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File: 1544086624281.png (438 KB, 828x667)
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I have this shy friend, he's a really sweet and nice person to talk to.
But recently he's got into some really weird sexual stuff, and I'm worried about him because he's really naive. For instance, he's a virgin, but he arranged some threesome where's he's gonna get fucked in the ass while the guy beats him up (Or something like that) I've tried to convince him multiple times not to do it but he's really determined to be slut, he's gonna participate in a gangbang next week. Got any advice Bros?
(PS he's a trans man, I don't want him to kill himself or for people to take advantage of him)
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File: kumiko.png (471 KB, 817x720)
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471 KB PNG
Sorry for the late reply, I just like to address him as a he (He's taking hormones and crap, he even looks like a girl)
And yeah, I'm worried about physical harm, he wants people hurt him badly (Punching, kicking etc)
And recently he became like hypersexual so it's kinda awkward to interact with him, I dunno what to do, he's a good friend
File: images (16).jpg (8 KB, 222x227)
8 KB
I think you're right, I just don't know what to say to him.
I like spending time with him playing Vidya and what-not, but I'm not familiar with those kinda things... Plus his Sister (Another good friend) asked me to watch over him so it makes me feel bad
Maybe you should sleep with him and end this charade
Your friend is going to end up killing himself once he reaches his late 20's/late 30's. He obviously fell for the trap pill just because he's an incel and once he snaps out of it he'll be overwhelmed with disgust and self hatred. Try to help him convert back and if nothing then you can just watch him learn the hard way
File: KE7agPi.png (276 KB, 586x634)
276 KB
276 KB PNG
I'm unironically trying this, right now he's in a "depressed state" and talks about killing himself. I've tried multiple times to convince him not to do these things, but he never listens, I've told him that he'll only end up feeling worse afterwards... But he keeps doing weird stuff like going to random parties and giving people blowjobs/handjobs.
It's really hard to interact with him because that's all he talks about, not even about games or other stuff

Is there an antithesis to 4chan? A website where people who are more successful, attractive, smarter, etc than the average person go?
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>A website where people who are more successful, attractive, smarter, etc than the average person go?
A bank

or a club or upscale bar. They're likely super into their social lives so even though they have social media and stuff they probably go to clubs with friends, because dancing.
File: 1520561758651.jpg (146 KB, 588x823)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
I know people joke but reddit. It's worse than here though cause no funny shit posting, everyone getting offended and constant cringey jokes

I feel out of place here (1 percenter, world famous uni, not autistic) but have been here so long can't bring myself to leave. Don't mind the brainlets at all, it's the constant unironic hate from the drumpfnigger infestation and the arrogance of "losers" acting like they're experts instead of being modest and listening to people who've done better in that area e.g. HS dropouts commenting on global warming if kvs explaining dating
irc channels... various twitter communities
>Is there an antithesis to 4chan?
Its called outside.

What happens if a former employer refuses to confirm employment for a background check for a new job?

Do I just not get the new job?
If you don't have a clean record then enjoy retail for the rest of your life

File: images.jpg (7 KB, 265x190)
7 KB
I have been stuck in a dead-end customer service job for 7 years. I have a degree in IT which i finished in 2011. i worked as a web developer part time for couple of years with a company. then the work load started to take a toll on me so i quit the web dev job as it was paying way less than the retail job.
what depresses me the most is that i put in hours after hours in learning web dev, made mistakes after mistakes but i didn't give up, till after 3 years because i felt like i am wasting my life at this point. it effected me badly because i stopped hanging out with friends altogether. The dysfunctional relationship i have, i cannot share with her how useless i feel.
So what I am looking for is a career where i can work hard and be rewarded over the period.

Any idea what path i could take? Guess i am looking for career counselling?
Brother, please take a look at this: https://www.reddit.com/r/Meditation/comments/a8c4h9/ama_sam_harris/
It's a meditation app. A very good meditation app. And that link will give you 30 days of it for free. Just try it for 10 minutes a day and see what you think. If you like, you can also pirate it off mobilism or 1337x and it will work fine too. Luck to you, brother!

File: FB_IMG_1547677496349.jpg (73 KB, 960x958)
73 KB
So I just saw a psychologist for my undiagnosed ADHD which I know I've got. Why does he talk so much about depression and other random shit I couldn't even pay attention to? I just want my meds so I can finish my project damn. How do?
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not science or math
>undiagnosed ADHD which I know I've got
Shut the fuck up you piece of shit. You ain't got nothing until a profesisonal says so.
>How do?
wait you want us to help you get diagnosed with ADHD after your session.

I doubt this is worth a thread, and helping would be like helping a suicide = counter productive

File: 8iWVgao.jpg (66 KB, 728x1034)
66 KB
How do I get motivation to study? I just can't, my grades aren't bad but I know I could do much much better with only a bit of studying.
I just don't have any motivation to study, I could force myself to sit and read for an hour but I won't learn any of it and will be distracted by everything.
I learn really fast but only when under pressure.

Give advice, I wanna end High School on a positive note.
Find out how you learn best.
You must do this so as to not waste your time later on.
For some people, reading works but for you it seems to not be the case. Few things that have worked for me or friends:

Try taking notes and learning from that.
Try writing down everything while understanding every concept chronologically.
Try to draw - could be mindmaps or just whatever that helps you memorize a concept or event.
Try studying with somebody else and ask each other questions.

Then you need to motivate yourself. You can either use pressure or rewards.
First method might involve some form of a commitment contract. Say you want to learn the contents of 20 pages of your History textbook. If you don't do it by a set amount of time, say next Wednesday, you need some way of punishing yourself. Of course don't go extreme with that, though I will say, this has worked for me in the past.
Second method is similar - if you do something by a set time, you will reward yourself with something simple.

Just a few things off the top of my head.
Coming from a student from Hungary, who achieved maximum scires all through elementary and high school.
Studying in itself isn't really that much of a problem, it's getting me to study, I'm not motivated. I can only study for deadlines and when I'm absolutely back up against the wall.

The pressure / punish thing seems interesting, what would a punish be?

I just don't have any work ethic, I've been told my whole like that I'm really smart and how I don't need to study at all to have great grades but now that I'm in high school ( senior ) my natural talent can't keep up with people that study a lot.
Get an internship in some office this summer. Being forced to work 8 hours a day for wage that will buy you a tiny apartment will change your point of reference on studying.
Too late, I need to get into studying now, in 6 months I'll already be out of school
if your natural talent kept you up this long, 5months is a lot of time.
I'd say clean your desk. assign a subject to each day and just start doing quick scans through your work books since two years ago. High school is just a slow build up

File: maxresdefault.jpg (144 KB, 1280x720)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
Hey, guys,

So - I think I might have a problem.

I am literally addicted to shitposting and trolling. Not just on 4chan although 4chan is my go to. I love baiting people online and watching them get enraged when I say stupid and offensive things.

But I think this is unhealthy. This is my only source of communication with other people besides family and work. At work I get pissed off because I can't troll my co workers the same way I do people on the internet without getting fired. Also at work I have serious trolling withdrawal symptoms. Obviously I can't go on 4chan or many other websites for obvious reasons.

How do I overcome my addiction to troll and shitpost?
Just call yourself trans without changing anything. Then you’re trolling irl.
Yeah just start trolling irl, but subtle lowkey trolling not blatant shitposting

File: anxiety.jpg (64 KB, 600x600)
64 KB
Hey all,

I'm having a significant anxiety attack and just need someone to talk to. No worries about self-harm or anything like that, it's just that no one's at home right now and it isn't a topic I can breach with friends.
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How will you contact your thesis director, preferably over the phone or in person I'd assume. Start the conversation simple make them aware you not in a good place and are looking for genuinely needed help (That's their Job I'm sure they will be more understanding than you think). Let the conversation dictate what how much you need to elaborate on your situation, just start with facts no excuses, no explanation only if they ask for further detail do you elaborate on a possible explanation. The past is the past you can't change it no matter what so it's nothing more than something for YOU to personally learn from. What you need to focus your convestion on is where you go from here not how you got here. Stay Strong
>How will you contact your thesis director, preferably over the phone or in person I'd assume
Yes, I will be contacting both by phone. I have already sent out an e-mail to my thesis director announcing that I am having trouble with my thesis/requesting for a phone interview. I will wait on her opinion on the matter to contact the supervisor. I figured that's the right 'chain of custody'.
>Let the conversation dictate what how much you need to elaborate on your situation, just start with facts no excuses, no explanation only if they ask for further detail do you elaborate on a possible explanation.
I get what you're saying, the thing is the facts really resemble excuses. The facts are that I was in over my head due to excessive academic stress at the moment of picking my subject/collecting the data, and that for the past few months I've been in such a fog that I couldn't figure out that I was working with a 'corrupt' data set. Now if they ask why I didn't say that earlier, I will likely have to admit that I was hellbent on finding a way to make it work and that I've just now realized it couldn't be done.
>The past is the past you can't change it no matter what so it's nothing more than something for YOU to personally learn from
I hope that they will see it that way as well.
>Stay Strong
Thanks, appreciate your feedback and encouragement.
>the facts really resemble excuses
No explanations resemble excuses. Facts are statements without reason, "I have only done x amount of work" or "My research data is corrupt". You want your conversation to focus on where you go from here and not how you got here. Explain to them how the data is corrupt and not that you wasted time because that's how you reach a solution.
>that post number
OK, I have a better understanding of what you meant now. I will try this, but I can't help but anticipate the tough questions.

As long as you're sincere you'll be fine :)

ive switched cigarrets for tabacco sometimes, whenever i feel anxious or think about a sad memory i feel like smoking, i dont think its a oral fixation, im afraid its related to a death wish,
Vape instead, but do it privately.
When the chips are down, smokers are going to smoke. The want is always there, it’s up to you if it’s acted upon.

My fwb has only had sex with me until really recently. I don't care that she's banging other people, but she waited until AFTER we had sex to tell me. When I saw other people I would always tell her beforehand. She says it shouldn't matter to me but I think for just health reasons alone she should have told me first. Am I in the wrong here?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.

>Expecting a man only using a girl for sex to not be a shitty person and not have dumb expectations about it

Good point. The sex is pretty good but I should probably cut it off. She was always like "idk if i can have sex with another person it's so personal yadda yadda" but at the end of the day when she does it she can't think to tell me despite me literally saying I don't care and fuck around a lot and always give her the courtesy to at least let her know
Sounds like you caught some feels
How is letting a sexual partner know that they are engaging with other people a dumb expectation? It's important for health reasons let alone if someone catches feels
Eh, not that. It's more like I'm worried I'll get some sort of disease. I tell her of my times so she can keep on top of testing, I would've appreciated the same respect. If she would have told me before we fucked I would have been ok with it

File: 0.png (10 KB, 268x188)
10 KB
Hello everyone.
Im living in a shithole country that is suffering through recession. I am apprentice welder and in following 2-3 years i would like to get a welding skillset that will allow me to escape from my country - basically im interested in what kind of welding should i traget to be welcome in NA, Canada, Europe. Is it MiG, TiG, GTAW? What type of equipment should i prio learning? What kind of metals, trade goods should i be focusing on - pipelines, cars etc?

Anyone with experience getting over an emotionally abusive ex?
We broke up recently bc he was controlling me and spying on me. But after a year with him I have developed this cognitive dissonance, seeing the controlling him and the charming him who makes me nice food and brings wine to my parents house as two different people.
Whilst part of me is celebrating the freedom from his tyranny, I just can’t seem to emotionally reconcile him as a person and I desperately miss the good side and feel like I’ll never be over him.
Any advice or insight would be appreciated

My current girlfriend put my $40,000 in dept and wants to leave me. I’m 23 and a complete disaster. I’m mentally scared and drained from 6 years of bad relationships. I have no money or weapons. I want to get drunk and get this over with.
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No. Fuck off. You're comrades need you, you'll kill your whole fucking squad.
>windows 10

lmao faggot

drop the bitch, don't pay a cent
I’m not here to stop you because I don’t really care, but I can say I been in your shoes before and this is how I change my mind:
>years ago got told by doctors I might die
>didn’t care because I thought I had a good life and a loving gf of 6 years
>gf dumps me when she hears the news
>lost job over odd reason by my ass of a boss
>didn’t think much of it because I’m going to die soon
doctors tells me this is a 50-50 chance surgery I can take, that can save me but turn it down
>so depressed with life I was more excited to die
But something was bugging me, like I had unfinished business, like why is my little life getting worse, how did it go from good to shitty
>haven’t talk to my ex in weeks because she doesn’t want to talk to a dead person
>check her FB and found out she dating my ex boss who fired me over bull shit, and is now pregnant by him
>this upsets to no end, and now too angry to die
>take fucking surgery

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
based, I'll volunteer to fuck OP's gf so he has something to be mad about
OP, post nudes of gf, your going to die, why should you care

Why is the loneliness so overwhelming, anons? All I wanted was to spend time and make love with somebody who cares about me.
20 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Because sometimes the state of your situation simply hits like a truck. Like me at my workplace, and it gets hard to think about anything else in this shift.
All I want is to help someone be a better them as much as they help me be better. The cuddling is a nice bonus.

Too bad There's still no takers.
Well that's unhealthy behaviour and you should stop it. Also, to pick up on something else I missed:
>I've learned to appreciate myself for who I am
Fuck that. Think about who you COULD BE, and then work towards that. Appreciate how far you move away from what you were. You should not be standing still in life, otherwise you end up in the situation you are now on a Burmese cartography discussion board pity posting about loneliness.
Hey guys don't be so mean to OP. I get the work part and focusing on yourself part better than anyone but sometimes humans need love and affection too and playing the game that we don't is unnatural for some of us..
>Well that's unhealthy behaviour and you should stop it.
It's not something that I initiate. Much like people who grief over dead people don't grief voluntarily.
>Think about who you COULD BE, and then work towards that.
Yeah yeah, I've heard that. What I meant is, I have my goals. They might not career goals, but they're something to keep me awake.

I’ve been awake for 18+ hours and I can’t fall asleep, what can I do to get some sleep?
Take some diphenhydramine
I had a couple of drinks around 6 hours ago, would that be safe to take?

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