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File: 1553039079013.jpg (374 KB, 1232x1226)
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I'm pretty nerdy, and might come across as a bit of an aspie. I try to be friendly to everyone, though most people seem to be a bit uncomfortable when I talk to them. I like computer science and math, and I'm always happy to talk about it. from your experiences, what kind of girl should I go for? and how should I go about finding one like that?
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Find another nerdy girl. Intelligent girls are fun and the only girls worth it for the long run desu
Small talk about those things stupid boring though. Plus I don’t think you would want to be with someone if you cannot express something your passionate about.

I agree. It is a bit harder to find these kinds of girls as all the visible ones are taken and the rest are hidden.
>Small talk about those things stupid boring though. Plus I don’t think you would want to be with someone if you cannot express something your passionate about.

I understand this sentiment but you're focusing too much on the tactical level and not on the operational level. Hobbies and interests in the long term are pretty trivial things for a relationship. Assuming you're a typical 4chan autist obsessed with trad girls and purity (and even if you're not, but especially if you are), you're eventually going to marry and settle down with the girl. That's when you'll realize that family living is about sacrifice, and the joy in giving up on your selfish pursuits for the benefit of the group. When you have kids it's likely you'll have hardly any time for your old hobbies, maybe a couple hours per week. If those hobbies were a foundational part of the metaphorical relationship house, suddenly the foundation is pulled out from under you when you have a toddler, a newborn, and a fulltime job at the same time. It'll be like you aren't even married to the same person anymore.

This is why small talk is important in the opening phases of the relationship. Because it helps you feel people out in general terms, not specific ones. How they react to stress, how they relate to the world around them, their general approach to solving their problems, their sense of humor, their values. Things that will greatly affect life with them when you don't have time to talk about computer science or math.
thanks guys, just woke up

I don't really watch a whole lot of TV. Should I talk about things like the environment around us? Or should I get more immersed in pop culture?

I would like to find a nerdy girl, but I'm not really sure where I should look. Any ideas?

>look for girls who share your passion as a secondary feat, while the most important thing is to make sure that they would be functional in a relationship with you
is what I understood (correct me if I'm wrong). It's great advice, though only problem is that I have no idea how to start interactions with them on without seeming creepy or weird.
Nibba small talks ain't science and all. Get into mainstream culture if you want to climb the social ladders. Being a nerd is okay, but knowing trivial stuff like movies, TV shows, sports and dumb stuff like that makes for good interactions. Make an effort towards those too.

File: 1.png (659 KB, 1122x860)
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659 KB PNG
they burn and itch
Because you were bit by a spider.

File: 1540771120885.png (46 KB, 657x527)
46 KB
1 professor of mine in high school really hates me. From day 1, she just kept annoying me, she kept getting worse and worse to the point that I think now, in senior year, she doesn't even try to hide that she hates me.
She purposely asks me the hardest questions, doesn't care about me, always makes me the scapegoat, gives me bad marks.

I'm paranoid by nature and I think she's ruining my life, I will never be able to get into a good college and so on, just because of one stupid professor.

I doesn't matter how hard I study, she's always going to give me a grade lower that the other person who knew as much as me.
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Gib advice hitlerposter
Well I had this issue so I just switched classes desu. Awful racist, paedophilic bitch.
Can't switch classes in senior year, plus it's a little different here where I'm from.
Who gives a shit, it's fucking high school you dumb frog. High school literally doesn't matter.
How many subjects does she teach? I doubt one bad mark will influence you that much.
If it's really such a problem try talking to someone about it, if the rest of your marks are high they will believe you.

How to become an IT in new York city? Computers is all I know. But I want the training. I'm tired of being a useless piece of shit while my sick mother works herself to the bone.
Lmfao just apply for openings.

File: wishthiswereme.jpg (308 KB, 1280x720)
308 KB
308 KB JPG
Planning on finding somewhere to park at night and just plugging my exhaust pipe with a towel

What ways can I fuck this up?

2005 Altima
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the brain stem isnt in the fucking spine lmao. and a shot in the heart will likely bounce off your ribs, its easy to fuck up. gun in mouth pointing towards your brain.
I'm obviously not a fucking anatomist. I know you stick the gun in your mouth at like a 45 degree angle, not straight up or back
File: images-1.jpg (22 KB, 600x415)
22 KB
I don't get you suiciders. Why not just jump off a really fucking tall place?
Also, are you telling me a .44mag would "bounce off your ribs" ? I find that hard to believe

File: 1535916276754.png (93 KB, 1200x1200)
93 KB
Did it destroy relationships forever?
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Matched with my now gf two years ago. Have never agreed to exclusivity, but I deleted the app on my own resolve in November last year. Installed it again last week to check in on another woman that I had an interesting philosophical conversation about psychology with, just in case she'd written after I deleted. Not someone I was hoping to meet, I'm just into texting with strangers. Deleted the app again after giving her my snapchat, with no other intentions than to make her a text buddy.

My gf just wrote me and said that a friend of hers saw me on tinder. Since I've been absent for five months, the app probably bumped my profile as soon as I logged in, and now my gf thinks I'm out window shopping. I told her the truth, but she just replief with a 'pfff'

How am I doing guys?
No, they were already destroyed
No, it’s just a symptom of the internet culture that ruined relationships. If anything, tinder is one of the better symptoms, because at least there’s the chance of fucking
Yes absolutely. No one is in a stable long term relationship anymore.

Anyone who thinks they are, are just fooling themselves. After all, if nothing else, everyone dies eventually.

Or wait. Could it just be your latest excuse for failing to find someone who's interested in you for more than a few minutes, despite your two main characteristics for selecting someone you want as a mate being their appearance and being afraid to talk to someone unless it's from behind a screen?
>Did tinder ruin relationships forever?
Not really, if you're already in a relationship it shouldn't affect you. If you are looking for a relationship online because you lack social skills then you might blame it for your shortcomings when you never had the balls to approach a woman irl and make conversation with her.

So i hit a tree with my car no other vehicles/persons were innvolved. Am I going to be paying for this?
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Jesus fuck you busted it. Anyway were there cameras/witnesses? No? Then drive away and be careful next time.
alright lord anon, yeah i operated the vehicle however heavy winds and rain took it so despite it being an at fault accident doesn't mean that i had intent to do this. Secondly officer let me drive away with my vehicle no ticket. I'ts not city/state property either
No i wouldn't drive away anyways too many people, and the tree itself is still rooted probably could prop it back up if im being honest
>I'ts not city/state property either

Which means it's personal property that's going to come out of someone's own pocket. You cost someone money by being stupid and dishonorable. That WILL come back to you.
you say dishonorable like we're fucking samurai what are you getting at, i stayed there and took responsibility. Just curious about the bill cause no one seemed to care that much

File: leone_portrait.jpg (205 KB, 1145x1400)
205 KB
205 KB JPG
So usually after I take a shit I am not content with just wiping so I have a full shower(I have a bit of OCD).I point the showerhead at my anus. I have compulsive thoughts about it being spotless so I always do it for a very long time (shower takes 1 hour).I also do this with regular showers some times because of too-regular wet farts.So I lose tons of time and water.
Does anybody here know just how much time I have to point the showerhead at my anus(in each location)? it would really,really help me.
You could install a bidet instead.
How do you do this in your daily life? Do you shit regular enough to be able to time it with your showers?
Imagine how long you‘d wash your hands if you got some shit on it. Maybe buy some disinfecting soap to give you a cleaner feeling faster. In your case, i‘d also use single use gloves to be able to scrub, so i‘d feel like everything‘s clean without having to shower for so long.
In general, i don‘t think that you‘d need to wash longer than, let‘s say 2 minutes to get really clean.
I used to be crazy OCD too. Just use some soap and then rinse the area off after a few seconds of rinsing, anything more is excessive.
Are you retarded? You don't just point the water at your ass. You have to use your fingers. Point the water at your anus and use your fingers to properly clean it out. Takes maybe a minute to get it perfectly clean that way.
My mom dated a middle eastern guy who would always take a shower after taking a shit. He was a hairy man and probably couldn't clean all the dingle-berries off with toilet paper.

We introduced flushable wetwipes to him and he said it changed his life forever. Have you ever tried those, OP?

File: unshaven + uncut.jpg (307 KB, 1066x1518)
307 KB
307 KB JPG
Yesterday I posted a thread where I asked about beard advice. and the consensus was that I shouldn't have any, at all. So I shaved it off and also got around to cutting my hair.

Some anon asked if I could post my face without the beard, and I would personally also like some input on what you guys think looks best. This first one is the same I posted yesterday.

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I like your jawline.
File: ladda ned (1).jpg (6 KB, 225x225)
6 KB

Feels great to hear that, thank you anons.

Hehe might have been a goof to do away with the hair as well, but it grows back faster so no big worry there. Thanks a bunch for the input.
Thank you. I've always been a bit unsure about it myself, I'm glad to hear some positive things about it.
Are you maybe british?
I'm a swede, why do you ask?

File: 20190414_155705.jpg (2 MB, 3264x2448)
2 MB
this is a test, please ignore
Fuck off, Brandon.

File: 1546784266570.jpg (11 KB, 314x314)
11 KB
I'm a cashier and a girl gave me a bubblegum and we exchanged names, so do I search her and ask her for a coffee or something? I'm a little paranoid about this stuff, I guess she was a bit interested considering she offered me a gum without knowing her beforehand
Yes, ask her on date and see what happens. Burger and park.

Do any homosexual relationships actually last, or are they all founded on mental illness?

Asking not out of spite, but before I begin to pursuing one.
a homosexual relationship is no different than a straight one. you would do the same things as you would in a straight relationship. plenty have lasted, just literally look them up.

File: upscale-237567486132212.png (464 KB, 1024x886)
464 KB
464 KB PNG
What makes a woman really fall in love? Can this happen on the first impression? Don't talk just to be a chad
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“Lol, fucking incels.”
Later in the thread...a study appears!
I always defended the idea that love is a house you build, not a flu you get on a cold winter.
Works the same way you love your family. You fight with them a lot but the time and patience spent with each other makes love and respect flourish.
So why even with love built can they easily end the relationship?
You are building a house, not a prison cell.

File: Fvbtoin.jpg (142 KB, 698x698)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
Sometimes I get a powerful urge to behave seriously in non serious, playful contexts. Why is that? Could this be an urge akin to the kid that says "this stuff is childish, I'm a grown up" to get his ego boosted? Or maybe a defense mechanism for being socially unsure? I really don't know what the cause could be, any opinion is more than welcome, thanks.
You probably just had enough of socializing for that day. Happens to me too.

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