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File: kys.jpg (14 KB, 852x480)
14 KB
If I have major depression, and have had it for years, is it safe to get a gun?

I have medication, but still experience bad swings on occassion.
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being depressed and being suicidal are different things, so long as you're not intending to take for life I don't see an issue but considering you're asking you may lack self control
Ooo that smell.

File: k feels.png (43 KB, 700x324)
43 KB
>Not owning a gun a enjoying the therapeutic routine of cleaning.
Just don't think too hard about it whilst cleaning and you'll be fine
Hoppe's #9 buzz.


Teen angst and depression music thread.

Citation needed.

File: 1552771076831.png (120 KB, 620x424)
120 KB
120 KB PNG
New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu

Previous thread: >>40914951
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>brandishing a weapon
I’m not going wave it around. But if a nigger finna try and rob me I’ll pop a motherfuckin cap in his ass like a gentleman
I'm not saying you would.I'm telling you what the horse niggers will charge you with. Their ability to fuck with your life legally >>>>>>>> facts and logic
>trannies in the military
Pack it up we are done.
I was given an SKS sans it's stock.
What's the least tacticool SKS stock I can buy?
File: Idiot.png (25 KB, 757x146)
25 KB

How has it stood the test of time so effectively?
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As far as the US's philosophy of arms goes, the requirements for an HMG haven't changed much. Put on truck or tank, make things turn to mist.
My favourite video
Obligatory and already posted over 5 hours ago
Erika version better

File: Badgerhound.jpg (291 KB, 1288x966)
291 KB
291 KB JPG
Trade, create, and sell your patches
>Previous Thread

>Where can I buy that sweet patch/ find patches?

>Thread Theme
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File: 20190319_142939.jpg (1.67 MB, 1960x1148)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB JPG
Want that NATO patch
Do you have his Rhodesia patches? Rat bastard never sent it. Douching out my email and I found the last one I sent and it made me mad all over again.
Anyone knows the exact size of this cap Trapezoid insignia?
File: IMG_20190318_170109.jpg (237 KB, 724x966)
237 KB
237 KB JPG
What an autistic hill to die on.
Stop ripping off Grateful Dead art...

wtf, I didn't see that coming. What could be the real goal behind this pact?

>Poos buy more french planes? Yeah, this one was easy
>Poo nuclear submarines in Marseille?
>Pakistan fears the baguette?
>Proxy wars of India/France with China in Africa/South East Asia?
>New alliances for an incoming WW3? A 21st century Entente Cordiale?
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The French are honestly playing a stupid game. They almost have the same demographics as the US and massive social and economic problems but instead of fixing that, they double down on their signature superpower larping AND make China to be their outright enemy (look at the stuff going on between China and France in Africa for example).

Literally why?
File: 2_James.png (288 KB, 514x396)
288 KB
288 KB PNG
Cheeky bugger
>AND make China to be their outright enemy
China made france their enemy, not the other way around. China thinks that being a big boy means that you can get away with cheating and stealing from other countries because the US did it, but what they fail to grasp is that the US was able to get away with it because they underwrote everyone's defense against the USSR, making it worthwhile to have the US as their friend.
China has no friends and keeps making enemies of western countries, which is a golden opportunity for china's competitors to start getting in with the EU.

That's a guy. Cause Indian women with that face already got gang raped by her family after first puberty.

File: non happenings.jpg (80 KB, 690x450)
80 KB
I'm still disappointed. We could've finally got some large scale air combat between 4th gen fighters.
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Yeah it actually is you piece of shit nihilist faggot. Some of us enjoy not being fucking toast. Kys and put you out of our misery, thanks.
>Some of us enjoy not being fucking toast
Some of us just want something to live for, rather than living for nothing
>pakis and pajeets nuking each other to death
Oh boy how much I want this.
Do you not have friends and family? Edgy fuck
>Do you not have friends and family?
Nothing worse than being around people who make you feel totally alone m8
Even as I find niches with people closer and closer to me, I always just grow up out of them, aways ahead of and beyond the people I previously looked up to.
Look where you are. There's enough of us on /k/ who've been to war, thought it was hell, then left and realised it was the only times in our life we ever had true friendship and immutable bonds with people
There is fucking nothing else this earth has to offer me that would bring me any sort of joy. It's not dying, it's being able to truly live for something

File: Azov.jpg (231 KB, 1024x683)
231 KB
231 KB JPG
How is the Azov Battalion these days? Even since the incorporation into the Ukrainian National Guard they seem like they've swelled(they're Regiment size now) and suited themselves up as a conventional force, and from what I've read they no longer accept foreigners outside of trainers. Were the foreigners kicked out after they entered the National Guard?
I remember their old videos with Manowar in the background. Pretty cool.

THis is what they used: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MeJWSdrcRZk
Why don't you fuck off with spamming the same thread over and over?

/k/ is about to board an alien ship, what gear, weapons, tactics, and squad numbers will you bring?
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That's not nearly enough high explosives.
File: nuclear cannon.png (111 KB, 1733x507)
111 KB
111 KB PNG
>Boarding the ship.
I'd rather save the effort and split it in two with my relativistic cannon thanks.

Video related
Yes. And an alien waifu too, please. I want to Daniel Jackson that ship.
Chainsaw and boomstick.

Don't touch tips: flash hider, brake, or compensator? Put your muzzle device where you mouth is.
Muricans or Monkeys , who made the best licensed FAL? DSA battles South America.
SCAR 17S LEO/Mil discount program. Finding a cop who will commit fraud for a 30 rack and other helpful tips.
"BREN 2 any day now" t. A Skellington
Why did my PTR explode? A roller post mortem.
Why did my C308 explode? Chamber pressures and maple syrup out of battery jams examined.
EEEEEEEE and other hazards of pistol BRs.
Single shot FALs and other gas block tricks.
HK slaps and why you're wrong.
Tax returns are in: deciding on a parts kit in 3 easy steps.
Tap that butt: 21st century sling mounting solutions for your cold war relic.

Previous >>40774655
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RIP in peace your M1A
Anyone know what case this is
What's the best deal on a PTR91 right now? Specifically want the GIR.
File: fudddispersal.jpg (17 KB, 400x400)
17 KB
Almost perfect

File: 1548281606867.jpg (336 KB, 1200x900)
336 KB
336 KB JPG
I live in Mississippi. The range I frequent are infested with these trailer trash rednecks with shitty SKS and ARs. They also bring girls with them. The combination of their crass demeanor, tasteless guns, and the presence of girls really trigger the LIVING FUCK out of me.

I got a good job. What do I buy to flex on them. HARD?
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Elcan Spectre DR with rmr, do it right. Also, put a can in it.
SPAS 12, really rustle the jimmies
Class III weapons, duh
Steyr AUG. Based, expensive, instantly recognizable.
I’m sure he did. Got the Atlanta throat tickler from a nigger in an alley

File: Based and red pilled.webm (2.78 MB, 1280x720)
2.78 MB
2.78 MB WEBM
How's my stance, /k/?
I cant tell if you're shooting or fishing. Gitgud.
Pretty gangster except that you didn't drop the slide with one hand
would pack up and leave if i saw you/10
i thought this was some video you pulled online until i saw the shirt and now i'm not sure
OK some tips :
Since you are using the one handed stance try to tuck your weak arm hand in your rear pocket or grip you belt buckle;
it'll raise your back and put more weight on your foot on the strong side.
your two feet should be making a 90° angle with your strong foot facing the target.
try to get your pinky lower on the grip and don't clench tyour thumb, keep it straight. It should help with barrel rise.

Sorry english is not my bative language, but I used to do EU bullseye pistol shooting some time ago
it's shot at either 50m (55yd) or 100m'109yd) standing with 22lr pistols (either drulovs, pardini, s&w single shots or semi autos)
champoins can group in a 8cm (3 1/5 in) at 100m
my 1896 s&w single shot IIIrd model can stay in the 10cm (4in) at 100m with RWS match ammo... without wind and put un a vice, my goofy self can only hold the 20cm (8in) plate at 100m.

File: 1539123116821.jpg (519 KB, 628x834)
519 KB
519 KB JPG
Does anyone actually prep on this thread?
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Boosts morale
Helps your brain think

Yeah. Laid in the ground, about ten minutes after the thots have called their boyfriends to come and have some free gibs too.

I honestly believe the first rule of prepping is keeping the cache a secret.
Ramen and porn magazines
It's because they expect society to subsidize their degeneracy.
Technically speaking, your brain performs more poorly using glucose as an energy source than it does when using ketone bodies (i.e., metabolized fat) as an energy source. Ketones are the brain's preferred source of energy.

Who's got some experience with Turkish semi auto shotguns? What's good? What's bad? Just looking for a cheap fuck around with semi.
Are you talking about Tristar?

They're okay if you're a Fudd. They don't stand up really well to repeated use, so if you're looking to go to the range and blast shit with it constantly it'd be best to look for something else. Some of the models will warp the shit out of the foregrip because they can't disperse heat very well. If you're looking to blast ducks once or twice a year they're fine. Fudds tend to describe them as something you'd be fine with losing over the side of a boat.
Just buy a benelli or something other than turkshit ffs
Anything by ATA is good quality
Get the UTS15
as a general rule, i stay away from Turkish goods. But if you're looking for something dirt cheap you can throw away and not miss, Turkish semi autos are certainly cheaper than Italian or American alternatives.

File: 4886597.jpg (52 KB, 1280x622)
52 KB
AK General /akg/
Triangle Handguard Edition
>Thread #793

Old thread here >>40899564
123 replies and 36 images omitted. Click here to view.
Theyre fine, a few guys here have one
Honestly you should just buy a RAS47 or a VSKA, they are pretty great.
File: 1439484282_302486851.jpg (110 KB, 600x848)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
they're good to go
these were probably captured or provided by russia

File: 84bbq.jpg (1.03 MB, 1800x1200)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB JPG
Compact edition.



242 replies and 82 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 20180815_081032.jpg (3.62 MB, 4160x3120)
3.62 MB
3.62 MB JPG
Do you think engineers just throw in a new barrel and magazine to change calibers?
The idiots that make production 1911s?
Yes and it shows
If 1911's in calibers other than 45 are so shit, why are almost all raceguns 1911's in 38 super?
Because raceguns don't need to be all that reliable and they are also expensive hand built guns
A 38 super 1911 racegun =/= a mass produced 9mm 1911

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