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File: 1561519818526.jpg (73 KB, 1200x675)
73 KB
Four guys are in love with me
And I have feelings for all of them
Who do I
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they do have genuinely feelings for me
one guy said that I'm like a mommy that he's in love with and that he's never felt for anyone the way that he feels towards me
another guy called me his soulmate and a third said that he could live for a thousand years and never meet anyone who makes his heart flutter the same way that I do
File: 1271831900760.jpg (221 KB, 674x707)
221 KB
221 KB JPG
>one guy said that I'm like a mommy that he's in love with and that he's never felt for anyone the way that he feels towards me
>another guy called me his soulmate and a third said that he could live for a thousand years and never meet anyone who makes his heart flutter the same way that I do
.............. Heather, if this turns out to be you, I'm going to fucking flip.
lol, huh?
I'm Sarah
what made you think I'm a Heather :p
He's just some hopeful beta-male. Ignore him, and focus on this: you do not love each and every single one of them.

The reality is that you'll have to pick one, and one alone. There's always eggs to be cracked when walking over people's emotions, but anything worthwhile will always have some price paid. The one thing I recommend is not dating the guy with mommy issues. He is an absolute chore, and will provide you nothing but problems. You have to elect to pick someone, someone who you have genuine feelings for, not just "I care about you because you dumped a bunch of emotional shit about your life on me". Someone you can see yourself with.

Not that hard.

This has happened to me a lot.
I don't believe them.
I think they say those things because that's what they were taught to do to have sex or to have a girlfriend. It isn't genuine.

I think maybe one or two genuinely loved/love me.. based on their actions. Who knows.

what do you do when you find out the prosecutor on your case as a victim seems to have actively worked in the defense’s favor? to the point of suddenly not wanting your statement and the timing matches up to where you think they actively helped the defense attny hide a conflict of interest and refused to submit medical records and wait a little longer so the initial intake at the ER could tie in all my other medical tests to prove serious bodily injury? who do you go to? when trying to retrieve vital evidence to prove something related, sheriff office of the county employee told me to tell the detective on the case how i was treated but i was blocked from reaching out to them by a sergeant. i’m so lost. i just found out they never submitted any of my physical injury med recs for me to be eligible for victim comp only for mental help. i ended up unable to function properly for my job and am filing for disability. :’(

File: images (1).jpg (29 KB, 739x415)
29 KB
Just slept for 20 hours and I woke up exhausted after I ate some food and took my effxor pill (haven't took pill before I sleep)

Now I feel exhausted and don't want to do anything and I have a class in the next 4 hours that I can't miss anymore because I skipped it too many times because of overslept. What do.
drink 5 hour energy
Energy drink and coffee won't do shit for me sadly

if i messed things up with a girl by being over-attached and too clingy over text, do i have a chance of repairing it? i know she liked me before i did all that shit. i want to approach this in the best way possible though so i have the highest chance of going out with her again.

should i either:

>apologize for the past, acknowledge that i was acting dramatic and ask her out again after her reply
>disregard everything in the past and just ask her out without acknowledging the previous mistakes

i feel like both are good options, but i'm leaning more towards the latter as the first option seems desperate. however, the first option also seems like i'm owning up to my mistakes and showing that i'm a better person. which one is the best approach?
first one breh, own up to it and apologize
You should apologize and acknowledge you did wrong and maybe wait a little before you ask her out
Text game is dangerous. Don't even play it. Schedule dates, that's it

File: 1023.jpg (27 KB, 605x439)
27 KB
>be me
>be 13
>have 2 identical hoodies
>learn friend is leaving the country for 3 years
>don't think much of it
>give 1 hoodie to her last day of school
>hang out with her alot more than usual
>learn she likes me
>Mfw I missed my chance
>She leaves in a week
>Get super sad
>put on other hoodie instantly feel better
>It'll be alright
Nice blog faggot.
Thanks fag
always with the fucking underages
2006 gang rise up

File: Hanabi.png (1.18 MB, 1228x690)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB PNG
I just noticed that in my refrigerator there's a jug of milk whose "Best By" date passed in December. I missed it because it was behind some other stuff. Do you think it's still drinkable at all or should I throw it out?
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Send pic of the milk
Drink it
Put your dick in it and recite a chant to the Dark Lord
its way past it just toss it and spend the few bucks on a new jug of milk

or spend tthe night in hospital with food poisioning your choice...

What information can be found about the sender of anonymous disposable email services?
can it be traced to in any way if you had no other contacts with the person?
asking related to my older thread


File: 1300575737001.png (52 KB, 400x486)
52 KB
My fucking gf has been arrested again. She already has convictions for assault and robbery so it's likely she's going to get jail time. She's being charged with assault again and criminal damage this time because the fucking bitch pelted in some guy's car window (she thought he nearly crashed into her apparently) and was trying to claw his face, giving him several scratches and also a black eye. I don't know what the fuck to do. We've been together for 4 years and I love her but she is fucking insane and this is too much for me.
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File: 1460757665754.jpg (70 KB, 333x565)
70 KB
This is what happens when you spare the rod. You should have given her a proper spanking whenever she acted up. You had 4 years to correct her behavior, now it's too late. GJ, GE
You know that's like a textbook example of how abusive relationships are held together right?

By threatening themselves with violence they normalize their violent behavior. It'll be your black eye next if you don't bounce your ass out of there.
>what do?
>dump her

Well what the fuck do you want to hear? You’re the dumb cunt that stayed with her for more than a month knowing she’s a psycho bitch. Get the fuck OUT

Shit or get off the pot. By that i mean either waste your life (what's left of it) fostering dependence and ruining your mental health or dump this BPD cunt and let her fend for herself.

Sorry for the harsh words OP, but you've been sucked into her world and she's trapped you. Trust me when i say that you'll kick yourself for letting it go on this long afterwards.
>sticks dick in crazy
Tell me OP what did you think would happen?

File: maxresdefault.jpg (117 KB, 1280x720)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
Should I break up with my GF of 4 years? We met in freshmen year of college. She lost her virginity to me and we have had a good
3 years but its going downhill.

But these circumstances have fucked it up and are pretty much 100% her fault. This has been the past year:

>she dropped out of college and hasn't gone back for a year
>she doesn't have a job
>she hasn't paid rent for a year
>she sleeps until 4:30PM every day
>she claims she is always having a panic attack
>she came onto one of my friends while drunk a few months ago (he was a bro and rejected)

I like her but this is some bullshit and I feel like I have enabled it too long. I just got a new job in a new city and will be moving out. Pretty sure I'm going to end it. I make more money than 90% of people and don't need to put up with this bullshit.
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If she's refusing to find a job to better herself, it's not you having enabled her; you've only enabled her to not want to make the effort because you're not being the drill sergeant she needs you to be. And since the idle mind is the devil's workshop, she's probably letting her past sexual molestation get to her & that's causing her to go full retard like this.

You either need to be harder on her, or leave her.
College is not necessary
You slept with a virgin outside of marriage, permanently ruined her ability to pair-bond or ever be loyal to a future husband again for the rest of her life. Fuck you. I can see why she lost attraction for you, you deserve to get cheated on.

Enjoy all the single mom mudsharks your money will attract, because the loyal ones will be repelled by your bizarre personality.
Go away literally Hitler we know that's you.
this, especially for women.
buy her a maid outfit and have her be your servant. if you play your cards right she'll even accept an alpha female moving in and bossing her around with you.

How do I get my noisy upstairs neighbor evicted?

File: 1555865212331.jpg (122 KB, 1024x1821)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
Wheres the best place to go besides yoga to hit on fit white milfs?
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No one knows, but if you find out you can probably be an overnight millionaire by writing a book about it.
There's always having olympian tier genetics and face, though if you have that I'm not sure why you'd be asking out girls at Target.
Truly the paradox of our time
man just go with your mom's friend
>How in God's name do you approach
>without looking like a pua psycho
Like, dude, come on.

File: 1560808318338.jpg (52 KB, 600x538)
52 KB
My 2 mo relationship with my GF is pretty rocky with quarrels and misunderstandings. People keep telling me this is abnormal and that good relationships should be easy. Is this true?
Yes and no. Good relationships need actual communication and compromises. Sometimes it's easy, sometimes it's not.
All couples fight. It's HOW you fight and WHAT YOU DO about it that matter most in my experience.

There is such a thing as a healthy disagreement.

There is such a thing as toxic fighting.
Perfection is unobtainable unless you get extremely lucky it's normal to have misunderstandings early in a relationships
>inb4 but much friends
They are lying so hard
Let me tell you buddy, just because you have no fights =/= things are going good. In fact I'd reckon more often than not it's because you and the other person don't know enough about one another or don't share many common interests where disagreements will arise.

Ultimately, just because the two of you fight does not mean it can be correlated to abnormality necessarily, just that you're probably confronting your emotions/problems more often.

This can be good OR bad depending on how it is handled.

Here's some things to watch out for:
- Guilt trips
- Blaming
- Unresolved conflict
- Repressed emotion

If you don't come out of any argument or disagreement with a compromise, or in the very least a healthy response where one party admits they're wrong or that they'll work on it, I don't reckon things will keep functioning.

My fiance has mentioned that though he's not ready for a kid jist yet, if it were to happen, he'd be pretty happy and want it even if it was stressful. We use the pull out method alone, which is his choice. It's been like this for a while and I've never gotten pregnant.

Would it be bad for to me to want to get pregnant without mentioning it to him? If I did he'd say it's not the time because anyone we know would say that, but in moments of confidence, he tells me how he would quite like it if it did happen. At a false pregnancy scare before he was upset when I wasnt.

Would like advice on this pls (Tried to stay unbiased and to the facts)
Sounds like he wants o knock you up. You should wait until you're actually married tho
I can't stay unbiased without facts, friend. What's your combined income? Do you have a home that you could share with a child? Could you swing it on one income if your pregnancy is rough? Are your parents and the in-laws in a position to help you out with childcare? I understand that you're getting married, so you may want to hold off until after the wedding and assess your finances.

Don't get too excited about your boy wanting a baby. Plenty of men get excited about making a baby and fuck off when it's time to raise a baby. Hormones fuck with them too, don't be naive.
Are both of you fucking retarded or something? Christ. People like you should NEVER be allowed to reproduce.
I don't think having a child when you two are playing some sort of strange game about whether or not you want to have one is the healthiest choice you could make.

Oh I don't want it... but maybe I do TEEHEE.

Pregnancy at 14 is scary.

File: images[1].jpg (7 KB, 325x155)
7 KB
Is sex without attachment a meme?
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I feel like you have to be a sociopath or have something wrong with you emotionally/mentally to have lots of sex with people you don't even care about.

Most normies are narcissistic, self-centered, sociopaths though so I guess that makes sense.
No unless its long term in any way. Then its very much so a meme
Yes because we are literally hardwired to form bonds with the person we have orgasms with.
That said, attatchment doesn't have to mean feelings of love. I cuddled with all my fwbs and when the attatchment got too strong one sides ghosts the other.
It only really backfired on me once when I was having sex with my ex and she insisted on me spending the night, should have stuck by my plan to put on my clothes and leave after doing the deed. Huge emotional mess.
Every idea that spreads is a meme under Dawkins' definition.

So yes
i know for sure i cant have sex without attachment. Im a loser i kno

I no longer feel passion or intersest about anything I live my life day by day and I’m always busy but I don’t care about anything
I don’t care about my friends my job or my hobbies I want to care but can’t find it in myself
What do?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Take anti depressants
These are not helpful suggestions haha
Quit job, marry a gook and go live in a third world shit hole. Good luck
Why not? OP sounds like he's starting to fall or already fell in a deep depression scenario. Anti depressants are incredibly useful, and they can greatly improve OP's situation if he is in fact depressed.
File deleted.
I'd suggest volunteering at a local soup kitchen, animal shelter, or church.

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