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What makes a man attractive to women?
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I'm lucky in that I got the whole package. Good looks, funny, confident, high social status. But even so it takes a lot of patience and trying. Most girls you will never get to meet in real life.

Hmm i am funny and confident with people i already know. But with girls because i have near to zero experience i just either get overeager or stay too passive.

Not sure what you mean by social capital though exactly?
I have a good career going and have accomplished a lot in my life

Ha, i preferred to have a quieter calmer life than most. Doesnt seem to be the most attractive thing for girls.

Oh well at least i have a good amount of friends and travel abroad several times a year, so i got those going for me. Feels like it would be more fun to do those with a SO though?
Every single girl i ever approached at a club/frat party was magically gay.

The most recent approach went like this
>be at bar. See pretty girl so i buy a beer and approach.
>Hey take this beer.
>scans me over and takes beer
>makes one normal statement while she takes sip
>get told "anon I'm gay"
why did she take my beer then?

My GF is permanently unavailable for sex. She's always working. Works 12-13 hrs a day in the office. Then She comes back home (sort of lives at my place), she's dead and goes to sleep. Repeat til friday.
From Friday night til Sunday night she has very little time even for herself because she just has more work to do from home. I basically spend the weekend nights almost alone , have dinner, then she has to resume working til late in the night while I'm already asleep.

The fuck should I do? Having sex or intimate time must be not even in her first 100 priorities. The stress from wageslaving incessantly and overlapping timelines must have fucked up her hormones so much that one time we tried having intercourse and she couldn't even get wet. We had to stop trying cause I could tell her mind wasn't even there.
Other times I propose it or initiate , she says she's not in the mood/doesn't have time or just plainly stops me.

I'm blueballed beyond belief and my brain can't thing about anything else. Should I tell her that I'm going to look for fuck buddies or straight hookers?
I'm at wits end here lads.
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>She cant spare you 20 minutes for some fuk?
if you are completely focused on working and you still think about it while at home then you just dont have the mindset for some fucking
I agree with this 100%. Girlfriends don't just "not fuck".
Almost certainly trye
Sounds like she’s already decided to not be in a relationship. Might as well formalize it and move on.
Dubs confirm.

File: 1549038191519.png (209 KB, 1054x526)
209 KB
209 KB PNG
Get a real job, spergy neet

I'm a 20yr old black guy who hates being alive and doesn't want children. Would it be wise to get a vasectomy/castration?

I can't get it in Ireland so I would probably have to go to Mexico
Ireland outlaws vasectomy? what kind of garbage is that?!
Or just don't have sex.. Porn is better anyways
Mexico seems far. I would have thought britain or germany would be open to that kind of thing (and more convenient). And yeah I guess if you're not cut out to be a father you might as well finalize that. You can get it reversed if you change your mind within a few years.
If you hate your life you have better things to worry about than the condition of your dick. Go do something worthwhile.

No, they don't but as an 18-30yr old, it might as well not exist. doctors won't consider it.

File: sadwobbufett.gif (55 KB, 248x248)
55 KB
I want to spend more time with my little brother but all he does is play fortnite when he is here (I live with dad and he lives with mom but he is here almost every week). When we are out he just wants to get home so he can play games. I've tried telling dad he is addicted but he lets him play as much as he wants because at mom's he doesnt get to play at all
Play fortnite with him, he’d appreciate that probably. Hopefully when he’s older he’ll realize the importance of spending time with family. Happened to me at least, at 11 or 12 all that was on my mind was minecraft and stuff like that

File: FB_IMG_1554481912664.jpg (53 KB, 720x765)
53 KB
So i just poorly dried out some rolling baccy that had been essentially soaked through, chopped it up into a bong mix for myself and now ive smoked it im really not high.

So what im basically asking is too what degree of retard have i been and should this get me high if i smoke the rest of it or have i wasted the weed

File: Thinking_Face_Emoji.png (111 KB, 640x640)
111 KB
111 KB PNG
Am I a bad person for not NOT banging a woman who is married with kids?
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
So.... You are a home wrecker?
The woman obviously needed some dick and you denied her the D. She will get it else where. So if it's not you, then someone else is going to get lucky.
Therefore, might as well be you.
Bang the kids?
I think you might have misunderstood me. I had the option of not banging her, but I choose to do it. Does that make me a bad person?
No. Sex is sex. People don't belong to each other, cheating is just another concept the religious white bois who also made marriage a thing to keep women repressed.

What do? I have a headache right now.
Drink a lot of water, do some light cardio, and eat something. You will just have to ride it out, been there before dude.
Take a Tylenol.

File: laughing-pepes.png (694 KB, 798x770)
694 KB
694 KB PNG
>dad suddenly decides to become a police and apply for such
>shows up drunk to his own breathalyzer trainer
I love you, dad.
Go back to /b/

File: 1539560531498.png (68 KB, 250x250)
68 KB
My girlfriend wants me to be a super dominate guy,she wants to be a stay at home mom, when we fuck she says do what ever you want with me, and she wants me to plan any outing we do. I feel like cant be so dom though, I feel like a douche for doing this, I always ask her are you sure you dont have a preference, and she like whatever you want and she smiles. I should like this but I want to show her I like her and she should have some say.
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Come up with a safeword, dude. Healthy relationships are all about communication. She's obviously attracted to a strong and leading man. It can be a turn off when there's hesitation - it breaks all the tension and excitement coming from domination. Like I said, sit down with her and come up with a safeword. If in any case she reaaally wants you to stop, you absolutely stop when she says your designated safeword. Otherwise, you know she's fine with whatever you're doing. You'll be alright. Just have a little more confidence. It's very considerate of you to think of her in this way, but you can be both dominate and loving.
tell her you want her to be dominant for a day because it's your choice and you want her to be the one making the decisions for once. tell her she doesn't have a say in this. lol
Start small. Agree to a "I'm in charge" night in and out of bed if tomorrow is a "Lady's choice" night with you following her instructions. You might both discover new roles you like
File: 1552463937766.jpg (209 KB, 1920x1200)
209 KB
209 KB JPG
This is why being a submissive beta male sucks. Women want to be the submissive ones and it's fucking BORING. They want you to do all the work. And if you ever slip up and get to be the sub, she will leave you for someone more dominant in a fucking second.

The thing here is you need to be honest if you like to be submissive with yourself. And if you do, then this relationship won't work! You will be burying your desires for her and that isn't fair.

Being a submissive male is a thing, but few women out there will tolerate it. Kinda lame.
Quit being a bitch and give her what she wants. Or don’t and she’ll find someone who can.

File: IMG_-jjeeo6.jpg (40 KB, 285x281)
40 KB
how to not be terrified of climate change because it's fucking me up
Please elaborate
Its not real
Climate change is real, it has been happening since the beginning of time. I hope that helps.
Whenever I have those feelings I repeat a line from Marcus Aurelius
>For all things soon pass away and become a mere tale, and oblivion soon buries them.
And if that doesn't help I'll just read that whole chapter, which is Book 4. Helps me come to terms with mortality, ceasing to exist, the eventual end of all things, "lasting contributions" to the world being a farce, and other such notions.
Learn the science and realize that humans have no significant effect on climate change.

Milankovitch cycles are pretty significant in understanding climate change in relation to ice ages, and the current interglacial period.

File: vm00lmbztel21.jpg (310 KB, 1080x777)
310 KB
310 KB JPG
I'm a very tall guy, 6'4 but I have a really small dick. It's like 4 inches hard
How do I get a good looking gf with this?
Also I'm a 20 year old shut-in khv, not an ince tho I just haven't tried to get laid
49 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
Learn how to eat bussy good. Fug after she nudd.
>It’s the validation, it’s the good feeling that we could get from their praise.
what a pathetic beta you are
Chads don’t get to feel that way because they’re already big. That’s what being high test mean.

File: angry.jpg (39 KB, 600x458)
39 KB
I very seldom get angry and I consider myself a pretty calm person for the most part.

However when I do get angry at people I lose control of myself and get all shaky from the adrenaline to the point where i lose my ability to express my thoughts.
I wish I could get angry or upset at people without completely losing my cool.
Any advice on how to deal with this?
1.Identify the stimulus for anger, without confusing it with the evaluation.

2.Identify the internal image or judgment that is making you angry.

3.Transform this judgmental image into the need that it is expressing; in other words, bring your full attention to the need that is behind the judgment.

Sounds like a bullshit notion designed to enforce the status quo.
I agree but also, there is the reality of the situation that justice must be served on a physical level as well. Without this, our physical vessels (body) will not be around as people are still savages and want to harm. Courts of Law are important to keep people safe.
Where are you finding these images? I tend to agree with them. Obviously some reservations, but it just a strange thing to spam the board with these

Justice is a school shooter putting lead through all the bullies who made his life a living hell.
This. The weak should fear the strong

Is blogging lucrative at all if you don‘t want to scam people with „online courses“, „ebooks“, other products or annoy them with adds, sponsored content/links and such?
Well, what you've mentioned is a good income stream for many blogs. If you have another idea on how to get income from a blog, though, definitely try it out and let us know how it goes.

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