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Can I meet people at Starbucks? What are some good conversation starters?
That's gonna be a real regional culture thing. Like you could probably do it in the southern US but not the PNW..
Only if you get good enough practice and don't take rejection too harshly.
Also don't greet every person, you can get thrown out for harassment.
I would advise against it. Starbucks is a chain place. Its crowded and noisy and full of people in a hurry to get in and out. Instead find a nice little cafe somewhere with a more welcoming atmosphere. You also get the added benefit of knowing that people you meet there are not plebs who go to Starbucks.
Also don't stay too long, only enough to finish your drink.


There's this guy that I liked from the first time I saw him. He happened to be a common friend, and I was surprised to see that we had so much in common the first time we happened to talk. Even more surprised when he started messaging me right after we got introduced.

Things took off almost immediately, with a couple of weeks of chatting and then his suggestion to go to a movie together. I don't like dates where both sides do nothing for most of the time so as soon as I confirmed that it was indeed a date, I kissed him, and for a week since then we've been casually dating, along with the usual humping etc.

I thought that maybe I'm taking too long to "progress" the relationship, especially after something he said about finding it funny that we keep humping but not doing anything more, saying that it would make sense if we were 16. Truth is I didn't have time to invite him to my place earlier, and I also thought it would be moving things too fast, but I thought he was right so I invited him over the next time.

So here's the deal. He could not get an erection, at all. He was ok all the other times we were making out but not this time. I assume it could be due to stress, but naturally I also blame myself. I consider myself way above average and I never had an issue with men liking me, but turns out that one of the few times I actually like someone back he may not even like me that much. I don't know what to think about it and there's not many places online I can look for advice. I don't want our thing to end because of this, but things are not looking too bright, as he hasn't messaged me in two days after that (which is completely understandable).

How should I handle this situation if I want to give it another chance? What did I do wrong (eg. did I proceed too fast?)
I wouldn't want something similar to ever happen to me, and if it was my fault in any way I want to make sure I don't repeat the same mistake.
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It was still evening, so we played some games and then he left. I told him that the only reason it would make me sad would be if it had something to do with me, but if it was just a stress issue I'd like us to keep going. He seemed bummed about it (in general) and he left.

Update is that he messaged me after >>20718932, but it's just small talk and he didn't say anything about if he wants to go on another date. I'll take it as a "kinda", I guess.

I really feel bad for guys and how high the expectations for sex performance are. Tbh some sloppy 20-second sex would be okay in my book for the first time but I wasn't prepared for what happened. I wish I could have handled it better right away.
I don't feel it was anything to do with you, or how you looked without your clothes on.
If he was excited beforehand, that is very likely not going to change with less clothing.
The fact he didn't indicate it was you does seem to support that.

It does sound like he was up for it but for whatever reason couldn't keep focussed on the task in hand.

Deeper issue on his side, so given your reaction I don't think you handled it badly.

Expectations can be high on both sides, unfortunate as that is nowadays.

You didn't comment on his ex's though - no idea or can you guage from how he acted beforehand?
Could just be he's new to this and it's a storm in a tea cup
>You didn't comment on his ex's though - no idea or can you guage from how he acted beforehand?
My bad, I forgot. He said he had two relationships before, and it has happened to him once again. From body language I think it was more than once but not something like a common thing. One of these relationships lasted for two years, and he noted that feeling comfortable with knowing the other person well played a big part for him.

So I guess that's bad for my case, since we weren't really friends before and our thing took off almost right after we started talking. We're still getting to know each other.

Also we had some foreplay and he was doing well at it, so he definitely has some experience.
>total virgin
>get a cute small gf
>nails all my fetishes
>even though I was arrogant and a "tough guy", I had zero sexual experience
>first time we kiss a lightning bolt hits my brain that feels like an awakening of sexual prowess
>immediately go after her body, remove her clothes and do everything possible to make her cum
>she squirts from me fingering her
>this arouses me like nothing else, my brain melts and I throw her legs up to her head
>but my peepee soft
>can't understand wtf is going on why my peepee isn't hard We've been practicing for this moment for years wtf are the doin
>out of desperation go to the computer and start looking at porn and try jacking off to get hard
>she's mildly confused but super horny and just wants me to get my dick hard however possible
>it's not working, get angry and give up

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S'ok :)
I'd take it from this he's got plenty experience with the foreplay and not much with the deed itself.
Again I dunno if it's something deeper or just only tried a few times and the pressure or anticipation caused issues.
I'd say once you fail the first time, it's going to be harder the next time and probably for a while after, no pun intended.

Your cue right there is plenty of time together being comfortable and let things move at their own pace - this may or may not suit you of course.

File: d5d.jpg (26 KB, 336x506)
26 KB
I'm 20 y/old, still in high school. I should have graduated one year ago, but couldn't due to depression. I've been on meds since. My final exams are coming up in a few months but I've lost all my motivation. Can't study and can't focus in class. My therapist hasn't really helped. I'm not expecting to find a solution, it's just that I don't have anyone to talk about this
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In 2016 I was an exchange student in the US. I stayed there for a year and had a positive experience. Back home, I couldn't keep up with school, lost motivation and developed suicidal thoughts. I talked with my parents and we decided to ask a therapist (who had already helped me when I was in 8th grade) for help. Eventually she suggested that I take antidepressants. They somewhat helped, and my grades got better. Despite this, last April I had a panic attack. I dropped out a few weeks later. Fast forward to autumn 2018, I had the option to either try again in public school or attend to a private school. My relationship with the teachers in my old public school wasn't great, so I decided to go for the private school. The year started out OK, but as the exams get closer I can't help but feel hopeless and without the will to keep going
Find something that makes you happy and keep doing it.....
Sounds rough and worse is that it just shows up without much cause. What do you do with your free time? When I get depressed I usually get addicted to a hobby which isn't good, so maybe you're like that or something else.
It's the opposite for me. I can't play video games or draw anything when I feel down. Usually I just lay in bed all day, browsing YouTube and Twitter
Have you tried cooking before? Maybe the natural desire for food could motivate you to try cooking. Plus there are loads of YouTube videos and recipes online.

File: 1552994903635s.jpg (7 KB, 228x250)
7 KB
So I have to get a girlfriend before I can fuck many pretty girls with big booties and titties?
No, you can also go to prostitutes
No, you can still bang bitches if you go to the right places, just be sure to properly present yourself and have a good chat with her. Nothing needs to be serious, some casual fuck is just a casual thing for some people.

File: DlN9woHXoAAta06.jpg (43 KB, 440x586)
43 KB
When i take a selfie im just fat and ugly but when someone take a picture or a video of me, i don't recognize myself, i look like a fucking monster i can't barely look at me
4 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
You are seeing an angle, height, etc that you arent used to seeing.

Git gud at posing
your brain tricks itself into thinking you look good
the photo reveals the truth, but if you look at it long enough your brain adjusts itself to lie to you
So im just ugly as hell ok
You can always do things to make yourself look better. Losing weight, having the right haircut, good clothes etc.
You haven't mastered the trickery that is today's selfie industry.

We take a BAJILLION amount of photos only for one to look kind of good. Even insta thots who are gorgeous tweak their pics on facwtune like no tomorrow.

Don't feel bad my friend, finding the best look in photos is a quest. You can do it.

File: 1553520158287.jpg (119 KB, 565x407)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
>started dating guy
>seems like a cool guy, we go out for a few weeks
>we finally had sex last night after a month of dating
>he has all kinds of strange symbolic looking tattoos on his back
>asked them what they meant
>he said he'd explain more once we get to know each other better

Never seen the symbols before, I tried to use my google-fu, but couldn't find them. They aren't bad looking at all, but I didn't know he had any tattoos or thought he would be the type. They obviously hold some meaning to him.

Should I be worried that this is some weird wizard shit tattood on him or something, or just let it be? The one that stuck out to me the most was slightly above his shoulder blades, below his neck, dead center Can't see it when he has a shirt on. It was like a circle, which encased a triangle, which held a square.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
That is the hermetic seal of light. He is either into ancient philosophy, or occultism or both.
this dude sounds like a keeper

go for it op
>ancient philosophy

cant tell if srs
let me guess, you're a retarded /pol/fag?
File: this.jpg (40 KB, 660x660)
40 KB
Not even close, thats just cringy shit is all.

File: helpmebros.jpg (7 KB, 265x192)
7 KB
>> be me
>> go on dating app a month or so ago
>> meet girl, and we start dating
>> today, she tells me everything about her
>> shitstorm.exe
>> bulimic, depressed, bipolar and used to self harm
>> she knows where i live
>> she says she's coming to see me during easter
>> on facetime to her right now
>> as she rambles on i just hope i don't have to prevent her from killing herself or somebody
>> she burnt herself on purpose earlier
>> if i leave she kills herself
>> mfw dating masochist bipolar gf
>ghost now
>leave your dwelling and stay at a friends
>this is why you ask for mental issues on like date 3-5

File: 1539107923838.jpg (39 KB, 1036x746)
39 KB
Should i tell this girl, who already has a boyfriend, she's beautiful? Just to compliment her?
17 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Yea, fuck everybody and get up in their personal space. It’s not about entitlement, it’s about not being a fucking weirdo that people tend to avoid.
can someone give a understandable reason why not?
Unfortunately, saying someone is beautiful is both sexually connotative and often seems insincere.
As a woman that just started dating after a break up basically every guy I've dated has said I'm beautiful. Also, I look ten years younger than I am, and that I'm too good for them.
I mean who knows? Maybe they all think I'm beautiful but maybe not.
You should probably take a step back. You wouldn't want to date someone that would cheat on their bf anyway. Try to find a girl that's available.
>often seems insincere
who would i go about making it seen sincere?
Look dude just tell her how you fill, he is likely no good for her anyways.

File: 1553472170288.jpg (154 KB, 381x504)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
I might be having sex with a girl in the somewhat near future. I am considering losing my virginity with a escort before then go get it out of the way

Is this a bad idea? I am 27 years old (yes.) and the girl is 28.
22 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Femanon here

How can woman find out that someone is virgin?! I mean there are a lot of virgin men that can do better than non virgin ones. I guess if you don't overthink it and can keep it for a long time no one will figure it out which makes the virgin status not a big issue.
>I am considering losing my virginity with a escort before then go get it out of the way

Why though? Having sex with a hooker once wont make you better at it
>all said it was terrible because when they got girlfriends or someone they like to have sex with, it felt cheapened.
>what I am saying is losing your virginity to a hooker is a cheap pathetic way to get the monkey off your back that normal people don't do
This and this. The vast majority of women find it disgusting, creepy and pathetic. Dont do it
Doing one thing once massively reduces the chance of fucking up something you've never done.

>I am considering losing my virginity with a escort before then go get it out of the way
What is it you're trying to accomplish by 'getting it out of the way'?

Fucking an escort once isn't gonna give you any kind of useful experience or target practice. You need to have alot more sex before you become half-decent at it.

Unless you actually want to have sex with a hooker, it's not gonna do you any kind of favor in terms of being successful with this chick you're involved with.
I vouch against.

>you don't learn how to fuck from having sex once, the premise is really easy and all the hard stuff is more long term and needs experimentation
>there's way more information online on e.g. how to eat pussy than any sex worker can quickly give you even if she's actually trying to teach you
>just because you have once before stuck your penis in a woman doesn't mean you won't be nervous to disappoint the girl you're crazy about
>for most women it's a huge turn off to imagine their guy fucking a hooker, not everyone is the kind of person who can omit info without feeling uneasy about that
>there's definitely a risk that you are going to regret not having your first time exploring a woman's body with a woman you actually really like, especially when you had an easy chance in front of you
>it's quite possible you get a bad experience (she's rude, visibly bored, you lose your boner during, she scams you out of more money than was agreed upon) and then what?

File: 1551793089220m.jpg (47 KB, 1024x492)
47 KB
Is it weird inviting girl for a coffee over internet, if you never talked to her? She keeps staring at me, but she doesn't talk to anyone but her couple of friends.
24 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Doing nothing will cause nothing, doing something in shitty way may cause all kinds of trouble, for you, for the person, or for anybody else, especially since lately the "progressives" are active in the background.
You know how it works.
If you are attractive she would be so pleased to hear that, since most girls are into guys that make the first step.
If you are not then you are screwed
>Doing nothing will cause nothing
So why did you even make this thread? Keep doing nothing if that's what works for you.
I don't know if I am attractive, I get reactions all over the spectrum from people all over the spectrum.
File: 1550007790098.jpg (166 KB, 305x748)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
>Got out of /v/ to evade spoilers
>Gets them either way
Well, they could atleast toss out the anime hair, Vergil would look better with Wesker's hair style.

File: eharmony.jpg (105 KB, 2000x955)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
What happens if you're being forced into a subscription, and you change the payment method to something like a used up gift card? Eharmony scammed me and is saying I owe 120 dollars.

They wouldn't send debt collectors would they?
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I never had to worry for Tinder or OK Cupid
That’s because they are free dumbass, if you were that desperate to talk with women and have sex maybe you should’ve just hired an escort or a hooker don’t let your dick make decisions for you that you’ll regret afterwards.
No, their premium services.
They don't "send debt collectors." That's what the Mafia does. What corporations do is send you several warnings, then when you don't pay they sell the debt to a collection company.

That company will then report it to the banks, harming your credit. They'll proceed to send several warnings too, then sell your debt to another collection company. And so on, and so on. In the US, the statute of limitations is 7 years.

Basically, your credit is dinged for 7 years if you don't pay. If the amount is high, a bank can get the IRS to garnish your wages, but I don't think you're at risk for that for that amount.
Well however you spend your money with is up to you but you should already be aware of sites like eharmony are mostly bullshit and filled with bots trying to scam people out of money

I have a job interview today for basically my same exact position just at another company. If they ask "why are you looking to leave your current job?" What do I say? I'm personally leaving because managers act like children, don't take anyone seriously, don't give a shit about their jobs and play favorites. Obviously I'm not going to say that in the interview but I also don't want to lie about a better opportunity because it's the same position and they're relativity close to each other so commuting isn't something else I could say.

Just pick something that new company does really well, or some important client they have, etc. and say that's why you want to change. If the people conducting the interview seem cool, you can be honest and tell them you are looking for a better work environment as your current one is less than ideal.
Of course you fucking say that.
But professionally.
Say management is irresponsible and you don't see a future in the current company

File: 1549579667487.jpg (19 KB, 348x337)
19 KB
My grandpa keeps shitting all over the shower (we share a bathroom) and my mom keeps defending it and acts like it isn't shit when it smells and looks like it. She doesn't want me to acknowledge him because it might hurt his feelings and she gets really bitchy Everytime I complain about it. I want it to stop, my mom's always been stressing over him and it's starting to show as she's experiancing health issues, and all my grandpa does is waste space and talks shit to my mom for the dumbest reasons. What the fuck can I do to deal with this. I wish I didn't have such negative feelings about my own grandpa but he's never done any good and ive only ever known him as the asshole that makes fun of me, pisses and shits in all the wrong places, and I get in trouble for even acknowledging it.
Rub slick baby oil or soap all over the bottom of the shower before he steps in next time. Not so he'll slip and die, but it will help with cleaning up the shit.
Or even better, YOU start shitting all over the shower.

How do I stop jerking it to Traps and Trannies!?
By dating one
You don't touch your pee pee when it is doki doki

Just stop. Are you literally addicted? Get help then. Go into rehab.
I just wanna be a winner in life and have a supermodel wife as well.

File: 1553103383161.jpg (136 KB, 564x710)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
Gf's ex won't stop being annoying and trying to sabotage our relationship. Back when they were together, the three of us used to be best friends, but they broke up last year and we got together after a few months. However, he's still trying/hoping to get back with her. He won't stop sharing music and pictures that she also likes, keeps on commenting her posts with cringy shit, browses this board hoping to find her posts (she often comes and posts here). Gf says it's nothing to worry about, but just today I found out he's been talking shit about me, telling her I don't love her when she comes for help to him if we fight about something or other stuff just to make us break up. I'd beat him up but firstly right now I'm in another country, secondly I don't really want to get into a fist fight. And no, I won't consider breaking up with gf so please don't mention it. Anything else I could do?
13 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
You haven't an ounce of common sense. That girl is the problem. Rejecting the truth is tomfoolery. Mutual feelings are nothing but lust. You can dump her and get a better, more faithful Girlfriend
File: 1552086209739.jpg (96 KB, 720x707)
96 KB
>I'm the good guy here!
Protip: you're not
You seem bitter as fuck, Her ex had his chance and blew it, unless they went behind his back to screw him over, whcih isn't that likely as they first broke up and then the girl hooked with op - it's awkward as fuck, possibly inadvisable but morally understandable. No backstabbing.
even if it isn't necessarily "wrong", I would never date a friend's ex. that's just asking for trouble

not sure what you expected OP
fuck her in her pussy till she cums like a dog in a goblin cave

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