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File: images (65).jpg (38 KB, 400x418)
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Pls give me tips on how to make a 29yo roastie cum by oral and penetration.

I'm not in love but I really want to give this girl a good time. She was a good friend years ago.
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What you said in >>20804102 makes perfect sense because of >but one your target likes

But you were the one who originally generalized. >So find a very successful romance novel, one that women crave, like 50 shades of gray, written in the first person so you can experience what goes on in a womans mind and what really gets them off

Big difference between "find something the specific woman likes" and "find something women in general like". Regardless of your intent and what you meant, you failed to make that clear, and that's why the post didn't go over well.
>I really want to give this girl a good time
Then send her to my place, anon
Don’t listen to this virgin. Her advice was good.
u wot m8
Or incel or whatever.

File: 6j536j5j3.jpg (127 KB, 1280x720)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
How young could a 30 year old date and it reasonably workout (and not be creepy)?
How old a guy would you personally date?

Talking to a 23 year old and it feels like it's pushing it.
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Scott Pilgrim pls go
18 year olds are hotter than 30 year olds
20 would be the lowest you can go at 30. You can’t date a “teen”
yea it's either that or get ran thru pussy with a bitch that looks like shit compared to how she looked 10 years ago
File: 6969420666.jpg (58 KB, 581x696)
58 KB
this wouldn't even be an issue if women didn't look like an absolute disaster by the end of their early 20's

Is it fucked up to still be fawning over your ex even though you broke up 4 years ago?
How do you make it stop? I think about him every day.
It terrifies me to think I could end up with a girl who thinks this way.
unless you are a gay man, in which case I am sorry and you should try to find new people to talk to.
>Is it fucked up to still be fawning over your ex even though you broke up 4 years ago?

Kind of, yes. It shows that your thinking probably isn't very realistic, and I suspect you wouldn't be here asking if it weren't a problem for you.

>How do you make it stop? I think about him every day.

I would suggest talking to a mental health professional. They'll probably suggest something similar to therapy for OCD or PTSD thinking, as you're dealing with a similar sort of obsessive and/or intrusive/invasive thinking that can come from those.
To be haunted by memories and regrets is normal. To continue fantasizing about reunion is unhealthy. To let it block you from being open to new possibilities is self-destructive.
I'm gay, yeah.
I don't really gel with people very well, and it's very hard for me to get to know people. my ex was a massive exception to that, i've never clicked with anyone like that before or since.

File: 47b.jpg (25 KB, 665x574)
25 KB
>Be me at job interview
>Interviewer leaves while I fill out forms
>She comes back with another form.
>I fill it out in front of her
>anxiety strikes
>fill in my name on the date line
Why the FUCK am I like this!?!?!?!?
We have all been there mate.

I work closely with a woman a few years older than me who is married with two kids, but I have developed feelings for her. This alone I can handle as i’m only doing this job for another 4 months, but recently her boss and another coworker he sleeps with have made sexual comments about her. She laughs along to avoid drama but this upsets me for some reason, even though we are not together.

My options are either ignore it and finish my contract and move on which would leave me feeling cold, openly whiteknight her which is difficult because he’s my boss too, or send an email to our line manager saying I want to work apart from her for a few weeks because I feel recent comments from unnamed staff are affecting our work, and CC in my boss so he gets the message.

I feel like going for the third option or am I just being a pussy for not confronting these people about it myself? I wouldn’t give a shit if it was anyone else but my feelings for this woman are making it difficult for me to work.
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take 1, dont fuck this up. ask her out for lunch and then ask her if shes comfortable working with her boss (how they treat her)
So ignore it but ask her about it?

Also she isn’t bothered by it, she is actually friends with the woman who the boss is sleeping with, people saying unprofessional shit is common in this workplace and they are used to the boss being an asshole.
Love doesn't exist, it was invented by men during the middle age (courtship and stuff), faggot
I know but that doesn’t stop people from feeling it, retard.
Be her friend. Find your own girl she is TAKEN and you can’t have her!

Hello... So this situation has been going on for a bit of time now. There’s a girl by the name of Gabby on Instagram(@pqnty) who has been selling her nudes for about a year(?) now. She’s been 14-16 during this time period, currently being 16. Her followers/buyers of her nudes are completely unaware of her being 16, her telling them she’s 18. Her boyfriend(who is 20) condones and even encourages her to sell her nudes. Multiple people have told her what she is doing is not only illegal for her, but for her buyers as well. My friends and I reported her to Instagram and to some sort of at risk child thing that Instagram linked us too, but nothing ever came out of it. What else is there that we can even do?
Kill her
i think posting this on 4chan is a good start, continue to report this thot’s account and hopefully, it’ll work
That’s why I included her user, with hopes that people would approach her and at least scare her into stopping.

File: 192366.jpg (100 KB, 1200x1200)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
Does onions actually feminize men, or is it just a meme? How hard should I be avoiding it? Is it only a problem if you're guzzling onions or should I be checking labels for onions content? Any foods I should avoid?
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Actually eating vegan when you're in your adolescence and childhood can get you a bigger dick than if you were eating meat
But anon you don't have to be strict vegan just cut down to meat to like once a week or 2 and dont give up on dairy top but consume little amounts of it to get your vitamin b12
and no onions doesn't have human estrogen in them it has plant estrogen which is inactive in humans
One of my uncles is vegan and has 4 kids so clearly it works for some people
File: edna.jpg (89 KB, 717x908)
89 KB
I was a 100% macho man and look what onions did to me.
I can tell you from experience--when I had horrible hot flashes (menopause), I would eat a veggie burger and they would stop. That tells you how much estrogen is in onions. (hot flashes are caused by a drop in estrogen)
Read the research on examine.com

I feel like I have to have perfect text game with women because they never carry conversations they just end them. Sometimes waiting for a text back is like a form of torture especially when you have plans
Quick rule of thumb: never ever wait around for a text back regarding immediate plans. If she stalls, you go do something else. She missed out. End of story.
Second rule: never respond immediately to a girl unless she's responding immediately to you. If she's taking 5 minutes to respond, you take at least 3 minutes. If she's really taking a long time, you put her on hold for an hour or two, or overnight. You never want to reply immediately to a woman because it shows that you have an empty life and you're staring at your phone waiting for that response. Always give yourself time to breathe and think before sending that reply.
Third rule: text game is for organisation and light flirting. Serious discussions and longer conversations are to be done IN PERSON. The longer you spend texting a girl, the more invested you seem and the less interesting you become. Don't ask me to explain the reasoning behind this but it's absolutely true. In addition, the more you text, the more likely it is that she will misunderstand something you say because she has no facial expressions or other context with which to judge when you're joking or serious or just playing Devil's Advocate. It also shows that you have no life as discussed in rule 2.

There are many more rules or guidelines but these are the top 3 in my opinion. Live by them whenever possible.
does this apply for women texting men too?
File: 1419825542043.png (394 KB, 635x828)
394 KB
394 KB PNG
To some extent it's a universal system. Nobody should be waiting on another person like they've got nothing else in their life. Nobody in a relationship should be the needy one who triple texts and gets back a "k" 6 hours later. I'm writing from the perspective of a man who has been texting with women since the text message was invented, and I've made all the mistakes I've described. But there's no reason why these rules should only suit men. This is about having a healthy level of self esteem, a rich and rewarding life, and clear boundaries which you don't break for anyone. The results of this is ending up with a partner who never disrespects you, because the trash literally takes itself out. My partner never ever leaves me hanging or plays power games because she wouldn't accept any of that shit from me.

TL;DR: yeah
Truth!! My wife never leaves me hanging. But I’ve met girls who do, and you just don’t waste your time with them.

Other thread at bump limit. Go.
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Tell them how you feel.
You're more desperate than I thought? You do know you'll never win?
how do you know?
Tell them so they stop trying to win. Don't waste their time.
Everybody testify lol EVERYBODY

File: 1539487057146.jpg (55 KB, 558x614)
55 KB
Should I jack off before I have sex for the first time?
yes, about an hour or so before hand. You get out an orgasm and can last longer
About 3 hours before
I wouldn't do it. Coming early is shitty but kind of expected, and not being able to get a boner due to nerves is also very common during the first time. I'd say take the risk of coming quickly over increasing the risk of not getting it up to begin with. Jerk off the day beforehand though.
The only benefit would be endurance and that really isn't a huge concern when having sex for the first time, it's much more intimate than sport-like.
But also you'd cheat yourself of a huge dopamine rush. Your body doesn't make pleasure hormones that quickly so if you wank it before sex, you'll split one amazing orgasm into two alright ones.

File: winona in heathers.jpg (99 KB, 480x734)
99 KB
Anyone else steadfastly refuse to date a girl older than you are? Even by one day is a deal breaker for me. If she was born on exactly the same day as me, that's pushing it. One day younger is fine.
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no because I'm not an insecure autist who cares about meaningless shit like that
>>20804309 just try it to see if you actually dislike older women or you dislike the thought of old age.
My ex boyfriend used to be super mad that I was older than him by like 5 months. I was born in February and he was July. He would always tell me my birthday was July 29nth as a joke.
>>20804309 (OP)

>have had more than 2 partners
>dye their hair, style their hair, and/or wear cosmetics

So you dont want a woman, you want an 18 year old virgin cave bitch? I suggest you find some Amish bitch at Costco. You deserve to be alone.
Kek, toasty roastie. I know it's impossible to find a girl like this that is simultaneously attracted to me herself. That's the whole point. I'm still attracted to women, but I couldn't ever fall in love. I want to be alone, but my body still craves women. By co-opting the desire for women in general and focusing it on a miniscule segment of women, I have effectively become unattracted to women. It was all by design, spurred on by cope

File: 1554914099942.jpg (48 KB, 640x640)
48 KB
My memory is terrible. I'm only 33 so I may not be as sharp as I once was, but I shouldn't be having this much trouble focusing and retaining info.

How can I improve my memory? I need to remember thousands of new things...
Repetitive actions and associations.

Here is an example when I was in EMT school . You have placenta abrupto and placenta pervia, one has pain associated with it, so abrupto sounds like burrito and Taco Bell will make your tummy hurt. So that’s how I remember which is which.
Spaced repetition.
Look at Anki
that's clever, thanks anon.
Can you cram with spaced repetition? Is cramming bad or self destructive?

File: help.png (39 KB, 126x165)
39 KB
me and my P.O.I. are going out to the mall tommrow for the first time. Ive never been out to the mall with friends and im really worried i'll embarress myself. And i think im going to meet her mom to and i dont think she likes me very much anymore. I dont have anxiety or nothing, in fact i havent felt anxious over nothing in like months. Im really worried about what we talk about. The way i interact with things in stores is very weird, and im afraid she'll think im weird. Help?

Today someone at 6 a.m. ringed my doorbell, stuck the switch and burnt it. Streets are all alone at that hour of the day. I didn't get out/opened the door but I did turn the lights on. Saw and heard a dude with a cap on his head (sun rises at 7-8 a.m. here, there was no light or reason to have a hat on) less than a minute a motorcycle passed kinda fastly.

A month ago they got into the house of my neighbor at 3 p.m.

There's no easy-way of breaking into the house. They need to be inside to open doors and unlock more than 6 locks/break metal bars with noisy equipment. However i'm scared they're on me. I'm hoping the doorbell just fucked itself or that someone thought it was funny. Maybe they were checking if the house was alone for the springbreak.

Tips? What to do? Police here sucks, they even help with strikes/mugging, calling them isn't a very viable option.

Thanks in advance.
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Illegal here, but my dad has one. Never told me where he hides it. Must be a .357, kind of revolver. I never shot a gun but shouldn't be hard.
oh god please don't. I'm very very pro gun rights. But you need to learn and practice to use it properly. If you don't you're more likely to kill yourself or have your gun taken from you and used on you. Do some home alone style shit. hit them with a paint can or something. Get creative.
>Do some home alone style shit

This is what I was thinking too. Booby trap the place and hide valuables. If you can stay home today, do it.
Haha that's what I thought. It is a very fucking big deal shooting a gun, even more shooting someone

Thanks! I will have a spray can near me, there's one that does even more damage than pepper spray (carburetor cleaner) that shit could even make you blind.
Get one of those alarm stickers put in your yard. Get a fake video camera and put up.

Get a doggie

Considering you could swap bodies with somebody of the opposite sex, and you were to do so, would it be gay to then suck yourself off?
>>20805655 no because at that point that isnt you, thus making it not gay.
I think doing things to my old body would be the only stuff I would feel safe doing to not feel homo
No. Either you say, you've swapped bodies, you're now a girl, so giving head to a man is heterosexual.
If you hold the viewpoint that you're still "you" then it's auto-erotic and sucking "yourself" off is no more gay than jerking yourself off.

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