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File: images.jpg (7 KB, 215x215)
7 KB

I like how the guy has ATF memes on the wall of his ATF office though.
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File: water-the-tree.png (71 KB, 996x996)
71 KB
Where can I go to read about that?

I appreciate the fact that they keed the 4473s de-centralized until a dealer retires, but the no-name-searchable rule just creates bullshit jobs without actually giving any security to gun owners. Not to mention if the another agency were to keep those records in a real DB, I'm 99% sure no one would ever know unless someone admitted it.
This building is an abomination in the eyes of God.
I'd like to read about this too
Always remember we traded full-auto for this bullshit in 1986.

How far west would or could they have moved if the Khan hadn't died and weren't recalled back to Mongolia?
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Genghis Khan didn't conquer that huge empire everyone's thinking of. That was later generations, which fell apart within one
>muh undisciplined Rus militia
The Mongols tried and failed to push deeper into Europe
Guerilla warfare starts with the ancient iberians you weeb retard, hence "guerilla" not "Go Ri La". Never give an opinion on history again
>Military prowess
They get rekt in the vast majority of wars they fight

> list a bunch of Greek and roman shit when the post clearly states that Greeks and Romans were legit fighters but nonmed euros are shit
> byzantines lost slowly so that makes it better
> nonwhites consistently btfo whites in every major conflict from the crusades to sieges from the Arabs to the mongols the majority of which were not nomadic armies and plenty were indeed large battles
> modern mma is not based on Greek pankration and has fundamentals in muay thai, jiu jitsu, boxing, and wrestling, all of which were greek, roman, or asian martial arts and nonmed Europeans have contributed nothing cause they are shit fighters

How does it feel to be wrong about everything? To be so historically uneducated? To be lower iq than asians? Really being proud of being a nonmed white requires some serious mental gymnastics. All the major inventions of the world from guns to atom bombs were by asians and jews. Whites are just too low iq and too dumb to do anything other than pretend. Sad! If you don't have Greek or roman ancestry at the very least you have nothing to be proud of ancestry wise you've done nothing

File: 1550903320682.png (355 KB, 679x675)
355 KB
355 KB PNG
Been considering doing some drifting and traveling about for a bit ..anyone know some cool states or places to come through
Colorado, California, Oregon, New York.

Drift pro-gunners into anti-gun enclaves to shake shit up.
but unironically
>Been considering doing some drifting
Will police harass you if you follow all gun laws and open carry your ar15?

rate my set up
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would operate with / 10
Go to home depot and put some fucking trim on that door. It was take $20 and 10 minutes.
You degenerate.
Purple gang approves of your wallpaper.
I'll trim your door.
You're going to need a door once I'm done with you

File: 1546788866671.jpg (160 KB, 1200x807)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
Elvis edition
Old: >>41206179


>Do your own research to start, then come here for clarification.
>No vague questions, like "What job is best?"

>/meg/ official discord

Guides to prepare for high-speed shit. (SEAL, Ranger etc.)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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What are some common reasons that Rangers get RFS'd? I don't want to sign up for this shit and go through RASP just to get the boot from regiment for something retarded or out of my control.
The most common reason is because the soldier actually fails to maintain the standards.
After that comes discipline issues.
After that comes personal issues. (i.e. the other Rangers don't like you.)
Would failing to meet the standards usually consist of insufficient PT scores, lack of Ranger knowledge or just sucking at the range?
It could be any one of them.

really, anything that you are expected to maintain a certain level of proficiency in (a.k.a. a "standard" degree of proficiency)
Sitting in doctors office for pilot medical.

File: stainlessbois.jpg (271 KB, 1008x756)
271 KB
271 KB JPG
One of you fuckers called me a poorfag and dared me, so I got my 24 all stainless 30 round m16 bois in the mail today and confirmed they fit with room to spare in 50 cal cans (i can only find plastic here), same profile as normal metal mags.

Should I load them with the M193 I have already or load them with the M855 on stripper clips I have coming (i was going to use the M855 and refill the stripper clips with the M193, but then I'll have empty boxes to fill again, what should I fill those with?)

I have a 20" boi, and soon a 16" and a 10.5"
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>all these plastic cans
Fucking stop
Imagine thinking a few grains of steel actually has any energy to punch through anything. Maximum brainlet mode activated lmao.
it's the compression cycle that breaks the spring in, loading and unloading
are those plastic hinge pins?
Do they have these at the harbor freight store or online only? I've got one down the road I might go pick a few up. Did the lid close ok? If not I can't stack em, I'm mostly wanting it for boxed ammo anyway desu

File: Black Bag.jpg (17 KB, 425x425)
17 KB
Need a new bag for hiking and larping in the woods. I'm thinking about the 5.11 24 hour pack, but I wanted to hear some suggestions. I'd highly appreciate one that was not made in an asian country
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thats fine lol, i oc my glock innawoods.
>was not made in an asian country
this is near impossible with textile goods these days. i literally spent 3 hours googling shoes made in america
>the chad external frame vs the virgin internal frame
When I drop my external frame at camp, it hits the ground at about the same time as all the nearby trail bunnies' panties.
Is it comfortable?
Comfy af

Virgin bushcrafter vs Chad lightweight hiker.gif

Can you shoot a 38 special from a 38 s&w?
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Thanks, sorry for being retarded.
No, but depending how tight your chambers are cut, you can shoot a 9mm from them. Once.
38 s&w is different from 38 spcl S&W
File: victory_model.jpg (537 KB, 1280x740)
537 KB
537 KB JPG
Lemme guess - you found a cool-looking old Smith and Wesson revolver in a pawn shop marked ".38 S&W cart." and you are thinking about buying it. This is probably a S&W "Victory Model". These are basically S&W M&P's/Model 10's. These revolvers were given to the British during WWII since S&W fucked them on a large order of a carbine that failed miserably. These revolvers were chambered in .38 special for US troops, but for some reason the Brits wanted the .38 S&W round. Some also went to Australia and other commonwealth nations. You can always tell the old Brit pistols because they are covered in Her Majesty's proof marks - particularly "BNP". After the war, the cheap ass Brits needed money, so the surplused a bunch of these pistols out to the US. A lot of US importers bought tons of these things, but to make them sell in the US market they chopped the barrels down to 2" or 2.5", moved the front sight back, nickel-plated some, and bored them out to accept .38 special rounds. These things were everywhere in the 1960's. In fact, a bored-out S&W snub nose "Victory Model" was bought through a mail order catalog by Lee Harvey Oswald and used to (allegedly) murder that cop before he ducked into the Texas Theater after turning JFK's head into mush with a Carcano back in '63. What you need to do is just bring a .38 special; round into the shop and ask the guy to stick it into the cylinder to see if it will chamber. If it does, then the gun has been bored-out from .38 S&W to accept .38 special. This ruins any military collectible value, the accuracy will suffer, and it might not be the safest to shoot, but if you are looking for something to carry through a rough neighborhood it's better than nothing. If the gun is in good shape and hasn't been chopped down or have a bored-out cylinder, it could have some collectible value depending on condition. The US versions I believe were 4" barrels and the Brit versions were 5".

File: images (54).jpg (12 KB, 408x440)
12 KB
I am not a strong guy, so I must have my ways to defend myself
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20 seconds and shes dead....
Well, that's how it happens. Not like the Princess Bride movie with Inigo Montoya jumping around with three holes in his body
go for the neck, the armpit, the inside of the upper legs or any other place with an artery you could get to.

i'd also recommend you hold it by the blunt end
Groin arteria and blood vessels by the stomach
To be fair rapiers don't make very big wounds.
His injuries were 100% survivable with modern medicine .

File: badgheround new shit.jpg (1.29 MB, 1128x893)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB JPG
Trade, create, and sell your patches here.
>Previous thread

>Where can I buy that sweet patch/ find patches?

>Thread theme

Pls don't derail the thread with pedo shit tyvm
- The management
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I like it anon
File: RETARD ALARM.jpg (75 KB, 1227x676)
75 KB
Get REKT, niggerfaggot. You're going to feel like an angry retard for the rest of the day now.
I think this >>41227937 is the only real kraut making patches.
>steals someone elses work
No, I don't need to feel mad at a thief. Post. Other. Designs.
Kraut themed edition of the thread, anon

File: 1507066302586.jpg (86 KB, 480x621)
86 KB
New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu

Previous thread:>>41210344
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>tfw you cant find any Alexander arms steel /50 beos
Werent they like $100 ea though
I should add i am looking to buy used on the EE, not new from a quebec retailer.
As long as the seller doesn't give your name you're good. Also there is a 90% chance the firearm is not registered.
Not sure, I missed out on them. They're not being sold by 99% of retailers now because the RCMP got spooked and released a memo saying they're prohibited and all .50 and similar caliber mags need to be pinned to only hold 5 5.56 rounds (meaning only 2 rounds of .50). Which is bullshit, because they're not regular 30 round bodies and they have a different follower for the .50 round.

A few people are after having theirs confiscated and charged with possession of a prohibited device, but after some fucking around, all charges get dropped and their mags are returned to them.

Basically the horse cops do not want to take this issue to court and risk the bad wording of the laws being used against them and a judge finding that the Beowulf mags are legal. They already conceded on the 10 round LAR mags being legal (they have had every opportunity to do a memo on them and haven't, but they did remove it from the examples they gave of mag cap exceptions in official documents because they don't want people to know about them or want it to seem ambiguous so people will get spooked and decide not to buy them). The last thing they want is a case being used as precedent and us having easily available 15 round mags, and possibly 10 round .50 pistol mag for full 5.56 capacity, provided someone imports some .50 pistols.

It all seems silly considering how easy it is to remove a pin from a regular pinned 30 round mag. If someone wanted to do some nefarious thing I would think that just getting a drill and circular file would be easier than going through weird loopholes to buy overpriced mags that still hold less capacity than an unpinned mag.
i had 5 of the press check ventures beomags but sold em recently cuz 10/30s are more aesthetic

File: descarga (19).jpg (25 KB, 474x315)
25 KB
I'm going to Minneapolis for work this summer and want to know where to shoot and have fun near the St. paul area. It's not my first time shooting but i want to train just in case something goes wrong in muh country (eurofag), where gun laws are shit.
Also, if you could tell me where i can find a good milsurp store for some stuff and trinkets that would be awesome.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
>Where to shoot as a tourist
I thought it was "where to shoot at tourists"
Fuck you OP your thread was almost cool
I think that AK has autism
Bill's Gun Range in Robbinsdale is your best bet. Keep in mind, if you want to have a reasonable range day, you'll be spending about $300, if you are renting the range firearms and buying their ammo.
Good luck and safe travels.
Second this but I'd say make the drive to one of the Bills' away from robbinsdale to avoid the crowd.
I can take you out shooting.

Can I drill a rail on aclassic crossbow and put a chink cheap eotech clone on it?
How far the brits have fallen
Im sure you need some kind of loicense for that, Euro.
if you're asking, you prob can't handle a drill without injury, so, no.....
pretty much this.

Also, OP, I trust you are aware that bows fire in quite a pronounced arc? Your eotech clone will only be useful for one specific distance, if your target is closer or farther away your elevation is going to be fucked.

File: put the gun down.jpg (92 KB, 900x504)
92 KB
>comply and reach the gun to put it down
>get shot because your action can be perceived as a threatening gesture
>do nothing
>get shot for resisting officers
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I'll have my eyes locked on /pol/. This one's gonn be gud

Man that is a real sweet like 10 second video. I sure would love to see the minutes leading up to that moment.
A useless, unfalsifiable theory that fails any test of intellectual rigor?
>They have nothing to do with the maximum safe speed
>They're maximum safe speed in the worst possible conditions.
>>They have nothing to do with the maximum safe speed
>>They're maximum safe speed
You're really making me think here, anon.

implying they'd be able to hear them over the sound of their own yelling

Just got my para ordnance p14-45 limited double stack 1911
Going to change to a Wilson combat full length guide rod
Change the extractor to a stainless
Add a shok buffer
Add a threaded barrel
24 pound flat wire spring
And add a muzzle brake
5 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
I’m a fan, maybe not pure per se but it’s got the whole GWOT look to it. have you thought about modding any ak mags to work with it?
Last one was an arisaka in late February. Next might just be a type 46
Typical 1911, even one made to mimic a decent handgun in terms of capacity. "New gun, now I just have to replace everything."
Just buy a G19 and be happy with the best.
LMAO Dodd’s the g19 come with a threaded barrel as standard? No dumbass. Does it come with a stainless guide rod and a flat wire spring, no Again.
Flicks are garbage. Paying 500+ for polymer abs striker fird garbage that costs nothing to make.
The lighting hitting the bullets in the mag make them look like 9mm at first glance.

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