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File: pl0dsTYbRHM.jpg (133 KB, 768x960)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
Hey guys time ago I paid a call girl, she was pretty sexy really hot body and beauty. An italian godess but I she was really wow body and tall 1.80m, maybe the dream of many men but I prefer more slim like my ex russian gf.
So I have this escort in instagram and she is friend of famous fashion designers so i talk to her in Insta. She told me to take her to Ibiza or Mykonos for holiday and she is kinda crazy party girl really fun so Im considering it.
I would love to take my ex gf but she dont want to talk to me haha so I find this beauty girl an oportunity to have nice holidays in Europe?
She is like 27 Im 24 y.o I like to party and the beach so it could be good time also my social media is very dead. I have like 500 followers and I dont post too many things so with this girl I also can rise some followers to meet more women.
It's a good option to do that?
How vapid.
Go for it.
I'd kill a man with my bare hands for such an opportunity.
She will cuck the crap out of you. Those types of party trips is all about getting laid but if thats ok then go on
Are you totally ok with being used and taken advantage of?
She doesn't give a shit about you, she just sees you as a money mark and that's it.

If you're fine with being blatantly taken advantage of, go for it

File: 1542325435313.jpg (1.4 MB, 3466x2348)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB JPG
Am I an asshole for telling my girlfriend that its none of her business how I spend my money? For context, I do well for myself. I make nearly 6 digits a year, I don't spend very much money and live below my means, and I usually don't spend very much on my hobbies, so I have a huge amount of money that just goes straight into my bank. This seems lost on my girlfriend. She always seems to be extremely critical of me when I indulge a little and buy something for myself like I'm a bum barely living through my paycheck. Aat first I just shrugged it off as a woman thing, but its really getting on my nerves because it seems like she won't let me do anything with my money.

For example, I wanted to buy a new pair of sneakers a month ago. I'm the type of guy that wears sneakers until it melts off my foot so this is a rare occasion for me. Me and my girlfriend went to the store and I wanted to buy these really nice Nike shoes, they were like $100. Pretty beefy for sneakers, admittedly. I decided to buy them and my girlfriend nagged me incessantly about this. Like I overspent and I'm wasting money and it could have gone to something better. I sacrificed nothing to buy these shoes, it drives me crazy.

I recently decided to upgrade my gaming PC's graphics card. I was due for an upgrade. I bought a GTX 1660 Ti, which is about $300. My previous graphics card was a GTX 760 just to give you an idea how long its been since I upgraded. My graphics card arrives and my girlfriend just happened to be there. When she saw the invoice, she lost her shit. Like I'm spending $300 just to play video games and she asked me what was wrong with me and all this shit.

I finally had it. I was just so done with her BS. I told her, look, its none of her business how I spend MY hard earned money and if she was problem with that, she can fucking leave. She was taken aback by this and we had an argument, and she went home all pissed. I admit I got heated but was I wrong to have this reaction?
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I really hope you're only pretending to be retarded.
I could say the same. I very clearly said the future.
there is no future with a leech. Women have no business handling money.
Your bigger problem is that you're posting paedophilic Japanese cartoons. Maybe stop being a paedophilic weirdo before you think about any other problems in life.
It's from a game actually.

File: download.jpg (8 KB, 225x225)
8 KB
Over the past few months, my anxiety has been getting much worse. It's become almost paralyzing at times as I feel stress pump throughout my body for no reason. My best friend is kind of an asshole and is unhelpful, and I broke up with my gf about a month ago so she can't help either.

My mom says I shouldn't go to therapy bc if I get a formal diagnosis, I could be rejected by insurance companies in the future. What do, anons?

btw I'm 18 and not trying to be edgy
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>My best friend is kind of an asshole and is unhelpful, and I broke up with my gf about a month ago so she can't help either.
How exactly are they suppossed to help? What kind of support do you wish they gave you? Someone to talk to? Someone to do things with?
Basically our friendship grew out of both being anxious, but now he's been seeing a therapist and isn't anxious anymore, but also is just too distant to really try to support me at all. I would expect a good friend to listen to issues and hang out as a distraction, but he doesn't really do either. I get that we're both going to college soon, but I didn't expect to get cut off so quickly and shamelessly
I know anxiety hurts. But look at what you are going to have. You have your classes. You will be in a new and fun environment. You will get to see Stacys and art hoes daily. And as far as I'm concerned, you never had a friend. You had a jerk and now you have indirectly lost that jerk.
He was into you in so much as he got something from you. Shared interest can help initiate a friendship, but it shouldn't form the bedrock of it.

Treatment of anxiety always, of therapeutic, involves the voluntary confrontation of that which you fear.
>Over the past few months, my anxiety has been getting much worse. It's become almost paralyzing at times as I feel stress pump throughout my body for no reason. My best friend is kind of an asshole and is unhelpful, and I broke up with my gf about a month ago so she can't help either.
Everyone has this at times, its just worry.

File: file.png (814 KB, 675x396)
814 KB
814 KB PNG
How do you actually check condom sizes? How do I measure girth? If I measure say 12cm do you buy a 11cm condom so you have it tightly on or actually buy 12 cm? if you have 110mm girth, do you get 100mm girth?

I've recently moved out (Still a virgin), but been to a few parties and this girl is interested in me. I've a got a problem with condoms, what actually FITS, I got these large Grande condoms by my friends, and they fit on the length decently tho it gets bunched up at the end a cm or two. but it's quite tight and I checked the circumference and it was 110mm, and I checked online ordering like 4 different sizes today. I also bought a smaller in length but samer circumference? is that better? So it doesn't bunch up?
As long as you can get the condom on, you're fine
Not OP but I'm a virgin too and condoms always end up rolling to the middle of my penis because my base is thicker than the tip.

It this alright?

File: My Post-5.jpg (201 KB, 1600x1600)
201 KB
201 KB JPG
How ashamed should I be for being an incel? I'm so confused, because everywhere I turn I see people insisting that everyone is different, be unique, etc. ... but at the same time, if I'm a virgin, it's still looked at as reprehensible.
Is sex the be-all end-all of human experience?
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Literally whos except Lanza and Rodger
Being a incel is completely your fault.

Go into the woods for 6 months and return a man.
So what? Looks like an average guy from the Caucasus. I knew several Armenian and Georgian Chads with noses like this.
It's not easy for guys to find a gf. It's a woman's market, and even the semi-attractive chicks have plenty of fuckbois available to them. However, I do think that men get way too hung up on looks, height, dick size etc. shit that really isn't that important. If you want a low-value woman who prioritizes those things, good luck to you. I know it's cliche, but women aren't as "visual" as men. Women run on emotion, they want a man that makes them feel a certain way. It could be one who makes them feel safe, it could be one who makes them laugh, it could be one she can be herself with, it could be one who fucks with their head (usually girls with low self-esteem/daddy issues who seek "badboys"). Don't give up.
>i think some females can tell
no they really can't. You don't emit some pheromones or something.

File: 1520383911538 - Copy.png (47 KB, 400x416)
47 KB
How do I know when to go back to uni? I dropped out of one uni twice with medical cause and then was NEET then worked for almost a year which was pure misery. But I don't know if I have the drive to to uni either. I will die on the street cold and helpless after my mother dies and can't take pay the rent. I don't want this to happen whaddaido?
When you grow up

File: 1dh77.jpg (39 KB, 233x640)
39 KB
What do girls think about when they masturbate?
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The answers you get will be from fat mentally ill weeb women

why bother asking the question
being impregnated by their man
fucking fine ass bitches.
Literal cuck
>They also rarely cum from masturbating.

File: FB_IMG_1561443288351.jpg (35 KB, 720x688)
35 KB
I'm trying to find out if I have some sort of Socio pathy or narcism or I just havent met the right girl ive slept with 16 women, and no matter how attractive I find them, or how much I like their personality ( only a few times have had both) cant stay with them long term. I actually want to meet wifey now that im turning 28. Like time is sort of running out but no matter what they jist aren't good enough. What do you think are things that are absolute necessity in a long term partner? Like if they didnt have these you wouldnt be into them no matter what.

File: pantsu.jpg (22 KB, 459x244)
22 KB
>be me switch(dom-sub)
>gf is bratty sub
>the least sexy girl ive ever known
>gave her a set of instructions to follow before i came to bed
>she didnt do any of them
>isnt good at sex
>constantly says no to everything
>recently has "grown out of" fingering
>sex feels one sided
>finally just say fuck it
>pin her down on the bed
>only to realize i just cant get an erection when being forceful like that

HOW to get erection when "raping" my gf?! I just cant get it up when shes constantly resisting. Sex isnt supposed to be like that. It might be different if she at least tried to be sexy, or listened more but I am simply not a "brat tamer".

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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im almost 30 fucking years old and have a vascular disorder.
Yeah nah mate ignore the incels, you just got a bratty starfish who expects everything to be done for and to them exactly as they want it. No two-way street for them. Since that's not your style, sex probably won't work for you guys.

I'd just get out of it whilst I could, knowing this will inevitably crop up somewhere later in the relationship.
File: 1558625757160.jpg (98 KB, 831x1024)
98 KB
Nigger just be a fucking real male wtf is wrong with you. I've pinned down and shoved my 8 incher deep into the puss of my ex, especially when she tried to act up. She absolutely LOVED to get choked / slapped / forcefully taken or getting fucked from behind while holding her close.

These bitches want to get dominated. Just look at all these crazy trannies on /r9k/ they crave dick like a nigger water in africa. So just give them what they want. Stop being a šoyboy, stop watching sissy hypno, grab an iron and restain from anything sexual. Then dominate the fuck out of that brat, or someone else will
File: 1560390054054.jpg (13 KB, 298x272)
13 KB
I love how all of the professional e-doms come out to play in threads like these, jesus christ...
File: 1561268622171.png (221 KB, 489x399)
221 KB
221 KB PNG
Absolutely repelling, isn't it.

File: logo_2-768x432.png (48 KB, 768x432)
48 KB
Going out with a girl I met on tinder. She's good looking but tall. I'm also tall at about 195cm but I have a disproportionately small penis, 12 cm when I'm rock hard.
Add that to me being a virgin and I'm having my doubts.

I'm sure I'll have no problem giving her a fun date as I've been on many dates before but I never seal the deal.

Any advice on overcoming this? What should I do?
Read Mystery Method, Game, and Models
where are you from? Sweden?

Regardless, doesn't matter. If it's tinder, what's the deal? Aren't you expected to fuck?
I'm from eastern europe.

I guess we're supposed to fuck, I don't know.
Just have fun and whatever happens happens.

File: soprano-furio-3.png (673 KB, 1280x720)
673 KB
673 KB PNG
How do I ask for my job back?
I quit my job at a temp agency about a month ago and want back in.
Pic unrelated
Give them one thousand dollars
You just ask. If you didn't leave on good terms, thought, that might be a waste of time.
Get a different job, if necessary.

Should I get back with my ex bf?
I broke up with him a few months ago because he was sometimes abusive, physically, and emotionally. He always acted ashamed of being with me since he isn’t openly gay.
I get anxious and stressed whenever I’m around him
But he might be the only chance I’ll ever have at a relationship.
I have a really hard time making friends and he’s the only friend I’ve ever had. he’s very good friends with my dad. He says he still loves me but I have a very hard time trusting him and idk if I should go back to him. I don’t know if I could live without him.
No don't do it , he will hit you again. You will find someone else. Don't go back to be with someone who hits you and calls you names
Definitely not u already got out of that situation don’t put ur self back in it. there are so many gay people in this world. Consider moving to a city if u don’t already live in one.

File: towermiami.jpg (75 KB, 800x771)
75 KB
so ive been thinking of pursuing a career in graphic design. just wanted to some advice on how to start , and where my particular style would fit within the landscape.

pic related

should i be worried about my boyfriend doing lsd every 2 weeks? I worry that his psyche is being damaged by the regular consumption but he claims that it's totally safe
28 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
It´s quite easy. I never took drugs and don´t plan. But if people talk about drugs it´s always the same, people are either downplaying it or exaggerating.
In the end, what he takes is chemical stuff, that was done in some shitty kitchen, with ingredients no one will ever truly know.This chemical stuff is just for faking your brain some bullshit. Yeah he could became an addict.
I know people, who take lsd and goes to shitty goa raves. These are mostly either just there for drugs or shitty hyprocite hippes, with saying how bad capitalism is and in the next second making a selfie with their iphone for instagram.
doesn't it get boring? I've done it twice, the first time, yeah that was fucking insane and amazing and I learned a lot about my perspective of life, but the second time it was just so predictable, first the horrible come up, then you start feeling the euphoria, then you start questioning everything until the effects wear off. While the visual effects are cool those too get boring. If I do it again it will be a relatively larger dose or there's no point.
How long has he been doing it for?
If it's more than 2 months and he is fine, then I don't think you need to worry.
>his pysche
put down the wikipedia page on Carl Jung and think about what he's really doing.
He's causing irreparable neurological damage. You're dating a loser to begin with, so it's up to you if you want to live like trash for the unforeseeable. Unless he's wealthy, then dating a clinically insane person could have its merits.
But I don't recommend that either.
>DUDE taking psychotropics is totally cool and a rational thing to do
Go listen to your 10,000 Dead tracks you have burnt to your ipod and tune out of this thread, loser.
what? I don't remember.

File: 1552691221829.jpg (32 KB, 640x640)
32 KB
I didn't drink or do any drugs from January first until cinco de mayo. Then I fell off the wagon and smoked and drank with my buddies, which I've been doing every day since then.

>tldr I am going to "detox" again

No one is pressuring me. I don't have drugtests at work and I'm not in any kind of trouble but I do know I felt a lot better and more focused as a person when I was sober every day. Plus my tolerance has gotten so high from daily use that I barely catch a buzz anymore without having to do more and more. That brings me to the other reason to dry up: $$$

Last time I went totally sober I replayed old vidya games and hiked/camped a lot. I find that rpg's are the best games for this purpose because having a goal to grind up to helps make the time pass faster when I'm bored and wanting to get intoxicated.

Anyone else detoxing? What do you do to pass the time and replace habits and urges? I'm mostly a loner so I'm gonna need help from my internet friends.
Make art and working toward long term goals- drinking tea when I feel like I really want something- also dream journaling cuz I forget my dreams if I sleep intoxicated
It's the opposite for me. I have way more vivid and easy to remember dreams when I smoke before bed. I'm also a tea drinker. What teas do you like? I've been doing matcha and rooibos.
Usually I would do drugs at night so i’d go for low/no caffeine stuff like chamomile was probably the main one. Or even just hot water since drinking too much tea can make me feel kinda sick. I think it just kinda gives me something to do w my mouth and distract me a bit.

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