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File: Heckler_&_Koch_p9s.jpg (140 KB, 1486x1154)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
What does /k/ think of the Heckler und Koch P9S?

You do have a HK pistol too right?
I have a USP. Glocks are better.
File: 1555483465308.jpg (195 KB, 850x1058)
195 KB
195 KB JPG

File: fjxQrgh.jpg (191 KB, 2048x1960)
191 KB
191 KB JPG
what is the best gun lube? i told my pops that people seem to love lithium grease, he didn't disagree but he said he likes sewing machine oil.
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Lol this goy falls for the ((((shampoo)))) jew

Frog Lube = dead Kermit or happy Kermit
Lucas Red n Tacky #2
LSA if you're feeling fancy, lithium grease if you're using it a lot for other stuff, synthetic motor oil if not. It isn't rocket science, I promise. You can basically use whatever you want. The only circumstances in which you want specific stuff is if your environment warrants it. Like if it's insanely swampy, or if you're in a place with extremely fine powdery sand. Synthetic motor oil for high mileage cars though is straight up designed for what you need, though. A gun is just a different type of internal combustion piston.
It depends entirely on where you live and what time of year it is. Preferably something non carcinogenic

File: Extar_EP9.jpg (18 KB, 500x333)
18 KB
I just ordered an Extar EP9. Good idea or not?
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doesnt matter if you already ordered it
I've mag dumped with a binary trigger my suppressed AR9 and this has never been an issue. Who's the fucking faggots on this board that constantly push this "gas in muh face" meme?
Put a nice stock and take a pic.
They're good to go. Lots of carbine snobs on this board for some reason. You don't need a $2000 pdw to shoot 9mm you fags.
Looks neat, wish I knew when that 45 model is coming out. Been thinking about getting something like that for the old fart for Christmas, so he can stop deluding himself with the idea that a Ruger MkIII is an acceptable defensive gun.

File: typhoon1.jpg (30 KB, 620x288)
30 KB
>difficult to manouvre
>expensive to build and a nightmare to design
>risky due to possible reactor overheat and radiation leaks
>juicy big target, even a fishing boat can see it through the sonar
>can't go amphibian, and no coastal waters either, one bank of sand and it's fucked

What was the pointing of building the typhoon class?
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Dont need more internal weapons volume... ohio class already carries maximum # of missles per START. Dont need 2 screws, thats 2x as much machinery making 2x as much noise... Hell future replacment for Ohio is supposed to use an electric motor driving the screw instead of having a hull penetration for the shaft.

the idea is to make them smaller/quieter and harder to detect/ destroy.. not to make a submersible a submerged city. Also, larger vessels with more personnell are generally more expensive. This adversely affects the costs related to staffing and maintaining said vessel.
how the fuck do you expect the crew to stay sane inside of this for a year?
Yea you’re fuckin retarded if you don’t think there won’t be another American civil war.
If you want another wild ride, go watch K-19 Widowmaker.
File: consider.jpg (54 KB, 660x592)
54 KB
>the props are fucking massive
>still tiny relative to the rest of the sub

>Had an AK at one point but it rusted within three months
>same happened to several other guns I’ve owned
>keep all my guns in a climate controlled safe and clean regularly
>Only ones I own now are a stainless gp100 and 10/22, glock 17 And a2 clone

I’m buying one last gun then spending the next few years just shooting the shit out of my collection. I’m not sure wether to risk another AK or just get a 336SS

Thoughts? I want an AK bad but I’m so cursed I just had a nickel marine SXP rust on me within weeks of purchase
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You fucked up
I'm an engineer.

Any full synthetic motor oil ---> tight tolerance areas

You want full synthetic because it won't burn and cook-off as the weapon heats up, and therefore won't leave carbon behind. It also usually has cleaning additives. Make sure it says FULL SYNTHETIC.

MoS2 grease (Molybdenum DiSulfide, grey looking, sold at auto parts store) ---> loose tolerance areas (you can wiggle the part around in ways it isn't intended to wiggle)

Don't get grease into the chamber. You won't ever need grease for something like an AR15. You'll need some for an AK depending on what is really loose, probably the rails. For an HK pattern, slop that shit on the rails and front charging area.

I wonder if you have a safe which has chinese drywall as fire insulation? Those leach sulfur into the air inside the safe and cause rapid rusting.

Here is a link about gunsafes with drywall insulation:
I use clp and rem oil and there is no rust on any of my rifles and I'm a coasttard with a shitty stackon safe.

File: sigsauerm17.jpg (31 KB, 599x412)
31 KB
Be honest, /k/; do you agree with the winner? If not, who should've won?

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I would've just gone with Glock, since it's already NATO proven. I don't think the Beretta APX or S&W M&P would've been bad choices either.

I kind wish CZ had won, if only because I think it would've been funny.
>Women and smaller men find the M9 grip to be too large.
The M9A3 uses a smaller Vertec grip frame with an optional larger grip for people with medium-large hands.
Is that you vain bro?
Modular system seems pretty awesome. Simple drop in trigger pack. Probably going to end up on my to buy list sooner or later for a range toy.
P320 would be a terrible choice for a first gun because people would do all their practice with the full-size and all their carrying with the subcompact and think they were prepared to defend themselves anyway.
At least when people buy a Shield or other normal subcompact they have to shoot it on its own terms instead of pretending the trigger time they have on the full size will transfer over.

File: fdgsdffgd.jpg (374 KB, 823x1029)
374 KB
374 KB JPG
The world is ending and you only have access to a hardware store for a day to get supply's to make armor, what do you make anon?

Also DIY thread, post PDF's
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Yeah, just don't.
That's just that guys nifty looking setup, you can do the whole thing manual if you want.
well one more question what is a good diameter for the wire and is Tie Wire the same kinda stuff?
make lamellar plate out of hardened steel garden tools ned kelly style
File: yike.jpg (31 KB, 720x405)
31 KB
This is an impressive level of faggotry. I wish I could award you the highest faggotry honor, but I've still seen a few anons worse today.
Join metal working factory.
Get free 3/4 inch plates

Thoughts /k/?

Is it a good deal? Or is the ammo just really cheap and shitty.

I’m thinking buying 1000 rounds
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There's that and the Monarch stuff I've only found at Academy. Difference is Monarch is lacquered steel. But 200rds of 9mm/100rds of x39 for $36 is pretty neat, and I've yet to find any fucked up cases or issues with it
It isn't bad but it's hardly a screaming deal, wolf in general is alright although i prefer to use tula or other lacquered stuff for my steel cased needs. Going off ammoseek for an extra 1.5 CPR(14.8) you can have magtech, for an extra 1.7-2 CPR(15-15.3 cpr) you can have armscor or remington, all are brass cased. If you're fine with steel case then go for it, if your gun is a little picky orr you prefer to avoid it then there are a lot of slightly more expensive and slightly better brass case choices out there.

You do you.
File: 47910-DEFAULT-l.jpg (173 KB, 1350x900)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
As long as we're having this thread, is Winchester any good? Just looking for something cheap I can get some practice in with. Currently buying Blazer Brass whenever it happens to go on sale.
Elmer fudd plz go
>paying 14 cpr after shipping for steel when brass is 16

File: m95.jpg (1.13 MB, 1191x1780)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB JPG
>pistol caliber gun
>weights 12 pounds/5kg

What were they thinking?
No clue fren
>pistol caliber
Did you mean to post a different photo?
File: thompson.jpg (113 KB, 1280x444)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
FUCK I absolutely did. Meant to post this fucker.

>tfw ruining my thread from the get go
Just shoot myself in my sleep.
It's a machine gun that's why.
Well when the war started the Thompson was really the only submachine gun available for mass production. It's an early submachinegun, so thats why it was heavy.
>what were they thinking?
omfg it shoots a million bullets!

that's what they were thinking. Even at 12lb it was preferable to a bolt action

File: knives.jpg (184 KB, 1400x933)
184 KB
184 KB JPG
Knife thread general - post your knives
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File: gun knife (black).jpg (31 KB, 596x543)
31 KB
Not joke.

Im weak to pawn shop junk
It was like $200 or $240 or something like that.

Expensive for a fancy piece of steel stock but the way it's sharpened and ground, should work very well for being a hatchet.
>wants proof swords cut shit
what are you even doing here? shouldn't you be in school?
>Tfw spent like an hour and a half trying to draw this shit because no fucking stylus
I've ignored Cold Steel's FGX balisong until now because
But after watching the demonstration video and seeing a few flippers reviews of it, I'm actually impressed. For the price, fuck it - bought a couple and now I wait. Anyone else already have one? Opinions? Have yet to hear anything bad other than the obvious
>Double edged butterfly knife
One of Cold Steel's videos stated they're going to produce variants down the road, so I'm looking forward to that. There better be a metal one...
It's unfathomable to think that's mass produced and that anyone would actually import and sell those. How incredibly awkward is it to hold?

File: 579580-1.jpg (92 KB, 1000x1000)
92 KB
It's not the best at everything, it's not the best at anything. But you can lube and clean your guns with it and they'll be fine. Plus you can use it around the house for all kinds of stuff. It's the duct tape of oil.
Vegetable oil is a fraction of the price and has half of the marketing nonsense.

File: 1555248633641.jpg (177 KB, 1024x768)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
am i ready for shtf?
11 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Yo got any more pics of Adam Lanza I have a hard time believing he was a real person
pedohilic agp chadautistic cross dresser/10
Fun fact: the watermark "cryinghampster" uses the common misspelling of the word "hamster." Remember not to mispronounce this word next time you refer to one of these cute furballs!
fuck off twitchfags.
no, the weird thing is i had trouble finding OP's pic except for some deleted threads that popped up on 4chan a few days ago

File: 20170228_115352.jpg (1.9 MB, 3359x1907)
1.9 MB
1.9 MB JPG

At what point do you think it's acceptable to consign these relics to the deep? I love museums ships but this and the Yorktown eventually will be not worth or too costly to maintain.
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Metal fatigue is a bitch. Salt is a bitch and a half. Old, fatigued metal in salt is on a very limited clock.
what have submarines done but destroy civilian ships? oh, they might have nukes? YAWN...
If I won the lottery I would try my damnedest to buy an officer cabin to live in. 40 million condo on the water, would be worth it. Living on cv-10 is a lifelong dream of mine.
Why not sink it to the bottom in the first place, build some concrete supports to hold it up nicely, then attach a small floating dock with an elevator tube down to the sub and let visitors (and air) in that way? The weather has much less effect the deeper you go, its just mostly still water on the sea floor. Settle it down close to the coast so its not overly deep.

Cover it in some plastic / cement coat or something to prevent water erosion, nobody's gonna see much down there anyway.

what is the point of sinking the ship and filling it with air so that people can visit it? it's a submarine. you cannot tell if you're in the water or not when you're inside it. just pull it out and put it in a museum rather than this ridiculous sink-it-and-cocoon-it-in-plastic nonsense

File: trinity.jpg (227 KB, 1483x1000)
227 KB
227 KB JPG
Is there ANY chance at all (however minute) that nuclear war between NATO and the east hasn't been entirely averted? There's nothing quite as awe inspiring as nuclear weapons.
>a few people laughed
>a few people cried
>most people were silent
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China has the best nukes
File: sogay1.jpg (28 KB, 253x236)
28 KB
Are you saying you would pass up the chance to see one detonate from a safe distance?
My great uncle participated in tests in Nevada and developed cancer.
File: loud_breathing.jpg (28 KB, 398x339)
28 KB
>third degree burns from 600+ kilometers away
>developed cancer.
what a strange thing to spend time developing

File: file.png (1.39 MB, 774x860)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB PNG
Slingin' coke, blastin' folks Edition.
Old Thread: >>41164639

If you were going to transport your pcc on the down-low, how would you do it? Inconspicuous bag? Baggy shirt and sling?
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Talk to me about Masterpiece Arms. Their Defender seems to be basically the only currently-produced MAC clone, and seems to be both easy to brace or SBR, and very reasonably priced (6" 9mm version hovering in the $400 range).

They also make a 5.7x28 version for people who want the memes without the PS90 pricetag or bulk, takes 5-7 mags including the 30's.
The masterpiece clones are good, but if you want a traditional looking mac clone, rather than a more updated variant, the velocity arms clones are the way to go. Ive had one for a while and would reccomend it. They're around 350-400 depending where you buy from. I'm not sure if masterpiece still makes the traditional style 45 cal mac (with top cocker, no rail, etc). Memes about velocity as a company aside, the vmac45 is a fun gun. Not always 100% though. If you plan on have something for a more serious purpose with a brace/or sbr, masterpiece dmg630 is the one I'd have, because it would be the smallest form factor while also taking glock mags.
I was actually looking more at either the 6" MPA Defender 9mm or the 8" MPA Defender 5.7 as primarily a fuckaround gun with good velocity and easy suppressability. The first takes Glock mags and has a more pistol-like lower, the second takes Five-seveN mags. The .45acp MPA TSS (and all other vertical-grip MPAs) are out of production, which is a shame because it took Grease Gun mags out of the box and was supposedly very reliable. However, there's enough still out there NOS they're readily available. Bud's has it for $440.

But anyway,
>do they function with light/heavy-for-caliber loads
Should I get one I'd suppress it. Since the current gen ones take Glock mags I know my 158gr loads would fit, but would they feed and cycle reliably? I'm okay with it not being 100% dead-nuts combat reliable since it would be a range toy but I also don't want it to be PMR-30 tier clearing jams 3x a mag.
>how do they feed with weird meplats/hollowpoints?
Most of the 9mm I have loaded up is 124gr TC, they've got a fairly shallow ogive and a wide meplat.
>how's the recoil compared to other blowback guns of the same size?
I know MACs and their derivatives were...well...bad in this regard. I'm not expecting a super smooth shooter like an MPX or MP5, but I also don't want it to be Ingram-tier bad.
The fact they sell an L-bracket that has a picrail on it means it would work with the Sig Rattler brace (or stock), and might maybe work with the Sig collapsing brace. They also sell a side-folding buffer tube adapter for AR-style stocks and braces, which would certainly be the cheaper option with something like a Tailhook Mod 1 but would be a bit bulkier.
Close enough

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