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File: the_used__by_matsudai.jpg (503 KB, 996x942)
503 KB
503 KB JPG
A decade ago, I was a true emo fag. How do I hide the scars on my arm? Wearing long sleeves as much as possible and wearing more braclets then a guy should during summer is getting old.
I've been thinking about getting a tattoo, but it'd have to cover a 3 by 4 inch area, and I fear it would just draw more attention to the scars instead of completely hiding them. Is thier some make-up that would work?
Tried to laser them off?
Also, you could get a discount at some tatoo parlours if you want to cover self harm scars. Go for an appointment and ask them what could cover the area best, depending on how bumpy it is
>make up
Latex used for special effects could cover uneven skin and paint it over. Or a very strong concealer+setting powder combo if the area is just discoloured and doesn't rub much on daily use.
If they're the kind of scars that are flat and white, a tattoo will work very well to cover them. If they're raised, then no.
>source: i have a tattoo over some scars

To femanons: do you prefer toys or the real thing? I don't see how a normal human penis can compete with shit literally built with the purpose of pleasuring.
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I use an 8" dild, and it's perfect. First time I used a sex toy I opted for it thinking it was going to be too big, but it's perfect
>an 8" dild
Is it actually 8"? A lot measure from as low of possible instead of the insertable length.
I prefer toys.
It doesn't have balls or anything, it just ends so it's all insertable. And the box it came in said 8"
Toys are a lot more fun than male drama.

I've been clean from hard drugs (heroin, meth, crack) for a long time. For a while, I've just isolated myself to avoid relapsing. Lately, I have been feeling lonely and depressed, so in an attempt to be more social, I've been going to the bar after work with coworkers since all anyone does in this town is drink. My concern is that I'll get too drunk one night and get offered drugs and start doing them again. I also don't want to start drinking every day again. Any advice?
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I don't have my drivers license, but I'm working on getting it. I also want to meet women, and doing that sober at a bar is weird.

I've been working out at home for the past couple months, but I've thought about joining a gym. I have a knee injury that I have to be careful of, so sports and martial arts aren't really an option right now.
Telling people at work that you used to smoke crack is not a great way to move up in life. Need a better excuse lmao
I work in a kitchen. Everyone used to smoke crack.
Former alcoholic. Starting to drink everyday is going to lead to drinking every day which will lead to you waking up yellow one morning because your liver is shutting down. Even if you can control it I would raise a concern over your previous addictions.

The New Testament has a saying, "Bad company ruins good morals" and I feel like you may be slipping in to that trap with your new drinking friends. Like >>21056013 said, some friends with different ideas of fun may be a better idea.
I'm relatively open about my reasons to live clean to others. I don't get invited to as many things, but I do gain friendship from people who understand. My advice? Get good at hosting drug-free events and parties.

>met a girl and helped her clean up her act, she obeys me when I tell her to do things. (helped her get off pain killer abuse)
>She's becomes my girlfriend, let's name her Alice.
>This morning Alice wakes up with pussy pain and goes to urgent care, finds out she has a UTI.
>doctor gives Alice antibiotics
>Stupid bitch doesn't take antiobiotics because she decides to go out drinking at her friend Nancy's house
Here's what i need help with:

>I order her not to drink
>she pleads with me to let her have just two drinks
>I tell her no
>she tells me she just had one drink right now after I told her not to
>I reprimand her
>she feels bad and she apologizes telling me she's sorry multiple times
>Tell her not to drink anymore
>says she took a sip of the 2nd one

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t. Beta male.
Best laugh I've had all day
lost me at "obeys me"
she is not your GF she is a slave you fuck
>>you are not her master
>>you are not her parents
>>you have no control over her
when will this LARPing underage stop trying to give people advice?
File: 1523540617549.jpg (591 KB, 1000x773)
591 KB
591 KB JPG
That's a shit test, son. Your job was to ignore it and to tell her, "I've said my piece, do what the fuck you want." She gave you multiple tries and you failed and now she probably has no respect for you.

Your only chance of recovering from this is to tell her, "I'm not your dad. I tried because you seemed to want that, but policing other people isn't my things. I don't want to know about your habits or your health problems anymore. Leave me out of it. If that's not acceptable to you, off you go. If you want to start treating each other like adults, let's give that a try.

Recently my gf and I were talking( she's 19 I'm 20), after I asked her something she responded with "I know you have problems, but of course I still love you". I asked her what problems she thinks I have, she said "I treat her like she's my mom". I was super taken aback by this; she proceeded to say "not like I have to clean up after you all the time or take care of you, it's in a different way". I didn't really ask any other questions after that, I'm still kinda confused. What could she mean by that?
You should definitely ask her about this, but my guess is that you always look for her approval/ask permission for things that you shouldn't have to.
You know all those fags who keep asking how to get a mommy gf? Well you are one of them but you just don't know it.


File: imageposneg.jpg (51 KB, 1024x768)
51 KB
My good friend of 6 years (male) has turned so negative. It's all shitting on everything I like, everything is "bad", everything is "shit", but his life seems pretty good.

What gives anons? Should I cut this friend out? We have history together.
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Just don’t complain about everything or be diplomatic if you are going to complain. Also, you have to find stuff to be positive about, as well. Otherwise, you are just a complaining shit that nobody wants to risk saying something good around for fear that you will just suck the air out of the room with your bullshit.

I used to be like you and it drove people away. What I eventually figured out is not everything is bad and I actually personally benefitted by finding the things that were good and recognizing that when I was with other people. Life sucks sometimes, but recognizing the good out there doesn’t mean you are being stupid. Actually I think it’s a sign of intelligence if you can challenge yourself to look at things from a different perspective.
you KNOW giving short answers, not expressing interest in anything other people express interest in, and continuing to answer in the negative is not one iota better than being animated and obnoxious about it
you KNOW that
I'm glad I kept pushing because this is a hell of a lot more useful than "just stop complaining"

If you think the problem is expressing negativity and not your callous attitude and superiority complex, then you're highly misled.
Shut the fuck up dude. That is totally wrong. You can be respectful and not super engaged at the same time. People notice you're not very interested and change topic.

That is if you're not some autist who doesn't get social cues.

File: SHITCLOCKBUDDY.jpg (41 KB, 359x473)
41 KB
I don't trust the recruiters, but is it worth it as a credential for a person who is going into law enforcement?
Dont do it for the credentials. Signing a ~6 year contract with the big gubment is just like paying someone to kick the shit out of you with extra steps like basic/AIT.

Also, my brother joined the reserves after he left active duty (he also became a cop after the army), but eventually had to stop going to reserves due to his work schedule as an LEO - he chose not to sign a contract for the reserves, so he was able to tell them to fuck off.

As a male, how do you get a female dominated relationship?
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namefag opinions don't matter
>avoiding taking accountability
oh joy, another means of proving my reliability.
How quaint.
>4chan pass user
you should unironically go die. literally gets cucked by jannies lmao
Kek, if you say so.

I'm paying good money for what I get out of it.
You get literal dogshit out of it. Literal folders of pictures of dogshit.

chicks are extremely rude to me, just after being very nice to the person who was ahead of me. The hippy faggots are trying to ban plastic bags here, so the stores are virtue signalling by reducing the amount of plastic bags they use, but she gave the guy ahead of me a ton of bags and was smiling and being nice to him the entire time, then when I wanted a seperate plastic bag for my beef mince, the bitch got an attitude with me and started going on about "MUH BAGS" and "MUH ENVIRONMENT" and I said you LITERALLY just gave the guy ahead of me like 30 bags and you didn't have a problem with that and now giving me ONE EXTRA BAG (I had 1 bag) is suddenly a huge problem????? then she stopped talking or giving me eye contact and gave me a 2nd bag and didnt even say have a nice day and just put my bag to the side without handing it to me, fucking cunt, giving me shit for wanting a 2nd bag for meat, but had no problem giving the other guy 30 fucking bags. I don't want my fucking beef mince in the same bag as the other stuff I had, fucking hell, basic fucking sanitation.

Shit like this is why I am so fucking easily irritated - I just seem to be a fucking magnet for people trying to fuck with me. When this happened I had not left the house for a few months, and the first experience I have leaving the house was some cunt trying to fuck with me like that, giving me different treatment to someone else, right in my fucking face. I didn't leave the house for like 6 months after that because it pissed me off so much. The smallest disrespect or people fucking with me in real life face to face trigger the fuck out of me now. Im just fucking sick of people thinking they can walk all over me, I fucking always have to be super fucking aggressive around people, or they dont take me seriously and try to fuck with me. Its fucking tiring having to always be in a hyper aggressive state just to have people not treat you like shit.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
At this point I've come to terms with my subhumanity and the fact that I will never ascend.

Somehow it doesn't bother me though, I feel a lot more at ease now that I did when I was trying to fit in with the normies. I have stopped giving a shit altogether. I stopped trying to talk to people and stopped caring about what others think of me; and as a result my social anxiety has gone away entirely. I pretty much stay inside whenever I can and I now have all the time in the world to ldar and cope.
File: large.png (144 KB, 500x273)
144 KB
144 KB PNG
That’s prob part of the reason I became blackpilled
Poor tomo
I don't recommend giving up on a social life. We are social creatures. I'm reaching my 30s now and get really lonely sometimes. Socializing in video games and online isn't enough sometimes. Luckily I still have a couple of childhood friends that I get to see. The rest have abandoned me and lie above catching up when I see them. It is near impossible to make new friends at this age because people have lots of responsibilities and have a lot of what they want in life. They have, work, social circles and a family already a lot of the time. I will continue trying to get more friends.
Sometimes i get some "sympathetic" treatment and sometimes I get treated like ass
File: 1561525719392.png (663 KB, 680x626)
663 KB
663 KB PNG
Its over

My dreams are dead. What do now?
Make new ones and keep on keeping on
Put on the mantle on responsibility and do something about it, faggot.

File: 1561519818526.jpg (73 KB, 1200x675)
73 KB
Four guys are in love with me
And I have feelings for all of them
Who do I
10 replies omitted. Click here to view.
they do have genuinely feelings for me
one guy said that I'm like a mommy that he's in love with and that he's never felt for anyone the way that he feels towards me
another guy called me his soulmate and a third said that he could live for a thousand years and never meet anyone who makes his heart flutter the same way that I do
File: 1271831900760.jpg (221 KB, 674x707)
221 KB
221 KB JPG
>one guy said that I'm like a mommy that he's in love with and that he's never felt for anyone the way that he feels towards me
>another guy called me his soulmate and a third said that he could live for a thousand years and never meet anyone who makes his heart flutter the same way that I do
.............. Heather, if this turns out to be you, I'm going to fucking flip.
lol, huh?
I'm Sarah
what made you think I'm a Heather :p
He's just some hopeful beta-male. Ignore him, and focus on this: you do not love each and every single one of them.

The reality is that you'll have to pick one, and one alone. There's always eggs to be cracked when walking over people's emotions, but anything worthwhile will always have some price paid. The one thing I recommend is not dating the guy with mommy issues. He is an absolute chore, and will provide you nothing but problems. You have to elect to pick someone, someone who you have genuine feelings for, not just "I care about you because you dumped a bunch of emotional shit about your life on me". Someone you can see yourself with.

Not that hard.

This has happened to me a lot.
I don't believe them.
I think they say those things because that's what they were taught to do to have sex or to have a girlfriend. It isn't genuine.

I think maybe one or two genuinely loved/love me.. based on their actions. Who knows.

what do you do when you find out the prosecutor on your case as a victim seems to have actively worked in the defense’s favor? to the point of suddenly not wanting your statement and the timing matches up to where you think they actively helped the defense attny hide a conflict of interest and refused to submit medical records and wait a little longer so the initial intake at the ER could tie in all my other medical tests to prove serious bodily injury? who do you go to? when trying to retrieve vital evidence to prove something related, sheriff office of the county employee told me to tell the detective on the case how i was treated but i was blocked from reaching out to them by a sergeant. i’m so lost. i just found out they never submitted any of my physical injury med recs for me to be eligible for victim comp only for mental help. i ended up unable to function properly for my job and am filing for disability. :’(

File: images (1).jpg (29 KB, 739x415)
29 KB
Just slept for 20 hours and I woke up exhausted after I ate some food and took my effxor pill (haven't took pill before I sleep)

Now I feel exhausted and don't want to do anything and I have a class in the next 4 hours that I can't miss anymore because I skipped it too many times because of overslept. What do.
drink 5 hour energy
Energy drink and coffee won't do shit for me sadly

if i messed things up with a girl by being over-attached and too clingy over text, do i have a chance of repairing it? i know she liked me before i did all that shit. i want to approach this in the best way possible though so i have the highest chance of going out with her again.

should i either:

>apologize for the past, acknowledge that i was acting dramatic and ask her out again after her reply
>disregard everything in the past and just ask her out without acknowledging the previous mistakes

i feel like both are good options, but i'm leaning more towards the latter as the first option seems desperate. however, the first option also seems like i'm owning up to my mistakes and showing that i'm a better person. which one is the best approach?
first one breh, own up to it and apologize
You should apologize and acknowledge you did wrong and maybe wait a little before you ask her out
Text game is dangerous. Don't even play it. Schedule dates, that's it

File: 1023.jpg (27 KB, 605x439)
27 KB
>be me
>be 13
>have 2 identical hoodies
>learn friend is leaving the country for 3 years
>don't think much of it
>give 1 hoodie to her last day of school
>hang out with her alot more than usual
>learn she likes me
>Mfw I missed my chance
>She leaves in a week
>Get super sad
>put on other hoodie instantly feel better
>It'll be alright
Nice blog faggot.
Thanks fag
always with the fucking underages
2006 gang rise up

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