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File: 1486215514109s.jpg (2 KB, 125x110)
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According to everyone I asked it is normal/good for someone to have 5-10 different relationships until they become 30.
Currently Im in a relationship for the past 1.5 year with the 1st girl I met and had sex with (my 1st relationship ).I consider her an amazing person which I could say I fell for and love alot , even though she wasnt as faithful at the begining (before we established the relationship) , currently she says that she loves me very very much and has proven it with actions... and all should be good right?
No, I feel like Im missing out on alot from the life a 21yo should be living , like meeting people and especialy other girls , other people that could potentialy love me even more and treat me better.(like I meantioned above shes my 1st so I dont have anything to compare it with)
The question is : is it a sane reason to break up with my current happy relationship which I know that I like and could potentialy mate for life or should I search for something different.

Ps. I dont consider cheating just for the experience and/or other free relationhips as I want others to treat me with the same respect I treat them (usually :P).So I wouldnt do something I that i dont want to be done to me..thats how I see It

File: 20200117_171405.jpg (458 KB, 1080x1163)
458 KB
458 KB JPG
Been with my gf for 4 months, lost my virginity to her. She's great and cares a lot about me.

Problem is from an objective standpoint she's pretty stupid, we argue a lot, she's had 21 partners before me @18 which comes down to her being incredibly insecure. Her family is a wreck and she's told me about some borderline insane tendencies. All my friends and family despise her and say we weren't meant for each other.

Right now, there's a girl I used to have a crush on, and turns out she has a crush on me as well. She's smart and really pretty and is a virgin.

Problem is, my current girlfriend is extremely attached to me. She wants to marry me, and says shit like she'd kill herself if we broke up, and she could never fall in love again. I'm also really attached to her, and am afraid I'd be making a mistake that can not be undone ever. She'd be willing to move to a new country and learn a new language just to be by my side, and has demonstrated her faithfulness and honesty multiple times.

What do I do anons?
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OP here. What do I do? Do I break up with her?
Tell her and her family she needs professional help. Then go get help yourself so you never get in a situation like this again because of your bad judgment and desire to fix someone who can't be fixed.
Summary and correct
If you want to hard-easy way out, you can pretend to have a breakdown, to the point where not one girl would be attracted to you. Show her your asshole and pretend you're about to shove something in there out of extreme frustration. Tell her "I'm not the man for you, cause I am not a man at all". Then just cry, do really annoying habits you're 5 year old self always wanted and pretend to have panic attacks until she breaks up with you.

File: giphy.gif (1.41 MB, 500x281)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB GIF
So I don't get boners like I used to. I know men's sex drive slows down with time but it went from constantly having boners to struggling to get 1 a day. I'm 27 so this shouldn't be happening yet. I like having boners. I'm proud of my big dick. How do I restore my big dick to its former glory?
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Meant for>>21814727
diet, depression, smoking, alcohol are all things that could influence your performance
I don't smoke or drink. I do eat like shit, but I'm not depressed. I just want my dick back to full power.
OP this is something you're going to have to figure out for yourself. Whatever your diet is, your sleep, your weight, your fitness levels, medications you're all, all of this could be important. Antidepressants are notorious for causing this, occasionally the effect can be permanent even when you stop the medication.
i have noticed that a diet with high fats gives me weak boners, but one with high carbs makes them stronger, also reducing salt and coffeine intake

Starting to want a girlfriend for companionship and to be loved/someone to care for me but I am an unsociable boring anxiety riddent cunt. How the fuck do I get a gf like or that I would like and vice versa like when I'm like this?

Do all girls love cock or is my gf a nympho?
My gf always tries to touch or suck my cock or ask for dick pics, idk if its jormal since its my first actual relationship?

Can you confirm if this is the case for most girl or whats it normally like?
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"Normal" is a wide range, and she sounds well within its boundaries. Relax and enjoy - others would envy you.
There has always been girls like this, they are born with a slut soul. Doesn't mean they are bad people but that snatch rules making them dick crazy and they cannot help being a cock gobbler. Probably 15 to 20% of women are born with it. She may even love you but know its cock they love and can't get enough of so its not just yours and she'll get the itch and do gobble another. She'll be sorry , maybe hate herself for doing that to you but she cannot control it.

I'll say this. Thank god sluts are available.
>all girls love cock and my gf a nympho?
Yes, and yes.
Depends on the girl maybe? My ex only cared about my dick during sex.
My current gf loves to see my dick anytime, and likes to randomly suck it, touch it, etc.

>I went on a date with this chick, it was terrible.
>she stops talking to me like she used to before that date.
>message her and she only thumbs up my texts.
>she sends me funny videos from youtube and I comment on them and she only thumbs up my replies.
>I sent her a video of something and some comments and she just liked them
>The next day she sends me a bunch of pics with comments and some funny videos.
>I comment on them and then I ask her a question, and then I tell her a story that happened to me.
>She Just liked them again.
>She sent me selfie and more funny vids/posts

So this keeps happening, no conversations about her day, no comments on the stuff I mention to her...before this we used to text back and forward about the video or whatever article. Why is she doing this? do I just block her... wth is this? Why doesn't she just stop messaging me it she doesnt want to talk anymore? I know her for 3 years.
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>I went on a date
>she stops talking to me
Is your name on her phone "food cuck"
It's very weird and I was wondering if girls do this kinda thing or if it's her own thing. Idk if I should really block her or if it's some sort of test? I dont know if I should call her out on this.

No...I haven't bought her food or drinks at all, I keep track of things like this, she always likes to pay for her own stuff or sometimes she pays the whole bill and the next time I pay it.
Say literally this and stop beating around the bush and dicking around on an imageboard for clues
>"Hey, Anona, I'm nsorry we had a bad date because I was nervous, I really like you and I feel like we just got off to a bad start. It feels like you've been acting different since then over text and I just wanted to say I liked talking to you how we did before we went out. Do you think you could give me another chance?"
If you've already said parts of this to her and she responded with likes or funny shit or whatever then ya you're fucked, move on
No I have been ignoring it so far, I'll confront her if no better ideas are given...sometimes with girls you just have to let things run their course. So maybe I'll continue her BS, ignore her Or confront her.
Confront her now you faggot

File: Wuhan_Coronavirus.jpg (49 KB, 695x390)
49 KB
I don't mean in an edgy sense. I don't want anyone to suffer. But sometimes I wonder what's the point of doing what we do everyday. Maybe we all could just drop what we're doing and watch as the world ends peacefully.
If we stop what we are doing, things will start to stink, both literally and figuratively, in short order. Perhaps shift the focus towards optimization, dropping out of what futility you can. The closest thing to stopping is the weekend.
Relax. The way things are going, you won't have long to wait
File: yung witty.jpg (308 KB, 1127x1600)
308 KB
308 KB JPG
nope, not at all.
agriculture masonry plumbing
it’s all a nigga need
Not if there's a rationale behind it. Humanity is too out of control, it isn't a sustainable ecosystem with humans. I'd be glad if humanity died out so the world could get back to where it is naturally - wolves, chimpanzees, dolphins and so on all living in a world of bliss, not humanity and their fucking up.

File: 1576956607205.png (847 KB, 1024x831)
847 KB
847 KB PNG
Need some advice from a lawfag.
Here's what happened:
>be me at work
>joking around with coworkers
>one guy gets VERY offended
>gets in my face
>call him crazy and tell him to leave me alone
>he threatens to beat me up
>don't tell the boss about it, let it go
>didn't talk for two weeks
>one day go in to work
>carrying some stuff in my hand
>accidentally bump into him
>he shouts "you could say excuse me"
>shrug it off, pretend not to hear

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Why now?
If my employer contacts me in a few days and fires me, I want to have this guy arrested and sue the fuck out of the restaurant.
And if the cops don't care, OP probably has a civil battery case at least. And could probably get a restraining order over the threats.
You're case is stronger the sooner you file a report. If you don't you're just going to make it harder for yourself.
more. (Not OP)
Do it now.

I was good friends with this girl from September until May, we talked all the time and looked in each other's eyes deeply and with kindness, all of a sudden she texts me "stop contacting me" and blocks me on all phones and social media with zero explanation of what the fuck happened. Do I not have a right to ask what the fuck?
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Probably thinks you want to fuck her or wants to fuck you
Did you say/do anything that could even remotely be interpreted as offensive?

You might ask a friend of hers to find out for you
she found a guy who doesnt like you
I recommend you at least push for a reason as to why she wants you to stop talking to her. Yes, you do deserve an explanation.
Just ignore her man, she clearly is bad news if she dropped you like that.

Fuck you

File: IMG_20200121_135344.jpg (1.65 MB, 2448x3264)
1.65 MB
1.65 MB JPG
What's this blue foam that appeared in my washing machine door?
Soap suds. Possibly colored by dye from something you washed.

Hi. So I am 18 years old and have a big problem. I am constantly horny all the time and I become very sexually frustrated at night times. At night I can’t sleep because I am constantly fantasizing about having sex with girls I have seen or talked to throughout the day. I don’t have sex or have a girlfriend and I don’t want to masturbate because it doesn’t feed this thirst of mine it just makes it worse. I have fantasies about my friends sisters friend. Today I went with them to the beach and all day I keep looking at her body. I felt my soul from within just want to rip out of me and squeeze her ass and her fat over her bikini lines. She’s 14 by the way. It’s causing me to get sick and at night I always ask god why he made me like this because it’s very painful and suffering. Pic related.
I'm sure the police would love this post.

Is it better to start off as good friends with a girl you like before developing intimacy? Or should I try to explain my feelings to her before anything serious ever happens?
Each girl is different. There is no one answer.

File: lzy.jpg (38 KB, 620x400)
38 KB
my dad is a dork and he is oversensitive and he isn't manly
I am almost the same
I don't blame him, but I think I'm pussy partly because of him
I had no male role model
how to stop being pussy? I'm 19
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I would rather my father had been beating me so I grow up strong
You would be a lil bitch still if he did. Just a lil bitch that'd be whining your dad made you a lil bitch by beating you instead of whatever nonsense it is right now.

You just wanna blame your dad because you're too much of a bitch to take responsibility for who you are. Because you aren't a man and have no clue what one is or what it even means to be one. You need some anons on 4chan to tell you how to be one which is laughable. And you're probably wet rn because I'm calling you a lil bitch too. Just join the army you loser. It's where lil bitches go when they're out of anything but themselves to blame for their bitchmode. Then they get to blame the army and stay internally always a bitch but at least they get a military discount.

This dude sounds like a fag
This is a really open ended question. What defines being a pussy to you? Crying when you stub your toe? Relying on other people to do things?
You should take responsibility for your life financially and socially and at least be capable of being provider while enjoying your friends and family. People who go through life trying to prove themselves, especially to be masculine, are annoying to be around. Im not saying be a little bitch but dont be a tryhard. Finding a hobby you naturally like and hanging out with other guys into it is a good start but dont pick it because you think itll make you tough. People can see through it and you'll never do it right.
Also, love your dad if he was there for you.

File: 1495128705653.png (106 KB, 612x491)
106 KB
106 KB PNG
Is it even possible for an average man to get a gf these days?
My standards aren't even that high, I would just like a gf who's a virgin, below 25, natural blonde hair and blue eyes, doesn't smoke, doesn't drink, isn't fat and works out regularly. That's literally fucking it. Basically, I would want someone almost identical to me.
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If sperging out daily about people having sex on a Malaysian rice harvesting forum and sending them death threats is not degenerate I don't know what is.
>there's nothing wrong with marrying sluts, it's current year, brah
>your expectation, are, like, way too high, man
>dude, just trust me, I take psychedelics and my gf slept with 30 other men before me but it's totally a-okay
Yeah that's going to be a yikes from me dog
File: chicklil.jpg (43 KB, 431x800)
43 KB
> that would make 99.999999% of the population degenerates
>I don't know what is
You clearly don't.
File: 1700-20_va.jpg (9 KB, 215x300)
9 KB
If you're over a five you can probably get a girl yea. If you just do better at life.

File: silent_tears.gif (85 KB, 200x200)
85 KB
Self explanatory. I'm 21 and a senior in uni and have never managed to even have a female friend in my life. I don't care if I have to be a beta orbiter/simp or whatever I just want female contact.
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Female contact.
Usually girls know that friendship with a guy has to be different than friendship with a girl. Because a guy is more likely to read into things such as physical or emotional intimacy and assume that it comes from some grand romantic source. I have some male friends but I'm hardly different than their male bros, behaviour-wise. Find a gf if you want true female companionship.
I have to learn how to walk before I can skip and as it is now I basically don't even know how to say words to women let alone get a gf.
Don't search out female friends in particular. Widen your circle of friends in general. Some will be female
This is the answer.
Your approach is adequate but try to have more friends overall.

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