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How many current and former military personnel qre willkng to stand up for gun rights? I know they overwhemingly support gun rights (pic related), but how many will counter the grabbers' new narrative of veterans shilling for a grab?

File: 13368300.png (790 KB, 1280x872)
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When do you think cyber combat dogs are going to be legal?
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I don't think so, definitely /d/ though
They are currently legal
File: staticpc.jpg (18 KB, 474x359)
18 KB
>that fucking in place run the dog does when trying to run to the caretaker
This is a blue board you fucking prick. You ruined my goddamned evening with this shit.
That guy's face looks like a lopsided painting.

File: Muslimemes.png (409 KB, 1334x750)
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409 KB PNG
So apparently 4chan has its own terrorist organization now. Behold the fruits of your labors /k/ no degenerate weeb shall escape their wrath.
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Fuck off leftypol
pretty sure both types of /pol/ hate the jews
/leftypol/ and 8/pol/ both follow jew ideology. 4channel /pol/ is just the new /b/ but without porno.
absolutely based
>8/pol/ follows Jew ideology
Ok retard

File: Victoria.jpg (42 KB, 312x499)
42 KB
Let's have a /k/ literature thread. Starting with some of the most based literature.
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File: 91cLIhZc-+L.jpg (544 KB, 1500x2301)
544 KB
544 KB JPG
File: image.jpg (41 KB, 325x499)
41 KB
File: 9780840213020-us.jpg (49 KB, 339x500)
49 KB
Read this so we can talk about the mountain men. They operated harder than any other Americans
File: 4377158.jpg (26 KB, 266x400)
26 KB
White men lay claim to the Pacific Northwest. It's spicy. Leave a copy at your local temple and you're probably going to jail. Does a good job laying out tactical situations but a lot of things are a littlemore convenient than would be likely in the real world. Typical of a maybe less than top notch author. This is book#1 in a series.


>if you don't like this revolutionary shtf wank material yer a fukin discord tranny

Inb4 "hurrr durrr did you literally post a fuddsbuttshop link bro?"
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Because 10/22’s exist.
They really aren't that great. Open bolt gives it a very awkward recoil impulses that makes it want to squirm. Selector and mag release are horrible. It is surprisingly controllable in full auto, I was able to keep a full magdump on a chest sized target at 50ft.
File: pepe (15).png (235 KB, 437x437)
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235 KB PNG
get your dog shot
Did you literally post a fuddsbuttshop link?
.22 is gay

File: IMG_20190418_220709.jpg (310 KB, 805x384)
310 KB
310 KB JPG
What should I look at buying out of this?

I'm thinking double barrel shotguns and the colt junior 25, maybe the python as well.
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I go to a lot of estate sales and most stuff is reasonably priced but firearms are ALWAYS top dollar and even then if you're not there on the first day of the sale most of them are sold. I'm not sure why.
This is one day sale. Also rainy today and at 3pm
I go to auctions frequently. My suggestions

Take the sale bill
Look up the average price of the various weapons on gun broker.
Look to see if the auction house is charging a buyers premium (which means additional cost to you, usually an additional 3,5 or 10% on top of your bid.)
See if auction house charges additional for credit card purchase
And don’t forget sales tax.
See if the FFL is charging a fee (usually $10 -$25 per gun)
Take all of those values into account. Set your maximum price for a gun.
Inspect the guns you want
Don’t bid over the amount you set.

Often mouth breathers will bid the price of guns higher than what you can buy them for elsewhere.
Your $200 bid on a Ruger 10/22
Plus 10% buyers premium = $220

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

100% This.

Write down your top dollar after figuring in all the fees. If the bidding gets even slightly above that figure, walk.
Definitely get the Ruby and 1917.

File: blue-helmets-u0c067.jpg (53 KB, 640x425)
53 KB
Knock Knock
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Filipinos did all right. Their Indian commander, who ordered them to surrender while himself sitting in the comfort of the home base, mysteriously retired from UN service half a year later. Much blame in India was put on the Filipinos for not being surrender monkeys.
The whole "foreign UN forces on US soil gonna git muh gunz" is one of the dumbest fucking conspiracy brainfarts.
>UN occupies the area
>fill storage unit full of tannerite and shrapnel
>call into UN PCHQ, report a possible weapons cache
>Watch with rifle a few hundred yards away
>Team rolls in, opens door
>shoot one of many 55 gallon drums full of tannerite

>fly rc drone over base
>coat it in bird glue and prussic acid
>try and land it near offices

Well, it is dumb, but seriously: that is the kind of thing UN forces does in the countries they 'police'. Or try to police anyway. Not going to happen in USA in this end of the millennium though.
File: 1539207043963.jpg (68 KB, 504x479)
68 KB
>Nothing would please me more than seeing a bunch of UN blue helmets on top of Chinese, Indian, and Africans pouring into US flyover counties and just getting absolutely mowed down by Americans.

File: 20190418_091644.jpg (157 KB, 1077x808)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
What's a cool gun I can buy with a budget of $1,000
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Since you're seemingly avid about the model 10, I'll ask. What kind of recoil might I expect from a snub nosed model 10, manufactured sometime during or before the 1950's? My grandfather was issued one as an MP, and bought it once his service was done, converting it to a snub nose afterwards. I'm hoping to get it back from my uncle. He took it from my grandfather's house after grandma died, he was worried he'd kill himself or something. He removed the firing pin as well, but I'm hoping it can be reattached relatively simply.
Also, what kind of holster would it need? I actually have his leather army holster, but I think the barrel would be too small now to fit inside it very well. Can I swap the barrel for a longer one easily, or would it need to have been cut down to make a snub nose out of it?
i join the reccomendation.
full size 9mm H&K USP.
Cool Reddit meme fag
File: Bloke.png (564 KB, 459x790)
564 KB
564 KB PNG
Model 10 is all steel so even with the 2" barrel recoil is mild. Firing pin is attached to the hammer by a pin. You can get those parts easy enough online if you're in the US.


There are a metric fuckton of holsters out there for K frame Smiths of all barrel lengths. Your old holster would work just fine because a shorter barrel will always fit a holster for a longer barrel. A gunsmith could fit a new barrel no problem as they are easily sourced.

File: 1549049256235.jpg (43 KB, 639x638)
43 KB
>SAS walks in
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What the hell kind of name is Soap, eh?
File: nothinpersonnel.jpg (40 KB, 658x494)
40 KB
File: 1553524277537.jpg (52 KB, 961x617)
52 KB
They just dabbed on his dead corpse, I don't think so mate.

File: angry.jpg (15 KB, 300x300)
15 KB
TFW when you forget you left orange juice in your canteen and go to clean it and after 4 washes it still smells like rotten oranges
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>no fun allowed
dumb frogposter
Kerosene, bleach, and acetic acid. Boil and wash with detergent. Then pure citric acid and wash with hot water. Leave in the sun to dry.
>bacteria allowed
Use a disposable container for non water unless you wanna wind up like OP

File: Smith 3566.jpg (65 KB, 750x500)
65 KB
>On today's episode of Forgotten Weapons, Fudds fudded another cool idea, and Smith and Wesson gave up because they have no imagination.
<a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P2jU5cp4WCg"></a>
Ever get mad at a video?
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File: 1540544066990.png (912 KB, 1455x1352)
912 KB
912 KB PNG
>Ian is a rat commie fuck
It hurts every time. Like being betrayed by a close friend, or like going out with a girl just for her to tell you she’s been seeing another man the whole time.

What a retard. I bet he supports NZ mutilating museum firearms.
File: 1555442849237.png (72 KB, 625x626)
72 KB
Yet another same fagging character assassination thread.
File: 1548117922944.jpg (78 KB, 398x285)
78 KB
>when reviewing ol' frog guns Ian never fails to throw in "and this is a great slugga to kill nazis with hon hon"
>inrange has made several on-site videos dissing cowboys and praising muh noble Injuns
>even put out a video about the niggers Jim Jones left behind and got into a firefight with local Arizonians (they didn't do nothing though)
>April's fools video about the cobblestones commies used to build barricades and smash nazi skulls
>Karl is a degenerate Satan-worshipping cypherpunk edgelord

They're left-wing and fetishize left-wing violence but keep their power level low because they know half of their audience are republican boomers with Cold War grudges. That said I'm pretty sure your screencap is made up.

Sorry to revisit this for the thousandth time but I want to ask /k/'s opinion in a specific case. I'm a poor, deprived Ausfag who can't have nice things, and I'm buying one of our niche pretend ARs with a spring assisted straight-pull action, offered in .223Wylde or .300 Blackout.

If it's going in a non-semi action, and going to be 80% range queen at 100-300yards, and 20% scrub gun for pigs, feral dogs and cats, and potentially deer, at <100 yards, does .300 Blackout make a more compelling argument or is 5.56 still a jack of all trades enough? Ammo prices in big cities have enough difference to lean towards 5.56 but where I live in the regions, it's more or less comparable round to round, dollar to dollar.

A mate has the same rifle I'm buying, in 300BLK, with a pretty reasonable stash of ammo and dies to reload it - would that influence your decision?
4 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Yes. Access to reloading makes .300 more desirable. Not just because common brass and common projectile (at least here in burgerland) but also .300 casts better.
>but also .300 casts better

That's actually good to know, thanks anon. Bullet casting is on my list for this year.
.300 Blacked subsonic is a meme with shit tier ballistics. Full power .300 blackout is more or less on par with 7.62x39.

I and most people consider 5.56 to be a superior cartridge. The reason why .300 is gaining steam is because of the ATF pistol brace ruling and the fact that 5.56 is shit yet explosively loud and flashy in 10” barrels.
>Full power .300 blackout is more or less on par with 7.62x39.

Subsonic's not really on my radar; from what I've been reading - though a lot of what's available is from 2013-2014 or so - even the supersonic loads have a pretty rainbow-like trajectory - any idea if that's improved much with time as more loads have hit the market? I do like the idea of commonality with the friend I'm most likely to be shooting with, I do like the idea of something that's got potential to drop a pig or deer, but on the other hand I do like the idea of how flat shooting 5.56 is.
In a straight pull and hand loading? .300 blk of only because people murder white tails and hogs here with 110gr tsx.

But I just wanted commercial ammo I'd probably pick a box fed lever gun in 5.56 over that, because the 62 gr bonded/monolithic bullets in 5.56 are no slouch either, and they have like half the rise at 100y with a 200y zero.

File: revolverocelot.jpg (76 KB, 1280x720)
76 KB
What's it like to shoot a gun with your left hand?
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It's like jerking off lefthanded. You can manage, but it's just keeps you off your game a little. It's fun for a change.
Fucky. At least for me.
Kraut Army here and we're instructed to shoot left-handed when peeking out of cover from our left, and as someone with a dominant right eye, have to close my right eye and fumble around with my hands to even git gud with it.
If you can get the balance down, bolt guns can be fired much faster. Hold the gun with your left hand, unwrap your thumb, and work the bolt with your left hand. If you can keep it on target and manage the recoil you can theoretically fire as fast as you can move your right hand.
The barb is located at the other end of the tail.
it feels right

File: CyFyMRL.jpg (271 KB, 800x1199)
271 KB
271 KB JPG
why havent you mastered the way of the blade /k/?
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This is a meme right? Like someone wasnt ACTUALLY serious when making this...right guys?
the text might be a meme but some weeb somewhere actually posed for the picture thinking they looked cool

Wooden arrows should be good til at least 50lbs on a compound without much issue, but I would doubt he draw the string more than once and would probably hit the ground because they're all the wrong length.
File: 1554676203317.jpg (122 KB, 446x453)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
>Daquan (locked)
Very true, would still grab gun first but if sword is all I can grab it's better than nothing.

File: bm_755_hs.jpg (109 KB, 768x576)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
Any specific tip for a thick m390 blade? Pic related is my outdoor knife and it needs some good sharpening.

Feel free to share any other tips about sharpening and sharpening tools

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