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Hey boys and girls. I know this probably isnt the best place for this sort of thing, but I don't want to bother my friends at 12:30 in the morning... Anyways, is it wrong of me to want a better future? Lemme explain-
So I was just offered a job by a friend to be an insurance adjustor for 21.50/hr usd. I currently make 14.25/hr usd, so that's a bit of a payraise. But the catch is I'd have to move to Texas, I live in Indiana. I brought it up to my Fiancee, and in less than 5 minutes she said no. Her reasons were: "I don't wanna deal with the Texas heat, fuck Ohio and Florida, I don't wanna deal with Texas racism, and I don't wanna move out of state(because A] she doesn't think we're stable enough yet to do that and b] she doesn't wanna go out of state until we're quote "married and everything's set in stone because something can still happen."), the answer is fuck you." There's a bit more, but those are the major takeaways. I understand not wanting to go out of state, I don't really want to either; but if it's for a better shot then I'll do what it takes, yknow? She even said "if you want to do it, do it yourself. I'm not moving to Texas." Am I in the wrong here? Do I really deserve this kind of treatment? I kinda regret ever bringing it up...
Take that job anon
She sounds terrible
i mean, shes not usually like this...shes normally more willing to listen...but I also dont want to just throw 5 years down the drain
Someone who discusses plans for the future with "the answer is fuck you" is someone I would think long and hard about that future with, unless you just presented it as "this is what we're going to do".

It's not wrong of you to want to have a better future, and that's a more livable wage. But just because a job pays $7.25 per hour more doesn't necessarily make it a better future. You're still not earning all that much.

Does your fiancee have a well paying job? Would she be likely to be able to get one where you'd be moving? Would you be losing proximity to your or her family (this is a major concern especially if you're thinking of having kids)? What sort of cost of living change would happen if you moved to Texas? It can be a lot more expensive to live in Texas, depending where you'd be going.
I think you should dump the gf and not move to Texas.
She’s still weighing her options, and you are already out of the race apparently.
this is the most reasonable answer
your gf slightly crazy op but more importantly
all of this is just for 7.25 per hour
if you work 40 hours a week, that's basically 290 dollars, resulting in 1160 dollar per month extra. It's alot of money, because yearly you'll make 10k extra
but at the same time you'll have wasted a year
I don't think you should do it, but I can see why you want to do it.

File: tenor.gif (371 KB, 256x192)
371 KB
371 KB GIF
I am a 22 student. Based on my face, height 5'4". I look like a fresh men. It is genetic. How can I not look like I just got straight out of high school?
some more muscle mass, a cleanly maintained facial shadow, non-cheap and/or non hipster clothes, and attitude.
Simple. Don’t act like you just got out high school. Be a man, and you will be perceived as a man, regardless of how you dress or look. This shit starts from the inside. You can’t fake it

File: haha.jpg (19 KB, 236x292)
19 KB
I'm only interested in girls who are tied to the paranormal somehow, meaning espers, wiccans and such. How do I acquire such a gf?
go to pagan festivals
this the equivalent of going to church to find a Christian girl
you know what, stay away from pagan festivals, it's already filled with retards and i doubt they could use another one

File: 220px-Sam_Hyde.jpg (12 KB, 220x170)
12 KB
ok so heres the scoop
i have a throw away PayPal account thats like -1000, what are the possibilitys that paypal and the debt collectors will track me dont and buttfuck me like a whore. if they find out if its not a real person will they even attempt to track me down?
>the PayPal account has no personal info and is only connected to more through away accounts
I have no idea because I'm a neet social retard, but interesting dilemma. Here is a bump.
I did the same thing but it was hooked up to my real name, about the same amount of money but they haven't come after me yet, been about 2 years?
Wtf you can do that? Is PayPal retarded or something
I've had PayPal call me for about 300 pounds overdrawn on my account. I cannot encourage anyone to use eBay or PayPal due to fear of chargebacks
Here's what happens:
>One of their debt collectors calls you from their HQ
>Mentions everything, asks for you to clarify your personal information
The best part here is that you can just give different information. Give a fake name or a cousins first name if you're not quick enough. They'll fail the check. You can then ask why they're calling you, and request they stop calling you
>After that, they'll start emailing you, with offers and deals to settle the debt
>If that doesn't work, they'll call you more often
>If they have an address on you, they'll send letters round
Just ignore it if there is no personal information. I've been fucked over by EBay too much to care for PayPal.

File: Sleeping in the flowers.jpg (277 KB, 850x1336)
277 KB
277 KB JPG
>be me
>24 year old girl dating a 27 year old guy
>we met two weeks ago and have gone on several dates
>we start texting about home videos, and I ask him if he has any old ones from when he was a kid
>he uploads one of them to YouTube and sends it to me
>Christmas 1995
>I have a brain fart and ask him if the 10 year in the video is him
>"Nope, that's my older brother. Nigga I ain't that old"

Do you guys think this sounds like he's simply being playful, or is he using abusive language on me?
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I cant even tell if retarded or trolling. What is even going on in the brain of the people that make these threads. I feel old.
Not even if you were black would that be abusively toned. It's clearly just a saucy explative.
Holy fuck how fucking sheltered are you? Stop being a dumb bitch
you are a dumb nigger, OP
A thread died for this. Probably a days-inactive thread, but it had more right to live than this shitheap.

File: images.jpg (7 KB, 221x228)
7 KB
>I'm talking to my girlfriend.
>She tells me that she could easily start something with my friend J.
>I tell her I could have sex with one of her best friends without any problems if I wanted to, because she always sends me signs anyway
>she's mad at me and ignored me since yesterday
Why? If she says something like that, it's all right, but I can't?
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There are things you let go and there are those you dont. Saying you could fuck my friend is one of those things you don't let go. Its disrespectful to both you and your friend. Zero tolerance for shit tests and other bullshit women come up with.
Your gf is trash. Get a new one.
>if you do, should have said something like "well i wouldn't blame him for slipping because you a dime" and then done something playfully sexual like slap her ass, or you know something along those lines, i realize how spaghetti that sample looks on paper.
>gf implies she could/would easily cheat
>"reward her with a compliment and show no ill effect!"
How to Get Cucked: A Memoir of a Faggot on /adv/
Sounds like a roastie who will cuck you sooner or later, abandon ship.

File: 1568978344289.jpg (101 KB, 1066x600)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
I never really find myself being very attracted to women. The ones who are attracted to me I usually never feel anything back for them. My past girlfriends I always felt so damn lonely around them and although they are into me I never feel anything for them. I have always had this cold feeling for love and have never felt it.

But she came along and honestly I enjoyed every moment I was around her, we could connect on different levels and we seemed to be a good fit. She acted like she was into me and I 'danced' back. Things went on smoothly and I invited her to dinner at some place but she cancelled last minute and now barely replies to my texts.

I don't get it bros, why does she got to mess with my emotions like this? The first girl who has actually brought me warmth is doing this. Is it something I did wrong? Maybe I'm being a retard for caring so much.
I haven't found anyone except her after all these years and I probably won't find anyone else so I guess I'm gonna stick solo through life for good.
do you have better things to do than think about girls
>don't show interest in girls
>they want you
>do show interest in a girl
>she doesn't want you
The lesson here is obvious, son.

Hello 4channers, I have never been on this website, but desperate times call for desperate measures. All through high school i always tons of friends and everyone liked me. I loved making people happy and seeing them laugh. Now that I’ve graduated, i have no friends at work or community college, insomnia that keeps me up till 3 am, loss of appetite that has cost me 15 pounds (down to about 120-125 range) and have no social interaction. How do I make friends? I had a couple of guys that I thought was in for the long haul with but they bullied me and kicked me out. How do I get to know people and start dating women? Is there hope? I don’t want to go to real therapy as my parents will be very worried. Thanks and peace be with you.
Start talking to other students about homework and branchout conversation from there. Same with coworkers. Find a hobby to meet people. Also, leave this website while you still can.

File: 5ylf.jpg (352 KB, 1506x2409)
352 KB
352 KB JPG
I have horrible memory. I was in a movie theater with my mother. She told me to keep the reward cup and don't throw it away. (I had two cups) She went to the restroom she comes back ask me where the reward cup. I didn't even realize I throw it away and I honestly didn't remember where I put I was looking everywhere and found in the trash. One time I was waiting for my class to start and started going to it and forgot where it was and which building. I been going there for months. Grades slipping, keep forgetting where and what class I'm walking to so I'm ending up late. Going get dropped from one of I'm late again. I can't even remember I microwave food found it 1hr late when I tried to warm up another food.
I just got help with depression then started going back to college and no this. What should I do? Is there a clinic or some kind of doctor that will help? Honestly don't know what to do. I'm not even old I'm not in my 20s
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Anything we can do to help it? I'm thinking just reading more often and getting out of the house and talking to people.
I do read and socialize. It not really helpful in this case. My memory is like only dejavu. I only remember when I see sometimes like it. It fucking annoying I'm thinking of going to the doctor but I don't know what type of doctor.
Go to a doctor dude, explain in detail what is going on. They need to run some blood tests, you could be lacking in a certain hormone or vitamin that's causing these issues.
What kind of specialist? I have insurance
Stay grounded more

File: 1551343256158m.jpg (69 KB, 1024x1023)
69 KB
>gf and I break up because our relationship is going to become a long distance one
>we still want to be friends
>time passes
>ask her how she'd feel about getting back together in the future
>"I was happy being with you and enjoyed everything we did but id feel like I would be regressing in all the steps and progress I've made."
I don't know what I should do. Those words were like a dart and it really hurt me because I still love her but she doesn't feel the same. I've told I was going to stop talking with her in the past because of my feelings for her, but that only lasted for a week and I'm thinking I should try it again.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
She's just using you right now so she doesn't feel bad and still has your stability.
Fuck dude that stings. But it sounds like she's a changed person. Best to move on I think.
File: 47c.jpg (55 KB, 816x640)
55 KB
I think she's a changed person too. When we were together and before that she had a very kind and playful personality, she was someone who easily felt bad and was very caring, which is why I fell in love . But now she just seems cold and emotionless plus her playfulness doesn't seem to be there anymore when we talk, just thinking about it hurts.
Yep you could wake up one day and women could just not like you anymore.

File: venom.jpg (31 KB, 600x315)
31 KB
I'm going to meet a bunch of people for the first time tomorrow. I'm going to be the only person there who doesn't know anyone.

I'm terrified and I'm looking for a mantra or something I can repeat to myself to make it okay and allow me to do this. "Gain confidence" or whatever isn't going to help because I can't do that in 14 hours. I don't want to just not go because it's important and I told my therapist I would. Thanks.
What kind of event is it?
A writing club
It's basically my only hope of meeting people who share my interests in my town.
File: bee_yourself.png (29 KB, 500x663)
29 KB
This unironically. You're already gonna be around people who share your interests so just talk about the stuff you have in common. And gain confidence. I know you say you can't, but you can. Just realize everyone else is like you and just beeing themselves as well. You're no worse than they are.
Speak up first thing. Don’t wait for “the right moment”. Walk right in, say “hi I’m anon”. You’ll blush, your heart will pound, but it will be over, and then you have the rest of the meeting to settle in.
I usually sing the pokemon anthem in my head. Good luck OP

File: cc1.jpg (47 KB, 619x453)
47 KB
Really thoughy this one was different, but after 4 years my girlfriend has finally cracked. As I am happy with the relationship, she wants me to be more "romantic", and take her our on more date, or possibly help her plan a trip! Because material things are what's truly important in a relationship, and in life.

Why are women like this, it's never enough. I provide a free roof over her head. I spend a lot of time with her, given up hobbies, and tried my best to lead her in a positive way. I never come home in a bad mood, but she continues to not respect me as a man, specially lately. I don't know where I'm missing the mark.. some input would be helpful.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Do you two have honest conversations about how you feel? I'd take what she says seriously and tell her what it does to you as well. I had to end a 6 year relationship with my bf because he never told me what he wanted and just gave up everything for me all the time. It made me feel really unhappy, like I was some sort of doll, and it made him resentful. If she can't handle honesty, I don't think she's worth your time to be honest.

if she's not being manipulative, then this screams to me of you not taking the lead enough in her mind.
Definitely trouble but I have never been in a healthy relationship before, so I just don't know sometimes..They make you doubt yourself over time, and it just recently has gotten to me.

Yes we do, and I mostly listen. I try not to give advice when she is venting, since ladies hate this when men try to solve their issues. But I still get accused of not listening. I am very open to discussion.

>then this screams to me of you not taking the lead enough in her mind.

Mostly my fear, but I know I can't be that guy who does fancy trips and dinners spontaneously, and loves date nights. I'm not some player anymore, who has the energy for that shit.
>Mostly my fear, but I know I can't be that guy who does fancy trips and dinners spontaneously, and loves date nights. I'm not some player anymore, who has the energy for that shit.

it may not be that involved.

it may be she's tired of initiating decisions in the relationship and wants you to.

everyone here knows the whole "Where do you want to go for dinner?" and then "You decide."

now conflate that to every decision point of the relationship.
No more mr nice guy
Read it. Stop being a doormat thinkinking if you treat people well they will do the same.

File: 1556886962554.jpg (32 KB, 750x660)
32 KB
I need help. Seriously.

I'm am one year away from my senior in Uni and I've recently transferred to a new college with a lot of people my age. I've never had many friends nor have I ever had a romantic relationship. I feel finally for once in my life to break out of my shell. The problem is when I try to I come off as awkward, intense, and rigid. I feel like I'm in the right mindset for growth but I don't have the tools to practice on my social skills with.

I'm currently a commuter but I don't intend on being one next semester. I just don't want to have my college years be a waste.

What would you guys recommend I do?
Find a group, like, actively look for groups of people. Considering that you're in college, they're mature enough to welcome new people. Even if you relate to just one person, its enough to get you familiar with a bunch of new people who are potential friends.
Yeah that's the problem. It's still early in the year so I'm hopeful. I joined a few clubs recently that'll start next week. So hopefully that'll help. Thanks.

File: 1200px-US-JobCorps-Logo.png (76 KB, 1200x1363)
76 KB
Is JobCorps worth going to?
Free training? Free Dorm? Free food? Yes it seems so.
Yeah, but pick an actually good job training, like construction, or technology.

If you just gonna go for security, or some dumb shit, itll be such a waste.

How is their IT program? Why do I feel like it would be shit lol. Nowadays you gotta be a linux cloud admin programming whiz in order to even get in. Idk what hope there is for people like me who like to click around Windows. >>21379975
Nah just go to the chair Force

File: download (1).jpg (14 KB, 239x211)
14 KB
>have been bedridden for 4 days
>Once i come home i found my GF having sex with some random dude
>Kick both of them out of my house
>She says she is sorry but it's my fault that i 'left her unattended'

She has been saying this for hours that i let her in, and she is trying to call the cops on me

Do i have any defense on this? I do have screenshots on her admitting to having sex with other guy.
If it your house and no marks of you hitting her then she got nothing on you. Leaving her attended? She not a child she and adult, she cheated on you when you was ill. Leave her keep her locked out.
Dude it's your house. It was jer fault to cheat on you.
Call her bluff with the cops thing. Her ass is going to get in trouble of they find out she's lying.
How do you come home if you are bedridden? Where were you if not in your own bed? Yet you didnt notice her and the dude being in the same house? I'm so confused. Please explain OP.

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