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File: tomoo.jpg (16 KB, 300x300)
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My bf broke up with me over 3 weeks ago over something I did, it wasn't cheating. We dated for 2 years. He said he wants to be friends with me and talk normally which he did over the past three weeks. We really loved each other and had a great time in the relationship. We both wanted to get married and were great for each other. But now he dumped me. I want him back. I'm wondering if these are signs that he wants me back? When we were talking he said that he feels really really sad all of the time and that he just wants to work on himself on the meantime. Conversation progressed and later I said I didn't want him to contact me anymore but if he really needed to he could. And he got mad at me for saying that. Do I have any hope that he'll want me back? Can I do anything about it?
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So you were on a "break" and cheated on your guy.
He broke up because once a cheater always a cheater. Usually break means break from being each other and any other guy/girl. It doesn't mean you are broken up. Unless you guys had conditions and allowed..you cheated. I'd dump you too. Once a cheater always a cheater.
Read a bit of this thread and my advice is give it a month and tell him how you feel. Don't tell him the tactics you've been using and see where that takes you.
Also tell us what ye did
He cheated as well. She did the same thing as revenge.

Both fucking suck and deserve each other.
Tip for everyone in this thread: Once resentment for your partner grows so much that you feel like you have to hurt them back in some way you are better off just breaking up immediately rather than acting on it.
Not only does it reflect bad on your own character and towards future partners (cheating as revenge is still cheating and you are simply putting yourself on the same low level) but the eventual guilt could pull you back into a toxic relationship “but anon we both made mistakes!” continued by the same cycle.

Thanks for listening to my PSA
If he was your real sweetie then you shouldn't give up hope. If he was just a boyfriend, you can let it go now.

File: 792121.png (447 KB, 1000x563)
447 KB
447 KB PNG
I'm 18 and I've just come to realize that it's hard to pleasure myself when masturbating because I was circumcised when I was young because of the mother fucking catholic church and their fear of masturbation. I'm getting really depressed about it and I'm wondering if I should just kill myself or if their is a way to get my foreskin back.
You fell for some meme, stop caring about that
So am I just bad? Like it's hard to pleasure myself the normal way I need to use my special technique to make myself cum and I'm wondering when the day I loose my virginity if I'll even feel pleasure or pleasure her. My size is no issue but the circumcision worries me.
Stop fucking linking to this from my /r9k/ thread
Fuck /r9k/ I'm actually worried about this and I want some actual advice instead of a misery circlejerk
Circumcision has nothing to do with religion. It was originally lobbied as public policy in ancient Sumer by candle manufacturers as a way to sell stockpiles of fats as lube.

File: 1511141687030.png (70 KB, 852x944)
70 KB
What makes a hobby a good hobby? I mean considering that everything we do is basically a time waster until we die and nothing has true meaning, how do you know if your hobbies are good enough?
how about you don't give a fuck about what a "good" hobby is and instead you do what you like? That's a good hobby
>What makes a hobby a good hobby?
Are you having fun/enjoying it? Yes, it is a good hobby. No, it’s not a good hobby
I mean considering that everything we do is basically a time waster until we die and nothing has true meaning, how do you know if your hobbies are good enough?
Negro, hobbies are activities to clear our minds, to have something else besides sleep,work/study, repeat, if you’re enjoying the activity or whatever you’re doing, it is good enough for you,
A good hobby is one that you enjoy.

Don't buy into memes anon. Hobbies don't have to be "useful", or make money, or anything. You just have to enjoy yourself in your spare time. :)
Yep this right here. Literally anything you enjoy doing that has a positive impact on your life is a hobby.
Good enough for what? Sounds like you have some criteria you're not talking about.

File: 1579141748142.png (605 KB, 780x525)
605 KB
605 KB PNG
Ok so my girlfriend says she is asexual but she was the one who asked me out. Don't people who are asexual not persue relationships? My last girlfriend also said she was asexual but wanted to fuck me when we got close so im kinda confused. Any asexual people can help me understand?
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she thought she liked you but found out that she didn't and now wants to get rid of you without hurting your feelings
simple as
She said she was asexual way before asking me out
You think she will be pleased to know that you wanted to have sex all along, that you were pretending, waiting to take advantage of her at some point?
Its not like I am going to rape her if she doesn't have sex dude
not quite, she may have underlying health (physical/mental) issues making her unable to enjoy sex, let alone have sexual thoughts. She might've thought it'll go with age or something, but no, she may have to visit some kind of specialist to get her stuff sorted out

File: 1578647145927.jpg (38 KB, 720x762)
38 KB
I have neglected my family for too long. Realized that a month ago, I've visited them twice and called them a few times since then.
I need some sort of a structure or plan to commit to to avoid waiting too long without talking to them.
How often should I visit my family? It takes me 2 hours to get to my dad's place.
How often should I call them?
Call then at least once a week. If you don't have a family go see them every few months/major holidays. They will be gone before you know it anon
Glad you realized it at least - I feel like too few of us do.

Call 1-2 times a week, visit idk very 1-2 months if you feel you can swing it. 2 hours isn’t that much.

File: download.jpg (11 KB, 225x224)
11 KB
I'm getting my Bachelor's degree in Art this year. What can I expect?
Like anything else in life, you should expect roughly whatever you have planned for. If you planned nothing, then expect nothing.
Would be fpbp but there was no joke about working at Starbucks so I can't in good faiyh award you with it
Trouble making money. Art is a tough market.

File: 1579152797142.webm (2.2 MB, 640x900)
2.2 MB
How do you stop wanting to constantly message your friend and say how pathetic you are in so many ways and ask him just how pathetic he thinks you are?
Tell them you like to be their dirty bitch because that is you fetish.
Yes baby, call me trash yes yes more.
If you wanna go physical you can ask them to hurt you and treat you like shit too.
This is a difficult issue to discuss over messages. You should meet your friend in person and talk it out.
I'm pretty sure you're not that pathetic btw.

File: 20200118_115035.jpg (501 KB, 1056x2280)
501 KB
501 KB JPG
Decrypt this for me please.

I've cuddled her a few times irl but then she regrets it later, only bringing it up if I do so not bring honest with me full stop.

I got confused and thought she liked me turns out I'm just a friend but I'd like to be able to cuddle her still.
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yeah thats all fair, as i said here it doesnt really matter what the issue is ill just listen to her and try to be more safe around her regardless >>21802742

it seemed natural at the time to cuddle mostly because the other girl we slept next to is even more cuddly than i am, i wouldn't have done anything like what i did normally
be. more. specific.

Did you fondle her or what?
Not really

Just caressed her hip and waist

Mostly I just wanted to hold hands

Ah, that’s makes sense then. Handholding and caressing is for alphas.
>replaying with M'kay
>straight male

File: 1579139567891.jpg (50 KB, 500x376)
50 KB
Went for a bike ride for about an hour and havent done son in a very long time. As I was riding the bike my prostate area was in pain but I had to keep going. Its now almost ten hours later and in barely walk from all of the pain in my prostate area, it feels like someone kicked my prostate area with a steel boot. Is this normal? Or is it indicave of something like prostatitis or prostate inflation or pelvic issues?
Prostatitis fag here.

When I was 18 I had terrible prostate pain that nobody could understand and doctors told me didn't exist.

It could be kidney stones, but it's more likely that it's a prostate issue.

I simply cannot ride a bike.
Motorbikes and horses are also a struggle.

After a few years it just went away.
I've got no answers - but just accept it until modern science catches up

My prostate doesn't normally hurt tho, only did today for the first time because I went for the bike ride. I'm just wondering if it's common to feel pain when riding a bike or if it is not normal and I could have something wrong like you describe. I can hardy walk right now its that painful. I went with two friends and they said they don't feel any pain.
I have had this experience multiple times anon. It was never my prostate, just my ass not being used to sitting on the bicycle.

It's definitely not a healthy thing though. When you've recovered, you should get yourself a comfortable bicycle seat.

Don't buy into the zoom zoom memes about small seats equal speed, it's fucking retarded. Sit comfortably, and live long.

File: 198243987.gif (19 KB, 326x314)
19 KB
How do I know if I have a toxic friend?
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you keep coughing in their presence from all the fumes and feel nausea etc.
"Dump him/her, anon lol yolo"

"Come on bro, don't be a pussy, smoke some weed with us"

"Let's go party, anon, get fuggin drunk nyugguh"

"Come get a hotel with us, your boyfriend wont mind"

Friends get you into problems. :^)
If you are using the word "toxic" like this, you are the "toxic" friend.

Hey, /adv/, I don’t really have anyone I can ask about this so I was figuring that maybe you could help me out.

I’m 20 and I only have 5 or 6 people I’d consider friends. I’m very close with this friend group and I’d probably say they’re some of the only people who’ve ever actually cared about me. The problem is, I fell in love with one of the girls in our group. She’s basically everything I could ask for and more. I really like her but I’m scared to say anything because I know for a fact that it would tear the group apart. I’m not even scared of rejection as much as losing my only friends.

I know some people are probably already thinking of some sappy “Well, if they’re REALLY your friends than they’d get over it.” or something, but that’s not really the case. I know for a fact that my friends would feel very uncomfortable if I ever confessed to her. They likely wouldn’t hate me but I absolutely know it’d make things awkward enough for everyone that we’d probably mutually stop interacting. I know if I were in their shoes, I’d do the same exact thing.

I’m lonely enough as it is, so I don’t want to lose the few friends I have, but at the same time, I really, really, really like this girl.

Any serious advice would greatly be appreciated.
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You don't need to say anything specific. Thats how you get random pussy. Just don't hold back with the smiles and jokes, pats on the back, sit next to, etc. remain appropriate but don't hide it. If she feels the same she will reciprocate and it'll happen. People will gradually see it and it'll be a natural thing. Don't bottle it up though.
I mean, don't ask her to be gf. Just start acting like bf. I moved across the country with my bitch without ever asking he out. Just gradually. I don't think she ever had a conscious awkward feeling and frends started making a little space.
I actually feel like this isn’t horrible advice. Hmm.
Bumping this for the next batch.

File: tor_pc.png (257 KB, 862x800)
257 KB
257 KB PNG
How to start a conversation with I girl I've met yesterday?
We discussed many topics already, we have similar interests and so on, but I have no idea what to write now. We both are 18 y.o.
What should I write do her? How do you usually begin a conversation with a girl?

help, broke gfs heart in breakup what do i do

So there's this girl i've been dating for about a month now. She's my first gf and i'm her first bf, so it's needless to say we're both absolute morons when it comes to dating. I've known her for two years before we started dating and she's been one of my closest friends for a long time. Things were going great until we started talking about having our first kiss( it would be our first one so we didn't quite know how to go about it). So, a few days ago we were on a date and were getting pretty comfortable(lots of touching and cuddling), before we knew it, our faces were pretty close together. We stared at each other for a short time and smiled, so i just leaned in and did it. It was shorter than i would've liked it to be but she seemed to enjoy it. we spent the rest of the date in each others arms and snuggling, we even talked about it and she said she was fine with it. Since that day she has been giving me nothing but the cold shoulder. No texting, no cringy memes, and no video calls, which we used to do on the daily before the kiss. Now i'm lucky if i even get an unenthusiastic reply or an "lol" from her. Did i fuck up, everything was going so well up until now? I want to talk to her about it but don't want to be overbearing. What do?
>I want to talk to her about it without being overbearing

So don’t be overbearing bro. Try to talk about it but stay lighthearted.. maybe a simple “what’s up? Something wrong babe?”

She seems fucking childish though. Just fucking ignoring you and shit for no apparent reason. I wouldn’t tolerate that.
Lmao it's like I wrote this myself. Let me tell you this. You're fucked. It's all downhill from here. Jesus Christ this really hurt to read.
Yikes. Seems like she didn't like it
OP I would dip honestly

File: 71c8J6S7ktL.jpg (152 KB, 1500x1500)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
is this trash a good alternative for finesteride or is it jus trash?
tried it once a few years back (not for hair loss) and it gave me temporary erectile dysfunction. things returned to normal after a couple weeks.

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