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Pump action shotgun for home defence?

Like a mossberg 500. Of all the things that could happen do I need anything more?
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I answered that point already here >>40629489 - your lack of reading comprehension does not represent a flaw in my argument.
>bead or rifle sights?
If it's only for HD, a bead is faster. If it'll do double-duty as a hunting weapon and you have to use slugs for legal reasons, then you may want rifle sights.
Almost like sheet metal and sheetrock are different materials.
bead is faster if you practice
honestly best pump shotgun is 4-5 round capacity cause balance.
if you must maximize capacity just get an ar.
I saw your answer, but it's also dumb. I understand the letter of the law is "once a rifle always a rifle" but if a stripped AR receiver transfers as a "firearm" then there's absolutely no way to tell what it was or wasn't. So the law is unenforceable.

File: moustache.png (237 KB, 520x500)
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237 KB PNG

How long would a war with Iran last?
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Israel is literally Hitler tier on terms of race. Not against it at all only fucking hate their existence because they're pushing nigger mixing on europeans.

Just fuck off back to Israel and leave our countries.
>hay we wanna test this new c2 system. Here's the scenario, just follow the schedule that blufor doesnt know so we can see if the system is really to roll out
>"no, I wanna shit up this systems test with REAL TRAINING"
Blufor was trying to test a fucking software suite with known variables. You know, scientifically.
Opfor was a dickhead about to retire who didn't give a shit, and threw a hissy fit when the OCs made him recock and use the rest of the training time. Completely disconnected from the reality of the training event, or any training event for that matter.
Based neocon :D
But monkey models!
War in open desert isn't war in mountainous desert dumb dumb

File: ffffffff.png (789 KB, 920x707)
789 KB
789 KB PNG
Anyone here security forces in the air force? Im thinking about joining for SF, not sure the appeal but I am leaning towards going in for it anyway.
Scored one off on asvab so im not too retarded.

any input on the life and job? Talk to me about enlisting
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God no don't I'm in air crew training ATM and secfo hate life with a passion
Aircrew training ass to mouth sounds about right remember pilots always top and give the dick its the load masters job to be a good bottom bitch and take as much dick as possible.
Have you ever seen a retard panic? When the requiremenrs to join is literally to be as smart as a wet gym sock then it's easy to gather a force that can just stand there as the world goes to shit around them because they haven't been told to be scared.
I'm A9 my boi. I get to shoot shit much bigger than sec fo 40631989
Pretty much the easiest thing you do in your MC career.
Fucking broke dick platoon, always there to make a man feel better about himself.

File: 20190216_183130.jpg (1.88 MB, 4032x1960)
1.88 MB
1.88 MB JPG
Any of you /k/ommandos know any thing about this sword? Found it on my basement
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It's a cutlass.

It's at least 50 years older than cold steel lol
Dutch Model 1898 Naval cutlass, not US Model 1917.

Jesus op that's a SBS (short bladed saber) you better register that before ATF kills your dog.
Thanks for the replys... it seems I have an antique weapon that was actually designed to kill people. It's in really good condition with serial#s and a period correct sheath in decent condition as well... its coming with me the next time I deploy lmao.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (161 KB, 1280x720)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
>$20 EXTRA HAND PICK, $20 HEX, $20 TULA options
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normies bought a shitload and now everyones very slowly trickling them back into the market which artificially inflates the market
Didn’t they recently sell off some extra shit “gunsmith special” Mosins?

As much as I hate classic and their business practices, I admit I am sad I didn’t buy one of those m39s a few years ago
People hoarding basically like most milsurp. Prices are finally starting to stabilize around $300 and will probably stay around there.

Also Mosins now suffer from the fact that their super cheap surplus ammo is no longer being imported.
I bought a SKY and did the hand select. It looks nice-not tiger striped though- but the bolt is super sticky. I should take it to a gunsmith sometime, but with 7.62x54r costing what it does now I don’t shoot it that much.
>It'll be hard to find them sold from stores.
every gunshop around me from cabelas, field and stream, to small local shops all have 5-10+ mosins. they're still all like $500 tho

File: qqqqz.jpg (13 KB, 500x259)
13 KB
lm going to take a trip to Ireland and l don't want to be without a pocket knife or something to defend myself with. what do l do? can l just bring a pocket knife along on my luggage or what plz respond
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File: shillelagh.jpg (24 KB, 290x363)
24 KB
buy a sheleighleigh when you get there

I thought pistols were legal in Northern Ireland.
No. You'd get more fucked for that than for most other knives.
They're legal in the Republic too, but you can't carry them, not in NI nor in ROI
Ireland is probably pretty safe. You're probably visiting the touristy areas anyway. Even the shittiest of shitholes tend to keep the areas frequented by tourists pretty clean and safe. Basically the Disney Land version to keep the tourists and their money coming back.

File: 1550369957476.jpg (756 KB, 1432x1409)
756 KB
756 KB JPG
Assume you and two people, past or present of your choice have been thrown into a concrete pit with a larger than average, irate silver-back gorilla that's been poked with a low voltage cattle prod about four or five times prior to the fight. Is it possible for three unarmed humans to defeat a gorilla in a fight? A 6'3, 230 pound friend of mine that's really big into Muay Thai insists that he and two other martial artists could get a grip on his genitals and defeat it through pain, or knock it unconscious with a lucky blow to the jaw, but it seems to me that would piss it off, and they would die instantly. My friend keeps insisting he could beat the gorilla and I'm not completely certain though, so I've decided to ask you, since you're the weapons board and the best qualified people on the site to answer the question.
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I have a black belt in hapkido and jiu jitsu and I would probably be fucked. Best bet would be to distance yourself with kicks(gorillas have short legs long arms) and then parry into an eye gouge if he gets on top of you. 10 minutes is rediculous, try a 3 minute bout MAYBE
File: 1528402699282.jpg (25 KB, 260x326)
25 KB
10/10 visual
Your use of the word probably makes me think you have just enough training to get your dick knocked in the dirt in a street fight but have no idea what happened as you lie there.
Can my friends be two trained gorillas?
Yeah, you're right, it's much better to plan on how to get a fucking gorilla in a chokehold, or punch it in the jaw, or sweep the leg. You know, much more successful strategies when fighting a gorilla, like taking it head-on in unarmed physical combat, instead of using things like intelligence and manipulation, the only advantages you have over it.

File: zergface.jpg (60 KB, 704x476)
60 KB
Hey /k/,

I'm feeling pretty down. I can't shoot any guns for 12 weeks due to carpal tunnel surgery next week. I have to do one hand, then when that hand is healed I have to do another. I'm only 27 and this shit is painful and awkward.

I was going to shoot some guns this weekend, but I tried to shoot yesterday and can barely pull the trigger on my AR15, nevermind my pistols. Can't even group well as a result. Had a plum sized group from 50 yards and irons.

Anyway, /k/ humor thread to cheer me up?
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File: 1510252742001.jpg (248 KB, 800x752)
248 KB
248 KB JPG
/k/tards love to kill themself

Your mom's balls.
Damn that's fucked up, and his own damn fault.
I’ve had the flu for 3 days. I’ve been watching shitty old tv shows like we did as kids.
Become a bolt action Toe Sniper.

First time AR builder: AR-15 vs AR-10/DPMS. For AR-10 is it still better to build, or buy? I've seen it mentioned here that an FN SCAR 17S is a great .308 platform over a bespoke AR-10, is it worth the price, what about the 20S?
You're best off buying complete upper and lowers or at least parts from the same company because the AR10 world is pretty fast and loose with the parts department.
I've had a surprisingly hard time finding any decent selection of complete lower kits that are in stock, or ones that don't seem insanely overpriced ($400+ for the lower?).

It isn't that I won't spend more money on a gun, I just don't know if I'm getting anything with a more expensive lower like that.
Don't build an AR. It will just be a pile of parts and nobody will respect you. Buy a complete one from a premium manufacturer to maximize your ability to flex on poorfags.
As an AR10 owner, don't get one. I love mine, but I'm a Canadafag who could only get a Stag-10 because of what I wanted and legal restrictions on other guns.

The AR platform works best with 5.56, hands down. AR-10s are fun with the higher caliber, but are known for being even less reliable and there's less selection. My unit is good, but I know friends who've had issues. You can get a really pimp AR-15 for what a quality AR-10 costs, get the 15.

All that said, if you can afford a SCAR-17, skip the bullshit and just get that.

File: hqdefault.jpg (15 KB, 480x360)
15 KB
What does /k/ think of sootch00?
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I try not to
Regardless they are a big voice in the 2a community and they do a lot to keep the movement strong
he shot his own truck
I like him

Is there still a place to go fight ? Iraq and Syria seems to be over, Ukraine doesn't recruit anymore.South Africa isn't at war yet.
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
South Sudan is the newest country on the planet and are rampant with child slaves, small warlords, and general corruption. Basically the only thing they have going for them is Christianity has a nice foothold there. People are looking for volunteers to go there in order to "liberate" people which basically means save them and bring them to an area designated by the church. One popular reference for happenings there is "Machine Gun Preacher" with an organization called Angels of East Africa.
The "Angels of east Africa" seem like a huge scam. I'm sure they're making bank off of dumb evangelicals.

On a side note, I remember hearing about 3 army deserters who were mercs in the South Sudan but they somehow ended up arrested. They were also in the Ukraine before. Their story sounded strange to me and I'm sure they are spooks.
They probably got caught BY the spooks. The days of the CIA treating everything in theater as a potential asset are gone, every westerner is Roland to them now. There will never be another Mike Hoare.
Yeah, but I remember watching a Ukrainian propaganda video where one of the Americans was in it and he kept on repeating how he wanted to see the Ukraine to be part of NATO. That's an odd thing to say from an American who was kicked out of the US military, and why would he say that when he was in an volunteer battalion that is politically anti-nato anti-eu?

I forgot his name, but his story is super odd. He apparently tried to kill his wife and got kicked out of the army, yet he apparently faced little to no jail time since he was fucking around the Ukraine and Sudan afterwards. It seems to me like he was recruited/blackmailed into going to the Ukraine to try and make them more NATO friendly. He also got caught in Africa, yet he never faced jail time after the US government got a hold of him.
Real talk, no serious organization will take you if you haven't at least done basic with a real military in the past. The FFL and even the Lions of Rojava or whatever want ex-military only. They're fucking picky.

If you want to fight a real war, you're going to have to do a bit of time with a real army. Doing the reserves for a few years might get you in, but you may as well go active duty.

File: download (3).jpg (7 KB, 275x183)
7 KB
what is /k/s thoughts on John Jairo "Popeye"

personally think he was a true soldier personlity type
Pic related is the one true popeye.

File: 18bf59f.jpg (18 KB, 360x480)
18 KB
Newfag to the gun world, have several rifles I've inherited from my grandfather, but haven't had a chance to shoot since I was 13.

I currently live in Canada, and because of the small size of my property and proximity to a major road, I'm unable to shoot on my land. I will, however, be getting my PAL next month and plan to hit the range whenever possible.

I was wondering if anyone here has experience with doing weapon drills and practicing target acquisition and accuracy with airsoft guns.

I don't personally own any airsoft stuff, a couple friends are trying to get me into it as a sport, and I was thinking about if certain core shooting skills can be trained with airsoft, or if it'll ultimately reinforce bad habits and end up being useless/detrimental.

Any opinions?
You need a gun that can put out good groups to train your skills, otherwise it's a waste of time
File: DSC_5034.jpg (46 KB, 800x534)
46 KB
I was looking at a kwa ronin, tried one fresh out of the box at my local store and the thing is crazy accurate. Love the little recoil too

File: 1.jpg (319 KB, 800x533)
319 KB
319 KB JPG
For melting the steps of the main military church of the Resurrection of Christ in the Moscow region, the metal of small-arms captured weapons from the WWII, which is stored in warehouses in the Vladimir region, will be used. These are Walther P38 and Parabellum P08 pistols, as well as MG42B machine guns. Also war German rewards are going to have to be used.

Source https://iz.ru/839266/2019-01-28/trofeinoe-oruzhie-vremen-vov-pereplaviat-na-stupeni-voennogo-khrama (warning - Russian language, use Google translator)

What do you think, lads? Is it correct usage of captured weapons? I guess yes it is, nazis were going to kill our people and got defeated, therefore Russians may use their weapons and rewards like Iron Crosses for building of temples
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where the hell do hajis get ammo for these things? do they have to manufacture it themselves? if so then they surely wouldn't even be worth using over something in a more common caliber, right?
The guns were uncovered in a warehouse where they have been sitting for a long ass time. Presumably the ammo was stored in the same warehouse.

because we be some historians over here nigga don't act like 250 surplus as-is lugers wouldn't sell like fuckin hotcakes
File: hitler.gif (1.68 MB, 300x259)
1.68 MB
1.68 MB GIF
Could you imagine opening a crate and seeing this?

File: print.jpg (3.04 MB, 1944x2592)
3.04 MB
3.04 MB JPG
Hey /k/
I've posted this picture and story in a few places, never got a good answer. A lot of people say dogman but dogman doesn't seem very believable.

Anyway, here's my story, and maybe we can get a spook thread going? Pic is related.

>be midnight
>be out in private farmland walking for exercise
>have no gun because like 16 and poor
>carry giant 6 foot metal fencepost as weapon instead
>doing my usual midnight walk in balaclava
>private farmland, pretty desolate
>nothing around but coyotes and birds
>get about 45% of the way
>see something shadowy heading towards the crossroads infront of me

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Based vernors poster
Mmm pre plucked chicken.
File: IMG_20180126_175207.jpg (2.12 MB, 1944x2592)
2.12 MB
2.12 MB JPG
im amazed this thread is still alive. op here again
It's hardpan dirt road.
California valley desert
There hasn't been a bear sighting in my area in several decades.
>anything could make that print
what does that even mean? that's not how prints work
It looks like you took some bullets and pressed them into the wet dirt and then pulled them out when it was dry.
Ah, no, you moron
T~ rancher

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