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File: 1556249859043748.png (56 KB, 1200x844)
56 KB
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Serbian Chetnik flag that says: For king and fatherland; freedom or death
back to plebbit with you
>says the two headed chicken

File: hipoint100.jpg (36 KB, 500x391)
36 KB
Don't forget fools

The voting for Yeet Cannon starts tomorrow
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>Like there will be "yeet cannon"s in evidence lockers in a years time
Good, I can't wait for the evidence auction.
am I the only one that wanted "Exhibit A"
unironically would've bought it if it had that name
> When choosing between multiple systems, you can't point out the bad parts of one system or it's whataboutism
You're a literal subhuman retard, please consider ending it
fuck you its funny
>gushing granny

File: 60guns.jpg (895 KB, 2100x1503)
895 KB
895 KB JPG
1960s edition


Git Gud Guide:

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Please tell me nice things about the Glock 17, waiting on handgun license here in australia
Beautiful pistols, great descriptions to read. Thanks. I have never seen that one on the right before.
can you cc? if no then just get a g34. it’s the best gun, it can even suck yo dick
>do you even know what you want?
I want the best 5" striker fired gun I can find.
>that's what the wife is for

nah, no cc here. barely can get a handgun. interesting, i'll look into it.

File: faggot.jpg (683 KB, 2500x1873)
683 KB
683 KB JPG
I was excited about the F90 for a long time, now this:


The NZ shooter is a fucking faggot and probably a Mossad agent. The only thing he accelerated society into is more gun scrutiny and sympathy for Muslims. What a farce.
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>Normalfags don't believe that's an ISIS mosque
Well, give them the proofs.
>You have to get normalfags to not hate you, if you scare them away they're just gonna side with your enemies the instant things get tough
So do that, give them the truth, don't lie to them THEN expect them to fight for you.
>They see it as an attack on normal people who haven't personally done anything wrong
So GIVE them the proof that the mosque in connection is connected to ISIS.

There, done.

And Dylan Roof didn't kill a bunch of church niggers either, he killed a state senator.

You whine about useless shit but refuse to be active in propaganda war.
>And Dylan Roof didn't kill a bunch of church niggers either, he killed a state senator.
And put off normalfags in the process with a massive news story because most of his kills were normies, the effect would have been different if it was just the important one.
gee maybe we should actually start blaming white nationalism for being retarded after doing something stupid for the billionth time instead of blaming literally everyone else when they do it this is why we cant have fucking nice things because retards like you say that shit after this happens everytime
It's actually a pretty good movie.
> The only thing he accelerated society into is more gun scrutiny and sympathy for Muslims.
That the point. He wanted shit to get so bad that people have no other alternative than to start shooting politicans. What are you waiting for?

If anyone remembers my thread, it was about being a correctional officer i posted yesterday. Today i sat my Situational Judgement Test, aced it, they made me sit a Psychometric assessment afterwards which is rare, aced it, and score the highest they've seen in the mathematics part (What they said, probably pulling my leg). Sat an interview today as well, because i was doing good, half way through they stopped and offered me the offer on the spot which i w as being interviewed by a recruiter, and 2 correctional officers.

I took it and say yes on the spot and signed documents, fasted job I've ever got which i am still dumbfounded about.

Post tips, tricks, and things to look out for, or stories.
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Do you see strange things during night shifts?
File: lewis.jpg (15 KB, 360x270)
15 KB
I had an inmate approach me once and tell me he was getting kind of agitated and was probably going to do something stupid. I told him as long as he waited until I was off shift he could do whatever he wanted to. After shift change he almost stomped a dude to death. Glad I didn't have to write that report.
anybody got the greentext from the Correckshonal Offissah from Africa?
>Post tips, tricks, and things to look out for, or stories.
When an inmate swallows a baggie of drugs and you lock them in an observation room so that when they shit you can pick through it with popsicle sticks make sure you are paying attention and really watching the shit come out his asshole and don't let them re-swallow the shit covered baggie before you get to it, because that's just more shits you'll need to watch him take and pick through.

File: 20190625_182558.jpg (904 KB, 1080x1920)
904 KB
904 KB JPG
Check the catalog newfag.
No fucking shit, what happened to editors with backbone for fucks sake, they publish anything these days.
Wabout an AR pistol?
less efficient use of expanding gasses make it strictly less """powerful""" than the same gun with a rifle-length barrel
Just wait until they find out what a .270 or a .30-06 would do to that poor ballistic gelatin.

This is why legacy media is dying.

Will you commit to buying the new handgun if "YOUR' name wins?
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File: 1518355952820.gif (2.22 MB, 200x150)
2.22 MB
2.22 MB GIF
so wojak is the pale man people post to make fun of white people ?

again I don't know what anime cartoons these are from so it's hard to grasp the joke

also I sometime see gree frogmen posted but I don't know the character from the shows everyone seems to have seen so it fall kinda flat

thanks for helping , so yeet is slang for throw

does yeet cannon mean throw cannon like your throwing a cannon or a cannon that throws . why not "cannon yeet" ?
File: 1494766606829.jpg (311 KB, 1600x900)
311 KB
311 KB JPG
Maybe if it can be done up in wood and polished metal
I'm whiter than a trailer park so no.
its like that one ugly kid who actually looks pretty nice if he had a haircut, shaved his peach fuzz, and got a nice shirt

File: 1519783675665.png (145 KB, 600x397)
145 KB
145 KB PNG
Tell me how to buy a gun as a resident of your state or locality.
Assume it is from an FFL
I'll start.
>Take safety test for 25 bucks
>Look at pre approved roster of handguns.
>Select one
>Pass instant background check
>Wait 11 days
>Get gun
>Enjoy 10 rounds o fun
>Enjoy up to one feature on a gun.
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>walk into store
>buy gun
>shoot gun in backyard
Canada, airsoft
No real guns here
Here's iowa

> go to fun store/fun show
> look at pretty guns, choose 1 or 2 or 10

If rifle/shotgun without permit to carry/aquire
> fill out 4473
> wait for salesman to get done talking to FBI glow niggers
> aquire gun

If buying rifle/shotgun/pistol with permit to aquire/carry
> show them permit to carry/aquire
> get guns
> leave happy

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: 15590416169560.jpg (104 KB, 960x963)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
For shotguns and less-lethal pistols:
> get a hunter ID (free, ~2 days, not really needed but highly advised)
> pass a medical exam (psych, narco and some others)
> take a course
> pass theory (must answer 9 out of 10 questions) and practice (2 shots within 5 seconds with a less-lethal pistol at a paper target 5m from you, must hit at least once + 2 shots from an over-under shotty within 30 sec, must hit at least once) tests
> buy a safe
> apply for the Purchase License
> show popo your safe
> wait for about a month, get the loicense
> buy fun
> within 2 weeks bring it along with what remains of your PR to the cop shop and apply for the Storage and Carry Permit
> renew every 5 years
After 5 years of owning a shotgun on a hunting license you can buy rifles. Real handguns are no-no unless you get it "awarded" by the state.
same here but Alaska and their names are Jamal and Nanuk
File: 1464632757950.jpg (370 KB, 1024x663)
370 KB
370 KB JPG
>be at least 25yo
>pick out a gun you wanna buy and is in the permitted category (bunch of crap I'm not going to list out, ask if interested)
>fill out a form with all of your personal info, info about the gun you want to buy, and the reason why you need a gun
>print out form and pay US$22 application fee
>go to Federal Police (FBI equivalent) office
>give them the following:
>the form you just filled
>passport size photo and a copy of your ID
>proof of residence and proof of employment
>background check (have to get it yourself, at least you can do it online and for free)
>results for your shooting exam, conducted by an approved shooting instructor (results can't be more than a year old, IIIRC it costs about US$80 - that's not counting shooting lessons if you're new)
>mental exam results (see above)
>wait up to 30 days (theoretically)
>get your permit, if you're lucky, because it's may-issue and the part about needing to state your reasons is meant so they can deny you

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Claim your vidya weaponfu
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File: Battle Armor.png (704 KB, 525x632)
704 KB
704 KB PNG
File: Gauss Rifle.jpg (205 KB, 720x960)
205 KB
205 KB JPG
Onward, warriors of the Monolith. Avenge your fallen brothers. Blessed, as they are in their eternal union with the Monolith. Bring death to those who spurn the holy power of the Monolith
File: Zenith CA-40.png (91 KB, 402x255)
91 KB
This cheeky fucker
I miss my Ohm.

File: Luchs.jpg (219 KB, 1280x720)
219 KB
219 KB JPG
You can only post cute tanks in this thread.
What is the cutest tank and why is it Luchs?
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It's what's for luch!
File: 1545450001250.png (755 KB, 640x480)
755 KB
755 KB PNG
The alpha...
File: 1540232979103.png (137 KB, 300x192)
137 KB
137 KB PNG
And the omega!
She's like a mini Tiger

Show me a better shtf melee weapon.
my dick

Sorry, no competition for rhe classic machete. Your crowbar doesn't offer neither a clean hit nor a claean cut, and anyone with more dexterity than you can grab it from your hand. No one ever tries to grab a machete blade.
He sure could smack that machete out of your hand with that fucker tho
As far as melee goes, the pointy stick cant be beat

File: afgvsvfg.jpg (173 KB, 900x675)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
I want something on the bottom of my poorfag AR's hand guard so it doesn't get scratched up at the rock pit. Which one is more gomfy?
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File: gun rail.jpg (36 KB, 660x386)
36 KB
Pistol grip all the way.
Would this count as VFG?
Vertical grips are ugly, angled grips inherently look better but most of them still have ugly designs.
I do a half c clamp with an AFG and it is comfy as fuck. Have rail covers on the 3 and 9, rest my thumb on top of the 9 and fingertips on the bottom of 3.

File: 1.jpg (73 KB, 576x768)
73 KB
Thoughts on this recent MoH?

>Staff Sergeant David S. Bellavia distinguished himself by conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity in action while serving with Company A, Task Force 2-2, 1st Infantry Division, in support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM during the battle for Al Fallujah, Iraq, on 10 November 2004. On that date Sergeant Bellavia's platoon was ordered to clear a block of 12 buildings from which Jihadists were firing on American forces. The first nine buildings were unoccupied, but were found to be filled with enemy rockets, grenade launchers and other kinds of weapons. When Bellavia and four others entered the tenth building, they came under fire from insurgents in the house. Other soldiers came to reinforce the squad and a fierce battle at close quarters ensued. Many American soldiers were injured from the gunfire and flying debris.

At this point, Sergeant Bellavia, armed with a M249 SAW gun, entered the room where the insurgents were located and sprayed the room with gunfire, forcing the Jihadists to take cover and allowing the squad to move out into the street. Jihadists on the roof began firing at the squad, forcing them to take cover in a nearby building. Sergeant Bellavia then went back to the street and called in a Bradley Fighting Vehicle to shell the houses. After this was done, he decided to re-enter the building to determine whether the enemy fighters were still active.
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>249 solo room clearing
>stabbed some dude
Pretty badass
>Sergeant Bellavia pursued, but slipped on the blood-soaked stairs
Holy fuck.
Did he really deserve the moh why not give him a lesser medol there are guys who have probably done better stuff
If the transcript OP posted is accurate, it says 5 total kills with one of those being hand to hand.
Man did some stupid crazy shit that he probably shouldn't have (objectively speaking) and the whole operation turned out better for it. That's kind of what the MoH has always been about, bar jumping on grenades.

Meanwhile Obama retroactively gave a bunch of blacks and jews MoHs ostensibly just for being black or jewish.

AK General /akg/
Basic As Fuck Edition
>Thread #846

Old thread here >>41855755
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File: 100_1381Medium.jpg (85 KB, 800x600)
85 KB
how did you address the possibility of them unscrewing?
I screwed them in with the help of a vice, until they couldn't rotate any further-then I super glued them in for good measure.
I was thinking some epoxy on the threads before screwing them in cyanoacrylate is brittle.
Probably doesnt matter though.
I have a couple mags I need to do this into like my horse /k/ock mag ( >>41875435 )
Ill probably make something a little more official looking though
surprised I hadnt thought of this....I was just gonna cut up my all plastic mags and use them for extensions when they finally ate shit
Terrible thing to do to a good gun...

Should've just bought a PSA in the right caliber.
Basic heavy boi checkin in

File: heroin1220.jpg (42 KB, 800x600)
42 KB
I know what the healthy males would be doing.
But what about the drug addicts?
Or the mentally ill?

What roles did they have during these kinds of events? What roles would you give them? Could they be viable combatants?
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Seizures can be fatal. Both alcohol and benzo withdraw can cause death as they both act very similar to each other.
File: thisisbait.png (66 KB, 625x626)
66 KB
Our current laws fuck drug addicts over and leave them worse and mental illness is made worse by poverty but being mentally ill means youre gonna be stuck in poverty.
Keep the good work anon, we are proud of ya
You're doing alright, anon. You know what you deserve? You deserve a beer.

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