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Please help me. I'm being retarded and I can't figure something out that's killing me.

Take scope A and scope B, both with first focal plane reticles:
A) Has a reticle spanning 10MRAD in all directions, and zoom to 10x
B) Has a reticle spanning 20MRAD in all directions, and zoom to 20x
Now zoom both to 10x- an object 5MRAD tall in one scope should be 5MRAD tall in the other, right? In fact zoom doesn't even matter for FFP reticles here, right? And Scope B should appear larger to the eye, right?
So how in the fuck does Scope B's reticle appear smaller to the eye?? Distances aren't the same MRAD for the two scopes- what???
This is what I'm seeing. My scope (reticle pic related) at 10x shows totally different MRAD readings compared to some YouTube video of a different reticle on the same zoom, despite both reticles having sub-tensions in MRAD.
Video here:

What the fuck am I missing?
Please make me feel retarded.

I don't have the answer to this but I am curious as well so I will give you a friendly bump
>So how in the fuck does Scope B's reticle appear smaller to the eye??

Maybe something to do with eye relief and exit pupil diameter (eyepiece). Objects should be the same size (in mrad) through either scope. For FFP, zoom shouldn't matter (like you said). The size of the object in mrad depends only on its size (duh) and range. But the angle your eyeball sees depends on the magnification as well as moving your head back and forth with respect to the eye position for which that zoom value is specified.

I'm not sure about all rifle scopes. But in my experience (with astronomical telescopes as well), eyepieces behave differently if you move your eye in and out. Some maintain the same image angle and cut off the field of view. Others present a 'constant' image size, so if you move your head closer, you perceive a larger image. Right up to the point where you press your eye right up to the scope. And then 'Blam!' Smack yourself in the forehead.
Scopes in video:
>SFP in MOA for Sightron
>FFP in MOA for Vortex

Your Vortex:

Why are you claiming the scopes in video are MRAD?

>Now zoom both to 10x- an object 5MRAD tall in one scope should be 5MRAD tall in the other, right?

> In fact zoom doesn't even matter for FFP reticles here, right?
Also correct.

>And Scope B should appear larger to the eye, right?
No. If they're both set at the same magnification, and if the other optical properties of the scope like FOV, exit pupil, etc, are the same then they should appear the same looking through the scope.

The only thing that should match in your hypothetical example are the height of the objects relative to the MRAD marks on the reticle. If the same object is X MRAD tall in one scope then it should also be X MRAD tall on the other.

But like the other anon said, it seems like you're comparing apples and oranges here.
This is probably relevant actually, as the video has the camera so far back from the scope that you can see plenty of context/background around the scope...

Ah fuck! Praise be! I AM retarded! I was referring to the FFP in the video, but my dumb ass was thinking MOA and MRAD were close enough to be negligible- they're totally not and that explains why the size of 10MRAD looks the same as ~30MOA, THANKS.

Yeah actually that was a typo- I meant "Scope B's RETICLE should appear larger to the eye [because it spans more MRAD]".
But yep, I had a stroke and forgot how far 1MRAD is from 1MOA.

File: FLECHETTES.png (106 KB, 1229x742)
106 KB
106 KB PNG
tfw you will never slot terrs with thousands of flechettes
File: FLECHETTES3.png (273 KB, 518x438)
273 KB
273 KB PNG
>slot terrs
Got the PDF?

File: chitin_defense.jpg (96 KB, 600x422)
96 KB
There is a guy reverse engineering the PP-19 Bizon to be made in the us and chambered in 9mm. Mostly it seems like he is designing the magizne. Thats as much as i can figure out because im not going to pay for his patreon.

chitlin defense is the name
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>glock mags
For fucks sakes.
Why, why would you enter a thread that obviously does not pertain to your interests and then shit it up like this? Get some help.
That said, I'd buy one of these in a heartbeat in x18 or x19. Does it really use an AK receiver?
No, I'm serious. In fact Tigrs for US export in the 90's had to be made in separate batches from rifles for domestic buyers. I'm not sure if laws have changed since then, but in the 90's they get the accuracy you can expect out of a VEPR in 54r.
If you wouldn't even try to bribe them, they would definitely object.
Why bother trying to reverse engineer spherical mags if they're already proven to be inferior to stick mags? I dont understand. I get wanting to have a gas operated pcc but why bother with mags that arent reliable

File: massdriv.jpg (50 KB, 800x431)
50 KB
It's time to get creative with your ideas for weapons we could potentially build but for some reason don't.

I'll start:
>electromagnetic mass driver at least three miles long
>projectile is an aerodynamic tungsten torpedo at least six feet and eighteen long
>with the assistance of a ferromagnetic sabot, the mass drive catapults the torpedo at high speeds
>attached to the rear of the torpedo is a nuclear charge much like project orion to give the torpedo an additional boost
>efficiency of nuclear charge could potentially be maximized with use of antimatter catalyst instead of traditional explosives
>cities could be flattened with little if any fallout
>space colonies could be blown wide open
>torpedo too fast to shoot down like archaic ICBMs
>only real countermeasure is laser ablation which would require extremely precise timing
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>lists a bunch of cartoonish WMDs
>shotgun made from the corpse of a shark
This is your brain on zoomer
Also one of the easier ways of making a plasma gun.
You wanna try to make one bro?
Honestly other than the railgun section, I'm sure that producing thermite ammunition and a firearm for it wouldn't be too difficult. It would just be so dangerous to handle or fire that you'd be risking a lot. For example, if you hit a wall with that round it's probably going to burn through which could cause some shit if you shot near anything else dangerous. Not to mention, at least with normal bullets, on the off chance that you have a ND then you probably just put a hole in the wall but with that your wall is now on fire. Also imagine the sheet shit storm if one thermite round ignited while in magazine or ammo dump. Just one big superheated boom
File: 1529400012133.png (219 KB, 540x407)
219 KB
219 KB PNG
A nuclear bullet.

Literally a super-miniaturized fission device that can fit into the barrel of a medium to high caliber handheld gun. Ultimate yield would be tiny compared to conventional nukes (only about 5 tons of TNT, or .005 kt), but it would still be devastating to whatever is the target.

File: 66577676357.jpg (11 KB, 480x360)
11 KB
what does /k/ think of teh inst/FB page Task Force Dommer or refered to as TFD most of the time. I never see it around here but I dont comer here a lot. They got some kickass music and seems cool what do yall think
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File: entirecircus.jpg (101 KB, 1080x716)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
I don't dislike them and their drawings are pretty nice
TFD is a nigger's cumsock
File: shitthread.jpg (46 KB, 1024x438)
46 KB
>literal fucking reddit memes
>/k/'s opinion on X
You are by far the biggest fucking cancer pimple i have seen on this board so far in a decade.
The pure fucking SuperAIDS radiating from this post is enough to make me physically cringe in my chair.
Please fucking kill yourself, unironically.
Fuck em. Bunch of literal nogunz teenagers. Their discord was such a mess they shut it down and started over.

File: t14.gif (513 KB, 1125x531)
513 KB
513 KB GIF
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Leopard 2 > M1 > rest
Blease help, tonk wont move :DDD
>Exposed hull ammo
>breaks down on the way coming through
would've been better if it was an abroomz, but still good bait

File: 1520489535394.jpg (608 KB, 3000x2000)
608 KB
608 KB JPG
Its often commonly said that one of the benefits provided by the dominant naval power at the time, previously the RN and today the US Navy, is that it ensures the safety of global maritime trade and energy supplies etc. But how exactly is it doing this and from whom is it securing this? Most national navies would be able to deal with piracy in their own waters, and in any case the US Navy has been no more effective against pirates in Somalia and Indonesia than other countries patrolling the area.

The case could be made that the US Navy is ensuring freedom of international navigation against state actors that do not respect international laws and have the capability to disrupt maritime traffic like Iran and China, but those two faggoty countries would be equally fucked from any disruptions since they are dependent on maritime trade to export oil (Iran) and manufactures (China) for their economic survival. So they may want to flex on others but ultimately its their own interest to guarantee freedom of navigation.

Ultimately, the only countries that would be fucked by the US Navy disappearing are those that depend on US naval protection directly for survival (e.g. Taiwan), failed states with no ability to repel simple pirates and the continental USA itself, although just the size, population and isolation of the last makes it difficult to invade even without a massive navy protecting its coasts. The size of the US internal economy means that the USA does not require international maritime trade to survive either.

So who is the US Navy protecting international shipping from?
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>British oil tanker gets intercepted
unironically the most intellectual post yet. Almonds completely stimulated.
Just American hegemony. We rule the waves because it gives us the ability to attack and starve the cunts we don't like or who would challenge our might. There is no other altruistic reason for the USN.

And I say that as American.
Nice analogy 10/10 would wear jacket again
OP makes the argument that coastal countries already do secure their own oceans. To use your analogy, the oceans are a giant warehouse, and the US has installed central heating. However, every country in the warehouse already has their own jackets and ovens, so central heating isn't actually required.

Who here actually has a plan for the boogaloo? You don't have to post it because OPSEc, but who actually has a plan for what they'd do should 1776 2.0 occur? I do
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Imagine thinking people on this website haven’t all seriously considered suicide already, as in saying “you will die” is gonna bother anyone here, wow just wow enjoy your goy life
Women don't face prison time for false accusation of rape?
Just going to wing it like I do normally through life.

But I'm diabetic so I'm fucked in a long run.

inb4 fattie
>What is type1 diabetic
What's the matter, you can't show your normalfaggot friends about le ebin 4chams because it's too embawwasing?


File: BT-361203--1-_big.jpg (58 KB, 1500x697)
58 KB
>overpriced edition

redpill me on the new APC9k pro boys.
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and that guy is either a trust-fund babby or nigger rich
File: 3452342353243.jpg (43 KB, 639x290)
43 KB
lol nevermind
>He’s either nigger rich or a trust fund baby

you don't have to be a loser to post on 4chan
File: 20191017_120810~01.jpg (145 KB, 1024x768)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
Just picked it up today.
nice gun

File: images (68).jpg (17 KB, 738x416)
17 KB
Don't mind me just posting the best 50.cal rifle
48 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
don't post that hunk of dogshit
the breech is a literal screw, not even interrupted threads, isn't attached with at least a hinge , and the threads stretch out as you use it
Huh. That doesn't look like a pre-ruling Safety Harbor upper.
File: 2019-03-23 14.43.41.jpg (3.69 MB, 3257x2443)
3.69 MB
3.69 MB JPG

okay retard

the m107a1 takes a suppressor retard

my buddy has a lynx they are cute as fuck to shoot
so fucking awesome imagine putting a cooling system and a drum mag on it and mounting it to a door turret
File: CSG-Leader-50-21.jpg (363 KB, 1600x911)
363 KB
363 KB JPG
I'm saving up for a St George Arms Leader 50, about the half price at $8,200. It'll take me a few paychecks... Quite a while...
I want this. Barrett's 50 cal suppressor is like 5 lbs and adds an extra foot in length. AAC's Cyclops is similar if I recall correctly.

File: 20191015_135752.jpg (2.7 MB, 4032x3024)
2.7 MB
2.7 MB JPG
Got private access to the National Infantry Museum in Georgia. Got to see and touch the original and only SDK rifle, thompson autorifle, and got to hold Hermann Goering's sword made for him by mussolini.
Anyone else have any private access pics or super rare items the got to see/hold. Posting more pics below.
43 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
How did you manage to get a private showing? I'd kill to see the stuff in the back, I haven't gone there since Basic years ago
File: 20190120_114738.jpg (3.59 MB, 4160x3120)
3.59 MB
3.59 MB JPG
ussually they take out the fireing pin , and secure the gun
File: 20190120_113649.jpg (3.8 MB, 4160x3120)
3.8 MB
3.8 MB JPG
also Quantico Va has an awesome museum
What is the point of making museum pieces un-operational? It's not like someone is going to steal them and use them to commit crimes.

I guess I wouldn't want a working ww2 era bomb in a museum but small arms are not dangerous by themselves
Anon, think about the amount of s o y it takes to become a museum employee as a career.
It's right up there with liberal arts degrees

File: born to feel.jpg (29 KB, 428x500)
29 KB
Is it even worth starting to gather shit now for the big one? or should i focus on mental and physical betterment until i get out and can own more property innawoods?
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I would call you a boot but you haven't even gone to basic yet
Shut the fuck up baby boot
>tfw part of ABCT going to Germany for 9 months this weekend
Makes me wonder, if shit kicked off at home, what would happen to American soldiers stationed or on rotation overseas?
lmao when i joined i was fat as fuck and barely passed the pre ship tape, i was running 13:30 2 milers within 10 weeks. stfu little dep bitch.
How 2 get free nvgs?
Make friends in supply

File: photo 3.JPG.jpg (91 KB, 720x479)
91 KB
Where tf can I get the sf 2 part brake for the vz58? I know theres only so many but damn I want it. Otherwise what's a good alternative brake/flash supressor?

File: muzzleloaders-mag.jpg (33 KB, 737x389)
33 KB
Going hunting with a muzzleloader for the first time this year. I was thinking if doing it le old Kentucky rifle style. Should I go with flintlock or percussion cap? Anybody have experience with both? Tips and tricks? I own an 1858 remmi revolver, but that's the extent of my experience.
Percussion if it's your first time. Flintlocks have a retarded steep learning curve and will shit all over you if you're unprepared; percussion is fiddly enough to appeal to your inner rainman while still being relatively forgiving. Also use the lightest rifle you can shoulder. Some guns, like the Lyman great plains hunter, are good little shooters but goddamn if they don't get heavy and unwieldy real fast out in the woods. Don't be afraid to use a cheap inline rifle for hunting until you get your feet wet. They may not be as sexy as some hand carved Pennsylvania barn gun, but they're forgiving as fuck for new shooters and if you decide that black powder hunting isn't for you then you're not out as much money.
Would anyone vouch for tradition's
Kentuky percussion rifles? Looking at those for hunting
The kits? They're fine as long as you assemble them properly. Luckily it's pretty hard to fuck up centuries old technology. Not impossible, but very hard.
Mines 3MOA at 100 yards, not terrible
Fun as hell to shoot. If it's your first, go percussion.
I really like mine. Havent hunted with it yet, but is as accurate as i could ask for all things considered.

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