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File: 5.11.jpg (26 KB, 300x402)
26 KB
what does /k/ wear in there day to day.
I personally don't like the 5.11 tacticool look
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Eww, no.
>Casual black, navy, or brown chinos
>Plain tee or a less "loud" band tee if I feel like it
>Thin outerwear for what's considered cool weather in Florida
>Black sambas, all white stan smiths, or boots
So basically you're still a soi-filled hipster faggot but now the army pays you
I wear a GI M65 that I got for free with plain tshirts and jeans. Other than that, I've got one flecktarn field shirt and a novelty 54R spam can shirt.
post fit

File: 1550513253491.png (319 KB, 439x439)
319 KB
319 KB PNG
Alright folks, serious questions here.
> FAL or Ef Ay El
> AR or Ay Ar
> Carbyne or Carabin
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Do people actually go around calling the ARRRRR-15s? I legitimately wouldn't know how to respond to that
>chilli always has beans
Hot dog chilli with beans is gross.

File: 862345.jpg (284 KB, 1920x1080)
284 KB
284 KB JPG
What are some /k/ approved naval games?
Silent Hunter III and IV get a little bit old after a while.
Is pic related (Cold Waters) any good or does it look better than it actually is?
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Boats are much louder, sonar is shittier, your faster torpedoes are unguided WWII leftovers and the guided torpedoes travel under 30kts so they're basically useless against submarines.
People with opinions this bad should commit suicide
what am i looking at?
the famous work of "Scenario stands"?
I'm biased as fuck, because my dad bought me Fleet Command when I was a friggin kid, but I think it's held up pretty well. It's a decent combination of map overview with NATO symbols, and a 3D action window. The 3D graphics are a bit dated, but they're pretty solid (if that makes sense)

There's also a built in mission editor.
How come we dont have a fucking Arma 3 server? Most arma groups are fucking impossible to deal with.

What are your thoughts /k/?
>Want AR
>Don’t wanna spend $1200
>Don’t need anything fancy just reliable and good shooter

Is this worth getting at $600-$700 for a first time AR buyer?
Yes it's fine. Try the QTDDTOT next time.

Spain is joining France and Germany for the next gen fighter.


Possible other candidates for
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>So to then jump ahead and claim you will be making a 6th gen aircraft is nothing more than marketer wankery and is highly dishonest.

Jetisonable Hypersonic module,
Can leave and re-enter atmosphere
Has directed energy weapons
Has substantial on board tactical AI
Has some form of stealth/emc/cloak
Can carry sufficient weaponry to destroy three major cities
Can be refused without landing
Can network with other planes, drones satellites, refuelling tankers, aircraft carriers etc

It was all in the messerraus leak to der bild that stopped publication in november
Hey hey it did lead to two pretty bitchin tanks tho
This is the schlangenhaut thing that was being tested off the CDG and was mistaken for a vatnik ICBM. The worst mistake the world every made was encouraging the Germans to rearm
Yeah, and a series of joint projects ending in each country going their own way going all the way back to the 50's. The point is that the developing nations have differences in requirements, political needs for various level of industry, political changes in each country during the project timeline and so on.
Typhoon is an example of a project actually working, while the ones listed in>>40608817 are examples of the difficulties that comes with such projects

And im not a burger
dawww, thats a cute little mini jet. I'll buy 2.

File: 391.jpg (37 KB, 523x261)
37 KB
i've seen so much "x has happened to me, cheer me up" so much lately and its made me sad because people keep falling for the meme
post some /k/ringe to cheer me up
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File: p062dwm0.jpg (192 KB, 1600x900)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
Thank you BBC for finding some more
>yfw the magic school in the US fuse their firearms with magic
I'm not sure m4's would be the ideal weapon for fighting wizards, because if they know you are shooting them they can presumably cast a spell to protect themselves or stop you.
You need to hit them from further away and with greater accuracy.

Or just use the big guns. All the magic in the world won't help against an unexpected artillery barrage.
The thing that bothers me about this ad is that musket balls would rip straight through a modern car and leave whoever was driving it as nothing more than extra shiny musket practice.
ESPECIALLY against British colonial troops, which were known to be the best line infantry of the time period.
Does she not realize the magic school in her own story was defended by armed students led by armed faculty?

/k/ meet up thread. does anyone have the discord for region 3
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Utah discord
wish there was, most of the other MO kommandos are in the SE
muchas gracias
I second this. I want autistic /k/ californian frens
>implying all region 5 shitcords arent all super fucking gay

File: 200_s.gif (44 KB, 294x200)
44 KB
>tfe get accused of stolen valor for wearing camo pants
>him: i bet ya didn't server did you?
>me: no i never served (while wearing woodland pants)
>him: thought so you fucking pretend, you are stolen valor
>him: dont wear that shit out in public next time if you never served phoney

Anyone ever get accused of stolen valor?
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I used to wear ACUs every Friday for PT back when I was in Rotc. My only regret was joining rotc. But I never got called out for stolen valor because I never wore a unit patch, only wore my cadet rank, and never said I was a soldier. Some people have a very basic understanding of stolen valor and don’t understand that it’s not stolen valor unless I say that I was in the (branch) (unit) and I am a (rank), most people who do this wear the uniform to make themselves more believable.
Lmao I knew at least 6 guys that wore m65 jackets as a daily jacket in high school
>tfw the only person to comment on my Bundeswehr OD parka was a boomer that asked me if it was real and told me about buying one over in Europe years ago and loved it

It was good feel
this is the only believable one out of this
He probably thought anon said some kind of greeting in German. The lawyer probably doesn't even know German himself.

Is a mossberg shotgun Pal or Rpal?
/cg/ is that way >>40633311
also its a non-restricted.

File: IMG_20190215_134417.jpg (1.82 MB, 3840x2160)
1.82 MB
1.82 MB JPG
Snowy Day edition
>slowest moving board on /k/
>no one notices when the old thread disappears
>it's because anon cannot afford
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File: snowy_cetme.jpg (398 KB, 907x1080)
398 KB
398 KB JPG
/snow nigga hours/
>previous for posterity
If I was going to put a 2 stage in yes.
Is there anything out there like this, but for less? I'm finding it hard to justify spending over $400 for something that isn't even as modular as a PRS.

Be sure you buy matching receivers that are good quality if you plan on building an AR-10. The gas system matters and is not as forgiving as an AR-15 build. Do not cheap out on the necessary parts, I cannot stress that enough.

Mega's MATEN receivers and barrels are a good starting place for an AR-10 build. I'd advise, if you want more accuracy, a better barrel than Mega's .308 barrels like Rainier's ultramatch or BSF barrels.

*Blows up your entire bomber squadron*
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What game anon?
The game that this thread is about.
oh so that actually works
>Machine Gun

Anon, I...
>Implying it won't fall apart on take off
Ok chinaman

File: 1319671303259.jpg (216 KB, 1259x1259)
216 KB
216 KB JPG
Is haggling an acceptable practice at gun stores?
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The only time I've haggled at a proper gun shop was when I "bundled" two used guns and got the price knocked down (helped the guns were C&Rs and I've got a C&R FFL).
File: 1548216283367.jpg (42 KB, 400x323)
42 KB
Here is: Anons guide to Haggling.
It all depends on where you're at, and what you're buying. Just remember don't be a fucking beaner or poo-in-the-loo while trying to haggle.

>Used Gat.
Generally acceptable to try to haggle on the price anywhere you're at. Pawnshops and gunshows tend to be priced with this in mind. Most local or privately owned LGS tend to be okay with it. If you're trying to haggle at Cabellas or something for an SKS, you're doing it wrong in the fist place.

>New Gat.
Not acceptable. Unless you're at a gunshow or with a very special circumstances in a retail environment. If you're in a retail store and you see something you like. You might be able to price match it from another local store. Some places will, and most places won't do online price matching. If you do a lot of purchases at your LGS, you might be able to get a discount from them. Like enough to wave taxes.

Absolutely the most important part about trying to haggle with someone. If you have ever tried to sell something on craiglist, yardsale or whatever. You know what I'm talking about when it comes to beaners. Don't come in and lowball the other person right off the bat. If they're asking 300 for a Nugget don't come in and go "I'll give you 80 dollars." Give the gun a look over and then ask them if they're willing to budge on the price any. If they say yes. Come at them with 225 or something that isn't outright insulting. Haggling works both ways. If the price isn't good for you. Just decline and be fucking nice about it and go look around some more the come back.
File: 1431244021163.jpg (56 KB, 722x349)
56 KB
But don't be a poo-in-the-loo. They're notorious for bugging the fuck out of people for a simple discount. Walk around the other tables and maybe come back before you leave and ask him if he'd be willing to do the price on the gun if it hasn't sold by then. Don't come back 5-6 times and bother them about it. Come back at the end of the day and ask again, if the gunshow is a weekend thing. Come back the next day. A lot of the time people are willing to sell for cheaper on the end of Sundays. If they're clearly underpriced for something they just don't want or need to get rid of, don't be a dick and try to jew them down more. Most of the time people know what they have and they're just looking for a quick sell. If you aren't sure just be polite and talk to them for a few moments and you should be able to figure it out. Then you can decide from there if you want to be a boomer and cheat someone if they don't know what they have.

Bundling is fine too at everywhere short of a retail store. Managing to haggle properly comes down to being a civil person. Don't be a beaner and undercut people. Don't be a Poo-in-the-loo and bother people. Look at what they have to offer, think about it for a moment, make some small talk and then ask them.

As a person who makes a living buying and selling guns and auto parts. I can tell you there is nothing worse than having someone swoop in and lowball you. Its insulting and I always make sure they buy it at the list price or not at all if they're insistent or rude.

Also asking for a 2-5 dollar discount off a 10 dollar item just makes you look like a dickhead. Either bundle up or pay the asking price.
at a flea market or pawnshop it could be acceptable but you better know how to properly negotiate and not be a dick about it
Stop buying at LGS unless the price is significantly lowered. 99% of the time you will save a significant amount of money ordering online and paying the FFL fee when you pick it up. M&P 9mm for example are like $250 online but $400 in LGS.

File: Raven Arms MP 25.jpg (49 KB, 380x281)
49 KB
Please post Saturday Night Specials, I love them. I like cheap guns, made in fly by night factories. Post anything related to cheap Saturday Night Specials, stories or pics.
File: Raven Arms MP-25.jpg (477 KB, 1280x977)
477 KB
477 KB JPG
The OP filename is fucked, here is a Raven Arms MP-25. The OP pic is of a .32 Davis P32
File: HiPoint tactical.jpg (99 KB, 1464x1080)
99 KB
the new king
File: clerke 1st.jpg (273 KB, 2936x1872)
273 KB
273 KB JPG
The original: The Clerke 1st MFG. in .22LR. Less than $20 new in the 1970s, these were used so often in crimes that the company eventually closed from political pressure.

Post aesthetic
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we need a new thread
stop posting your wannabe larp shit and pick up a weight heavier than 10 pounds, get a haircut while you're at it
you must be at least 18 to post here
Estonians i think

File: Wooden AR.jpg (13 KB, 660x264)
13 KB
/k/onsensus on this rifle?
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servicing my dick bitch since I just called you out noguns faggot lmao
No, I literally work for Ruger in NH. I commute up 91 from Walpole. Get fucked.
have you seen the new mill & tooling then fag?

>cool and fun
>older versions had lack luster barrel harmonics
>$800 price tag that could buy you a good AR or AK
>would totally be worth it if they were about $600-$650
File: PlugAndPlay.jpg (59 KB, 1080x1350)
59 KB
boring and okay. Nothing worth talking about so you have you make up shit about it if you want to talk about it.

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