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Maybe I'm a brain dummy thinking of this. Maybe even on the wrong thread. Thinking about shooting graphite or some other fine dust capable of holding and passing electrical charges, in line with a tesla coil to maybe throw a serious light show or effectively invent the electric version of a flame thrower.
>inb4 proally a tard
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Been eyeballing those real hard but my case I'd be willing to be cheap as hell until I get the results I want and then throwing down on the more expensive shit. Thinking about just using a big ass array to overcharge the air but I'd be drastically limited in range and probably drawing stupid amounts of power and busting off so much blinding light that someone is gonna notice.
maybe also air out another thought. Light has zero mass but its affected by gravity and can bend so it has mass. So what if a laser array was fired and focused through a channel with electromagnetic gravity, say, a series of coils releasing a charge simultaneously aka coilgun and hyper focusing the shit out of it.
it would be cheaper and more effective to just build a flamethrower.
You can direct the output of a Tesla coil by putting something on the torrid, like a little metal stick pointing out in one direction. It will consistently shoot in that direction, always seeking a path to ground. You can even use something other than a donut-shaped torrid but you'll have to do some experimenting to get it to spark correctly.

If you're trying to kill, remember there's a specific milliamp range that is most effective at actually killing by interfering with heart muscle electric channels. With that sorta high voltage though you can burn the shit out of people no matter what.
No shit but im bored with the conventional methods, lol. Know what kind of havoc we could wreak in terms of psychological warfare when it comes to the god fearing sand people with 70 IQ?

Wait...I didn’t need to do all that?
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It's more like $300. The course will always have the test at the end of it
Is it not possible to get all 4 at once?
No, the PAL is a prereq for the RPAL
The most common way to do it is to sign up for a 2 day course
Day 1 is a PAL class with the PAL test at the end
Day 2 is the RPAL class with the RPAL test at the end
Thanks for the help anon. You’re great.
And likewise for CSFC and CRFSC? Do people usually do both the CSFC and CRFSC before PAL?

I’m trying to figure out the order to book them in.
The CSFC is the course you take. The test is at the end. The PAL is your license.

File: noveske spring 2019.jpg (163 KB, 630x473)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
Your rich uncle will buy you any off the shelf ar15 you desire. The only requirements are that it has to be DI and you just get the bare gun. You cannot sell the gun later. What do you buy?
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PTR 91.
rich uncles let you pick one of their non-sentimental guns

t. rich uncle
Either faxon's prebuilt ar or an xm177e2.
Something from LMT. They make both piston and DI models, both 5.56 and .308, both fancy FF setups and regular carbines. It's all expensive, but it's pretty damned Gucchi and guaranteed to make people jealous. Quality is legitimately very good too.
Knight's 11.5"

File: 1523119046654.png (794 KB, 1140x2055)
794 KB
794 KB PNG
>check catalog
>no /ak/ thread
I'm dissapointed /k/
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Do it anon! For the cause!
It's a sign of mental issues.

File: 10211125.jpg (21 KB, 410x410)
21 KB
Is there any other 9mm railed 15rds+ pistol that is better for a poor fag than the S&W SD9VE?

Beforr people go "hurt durr glock blue line" this is for nonleo normal fags and talking new, so no used prices either.
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This is also a good choice as I’ve seen them in the sub $200-$250 range. There’s one at my lgs and I want it.
honest senpai, a used glock or springfield xd are your best options i picked up a old 2007 xd service with 5 mags for 280$ the other day from a pawn shop, i plan to abuse the hell out of it and report back, already ran 500 rounds of shit tula without issue so far
These like the smith autoloaders were reliable easy shooting tanks and I for one hope both companies bring them back if only for a short time.
So for all intents and purposes it is a P99 or perhaps a closer comparison would be a SW99. That’s fucking cool to know.
File: p99s.jpg (947 KB, 2400x1209)
947 KB
947 KB JPG
Basically yeah, but of course the warranty isn't handled by Walther.

The SW99 is the same as the MR9 btw, Walther makes ALL of the parts except for the barrel and slide.

>Buy gun from interstate (Australia) online
>20 days, still have not received the fucking gun.

At what point should i email / call the shop, and ask them what the fucks going on?
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I did at day 14, and got told courier delays yadda yadda. I feel like I'm being fucked around.
OK, and that was nearly a week ago. Ping em again and ask for an update. Are you worried they'll think you're annoying and go rub their balls all over your gun or something?
Is it 20 days or 20 "working days"
File: 124235365.jpg (66 KB, 600x736)
66 KB
>Are you worried they'll think you're annoying and go rub their balls all over your gun or something?

Literally read my mind, h-how.

20 straight days, including Saturday and Sunday, but they are open Saturday anyway...
Just be polite and inquire. You're pinging the second time in 20 days, that's pretty damned reasonable. If you bug them every single day then yes, that's annoying but you're far from that at this point.

File: IMG_14781.jpg (378 KB, 1556x1037)
378 KB
378 KB JPG
>this gun is perfectly legal to own in and of itself with no special paperwork, fees, or other prerequisites involved (besides being 18)
>but the very second that you press it against your shoulder instead of bracing it around your arm, you magically turn it into an illegally constructed rifle which is a felony and will result in a large fine, potential prison time, and all your guns and gun rights being taken away
I'm fully convinced that the ATF exists solely to dismantle the second amendment.
NFA laws are completely retarded,
why has literally not a single politician even ATTEMPTED to do something about these arbitrary and nonsensical laws?
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tbqph I haven't built an AR15 """""""""pistol""""""""" because it's just too sketchy for me. it's a fucking SBR, ain't nobody kidding themselves.
Well I've snapped at least one tendon in my forearm from lifting too much without rest days. I could probably enjoy a brace.
thats how I feel about them too, im just gonna stick to 16inch barrels and a pass of the ATF not ruining my life over using the wrong piece of plastic on my own fucking property.
Maybe you could even se 20inch barrels, for maximum bullet speed.
building an a4 clone has been in the back of my mind for some time. You just cant beat that classic rifle build.

File: Ted_Bundy_murder_kit.jpg (18 KB, 280x356)
18 KB
Everyone post your edc! I feel my kit could be dramatically improved with some input from the community.

No bully
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File: 20190211_152203~2.jpg (1.49 MB, 3480x2868)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB JPG
What did you get arrested for?
Cute holster cute gat.
File: zergski.png (234 KB, 423x423)
234 KB
234 KB PNG

*hacks into half your satellites*
*launches swarms of drones from disguised container ships and pearl harbours all your naval ports*
*seizes your trillion dollar space elevator*
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File: (((belkans))).png (53 KB, 444x1504)
53 KB
Fuck you
Osea literally did nothing wrong
>Lost Kingdom
>launching missiles around bombin shit
>lock onto target on ground
>Tent +100
>yfw you just realized what you just did
>Erusian Ground Unit<<Help me!!>>
Trigger is stone fucking cold.

Is it worth shelling out the cash for one of these? I'm more interested in them for the historical aspect and I'd like to get one before they can't be found anymore. I'd get it from CMP, any suggestion on what grade to select?
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Boomers are dying off and their kids selling off their collections will keep the market relatively stable.
Just get an AR
You can always buy used/secondhand from private sellers though, but the Garand has long went past its twilight zone where sellers were selling them at a loss - just due to sheer demand.
File: 4234235.jpg (64 KB, 499x499)
64 KB
>You can always buy used/secondhand from private sellers though

Yeah, for literally double/triple the price of CMP prices...
Yes, they are worth it for many reasons.
$650-750 is cheap by battle rifle standards, especially since it's a milsurp and an American one from WW2 which everyone is nostalgic about. At that price it's already below market value and you can flip it for 1k the moment you get it if you don't like it, or sit on it till CMP stocks dry up.

If you like the historical aspect, it's an even better deal. You can also hunt with one or straight up have it as an SHTF rifle (not the most high-speed/low-drag thing ever, but can still do some damage).
Decent runaround beater cars are cheap m8. My GF just bought a cherry 98 Maxima for $1400 last week.

File: freedom-tower.jpg (46 KB, 550x367)
46 KB
Hi /K/

So As you saw in the tittle, I'm eurofag and I'll be in NY in a month.

As you may know the legislation here in western europe is not so good for guns.. Is there any chances I can buy a handgun in NY ( I know it's not the best state but..) without a permit or whatever ?

Or can I ship something like a Polymer80 to the hotel to my name and re-ship It ( in parts) to my country ? To the post office have to got my informations ?

Do you think is It possible or maybe there is a other solution ?

thx !
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Miniguns always blew 5 year old me's little load. I was absolutely enamoured with the damn guns.
Don't. Also, don't come here.


Just wrap the gun in cocaine and it will be ok. TSA fails over 90% of the time other agencies try to sneak anything past them. Who knows? Maybe it will work out for you?
theres a guy who sell hotdogs on the north west corner of 48th an 10th. Just tell him agent 86 sent you wink three times and ask for a yoohoo

So I got super fucked up in my hotel room and scrolled down instead of up and found a Chinese air force sitcom with laugh track. Here are my screen shots sorry for quality I was very faded
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I was so fukked
I merely present these images for the non incomepents to pick thru and flip on their pcs

File: d.jpg (53 KB, 588x339)
53 KB
Where does /k/ get their ammo?

It's not making sense that guns are a cheap hobby when I keep buying 50 rounds of shooting range ammo for $12 and I see people go into the range with clear cases full of rounds.
14 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
To clarify I also cast and powder coat them myself.
>Where does /k/ get their ammo?

Its ALWAYS cheaper online
Honestly yes this is so helpful. I was able to find affordable .40s&w ammo with free shipping because of ammoseek. Its fantastic
I order online and I'm planning on getting a small single stage press for making 9mm/.357/.38spl. Usually ammoseek or I find deals on armslist.
File: 1549522932526.jpg (142 KB, 640x640)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
It kind of depends, actually. People with higher paying jobs tend to get rifle ammo in bulk a lot easier. In my experience, I see a lot more low-income guys with only pistol ammo (probably for good reason too, $13 for 50-100 rounds vs $17 for 20 rounds of .308 or brass 7.62x39). I really feel that it's like seeing two different cultures and lifestyles, in my opinion.

For me, I just take birdshot rounds and melt them into musket balls. And I save rifle ammo, until I get enough for a big range trip.

File: 40118-MarkIV-Hunter_2.jpg (100 KB, 1350x900)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
I got my CCW license in January and I bought a Ruger EC9S for my first gun. I carry it daily. I am still new to guns but I am finding my EC9S boring. I take it to the range and clean it but ever since shooting a free AR-15 rental I want something nicer for my own collection. Still, I am very new to guns and don't know anything but the Ruger Mark IV looks very "cool". Before I watch long tedious videos on it, in short, is it a good gun to carry?
4 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.

Big, awkwardly-shaped, heavy, shoots a tiny bullet. It won't be comfortable as a carry piece and it won't reliably stop the threat if you have to shoot someone.
its ok, OP is full of shit and doesn't carry anyway.
Because rimfire will never be as reliable as centerfire
If you have to ask this question you need to learn more about guns. There are more powerful, higher capacity, more reliable, and some more compact guns to look at.
Although the mark iv is a top tier 22lr gun
File: Ruger MKIV.jpg (339 KB, 1100x825)
339 KB
339 KB JPG
Tasty bait

Problem solver 2 electric jiggaboo

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Used Hi-Points often sell for as much or more than new ones. Probably because of all the shifty types that want them.
Yeah no. Go on gunbroker and tell me that.
Its a gun, not a fashion statement.
It goes bang and you don't lose fingers, unlike many handguns of the 19th century.
Any cowboy or Texas ranger of the 1800s would trade in his peacemaker, or dragoon for what you consider ugly and gay.
You live in the future friend, enjoy it.
Kek, you retards actually think you're going to get a double stack mag and a threaded barrel for $200? The pics are fucking vaporware-- that's a 3D printed mock-up there is NO working model, and no real timeline for production. You got trolled, HiPoint got publicity, and the new C-9 will still look and work like cheap dogshit--if it ever comes out.

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