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File: 1547988803534.png (616 KB, 900x720)
616 KB
616 KB PNG
My 16 year old sister is dating a 37 year old man. My dad found out and was furious. He told my sister she was grounded and to make him come over so he could confront him. He came over and he was an astonishingly handsome man, I was taken aback by how attractive he was. My dad was in his face and telling him to never see again or he would kill him. He refused though, he told him he loved her and he planned to marry her eventually. This infuriated my dad and he punched him, really hard. I told my dad he was going too far. My sister's boyfriend was trying to be civil initially but this was the final straw. He punched my dad and knocked him out. My sister and I were horrified. He apologized and said he didn't mean to hit him that hard then called an ambulance.

While dad was in the hospital, my sister told him she had no intention of leaving her boyfriend and they had an argument. My father and my sister hate each, they fight constantly and my father does everything he can to prevent her from seeing him. They've had some nasty arguments, my sister has been talking about moving with her boyfriend and never seeing our family ever again. I don't think we should all this bad blood.

How do I patch things up between them? I asked my sister's boyfriend if he would apologize to him and he said yes but he doesn't think he'd accept it. As for why there's no legal action involved, my sister is of the age consent so technically there's nothing nobody can do about this legally speaking.
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>Shapely long legs, thin but firm core, bright sparkling teeth, ample but not fat tits, beautiful blue eyes.

and she's also got bleached blonde hair and makes a wacky face or something with her tongue out, like everyone else on instagram

I'm not saying she's ugly, but she looks like literally any other thot.

Those >>20493314
could be pictures of two completely separate unrelated people and I wouldn't know it.
Immediate incel giveaway.
File: 1458329069767.jpg (146 KB, 683x1024)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
I'm not going to spend the entire thread dumping some semi-famous girl's old pics, but I just picked two that I saved from a long time ago. She's still beautiful. Your "thot" shit is ridiculous.

The point is just that she's pretty, and not every 16 year old girl is some goofy gangly broad with acne, she looks like an attractive woman with secondary sex characteristics.
File: IMG_7256.jpg (97 KB, 600x600)
97 KB
It's not like they would be salvaging anything of worth in the sister. If they can get away with it, might as well beat the shit out of them both.

>Probably something to do with religion but I’d have to look into that.
Wrong, the effect is actually very modest in comparison to the straight drop-off from waiting to not waiting.

Generally, in relationships:
>"Both structural equation and group comparison analyses demonstrated that sexual restraint was associated with better relationship outcomes, even when controlling for education, the number of sexual partners, religiosity, and relationship length."

As for divorce specifically, there was a specific study (whose biggest flaw is finding the 5-year divorce risk, which is below the median length of marriages before divorce) which showed that, from the 1970s to now, there has only been about a 5% decrease (in absolute numbers, i.e. 15 to 10%) in the divorce rates of those who wait until marriage. Seeing as it was much more common to wait in the 1970s, those who still wait today, you would think, are going to be far more religious as a cohort than before.

This also leaves out the fact that the extremely religious (in the US, at least) paradoxically manage to have some of the highest divorce rates--no thanks to the habit of many where they get married in a matter of weeks so they don't feel bad about having sex, only for it to blow up in their faces.

File: 20190123_021255.jpg (142 KB, 1070x230)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
After this she said she was busy (she was genuinely really busy this week I know for a fact). She started talking to me way more than normal and seemed a bit closer I don't know. I'm planning on asking if she explicitly wants to go on a date next week and see how it goes. I'm still uncertain if she knew I was asking her out.

How obvious was this me asking out for a date?
What do you anons think? I need help
If she wasn't interested would she talk less? Also she didn't reschedule.
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Also if she does raincheck, don’t let it shoot your confidence. If anything, always best to go into ‘asking’ with zero expectations. Coming from someone who went through many rainchecks to finally understand it’s a numbers game.
The thing is what would she be thinking to talk more with me and make conversations longer and stuff. Does it mean she knows what I was asking? Some people think it's super obvious what I'm asking while you and some think it's possible she didn't realise it was me asking for a date. We're pretty good friends as it is.
It could honestly go either way with what she thought you were asking. Some girls are dense and some girls read too much into stuff just like guys do. If there's a precedent of you two hanging out just the two of you then yeah it might have gone over her head, if not I'd say she probably caught on.

Either way the fact that she's talking to you more says to me that she wants you to try again, at least once more. I'd say that if she understood and was actually blowing you off about it you'd be getting more of the cold shoulder right about now. Since you seem to believe that she's legitimately busy then definitely ask again for another time.
Do you know if she even digs ice skating?

Appeal to her interests. A tom girl would be down to paintball, or horseback ride than go on a boat ride for example. While ice skating sounds romantic, that shit hurts and can be intimidating to newbies.

Make it sound for casual too. Minus on "just us two", which you used to emphasize that you two would have a great time alone. Only use that when you're sure she 1000001% likes you.

Making it sound like a date while you guys aren't dating, and even worse, if you aren't sure if she likes you, will put her on the spot. Girls hate being put on the spot.
I know for a fact she likes ice skating. Plus you know I already asked her. I did it like that to make it certain to her I was asking for a date.

Says it's possible she doesn't know what I meant but it's unlikely.

I asked other people irl what they made of it and they thought she liked me by the way she's talking more.

Yes I'll ask next week and I'll ask if she wants to go on a date so there will be no ambiguity. It's worth a try and the risk I think.

File: Picture.jpg (353 KB, 1242x2208)
353 KB
353 KB JPG
A user on reddit is threatening to kill me and my family, and has also harassed me for weeks on end. The dude is straight up insane, and I am worried he is actually going to kill me.

I know his phone number (714/797/3695) and his address (9341 Parliament Ave Westminster CA).

Is there anything I can/should do?
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My ex gf actually tried to kill me and my mother, she showed up in the middle of the night at our place with weapons and triggered our alarm system. Don't be too sure that its never a serious threat, I was told to ignore it by everyone I knew.

Watch your back OP. If you know who it is call the police and have this threat on hand for them. Install a security system or buy some form of protection.
>n someone their own size shows up.
Which is the police lol
>reading your plebbit inbox
>actually visiting plebbit

thats what you are doing wrong
First off, What'd you do to make him this triggered? Are you guilty of posting some faggot shit?
In typical bimbo style with a knife? Good for her, once again they never carry it out sounds to me like she pussied off at the slightest sign of resistance >>20493517
>how am I gonna stop some big mean motherhubbard from tearing me a structurally superfluous new behind?
>the answer?
Use a gun. No really I don’t know how anyone can be afraid in this country with one of these bad boys. Especially considering half of the bat shit crazy’s don’t know how to truely use one, and if you really really are afraid vests are cheap too, and I’m not trying to be Internet tough guy. For whatever reason death threats don’t scare me, I’ve even gotten them at work for writing up people who refused to do their job, and I wrote them up again for threating me. They never did anything again. Maybe I’ll just stupid and lucky though.

File: soy yo.jpg (10 KB, 249x258)
10 KB
tl;dr: he let me irl for an egirl who prob doesnt love him back.
I live in a pretty small town and waste a lot of time playing videogames. I met someone from my town for a lot of mutual Friends irl and started to date bc he plays a lot too. Everything perfect, living at 30 minutes each other. Started a relationship wt him.
Full trust in each other. We never jelousy, talk openly about our problems. We did a lot of things, go to the movies, eat together, i visit her family a lot and always welcome in his home. We play together a lot of games in full harmony (he’s rly Good im just regular) I never forced him to any plan even we just see each other little one time per week and repetidly times i said him he would be more talkative if he feels sad or something, I reached his confident too and he talk to me about a lot in his life. I listened all the times except one thinking he would make him sad bc was too Deep and looking to find another escenarie more confortable.
He always said he loved me so much. Kisses. Hugs. I rly fucking love him. Too much.
Then 9 months relationship with no fights or toxic shit, just two ppl enjoying life together with sad and happy moments but always okay and full of love and support. One day I go to sleep earlier bc i was tired /we were together in a family bbq in the pool house/ and then he played games with his Friends as usual until early morning next day.
6 days later he said was playing wt a girl who permantly talked 4 years ago and he realized he loves her and like her a lot and dont love me anymore. Lol. She’s an egirl. Lol. From a different country rly rly far away. 4 years later she’s here and now he loves her and that was enough to breakup with me. Half day. Couple games in voice call. He said that to the girl and then she reply only intereseted in a Good friendship as before. He is still sending messages to her and literally I’m begging him pls come back

File: 1373101227768.png (107 KB, 320x287)
107 KB
107 KB PNG
What are some good ways to earn a few hundred dollars relatively quickly (within a week-ish)? Don't say "suck a dick" unless you wanna tell me how that's actually done because I got no clue. Not looking for a get rich quick thing, I just have an unexpected bill to pay.
Curly your lips around the shaft because you don't wanna accidentally nip. Use your whole body and your neck to suck, not just your mouth. Grab his hips, maybe look up at him occasionally and make a muffled moan.
Good luck!
Just take his hands and put them on the back of your head and he'll know what to do with that. Get some actual suction going and flick your tongue around the head whenever you can.
"Donate" plasma, it usually pays 50 or more dollars for your first 5 visits, then the pay becomes kind of not worth it, but it's good for some legitimate emergency cash.
i know how to suck a dick my fellow faggots, i meant i don't know where to go to get paid

do i just google that? is it painful or anything?
Sell shit that you don’t need anymore. Places like Facebook Marketplace and shit usually have people that message fairly quickly

File: 1548010511417.gif (90 KB, 479x386)
90 KB
18, got depressed and had a mental break down in uni first semester. too lonely and unmotivated there. failed out. now at home and owe $3k to housing for leaving early. tried to get a job and had an interview today. they said they'd call back if i got it and made me feel like i had it but didn't call back. my creative project is going but isn't pretty enough to really attract a bunch of people. parents are gonna split and i'll likely end up moving to a new state this year. i might be able to get some freelance programming work, but last time it did i only made a few hundred over the course of months.

other than being able to program games and software, i don't have much left (maybe art). i'll go back to uni next semester but i have a bill right now and need to pay for next semester if i go. idk what to do anymore besides spam apply to jobs. i'm very skinny and don't feel the military is for me. might do electrician trades but idk if i can find someone who'll teach me on the job.

do i just become a weed and alcohol addict now? all i want out of life is creative expression, friends, and challenge.

File: ZE9DFSr.png (151 KB, 223x265)
151 KB
151 KB PNG
How do I increase the volume of my ejaculate?

All I want is to cum huge loads
8 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I remember the first time I came outside of sleep at 22, I might’ve filled a third of the condom, not even lying. So basically stop jacking off.
I let this girl suck me off and I told her I was about to cum and she just like started freaking out because I came so much she was choking. She later laughed and said she'd never seen that much cum before in her life. It was a lot, and it was only like that because I hadn't beat my meat recently.
take zinc, but be careful not to take too much. worked for me.

Why do people want to cum more anyway? I was just trying to get a better boner. I came more than usual but my boner wasn't much harder.
the trips of truth
Just wait a while and let it build up for a bigger load.
Even after 2 days, my load is like 3x the size vs. when I jerk off every day.

File: cliffs.jpg (183 KB, 1088x735)
183 KB
183 KB JPG
Hey its been a while since Ive dated (5-6 years) I've been focusing too much on my career and it sorta just got out of control. Now I want to start dating again. I remember online dating being pretty horrible , so being an older dude (30's) where is a good place to search?
18 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 979.jpg (15 KB, 532x320)
15 KB
>Look man, i told you my experience, and that's it

Cold approach is still the most effective way to do it. Do social circle dating and watch your friends run away from you.

Online dating sucks unless you are chad.
I lost a good female friend went she told me sge was in love with me, and i had other girl tell me the same thing but we are still friends, however much more distant.

Also you dont want all your social circle spreading shit around your back.
I never said anything against the social circle thing. I do agree that it's best to date relatively outside of your immediate circle.

The cold approach/online dating contradiction is what really activates my almonds
>>20492842 here
>The cold approach/online dating contradiction is what really activates my almonds

Same desu. I agree with literally everything he's said, but I've had great success with Tinder, and I'm not a chad. I feel it largely comes down to having decent pictures and not beating around the bush.
File: img_2.jpg (53 KB, 400x277)
53 KB
Hey guys!

I just came back from walking my dog, there was this girl who i have never seen before and she started to talk to another girl that is a regular. She asked whats your name? do you come here often? where do you work? Immediately i went and told her that what she was doing was sexual harassment and rape, so i threatened to call the police and told her that if they wanted to met they had to join grinder and find each other before talking in real life. They called the police on me instead :C

What did i do wrong guys? You told me talking with other humans in real life was rape!?

File: Death_(DC_Comics).jpg (14 KB, 179x256)
14 KB
If you don't believe you're doing the best you can, nobody else will.

Even if you're the only one who believes it, it's still better than a goose-egg, right?

We're all humans, and none of us know what the fuck we're "really doing" here, because if anyone had that kind of gameplan, they'd have to have the relative omniscience compared to any given human being on the planet in order to be able to make sense enough of it to get whatever they think they are entitled to by having it.

So we lose to win: stop trying to know everything, and recognize that even if you had access to all the information in the universe, you'd still only have however long of a life you do in order to process and make sense of it.

"You get what everyone gets. A lifetime" [pic related].

One does not have to chase death in order to not fear it.

There is equilibrium at some point, and it doesn't have to be the void.

If there is a nothing, then there is an everything, after all.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Thanks anon, needed this

>>20493436 (You)

So did I, desu
I'm just really happy to have the family and friends that I do. They're all really wonderful people.

>be me
>20 yo kissless virgin
>Have some friends but only dudes
>When girls are around i turn into an autistic creepy piece of shit
>People say that i am 7\10
>Had to many chances to get qt 3.14 gf
>Miss them all
>Also i am poor af
>Now trying to convince myself that i am gay just to forget that i am looser with girls
Fellas am i in the right path
Or should end my fucking existence
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
What annoys me, (and i know it's an illogical statement).. Good looking guys with all the right tools to succeed at [insert whatever], yet they don't do anything with it, it's completely absurd.
Yes, but not by ending your life. Better yourself, ease yourself into meeting new friends, clean up your appearance, wake up every day with your favorite inspirational quote right where you see it first after you open your eyes and plant your feet on the floor with pride because you are in charge, you can do this bro. For once, I'm glad to be alive.
I had my first kiss at 19 and lost my virginity soon after.

I wouldn't really worry about it to much Anon, when the time comes whether it be a new workplace or college there will be qt 3.14 girls around you and all you have to do really is not be a awkward dweeb and you shouldn't have much of a problem.

A former awkward dweeb
Its me OP
The strrugle and pain is when i see creepy n ugly guys have qt gfs
I had many chances i people gives me 7/10
I always miss chances on purpose cause i know i will not work b
Cause i am poor n still cannot afroad many things
Life us unfair anons
I feel you OP. I am in a similar situation. I attend a pretty academically rigorous institution here on the West Coast in a stem major.
>first day of class
>barely any friends
>Stem major so all awkward Asians
>no even remotely attractive qt's

I guess we just have to be more assertive and be plunged into a situation where we can talk to girls more. Even if you act like an autist you can't possibly blow every chance with every girl, the more you get used to it the easier it gets

File: 20180930_121721.jpg (2.67 MB, 4032x3024)
2.67 MB
2.67 MB JPG
first greentext bc anxious wreck
>be me
>5'1 100 lbs because i never eat properly
>have martial arts class (judo)
>spar with guy i kinda like
>6'3 bony guy but qt
>accidentally knees me in the puss
>asks if i'm ok, say yes because i'm not a bitch
>finish it up, we talk about vidya and food
>go home
>go to bathroom to pee pee

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
You lost your virginity to a knee.
tits and a timestamp or gtfo
Doctor you retard. If you're embarrassed, just get a nurse
Prostate Pics with timestamp or GTFO to confirm that you’re a man

I'm about to get out of high school and I'm not sure if I want to go to learn a trade or go to a college, I'm not that smart so I feel like college would be a waste of money do any of you know what a good trade to learn might be?

File: 1518340857534.gif (470 KB, 200x200)
470 KB
470 KB GIF
>work in fast food while I pay my way through college
>have a qt coworker
>bant pretty frequently, get along reasonably well
>worked with her last Saturday
>she says there's a pizza party at another one of our store locations, wants to know if I want to crash it with her
>say sure
>she gives me her number on a piece of paper
>put it in my pocket
>not even twenty minutes later
>accidentally throw away the piece of paper with her number on it
>don't realize until later
>can't find it
>completely fucked out of communication for three days
>fast forward to today
>it's my day off

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Literally just apologise, dipshit. We all make mistakes and it's better to tell her as soon as you can then to just ghost the girl.

We're all human anon, you're allowed to do autistic shit sometimes and she'll understand.
Apologize and explain what happened, then ask if you could have her number again. These things happen all the time

I don’t want to waste my life on this pointless job bullshit. I absolutely abhor money, anything I can buy with it makes me happy for a day or few hours max. And I’m currently on path to do nothing but work for Mr sheckle steen come home sleep/eat for a few hours and return back. Is there a way out? Every where I look I’m told, oh just be happy you could be in Pooloo country or Mexican dictator chink land.
I just can’t fathom how this money shit makes anyone happy, I legitimately can’t think of what I want out of it or life for that matter. Although I don’t have that many friends I don’t consider myself lonely, I have a GF and she’s the exact same way as me so it’s not like I can just ask her. I don’t consider myself lonely because everyone I used to be friends with either wants kids and nothing more or just wants to fuck around with fort nite or some shit, just feels like it’s all a gaint waste of time what do I do? Is there a way out?

File: 1474301499150736890.jpg (126 KB, 1200x1071)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
Hey! just posted this on R9K but the suggestion that I was a functional human and had a girlfriend made them chase me out of there like a pack of feral dogs.

I'm massively depressed lately, and fear I may slip into the way I used to be before I met Sam and she made my life have a meaning..

>Be me, surprisingly functional 27M.
>Beautiful girlfriend, but she moved back home recently so now long distance.
>Recently managed to lose two jobs an one day.
>Not left my room in a week.
>GF stopped speaking to me after an argument.
>Find myself slipping back into fapping to Loli and sleeping all day.
>I want to be a normal again.

What do?

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