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File: example one.jpg (97 KB, 700x859)
97 KB
How would you build your own body armor? I've been researching kevlar, carbon fiber, yaddayadda, but I'm just looking for some input.
I'd like to be fully covered, especially the hotspots like legs, stomach, shoulders etc, but what would yall think the best option is?
For obvious reasons something along the lines of pic related would do just fine but I'm looking for more mobility, hence the carbon fiber and possibly less protection near my dick but still though.. What do you think?
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>t. gets shot by a handgun and dies
I'll take those odds
A sniper taking pot shots at anything that moves is going to ruin anyone's day.
While pistols might not be the primary threat, getting shot threw cover is.
Even level 2 soft armor can help with shrapnel and blunt force injuries.
So its not as useless even in a combat zone as you might think.
Helmets are also useful even if they can't stop bullets.
I'm American. My morbid obesity is my body armor.
Adam Savage made a titanium suit and shot 9mm and .45acp at it. When the bullet hit it shrapneled, suit did stop bullet, but fragments went up into the neck.

File: 340_s.jpg (238 KB, 800x322)
238 KB
238 KB JPG
Welcome to /bag/. Discuss and post about bolt action rifles. Whether they're commercial or military rifles, WW1 or 2037-era boomsticks, we don't care.
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what are some good beginner reloading set ups?
There is occasionally a reloading general. I'd wait for one of those or hit up the googs.
Why can't you offer a suggestion based on the information provided? If I wanted to write you a story I'd have a blog. And you'd still argue instead of offering an option.
Any hunters in /bag/? Centerfire deer season opened today in MI.
File: cz750.png (121 KB, 807x538)
121 KB
121 KB PNG
Seems to be stock.

Alright /k/, I want some input. Depending on how a job offer goes, I might be moving to Anchorage, AK. If I do, I want to pick up a good, loyal guard dog. I grew up with a pair of German Shepherds, but I don't have much experience with other big dogs and was curious on your thoughts.

There are some things the dog has got to have and some things that would be nice, and I was wondering if anyone knows some that might fit the bill.

>good guard dog
Obviously. Given that there's a decently high rate of burglary, I'd like a big fluffy deterrent to complement my guns. I want to keep the aspiring doctors and urban youths out of my shit.
>good with kids and small dogs
I don't want it to eat the wife's yorkie, and this dog will probably be around when we start trying for kids in a few years.
>doesn't fucking die when its chilly
The dog doesn't have to be winterproof by default, but I'd like to minimize the headache and avoid traditionally hot climate dogs.
I already have one dumb dog I don't need two.


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>roach back shep

>Anchorage, AK
There is only one correct answer. Malamute-Wolf or Malamute mutt are also acceptable.
tibetan mastiff
druggies killing each other
injuns raping their own women, especially in the villages that have literally no law enforcement
there's actually a problem with there not being enough cops in general in alaska
the only crime regular people have to worry about is cars being broken into and sometimes burglary but only in shittier areas. OP seems to be eyeing eagle river which is actually probably the best place near anchorage so they won't really have to worry much about burglaries as much as a moose shitting in their yard.
plus guns are aplenty so there's nothing to worry about, unless you're in one of the very shitty areas- in that case you're probably in for some shit and idk much about rape for non-native women but if you're in a bad area keep your eyes open. relegate visits to anchorage if you decide to live in eagle river. beautiful and safe place that doesn't have to deal with the bullshit of anchorage
File: blue.jpg (75 KB, 750x483)
75 KB
I wish i could get a battle buddy. If only I didn't work on ships I could get one

I need to unfuck my dry fire so I can unfuck my USPSA rating.

Anybody got a PDF of the Ben Stoeger Dry Fire book, or any other good resources to share?
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please use docdroid or other service, i would love to have it too
Same here

Thank you for sharing!
Bump for the big guy upstairs
Bump for interest. Come on anon, don't let us down!

File: blackhawk1765bpromo.jpg (178 KB, 595x335)
178 KB
178 KB JPG
nothing personal kid

thats awesome but should have a forward rotating cannon like most attack helicopters
>tfw DAP concept is over 30 years old at this point
lockheed trying again to get those swwet defense contracts
File: fvl.jpg (84 KB, 1200x673)
84 KB
Imagine if we had this during the Vietnam War

Cute girl gun thread...
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My nig, pale and skinny.
File: 1568703312399.jpg (77 KB, 813x1024)
77 KB
That's how they get you fren
Deep down, all anime enthusiasts are pedos
>Gived idea for magnet based bando for steel shot shells...
they're extinct with the advent of californianization in the south

File: 1573697517996.jpg (301 KB, 1012x760)
301 KB
301 KB JPG
New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu

Previous thread: >>43171116

Best coast edition
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>mechanix gloves are on sale for L and XL but not M
what the fuck canadian tire
Are you an idiot?
You are fine.

It's fine, Magic cards are a total scam.

File: 20191115_132538.jpg (2.58 MB, 4032x2268)
2.58 MB
2.58 MB JPG
Is it really inferior?
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Yeah, but nobody sells 1,000-round cases of it

They sell what is essentially M855 without the steel penetrator, it is more accurate than M193 and cheaper than Mk 262
Not if you need to get through UHMWPE vests.
Depends on the bullet. Armor penetration is a function of velocity, cross sectional density, and hardness of the projectile vs hardness of the target.

So you want fast, long, hard bullets. For any given material, The longer the bullet the higher the cross sectional density.

It’s why tungsten and DU are favorited for apfsds rounds. Long, fast, hard, heavy.
>Yeah, but nobody sells 1,000-round cases of it
I'm sorry that you are retarded. But you can buy cases of Speer 75gr gold dot.
Yeah. You can also get surplus 62grain OTM non steel core surplus that Sweden uses. Great stuff.

ITT Japan won the battle of Midway timeline.
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Given that Japan and Germany were only technically allied, given that had the IJN bothered, 8 million tons of Lend Lease would never have made it to Vladivostok?

Had the IJN done so, it may have resulted in the USSR falling off the cliff and collapsing after its initial post Stalingrad counter attacks. Which means the Nazis and friends mobilize and pull another Case Blue scale effort, and a 2nd Battle of Stalingrad happens.

In fact, if enforcement of this blockade is what starts the war, while the IJN is diligently ignoring US territory, then the entire tenor of the war effort changes.
>Yeah. He's only looking at the production of ships, not the time it took for training. And while Escort Carriers and Destroyers were Spam Cans on Water, true Carriers weren't, and the BBS were simply never getting replaced.

Becasue BBs were next to useless.
And you are plain wrong about fleet carriers, Essexes were pumped out so fast they run out of ideas ghow to name them (fucking shangri-la) .
US crew and training programs were also churning out more than enough competent people to man them all, with reserves to spare.
We are posting on abacuses made of compressed cardboard while worshiping an asian midget to lives in a house made of bamboo sticks and paper.
>US crew and training programs were also churning out more than enough competent people to man them all, with reserves to spare
One of the reasons was because of the massive number of extant ships that went unsunk and rarely went in to battle. If the Pacific Fleet gets all but wiped out, the Atlantic is getting cut in half and sent through Panama, with a few divisions worth of garrison forces just in case.

It either sacrifices immediate combat forces or it sacrifices training space. This combined delays the end of Guadalcanal by 14-18 months. Which pushes everything else back, meaning the Japs have more time to run around stockpiling here and there, meaning every island campaign is that much more painful.

The cumulative effect might mean that the first A bombs don't even fall on Japan proper. But thats a bit of a stretch. More likely, the A Bombs are both the first and the last bombs that fall on Japan.
>it was better stuff
early naval aircraft was so shit japanese pilots would just wait for f4 wildcats to stall chasing them in a climb

File: f22.jpg (279 KB, 1455x851)
279 KB
279 KB JPG
What is achieved with the panel edges being triangular? What are the benefits to this opposed to clean straight edges? Are they constructed/designed this way to minimise their RCS? Is there a specific term for this type of panel edge?
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They minimize the angles at which the aircraft preseents a flat surface for reflecting radar waves back to their transmitter. If you look carefully you'll notice that the angles on the panels match the angle of the intake and wing.
File: hexagonal.jpg (94 KB, 1422x484)
94 KB
a revolutionary shape, revolutionary plane
they counted the bees?
somehow. The beekeeper who cleaned up the bees are former military personnel in the article.
>"Andy Westrich, U.S. Navy retired and local bee keeper, arrived on base with the needed materials and supplies. According to Chiarantona, Westrich said the swarm was one of the largest he had ever seen. He was escorted to the aircraft and used vacuum hoses to safely corral the honey bees off of the aircraft into large buckets. He then took the bee’s home and found that, as a hive, they weighed eight pounds which calculates to almost 20,000 bees!"

The interesting riddle is how F-22's structural frame being hexagonal. It makes the bees feel more homely.
so flat surface is bad for this kind of stuff? flat reflects like a mirror, but a crooked and weird mirror doesnt reflect well, right?

Rumored Un-Cucked Full-size HK SP5's Incoming Edition.

Apparently H&K submitted several "SP5" Models to the German Federal Police for approval.
Including a full-size SP5 and a long-barreled "SP5L" carbine similar to the original HK94 imports,
but this time with flash-hiders and paddle mag releases right off the bat.
They also submitted an SP5k with the proper features installed already as well.
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Most g3 clones are us made like the ptr91 and c308 so the prices for them are lower. Original hk91s are expensive, but there are more of those available than the preban mp5 pistols imported in the 80s. Most mp5 clones are imported, such as POF, HK sp5k, zenith and Omega. Ptr makes them expensive since they want to match the market and also they didn't get the tooling to build them so they had to set it up on their own vs the hk tooling for the PTR 91 which they got the hk g3 tooling from Portugal
Lack of available tooling and parts kits.
Most US-based companies had to make their own MP5 tooling which isn't cheap.
Whereas with HK91/G3 clones, companies like PTR have been able to get tooling from Portugal.
Also with guns like the Century Cetme Sporter, there's a ton of Cetme parts kits available right now for cheap,
however MP5 parts kits are not nearly as easy to find and are much more expensive.
Praise be to the machine gods, I've been wanting this for so long
>A gun used by dozens of military forces as their primary service rifle, produced by over 16 manufactures, which got replaced by newer designs, then rifles sold as surplus enmass as well as tooling, is cheaper than a specialists weapon that is still relevant (as relevant a 9mm submachine gun can be) and no companies sold off tooling for as well has being more iconic and cheaper to shoot
no idea really
Do you have something against periods?

File: EJKDgwrWoAUzg75.jpg (190 KB, 1200x798)
190 KB
190 KB JPG
Say something nice about her
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>tfw will never ride a berth in the glorious 114 from Moscow to Tokyo.
brrrt vtol
good luck english MiG
good luck English mig

Will pic related fit fal mags?

General chicom thread?
Probably wont fit FAL Mags. It fits AR mags pretty good though!
the scent of a woman.
No it’s made for an mags and even ak mags fit really snug. Best thing for fal mags would be a satchel.

>4 legs on ground
>died out of service

>1 leg in air
>died in service

>2 legs in air
>died in battle

What would be a tank monument equivelent?
What the fuck are you talking about?
This is an urban legend.
more like it was made however the sculptor could do it at the time given the materials, time frame and skill.
File: 2.jpg (186 KB, 1160x1030)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
Urban legend

File: 55555.jpg (22 KB, 300x300)
22 KB

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Seems like a LARP fest.
Huh, would've thought that they had more stuff to do. And that secondary role is indeed nice.

Then I don't think there are any better options left.
File: pa militia.jpg (510 KB, 2048x1536)
510 KB
510 KB JPG
Exactly. You know what the funny part is? I think there might be some unaccounted for, there. including my own state. I wonder how many others have militias closely tied into LE/MIL, but outside that chain of command. maybe it's better that way.
All I'm saying is, that it would make sense to have a defensive force, for each state, because you have a clearly defined AOR, you're already embedded with the local populace, you speak the language, and you can make the specialization on gear. The finns can do it at a national level, because of how small they are.
File: speshul pepe.jpg (290 KB, 750x587)
290 KB
290 KB JPG
some groups are, some aren't. Lightfoot regiments are usually very solid. Arguably, it's all larping. Even actual military. We're in a time of peace, so instead of 90 percent waiting 10 percent doing shit, it's 99 percent waiting. Unless you count special ops units, and even then, their op tempo is dropping, with an exception of maybe one or two units.
File: spurdosissi.png (63 KB, 750x750)
63 KB
I don't know how the US handles defending its soil, because realistically it's an unlikely scenario that they would have to fight on their own turf anytime soon but states having their own forces sounds good. Here in Finland forces are divided into three tiers:

-Operational forces are mechanized and have the most firepower. They are used across the whole country and act as a force multiplier to attain strategic victories. And they hit hard! Special forces are a distinct part of this group.

-Regional forces are the largest group. They operate in dedicated AORs and are the main fighting force of he army. Their task is simply to inflict a ton of casualties and hold key areas so that operational forces can concentrate on the main effort.

-Local forces are (along with readiness units) first responders, whose task is to secure and hold key infrastructure and functions and mobilizing troops until operational and regional forces are ready to take charge.

So despite our country being relatively small compared to the US, it's still not a small country, which is why we founded these local forces.

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