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File: images-1.jpg (8 KB, 259x194)
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So I got treated for my dry socket, and the doctor packed my dry sockets with gauze strips soaked in clove oil. I've left these in and forgot about them until I started eating at which point they came out. Now my sockets hurt again, as if the gauze did nothing.

Now I realize they literally gave me nothing on what to do afterward. Theres now food lodged in my sockets again, so what the fuck even is the point of packing my teeth if I cant flush the sockets out and pack them again?

Cant call their office bc they're now closed over the weekend.

What do? Did I fuck up and not leave the gauze in?
Go to an ER, they should be able to deal with emergency shit like this. People go to ERs for dental emergencies all the time to either start a root canal to aliviate pulp inflamation or teeth extraction when dealing with a dental abscess or shit like that, they should be able to do something about a dry socket.

Its nowhere near painful enough for ER, just mild discomfort.

File: IMG_0137.jpg (185 KB, 1280x960)
185 KB
185 KB JPG
I follow this friend of a friend (sorta) on social media, met him a couple of times.

He's massively unmanly. He always RTs the Kardashians, Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, the TOWIE cast etc. The most "manly" his music taste is, is Stormzy and Post Malone, both of whom pretty much every white girl loves anyway. He constantly retweets those generic Fiat 500 type girls with their "relatable" quotes. He's in his 20s but looks about 13.

Yet his Instagram pictures get shitloads of likes off girls. He's not even one of these social media celebrities, he's just a normal everyday dude. In one of his Instagram pictures in a group photo he seems to be holding the leg of a girl and kissing the foot. But how can someone so unmanly be swimming in pussy so much?
Who the fuck knows and who the fuck cares.

Stop thinking about him and do something else.
Fag hags. Also women who want to dominate a guy. And shallow bitches who are just like "he likes what I like! lol! like."

Mix it and you get pussy everywhere but nothing he can tap.
>girls bond with someone who is basically also just a girl in interest
The bad news is this is a fantastic wingman to keep around because he will galvanize you in ways previously unthought for you. Getting close is a good reward; girlboys, while not competition, are almost always privvy to shit that other girls would be, but possessed of the camaraderie of a man such that they might yield these secrets to deserving ears.

The good news is that he's not swimming in pussy. It's like a .... cock in pussy's clothing. You know? They sympathize and gel with him because he's basically one of them, and because he is sexuality is never a threat or at the fore.

No, they go to you for that, if you play your cards right. All you gotta do is not call this guy's dairy alternatives into question within earshot of him or his squadmates.

File: meganfox.jpg (136 KB, 1280x720)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
Suppose I've been dating a girl for two months. We have gone on several dates and we text all the time.
At what point do we go from "dating" to "boyfriend-girlfriend"? Should I just assume the latter at this point? Do we need to make it "official"? Should I bring it up to her or wait for her to do so (bear in mind, I want to be boyfriend-girlfriend)?
You have to talk about it.
Ok. I'll probably have to bring it up.
Will that seem too needy, or would 2 months be an appropriate amount of time into the relationship?
I would actually not ever bring it up. Let her wonder about it, let it be something that constantly occupies her mind.

"I-is he my boyfriend??", she'll think until she can't take it anymore. "Babe, we're like boyfriend and girlfriend, right?", she'll say as she cuddles up to you.

No I dont have a damn clue but this is what my gut would say.

File: 1557502477048.jpg (49 KB, 412x541)
49 KB
girl A at work
>very petite / slender
>cute with big glasses
>comes from good familly
>rich parents
>always in a good mood, trying to give happy vibes to others
>a bit gullible/playing dumb
>don't go out that much, at least not in degenerate shit
>no known boyfriend
>a bit naive even if she is smart
>always in a very good mood but can be boring

girl B a work
>less slender but somewhat fat

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The non-jew.

File: 1558622763964.gif (740 KB, 300x242)
740 KB
740 KB GIF
What kind of sarcastic suicide note should I write ? I'm thinking of "That's all folks" or "And nothing of value was lost"
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I like those. Picture of fat Viking bitch singing. Or ha ha, I beat you.
Thanks anon
>"That's all folks"
I like that one, maybe you could write the weblink to a clip of porky pig saying that, but shorten the url so anyone finding the note will go to the address and be surprised it’s a vid
"Shama lama ding dong."

It adds a nice bit of confusion for the reader.
Isn't it bugs bunny who says this ?

File: 1556826455529.jpg (41 KB, 600x412)
41 KB
I'm not depressed, I just feel indifferent to almost everything. Is there any way to reignite my joy for life?
Probably, but I don't know how to do it for you specifically.
Find why you are feeling hollow. There is always a reason. From there, fix it or move past it.

I was hollow but I realized it was due to a shit upbringing and feeling alone. I got over myself, realized I wasn't to blame and tried to make friends. The first time I actually had someone say they were happy to see me I cried. The hollowness was gone at last.

Take the time to figure it out. It will hurt and you won't like looking at yourself as you won't like what you see. It's worth it, though.

File: 1558629397654.jpg (103 KB, 1346x738)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
What will happen to me if i strart only sleeping 4 hours a night?
Will each rest be better as im sleep deprived,thus gradually getting better and better sleeps?
I currently sleep 10 hours.
I want to spend the extra 6 hours doing something.(watching anime)
I sleep reclined,never lying down. one of my goals is lucid dreaming,which is said to happen more when you sleep less.
You will be tired throughout the day.
As long as it's just once, you're just going to be super tired and in need of caffeine. Don't make a habit of this, as it's not really something to brag about (sorry Elon) and it's bad for your health. Apparently the human brain needs REM sleep. Ever hear of that Russian experiment where they denied the participants sleep? Bad things happened.
Humans need a certain amount of sleep , approx. about 7 - 8 hours, to recover and getting you fit for the next day. If necessary/wanted you can undergo this limit, but practicing this for a long period of time will slowly exhaust and destroy your body. And let me tell you that 4 hours per night is WAY not enough. Only sleeping 4 hours won't give your body the time to fully recover, leaving you exhausted, weak and kinda numb. Also it can't adjust itself to less sleep. Sleep is one of our 4 primal needs and cutting short on it, will result in serious problems. Try to reduce to 8 hours, already saves you 2 hours.
Only a few gifted can sleep 4 hours
Did it for the last year of high school. It made me lose all motivation and amplified negative feelings. Sometimes I slip into it again because I hate sleeping and it's difficult to function when I get in that pattern.
I recommend 8 as well.

Is it possible to go through your whole life without sex and still be mentally ok? Or what age to you crack at?
18 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I mean you could... but would that be a life worth living?
You don't so much crack as just whither and fade away.

I dab in tabletop games and I see what happens to the "just focus on your hobbies bro" crowd. They end up 45 years old, hanging out with a bunch of people at least half their age, with absolutely no friends and no one that cares about them.

I'm sure that there are also 45 year olds virgins that are like super good doctors or scientists or whatever and have a good group of friends, but the majority of adult virgins are just stuck in a meaningless life. ESPECIALLY this upcoming generation that was raised on fucking 4chan.
You don't get what you want. You get what you get.
>You get what you accept, through your sheer will alone anything is possible.
What if I lack will? What if I don't really know what I want?
Or rather, what if I know what I want, but I can't express it out of sheer mind numbing fear and so I'd rather suppress my will than face my fears? For me the rabbit hole goes deeper than just "I'm afraid to ask a girl out".

This post is spooky af.

File: 1527462258331.jpg (318 KB, 681x1309)
318 KB
318 KB JPG
I'm always in my own head. Overthinking everything and it gets in the way of so much.

I've lived in isolation for a long time but want to start making friends again. When I try interacting with others, I'm not present because I'm in my own head, and it just makes things awkward because I'm thinking too much to be able to really connect with others. When I try to relax and stop overthinking, I don't seem to be able to.

How do I stop doing this in general, and in social situations?
It takes some work but once you get it it’s like melting butter if that makes sense. Because you’ve been isolated, you no longer feel at ease or comfortable around other people. All you have while isolated is your own thoughts and whatever tireswings/toys the zookeepers give you. So when in public and you start getting in your head, especially when you’re aware of it, you only go deeper and just can’t exist and live in the moment

First, breath nigga.

Second, just make eyecontact and nod or say hello to people. It makes this weird moment of acknowledgement between the two of you and that puts you in the moment. Go out and do physical shit with friends(after you make them), just playing football or frisbee puts you in the moment. Just like you became comfy isolating, you need to get comfy socializing again
Don't take yourself so serious. Learn to laught at the idea that you can, need or feel like changing anything. Accept that these sensations arrive, and then simply welcome them and let them pass through. They only stick when you give them resistance or embrace them.

It's called letting go.
Whatever you do dont get into gay conversations at bars
When I'm alone and that happens talking out loud to myself, and asking what's wrong and having a full conversation, helps.
When there's people around, like friends and not strangers, sometimes it helps to remember that they're trying and they don't know what's going on in my head. You've gotta be self aware enough to see it's you putting yourself in a weird space and not them.
Maybe you shouldn't see attributes of your personality as negatives with no positives. It's not a bad thing to overthink things. Some people appreciate it when your head isn't vacuous, and some times things out to be thought through. Sure, excess is one thing, but I'm sure that's something you can work through the more experiences you get. If anything, thinking of your thinking as a bad is only going to start up a spiral of negative thinking. Accept that you're a thoughtful motherfucker and stop letting normies tell you how you should operate your own damned brain.

Thoughts aren't bad. Even negative thoughts have their place. Make thoughts and share them with others and make sure to focus on good thoughts and to not let negative thoughts linger too long.

File: 1558726937116.jpg (8 KB, 257x247)
8 KB
Breaking up with my live in gf of 4 years. Took her virginity and she stayed in the country for me. Is there anything I can say that will ease it or is this just going to be a shit show?
Shit show.
What is the reason for it

File: 3232.jpg (31 KB, 630x455)
31 KB
What are the chances that a drug test in a clinic was wrong? They found fentanyl in my gf which im sure didnt take any drugs, she made me quit them. Even tho she has a million reasons to do them. The next day she took another test and it was negative. Am i wrong? Or are they?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
could be a false positive, they have lots of causes and some degree of probability, google false positive for more info
>sciece is never wrong.
>sciece is never wrong.
Someone didn’t read their David Hume
I know science is not wrong, im referring to the possible human error

File: b3uiy37bjo211.png (213 KB, 1280x762)
213 KB
213 KB PNG
How to trace an instagram stalker? I've already got the IP cuz he/she clicked on my logger but idk how to get the exact location or more details

File: 54845401_p2.jpg (62 KB, 600x563)
62 KB
How do I stop being paranoid and neurotic about the idea of people approaching and harassing me or doing things to mock me in public spaces? Just knowing it's something that will rarely happen doesn't help.
File: 1496184199696.png (942 KB, 800x600)
942 KB
942 KB PNG
Know how to react or defend yourself in such a situation.
Find out what makes you paranoid, work on it. CBD oil will help
Realize that you aren’t that important.

How can improve my emotional/mental health? ( I get physical health by working out)
Depends on whats wrong with you.
easy you stop pretending and fuck off

File: 1558668663161.jpg (103 KB, 789x830)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
what should I do? when I go to sleep sometimes I have dreams of events that really happened or really happen afterwards, and sometimes I'll have very detailed hyper-realistic dreams that turn out to actually be real. I'll wake up not knowing if something actually happened or not. for instance I got into an altercation with a neighbor that I thought was a dream but he referenced it later so I guess it's officially canonical now? also during the day when I'm awake it sometimes feels like I'm experiencing time out of order, scenes will suddenly change like I'll be out in the town and then immediately at home with no explanation, and then the stuff I did while out in town will happen later. life is starting to seem more and more like an acid trip, it's really confusing and disorienting, what should I do?
also fwiw I don't do any kind of drugs except caffeine, alcohol, weed, an SSRI (prescribed), and dextroamphetamine (not prescribed but I need it to function), I used to do coke and MDMA and LSD and DMT all the time but I stopped so why is this still happening now?
I really like this picture.
Talk to your doctor. You're on an amphetamine for fuck's sake.
I didn't tell my doc about the dextro bc I figure he might stop prescribing my SSRIs if he knew I was taking them. I also recently upped my dosage of dex from 30mg to 60mg to get more bang for my buck, but Idk if that's responsible, I've never heard of amphetamines having symptoms like these. this is more like when I was talking acid or ketamine, but literally all the time, it's really worrying.

also recently I've been getting these dark flashes in my eyes, like there are veins or cracks of pure blackness right at the forefront of my vision. I went to see my optometrist but she said my eyes are perfectly fine and "it's probably just stress" so Idk.

I found the picture from another /adv/ thread last night, a lot of times I can't sleep from all the stims so I just stay up till like 7-8 am browsing 4chan and other internet forums until I can pass out for 3-5 hours.
also I know that sounds bad, but I checked with my friend who's a pharmacology major and he says there's no negative interactions between any of the substances I'm on and that it should be fine, so I don't know what the issue is
like for instance I'm out in public now and I was just at home and suddenly I'm at this bus stop like 45 minutes away, just instantly like that, I was planning to go out to visit my friend but this bus stop isn't near where she lives at all, it's like in the middle of nowhere, what the fuck

it's been particularly bad for the past few days because I've been sick with a summer cold and taking like 2 bottles of robotussin a day, the weird time skips happen even more often and there are times when I see multiple versions of events superimposed at the same time and can't tell which is real

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