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File: 1497481853760.jpg (728 KB, 1024x718)
728 KB
728 KB JPG
I'm afraid we're all out of .308 today, is there anything else I can get you, sir?
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....fuck, yeah validate my parking because I'm leaving
It's better, but having a range on your own land is best.
Hey Robert, yall got any 45mm ammo for my new 1911?
can I rapid fire on the range today Robert? I've been a loyal customer for 3 years, i feel like I've proven im responsible.
Hey hey robert my man! Just get me a few boxes of 9mm and a corner lane, will ya? A few lobster tails couldn't hurt, and uhhhhhhhhhh and I'll take a jungle bunny negress for the finale. I'm feelin spicy today rob mosquito must've gave me jungle fever heh. I'm gonna pay in cash so the old lady doesnt see the card statement, ahaha yeah man married life you know how it is. What's my total?

Do any of you actually hunt? Either game or cryptids.
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A number of states have changed their policy. Rationale is that having individual hunters taking out random feral hogs does not impact breeding population. In my state the DNR carries out intense trapping campaigns on a county by county basis to destroy breeding population, then move to next county.
so what exactly have you guys seen, is there anything out there that there isnt folklore on? a;lso how do you kill what you encounter? is the white ash bullet a meme?
What do you mean by useless? No impact on environment?
It's either a straightpull conversion or he's a professional hunter which allows him to get cat c.
File: hunteranon crop.png (262 KB, 1875x1385)
262 KB
262 KB PNG
I'll start this by saying that I personally haven't had any terribly exciting encounters, let alone killed anything spooky, but some of our members have, and according to them (who I trust very much, for what it's worth), normal weapons work fine.
The name is a meme mostly, but I think there may be something to it. Pic related is someone I really want to get in contact with and is the ideal that I hope our hunters strive to live up to, and he claims white ash on bullets works on skinwalkers at least. So even if that specific poster may be a larper(one of our guys capped almost an entire thread he was in in one image, that was obviously too big so I cropped a little greentext from him), I still consider his posts to be representative of our goals as a group, if that makes sense.
Basically, we started because we were all interested in the paranormal and/or cryptids for one reason or another and we didn't see any genuine, no bullshit organizations looking into them, so we made our own.
I fucking hate blogposting but there it is. Email us if you want in.

File: 3s8jgtyzg2g11.jpg (98 KB, 900x590)
98 KB
Why were Desert Storm/Iraq War aesthetics so janky looking?
Because you have bad taste?
Because we had built up for decades to fight the Russians in woodland Europe and then we had to go to the desert.
Transition period between gear generations

File: Backpack.jpg (12 KB, 450x450)
12 KB
Need everyday backpack recommendations for traveling Europe. Who has the best?
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Hill people appears very expensive for what it is considering you look down on Osprey and North Face.
Is that a VOSS water bottle in the side pouch? How much of a hipster faggot can you possibly be?
File: Mas Grey .jpg (117 KB, 750x1000)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
LBT 3 day. Buy it on sale tho
Well ones for yuppies
The other is for people who own guns and dip chaw
what does the inside of the bag look like?

File: IMG_20190807_152020_610.jpg (60 KB, 545x1280)
60 KB
Blackpowder thread?

Black powder thread.

Btw im taking the t.c. hawken in yhe pic to the range Saturday, i have pyrodex rs, caps, patches, round balls, and a powder measure. Whats the range for powder to go in a 50 caliber 28 inch barrel muzzle loader?
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Yeah i'd have to use protection but it is soo sexy
Then you just need charcoal and sulfur, both available on ebay. I forget the exact ratio by weight but its something like 60% potassium nitrate, 30% charcoal, and 10% sulfur. Google it for a proper answer. Ive not made it in years, my ball mill broke and then i just never got around to replacing it.
Thank you, ill play around with it some and see what my gun likes. Anyone have experience with connicals through a traditional muzzle loader?
I just know you should really grease over the balls because a chainfire would relly suck.
I have CVA stuff. Works well.
Unless you are using undersized balls that aren’t shaving a ring of lead, Chain fires are likely to come from poorly fitting percussion caps.

is psa wasr tier for ar15's?
I just finished a build and its not the most attractive rifle but are they at least reliable.
I have hd in mind
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>is psa wasr tier for ar15's

like negatively? PSARs are fantastic.

PSA rifles have been torture tested all over youtube Im not sure why there are still retards on this site acting like they are some newfangled cheapshit rifles from chinkland.
>living room roleplayer spends more than 100 bucks on a lower receiver

its honestly embarrassing to watch, and then they get all elitist about the amount of money spent on their rifle and it performs no better than my budget build.
AR-15s are hard to fuck up. It's a pretty exact science these days.
>with a torque wrench
You don't even need a torque wrench. The acceptable range is 35-80ft lbs. You can literally just torque it however much feels reasonable until the holes line up for the gas tube. My barrel wrench had a 6 inch lever arm, so anything short of lifting myself off the ground would have been acceptable.

File: owie zowie chamber.jpg (264 KB, 1919x1079)
264 KB
264 KB JPG
Can you really resist torture? This is my biggest fear and I want to learn how to do it.
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Try waterboarding, my friend and I couldn't last more than 5s, it's way more intense than it seems
well if thats the case why not just go straight to popping off fingernails?
File: 1381802867575.gif (2.36 MB, 400x299)
2.36 MB
2.36 MB GIF

>Information gathered under torture is useless due to the damage done to it due to duress and stress on the subject.
>"Why don't we just torture him harder!?!"
its just hardcore milking the rat, it invokes "nigger im about 5 minutes away from digging a grave" and the "stress" is the threat of what comes after while not being life threatening or shock inducing (unless the faggot is made of twigs)
This is why everyone should have a cyanide tooth.

File: Fire Department Camo.jpg (74 KB, 600x600)
74 KB
How big-brain is the Philippines for issuing fire camouflage to their fire department?
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based and rare cod4 russian red camo pilled
muslim scum
>Enemy will think you're a tiger, and be afraid
>Enemy can’t tell the difference between a tiger and a leopard.
>Don’t need camouflage.
File: aaa.png (786 KB, 782x550)
786 KB
786 KB PNG
This, it works like magpie camouflage,as in don't know what the fuck bit is what

File: ChadFOAB.jpg (105 KB, 1280x720)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
What was /k/ reaction when Russia FOAB was more powerful than the USA "Mother of all bombs?
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A barrel bomb with fins. Bravo.

Full butthurt.
Good I hate this degenerate country and Russia is much better
That thing looks so Russian. I admire their ability to make things that look like shit but function well.
So the MOAB represents a person and the FOAB represents a subhuman manlet?

File: custom_2.jpg (50 KB, 800x517)
50 KB
Yo /k/ where are all the 1911 pros at?

>looking to get 2 black 1911s
>want to be able to add comps
>price range anything but wouldnt mind saving for more guns
>what are some solid brands you prefer?

Mostly know about milsurp and new striker fired guns so all advice is appreciated.

Is it possible to weaponize monkeys?
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>He's never seen "Planet of the Apes" or been to Heyjackass.com
Why is yugioh so based?
File: 1563858683147.jpg (24 KB, 400x224)
24 KB
I was saying continue posting more of the comic
I'm trying to convince my rich friend to bankroll my idea to create a videogame based on chichtons Congo. Semi open world not dissimilar to metro exodus, set deep in the Congo rainforest E
In the late 80s (just so you can kill hippos with the ks 23). Cannibal tribes, congonigger army, the wildlife, and the assassin gorillas are the antagonists. Weapons will be a mixture of weird shit. Soviet arms of course, but also old French and Belgian rifles, among other oddities that might show up in a conflict zone. Massive jungle with lost cities, tribal villages, long rivers you can boat down, Congo army camps. Ect. Lots of blood and mud too. Fast blind running into the jungle to prolong death, night vision gorilla slaying miniguns

Would you play /k/? Id probably call it Zaire to keep from ganking "Congo" too hard
But I don’t have the comic beyond two pages. I’m sure you can find on a free comic reading site

How functional would a working civil war cannon be in urban warfare? What are the pros and drawbacks to having and using one in modern times?
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the way the explosions are and the edits are make it look like it's from a sentai

If a Rabbi had walked into a German gun store in 1938 to get a shotgun because the local Hitler Youth were hurling stones through his Synagogue windows, would he be walking out with one?
Super ultra mega mega turbo keyholing.
>I don't know much about Hitler. Except that last thing, about the Jews. There has never been a country that put its heel down on the Jews that ever lived afterwards

What did he mean by this?
Fortunately not, he’s not a citizen.

File: tuwsy577y2r11.jpg (87 KB, 1076x691)
87 KB
Imagine a land vehicle that has the 127 mm (5 in) L54 Mark 19 gun used on the Arleigh Burke-class destroyers.

I guess it the hull would need to be at least 20 meters long by 6 meters wide. With a height of 3 meters.

Just imagine it spewing fire just like a destroyer. Would BTFO anything.
106 replies and 26 images omitted. Click here to view.
What the hell are they shooting at? I don't see a fucking thing
Why does it have anchors
wtf was that purple laser thing or was it just a glare from the sun
That building with all the sandbags around it. It's some sort of enemy position, and much akin to a drive-by, they're spraying the thing in hopes they hit something important or kill some guys.

At least that's my guess.
To repel down mountains

File: smle.jpg (8 KB, 354x142)
8 KB
britbong here, soon gonna hopefully get me firearms loiscene and want a weapon which is both fun at the range and could be used if shit went down. Bearing in mind that the best we can get is a semi auto .22 rifle or bolt action anything else, a SMLE no.4 is what I'm leaning to as of now. what does the k/ommandos think of it as a self defence weapon? (if I could get a semi auto in anything other than .22 I would, I ain't a bolt action is still totally valid fags, but just gotta make the best of what I got)
31 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
well yeah, but the CPS prosecutes cases it thinks are in the public interest, it doesnt bother with cases of obvious self defense.

if you shot a burglar with a illegal shotgun you would not face a murder charge albeit you would get hammered on the weapons charge, although the situation changes if they start running away, Tony martin went away because he fired into their backs as they fled
you have to go back
Day of the pillow, teanigger
File: a6wlroe_460sa.gif (960 KB, 382x282)
960 KB
960 KB GIF
>hopefully get me firearms loiscene
kek you guys are pathetic. Yeah keep hoping, maybe if you're lucky daddy will say you can have some shitty WWI bolt action.
>self defence weapon
Enjoy getting fucked in the ass by your faggy cops and legal system.
Does it get tiring being such a whiney faggot

File: comeonbabylightmyfire.png (225 KB, 2518x1260)
225 KB
225 KB PNG
The Branch Davidians did nothing wrong.

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