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File: namib.png (58 KB, 2000x1333)
58 KB
Last thread went pretty well enough, and I'm bored so I'll do another.

Worked for 7 years in Namibia for a private security company, ask me anything
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What do the Germans think of the Namibians and vice versa?
I heard theres some bad blood with the farms and all that.
What languages do you speak?
Do you still live in Africa?
So are you of Anglo background or of African descent?
As a mercenary, did you get fed well?
>What do the Germans think of the Namibians and vice versa?
about the same as SA, same resentment, same unforgiven sins of the past type stuff
>I heard theres some bad blood with the farms and all that.
there is but from what I've heard the government is fully aware that they need the rich germans that live there to stimulate the economy, so its mellow for now

>What languages do you speak?
English and some afrikaans
>Do you still live in Africa?
>So are you of Anglo background or of African descent?
>As a mercenary, did you get fed well?
nope, but days off the room mates I had usually were able to cook
Thanks for doing this, one last question, where do you live currently?
Not in a creepy way honestly, but I just want to know if you went to Europe, or North America, etc.

Just recently got a Taurus G2S but I’m having trouble finding a good Iwb holster (lefty) any suggestion ?
Yeah, Taurus pistols and revolvers fit Inside this Waste Bin quite nicely.
I mean I like the gun and have put 5-700 rounds with 0 problems. Just lookin for a holster
Sorry I misunderstood, you wanted a concealed waste bin
Learn 2 cavalry twist?

File: WhichOne.jpg (177 KB, 1129x861)
177 KB
177 KB JPG

My plan is to only buy ONE 9mm Pistol.

I want this to be a metal pistol.

This Pistol is to last my entire life.

It will see most of it's use as a range gun, but possibly have a place for home defense.

I have narrowed it down to the following 3 pistols:

Sig p226 Legion

CZ Shadow2

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Get the P226.
Not carbon steel, stainless.
Sig In SAO
I planned on only buying one handgun and now ill probably buy a beretta in the next year or so since i already have a glockamole
sig p226 and shadow 2 are both used and loved by target shooters at my range and shooting 25/50 yard is no big deal with them. the beretta would give you the impression that it's a good gun too, but from my experience it's not accurate enough to shoot competitions at 25/50 yards. however that may not be relevant to you if you plan to shoot 7/10 yards.
File: 00.gif (1.45 MB, 500x281)
1.45 MB
1.45 MB GIF
86 that exetershitsauer
your real choice is between the beretta and CZ
only handled a a 92 that had work done once(didnt shoot it) but it was pretty nice

I wouldn't get a shadow for the sole reason that it's an out of the box race gun, esp compared to your other two picks. czcustom.com exists, and you can find a less specialized option there, though, desu, an SP01 tac with a couple cajun parts installed to your liking will get you the perfect lifetime pistol
CZ's have minimal slide grip area for manipulation, the tradeoff being, you can ride your thumbs high and tight for shot control

Does the current state of arms technology and doctrine allow for decisive victories in the case of battles between major state armies?
Or would fighting devolve into a stalemate meat grinder for all sides involved?
How high would casualty rates be when compared to the early days of WW2?
Hard to say man, air and naval combat is pretty glass cannon with modern weapon systems so that could be decisive if one side has even a slight intelligence/signals advantage.

Ground combat isn't going to be as decisive but whoever wins the navy/air war is then going to bring huge advantages in terms of fire support and transport/logistics to the ground war.
Then there are other factors like how a countries military is organized. For instance, Russia might lose hard in an air/navy war against the U.S. but they have huge amounts of ground forces with decent tech completely devoted to anti aircraft operations.
So winning the air war against Russia might not be as advantageous as winning it against a different country. Russia might still be able to turn the ground combat into a meat grinder by stalling and preventing U.S. air support.

File: 2WoW0PA.jpg (3.55 MB, 4160x3120)
3.55 MB
3.55 MB JPG
How lethal would a Ruger Charger with an 8" barrel firing CCI Velocitors be? compared to say a .32 or even a .380 VZ61?
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File: kPVRwj3.jpg (457 KB, 2656x1494)
457 KB
457 KB JPG
the way forward is to promote firearms ownership. is everyone's on the list, the list becomes useless. make sure to take random nogunz shooting
File: pmaca1.jpg (141 KB, 640x480)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
Ruger charger's use the same barrels as 10/22s right?
What's the best battery free optic for these?

File: FB_IMG_1560865082347.jpg (227 KB, 2048x2048)
227 KB
227 KB JPG
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We know, but its so easy to send into apoplectic rage.
What optic?
File: 1550246562491.jpg (25 KB, 256x256)
25 KB
fucking kek

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This pic hits home.
us that a 1916 Federov?
Top left 2nd from the top
File: Funshow.jpg (672 KB, 2048x1536)
672 KB
672 KB JPG
A bit small but they will be joined by a galil and Russian capture k98 before the year ends
It's an SVT
thats a great looking nugget

File: pmc2.jpg (205 KB, 900x513)
205 KB
205 KB JPG
Are there any PMCs to tell us zoomers what is was like during the iraq troop surge
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what movie is that again?
Doubt those guns were FA
Unthinkable, I think.
Why? FA is typical over there.

Daddy Garand told me in order to look cool, I need to get training. And the most affordable/useful option I found that can fit my broke as fuck college budget is IDPA, specifically SSP, CCP, or ESP as the most useful in the terms of the likelihood of being applicable in real life.

>Has anyone tried this, or a substitute?
>What should I expect?
>What should I bring gear-wise?
>Any funny anecdotes?

Am i being retarded and should I just buy a fuckton of ammo instead, or am I onto something?
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womp womp
Don't get caught up in gaming it or thinking it's an all-encompassing solution, but matches are great for practice.

You'll want a stiff belt, some external mag pouches and holster, and a shot timer. You should have most of this already.
It will be good for your fundamentals. I personally don't like IDPA since it got absolutely overran by Pointards. It was supposed to be about defensive pistol use, then people show up with race guns and race belts and shoot for points. I've not met one pointard that used their actual defensive pistol setup for these. It's usually race guns on race setups and because of that it's usefulness is blunted a bit. If you do go, go for yourself and run a real setup. (Although I guarantee they'll say you can't start from concealed.)

These guys know what theyre talking a out.
Also, look into the specific divisions as they have different requirements on what types of guns are allowed.
I personally recommend Prod
Meant to link>>41875205 As well

File: u.png (656 KB, 737x493)
656 KB
656 KB PNG
Bought this thing used from some kid about to head head off to basic. Put about 30 rounds through it and the stock shot back and it seems the bolt assembly shot back with it. Charging handle now seems to have no spring resistance.

Is this a common issue? I shot Tula .308 through it
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Take put the 2 retaining pins in the back, slide that chunk of stock off the reciever, get a while new stock assembly
File: lolepichaha.jpg (94 KB, 625x701)
94 KB
turn the bcg around ass end into the rifle first, slam it in there to unlock the bolt head from the carrier. turn it around and re-insert. but really you need to inspect these things first.
that's not even a c308 you faggot. that's an old cetme. get fucked.
Dang. An I thought I've seen just about every kinda fucked up CETME malfunction out there. It doesn't look like anything else went wrong in it. Maybe you got some really bad ammo or something. I've got a CETME myself. Got it from a guy for about $250 and spent another $250 overhauling it.

First off, the charging handle is held in place by the by the spring tension of the main spring in the stock. So don't worry about that part by itself. Secondly, have you checked out the shell casing itself? Is the case all blown the fuck out like you had bad ammo? You might just be looking at a failed stock. You're going to need a new one obviously. And if you're lucky that might be all you need.

Is air supremacy the deciding factor of a war?
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Warefare is 80% logistics. The military with the best ability to move and reach out and touch someone is always going to be the strongest military. In this regard, whoever has the best naval and air forces is going to win. Coincidentally, modern naval power is decided almost entirely by who has the best and/or most air craft carriers.
Air power is THE king of conventional warfare.
Again, in an open and conventinal war you are correct, however that is not always the case.
And in case of the Afghan war, if the US had the logistics and firepower to bomb Pakistan back to the stone age without being on the receiving end of several nuclear-tipped IRBMs, the Taliban would've long become ancient history.
>We didn't really target that capability in Vietnam
Ho Chi Minh trail was bombed for the whole war, I think. Or at least halfway through there was an emphasis.


File: 123432143214.jpg (3.1 MB, 3589x2311)
3.1 MB
3.1 MB JPG
Nothing more important for general innawoodsing than good footwear, what do you use /k/? What would you recommend to others?
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Don't ask questions you dont want the answer to.
Can anyone recommend a casual boot/shoe that can be worn with jeans? Salomons for walking on trails and shooting, but what about for just basic walking around in town
I bought a pair of pic related after my old pair of cheapo RedHead boots died a few weekends ago. I'm going out hiking tomorrow on some babby trails to break them in a bit, wish me luck!
Under armour or danner
Got a good source for some?

File: Mi24CP_(modified).jpg (553 KB, 2235x1306)
553 KB
553 KB JPG
its been awhile since those flying tanks graced us with combat footage


some cool moments after the 3mins mark

How good are Brownells retro AR-15 kits? I have heard mixed opinions on them.
4 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
It's a brownells shitheap thread, bump it with your question because it is related or take it to the QTDDTOT. Fit and finish on anything brownells has ever made has always been spotty at best. About the only thing I trust them to do is sell me something someone else made without fucking it up and they can rarely do that.
>no vertical safety
Into the trash it goes
File: 20190406_013133.jpg (1.61 MB, 4032x2268)
1.61 MB
1.61 MB JPG
I built an a1 style using a lot of their parts. Was cheaper than buying one of theirs outright. The NDS carry handle upper from their site is very good quality. The handguards/furniture are nice for the price if you put a coat of gloss finish on them so they look less cheap. Aside from that though:
The dust cover from them basically doesn't work.
The rear sight from them has one off center peep hole.
The barrel assembly is a good barrel/nut/ring/ and sight post, but my example I believe has some small pitting right in front of the chamber, though I found no rust, so I'm not sure what happened with this barrel.

All that in mind, the rifle works good and I like it. Ended up costing way less than buying pre built. Just dont buy their dust cover and rear sight maybe.
I bought an upper from that linefor shits and giggles. Works well, if you're going for the looks and so forth it will be decent for that. Shoots well enough. The handguards are cheap bullshit but it's good enough to get by, if you care about that then buy surplus replacements. If you're just looking for an AR in general then this won't do anything better than other shit at this point.
File: Snapchat-2138024700.jpg (1.13 MB, 1427x2688)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB JPG
Used the A2 upper from Brownells on my latest build. Great quality. Shoots great as well.

File: 1548339166351.jpg (203 KB, 923x1258)
203 KB
203 KB JPG
If I were to hypothetically make one of these, what size screw would be the closest to a 12 gauge firing pin?
You don't have to say hypothetically you faggot, you're allowed to build guns without the ATF shooting your dog
On the federal level yes but shittier states require registration and serial numbers and stuff. I'm reasonably sure shotgun firing pins are around 1/8 inches in diameter but I wasn't sure.
more like 1/16. use any screw you want and file the tip like a pencil lead, a little rounded at the tip roughly that diameter with 1/16-3/32 protrusion.
that's assuming you have taps, a nail that size with a wood, plastic or dense cardboard spacer disc around it the size or your receiver id works too with less tooling.
diameter doesnt matter as long as its smaller than the primer.
depth is important.

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