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>Do your own research to start, then come here for clarification.
>No vague questions, like "What job is best?"

Guides to prepare for high-speed shit. (SEAL, Ranger etc.)


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In AIT, super common for health and welfare, where they look through everything. Once you get to your unit they'll do cleanliness checks to make sure you aren't a fucking slob. Some people leave out absurd sex toys to make their leadership uncomfortable, or do other shit.
Bump on my question
Is it possible to join the military without a waiver if I was diagnosed with ADD as a 8 year old and havent had any medication in a few years.
Absolutely. If you haven't been through their system at all yet, then just omit the ADD. You're setting yourself up for a massive headache if you dont.
More than likely yes, would just need a waiver

File: Steven Seagal.jpg (13 KB, 480x360)
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File: ambidextrous seagal.webm (906 KB, 1920x1080)
906 KB

What the fuck is up with this nigga's hairline?
How does he keep getting funding for these shitty movies?
Ancient Buddhist Gold from that time he was declared the second coming of the Buddha by nepalese buddhists.
He's balding. I think he transplanted pubes on his head to compensate for it, so his hair looks really unusual.

File: Welcome.jpg (350 KB, 870x378)
350 KB
350 KB JPG
Is the human wave tactic a valid strategy or are Russians retarded?
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File: IMG_3808.jpg (9 KB, 145x170)
9 KB
Soviets never used human wave tactics, at least that wasn't their tactical doctrine. Lack of artillery ammo or bad coordination earlier in the war meant their infantry sometimes attacked unsupported (or tanks attacked unsupported), but that's not human wave, just shitty tactical performance.
Most of Soviet casualties were civilians. Overall, some 7-8 million Soviet soldiers died in combat, opposed to 5 million Axis soldiers.
Soviet Union didn't have a massive manpower advantage compared to Germany and it's allies. For start, they lost the populous Ukraine and Belarus early in the war.

Any more retarded claims?
I too watched enemy at the gates

Never happened.

File: 1547428860362.jpg (312 KB, 1300x2104)
312 KB
312 KB JPG
Forces unknown have caused our world and a fantasy world to combine. Dragons, Orcs, Elves and the like now roam the Earth. Magic now, inexplicably, is a thing.

Tensions between modern humans and the denizens of the fantasy world have reached a point of open hostility towards one another. While the World governments are able to secure major city centers, the suburbs and rural areas range from fragile peace to 'fire on sight'.

What does /k/ do?

Previous Thread: >>40277244
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Guys, my centaur gf wants to move in with me, what do? Will I need to reinforce my structure to support her weight? Polyurethane to keep her from scuffing up the floors?
either you get a bigger house or outright go live in the stables yourself, depending on where you live the furniture alone is going to make things really uncomfortable for her
You can have multiple fantasies anon

File: army trg.jpg (196 KB, 1280x800)
196 KB
196 KB JPG
>rare image of ameriburger witnessing a piece of real high quality military technology
How can US Army even compete?
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America is the mythical city on the hill that Aquinas brought up. You can ask any european to name 5 cities in the USA and they likely will be able to. You can ask an american to name 5 cities in finland or the czech republic and they wont be able to. This is not a lack of education as the average european would have you believe, its a lack of relevance. Everyone is obsessed with the US, there is no equal nor superior gilded kingdom on this planet.
Does funland use subcal ammo for their sniper rifles like sweden does?
>comparing Finland or CZ to the US
A fairer comparison would be to ask a European to name 5 cities in Nebraska. Or ask an American to name 5 cities in Europe.
This is a dumb thread

You exist at our pleasure, but not for it. Perhaps that's something we should all reconsider.

File: IMG_5406a-12.jpg (114 KB, 1024x593)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
We have reports of a shooting at a club called "Tech-noir"

>post yfw
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File: robocop police.jpg (96 KB, 800x430)
96 KB

>that 1911 with the gigahuge laser sight
how can laserlets even compete? literally the chad gun. fuck iron sights, just point your huge 80's laser and headshot the dumbass meatbags

File: 50 Shades of M62.jpg (1.79 MB, 2000x1500)
1.79 MB
1.79 MB JPG
Old thraed died.

Anyway, you all know the drill. Post fresh purchases, discuss the aesthetics and practical applications of camouflage etc.
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File: IMG_20190116_122943~2.jpg (2.24 MB, 2480x3399)
2.24 MB
2.24 MB JPG
Here's a pic
I was just looking at varpuke's olive m91 set, only found one jacket for sale at 100€. I also tried to order one for 70€ at swat-team but the product listing was old and apparently they had run out of stock. those were made for reserve shooters, right? For a good price I'd be willing to buy it off you.
olive indeed looks interesting. I'd like a summer camo jacket too, but I'd rather have it with tornimerkki, to fit the trousers. where should we be in contact?
t. >>40301314
tested it yesterday in +3°, had no pants underneath and it was comfy. So is the jacket. Good as windbreaker. as another anon said its waterrepellant to a certain degree, i wouldnt wear it for a heavy rain, thats what i got my mil-tec poncho for.
File: Db4OdkCVwAAtSdD.jpg (86 KB, 439x750)
86 KB
Is wearing a BDU appropriate if I want to airshit/LARP as an Croatian/HVO soldier appropriate? I've read about them wearing Surplus Woodland Uniforms from the US, but most stuff I saw was either M65 or some 2-pocket shirt tucked into the trousers. Also, does anyone have info on boot models worn other than the M77?

>See a Powder Ganger
>Uses a semi auto 9mm pistol
>Reloads with soft cast lead bullets and dirty ass black powder
>Gun understandably breaks every 35 shots cause he doesn't clean that shit out
>Scavenes guns from unfortunate passers by to enable his shit habits of treating gun parts like an infinite resource

Can't stand these guys. They don't put thought into anything they do.
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I forgot to add that. Yes, for those with large hands and a firm cock, the .308 is of course the minimum calibre.
Whoops nvm. Nah you fucked up gramps. The autismo who can afford to buy a SCAR because he lives with his mom will fold you.
Such a shame Bethesda can't manage their third party devs/other studios at all. Fallout 76 is the same kind of shitshow as New Vegas was at release. At least the latter was still popular, but I don't know if 76 can be saved.
Cowboy repeater is underrated
Damn it is, I played some sort of sniper and it's surprisingly decent even when you have the hunting rifle because usually you don't have much .308, enemies usually only needs to be shot with .357 and the iron sights were less buggy.
Reloading in combat is an issue though.

>Reminder that it is 100% legal to discuss manufacture of NFA items
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File: nice_try_ATF.jpg (508 KB, 1436x957)
508 KB
508 KB JPG
>this entire thread
File: 1547081186948.jpg (356 KB, 819x895)
356 KB
356 KB JPG
Every material has a breaking point. It's just a matter of finding it. Stamped metal is going to last longer than polymer.
He smart
It isn't
Yup, just don't make it out of honey or something.

File: breech.jpg (309 KB, 1024x768)
309 KB
309 KB JPG
Do tank and artillery guns have safeties to prevent people's hands from getting crushed when the breech is closing after putting a shell in? Loading looks like a cool job but also dangerous.
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I dont know if its true, but he seemed genuine, much moreso then most of the guys who had war stories.
On the M1 you have to unlock the breech before it'll raise.

You also have to hold down the safety bar for the main gun firing circuit to complete.

Loader is actually a pretty good spot on the Abrams. He's usually the second best man in the vehicle.
Who said you need to drive on public roads, its a car designed for racetracks.

Well yeah, fossil fuels are bad but what does that have to do with anything?
Unless the m1 gun has some kind of manual "punch to fire"-feature somewhere on the gunmount itself, i kinda doubt it. But den again you never know
this can't happen with any gun used by first world countries

File: Morkkis.jpg (40 KB, 640x480)
40 KB
Here we share universal tips regarding service in the military

>Avoid infantry at _all_ costs
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File: 1524736612547.jpg (69 KB, 500x574)
69 KB
Join and you'll know why.
File: 1521349871608.gif (2.91 MB, 257x212)
2.91 MB
2.91 MB GIF
nah i'll pass on the zogbot scheme for now. I'm guessing its another one of those "anything remotely prestigious sounding attracts all the retards and means nothing bc slipping standards" type of things.
It means nothing, it's a horrible profession, the experience of jumping out of a plane is true misery, there are protocols established to make things safe but they are ignored, and it's the least fun thing you can possibly imagine.
That's not to mention the awful things you do when you aren't jumping.
I'm going infantry after I graduate Marine Corps OCS. Try to convince me not to.

File: buryingthehatchet.jpg (76 KB, 525x350)
76 KB
How often do US service members get to work and fraternize with those from foreign countries? Is it generally cool or a pain in the ass?
Depends if they can speak each other's language. I've worked with RN's from Australia. Nice guys. But then I have to work with JMSDF or ROK Navy where I need an interpreter, or suffer through 'hey, at least you tried' Engrish....yeah, not so fun. Don't have to worry about Tagalog, since that's what my Chiefs are for....
Sucks dude. How much value would you say there is in just a regular person in your "group" (sorry, I have no idea what term to use here) who is fluently multilingual?
>'hey, at least you tried' Engrish

did you notice the difference between armed personel Engrish and civilian Engrish?

from my experience guys with guns who speak some always sound like they got their engrish from 80s action movies
I got to work with some South Koreans.
There's still a language barrier, but overall they were really chill.
>be hanging out
>KATUSA comes by, sits next to me and friend
>talk about both our countries
>He says Korea made practically all Asian stuff like sushi, China and Japan just copy Koreans
>He wants to program for Samsung when he finishes his time in service
>Tell him about American food, in particular, a 20 oz steak
>See his eyes literally widen. He's never seen such a chunk of meat before
>Tell him about the gangs in America, and the story of the Roof Koreans
>The number of gangs we have scares him, but he was proud that the Roof Koreans held their ground
Good times

File: 1547515320300.webm (1.71 MB, 640x900)
1.71 MB
1.71 MB WEBM
Should you have to pass a course before you can buy a gun? You can't drive without a license after all.
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Seriously try to have a no guns try this. Clear a gun, show them it's clear, hand it to them and ask them to duplicate what you just did.

I've seen too many people struggle with pump gun slide releases, safety's that prevent handguns from being racked, decockers attempted to be slide stops, mag releases at the bottom of pistols, 3 position bolt action safeties, and similar.

.02% of 'well trained' people drilled heavily with safety and punishment for breaking a safety rule fuck it up
If it was .02% of high school students comes out to over 280,000 'whoops just let off a round no big deal'.
Nah I have a problem with it famalam. I was taught well before any of that would make sense, started shooting at 5, my grandfather taught me gun safety, which appropriately started with the 4 rules, then how to use different firearms overtime, not well I taught you how to clear one style your gtg now just pick up any loaded gun.

Not sure how you can't see the difference between someone who enjoys a technical hobby and someone who doesn't give a shit.
You haven't spent too much time in gun shops to see how fucking dumb both customers and sometimes the employees can be.

I'm not saying don't learn how to clear/handle guns. I'm saying that something taught in schools is not going to be adequate for most people. I'd much prefer that everyone gets to a level where they can handle 98% of guns and clear them. It's better that if you don't know how to handle a type of gun, ask. If you've never handled an open bolt mg, don't just grab it at your friends house. Ask them to show you to learn properly.
>the military is well trained in firearms or marksmanship
massive assumption there m8

>don't pull the trigger
>difficult to understand
ubiquitous "don't fucking pull the trigger" training isn't hard. Applies to all firearms. Literally rule 3. Fuck, just teaching the 4 rules of gun safety instead of (((stop, don't touch, leave the area, tell an adult))) would increase the communal firearms knowledge and safety level by an order of magnitude.
>You can't drive without a license after all.
Jesus christ, is there a government initiative out for people to shill for guns?
Ian's licking boot for the ATF, Karl will be next.
Who else? Paul and Hikok?
Theres a reason why it's in single quotes for being well trained.

I agree with that though 4 rules is mostly better. Do you at least see where I'm coming from tho? I'm not saying dont teach people I'm saying don't teach them to try to clear what they don't know about.
Education and healthy fear/respect>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>no touch>eh just try to clear it even if you don't know how. If you are reasonably experienced and theres a reason to clear this unknown gun I don't see why you shouldn't.
That said I don't want someone to come over to my place and empty all my guns because they don't feel safe cause theres a shotgun/ak/ar in the corner or handgun on my desk/shelf.
If they're exposed to the basics, it puts the blame on them if they accidentally ND a phased plasma rifle in the 40 watt range.

refusal or restriction of information is a totalitarian tactic, every high schooler should have to at the least learn how to not put their booger hook on the bang switch of a gun. A lot easier than 2 years of spanish to learn how to not point a gun at your face and pull the trigger.


>China's fifth generation fighter jet J-20, which has been in service under the People's Liberation Army Air Force since early 2018, is endowed with state-of-the-art aviation and electronic technologies. Its range and weapons payload are widely considered to be better than the F-35's, enabling it to achieve its main mission of gaining aerial superiority in a 21st Century battlefield.

>Moreover, the J-20 has room for improvement. An upgraded version of the J-20 will have "overwhelming superiority" to the F-35 in the future, Wei said.

>China's passive radars and meter wave radars can also detect stealth aircraft, and can guide anti-aircraft missiles such as the HQ-9 and HQ-16 to destroy them, Wei noted.

>The F-35's stealth capability, one of the most important features that set it apart from previous generations of fighter jets, requires very high maintenance cost, as the radar wave-absorbing coating wears off and needs to be replaced after every flight, the news.com.au report said
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File: 886.jpg (86 KB, 500x446)
86 KB
>Wei said
Hmmm chink maths really is fascinating
How much do you get paid for these threads.

>It will be more capable in the future guys!!
Yes, yes, very implessive, but how about this?
*unzips dick*

Attack in Kenya thread. Anyone know anything interesting?

A lone operator from the SAS was seen fighting there
22 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
He probably doesnt have hydration or something in the rear. Or maybe hes a fucking idiot.

Looks like he has a backpack in this photo
>>40300261 so idk, just seems weird
>Looks like he has a backpack in this photo
Maybe its empty
why would he carry an empty backpack
Put looted antiquities in it afterwards
Or maybe it was carrier mounted

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