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File: daylights-end-dallas.jpg (99 KB, 654x960)
99 KB
Just watched this on hulu. It's an ok film, lots of hammy tactical acting, Johnny Strong seems to be pro gun, also that cuck yeager got killed which made me smile.
Anyone else watch anything good recently?
File: if only you knew.jpg (82 KB, 577x537)
82 KB
>Johnny Strong
That's a stage name - and persona to go with it - designed to appeal to you.
Same with the subject matter.
Most zombie flicks are garbage, and that is no exception.
>choosing to watch movies based on how pro-gun the actors are, while ignoring how everyone else involved in production is a card-carrying member of the CPA.
Pic related.
Well ain't you a ray of sunshine.
suppressed M1A scout with wood furniture is sexy af, easily the best part of the movie

What does /k/ think of the Ruger Security-9?
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Have sex
Friend bought one. I was genuinely surprised at how good it felt and shot. Can't speak for longevity, but I would have one along side my HKs, Sigs, and Glocks.
If money is an issue, they're 10/10. If you have money pouring out your ass, don't bother>>42389785
File: DdXVbC4W4AEfofa.jpg (51 KB, 460x648)
51 KB
>If you have money pouring out your ass-
-buy two

Canik TP9 SF are great.
Easy to find accessories and mags.
Great quality budget gun

So if somebody found an FAL that looked like this what would the value be? Unsure if that A actually means anything or not
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It's a shitty kit gun. Without the full auto ejector block all putting it on auto will do is cause dangerous slamfires.
Any idea of value?
If that. Mine just light strikes.
switch doesn;t mean shit.

File: 1548795894112.jpg (178 KB, 1024x1401)
178 KB
178 KB JPG
Is it worth it for younger guys to get into the military surplus rifle market? It seems like everything is getting too expensive now. I can see how they may make a good investment for the long term, but it doesn't seem like they're something for the budget minded shooter. I mean hell, it seems like the few hundred saved by buying these rifles, compared to ARs, AKs, or any other semi-auto, is lost the moment you have to start buying ammunition that only seems to get more expensive as time goes on. Is it really worth it anymore /k/?
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Thanks it looks like walnut to me but I will take a look at it tomorrow.
>Is a Garand really necessary

I feel that no firearm collection is complete without at least a Garand action rifle, i.e. M1, M1A, Mini 14, M1 Carbine, etc.
walnut looks like walnut. you would know if it was beech
Hey young man! I'd like you to start out with a Chinese SKS. They are cheap, fun, reliable and you can shoot cheap, modern Russian 7.62x39 steel case ammo with them.

Don't get a Mauser an Enfield, or anything Swiss yet. Work your way up to those guns that cost $1 per round.
File: 20190319_193413.jpg (2.03 MB, 3820x826)
2.03 MB
2.03 MB JPG
It warms my heart to see this joke still going.

Post fun targets n shit. Anything that makes shooting more interesting.
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Self healing polymer

My buddy bought one of the balls, They're actually really fun if you have a ditch to try to shoot them fast enough to climb the ditch
oh, im going to steal this idea, nice.
Too late
I usually print out pictures of furries and put targets over them, the other time I drew a picture of an atf agent holding a dog hostage.
> poster board
> carpet shield
> flat black spray paint
> avery color coding labels (optional)

Some dude in NJ got arrested for having a grenade launcher. He also was banned from owning guns for writing bad checks in 1999
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File: anita.jpg (83 KB, 881x848)
83 KB
>that face
>white woman
That's not a white woman, it is a (((white))) woman

While they would memoryhole the antifa guy regardless, his act was not motivated out of those ideologies but was simply a spree shooting. It's the difference between a terrorist attack

>The U.S. Code of Federal Regulations defines terrorism as "the unlawful use of force and violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives"

and a mass shooting. If the left-wing dayton shooter was shooting to achieve the above he was a terrorist. The guy who shot rep scalise because of healthcare was 100% a terrorist and the memoryholing of that is disgusting.

Make red-flag criteria much more loose and undefined than just making a direct threat or showing a violent unrestrained behavior. Essentially it's prosecution of wrongthink and hate speech because the 1st amendment does not allow hate speech exceptions (and the SCOTUS reafirrmed this unanimously. Even "Wise latina" and the notorious lich Ginsburg).

Meant to say Dayton guy was just spree-shooting a random bar from what I understand, so he was a spree shooter. If he targeted people because of his beliefs/politics then that's a terrorist.

Of course that definition is for international terrorists but I think it's a very clean and crisp one whereas a newly designed domestic terrorist definition would be liable to have a lot of wiggle room into trojan-horsing anti-hate-speech legislation because again, 1st amendment prohibits 'hate speech laws' but they dont' want to accept that so they try to go around it and find an alternative way to punish wrongthink.
launching spigots are okay (in free states,) 40mms like an m203 absolutly are destructive devices.
Lmao, that's a Marrano name. A literal Rubin/Reuben is a Nazi. Great stuff

File: hqdefault.jpg (18 KB, 480x360)
18 KB
I want to work in a nuclear silo doing nothing all day and eating doritos until an order arrives one day to nuke someone. Basically my NEET life, but paid by the government.
How do I do that?
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8 years college, perfect background.
>posting on 4chins
Looks like that ship has sailed.
File: db95w4btqlh31.png (117 KB, 1080x858)
117 KB
117 KB PNG
Don't forget perfect credit, zero debt oh and if you were ever late on any payments? Nope you're fucked.
Anon, you don't want to be a Keyman. Its beyond nerve-wracking
Literally do not care

File: MB26030.jpg (19 KB, 520x520)
19 KB
Hey /k/

Ive been toying with the idea of how to outfit and train small fire teams. I figure this would be the most effective way to have a "well regulated militia" or whatever.

So far, I've come up with the brunt of the riflemen being equipped with mossberg 100 ATR bolt guns, as they are by far the most cost effective rifles for sale right now, coming in at just under $200. They would also be outfitted with taurus G2C or G2s and IIIA vests with options to insert level 3 or 4 plates depending on their monetary contributions of course.

Insted of sqad mg fuckers, we would have some fuck outfitted with the vest and pistol combo, but instead of a bolt gun, they would have a budget ar with a long barrel, a fuckload of mags, and an assistant who carried more mags for them, and a pistol caliber carbine (im thinking keltec sub 2000, no sidearm)

Squad leaders would carry the vest pistol combo, but have either an ar or sub 2000 depending on what they could afford. How would these discount squads (afyer training on sqaud tactics and hand to hand, general mil shit) do in combat? I feel like they would kick ass, and at a low price
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It all comes down to how good you are and how much you practice and how good your optic is. Until you start going beyond 500 yards, almost anything will work.
All of this is general reflection upon modern insurgency and is in no way meant to imply any enemy presently exists. Asymmetric warfare is in this thread discussed for purely informational purposes and any implications that this discussion in any way encourages unlawful activity or action on the part of participants in the discussion is a delusion on the part of the person implying such things.
Literally anyone seriously interested in any militia type activity already has an AR/AK and ammo or they are so beyond retarded that you don’t want them around.
File: 1564713276276.gif (1.99 MB, 309x452)
1.99 MB
1.99 MB GIF
Top kek

File: 1540670548330.png (254 KB, 530x462)
254 KB
254 KB PNG
New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu

Previous thread: >>42369342
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Are you ex military? If not don’t you feel kinda silly? You look cool but it’s kinda whack if you’re not involved in military
Make sure you know what your talking about. Also make sure its just on guns. Faggots and trannies won by getting babysteps to the point they can just force themselves. Going full fuck force isn't the way. Gotta use political subversion.
Looking 24 isn't a bad thing. Usually that's better than looking younger. Women like men who are older than them.
i bought a ruger mk iv target for less than that adapter,if it was half that price it might be worth it or as an addition in a bugout bag maybe.

File: burevestnik_1.jpg (38 KB, 730x409)
38 KB
Is Burevestnik something mutts should fear?
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Have food.
>these fat motherfuckers are legitimately superior to russia
How did it happen bros?
From my aussie perspective, even poor fat yanks seem to be somehow wealthier and possess more economic access than the average russian. Whereas poor (and even average) russians are basically sub-saharan tier in their living conditions


look at those inbreed fatties.

ARG - P*sston Edition - Post overgassed trash that tilts carriers.

Old: >>42380924
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>it did not hold up.
what happened to it that caused it to fail?
It matters if you're a Navy SEAL or something and need a light that's 110% good-to-go, but if you're a normal person whose HD carbine just goes from the nightstand to the range and back, something like a G2X is more than sufficient if you're on a tight budget.



isnt that a little premature?
seemed to be the recoil and heat - it came back to life but it died for a good while.

File: 3s8jgtyzg2g11.jpg (98 KB, 900x590)
98 KB
Why were Desert Storm/Iraq War aesthetics so janky looking?
1 reply and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Because you have bad taste?
Because we had built up for decades to fight the Russians in woodland Europe and then we had to go to the desert.
Transition period between gear generations
File: IMG_0025.jpg (80 KB, 640x480)
80 KB
We had our moments.

File: brian incarnate.jpg (130 KB, 1280x1188)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
Didnt see this thread on the main page
Will cz75 holsters fit cz75 spo1s?
are you incapable of using the search function or something
there's two up right now already
No. The CZ 75 slide is narrow and the dust cover part of the frame shorter.
A 75 can fit in a SP-01 holster but a SP-01 cannot fit in a CZ 75B holster.
The trigger guards are the same so the 75 should lock into a SP-01 holster but the muzzle will wiggle.

File: proxy.duckduckgo.com.jpg (11 KB, 612x408)
11 KB
buddy of mine recommended the poor mans guide to the boogaloo to me but I can't seem to find it.

anyone else read this book?
haven't read the book your asking about, but if you want something both educational and historical with good drama, I recommend the historical fiction that is: Unintended consequences by John Ross
>inb4 suspiciously convenient torrent magnet link that connects to tracker @ Langley
google “poor mans james bond pdf”
i think that may be what you are thinking of. enjoy blowing off your hands
On that note, does anyone have the REVISED pdf of Friedman's US Destroyers - Illustrated Guide?

File: Screenshot (227).png (1.43 MB, 1920x852)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB PNG
Why are NY gun owners (gangs) fudd > practicality
who puts a telescopic sight on a p90?
76 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
those same assholes have the gall to often say "anything above the city isnt NY"
I have that same glock in CSGO
I have that FN in my dreams
God I can't wait to abandon NY
You're a new friend and need to lurk more.
>lurk more.
lurk moar newfaggot poser

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