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Why do the John Wick seem to think Glocks are cool? I’ve noticed lots of Hollywood stuff pushes Glocks, are they payed to or do they just not know that there’s more cinematic guns?
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I'm fairly nogunz, so don't bully me, but why didn't John use something like a FN5.7 against those dudes with body armor at the end?
Because they were super-soldiers who didn't even move when struck with 500 Joules of force. You need a scattergat w/slugs to kill monsters, whippersnapper.
watching a stream right now and the action scenes fucking suck.
first fight in the library: the guy uses a really weird knife technique, only uses one arm at once getting struck, and wick hits at the book multiple times instead of striking him directly.

>second attack
close-quarter combat with guns. only one arm used at once. extremely telegraphed strikes. a guy strikes him in the abdomen for some reason, and then grabs him from underneath the arms and allows him full use of the arms. no choke or arm-lock. then extremely choreographed knife slashes. guys getting thrown to the ground by a knife.
then a guy runs up to him and fires his gun next to him, so that he can punch it away.

has this series been praised for the action? what?
it's all so unrealistic and dull
>gets hit by a 2 slow cars, and both of them stop right after hitting him
this could have killed them by just having one fast car and actually hitting him and running him over.

>the guys stay in their cars for a few seconds, without having guns ready to fire while he was on the ground
how very convenient

more telegraphed strikes.
>a guy has the opportunity to hit him but fires at the ground instead
>three fucking strikes by a horse

>a guy on a bike tries to grab the guy who is obviously armed instead of shooting/stabbing him
In another (probably-inadvertent) callback to The Matrix, the first movie was the only good one, and the rest should be forgotten.

File: 20190423_165103.jpg (761 KB, 966x2016)
761 KB
761 KB JPG
"Holy god fuck why does it take boomers a month to ship my gun?" Edition.
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File: 20181219_1618422.jpg (759 KB, 1014x1976)
759 KB
759 KB JPG
That's a very clean looking No.4 anon
>what did he mean by this
How much was the bayo?

Previous thread (archived)
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Anon you do realise its the current year and girls can have short stroke gas pistons too.
But yukari doesn't.
A good ArSmg team should chew through black goliats no problem. Make sure you have night fighting equipment and good ammo. SAA is good idea for a HG
The 19k ones were only annoying because ammo was limited and they were plentiful. That said, Contender makes a good choice too because she's better for dealing with the dog.
She's also doing the two-fingered polish salute. So yes.

File: 1558386726569.jpg (113 KB, 600x450)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
Due to the similar nature in the goals of pistol grips, would it not be logical to have a pistol grip significantly more handgun-like than the usual simple pistol grips that you find on most AR's?
Why don't more people do this? Could it be because the goal is to pull the rifle into you and such is not the case with a handgun?
pic absolutely related
Rifle grips are more ergonomic as they don't have to hold a magazine like in a semi auto handgun. The form factor of fitting a mag is 90% of why handgun grips are like they are. Also a 1911 syle grip on your AR is going to run you a pretty penny vs that cheap injection molded plastic.

File: 6241_v10.jpg (258 KB, 1280x856)
258 KB
258 KB JPG
Let's say stupid Americans try to defy their government because of simple reasons such as erasing the 2nd Amendment.

Where do you think you can get MANPADS against police helicopter? Only from China. So it is in your best interest to be friendly to China.
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And they’ll send them over.. how? A teleporter?
The same way we give arms to the terrorists in Iraq and Syria...lmao rarted
>gonna resign my commission and dip out
>not leading a mutiny or stealing equipment or shooting officers
Iraq and Syria WANT our shit and in the former case were working directly with the government, while in the latter the government has no ability to control the space we operate in.

File: 1508795619069.jpg (393 KB, 1280x1280)
393 KB
393 KB JPG
You're sweating.

File: mk48 6.5 creedmoor.png (105 KB, 753x240)
105 KB
105 KB PNG
FN releases 6.5 Creedmoor Mk48

>man decides barrel-destroying round needs to be fired out of a high-fire rate platform
>news at 11
Welp time for FN to invest in bringing to gain-twist into the mainstream.
>barrel destroying
pls explain

File: file.png (210 KB, 1144x1144)
210 KB
210 KB PNG
Anyone listen to music while shooting? I use these beatsx earbuds and play music while I shoot at an indoor range. I know they're shitty ear buds but I got them for free, and they block out sound pretty well.
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Yep. Dad gave me a couple pairs of electronic earpro with an aux port on them as a gift a little while ago. Definitely an upgrade from shooting without them.

I don’t mind ambient music being played, but I don’t play any myself for the most part. Muh situational awareness and all.
I use the 3.5mm input on my Impact Sports to listen to music, usually doubled up with surefire EP4s so it's a little quiet but it gets the job done
Gay. Stop being a zoomer faggot. Concentrate on what you are doing, ffs. This doesn't just go for shooting, but pretty much everything in life.

>military fags
>your country
What’s the most inept and unprofessional army you had the chance working with?
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We had to train them to fly Mig-29’s and according to the base commander we were training the “best pilots in Uzbekistan” and that they “aced flight school”
One of them looked me dead in the eyes and asked “does pushing the leaver forward make me faster?” I told him “that’s the stick you retard”
Congo Armed Force
nearly all of them were skinny fat,fat or skinny barely able to run 3 km without passing out or do 20 Push ups
does anyone have any experience with the Pakistan army I know we did lots of training with US army in the 80s and 90s
I have several stories about my uncle who trained with US troops . The US troops were given our infantry training and it involves Poo
why do they all have the same facial structure
what the fug
honestly they should, use what we already have and not spend money on modern equipment that even the Army doesn't even have

File: 1557880475521.jpg (63 KB, 960x656)
63 KB
us special forces or russian?
Which one is better and why?
For a example, Specnaz or Delta Force
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any spetsnaz soldiers may not kill their fellow
>inb4 Melgar
Russians are better in urban combat. And whoever said Americans are better equipped is a dumbass. Russians don’t wear any plate carriers which I think is retarded but they carry the God round of 5.45x39 so fuck it they don’t need to have body armor. But I Dont really believe either of them have been tested fully
It truly is summer
this, summerfags melt in winter

File: 1536555257324.jpg (41 KB, 476x682)
41 KB
tell me /k/... why do Japanese katanas bend so easily? is it by design?
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File: shinto_exorcism.jpg (200 KB, 768x1024)
200 KB
200 KB JPG

While there aren't much markets for modern steel katanas (even if they were of superior quality), there ARE markets for made-using-traditional-swordsmithing-techniques katanas. there are greater profits in selling the nostalgia item rather than pure functionality.

And as far as functionality is concerned, a well made katana does that perfectly adequately. Katanas DO work as swords. You can use them for sparring and cutting practices and for any reenactment you'd want.

It may be of inferior quality (at least on paper) when compared to European-style purified tempered steel. But is in comparison only. It doesn't mean they are utter crap. They still work as a swords if a sword is what you need.

A colt 1911 is obsolete in many ways when compared to more modern pistols like HK USP. But that doesn't mean the Colt doesn't work as a pistol. It gets the job done.
Based effortposter
File: 1498507303999.png (197 KB, 297x435)
197 KB
197 KB PNG
>tamahagane-style pig iron
Tamahagane is a form of steel and by definition not pig iron. Frankly I don't think you actually know what you're talking about, this idea that Japan's method of obtaining iron led to worse steel is a meme. It led to relatively little of the high end product compared to the manufacturing powerhouses of the day but they still had enough to field steel tools and weaponry so the real impact of that is questionable at best.
No a katana literally can't block euro swords
they just break or bend
source: My great great great great great great great great great grandfather was a knight

File: maxresdefault.jpg (97 KB, 1280x720)
97 KB
how fucked are you?
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File: 1.png (617 KB, 782x794)
617 KB
617 KB PNG
oh no
a coke bottle (plastic) and some office supplies, plus my phone Ig
File: 51mA3sCFwBL.jpg (62 KB, 500x334)
62 KB
You fucking degenerate he's making beef jerky chew
File: IMG_20190521_060546627.jpg (3.59 MB, 2952x5248)
3.59 MB
3.59 MB JPG
>taking a shit at work
>Isis shows up and starts blasting
>I grab a toilet paper roll, plunger, and some handsoap
>mold the tp into a barrel and receiver
>use my shit as clue
>plunger handle is stock
>soap propellent firing wads of tp
>Kill all the sand people
>get knighted for my heroics

AK General /akg/
Drums Of Various Sizes Edition
>Thread #826

Old thread here >>41505064
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personally i wouldnt pay over 604.35
They're essentially ROMAK 2 rifles iirc. Great purchase.
File: 1485599268901.png (974 KB, 750x917)
974 KB
974 KB PNG

Would the military be improved if officers were chosen from rich aristocrats trained from birth to lead?
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File: Willy_the_second.png (21 KB, 806x532)
21 KB
>WW1 officers were killed in higher percentages than enlisted because they climbed over the trenches and fought right alongside their men.
They were killed in higher numbers because German snipers were trained to shoot the guys with the swords and tailored uniforms.
Listen here you retarded weeb nigger, cause i'm gonna tell you what was happening in poland before the partitions. Poland relied entirely on a nobility-based military force. The plan was that if someone invaded, the upper class would leave their palaces, and assemble as a fighting force, and the peasants stayed at home because they were deemed not worth being made fight. But that rarely happened, because if the nobleman in question could actually get off the chair without assistance, he didn't feel like leaving his palace to fight for the interest of his country. Thus, poland failed to present competetive numbers in battle, and was entirely conquered in the time of a couple decades.
It was like this in the past and was changed for a reason.
Are you being retarded on purpose or are you genuinely that stupid? >>41535173
The UK was a member of the Entente and flat out told Germany they will declare war if they attack Belgium and the Netherlands, which they did. The US wanted nothing to do with it whatsoever until u boats started attacking ships (the Lusitania being the last straw) and the Zimmerman message. Jesus fucking Christ weebs need to be drawn and quartered.

File: GLAWK.jpg (8 KB, 193x261)
8 KB
imo ALL pistols are overpriced. having worked in several factories cannot fathom how any pistol cost over $500 if psa can chunk ar's for $500 all gd day how tf is something that is 1/5 the material and so much simpler costing more?
never bought nice guns so yeah nice mill lines and qc might be nice but every fucking "wonder 9" i see is just ridiculously priced for what your actually getting.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
There are a lot of factors that go into gun pricing. Materials are actually a fairly small one.

Machine time is a much bigger factor. How complex are the milling operations? How many must be made? How fast do they wear out the tooling before it has to be replaced/recalibrated to maintain specs? How high end does the tooling have to be to cut the material you are using? How much hand fitting is required?

Then there is the red tape. The gun has to have a serial number generated and logged in/out if inventory. If it's imported, it must deal with the chain of custody procedures in it's home country/while shopping/in customs/received by an importer and then distributed.

Then there is the overhead cost of shipping, middlemen and shelf space at a retail business which needs a profit margin to survive and must go through a mountain of paperwork daily to do business at all.
Then there is the factor of gun sales to civilians being piecemeal, rather than bulk. This means making numerous different models you think will sell, some of which will just sit on the shelf, especially if the whole market slows down for a bit. Even when you sell it you have to account for warranty returns and other unique CS issues.

A Glock costs something like $150 to actually manufacture, but about the same to get to a shelf. They need their $200 (or $100 on blue label) profit margin to cover all of the ones that don't sell, support CS, and make the whole thing worthwhile.

It's much easier and more lucrative to sell the same gun to a large government contract at $300 a unit because it's all going to be one or two models per order rather than ~50, no middlemen, only one or two layers of red tape rather than 5+ and they have paid armorers on their end to fix/prevent damage rather than getting broken guns shipped back by customers because they did something stupid.
$150 my fucking ass. and again looking at psa and bca etc. ar's are alot more expensive. the more material, the more milling and shit has to be done. every pistol i pick up seems to be in general pretty goddamn shoddy on the finish work. it's ridiculous how shitty boomers let pistols quailty get
Yeah OP you should write a letter to Glock about how they need to lower their prices because of PSA and sheeeeit, right my nigga? Fist bump, homie.
PSA doesn't just operate an AR manufacturer. They have physical stores that all seem to be doing very well and indoor ranges. They get income off of clothing sales which is usually 100% mark up. They get income from ammo sales which is also a large mark up. They can afford to chunk AR's out at a less than desirable margin because they don't rely on them to survive. When you buy an AR from them usually people also buy magazines, accessories, ammo, etc which is where they make the real money.
File: gc1_16.jpg (85 KB, 635x478)
85 KB
>9 rd mag

File: Fucking Patch.jpg (88 KB, 801x600)
88 KB
Fucking patches motherfuckers.

>Fucking Previous thread


>Fucking Thread Theme
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ROTFL...*want Senko*

>to fuck non stop
Thanks for the ear worm
File: 1554539897526.gif (326 KB, 370x300)
326 KB
326 KB GIF
BSApricot...where my girl at? <3

You turning out any new patches? What about cosplay? :3


You need to do more Girls Last Tour patches. BTW you look like Shinobu from Monotagari in one of your pics.

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