slacking a little more.

Also quit smoking.

File: OURysoV.png (368 KB, 1024x1024)
368 KB
368 KB PNG
I'm 18 and I'm short.

I have very big self esteem issues and most stem from my height. I don't feel like an equal to people my age.
I'm average girls height, but it doesn't feel like it. Most girls I see aren't really that taller but feel taller than me, they feel more mature.
Let's not even talk about guys, they tower over me.

Now I know that it's all inside my head but I don't know how to fix it. I'm not the incel type who's gonna say that I can't get a girlfriend because I'm short. I know that I could 100% get a girlfriend if I had more confidence. I'm not bad looking, I'm smart, funny and average in every other regard.
Hell, a girl friend of mine once even told me that me being short is pretty cute and no girls would mind it unless they are taller than me.

People still think I'm a grade-schooler, I feel like people my age are out of my reach romantically or even to be friends with them, guys 5 years younger than me are taller than me...

Like I know it's 100% mental but I just don't know how to fix it.
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I'm trying to accept it
File: 3a0.gif (262 KB, 250x250)
262 KB
262 KB GIF

Fuck you
I'm 5'5'' that isn't me
So many /adv/ posts seem to be along the lines of "I'm upset/insecure/anxious about this one thing." It's not really about the one thing, though; it's about being prone to fixations.

I am like this too. When I go to a museum with someone else, I'm nervous about being seen as some dumb sightseer by the actual curious intellectuals who go to the museum alone. If I wasn't self-conscious about this, I would be self-conscious about something else, or upset, or worried. The problem isn't going to the museum with another person; it's my obsessive habits.

You are aware this is all in your head. You must know it's not healthy to go on the internet looking for affirmation; it's just fueling your obsession and will cause you to obsess more. If you took your mind off your height or replaced it with something else for a while, it will probably seem much less of a big deal than it does now.

I also agree with >>20601012. I spent some years off 4chan; I'm just back these days because I needed some actual advice for a problem of my own, and now that I'm overcoming my problem I'm in the mood to help others on /adv/. Being around pessimists and trolls is no way to recover from self-esteem problems.

So my little brother is staying in my apartment with me for like a month while our parents move. I told them to just have him help move but they said he’d be more difficult than helpful (he whines a lot). So he’s with me. Pretty much since the day he got here he’s been ogling me. I constantly catch him doing a shit job of hiding erections and the other day when I went to wash his sheets his blanket was full of cum stains. What do I do about any of this? I love the kid to death and our parents are the catholic type so I can’t really tell them or they’ll practically ruin him.
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Then where is problem big sis? I remember when i was growing up. I got erections rock solid and i didnt knew about masturbations. It's literally suffering. Just tell the little fella how to wank and be done with it.
How exactly do I help him out? Do I guide him to porn? Should I buy him like a playboy or something?
File: 002.jpg (311 KB, 1280x1808)
311 KB
311 KB JPG
Help him like only big sis can. Nom im sayin.
Lmao op asking for help with this problem on 4chan
hiding erections is difficult you can't really control it especially at that age
give him tissues and help dispose it
i remember killing paper rolls like every month

File: 1527822623965.jpg (38 KB, 500x500)
38 KB
Do you always call someone out if what they did pisses you off? Someone I consider(ed) my friend did something to me, and I've been angry about it for a few days. I don't know if they'd understand why. At this point, I don't think I can keep being friends with them unless this is resolved. I'm fine with confrontation, but I'm sick of drama in my life lately.
Well, I crave isolation so in the end I don't put up with anyone's shit. I simply recognize we are all confused animals and pity everyone as well as myself for the stupid shit we do that is outside of our control and awareness. Life is complicated and shit. But it's a good time too. Or not. It is certainly endless work. At least that's how I deal with life. I enjoy the work.

File: talking.png (469 KB, 562x934)
469 KB
469 KB PNG
>never liked talking to people
>not a very interesting person
>not interested in others
>despite this, I yearn for a relationship
How do I deal with this paradox? I know that communication is an essential part of any relationship, but I can't bring myself to contribute to a conversation in a meaningful way, seeing that I'm not interesting, and maintain interest in people's ramblings.
Break the cycle
How? I force myself to talk to others, but it always comes out as forced and just not sincere. I also don't find jokes said by people funny, but I constantly force a fake laugh, which is obvious.
Pick something to talk about. What do you like?
See that thing you like in what other people do. "Hey, nice jersey, I play protoss myself. What's your name?"
nobody can tell you how to be interesting. and nobody can force you to be interested in them.
but wanna know a secret? the vast majority of people are not that interesting or interested in each other apart from using them for company or to validate their own self. most of the people I come across are interested in seeming interesting so become involved in doing 'interesting' things, usually in things like arts and sciences, attending parties, going "travelling". in my experience, you have to play this game to reap the social rewards, the better you play it the higher up you get in the social strata. you can meet pretty solid people this way to be fair. but sometimes you'll see them fade away if they see your value decrease, which can be a bummer.

have you evaluated what you hope to achieve with your relationships with other people? do you just need someone to make you feel better about yourself without you having to put any effort into getting to know them?

if you're just stuck for what to say to people, just ask stuff and wish them well, usually most people can breeze thru convos that way.
Don't force yourself to talk to people, but also you can't be a total autist and not talk to anyone. There are moments when you need to make some small talk, take advantage of that to see if a person is worthy to make a relationship. Also try to notice patterns on people you find interesting, that way you avoid being "dissapointed" and repeat the cycle again.

File: cooking-tshirt1.jpg (49 KB, 540x620)
49 KB
How do I build confidence?
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Confidence is useless unless you are attractive
Put some effort into your appearance. Switch up your wardrobe. Go outside. Do things you enjoy. Don't sit around and be miserable all day.
Workout and have good jaw, idk
Take care of yourself, and I’m not just talking about working out
There are two things you can do
>Listen to Metallica - I Disappear
>Become a Firefighter
Your choice

File: Squidward.jpg (62 KB, 374x328)
62 KB
I should probably know this by now but what's the best way to deal with people who talk shit about you behind your back but pretend to be nice in person?
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First off, don't let them know you know.

Secondly, discover something that makes this person ashamed or self conscious.

Finally, exploit the weakness for the lulz.
First, unlike them, I'm not good at being fake. Second, it seems like they're always in the know but I'm always in the dark...
just keep doing you. how strongly does this guy make you feel enough to act on your emotions? I'm a pretty chill guy so I personally wouldn't care enough to confront someone, but if you have a low threshold for bullshit like that just tell him straight up you don't appreciate it. You don't have to make it a big deal, but you really should give more details into the situation though if you want better advice on the matter.
Get into situations where you and they are, but the people around are on your "side" more than their's, then wait for them to make some kind of slip that will let you confront them without looking overly desperate to do so. Either that or ignore it and just cut them out of your life. If they complain to you about why you cut them out tell them the truth.
Just don’t fuck with them. If they wanna do that, just take the high road, don’t reciprocate their energy. People will start to take notice that they do that and you’ll be good.

>meet girl
>date, fuck, etc
>she’s illegal
>mom’s been ignoring me the last few days like super mad
>just confronted her
>she says it’s cause she doesn’t like my girlfriend
>she says she’s only after papers
>she says she’s only after my bank account (I’m living paycheck to paycheck but regardless)
>she called her ugly
>called her desperate
>called her cheap
>all but said that I should break up with her
>says I should be with somebody better

What the fuck do I do now
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Think whether your mom is right. You dated and fucked the girl but are you really into her? Is she into you? Or is she really into your account etc?
Help her not become illegal, see if she'll care then. You cannot be sure till then.
impregnate gf, when baby is 3 report your gf to ICE. Then you got a kid and dont have to deal with child support or a bitch wife that wont threaten to take half your stuff
That’s the thing I genuinely like her. Been dating 9 months. From a very early point we would talk everyday and such. Yeah eventually I found out she was illegal but it’s not like you introduce yourself “hi my name is anon I’m a citizen..”.

I’m really into her cause I look for any excuse to hang out with her. Big things like birthdays and Xmas. Little things like going to breakast with her and such.

I think she genuinely likes me, like I met her in May. In July she went to a beach resort thing, and brought me a keychain. It isn’t much but I thought it was a cute little gift. For my birthday (we worked together but I since left), she got me a birthday card and had all my old coworkers sign it (I had left 2 months prior) along with a gift.

In terms of my possessions, I don’t wear flashy shit like watches or new shoes. I have a decent car. I’ve made sure never to disclose how much I make. And I buy her little gifts here and there. Before the talk I was thinking about being a good boyfriend. Now I’m just thinking “lol she’s taking advantage of me” and it’s fucking annoying.
Last bump

File: IGKqYEo_d.jpg (50 KB, 640x671)
50 KB
>tfw when you find the perfect escort who likes you, pay for an hour of her time, then you spend all weekend fooling around, sleep over and hang out like a normal couple

Not sure if I'm either really lucky, or unlucky here, on the plus side, obviously this works for both of us, major con obviously being why would anyone ever walk away from this? I'm actually torn between trying for something more, am I going crazy? I don't normally make a habit of seeing escorts but tried this one for fun since she seemed cool and now this

File: 20190206_105134.jpg (114 KB, 1080x1115)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
Can a I get an F in the chat for my failed date attempt. Match with another qt she actaully message me frequently through snapchat though as did I her when they day of out coffee date came she left me on delivered. Rip
5 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
File: wh.jpg (35 KB, 425x438)
35 KB
I matched with one on tinder today she plays vidya too. She is actaully pretty but the acne kinda gets in the way of that.
I don't even want to swipe right on any of those chicks. They all look like basic bitches. Makeup, filters, 'I love to travel'.
"take me on an adventure"
Dont forget the emoji dumps
File: 827572536684.jpg (85 KB, 500x376)
85 KB
If you're looking to get more matches this reddit post is a really good reference. I actually just found it to day. It's really long but there's a lot of good info here.


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