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Is there a way I can help my girlfriend feel more comfortable about her body? She always wears jackets and jeans. Basically anything with long sleeves. She's a shy and quiet girl. I love her and I want her to be more confident in herself.

Also how do I stop getting an erection when I hold her hand.
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Maybe you can take her shopping one day and look at the clothes she chooses and also add in something you want to see her try on. Make sure you encourage her to show you the clothes she's trying on (including the outfit you chose). Compliment her, but if you are not a fan of what she is trying on then be honest and tell her what kinds of outfits bring out her best qualities or suit her personality. If you are afraid to do this, then maybe ask one of your gf's girl friends to do this as they can be more honest with her.

I have flabby arms so I often wear long sleeves, 3/4 sleeves, and short sleeve open shoulder shirts to not bring attention to my arms. She can work around it as there are super cute shirts that are long and 3/4 sleeves. If she is shy about showing leg with short skirts/short dresses then she can pair them with black tights (it's trial and error as some outfits work with tights while others look yuck).

Anon, I wish I can take your gf shopping because it's fun trying on cute clothes and seeing cute clothes on cute girls...!
the arms can still be thin but flabby. just means the skin jiggles a bit and stuff. girls are sensitive about things you probably don’t even notice.
She should get a top like pic related
>feel more comfortable about her body
>she's in a relationship as a woman and uncomfortable with her body
>I want to stop getting hard around my already-girlfriend who is uncomfortable with her body
File: doglaugh1.jpg (17 KB, 296x371)
17 KB
>wait until marriage
I'm out of this thread good luck with that faggot

File: 1550640620670.jpg (47 KB, 480x480)
47 KB
Is there a way to make a living while not living a sinful life, or by contributing to a church somehow?
I am a Christian, is there any career options out there for me? Maybe teach a youth group? Thanks!
Being a Christian has nothing to do with your career. Shit bait, as if the frogpost wasn't telling enough

File: ewSkrvu_d.jpg (20 KB, 640x853)
20 KB
I'm a 19 yo male, frequent masturbator, maybe 5-10 times a week. A few days ago, when I was about to orgasm, a 9/10 throbbing pain went up into my neck and the right side of my head. It felt like there was just a lot of pressure built up in there, and it took a good half hour for it to settle down. Later, I tried again and made it to orgasm, but the headache was so bad that I felt like I was going to pass out. Now, whenever I'm remotely close to orgasming, I get the same headache, and I have to stop. I have no STDs, either. Has anyone else had experience with these? What could be causing this, and should I visit a real doctor?

pic unrelated
It's a prelude to a stroke, see a doctor quickly.
Probably the physical strain of pumping your arm up and down and you tensing your body when your trying to reach orgasm.
Sounds like some kind of neurological issue.
Remember to breathe.

File: FB_IMG_1548605735305.jpg (19 KB, 434x532)
19 KB
Been dealing with proxy/gang stalking/psychological bullshit for almost 2 years now. I don't know what else to do but put what smidge of evidence I have together. Does anyone have advice on how to deal with proxy stalking/gang stalking?

Also when I say gang stalking I don't mean any of the tin foil hat type of shit. I mean like how the definition is in Urban dictionary; a form of psychological attack.

hey so I have a bit of a situation.
I owe money to a hospital for medical bills. I k ow in the grand scheme of things I don't owe a lot only like 1200$ or so, but I'm on disability. I send them a check every month for $25 which is what I can afford. now according to my mom they aren't supposed to send bills to collections if you are making payments but they did. I've been calling the clinics billing department and leaving voicemails trying to get ahold of them but they never returned. I think they are purposely ignoring me cause they know I have a brain injury, which they do know, and that I have trouble with money. I don't know how to handle this. I don't have the money available on hand to pay it off right now. what do I do.
Collections Agency anon here. Tell the collections people that you've been making payment arrangements with the hospital in regards to the situation and that they should contact them in regards to that. Also tell them to stop calling you.

I'm assuming they're calling you by the way, but if they sent out a letter to you saying your bill was in collections then call the number back and say that you've arranged for payments with the hospital in regards to the situation. They should proceed to review the account with the hospital or insurance or whatever to confirm this as true, or may ask additional information from you.
they haven't actually called me. but I have called them a couple times trying to get a hold of some one to talk too.
I hate being in control of my own finances. Social security and my docs recommended I get a someone to handle it for me but my family talked me out of it.
All I want to do is sleep.
Name of the collections agency?
American adjustment Bureau

File: 1548654236454.jpg (73 KB, 527x880)
73 KB
Can someone please help. I've been taking adhd medication since last year and I have been experiencing for the last couple of months intensive brain fog. I can't recall anything. I'm failing school and close to being let go from my job. I take Adderall and it's not helping that much anymore. Has anyone experienced this. I live in a constant state of social reckusivness and stuck in mud. I can't even remember what I am doing most of the time nothing is enjoyable anymore I don't even have any hobbies all I do is study work sleep watching TV and most of that time I can't even remember what I'm doing
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Yeah my insurance charges me 200.00 a session just to speak to my doctor.
I would if I could but I work 50 hours a week and I'm in college full time. I can't get off the medication or I'm destined to fail out. I don't want to be a disappointment anymore than I am.

50 hour workweek and full-time university schedule. How did you even get into college with poor planning like that?
>50 hour workweek and full-time university schedule. How did you even get into college with poor planning like that?

Paying for your parents medical bills.

Well the the solution is to take a leave from college because you simply aren't going to be able to maintain the workload.
Have you always taken Adderall or have you ever taken something like Concerta?

File: 1480555209968.gif (629 KB, 378x1080)
629 KB
629 KB GIF
Hey /adv/. The ending of my high school career was me not being able to walk. I had a 1.4 GPA, and was basically in the “slow” classes. Many reasons for me being such a low rank, was because of terrible habits gained from living with my father. After high-school, I became depressed as I knew the only future for me would be factory, meaningless, or unintellectual work. One night I had a different thought, and learned to learn. Since then, I started to self study math and grammar. I finished grammar, and found I really did not understand the principles of it: the same with math. To me, it seems I just did not have knowledge of first principles of core subjects: not lack of intelligence. I am still studying math everyday, two hours per day. I find it pretty fun now, and want to learn other things like computer science and physics. Is is possible for me to go to a good, or very good university if I prove my skills? Or, am I chained to my past scores. I was just a angry kid made up of horrible habits, along with not so great parenting back then. Many thanks, /adv/.
If you can get a really good SAT score then maybe. Most likely you will have to go to community college for a couple years then transfer to a university.
If you put in effort, you get results. Only you yourself can decide if you will take the chances and time for success. So yes, it is possible, but you might fail too. Make plans accordingly
You type like a brainlet
If you somehow manage to get a 1.4 GPA in high school there's no saving you, sorry
You're fucked
Not OP but I had Don'tGiveaFuckAboutAnything syndrome in high school and failed half my classes because I just didn't turn in major assignments and missed a lot of class, then once I went to college I did a complete 180 and was on the honor roll. School is more of a responsibility test than anything. Some people just don't become responsible until their 20s.
If you live in US, go to a community college and then transfer to a good uni. CC is meant for people like you.

I went on a couple of dates with a girl from Tinder, and things are going great: she’s digging me, I’m digging her, I’m taking her to interesting places and we can’t get enough of each other. This wasn’t initially in my plans, but this is turning out to be more than a casual Tinder experience. Yet, after my share of relationships, I’m certain that the more time we spend together and the more we make out and have sex, the faster that spark will fade. I want to stay mysterious and keep my distance while still engaging with her on an intimate level. How should I keep her interested?
Stop having sex and concentrate on doing new interesting adventures
This relationship is probably going to fail. Since you know that you just want to fuck around and ghost out when it gets too serious, you should tell your next tinder match this so they don't get the wrong impression and start to fall in love with you.
I’m not sure you’re getting me. I’d really like to continue this current relationship, because I like spending time with this person and this person happens to be very hot and sexual at the same time. On the other hand, I’m pretty sure that if I go into it overenthusiastically, the honeymoon phase won’t last more than a couple of months, and I would very like to increase it’s shelf life.
File: album-wyns.jpg (320 KB, 1000x1000)
320 KB
320 KB JPG
like all relationships do anon. it's called the puppy love phase for a reason. it goes away. this is what mature love is for. the infatuation goes away, but respect and the care stays. that's not to say there isn't still admiration, attraction, and even the occasional spark of lust. faithful couples married for 20 years still have sex and can have good times. perhaps you're just not ready to settle?

File: Help!.jpg (146 KB, 1024x1024)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
Hey, I've been interested in this solid 7/10 for a bit and she seems interested in me too. But my friend (Rob) seems to have the same thoughts about her. I'm worried there'll be a love triangle or some type of race for her. Anyway on stopping my normie friend from cockblocking me
Agree to mutually give up on her and pursue someone else. Its not worth the drama.
Also don't say their full first name like that; not that its personally identifiable or anything, but it comes off weird af. The convention is to use the first letter of their first name.

old fag here - been on 4chan since 2005 or so. Never been to the adv board before but was wondering if anyone else got married and how you cope with it? So this aims primarily at the experiences of other married men. I was 35 when I got married and now three years into the relationship I feel like Al Bundy with his hands in the pants. Honestly I do more (secret) fapping then I cum having sex with my wife.
Now she is neither ugly or cheating or doesn't love me.. in the contrary but to reveal the truth the sex life I have sucks donkey balls. I know what you will say now.. you should have figured that out before you for married but the truth is I was a guy with not too much experience and she was the most lovely thing I ever met and the "girlfriend sex" kinda thing was not making me worried. I always had that thought that she might get more naughty later in the game.
However I never dared to ask her to have this or that kinky thing with me and now it feels like its waaay to late to even ask her. Also on top of that .. and that's the worst thing, I wouldn't crave it anymore coming from her but I think of other women everything we do the usual missionary or doggy position thingy. It feels... LUSTLES and I am fucking pissed because my balls are big all the time and I want porno sex. I know it sounds absurd and narrow minded but that's just the utter truth.. Before I met her (3 years before) when I was still single I spent a few weeks in thailand and banged prostitutes over there and now whenever I have sex with my dead loving wife I feel like all I can think of is how these babes were so dirty.
So I came to realize I am not happy in my relation with my wife and it all boils down to how my sex life is shit and will never be better unless she becomes more slutty which will NEVER be possible due to the way that she is.

So I feel awful for considering divorce but at the moment we don't have children yet and it's all I can think of.. divorce her.
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yeah but its in her very nature..
1. she can't come through penetration. I can't fuck her hard because she will feel pain then and asks me to go slower..
2. she can only come through oral/finger action which tires me out because it take forever for her to achieve it
3. I want a woman that enjoys me thrusting into her

I don't get any of that and I feel like sex is a burden due to it. :(
she would (probably) say yes even though she'd not be looking forward to it and not enjoy it.. It would weird me out. No passion and common lust involved.
>3. I want a woman that enjoys me thrusting into her
No woman will cum from penetration alone. You smashing into her doesn't change that. Women have a clit for a reason.

Just talk to her, you fucking moron, you have nothing to lose anyway
>No woman will cum from penetration alone. You smashing into her doesn't change that. Women have a clit for a reason.

Before I was got married to her I was in a relation with a proper milf for a couple of months. She was screaming in lust during penetration and I guess I'll never forget that and took that for the norm. Complete opposite of my wife sadly. I know it's not the norm but this woman back then came through regular penetration. Probably part of the problem why I keep comparing my wife to my past sex life occasions.

File: big_1509568700_image.jpg (62 KB, 1280x720)
62 KB
I want to find a job and become normal at last, but what should I write in my CV? I mean, I didn't even remember my parent's birthday to fill that gap today, everything I wrote was absoletuly useless. Is there really no point at filling any? Then how am I supposed to find a job? pls help anons
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How far ahead were you? I'm saying this because I also NEETed until I was 23, but then ended up finishing uni with good grades
File: q2DghceYFaY.jpg (97 KB, 1280x720)
97 KB
2nd grade, 2nd semester.
It's a tough psychological barrier as well because classmates and ppl there already know me as "that depressed and retarded guy that never does what he promises", like every time I appear in the uni building I feel like I'm a hopless fool, Radiohead's "Creep" start to play in my mind and I just get out from there as fast as I can. Also I'm in a language course that I didn't learn, and what I've learnd I forgot, so when they read and write in that language I understand nothing and feel even more pathetic and useless.
Uni is a no-no that's for sure
If you hate people try the midnight shift at a gas station or a grocery store/supermarket
The only people who shop that late at night are drunk high or have insomnia.
I tried to become a flight attendant/steward once, that compagny was looking for very well groomed normies, maybe that's not your case but it was a big problem for me. Also they were many other candidates, among them ppl who already did some training for the job. Then again, it was just one compagny, maybe low cost ones are more open (even though they seem to be in troubled times atm).

Language + night shift reminds me of night auditor in a hostel. You could be working couple nights a week, make good money with little to no hostel experience. Your 2 years is actually a good + on your cv, it shows professional experience, and dedication. Where are you from ? Where I live, it's easy to find openings on the internet, as long as you are willing change places.
thanks anons: I've heard that someone opened a brand new factory and they are seeking for young boys to teach the job and get it going. If I fail that, I'll try to find a night job, I think it'll fit me the best.
Abotu the normie stuff: my mail is tied to some weird and screwed up places(it's not porn but very cringy), even though I've created a new mail, I'm kinda paranoid about them caring enough to find my "internet self" out.
> Where are you from ?
Irrelevant shithole country where finding a decent job is hard (espacially if you are like me) and payment is close to nothing.

I was never really a talent person. Sucked with grades, sucked with sports. Pretty much was just the weird kid growing up. I’d always had a retarded dream of being a voice actor. I don’t know why I always wanted to be one. Maybe saw too much anime and cartoons as a kid or something. Well growing up that was my dream. I even forced my parents to get me a vocal coach. Now when I got the money for a decent mic and a computer I wanted to start my dream. Shortly realized that my voice is terrible. I can’t show any emotion when I talk, my voice is too nasty. Pretty much all this retarded build up from my childhood until now.

I don’t have any talent and the thing I wasted all of my effort in a stupid dream that I’m terrible at. Now realizing that I have no motivation to do anything else. So what do I do now?
Your dream isn't stupid or terrible. Just keep working at it. Keep trying, you'll get some success.
Having a 'nasty' and 'emotionless' voice might even end up being your selling point.

How come so many people that are consumed by sadness and/or anxiety growing up eventually have those feelings spoil into anger, suffering a personality breakdown where they change from being sweet and relatively normal despite their pain into becoming a hostile, angry, emotionally unstable wreck?
Because most aren't willing to deal with their problems, and instead wallow in a pit of self-pity, laziness, and apathy. After a while of doing this, they'll get fed up with their situation and begin to lash out at others. This is also compounded by those that try and fail, as it is no cant be their faults and instead societies, meaning further aggression.

File: DepressedJak.png (8 KB, 205x246)
8 KB
What do you guys think of this video?


I've noticed the same treatment from women no matter how I behave, calling me a "nice guy" or quiet or a sweetheart even when I sound like an asshole. Also, I'm a virgin loser.

Is it really all about your looks? I'm coming closer to that conclusion every time I notice that people's perceived personality traits seem to be determined by what they look like.
15 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I’m the OP not the guy who posted that pic but yes I’ve obviously tried all of that, it’s literally the first thing you find online when looking for advice.
All you need to do is diet and excercise to improve your jawline m8, lifting will fix your aesthetics. Unfortunately if women insulting your looks kills you on the inside you need to work on your emotional strength rather than just muscular.

Your jawline is fine, you have styling options, you can make money, you can learn an important skill, there are numerous things you can do to improve your sexual value.
Understand this, attractiveness is a vibe that is an outcome of the sum of who you are and what you do.

I know, Everyone says that this talk is bullshit and women want attractive men, meaning that they want the pretty tall jacked rich playboys.

Girls might straight-out say it, you will hear girls saying that they only dates guys with X set of qualities.She will believe it and she will mean it and she will act upon it.

But this is how it goes inside her head:
Tall, jacked rich handsome guy is attractive unless proven otherwise.
Short buffy poor ugly guy is not attractive unless proven otherwise.

Believe me, that is exactly how it goes.

Just a year ago I was overly fat, dressing like a bum and looking like total shit yet I still got laid, not like crazy but enough for me

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Not even trolling, that's what my jawline looks like even while I have abs. I'm already low bodyfat.
Focus more on upper body work m8, core strength and low bf% isn't enough. Your jawline isnt just dictated by skeletal structure its muscular as well.

Not gonna lie, you aren't going to have an extremely defined jaw but you can still have better definition than that.

File: IMG_3790.jpg (19 KB, 480x360)
19 KB
im a 24 year old girl and im horrified about the wall. i know i have one maybe two years left before i look ugly. i have no serious relationship prospects and lets just say my last one emotionally abused me and i ended up cheating on him. my question is what fit related thing do i do to delay me getting ugly and hitting the wall for as long as possible? thnx! (:
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Pretty much this. As long as you have a working pussy you will never hit a wall. Especially if you eat well and workout. Same goes for men. Only thing is, be careful as to when you have kids.
Weak bait that will still get 157 replies from incels with their incel weaponized jpgs like >>20601294
You will lost your value if you had a terrible lifestyle, in other words parties, drugs, smoking, alcohol. If you had done this for years you are beyond fucked
Have fun
>last one emotionally abused me and i ended up cheating on him
whore youre scared cause hitting the wall might put a stop to your whoring but a whore like you always manages to keep riding dicks dont worry
no dumbass thats boxxy

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