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File: 1544377585523.jpg (112 KB, 1024x963)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
I can't take it anymore, the loneliness is unbearable. I have a good group of friends, but in the back of my mind I am completely starved of attention from a women. Even if I cdould just sleep around, it won't help. I want to start a family, but living in this fucked up, boring dystopia has left me no options to be able to raise children. How do you deal with this?
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>starved of attention from women
>go to Tinder

Jesus Christ dude, was this trully the best advice you could give him?
File: 14627362940174.jpg (45 KB, 392x445)
45 KB
Lol this kid is a bot
Make myself at least semi-desirable and start engaging women. Online dating apps, going out with friends, attending events where there's socializing, etc.

It is not and will not be easy but it's worth if it means you won't have to feel lonely.
Holy shit, a good advice on /adv/? I must be dreaming...
>least semi-desirable
Good advice
>be able to afford good clothes,
>have an acceptable haircut
>body proportions are good, muscle is better, toned skinny body with visible cheekbones even better. Make it work with your frame and if you have a big head, increase your frame size and neck thickness to compensate.

Why stop there though, get so fit that you start getting girls snap their necks to you, but instead you ignore their advances. Most fun I ever had was doing this. Seeing them blush is when you see the light.

>just get swole bro, eat your protein

So I'm kinda into this 19yo girl. I'm 27. Is that age difference just categorically too big? She's quite mature and with simliar interests. I feel like I have a conscience for these things, I turned down or opted not to pursue girls older than her due to perceived insecurities or whatever. Or maybe I'm just telling myself this, I don't know.
>Is that age difference just categorically too big?
Not at all.
>I'm just telling myself this
Yes, and traumas maybe.

Just let it flow, anon.
I was 21 and dated a 29 year old.
If you get along then you get along.
The issue comes with how you met and different life goals, if that matches I don't see the problem. And if you have this insecurity "she's still young so she can meet a better guy" or "I'm taking away her youth and freedom" then don't, because it will kill the relationship.
>how you met and different life goals
Yes, OP, this is the most important thing when dating younger or older people, if you have the same goals. Normally, people with the same age have the same goals, but it do not mean you and your girl dont match. But dont force nothing, again, letitflow.

File: 1566489404838.jpg (69 KB, 768x1024)
69 KB
Can anyone recommend me a good website? Also should I just learn the phrases and later on the writings? I now can speak 4 languages and I think I can learn russian myself but Duolingo sucks and other websites are like from 2002 or want payment
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Imagine making a mistake in your own language's title
It’s okay Ivan you needn’t worry, we know you’re smart. It’s the damn vodka typing.
Do you want to learn to speak, read or write?

Go to language school (very heavy on reading and writing, not much speaking)
get textbook
learn: cyrillic, basic sentence structures to ask and answer, slowly build vocab
find somewhere you can practice speak russian
I learned germany in uni and that was stupid shit
I wanna speak and understand. Might hit a language school, just dont have enough money for it rn
You'll never be able to truly understand or speak Russian unless experience it with native speakers. So I suggest getting a native speaker friend as soon as possible. Even people who studied Russian for years, carefully and with lots of deducation, were barely able to understand shit when they came to Russia. The slang is just way too strong

File: CK0falfJWTA.jpg (213 KB, 786x883)
213 KB
213 KB JPG
Should I shave my chest? Like in movies, male actors have a clean shaved chest 95% of the time, which hints that this is a sign of attractiveness, yet in real life, whenever I ask or google it, most replies say I shouldn't or that it's optional.
Just do whatever you feel like. I hate chest hair, so I always shave them
Shaved chest works in movies because hair obscures muscles and clutters the screen. You don't really have to worry about that sort of thing IRL.

My girlfriend wants me to start experimenting with other women. Like, she's actively encouraging it.

She told me she has no interest in other men, and is herself interested in experimenting with women.

Should I drop her? I don't know how to take this. I trust her, but have been jerked around so much in the past by other horrible women and I am afraid if I make a pass at a woman she will use this as an opportunity to fuck a dude in the future.
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Doesn't sound like she's looking for other guys. If you want to fuck other girls you have the go ahead. If you don't want to then don't. She doesn't need to be dropped over this.
It's the thinking girls fetish
gf is the same, she gets wet imagining me fucking other bitches
but im not gona do it because its a trap, i would obviously fuck a more attractive woman than her, that would make her feel shit and probably leave me for it
then id be left alone again, so thanks but no thanks
Don't take the bait dude.
Me gf recently set me up to fuck one of her friends and now she's been acting crazy.
You know the saying "if it sounds like it's too good to be true..."

>Bullshiting back and forth with this girl on tinder for a while
>Says she'll show me around the good spots (I'm new to the area)
>Ask for her number
>She says "how about snap?"
>Tell her "dont have" (true)
>Tell her its not like its hard to block a number but whatever, what days does she have off?
>Nothing Since...
WTF? What do I do now?
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Snap doesn't work like that at all lmao, there is no monetary incentive. Everyone I know sees it as a purely personal thing. OP probably made her feel devalued since some men beg for a woman's snap, it's the app of nudes due to the time-sensitive nature of the content.
There's no way I'm meeting someone with the only means of contact being some app, and I'm very clear that's what I'm about, I'm nobody's "fan" or pen pal
I guess you could be totally right, but that just doesn't mesh with all the dialog we had prior or the type of girl she seems to be, but idk maybe
I've made it this far in life without one, I'm not about to do that shit now. MAYBE if she had said "make one" but she didn't, she went ghost, and I'm not coming back now like "okay I made a snapchat now please talk to me!" like some desperate beta fuck.
Just make a snap for the next one. Don't be so arrogant. It's the most neutral social media and based solely on the experiences of your friends if you ignore the retarded features. It is by far the place I've had the most nudes sent to me/e-sex
Yeah but typically making them feel "devalued" makes them chase you harder, not disappear

I appreciate the advice and you taking the time, but I'm not worried about the next one, I'm just looking to salvage this one I kinda liked if possible. As far as snapchat goes, I see no need, I don't want it, Its not an acceptable replacement for a phone number to me, and if thats a deal breaker for anyone (this girl included) and thats truly the reason she stopped talking forget her not my kinda girl
Women who tell you to add them on Snap dont actually plan on meeting up with you. Snapchat counts your contacts and you gain a numerical value based upon how many messages you send and how many are sent to you. I've seen women brag about their Snapchat "points" as if it's a personality trait. How do I know? I've gone on enough dates from apps to know the difference. Women who are genuinely interested in meeting up with you, will either straight up set the date through the dating app, which is most common, or you'll exchange numbers and potentially block them if the date doesnt go well. It's that simple. I unfortunately see this shit all the time. Just know that she plans on adding you to her list of orbiters if you add her on snapchat. I have one but literally nobody's really used that shit since I graduated highscool back in 2014. It's weird to see a resurgence now. Especially in this way.

Im a 27 year old KV virgin. Fat, bald and hairy as fuck. No friends and shitty job. Why are you guys virgins?
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That doesn't even make any sense
I'm 25, grew up with birth deformities (cleft palate) and then got severe acne when I was a teenager. I was able to work on my personality and supposedly be pretty charming. But I fucked up a lot of chances to get laid or have a girlfriend because I was so uncomfortable in my own skin.

Just about fished having all my work done here and I'm absolutely petrified for the future.
I'm 20, and actually in a LDR. Last weekend we met and had two nights together. I thought we would have sex, but we just cuddled... It was really nice and I enjoyed being close to him, but I still can't help feeling a bit disappointed that I couldn't lose my virginity (he's a virgin too). Maybe next time
Biology is rigged. Look up birds of paradise.
I’m a fat self destructive lazy ass.
There’s absolutely nothing appealing about me. I’d make a terrible boyfriend.
If / wouldn’t date me, there’s no reason others should have to suffer.

File: 20200117_221014.jpg (251 KB, 1080x942)
251 KB
251 KB JPG
Me and my girlfriend are both 18, we met 6 months ago. I was a virgin then, not due to lack of options but rather lack of interest. 6 months ago my testosterone spiked and I went on tinder and got into a relationship with this girl.

She really is amazing and caring, and I love her very much, but I can not respect her because she's been with 19 men before me (boyfriends and ONSs, never had a relationship last over 4 months) On the one hand, this makes sex great and she didn't mind teaching me all the ropes, on the other hand, I do believe that women should not sleep around so young, and that this might be an indicator for something.

She's been honest about everything down to the last details. She says she was in a dark place and felt like after being used by her boyfriends she could use these guys by doing ONSs. She says it happened and she never thought much of it before we met.

Am I gonna be able to get over this and respect her?
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>Am I gonna be able to get over this and respect her?
I'm afraid not. It will come back and bite you in the ass every now and then. She made a mistake fucking around and now she has to face the consequences of not being attractive to men since she's a slut. We all make choices and have to face their consequences.
Was in a similar situation to you when I was 19. The danger signs were there for me to see. Found out later that her Dad was an abusive drunk which explains why she loved it really rough. I kept her on the side for 3 years. She had boyfriends during this time. I hate women.
>dude slept with 18 girls at 18
>wow what a chad
>girl slept with 18 dudes at 18
>wow what a slut
Way to give the SJWs's sexism claims credit you retards.
just wrong
File: 1573030940752.jpg.jpg (25 KB, 300x286)
25 KB
A lock that can be opened with any key is a shitty lock. A key that can open any lock is a master key.

File: download.png (7 KB, 225x225)
7 KB
I live 8 hours from my girlfriend and I wont be able to move to her for another 2 years but this long distance relationship is hard.. I can trust her 100% but because of my insecurities, everytime she talks about another guy (classmate for example) i just get this feeling that im not good enough.

Anyone that have been dealing with LDR?
Hey anon, I was in a 4 year ldr. I can tell you that insecurity and all that jazz is pretty common place.

The only difficulty is, insecurity will absolutely kill a ldr. The best way to make it work is to communciate with each other and make sure you're both in a good spot.

I don't know what stuff other anons might say, probably dump her or don't be such a beta that you feel insecure, but don't let them get to you. Insecurity is natural esp with distance.

Do video calls etc, and make sure to see each other as often as possible. How long have you two been together?

Either way, best of luck. If it's absolutely too much, there's no shame in calling it quits. Just make sure it isn't temporary insecurity ruining what could be a long and fruitful relationship.
My bf and i also have a LDR. I'm insecure af, but i think "hey, if he would want to cheat on me with the women in his life, then he would have done it before our relationship already." i try not to worry too much about it. I know i'm not a 10/10, 6/10 at best.

I just enjoy the relationship as long as i can. We call each other almost every evening, so that makes him feel a bit closer.
Rate of relationships ending is like 80% in 1 year, the rate of ldr ending is like 97.9% in 1 year. The way to combat this? You have to go out of your way to see her. Be a cuck, surprise her with flowers on rando days etc. Doesn’t have to be all the time but small reminders of how much you like her will keep the relationship alive. Taking the trips though, that’s the big one.
I'm in LDR and it's hard sometimes, but not impossibly hard. Time zone differences can make staying in contact difficult, but with smartphones and wireless internet you can be in touch pretty much around the clock. The true difficulties come up when trying to think up activities to do as a couple from long distance. If your partner is not into watching movies or series or playing video games, you're almost all out of activities. Talking is fine, great too, but it's better when done during an activity.

File: wallhaven-292357.jpg (1.18 MB, 3840x2160)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB JPG
My bedroom window and my neighbors backyard are only few feet away. He sits outside late at night and his phone constantly goes off with an extremely annoying notification sound that goes "DO DO DO DO DO!"

What are some ways I can annoy this cunt back? We've already had to call the cops on him many times before because he's an old angry ass cunt.

Also he has all of his phone calls over loud speaker so I know all about his bipolar disorder and his daughters banking details.
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Why go on your feelings? Call the police and the officials and ask them what you have the right to do or not to first. If you can do anything legally do it. If you can't then your only choice is to try to do something clever by communicating with the guy. Annoying him back probably won't make him want to stop. You probably would want to be more clever and think out of the box.

Kek, he's totally doing this on purpose to you.

You yanks care so much for "muh guns" "2nd abnembenment" start using them.
>country music
I'm Aussie though...
Troll BTFO, based aussie
For once the aussies aren’t the trolls.
checked based and roopilled

File: 1573378686557.jpg (220 KB, 800x771)
220 KB
220 KB JPG
Well I asked out a girl for the first time and got rejected but she was very nice, said it was cute but she had a crush on someone else and hugged me.
She was a classmate at my engineering school I'm dropping out from to go to community college, so I will never see her again. This was my last day.
I'm taking it better than what I expected but I'm still a bit sad. I knew this would probably happen so i'm not that disappointed.

Tips on how to deal with this ?
way to go OP, you put yourself out there and it sounds like you were rejected in the least cringe way possible, well done and better luck next time.
Take solace in knowing that you got farther than 90% of the people on here complaining that they can't get a girlfriend.
You did well, got out of your comfort zone and showed courage to express you feelings. Unluckily, she wasn't the one for you; just keep on trying and eventually you will find the one. Good luck.
Im in a similar situation OP, I drunk texted her telling her how I feel and the next morning she said she doesn't like me, and that she was happy with us being just friends. I got super sad and depressed because I know she really wants a boyfriend, and I started saying very depressive and stupid shit, and she saw it and tried to help me saying how good of a person I am and that I will find someone that likes me, and how I shouldn't change the way I am just for someone's aproval. Problem is I have to see her every day in class, and it will be tough to not think about it. I really thought she was the one.

File: 1553494186267.png (150 KB, 410x396)
150 KB
150 KB PNG
>meet a 10/10 cutie
>literally an angel, very kind, never gets angry or overemotional, always understading and tries to help people, even if she gets nothing in return
>overall very feminine, calm, smiles like a goddess, doesn't even swear
>VERY CUTE, even sneezes like a kitten
>sit together once, she's typing something in her phone, try to look insensibly
>she's on 4CHAN, and asks a retard to go kill himself
Ideal picture is broken. I did suspect that people like this are either all fake or still let their steam off somewhere, but what about my nice girl fantasies? Should I dump her fake ass?
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>literally an angel
ok incel
>sit beside her once
>dump her
>putting pussy on a pedestal
confirmed for never making it
Digits don't lie, OP.
Nice. I doubt the story is real, although females do post here. The fake part is OP, yet I believe there really is a dream catch here someplace

How do I build a great and unique personality? Been reading alot of books lately but they only help build your intellect. Sick and tired of being the way I am and talking the way I do

Pic related 10/10 personality
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
what books? what do you mean by bad personality?
Im convinced the only thing that matters when it comes to personality is whether you are confident/happy or not.

Pay attention to people who have qualities that you like and imitate them. Figure out what they do and how they perceive the world. It's a lot of practice really.

To be unique? Probably closest thing to "unique" you can achieve is to be the best version of yourself that you can manage. People tend to see that as "unique" but so few people manage to confidently and authentically be themselves that it's really uncommon and refreshing to experience.
Just not liking the way that you respond to things, the way you talk, how you think and the things you do. Ofcourse it all comes down to being happy with it. But just like physical attractiveness you gotta put in some work to get it, instead of just not doing anything and thinking you're perfect already.

Good advice, thanks anon
>Been reading alot of books lately
You can't build a personality like a robot. You already have one and it is like a flower to help grow. Water it.

File: giphy.gif (607 KB, 480x270)
607 KB
607 KB GIF
My ex is trying to ruin my reputation by calling me a pedophile, drug dealer, stalker, and all sorts of other outrageous shit.

I know this because people have admitted this to me. The only problem is I don't have any direct evidence (online or otherwise) of her doing this.

Should I go straight to a lawyer or should I contact a private investigator first?
27 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Fair enough. I didn’t read the context of the thread only a few chained posts while lurking. I’ve replied in the past with skepticism when it looked like a bait thread (this thread is definitely not that)
Or maybe the individual is really skeptical, I have no idea. You could be a dog posting!!!
File: 21921023.png (269 KB, 690x870)
269 KB
269 KB PNG
You think it takes being a psychiatrist to know a girl you're in a relationship with has these severe problems? Why are you doubting this story? I really don't understand? Do you think this story is a rare thing? It happens all the time.

The conditions he named overlap a lot and all are in the same category. See what it says on pic related about deciding which one it is.
If someone asks for advice about dealing with someone who they know has a problem clearly then they would stop responding? Missing the logic here.
>Should I go straight to a lawyer or should I contact a private investigator first?

That was the question.

He got his answer, but
>still shitposting to troll you all.
Where is he shitposting? I haven't seen OP respond for a long time. Hasn't said anything since this discussion about trolls began.

File: 1.jpg (84 KB, 786x602)
84 KB
Lacking confidence, fully aware of my problems, how I'm visualising attractive girls as perfect goddesses, how I'm afraid of rejection and failure, how I'm not stepping out of my comfort zone, how I'm not getting enough practice speaking with girls.

But I just can't do it. I just can't step out of my comfort zone. I wish someone would fine me $100 every time I fail to initiate a conversation with a girl I like, I'd have made him a millionaire by now.
9 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1569330463200.png (508 KB, 1152x1200)
508 KB
508 KB PNG
I honestly dont think I can relate to a normal girl all that well. I see it with my friends that are well adjusted. They are so differentcomapfed to me. Women on here at least share a similar humor with me. And let's be real here: I'm not well adjusted either. My humor is fucked up from over a decade of 4chan and Im a mess inside.
But I'm not to make it the centre of my life now. I've been trying dating apps a few weeks ago but only got a few matches in the span of a month so I'll just let things rest for now. Not worth stressing over this shit. I've been going to the gym for the first time in my life. So maybe that will help a little.
I thought you meant wizardy like as in occult and esoteric stuff.. and then I read your post. Gotta say, you win disappointment of the day!
Based schizo /x/ poster
Brother do not be swayed by these heathens. Become a wizard like me and wield powers beyond mortal imagination. Who cares about some roasties when you can walk between planes at will and conjure lightning from thin air? Master control of time and space and have as much pussy as you want. Don't miss out man.
>fucking a girl as a wizard just to lose all your new found power
My dear apprentice you still have much to learn.

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