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File: dunhams.png (5 KB, 373x135)
5 KB
Non-Midwest niggers need not apply. But yeah Dunham's is some good shit with $300 DPMS ARs and $700 FNX-45s plus other shit. Honestly it's some good shit man plus the store I go to, the gun guy is cool on shit. but yeah prove me wrong.
>pro-tip you can't

What is a gun that is appropriate for a classic formal attire?
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File: Desantois-Ad.jpg (73 KB, 1200x575)
73 KB
If you're wearing a 3 piece
File: Colt 1851 US Marshal.jpg (330 KB, 4148x2014)
330 KB
330 KB JPG
This is such a beautiful gun, I'd be honoured to be shot by it.
File: gentlemans carry.jpg (137 KB, 828x1034)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
Cabot Gentleman's Carry
File: maxresdefaultCAY8JJB4.jpg (174 KB, 1280x720)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
I went to a Lutheran school and the vicar CC'd a browning hi-power
File: 20171229_164128.jpg (590 KB, 2125x1195)
590 KB
590 KB JPG

File: toz.jpg (42 KB, 800x600)
42 KB
>be me
>in class
>mention that I have my id and going to finally buy a gun
>guy im talking to replies "oh your talking about buying one legally, why not buy one illegally"
>ask him "isn't it more expensive"
>no "I can get you a Mac-10 for three hunned
>try to think of model of fire arm that is rare legally that I could get on the black market, nothing comes to mind except norinco aks, but I don't feel like its worth when im going to buy a Romanian partskit
>ask him if he could get me a cz-75 cause im under 21(out of curiousity of course)
>barely looks at the picture and says "two hunned"
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They’re fairly rare but sometimes they come up on gun broker and second hand gun sights in a while I’m looking out for one too
Someone find a link to this. Need a chuckle



It wasn't full auto, it wasn't a TEC9, probably a Kimmel or a random generic black pistol.

File: oils.jpg (69 KB, 660x438)
69 KB
do just as good of a job as any other. So your purchase should be determined on which smells best to you. What's your pick?

For me it's Ballistol because I love licorice scent. I could understand how people could like Hoppe's though. Rem oil for me specifically brings back lots of good memories.
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It smells good.
As long as you actually oil and clean your gun regularly what you use doesn't matter too much. The only time what oil you use really matters is when you're innacold and need an oil that won't gum up in those conditions.
I just use lithium grease from the auto parts store.
Salt water would do a better job of lubrication and rust protection than RemOil.
>Won't gum up in those conditions
Wow, it's like you don't even aak your overweight, diabetic, rosy cheeked cousin to knit you some gun sweaters in exchange for driving her to get meds.

File: Slide-1.jpg (344 KB, 1920x1000)
344 KB
344 KB JPG
In theory, could I buy a nasty, beat up surplus beretta 92s and send it to Wilson Combat and have them make it nice? It says they will refinish any pistols from the 92 series. I want to know what you guys think before I go through with my plan
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Just appreciate the 92s for what it is instead of spending a bunch of money fixing something that isn't broken in a hairbrained newfag money saving scheme that will end up costing more than it's worth.
Why the fuck not, sending a hi point to salient was funnier tho imo
Thinking about making a hilarious hi-point custom. Should I do that or buy a 92 for home defense/car gun?
File: Family Photo1.jpg (621 KB, 2048x1152)
621 KB
621 KB JPG
I have a wilson combat baretta 92G. I bought it from an authorized dealer. I am very happy with it. I bought a cheap 92A1 to have them refinish. But, I heard from some gun buddies that it is difficult to get ahold of anyone at Wilson Combat to send the gun there. You have to be prepared to waste a bit of time, and then the hassle of sending it off. I bought mine new for like 1,200.00. Beautiful pistol. It is my favorite in my collection and I will never sell it.
Definitely the hi-point. Get anime tiddies all over it.

File: 1544657031573.jpg (42 KB, 720x540)
42 KB
The government is refunding me $1,200 of student financial aid what should I do with the money?

(Never bought a gun before btw)
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Like I've said before getting an AR probably wouldn't sit well with my parents. Been trying to ease them into the idea of me owning a firearm and something like milsurp instead of a "scary" AR would probably be better. Though an AR does seem like the better option though I'd want something small (to not freak my parents out) though I've heard about these retarded barrel length restrictions. Of course I'd have to check out my state laws for that.
Just buy one. It's your money and they can choke on a dick. What will they do, cry at you?
Get an 18" barrel with rifle gas if you can.
Thanks anon, I'll do it just to rub it in their faces.
My parents flipped a shit when they found out I bought an AR.
They instantly tried to sell me on a 5 round pump action shotgun
I told them to suck a cock and they eventually relented
now I own 5 rifles and 3 pistols without any issue from them, as well as 3 suppressors
sks will do pretty much the same thing without looking too black rifle, you should be able to find a good one for around $400. and they are surp except for chinese commercial ones, but no one needs to know if it was made for export.

>Mention firearms to someone
>"So is that what you're gonna shoot a school up with?"

How am I supposed to respond to this without getting red flagged?
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File: me.jpg (1.43 MB, 3264x1836)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB JPG
my literal nigger
>t. Never Happened
>mention firearms to someone
thats where you fucked up
File: 1544480712069.jpg (122 KB, 768x960)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
Just got told by my dad to chill on the guns. I'm making my mom nervous cause at some point in my cringe years I said something about killing someone.
I can't help it that I like the smell of gun powder and oil. sucks to, I was just about to ask if I could reinforce my window and door to turn my room into a safe. I want to hang my guns on my wall, not hide them away.
I'm stuck here for 5 more years, thank god red flag hasn't been set up in my state yet.
> "... It's kinda disturbing that's the first place your mind goes. Are you not feeling well? I think maybe you should find some mental or emotional help. If you're really feeling bad off you should find a trusted friend or family member to discuss your problems with. I got to go now, but I'll check on you latter if I have the time. Stay strong."

File: Sex%20Pistols.png (813 KB, 1280x800)
813 KB
813 KB PNG
Or is it a mix-and-match of parts?
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It’s weird, because normally Mista would carry an LCR. Not sure why they changed it for the anime.
jojo sucks
demonstrably false and bluepilled
How far in did you get before coming to this conclusion?
Joseph best JoJo

What's the latest on the bump fire stock ban? I have found a few sites still selling them. Is it even worth it to buy one at this point? I can't find anything official or even a mainstream article less than 1 month old.
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>News report on the airsoft confiscation
>ATF agent tries to put the magazine backwards on camera
It was just too perfect
If they treat it like they can make legislation over weapons, then the 2nd tells them to fuck off
We all see how well the bill of rights works to prevent abuse of state power.
....which is the long crooked path to having them regulate semi-auto longarms out of existence.
>Ban bumpstocks to virtue signal
>0 Democrat voters will vote for Trump because of this.
>Americans lost 2nd Amendment freedoms for no reason

File: image.jpg (562 KB, 560x819)
562 KB
562 KB JPG
i view combat footage on youtube and it seems that soldiers arbitrarily fire in the general direction of the enemy. of course terrain matters in combat and it is fought in different distances.
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I can’t fucking believe how stupid you are. This is borderline retarded. Real life doesn’t have aim assist when you zoom in on the iron sight, do you know how hard precise shots are beyond 300 yards? That’s why when soldier engage, they try to keep the enemy pinned down so that the air strike can take them out. This is a really basic idea to understand, no one fires randomly in the air, you braindead mongoloid. It’s with purpose
As opposed to
>this guy is firing at us and hitting us with light arty, lets sit tight and do nothing :^))))
use a scope then, retard.
Don't tell me you're such a poorfag all you have are iron sights?
>can afford bombs
>can't afford optics
You’re gonna fucking tell me every grunt with an m-4 has a rifle scope?
Returning fire is all about limiting enemy ability to shoot at you while you take your own decision.
Firing in the general direction of the enemy limit his ability to move and with a bit of luck, to shoot
Then leaders decide if its better to attack (another part of the unit will move for example and try to eleminate the threat). Kepping this supressive fire will keep enemy attention on your part of the unit.
You could also wait for support (artillery or airplane or another unit) using your suppressive fire (that hopefully will become more precise as time goes) to fix the enemy on its designated position.
Or just retreat, suppressive fire to let you move away.
What you see in videos is american units trying to overwhelm the enemy with superior firepower in order to gain the initiative as told above and reduce the threat of being wounded.
They are stocked in munition to be able to maintsin this density of fire and the whole logistic behind them too.
They don't care about keeping ammo. Maube if it was a conventionnal conflict they would be a BIT more mindfull because logistic can become a clusterfuck.
But shooting in the general direction of the enemy isn't a waste and most of the time he won't even know from where it come from precisely as you won't. Rest is pure tactic and how you deal with the limited informations you got on the battlefield

File: Reisen Gun.jpg (215 KB, 1000x887)
215 KB
215 KB JPG
Have you done your Holy Duty, /k/ by testing your rights to open carry in public?

1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
you have a lot to learn my friend. Defending your rights is an ongoing battle. Those that stand up and choose to do it are Representatives of the Constitution of the United States of America. I don't care who it alarms.
Wtf's got you so butthurt, fag?! He Seems to be doing Gods work if you ask me!
I don't have any rights, I live in Commiefornia.
What idiots
why must you do this?

File: static line.jpg (612 KB, 1920x1243)
612 KB
612 KB JPG
Soviet plans for usage of VDV units in cold war battle plans is well known, but was there any doctrine set for large scale NATO deployment of paratroopers ?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
that dz looks extremely painful
File: 1544581229317.jpg (38 KB, 480x480)
38 KB
aren't you that psycho fucker who gave some shitty LT dysentery or something
you should have seen Pegasus DZ in 94'; connexes and telephone poles strung with razorwire in the middle of a sugarcane field that had just been harvested.
Yes, while I was serving in one of the units that would be deploying against the Russians in the event of fuckery in Europe.

Focus on the subject.
No, because the US, UK and USSR all used paratroopers in WWII, and all experienced a mixed bag of moderate successes and costly failures, but only the UK and, to a lesser extent, US realized that "costly failures" were a bad thing. The USSR could have probably seen 10 Market Gardens and still thought that paratroopers were effective. Even then, the Soviets only went full retard postwar on the VDV because of internal Red Army politics.

5 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Give me your clothes.
bro i just have my phone i swear
Shut up, nigger.
sorry, I don't listen to hiphop
I love practicing this stuff with a cap or flare gun and a buddy of mine. It's really surprising how effective it is.

File: mp.jpg (7 KB, 283x178)
7 KB
I recently bought a smith an wesson mp shield 2.0 for my first gun and also as my cc. I was just wondering other peoples thoughts on good cc pistols were or if Im just retarded.
72 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
Disengaging the safety isn't a separate action regard. If you can't understand this then DA/SA must blow your mind
This. I'd rather buy a Toyota or Honda that actually employs Americans in it's manufacture.
They arent bad, I dont like how big they are for a single stack.
For example you can get a single stack ruger EC9S, or LCP that's smaller and does the same thing, so it's easier to conceal, the shield is damn near the size of like a g26, only thinner because single stack.
Basically it's a mid sized in the compact world, and there isnt much use for that. If you can CC a shield easily, you can CC a double stack that size just as easily. And get more boolits. That's my take, but it's betterthan no gun, and as always, at least it isnt a CZ.
Ok "regard." Even if you train to disengage while drawing that's still the tenths of a second it takes for your thumb to mechanically move and reset to a shooting stance. It's asinine to say it's not faster to draw and shoot with no safety like this guy
No matter what, you're still wasting time on something that shouldn't be there in the first place. If you can't not shoot yourself while drawing, you shouldn't be carrying a gun. Period.
File: 1544468379498.gif (1.44 MB, 499x654)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB GIF
Shield is okay but get a M&P40c 2.0

So I was thinking recently about how there are ancient swords and weapons of legend like Excalibur and the sword of Goujian. Are there any legendary or famous non-cinema firearms that exist?

(Pic is the sword of Goujian, for anyone who didn't know.)
40 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
Don't even suggest that anon.
>the grandmother of all Hi-Points
Eww, get that disgusting thing away from that Enfield.
Did they recover it?

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