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The more I look into current feminist trends the more I get confused.

How is it possible to be a “feminist”/ “good” man?

Feminism essentially means to make things more in line with general female preferences.

In is very clear that women prefer tough stronger men, but an ideal “feminist male” is to be accommodating and unthreatening in ever way.

How are these compatible?

You are also not suppose to approach women, thereby weaponizing your masculinity, but women love men to court them romantically.

This barely scratches the surface of all the obvious contradictions.

What am I make any of this? I have completely lost track of what is considered appropriate or not
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Try to stop thinking in stereotypes and approach women individually as people instead of a hivemind.
You know you're right when you're misspelling the word 7 times in a row
File: 642b37db.gif (212 KB, 269x200)
212 KB
212 KB GIF
It's the CURRENT YEAR and you're still taking feminists seriously?
File: maxresdefault.jpg (79 KB, 1280x720)
79 KB
Don't be an autistic asshole and also don't rape or molest anyone and you'll be alright dude chill out

You can say hi to girls as long as you're not being a fuckin creep and trying to imitate pua tactics
you can be strong and tough and be accommodating and unthreatening at the same time

if you dont understand how you just have autism dude im sorry

just chill out and dont be a creep and nobody will have a problem with you

(like nigga if you dont understand how to be tough without being threatening you just have a micropenis like wtf)

File: dTcAHZc.jpg (67 KB, 800x857)
67 KB
Guys, I've had the first date with some girl on last saturday, and went great, we kissed, held hands etc. The next day (sunday) she called me and asked me when our next date should be, and said she really hopes to see me and kiss me again.

Fast forward on Tuesday, I called her, and her phone was switched off, I called her today, and her phone is still switched off. The fuck should I do? I also have her home's number, but not sure if I should call her up

Anyone? ;-(
If she wants to get in touch with you, she will. In the mean time, focus on your own things. Give it a few weeks, if you don't hear from her, cut bait and move on to the next. I was in a similar spot at the first of the year.
Call her home idiot she might be looking for you anxiously but doesn't have your phone number and her phone doesn't work numb nuts

That thought went through my head too, she might lost her phone or some shit.

I guess ill give her a few days, if she dosent show up, ill call her home. After all, its better to know she doesnt want to hang out with me rather keep wondering what happened, for the rest of my life.

Of men acting like bitches. How do I solve this interpersonal issue without taking lsd every day.
You're a dude? Hang out with men who aren't women with a penis.

If you're a woman? Same shit. And don't do LSD purely as an attempt to escape it as that's not addressing you're issue, anon.
>men acting like bitches

Okay but which ones though are you mad at right wing incels or left wing male feminists or some other ones or what
How would taking lsd every day in any way fix this problem

File: maxresdefault.jpg (42 KB, 348x358)
42 KB
Something's been bothering me since basically forever. I'm a college kid and I've never really had a girlfriend. I'm normal in literally every other way - I go to parties twice a week, have lots of friends, can hold a conversation well, do well in class, etc. I've just never had a real girlfriend; I have kissed a girl before and tried to start something once but she initiated it and then she ended it after like 2 weeks, then she restarted it two weeks later, then I ended it two weeks after that because she was acting really weird / distant / annoying.

What do you think it is? I think I look like a fairly average guy, like a 7/10 in looks, and I talk to girls all the time and have many friends who are girls. Part of it could be that I go to a hook-up focused college and I don't like just hooking up, or that I feel like I have kind of strict standards for attractiveness, but I know that ultimately it's my fault, that I'm doing something wrong. Any advice? I'd appreciate anything. The thing is that I feel like it's become my main goal in life now to get a girlfriend so that I feel like I'm finally up to par for my age, and also perhaps because despite my large friend circle I feel somewhat lonely. At the same time, is that making me desperate? How can I overcome this? Again, please, anything would be greatly helpful.
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Yes, I would say so. I'm usually very clear about it, but the thing is that sometimes I feel like I'm too clear about it. For example, with the girl I mentioned in the OP, she didn't really want a relationship yet which ultimately led to us breaking off, but since then I've witnessed many of my guy friends have similar situations but make it anyway because they just continued to hang out with the girl and occasionally hook up instead of breaking it off. Also, all my friends (of both genders) do know how I feel about hook ups.

I feel you deeply
Well - do you ask girls out? Do you try to get to know girls on any meaningful level?
File: 1545765163842.jpg (35 KB, 484x497)
35 KB
Exact same problem as you OP. I'm past the point of being miserable about it now. These days it's more like a subtle, warm sadness. Like that feeling of melancholy you get when you listen to sad music that you really love.
Not really - I haven't really liked a girl in particular in a while, so idk if me not asking anyone out is because of that or if I'm just making excuses for myself. Is it strange that oftentimes I find myself being attracted to a girl mostly after I learn they're already attracted to me (within limits, if they were already decent looking I mean)?

>Do you try to get to know girls on any meaningful level?

That's something I know I have to work on. I was a very (falsely) arrogant person growing up, and though I'm confident that I've humbled myself since, I still can be egocentric (in the literal sense, I feel like I don't naturally concentrate on the thoughts or feelings of others much) at times, which I know needs to change. Again though, I feel like I haven't met a person in particular who I'm really interested in as a person in some time now.

How to find dealers on grindr
File: IMG_20180820_193837_685.jpg (336 KB, 1532x1532)
336 KB
336 KB JPG
Its pretty easy mayne. If you cant let on in the first few messages that you wanna g on then give up. They use the tree leaf emoji a lot.
What if I want something like ice, not 420? Can I put something on my title to attract them?
just ask for it in your title

Or put the time into learning how to buy off markets safely. Quality control on there is insane compared to the streets.
just say you like to party and play like the rest of the meth bois on grindr. don't forget the obnoxious capitalized T.

Ok so im depressed,talentless,obese and dont know what to do with my life?Any ideas or hobbies I could do?
none. It's over for you.
Start with the one of those that's the most simple (note, not easy, but simple) to change:

Hiking is good. The heavier you are, the more fat you'll burn off.
Start going to the gym. Eat properly and lift big
That's how I felt with my life in my late teen year's. It's not too late. If you can afford a gym membership, why not join a gym ? It could also be a hobbie, you can meet people there , and work on your self confidence there. Also it's alright to not know what to do, I've taken college classes with classmates in their 70s who probably didn't know what they were doing at my age.

File: 1550514970640.jpg (104 KB, 800x1067)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
I want to prostitute myself for fetish and financial reasons. How do I go about this without getting poz'd, killed, robbed etc...?
Google search where in your city gay prostitutes hang out. Then go there and walk around like a little slut, someone will approach you or call you over to their car.

File: scream.png (475 KB, 688x480)
475 KB
475 KB PNG
So I'm a singer in the baritone-bass range and I'm also a huge fan of metal. Unfortunately, my voice is more old-school (sort of in the Bing Crosby territory).

Is there any way I can develop a harsher, cooler sounding voice? The first one that comes to mind is Joe Duplantier from Gojira.
Nope, sorry.

File: ifonly.jpg (28 KB, 640x641)
28 KB
I feel like my mind isn't ready for a relationship even though I am 27. I have actually never been in one but every time I think about being in one.. I get scared or worried. I am a very boring guy. I go to work, go to gym come home and just relax. I like laying across my bed and just chilling listening to music. Sometimes read a book or play a game. I don't think women my age dig that in men. I am not very active in terms of "going out". I am active in terms of going to the gym but thats it.

I feel very detached from most women. I do like women but I believe I would only like one to just lay in bed with me. Not even talking sexually. I just want to lay in bed with a woman. Is that fucked up? Am I fucked up? I often feel like my brain is just not healthy. Other men my age want to fuck every woman that moves. I hardly ever want to have sex ONLY with a woman. I do find women attractive but I would never have sex with a woman I just met or something. I need a connection I guess?

Anyway, What are my options? I don't feel healthy at all and would like to spend some time with a woman I guess but my personality/ lifestyle seems fucked.
Exact same situation. No idea
Your interests aren't really all that important. Girls are't even into male hobbies anyways, so even if you had more hobbies she'd only be interested in it as a means of connecting with you. What's more important is that you're an enjoyable person to sit around doing nothing with.

The rest of it, like just wanting a woman to lie next to you in bed, is pretty weird. Maybe kys? I don't know, I just feel like that's where you're trying to steer yourself.

damn. thanks for the support I guess then. I feel like shit for feeling this way towards women. I do think I enjoy female company than I do male company though. I just like being around women but I guess I don't want any of the shitty parts of a relationship. Like them getting pissed if I forget to bring them food or some shit. Little shit like that. I would never get angry if a significant other forgot my birthday or forgot to bring me food or didn't ask if I was hungry or something.

why is it weird though? I just want a woman to lay in bed with me. Sex is weird to me I guess. I wouldn't mind I think but I just can't imagine myself having sex which is strange because I masturbate a lot. Also, sex to me is connected to many things I have deemed very bad. Like c potential child birth before I am ready, diseases and other weird shit. I just don't want to get caught up in a bunch of shitty problems.

Im dating a white christian girl, i took her virginity after a couple months of dating and while fucking she said (fuck now i have to marry you). And im nort really into that, any thougths anons?
File: jc shrug.jpg (134 KB, 910x822)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
>thoughts anons?
Not really. Stay with her if you want, otherwise leave her.
bitching about a christian girl wanting to marry you after sex is like bitching that you stuck your hand in a tiger cage and got bit. please don't reproduce.
She sounds like she's not exactly thrilled at the prospect of marriage either. I'm not sure what the problem is.

File: 1548441699912.png (514 KB, 532x582)
514 KB
514 KB PNG
Any one here date someone that was previously married before? Is it different then dating someone who wasn't? Ive been dating this girl for 3 months now. She has an ex husband, I've never dated anyone before her. No kids. We are both 29. They were together 5 years. Things between us are going pretty good I guess but it feels kinda weird after she told me this. Can I expect any future drama?
One more bump before bed.
Thank you.

File: 1482857393208.png (134 KB, 500x375)
134 KB
134 KB PNG
late 20s anon here. going through a rough patch. feeling pretty isolated and want to talk to some people to just talk with, maybe play some games and share some stupid ass hipster tunes. is there any kind of /adv/ group for this? probably a long shot, but /soc/ is an absolute shit show.
hipster tunes are gay and I hate faggots. maybe someone else will want to hang out with you. enjoy your bump
File: 1516174214174.png (287 KB, 603x800)
287 KB
287 KB PNG

alright youtube me something good here. thanks for the bump.
There actually is
Dont be a stranger and drop by. Or find different server, it all depends on your tastes.
File: 1546966816383.png (428 KB, 402x586)
428 KB
428 KB PNG

cool, i'll check it out. anyone else got anything? i've met some good anons from here long in the past so i figure i may as well try again.

File: stop-anxiety-attacks.jpg (87 KB, 1200x630)
87 KB
I hardly ever get these, but I had an anxiety attack today, I am willing to bet I have underlying depression so I want to get off my ass and do something about it.

Unfortunately, thinking about doing something is so overwhelming I actually panicked. What should I do? I am 18, I want a job, I work out, but I want to improve the quality of my life.

More friends, gain wealth, move out feel like an adult, get laid more often.

How may I cope with stress? I am lost on what to do. I fear as if I don't take action soon I will be stuck in this hell hole. I hardly ever get these, but I had an anxiety attack today, I am willing to bet I have underlying depression so I want to get off my ass and do something about it.

Unfortunately, thinking about doing something is so overwhelming I actually panicked. What should I do? I am 18, I want a job, I work out, but I want to improve the quality of my life.

More friends, gain wealth, move out feel like an adult, get laid more often.

How may I cope with stress? I am lost on what to do and if I don't do something now I will be stuck in this rut.
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Wow; such a genius idea. Why didn't I think of that?
Sure, it could work. Try it, if it works, then great. If not, then try something else?
Absolutely; I am not giving up without a fight.
Godspeed anon; when you get out of this tunnel, you will have the strength and knowledge to guide others who will be in the same situation as you are now. Good luck
Thank you, anon. I am going to help any poor chap that needs helping. It's my duty. Nobody should feel like this at all.

>be me, 18 y/o femanon
>taking care of my nephew from 9am-5:40pm Mon-Sat (without pay bc family and they I still live with them, and his mom/my sister works full time)
>kissless virgin
>never had an actual bf or gf
>only 3 guys ever shown interest in me in my entire teen life
>first guy breaks it off before a month of seeing each other
>second guy goes off to college (and we have an on/off again when he visits home)
>third guy only likes me bc we share the same interests
>not doing too well academically
>babysitting nephew even with the help of my mom and brother it’s becoming repetitive and I’m getting to the end of my rope
>try to hang out with friends when I can
>they’re all ppl who think being chill and hiding your emotions is “cool”
>I’m the only outwardly affectionate friend who gives ppl emotional support
>none of my friends (except one who lives thousands of miles away from me) returns emotional support and general happiness and excitement about things

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
you don't have any real world experience yet. at least wait until you do.
>third guy only likes me bc we share the same interests
HAHA awkward betas who NEED their gfs to have the same interests as them BTFO
Sorry but your family is exploiting you. If they don't pay you then quit. You are essentially a slave forced to raided a child when you are supposed to be living your own life.
You may want to start thinking about it is exactly where/what you want to do, and push yourself to it. Life always feels better when you have something you want to do. Make a list Anon, what do you want to do?

Also, all friends show affection different ways. Don't abandon your friends, but also find people who feel similarly to you. I almost made the mistake of thinking I could only have one friend group, and it almost ruined my relationship with both groups.
Also 9-5 baby sitting without pay for 6 days a week is not a good idea. How do you have time for school and anything else? Talk with your family about this.

>fat, 92kg
>short, 163cm or 5'3''
>tiny penis, fully erect barely sticks out of my small hands
>uncurable lifelong chronic depression, live on sickbucks/neetbucks, no motivation to even attempt to get a job, barely able to pay rent and food
>even having a gf is mostly a been there done that experience, broke up with ex over 4 years ago
>spend every day just looking at the internet or playing vidya with my younger, successful brother

Tell me why I should try to improve myself or do anything really. Even if someone seriously likes me I am convinced that nobody wants me around so I shut everyone out. Warmth makes me angry, exercising makes me sweaty and itchy and as such enraged quickly. Eating healthier depresses me harder, can barely do a diet for a week before I give up. Fasting is too stressful and difficult. I pretty much exclusively drink pepsi max, rarely water. I can lift 20x5 per arm 5kg dumbbells without hurting but I also never seem to get stronger so I lose motivation and forget to bother.
I am convinced that if I was normal weight (65~ kg at my height) most of my problems would be easy to fix. My ugliness, laziness, lardiness etc has been my most destructive enemy for my whole life, but I just can't seem to do it.

What do? No an hero, that's never gonna happen no matter how down I feel.

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