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File: 1538046500975.jpg (121 KB, 593x900)
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121 KB JPG
Should an 18 year old male be going for women 27+? I'm /fit and handsome, but no job or car yet. Will be working in few more months and will aslo get car around that time.i just wanna know if MILFS and Cougars are a real thing, and what would the likelyhood be that they like an 18 year old guy? I'm looking on tinder and bumble, is that a good start?
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But how do I get to those kind of women?
Yes you can. I have dated grills with cars and i dont have one. My problem with this lady was that she was very insecure about her body so sex kinda sucked.
18 is still a child, kiddo
I'm technically an adult
>Should an 18 year old male be going for women 27+?
Hope you don't want kids.

File: fetch.jpg (37 KB, 640x400)
37 KB
So I posted this on /b/ last night, and I got to thinking that perhaps it would be better suited to post on here so I could hopefully hear some female insight into it.

>Who is being selfish me or my wife?

I have always been into kinkier stuff in the bedroom than my wife is (anal, fucking her at a gloryhole, her farting in my face, her sending me naughty pics). She has a pretty healthy libido and never turns me down from sex, but she is absolutely against indulging me in any way in the bedroom. She has always said "I don't feel comfortable doing something that I feel is objectifying/painful and you shouldn't try to make me". On the flip side of this I have asked her a million times about kinks she may be into and she swears she has none. About a month ago I broke it down to her and told her that the complete lack of anything risque is really starting to become detrimental to my psyche, to the point that I had even jerked off a few times in public looking for a thrill rush. She broke down and cried and I had hoped that perhaps she would then be more willing to explore some, however she hasn't mentioned it since then.

Who is being selfish here? Me for wanting her to indulge me, or her for refusing to indulge?
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Yeah, the rest of them are degrading which isn't really better. People are not obligated to do stuff they're uncomfortable with. OP fucked up by choosing a wrong partner. He only has himself to blame. I really think that he should get divorced if his precious kinks are so important to him.
>if your wife doesn't want to BRAAAP in your face she's selfish
What the fuck is wrong with you
Proof that Brap posting has finally gone too far.
What? If anything she is being extremely selfish IMO. She doesn't even attempt anything OP said he was into.
You are going about this the wrong way. You're just putting her in an untenable situation where she feels guilty if she doesn't do it, but like she's betraying herself if she does. This is torment.

Instead you should be trying to make her fucking HORNY for those things. You gotta get her to suggest these things when she's ready.

Basically when you're fucking her, and you got her in the zone, you gotta use your dirty talk, if she comes to vivid fantasies of your filthy kinks it creates powerful positive associations. Then you are sharing yourself and your beautiful view of the world with her rather than coercing and getting all mad.

File: 1527470551211.png (630 KB, 1664x1836)
630 KB
630 KB PNG
Why do people on this board keep saying that getting a gf won't make you happy? Is it just to keep depressed guys depressed? I got a girlfriend and I've been improving my life steadily and I haven't felt this good in ages. Explain yourselves, shitheads.
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mach mal feierabend, malte-sören
Most colleges require some kind of science course to get a degree. Which requires some knowledge of Latin and Greek.
>Dean of Admissions: Well Mister Anon you do realize that this is a very competitive field and this year especially we have potential students from all over th-
>Me, a Genius: Ad Hominem
File: IMG_20190115_011410_474.jpg (212 KB, 1080x2016)
212 KB
212 KB JPG
I have a gf I'm still not happy my life has become a little better with the knowledge someone who isn't tied by blood possibly likes me feels alright .
It hasn't made a massive improvement on life I feel more shit sometimes because I worry about the longevity of relationships and how much sex i could squeeze out of this shitty membership of presents , movie dates and KFC meals which is my relationship before it ends and I feel like shit
I tend not to think about it , depends if the person actually likes you because they're going to try and make your life better
It's either galaxy level cope by some mad virgin or a normie trying to make you feel better by trying to diminish themselves in your eyes.

Are older women just considerate less attractive the younger women to the male pop overall?
Asking for a friend kek
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the fuck? if you ask whether younger women are prefered over older ones then i'd have to say yeah. but then again it also depends on the country and the guy. everbody has preferences and of course, some 40 year olds will look much better than some 20 year olds. i also think that places like europe and south america are more lenient on this than north america and middle east.
I am out
are older women considered less attractive than younger women to men?
do men like older women?
Im 25 dating a 35 year old.

No. They are just older.

File: pen-and-paper-1454441.jpg (94 KB, 1024x768)
94 KB
Femenons, I want to write a letter to a girl I like. A proper pen and paper letter.
We dated for a while, but then had to split up due to something that was outside of our control. Now I feel like we can make it work since I fixed it. I know for sure that she's still single and when we were breaking up, she swore up and down that she loves me, with tears and everything.
So I ask you, is it a romantic gesture or a major creep move?
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Not a femanon but I implore you not to do this
haha that gif was fucking hilarious. thanks i needed a laff
I did a letter thing. I was told it was one of the nicest things anyone ever wrote her. It was just me saying how much I enjoyed her company, thought she was special, and wanted to continue to spend time with her. (paraphrasing, but no confessions of love or anything like that). I say go for it. It's a lost art. Just re-read your words 100x, find the right card for it, etc.
Its cheesy. Unless she likes that sort of a thing. If that is the case then go for it.

File: 101711.jpg (16 KB, 500x421)
16 KB
How to not kill myself being a mid 20s unemployed virgin with receding hairline? Girls worried me and I had chances that I missed years ago now I am so empty. I am unemployed because the industry I want to get into is really hard but main issue is seeing friends in relationships and shy me is alone.
Basically me but not a virgin and I got a job last week. What industry are you in? IDK man I just roll with it. Haven't been intimate or had a gf for 8 yrs now while my friends are icing together buying houses etc. Eventually I'll meet someone or won't. If not I can spend all my time on ymself doing exactly what I want without having to take ((her)) feelings into account.
I have so much lust which makes me wanna fap a lot which is the problem always thinking about relationships
you should take some people with you

>be me 19
>average looking
>i'm in college now but i'm still had a huge crush with my classmate in highschool
>didn't see her in years
>i really want to though
>how do i message her what should i say
>shoul i man up?
>to afraid of rejection
Tell her you've been thinking of her and you want to meet up for coffee and catch up.
Do it bitch

File: 1490382987598.jpg (211 KB, 1024x1440)
211 KB
211 KB JPG
I've been rejected from college. Instead of being sad and moping around for months, I've decided to go to the gym, work work work, and learn a new language.

So, /adv/, where does one get started with learning Japanese? Are there good courses on Udemy I can take or are there so,me better videos elsewhere?

> made out with a girl four weeks ago
>it was my first time making out
> she is one year older than me ( I'm in high school so that shit matters)
> haven't seen her since because she had finals and she lives about 45 mins on the bus away from me

It's been really weird for me because she is quite hot and I'm not very attractive so desu I don't fully believe it happened yet. The thing is I've been really depressed because I haven't seen her for the past few weeks. The thing is I'm about to meet her this Friday. I just hate my fucking luck because every time I get anything good it comes with some sort of price or something bad. Also a question for the older ppl here, does it ever get better?
You have to be 18 and over to post here little buddy :)
haha holy fuck children are so annoying.

File: 1546897899742.png (1.18 MB, 1291x1073)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB PNG
I cant seem to get over anxiety while trying to have sex and it makes it very hard for me to get it up. I was thinking of buying some viagra online (cant get a prescription) but i'm not sure how safe it would be or if I should just "talk it out" with the girl i'm seeing.

I'd also considered trying to micro-dose an edible or having a drink before sex but I'm also not sure if that be counter productive.

Anyone have advice for dealing with performance anxiety?
>taking viagra without prescription

File: trans oblivion 2.jpg (103 KB, 640x920)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
Can someone suggest a good lesbian tinder bio and pickup line?

Please dont tell me to ask /lgbt/ they suck
By the nine...

File: qve6ws0p56yz.jpg (134 KB, 736x1555)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
So I have a fairly strong foot fetish. I'm okay with it, and also each partner I had. However nobody else knows about this, especially relatives.

I find it extremely awkward when they go barefoot or with sandals. Do anyone else ever experiences this?
I've got a huge mother-son fetish(fyi I don't want to fuck my mom)
I've only had two women who indulged me.
I for the life of me don't want anyone to know
I have an opposite fetish, i kinda hate feet. Idk what's that called. Whenever someone has visible feet i must look at them and I'm disgusted 99% of time. 1% I'm like "oh, a human". But I always prefer people to have footwear. I'd ask them to wear it in bed if anyone wanted to come in my bed hue hue hue

File: unnamed.jpg (110 KB, 900x900)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
whats the best way to get an asian girlfriend?, is the gender imbalance in places like china making it harder to find asian girls?
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File: hmmm.png (431 KB, 1280x1220)
431 KB
431 KB PNG
>isnt there a lot of asian girls who are very liberal
A lot of Asians (in my experiences) are centrist-liberal.

>and trying to spread feminism to the asian community
I've rarely met any. I've seen plenty of white, blacks, and latina women who do, now that I think of it. But rarely Asians. Huh.
well, there is anna akana and christina wong.
Who are celebrities catering to an audience. Exception to the rules.

>I'm always impressed with how far removed from stereotypes Akana is.
id have to wonder if christina wong is even a celebrity. anna akana is an activist who wants to bring feminism into asian culture
Asian girls are the most likely race to date outside of their own race, white girls in second I'd say

File: apY6Whv.gif (961 KB, 412x279)
961 KB
961 KB GIF
i'm 23 and have basically postponed parts of my life, and the thing i'm not looking forward to is living alone in an apartment.
I'm currently living with my brother, which keeps me sane.
How do you guys deal with this?.

File: 1262091442014.jpg (93 KB, 800x600)
93 KB
I'm a slav living in slavland with around 20k USD in savings. How do I go about legally migrating into an English-speaking country (I don't know any other foreign languages except English) and becoming a decent member of society? How much more money do I need to pull it off, if it's even possible nowadays?

I've looked at enrolling as an international student in some colleges in US, England, New Zealand, Austarlia and Canada, and all of them have exorbitant tuition fees and living costs. Is it really as hopeless as it seems unless the person looking to migrate is a billionaire?
3 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1263566479625.jpg (159 KB, 704x400)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
To improve the quality of life and to be able to interact with actual humans. Yes, I'm doing relatively well, but this sum is the result of a few years of fairly harsh saving, not something I've magically conjured in a few months. It took a lot.
Thanks for the suggestion, but no, I don't have a GF, and this way seems a bit fishy to say the least. I would like to be as less of a burden on the country that accepts me as possible.
For USA try marriage or maybe the green card lottery (if you're in the 0.05% winners lmao). If you win the green card lottery you still need to have a citizen sponsor you or prove you can support yourself i.e you're already working on a non permanent visa.

Marriage would work for others too I guess.
Australia/Canada/New Zealeand have a points system for immgiration. If you have a degree that's on some list the respective governments update every year, decent English skills, 5 years work experience relevant to your degree you can easily get a work visa. Finding a job might be hard tho.
File: 123523269947.png (329 KB, 704x396)
329 KB
329 KB PNG
This pretty much confirms my fears that, aside from marriage or a job invitation, there's no way to get into a civilised country with just 20k. Thanks anyway.
If you're working, then you're not a burden.

You only get one life to live. If you're not able to get in by traditional means, then do whatever it takes.

You can also join the US military if you're not a citizen and looking for papers. This is not advertised, however, you can talk to a recruiter(s) and one of them will help you out. Have your birth certificate and passport. I know people who took this route.

The US military kind of sucks, but it's a job with a paycheck. You'll get free rent, insurance, and food. All needs taken care of and you'll make plenty of friends and have ample opportunity to practice your english.
I believe the UK has a labour shortage list you can review.

Another option is to fly to Sweden and claim asylum (any loose reason will get you approved). They'll pay your housing and needs while you wait for the court. If approved, move to UK anytime before brexit finalizes.

You have options. Just if the traditional stuff doesn't work, you need to be a man and use your ingenuity. It's your gift from god.

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