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File: 41xNWzvMucL._SY355_.jpg (11 KB, 355x355)
11 KB
So I recently purchased a used macbook pro mid 2014 from an ebay auction, the seller made the tracking slip, but didn't actually ship the laptop... this auction ended about 2 days ago (promptly after winning i paid the man within the hour). I don't expect to be put on a pedestal, but some communication would be nice... his account has all positive feed back but its all buyer feedback and no seller feed back. Should I be worried?
yo senpai probably not love ya peace out>
No it's fine. eBay has a great appeals process. Send him a message tomorrow to ask. If you don't hear back you can file a complaint..I believe the seller typically has two days to ship.. If he doesn't, eBay will protect you.. They heavily favor buyers. He is probably just an inexperienced seller and doesn't know how to be prompt

File: 1551416775369.jpg (748 KB, 1280x1920)
748 KB
748 KB JPG
>feel like I'm drifting through life
>always spaced out and in my head
>barely focus on what I'm doing day to day
>put things down and forget where I put them immediately
>get distracted very easily
>impulsive and give in to desires to do drugs or drink or eat a ton of food
>barely any self control
>very lazy
>constantly anxious or depressed or indulging in something to forget that I am anxious or depressed
>find it very difficult to get started on something
>find it extremely difficult to accomplish things unless I am afraid of the outcome
>terrible socially but have friends
>did extremely well in highschool(borderline valedictorian) but barely made it through college to get my math degree
>starting work soon

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>give in to desires to do drugs or drink or eat a ton of food
Cut these substances.
>OP pic
Cut on THAT too.
>find it very difficult to get started on something
Evaluate how NOT doing it might improve your situation. If the outcome scares you, well, by your logic, you should do it.
>barely focus on what I'm doing day to day
Have a plan,a schedule.
>feel like I'm drifting through life
Set goals on yourself : what do you want to realistically accomplish before your grave? Then see how you can achieve them,and put in work to achieve them.
Cut games/anime & 4chan.(or drastically reduce the time spent on these)

Hard, but necessary.
what do you call it when you go to buy more weed then?
same but that's because i smoke a lot of weed
I don't have goals. This is my issue. I don't have passions or things I want to imagine. I am sure if I had some goal I would die to achieve, quitting the shit food and drugs would be worth it.

I know I'm not completely hopeless. People tell me my math degree means I can at least learn something. I just don't know how people have a drive that pushes them to do things every day.

I don't smoke weed ever. I rarely do drugs honestly. I drink pretty intensely when I'm with friends but other than that I don't even do that anymore. I just do nothing.

yep this seems like the route. I'm starting to believe this isn't just me being lazy and I will try to start therapy as soon as I have health insurance. And medication as a last resort. At the very least I'll get evaluated for ADHD and get a blood work done.
I guess a good first step is try cooking something you've always wanted to eat. There are recipes for everything.

File: hyrri2.jpg (197 KB, 565x638)
197 KB
197 KB JPG
I would consider myself a good dude but I often find myself doing weird shit in a effort to oogle women. I don't think I am a lecher but I just really enjoy looking at women even though it pains me to look because I know they will never love me. For example, on my way back from the bathroom at work, I will take the long way back to my desk just to take a peak at one hispanic womans really nice rear. She is so amazing to me. Most I ever say is hi though because I feel like a fucking dog looking at her.

Another woman I saw recently also had a really nice curvature to her body. Really nice voice too. Most I also ever say is hi. I feel very bad looking at women this way because it makes me feel like I don't really give a shit about them. Which I guess isn't true.

Also side issue: I tend to remember small facts or details about people that they never told me but I found out casually. For example, I found out one womans name is Janet by over hearing her supervisor and my supervisor talking about something else different. Using process of elimination, I was able to figure out who they were actually speaking of and found out her name without her actually telling me. Thats weird to do stuff like that right? I also, found out another woman had kids be looking at a keychain I noticed she keeps on her hip(I was looking at her rump obviously). Doing shit like this just makes me feel odd.

Does everyone do this?
File: IMG_20190507_175625.jpg (54 KB, 628x749)
54 KB
Sure it's "weird", but that doesn't stop literally everyone from doing it.

I'm borderline asexual, and I still do it to give my eyes something to focus on, though I don't pay much attention to anything below the neck.

I thought I was asexual also. I am deeply afraid of sex but the thought of cuddling women seems okay to me. Super scared to have sex though and I am a guy.
File: tenor.gif (46 KB, 220x167)
46 KB
Sounds a bit like me. Just add in a complete disinterest in it too.

I'm into rape and I might be a killer one day if I don't get help. Who can help me?
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A bullet. Put it straight through your brain
Not good enough. There's still a 10% chance of survival.

Though maybe a lead lobotomy would stop those urges.
At least get a vasectomy
Your school counselor
Nhentai and hentaimoe

File: r1ju5pbc0og11.jpg (530 KB, 1980x2430)
530 KB
530 KB JPG
why can't i feel Nostalgia for anything?
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>Fucking 4chan?
You don't feel a little nostalgic for the old Internet?
In the school I went to I was only allowed to write in cursive but only because I went to a school for people with dyslexia
Gen Z is trash. Get those worms away from me
What’s with all the Nickelodeon. CN master race. Well back then anyways
This, emphasis on >back then anyways

So I made a tiny mistake with a girl I was talking to online and she’s been holding a grudge against me for a few days due to it and I’m trying to apologize every day to her and she hardly replies. Is there a way I can make a woman understand that I am genuinely concerned about our friendship and don’t want it to suffer as a result of my wrongdoing?
is this a serious post
Just stop talking to her lmao
>genuinely concerned about our friendship
Don't lie OP, you have feelings for her or want to fuck her. Here's the trick, there are millions of other girls and some of them are actually adults with communication skills. Go for them instead, saves you a lot of hassle.

File: meu deus.webm (2.57 MB, 640x900)
2.57 MB
2.57 MB WEBM
I can get casual sex easy, but making them exclusive is nearly impossible for me.

I made a post about it in an ask the opposite sex thread and the anon that was answering me said I'm probably the guy these girls tend to cheat on and don't bother telling me until they say they "got back with their boyfriend."

I know I'm good in bed, and I know from friends that I have a certain vibe that they say is pretty sexually attractive(Tall, hairy, very deep voice, in shape), so I can understand why a girl might be a bit put off if I break the spell by revealing my human side.

Greentext for some extra detail if you guys care but everything else is there.

>Most recent girl
>"Dating" for about 4 months
>Dating as in sporadic dates with lots and lots of her coming to mine for sex
>Talk a lot on dates and inbetween sex but she always puts her butt on my crotch the moment there's a pause in conversation
>Mentioned an "ex" boyfriend in her home town
>Has gone back to her home town for the summer
>Hasn't spoken to me since(Haven't exactly texted her either but still)
10 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Dunno if you're still here OP.

She sounds passive and kind of insecure. And as she said, she basically thinks she's following your lead. So her taking the initiative to talk to you while she's away when you haven't shown much interest doesn't seem like something she would do.

I don't know her or what she's thinking, so no idea if she really doesn't care one way or the other about what's going on between the two of you, or if she has feelings that she just isn't willing to let you know because she doesn't want to feel vulnerable or set her self up for disappointment.

If you ask her about what she wants and you get a non-answer that deflects the question, you need to ask again. "I don't know" isn't a non-answer, and if you're willing to be patient and see if she figures it out, then stick it out. Sometimes though, people give an "I don't know" as a lie when they do know -- they just want to keep a situation that's pleasant for them going without regard to the other person's feelings.

Being in a relationship with someone where you have to drag things out of them can be exhausting.
How do you think reading this feels as someone who has only ever been viewed as betabux and will only ever be viewed as betabux?
I’d like to know how to do the opposite and save money from not dating
>i get casual sex easy
>sex easy
Found your problem
You don't date a whore unless you want to be cheated on. Is it that hard to comprehend?

File: download.jpg (443 KB, 1600x900)
443 KB
443 KB JPG
I am E.E. grad student at u of toronto. Where do I find educated conservative girls? Preferably attractive ones. I tried using Tindr, I only found gold diggers and sluts. I am sick of this. Are there any normal people in this city?


choose one
im both
You expect a lot of conservative girls to be on the hookup app?

you’re not a woman
This is your problem, OP.

Move out to the country and find a girl with a technical degree.

I live in a one bedroom apartment with 2 cats. This complex charges $300 PER CAT which is absolutely ridiculous - so I've quietly kept them hidden. However, I received a notice in the mail today saying I have an inspection tomorrow. The only thing that is blazingly apparent I have cats is my blinds - they are torn to hell. What do I do? My idea was to quickly register them both as emotional support animal online - will this save me?
I don't know because I paid the extra $300 deposit for my cat and the $25/month pet rent because I'm not a degenerate.
Buy new blinds? They can't be too expensive. Make sure you vacuum well too.
Are they like venetian? Can you just pull them up? Just don't admit you have cats even if it's "obvious".
Or lie about the blinds and say you got pissed drunk but don’t recall what happened
Problem will be if the cats meow
getting an emotional support slip from a psychologist is easy, I don't know why more people don't do it instead of letting themselves get fucked in the ass by greedy landlords

Maybe I was lucky though, my psychologist was really nice and love dogs so she didn't even bat an eyelash when I told her I needed one. Never paid a fucking cent kek

File: IMG-20190624-WA0014.jpg (124 KB, 770x1600)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
What do you think of her?? She one of my friends and I really like her, but i dont want to ruin our friendship
3 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Terrible photo, OP. She looks like a potato with that face and angle.
I find her cute. I'd surely kiss and make love with her.
Ugly jill looking thot
ruin it

File: 0214210.jpg (11 KB, 278x182)
11 KB
I just moved to Oregon from California and I overheard my new boss tell a fellow co-worker that he was doing something "ass-backwards." I know it means he was doing something wrong, but I don't understand that phrase as it makes no sense to me.

Isn't your ass behind you, meaning it's supposed to be "back behind you?" Then why when someone says that to you it means you did something wrong? English isn't my first language, so I'm a bit in a slump when it comes to expressions like this.

One of my new friends here told me about this website and that I can always get good advice here. I appreciate any and all help regarding this matter. Thank you in advance.

I'm supposed to post a picture it says
4 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
what even the fuck is this thread
Oh man this can’t be real. This place is anonymous, meaning, we don’t know who you are. Don’t go uploading pictures of yourself
You rely to people by click on the numbers or typing “>>” before it
I might add, you should post your milkers.
File: putin-amused.gif (1.66 MB, 346x244)
1.66 MB
1.66 MB GIF
Already this thread is wonderful.
It means you put your ass on backwards crazy who would do that hope this helps op

File: 1561500227562.jpg (55 KB, 750x722)
55 KB
Everything so far has been pain and misery and my brain is now ruined due to it. And of course it will get worse, it always does. I don't have the energy to keep existing in these conditions. If I were in the wild I would've been dead a long time ago. I'm going to correct my course.
Well then stop coping like a bitch and start doing it RIGHT FUCKING NOW
Kill yourself
I skimmed the relaxation techniques one but both of these I found to be mildly helpful. Good luck!

How can I stop desiring to eat sweet bagels?
I have a serius problem with that
Help me quickly I'm about to have a binge
Willpower. Every single day I don't eat something that I want to.
What the fuck is a sweet bagel? Like a donut?
Eat some eggs and bacon for fucks sake. You're not a child stop eating sugary crap.
realise that you are spiking your blood sugar, and in turn, you are glycating the absolute shit of yourself due to the insulin spike.
different blood types and family history (typically euros) have a better ability to achieve positive hormesis. meaning you don't damage yourself to the fullest extent that others would having not had
such levels of sugary fake garbage in their environment as long as their euro neighbors over the pond have had.
regardless when you raise your sugars you raise glucose and damage protein structures .
your brain
your eyes
your wang

hilariously, destroying your cells this way is called "Advanced glycation end products" or AGEing
save yourself from hedonism and save your body so it will last you surefire through whatever happens.
also kill niggers

File: 993.jpg (7 KB, 192x192)
7 KB
I've definitely lost my only friend irl from a year or something. I've never been able to relate and connect to anyone so thinking about all of the good times I've had with him makes me feel nostalgia. We've been knowing each other since 2nd grade. We've been thru a lot of stuff and I've started losing him in high school. We kept in touch, but he started being a different person: drugs, parties, sex. Right now, both at 19, I got totally cut off. He ghosts me and the bare times I ask him to hang out somewhere he doesn't even read my messages. Is there any way I could find a remedy to all of this? or should I just leave him alone? I don't really want to throw away a friendship of almost 12 years.
People change. Fuck off and don't look back.
Just be fond of what he used to be, but part of life is losing good friends

To put a long story short there's a girl I've been speaking to for the last year and a half. We've had things for each other in the past but now we're just close friends or I'd like to think so. Thing is she's caused me to have multiple nervous break downs, depression and mentally fucked me to the point where I tried taking my life one night:( .(When I told her about it she didn't really care) The point Im at now is like if I say im unhappy or tell her like personal thoughts I'll either get a response a long the lines of 'Kk' or she wont take it seriously. In addition to this she's the most selfish person I've met, which often ends up with me being manipulated.

I feel like I need to cut a best friend off but it hurts too much to do so short term.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
So its an unrequited love? Seeing what you wrote I had also a similar experience with a girl that I like. The main problem here is that you ASSUMED that she also feels the same way about you, I also did this and it made my terrible since I kept thinking about her. I know it sucks, you think she likes you but in reality she is probably the same with other dudes, you call her bestfriend but for her you're probably just that another "Guy" friend she has. Look man women are not interested in depressed a male, you can talk how shitty your life is she won't give a damn about it unless its a familial or friends problem, that stuff gets their ear stingy. So you dont want to cut ties with her, your best solution would be slowly leaving from her sight, you can talk to her but not as frequently you used too, just take of your mind from her, better yourself, go to a gym, workout it will help boost your mental healtg overall, dont contact her but if she contacts you then be happy atleast she still recognizes you as her friend but dont let yourself be indulge with her as you may end up getting used by her. Find hobbies mate no need to be a sad shitter women hate that. If you have hobbies do them this will eventually take your mind off from her, just do your thing and eventually someone will take notice of you. Just think that women are financial liability =) There is more to life than one girl who wouldnt dare to notice you.
Quality advice. What that guy said
File: 1462044319820.png (297 KB, 640x640)
297 KB
297 KB PNG
>she's caused me to have multiple nervous break downs, depression and mentally fucked me
>best friend
Aye mate it sounds like you care for her a lot more than she cares for you, why don't you try the old stunt where you bring her chocolates and roses? Have you written a single poem or love letter? Why don't you whip out your guitar and play her a tune? You've got to do something man, to win her affection, to make her fond of you
>You've got to do something man, to win her affection, to make her fond of you
Literally why? This whore sounds like cancer incarnate.
OP, just ghost her. Block her on social media, don't talk to her. Avoid her at all costs.

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