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File: thunk.jpg (3 KB, 128x128)
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I want to start doing some reviews on YouTube in english. Although it's my second language, I can easily read and write in it.
Since I don't normally talk to people in english on a daily basis, my speaking ability is pretty bad in comparison. I tend to stutter, I make mistakes and I sometimes talk in an unnatural way. I also switch between an american and british accent without realizing it. I prefer the sound of british english but whenever I try to do it it just seems forced and overly posh.
How can I learn to talk in english in a more natural way? Do I just need to practice a lot?
Can you record maybe a couple sentences on vocoaroo or whatever
Having an accent is okay as long as your use of grammar is correct. Just speak clearly and it should be no problem. Also you i've heard that there are some discord servers for people to practice speaking. Maybe you can look into that.

File: blush.png (152 KB, 500x451)
152 KB
152 KB PNG
How do i make friends at university? I tried so hard but no luck and it feels like everyone already knew someone and im just left out.
Im so sad right now idk what to do
Read How to make Friends and Influence People. Might help.
Join clubs, do extracurricular activities, go to bars, go to conventions, go anywhere and everywhere. Embrace ideas or hobbies you like, do anything you can.

If you're introverted, or socially incapable, (or autistic), you're gonna have to go the extra mile. Friends are great, but you must first change who you are. Stop being a sad, self loathing, party pooper, and change.

If you are having trouble, take small steps. Try to stay away from your house. You will make friends at uni by doing things people normally do during their time at uni.
Your attitude is self-defeating. Not every social circle is fixed. There are always the ones changing or forming new/breaking up.

The key is to made buddies and if there is a closer connection you will become friends over time. If not it's still good to have buddies and they may in turn introduce you to people who may become your friends.

and this >>21279116
Start with clubs and casual and mundane small talk after class.

What the fuck am I supposed to do about climate change? Everyone in the news and on social media is constantly talking about how fucked we are but literally no one has any solutions? Am I supposed to just roll up and accept inevitable death?
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Non-whites can destroy *culture* which is a lesser or more fragile force than *nature*. Only Europeans and some brands of mechanistic Asians can exploit nature to the point that it collapses on itself
Stop watching the news is what you’re supposed to do.
You're going in circles mate. Do you think that Europeans should support Brazil over the fire?
No. At this point, everything should burn so we can start over. And any American trying to "help" is only doing so so they can establish a beachhead for their company which will then, sometime in the future, exploit the very nature they "preserved" a few years prior.
Brazilians should figure it out on their own.
Whatever you do, OP, stop making this stupid fucking thread every single week

File: maxresdefault (1).jpg (43 KB, 1280x720)
43 KB
It's up to the point where I switched to manual breathing (people told me that it's a symptom of anixety). I'm a messed up fuck, but it's literally just academics. I know I can recover my grades and shit but when people tell me that "it's only going to get harder" when I already have some minor problems, I get so anxious for the future.
I want to cry but I'm afraid I'll break down for real
There's nothing wrong with breaking down bro.
As someone with chronic anxiety, I've gotten to the point where I welcome it because I actually start to feel better after the breakdown.

You should read up on coping strategies and try different stuff out. Everyone is different when it comes to such matters obviously do keep an open mind if the first thing you try doesn't help at all.
Also see if your school offers mental health resources for students as it's sometimes free for full time students.

Also, I'd just like to add that
>"it's only going to get harder"
is such bullshit. School was a 24/7 stressor that still gives me nightmares even though I graduated 10 years ago. Work is so ridiculously easy once you get into a groove, and you can get it off your mind when you walk out the door.
Shit gets so much better when you get independent and hone a skill you know makes you valuable.
File: bigbawss.jpg (174 KB, 1200x700)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
Usually it's good to talk to someone you personally value, i.e girlfriend, parents, or even your dog or cat. Talking to someone about your day, how you're doing, etc. is a great way of dealing with your shit.

Secondly, if you have absolutely NO ONE to talk to, meditate. Reflecting on why you are stressed, why you are anxious, and why you are failing is great for the mind and body.

Any general life improvement choice will radically change you, and your behavior. The small steps are usually the most important.

Good luck, bro.
the biggest thing for me was ending up studying things i cared about. ap world teacher hated me in 10th grade, assigned insane amounts of homework, many sleepless nights and throwing up from the stress. senior year of high school took ap calculus and a computer engineering class. so much more work than ap world but i loved every second of it. if it is in your control at all, get into classes that are interesting at all to you. also BECOME CLOSE WITH YOUR TEACHERS!! they know all the answers. they might want to make it hard but they wanna see you succeed 8/10 times.
File: 6008058013_191fa1c4f4_b.jpg (188 KB, 1024x640)
188 KB
188 KB JPG
First things first, thank you bro. You're right, the rare times I cried, I felt... lighter afterwards. I'm gonna go and cry it out later when my roommates are out.
>School was a 24/7 stressor that still gives me nightmares even though I graduated 10 years ago.
So, basically, fuck it right? Grit your teeth and deal with it when it comes instead of thinking about it months before?
>hone a skill you know makes you valuable.
This would be my major right?
>it's good to talk to someone you personally value
I'm worried that I'd become someone who they'd be annoyed with. But I think I know who I can talk to, it's an inanimate object but one that I treasure and talk sincerely to.
I'll make sure to pick this up, do you have any guides on it other than the nice pointers you've listed?
>Good luck, bro.
...Thanks bro. Fucking appreciate it.
Yeah I'm planning on becoming 'active' and enjoying my classes instead of being... averse to it. Thanks bro...
File: impulsecontrol.png (397 KB, 1332x1949)
397 KB
397 KB PNG
Generally, focusing on impulse control and discipline are key to successfully achieving a clear state of mind. Try not to swallow (lel), and be as still as possible. Be aware of how your mind wonders, where it goes, what it thinks about. Only YOU will know when you achieve your goal.

/sig/ on /pol/ is great for finding easy and simple tips. While you might not agree politically, anons there are all achieving the path to improvement.

Again, good luck. You will make it out alive.

Why do all the “good” girls that are worth the quality time spent are always not looking for a relationship? Whenever I meet a girl that actually is close to me in every way and matches me almost 100% she just isn’t interested or only wants things to be platonic.

How do I get girls like that to fall in love with me?
They are looking for a relationship, but not with you.
It’s probably your desperation and low value to them and to yourself, but idk I’d need to know specifics.
You have to look for signs of attraction. Read up on the internet what these are as girls are more indirect and subtle in showing affection. Pick up on them.

If nobody is interested in you, you might be looking in the wrong spot, it's a streak of bad luck or there is something other wrong with you like body odor.

How do you tell a larp from the real thing?
In my mind, it's all about the odds. Given the board's basic demographics (or what you THINK the demos are for the board), how likely is the story?

Granted, it's tough to tell of course in any case, but the details also can give it away if OP expands on the story.

"Yea, so I went skiing"
>absolutely possible
"In aspen"
"With a team of ninja supermodels"
>at this point we have crossed the LARP barrier
1. It is aimed at getting under your skin
2. It is more or less based on stereotypes and fantasies (think of "the white women prefer black man"-thing on /pol/)
3. Like >>21279074 said. The chances it's real are slim yet alone anyone posting it on the board.
4. People tend to overdo it to a point it becomes obvious. I.e. Navy seal pasta
All good points, especially #1. 99% of LARPs involve controversy because it provides attention (good or bad) to the LARPer.

There's no point in trying a LARP that won't focus attention on you.

File: boomer.jpg (9 KB, 234x215)
9 KB
Most of my friends turned lame when they became boomers. Like bars suck, the music is too loud, I need to leave at 12 pm for lawn mowing tomorrow, there are brown people in the city etc.

Did something wrent wrong in my transformation to boomerdom or did they just lose all their energy? I mean I enjoy the lawn mowing and fishing stuff but I still like to go out. I don't feel like I am in my 50s complaining about everything yet. Should I get new friends or ar most boomers like this?
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Thanks for the advice. I think you are right. My friends used to be different during my 20s but they might have just taken another road than me other the years. And now it's time to move on, make new friends and leave them behind. The boomer meme was more ironic than actually identifiy with it, no worries.

Yeah, I should move on.
I think you'll find yourself feeling much better and welcomed by folks you relate to and hang out with. Go have fun!
Will do. Thanks für the cheer ups. It didn't feel right that your life is over with 30 and that you must become an boring person who can't even have a drink anymore.
You can’t become a boomer. It’s a generation that are mostly in their 70s.
Yeah, I was being ironic. But my friends became more lame than my boomer parents. And this at 30-32. "I can't stay out long for a drink anymore. I have to get up early to do garden work", "I am so fed up with work that I am talking about pension funds already", "Children are the only meaningful thing happening in my life anymore" etc.

File: Methods.png (40 KB, 510x779)
40 KB
I kinda wanna die, and i don't know why.
My life is isn't the greatest, but i have semi stable, fine paying job, the last time i took drugs was 3 years ago and i'm about to quit drinking. So overall, i'm doing completely fine. Why am is still so unhappy? i don't want to kill myself, but sometimes i wish i get ran over by a car or something, or get a fast deadly disease. If i could kill myself right now, by the push of a button, i would do it. My life isn't shit, but being dead is just the lesser evil than being alive. I just don't know anymore. Everyday i wake up, go to work, spend half my day there, come home and cycle through video games, anime and 4chan until i'm tired, just to do it the next day the same. Somethings missing in my life that gives me purpose! I don't know what i even life for anymore, honestly can't believe i haven't jumped of a bridge yet.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
This is life man. Realize that we live in a boring and ultimately unfulfilling world. The worst of timelines.
dont listen to these retarded nihilist
what you need is a good dose of NATIONAL SOCIALISM
get a hobbie that replaces vidya and chans at night
be more friendly at work
go to a park and smell the flowers
do psychedelic drugs
you're taking life way too serious
rock climbing, biking, backpacking help you understand your purpose in the earth, give you something to get better at, help you see beauty in the earth, and are something to do with friends or girls. death had always fascinated me too, so whenever i eat shit biking its kind of a rush even though id never self harm or kill myself. its okay to feel empty its incredibly hard to get over it without changing things up, wether it be your friend group, daily habits, or location.
Fuck off commie

File: orangutan_square.jpg (42 KB, 600x600)
42 KB
Not gonna talk too much about it, i met a wonderful girl who i'd like to be with
We're in a long distance relationship right now
The fastest i can visit her is 3 years, and the fastest i can move in is 6 years
Is there any way it can work?
It's been 5 months so far and it seems to work well
My worst fear is that one of us can eventually break and fuck someone on the side
41 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Her family i guess
But we'll see
Maybe i'll take her here
won't you lose your czech citizenship if you join the brazilian army
what's the point of moving to another country to be with your girl if you're going to be in the military away from her only seeing her on weekends
Well i wish you luck!
You never get to really pick who you fall deep for, but it’s the kind of thing that is beyond time and location.
I wish the best for you both and your girls.
Thanks man, We're all going to make it.

File: 1554050605420.jpg (40 KB, 510x677)
40 KB
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
get a razor, cut horizontally and press post on 4chan simultaneously
>are they implying it’s a trap?
File: 1566509308395.jpg (52 KB, 500x492)
52 KB
>gang gang

File: 1516895067897.png (29 KB, 107x115)
29 KB
Can't you just leave?

File: inuyasha-kagome-hug.gif (473 KB, 500x281)
473 KB
473 KB GIF
Is sex the only best thing there is? I feel that everything I do is meant to achieve that goal
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Biology + societal pressure

Rise above it, Anon. Acquire currency instead
Because modern society is a degenerated mess filled with hedonists who unironically live by what OP claims. Many people fall into that trap, apparently including you, thus deepening the decline.
Cocaine, money, food, sleep, cocaine, heroin, cocaine, meth
reddit invented ellipsis?

Is not having a car a deal breaker for women?

I don't see women as the gold digging incarnation of the devil as most incels here see, but I can't help the fact that I'm already 26 and I live in Brazil, which is notorious for having the most materialistic women in the world.

I mean, I can easily pull an 18 year old girl in the club to kiss and maybe take it to a motel, this age group doesn't care about what you have but only your looks and a good dicking, but every time I meet someone around my age (26) I feel emancipated because my age group already pays attention to who can afford driving and who can't, and I literally can't due to financial reasons.

Am I right to feel this way? I know that this is no different than 'I'm shorter than 5'11 so how can I get gf' but it feels very real, I even once got rejected in the middle of the dancefloor when she realized I didn't have a car to take her home (which never happened in Europe, I swear).

21 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Not him but true, I own a car but haven't gotten a license for it.
This is the only reason why would I consider having a car which is because of family. When child gets sick or something happens you have to get there ASAP. Other than that car is a useless luxury that costs you time and waste of space on streets.
>bigger the city the worst it is.
Huh, how is that. Bigger cities are more rich and invest into public transport infrastructure
Elliot rodger had a relatively new bmw
I've been learning to drive but fuck me, if it isn't really hard finding someone who actually likes me. In my area, it's pretty much an automatic rejection (central FL).

How do I recover from an extremely sheltered upbringing? I’m terrified just to use a large kitchen knife to chop onions
Post address
Try a small kitchen knife.
Become a comedian or do busking. The public humiliation will deaden you inside and strengthen your sense of independence
spend time in the hood and learn lessons. kitchen knifes gonna seem like a friend once you learn to watch your ass at all times. or do white collar crime. if you get away then ur rich, caught and you get in a comfy rich white prison.

File: images (70).jpg (7 KB, 276x183)
7 KB
How do I tell my boss to fire me?
Yesterday at my job I accidentally did something that my boss said was fireable. He came in and had to make a report but since hes a cool guy I didnt get in trouble.
I have his number and I want to get layed off for unemployment benefits. What's appropriate to say to him?
I remember seeing online a "guide to engineer your own layoff", you can look for that.

But, I'd say maybe have a heart-to-heart with him. Say, "look, I'm sorry I keep screwing up, my head isn't in the game because of <personal tragedy> and because of that, it's been super hard for me..."

Then maybe spin it like you're doing him a favor like " i know I'm making you look bad and if you need to let me go I understand. But, because of <personal tragedy>, I can't afford to have a real firing on my record. Maybe we can call it a downsizing or something?"

But shit, he may see right through that if you're not buddy-buddy enough or if you come of as insincere or whatever. If that happens, you'll be in worse shape than when you started. So it's a big gamble.
Employers pay the unemployment insurance so probably not the best idea to tell him you want to abuse the system.
Obviously this is just a larp thread but still decent advice.

File: 1518511911495.jpg (6 KB, 225x225)
6 KB
I have been rejected plenty of times this year, but it does not get any easier, it feels like im doing better and better. I just cant cope with it, how do I avoid caring so much I get sad with rejection?
How can I stop getting attached to a girl I have just met, and learn to play them?
I was in the same boat as you just two weeks ago - I had it with rejection.

A week ago, I had an epiphany - to stop jerking off until I have sex. For me that did two things:

1. Massively lowered my libido - less thinking about women = less expectations = less being interested in girls.

2. In any case, it serves as motivation to do better in that regard. It also allows me to reflect on my game.

The most important thing to realize is that it's not other women's fault, it's YOUR fault. From there on out the road to enlightenment is pretty easy to follow.

Sorry if I'm blunt, but think about it: it can't possibly be the fault of the entire female population, right? Therefore the problem must be within me.

As far as rejection goes, after you've faced it so many times, you seriously stop giving a shit about this. That's the best thing that can happen, else you'll only be constantly depressed.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
But bro how do I stop caring for girls who doesnt care for me? Its really hard for me
AlphaMaleStrategies on youtube

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