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File: e4r6ibb.png (305 KB, 512x384)
305 KB
305 KB PNG
Writer here. Working on two film projects. One that's been in production and one that's going into it soon. However, despite my ideas for more scripts, I can't bring myself to write. Every time, I just get depressed and space out thinking about how shitty everything is outside of those two projects. No job right now and the idea of being a professional writer terrifies me, despite it being my goal. ADHD doesn't help, either.
If you need help, I write too. May be able to help -pls credit me if you make it, I just want to see my name on something
OP here. Despite my own reluctance to write, I often find just putting your stuff online is a good way to get your name out there.
Also suffering from ADHD here, also lost the ability to write and read. Didn't find a solution yet. It's like my brain hangs after writing 2 words of a plot, yet, still, there's something pushing me to try writing.
Good luck, man.
Maybe because you're doing it for money instead of as an emotional outlet. Every artist wishes to produce good content before they suffer, but they will suffer until they provide good content.

My ex girlfriend broke me and made me unable to connect with women, but I think I’ve finally found a girl
I can connect with again but I’m way to scared to do anything because I don’t want to go through that again, and I don’t want to ruin what I have. What should I do, because I really like this girl and we get along so well but I just don’t want to go through that again.

Plot twist anon, the girl you're into already has a boyfriend.
I know she’s single we’ve been talking for like two weeks non-stop and she’s said she’s single
Ask her out and just go through the motions. Dont go out of your way to do anything until youre sure she likes you. After shes proved herself to you you ask her out king. If not and your not ready thats okay too. Billions of people in the world and you dont sound like a bad guy.
Be honest with her. Say your last relationship fucked you up and you're not fully over it. You're not sure how you want things to pan out, but you're willing to roll with it and see what happens.
As someone currently broken by my ex, go for it! I don't think I could do it at my current stage, but if you're unsure then maybe you are possibly ready to put yourself out there for her again. Just take things slow.

Brehs.... I got head from a black girl in a hospital and now I have itchy bumps on my crotch.... do I have herpes????

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All apes look the same, how's he supposed to distinguish them?
Do you shave or are they blisters?
Kek based

Hopefully not tho, I'll get checked

They are painless bumps that sometimes itch.
Just go to a dr, if you're young and with parents tell your dad if he's still around.
Dude I think we were at the same place woke up and one girl was in my room like lets fuck. She got destroyed. And yes, I have herpes

File: 1579418455923.png (142 KB, 443x450)
142 KB
142 KB PNG
Is confidence a meme?
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Best to abandon thread at this point. Anons have done their part, but OP proves yet again to be a supreme faggot.
You never "started", cunt. Every anon who is trying to give advice got shot down from the start. You're helpless.
yes, baseless confidence anyway. it was some stupid meme started by hippies in the 60s. Be confident in what you know you can do but don't fall for the "believe in yourself contrary to all available information" meme
>bumping this shit thread
kys my guy
This is the gayest advice I've read on all of 4chan. WTF kind of pussy "flirts" with girls without the intent to fuck?

I used to have female friends, and the ones I "flirted" with always ended up hot for me, the ones who I didn't flirt with didn't. I decided I would no longer have female friends, as it always ends up in them trying to fuck, or them being mediocre friends. Nowadays I fuck a girl or ignore her, only castrated pussies go around "being friends" with girls. Like what the fuck level of homosexuality do you have to be in to be a bitch's male platonic friend, while the whore gets fucked by other retards who have her phone number saved as "Blonde #4". It takes a special kind of faggot to "flirt with friendly intent", like us men aren't evolved to fuck everything that is remotely pretty.

>INB4 Anon you fool, don't you know platonic female friends will hook you up with their other hot friends?

First off, no they won't. Even if they did, that just shows the lack of balls you gotta have to rely on a girl to approach for you. Seriously, every time someone makes this argument in real life, every time, it's a faggot ass soft ass looking motherfucker.

To the other anons, here's how most actual "CHADS" get girls, the secret revealed by a rouge specimen:

>Hey Tiffany, come sit here I wanna talk to your ass.
>Yes Chad?
>Listen, I know you've been eyeing me up and down in class, and we're gonna have to do something about it.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: images.jpg (17 KB, 236x393)
17 KB
Even if a girl is doing the ass dance for me if I ask for her facebook they say no 100% of the time. One said they only have instagram, and the rest all said they don't have. It's common in my country to have a boyfriend especially one that you meet from work or school but do all of them have boyfriends?? Or is there something wrong with me? I want a girlfriend
Because no one fucking uses Facebook retard
Stop being a cringy weeb
Where have they gone? I rarely use it myself but I'd like to reconnect with old friends who've abandoned the site

File: 1474478696703.jpg (65 KB, 2000x1000)
65 KB
I don't know what's wrong with my mind. I'm completely dependent on women for stability and when things go bad with them I can't handle it. I go between idealizing a given girl and completely hating her.

I go from thinking I'm on top of the world and capable of anything to completely breaking down and crying and not wanting to be alive in the span of an hour.

I have a girlfriend right now, but it's long distance and has been for years and because of actions on her side I've emotionally divested and can't rely on her for stability anymore. This resulted in me being with a different girl for stability where I live, but now that's over. New girl and I still end up hanging out alone because she's always worried about me because I'm not stable, but seeing her just makes me feel even more abandoned and I spiral from there.

Does anyone else only live in extremes? I can't escape it.
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is it even worth going and getting diagnosed if it can't ever be cured?

when I manage to be rationale I feel terrible for dragging the new girl into my life because she developed feelings for me and now she's always worried about me and I don't want to do that to more girls, but I don't know how else to stop the spiral I'm in.
Personally, if you haven't tried the therapy or stabilizers yet I would recommend to give them a shot. It may very well improve your life but you won't know until you try. If you're not keen on the meds then being diagnosed won't really do anything for you.

Again iktf bro. Everything feels so utterly pointless without a special someone to be with, I wish i could help you more but I'm in the same boat
>we're treated as lepers
The nature of the disorder is pretty horrible for the people that end up dating them. Doesn't help that BPD effectively get a sort of amnesia "dream-like" recalling of what actually happened after they discard.

It's also not a sure thing for op it's BPD. sounds like it, but could be other things.
op again, can you elaborate on what you mean by "dream-like" recalling?

I often have something like that, usually related to time. Sometimes days seem like months and other times months seem like days. I have trouble with time.
not op, but cbt didnt work for me. ketamine infusions did and its hella fun.

File: 1558635037417.png (15 KB, 300x284)
15 KB
>once in a blue moon, a girl shows interest
>ignore her and act uninterested

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How exactly is she showing interest? It could very well be your rational mind saving your caveman parts from misinterpreting and ultimately embarrassing yourself. Post details
You are retarded sir.
I'd like to know the logic on why you think that a person is so high value that you have to delete yourself from their social cycle.
It is a lie. What happens is that OP is a self centered narcissist which is not completely bad. He is socially inrpt to pursue girls but once a girl shows interest in him he deems her low value and does not recipocrate.

T. Bindir Dundat
Valid but unlikely.
It's because you're subconsciously afraid of failure. She shows interest, or you're at least pretty sure that's what she's doing, but you don't do anything about it in case you're wrong. In case you misread the flirting she shoots you down, in case she goes out with you but ghosts you after the first date for whatever reason.

It's really really easy to find reasons not to try with a girl and it's something you have to actively work on if you're having problems with it.

File: download.jpg (8 KB, 237x213)
8 KB
>be me
>been chatting with a girl from work that i really want to go out with
>shes playing hard to get
>i send her a pic of me and another girl she knows
>I've put a toy ring on her finger and texted something like
She said yes but has a boyfriend baka, too easy. Where are the girls you have to work for?
>haha idk any like this.
Some bullshit texting
>enough about my love life, how about yours? Anyone interested in you?
>yea, actually a few...
>gonna spin the wheel or do you have a preference?
>i dont have a preference to anybody yet, good night

Be straight with me anons, is she a lost cause?
We went on a date once, and desu id hardly call it a proper date. Her looks arent anything special, i mean shes cute to me and people describe her as a verry chill and down to earth person.
*when Chad meets Stacey*
What do you mean by that?
You're the one trying to increase your value through overly complicated jokes that are meant to make her feel less valued.

A girl at work told me she liked me a lot about two months ago and that she had for a while. I told her I liked her too, but she told me she wasn’t ready to date yet. I said fine, we talked and flirted, and I asked her to hang out since she said she’d be down to hang. She said she thought it’d be a bad idea and very assertively told me she needed space. I apologized and fucked off. We haven’t spoken in over a month even though we work with one another. I went on some other dates, but truth is I felt a really strong connection with this girl. Is there anyway I can turn things around with this girl? Or is it fucked forever.
Its fucked forever, almost.

When people are seriously attracted to each other in any way, they dont complicate or make things harder, both men and women. If she's complicating things than 1) shes not that into you or 2) she has better optiona

My advice, move on my dude
That shit sucks. Okay. Thanks.
you could always come clean with your feelings w/ her, worst that happens is you just continue fucking off but now you know it’s not worth thinking about it anymore.

best case smang that.
This is absolutely not true 24/7 you sperg. She might be dealing with a lot of shit and not have time emotionally to really invest properly romantically and doesn't want to half-ass it for the sake of doing it either. Men and women can be friends, can even be in love, and not fucking or publicly a couple and still have a deep connection. Idiot.
OP don't listen to that retard, he is inexperienced with women, read THIS>>21813731

Alright dudes I'm on a mission to stop doing everything I'm not supposed to. As long as I can remember I have had vices, dumb shit I shouldn't be doing but do anyway because it's my fucking choice and Its my way of saying "fuck you, I'll do what I want."
Then I made the choice to stop drinking because it was ruining my life. I did, haven't had a drop in 4years 8months 13 days. Then I wanted to quit smoking cigs so I... Kinda did I still have one once in awhile if someone else is smoking and I bum one. maybe once a week but that's pretty good compared to two packs a day. Well now I really want to quit or cut way down on my cooming. This is the absolute most difficult thing I've tried to do. I can't fucking do it. I meditate I pray, I don't know what the fuck to do. When I do nothing I start picking at my face, peeling skin away a bit at a time, I have been trying to correct that behavior but now I've started just constantly chewing on my inner cheeks and lips, I can't fucking stop. My cheeks are fucking bleeding but I'm still doing it, I'll catch myself doing it and get frustrated but won't be able to stop for long before I'm just subconsciously doing it. I don't know what to do I have no benefits at my job so a psychiatrist is out of the question. Anyone have any ideas for a frustrated soul trying to improve himself?
Your image helped me a lot. So much empathy I have, with that orangoutang. I don't know man. Am totally in solidarity with you though. Cannabis, tobacco, alcohol, etc. It should be just as easy to stop as it is to start. I don't know if it is though… I am frustrated too — hold onto a lot of angst as well a lot of the time. The only effective way I have which is tried & true in terms of vaporizing stress is physical exercise.
I constantly pick skin at the tips of my fingers when anxious. I need a system. I need an aim. Why don't you create a system which will aim you towards a female to provide a calming effect.
I understand I am replying to your post, but I am writing this directed equally as much to you as it is to me.
A lot of people pick their fingers nowadays from anxiety, look around. It's uncertainty of thought and aim.

File: hat.png (808 KB, 1280x852)
808 KB
808 KB PNG
How do you actually *use* thepiratebay without getting caught and is it worth it? I want ebooks. Many many ebooks. Also movies. I have a list with me. I'm going to school and am subscribed to their wifi service, if that matters.
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
wtf... how is this free? should I be using a vpn or something? Some sort of protection? I'm super new to all of this.
so if i use a vpn set is elsewhere... then at least I'm untrackable to my current location and I won't garner any more attention than someone who is downloading from where my vpn is set?
How do you guys even get caught?
I probably pirated like 50k worth of shit in my entire life and never got anything.
comcast internet provider actively monitors.
/lit/ approved.

File: 1569784167079-1.jpg (40 KB, 694x451)
40 KB
I'm friends with a tomboyish dyke and sometimes I'll invade her space and do stuff like kiss her on the cheek or grope her. She doesn't seem to mind. If she did I'm sure she would bash my face in. Still not sure if she's into me or just enjoys the attention. I really care about this girl and sometimes it feels like she gives half a fuck about me but she's so vapid its hard to tell. What do?
Ask if she’s chill with it all
File: 1569784167079-2.jpg (100 KB, 717x437)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
[spoiler]Also she is my Girlfriend's younger sister[/spoiler]
big yikes, dump your gf/talk about it with her now before you interact with her again sexually
File: 1554843775545.jpg (48 KB, 641x626)
48 KB
But she's coming over tomorrow to hang out and fuck. What do?
We have been dating for nearly two years and I think I have liked (loved?) her sister for half that time. I may be in too deep.
sorry to blue balls you but you should dump your gf/talk about it with her now before proceeding further, you're just procrastinating and preparing to lie/deceive your gf further

you don't even know if you actually like her sister beyond the immorality of what you're doing with her (and since she's younger than her sister that's probably most of the attraction)

File: Rob.png (2.12 MB, 1501x1000)
2.12 MB
2.12 MB PNG
Have you ever felt like school or college has left you more scarred than educated/fulfilled?
no i listened to teachers and didn't let the retards distract me with bullshit
No. Uni prepared me very well for the real world actually. I basically do the same now as when I was a student just fewer hours a day. Exams turn into presentations, handins turn to reports but no, I think it was great.

File: 1524179481131.jpg (121 KB, 1280x1169)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
>Turing 31 soon
>moving out of friends place and into my home right after my bday
>used to live there with an ex of 10+ yrs but moved out 2 years ago due to bad break up
>passed over for amazing job recently
>girl i was seeing went across country for college
>band can't seem to get an EP done
>can't seem to lift consistently

Everything i do to stay happy has lost consistency.

It feels like I'm too old suddenly. I'm too old to stay in great shape, tour my bad,find love or make my career succeed. I typically keep a positive attitude but lately it's been difficult. I've been having more dreams of an ex recently which is very strange as it's been over 2 years since I've last seen her and I've been in love with another women since and have bedded many others. I think my mind is seeking a comfortable / safe spot and associates her with that feeling. But do people even succeed after 31? Does anyone find love or make great art after 31? I know I shouldn't feel lonely and bleak but suddenly i do and I'm not sure what to do. Is this just birthday blues?
it happens bud, get back on the wagon.

take some time out for yourself, start small.
I do 10 min guided meditation sessions in the am, and then write down a few goals for the day (no more than 3).

Do this for a month, building on it becomes easier.
Good advice thanks
Almost everyone who finds meaningful sucess finds it after 30. Unless you are a child prodigy or something, but nobody actually likes that...

File: 1547105011647.jpg (262 KB, 1264x1324)
262 KB
262 KB JPG
How can I be 23 and still have never had a gf, what is wrong with me?

Every day when I walk around I see manlets, poor people, ugly people etc who have beautiful gfs, what am I doing wrong that I cant even get a ugly gf?
84 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
Assuming you're male: go MGTOW and stop caring about this. Not all men are designed for the hobnobbing circlejerk and that's okay. In the past you would have probably joined the military and either enjoyed a career in it after discovering that you were better suited for action, or you would have died young for your home and family and avoided all of this.
You have high standards, or don't get out much.

I know some women that are fucking gorgeous who just don't want a partner right now. Or, they have a super high standard on what's acceptable.

Alternatively, there are super ugly people or people with abuse in their history who go for the low hanging fruit because they can't stand being alone.

As someone that got out of a really rough relationship less than a week ago, let me tell you that you're in a position of power, OP. You may feel lonely, but you can go wherever, do whatever, and build your entire future around your needs. Want a job where you travel? Want to move around? Want to go camp, and fall off the face of the planet?

you have no one holding you back. and you're young. A partner will come in time, but don't force it.
Girls test men and obviously you're failing the test because you're being used fun. I cant really tell you what's wrong with you without knowing you but I'd guess you have confidence issues. Believe in yourself
(inb4 tits or gtfo)
But when I see a guy dressed in a suit, I assume he has shit to do/places to be, and don't want to be annoying or in the way. It's intimidating. But I also love guys in suits. It's like my crack. So idfk
Ironically, that is the best way to get a job, hell I did it once and it worked

It is also the best way to get girls, specially if you're like me and dread socializing. Not because it is hard (it's retardedly easy) but because it is boring and I don't give a fuck about people or their dumb drama which always revolves around some non-problem with zero stakes in it. Anyways, going straight up to girls, talking for a bit, then being a straight shooter with what you want works wonders, but the price you have to pay is being brave. Think of it like this, girls get men approaching them, but none of those are honest or show balls by being bold. So you really set yourself apart by showing honesty and balls. Even if the isn't interested, she'll respect you. Even if she gets angry, she'll fuck you. Women make no sense and neither do employers, so stop trying to make sense of them and just have fun getting your way in life.

"If you wanna fuck women, you can't be shy." -John Leslie (Talk Dirty to Me, 1980)

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