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How effective would it be for me to duct tape 2 large text books on my torso?
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If the vehicle isn't armored in the first place it doesn't matter if the warhead detonates on contact or if it's offset by a meter, it'll still blow you to pieces.
It didn't go through the first time because they didn't use a back-stop, they just set the book standing on a table.
Test that shit
a HEAT round can penetrate nearly 400mm of armor, larger ones go through 600mm or even 1000mm of armor
no amount of homemade armor can really stop that

but lets say you got lucky and your car go hit by a small, nam-era handheld missile
to stop an RPG-2, which has penetration of 180mm of armor, you would need at least th at much distance of air to get the standoff needed to dissipate its stream
this will increase the width of your car by 360mm in every direction
this would also still require some armor on your car, as the exploded bits of the charge are still extremely fast and would ventilate your car
Prove to me you have one.

AK General /akg/
Unusual Sidearms Edition
>Thread #876

Old thread here >>42356071
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I have a good handful of them I bought several years ago through CDNN. they have presented me with no issues at all in my time with them, although I will admit I was nervous about the seemingly weaker construction. I always have them loaded as well and that has also worked out well for me.
>These things are issued by their army
Unless it has a ((10)), ((21)) or ((25)) it's not issued to the military. Those are commercial mags with zero metal reinforcements.
If you want cheap 74 mags, might look at the AC Unity 74 mags that just came in.
They're Bosnian and the front lug is odd, but they're $14.
Be the guinea pig and let us know.
They're from Russia, but those aren't mine. I do have one though.
Just use it. It’ll work itself out.
You put Bulgarian 74 surplus furniture on a WASR 10. Oh boy...

File: CZ1SHADOWSILVER.jpg (42 KB, 999x749)
42 KB
There is nothing wrong with carrying a heavy gun. In fact, I see it as a benefit since it helps mitigate recoil and allows for faster accurate shots.

Pic related is what all cops and armed security should be carrying.
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OP is buttmad because his CZoygun will never be as good as a spaghettiblaster
>the heavier a gun is, the slower it is to quickly move it on target

Ever watch how fast competition guys move from target-to-target with those heavy guns? It's not a goddamn 30" shotgun.
Post uniform with timestamp.
This is not uniquely American. Almost every military, SOF, and CTU worth their salt think this way. England does it. France does it. Germany does it. Russia does it. Im sorry you live in some Eastern European or majority brown shithole.
File: gi33eIQ.gif (1.17 MB, 321x240)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB GIF
>heavy guns get left at home
Homosex detected
Had me in the first half
>calls others poor
>Favorite gun is milsurp commie bullshit
You don't shoot it much do you?
>Pic related
>didn't post pic
I'm so sorry anon. You must have had a tragically difficult life. Your severe lack of basic intellect was made all the more tragic with your cleft pallet that made you ugly and the clubbed foot that made you bad at sports. Generations of inbreeding are not your fault.
Learn how question marks work. You're the one who knows whether you carry a CZ at your job as a Security Enforcement officer, not him.
While Spaghettios, Sigfags, H&Kucks, 1911 boomers, and Glocktards all have our disagreements we can all come together at laugh at the special needs kids together.

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Questions that don't deserve a thread thread.

I picked up my first shotgun a week or so ago, and I was wondering if there was any type of shot I shouldn't shoot out of a certain size choke? I assume bird and target loads are safe out of anything, but what about buck, or slugs, or those gimmicky home defense rounds?
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I hear the new Wranglers are pretty good, but I haven't shot one. They're basically the same deal as a Rough Rider. Cheap cast frame and a dead simple action.

I had a Rough Rider that had timing problems though, so I'd probably spring for a Wrangler in your shoes.
Apparently yes, because I never thought of that. Thank you anon, I'll probably be doing that.
So where do these people get 40" barrels to test this stuff? Do they make them? Just curious how they're able to come up with the numbers for velocity if barrels that long aren't available.
Where the fuck do I buy a PVS7? eBay doesnt have any decent listings
Shit never mind, I didn't know it was a felony to bring outside of the US. Guess I gotta wait till I'm back stateside

what’s your favorite lunch buddy?

<<sig 229 elite stainless goes well with ribs
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Nah he's a retard which is why he's eating ramen thinking it's cheap compared to cooking as well as buying a new truck which are all incredibly expensive for what they are.
>doesn’t do a shot of remoil with dinner

What the fuck are you even doing?
it would only be a problem if i were fat or an old fuck like a number of /k/ posters who talk shit about young guys enjoying gear and the outdoors making excuses from going to /k/ outings

Considering how bloated hamshanks is he's probably physically incapable of keeping his sasuage fingers straight.

File: musketeer2.gif (13 KB, 380x285)
13 KB
Hey fellow keks
Any tips on making guns? Any gun. Doesnt matter
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Post your badge
Yeah, go ahead and just go down to walmart and buy a Daisy™ brand BB gun, it's cheap and (probably) more than you can safely handle.
>go back to school
Once you've obtained your ffl, shape some metal with some other metal, maybe add wood, maybe add plastic, & boom. Just make sure you operate within the law...both local.& federal.
You don't need an ffl to make a gun you fudd.

File: 1497481853760.jpg (728 KB, 1024x718)
728 KB
728 KB JPG
I'm afraid we're all out of .308 today, is there anything else I can get you, sir?
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>Indoor trap shooting

I sure wonder how they'd turn a dome into a back-stop. Tons of foam, maybe? It's only birdshot.
>Again, my apologies. Our next shipment will be this Thursday, and we made sure to double the usual amount.
thanks for the heads up. glad i used the parking garage instead of the valet this time
Yes, my friend. On rocks if you please, and a box of your finest 000 buck, were expecting a new 12ga and we want to buy it a coming home present
Holy fucking faggot. Kick out all the loud guns lol my paper target swayed kick that guy out too. What model CZ do you have?
At nigga, you gon give me all yo 12 gauge. All yo c9 clips, and all yo money if you don't want clapped

How could the US have won it?
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That was achieved when the US withdrew. Communism was contained in North Vietnam.

The retarded part of the objective is that it's an indefinite objective. How long does the US need to hold the line? It's been decades in Korea. If North Korea invaded tomorrow, would the US have lost tge Korean War?

The only winning strategy would have been establishing a third buffer state that wouldn't stand a rat's chance in Hell left to its own devices with a permanent US presence alongside Korea and Germany, which America wasn't willing to shell out the men and money for.
The best way of winning a war is not having a war in the first place?
>Stupid hippies and their psyops, what we need to do is systematically remove and convert the people with that mentality while also installing fake governments that will tell their civilians what we want!

What the fuck do you stand for you nigger?
I stand for the military industrial complex.
not allow a single journalist into the country, do everything else the same

File: 1566368612389.png (550 KB, 472x450)
550 KB
550 KB PNG
Should I join the ADF?
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There's a wait because they've been instructed to outright not accept male recruits because it adversely effects their gender ratio.

I've been a choc rifleman for 7 years. It's a great second job if your already working for the gov, also great if you've got your own business. I've seen it devolve into an admin bullshit nightmare over the last few years though. So much online mandatory training shit, its a major pain in the arse and really detracts from actual training.
File: 1537515074844.jpg (55 KB, 660x680)
55 KB
For christs sake the absolute state. I honestly hope theres a big war or something so this lefty shit comes back to bite everyone on the ass.
Nah. One of my mates has been in both. Says its far less pozzed in the reserve. Less vaginas, less shitskins, less brown-nosing promotion-seekers, more good ol boys.
Sounds like its skated under the radar of the leftist social architects a bit.

I'm planning on joining up next year.
File: 1565668675821.png (91 KB, 754x353)
91 KB
>I've seen it devolve into an admin bullshit nightmare over the last few years though
So exactly like everything else in Ausfalia then

Tell me about Special Forces, /k/? Are they really good as they hyped themselves or are they just a notch better than cannon fodder?
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Well, they’re generally “elite” in the sense that they have a high barrier to entry and very few people pass their selection process.
but that's just a career progression, some police become detectives, some forensics, some door kickers.
all are probably better than your duty cop- but that's because they all WERE duty cops at some point
SEALs have a higher barrier for entry but they're frankly a joke. They have rampant misconduct and incompetence in their ranks.
It’s kind of like pro ball vs college ball.
The college level obviously has lots of guys that could go pro and some college teams are better than one or two pro teams. This is especially clear when it comes to just straight up gunfighting and not all the specialty stuff SF groups do that infantry will never touch.

Lots of insurgent tier dudes are like high school players so whether they’re up against a college team or a pro team they’re getting fucked up in a similar fashion.
>they just have a different skill set to soldiers

Not really. they master infantry stuff so they can afford to expand into side skills. seals suck because they never learned the infantry basics in the first place.

File: 1547506293289m.jpg (159 KB, 681x1024)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu

Previous thread: >>42379478
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Is this who I think it is? Fellow 2812 anon?
Is it against the law to walk around with shit in my pants?

Might start going to liberal meetings and rally with soiled pants.
You got too many guns Anon
fug nice 180b
>i dont know what im doing lol
>non adjustable block for 308

/k/ommunications general

Old Thread: >>42312188

Radio thread? Radio thread.

Baofeng-Innafancycase Edition

>post 'em
>discuss 'em

>§ 95.591 Sales of FRS combination radios prohibited.

>Effective September 30, 2019, no person shall sell or offer for sale hand-held portable radio equipment capable of operating under this subpart (FRS) and under any other licensed or licensed-by-rule radio services in this chapter (devices may be authorized under this subpart with part 15 unlicensed equipment authorizations).

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Meant >>42383889 for >>42383861
>muh russia
china has been actively pen testing the american power grid for a decade
Anyone remember the night before the Crimea boogaloo, when news came into the Ukraine happening threads that some power node, telecom box and whatnot suddenly blew up in Crimea?

Yeah. Ima need to know how you got that bowman hooked up to the Radio.
Looks like a hand wired adapter.

File: berettta 81 cheetah.png (49 KB, 270x170)
49 KB
Classic Firearms has this gun for $209, but only one mag. Any ideas where to get extras?
File: 1565484511506.jpg (55 KB, 640x640)
55 KB
File: gabby.jpg (1.95 MB, 4000x3096)
1.95 MB
1.95 MB JPG
Aren't these on multiple no buy list, because that peice of shit sweaty ben lies about these firearms condition more so than anything else he sells. Like pitting and rust on all but hand selected premoum autism?

they may be expensive as hell, but these are the only ones I found. next time go to >>>42384969
out of stock. beretta is out of stock on these can't make this shit up
I’ve ent Google an email, but they don’t answer. Worst gun shop ever.

File: 1566261289781.jpg (114 KB, 580x580)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
>it'll be shipped in February
>it'll be shipped in June
>"guy's it'll be shipped on 8/13"

it's 8/20

can you please send an update email?
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no it's not ok, his shit is massively overpriced and his service is fucking shit. and the bombardment of ad emails is fucking insane, i get less mails from ebay and paypal.

fuck Ivan, he's trying to turn memes into money
I told you retards after the mystery boxes to stop buying trash from these scam-artists.
It's a Britishism. We also say the Sudan, the Gambia, the Congo, and previously the Argentine. Why? Don't know, that's just how our dialect works.
>50 dollars worth of stuff for 120 dollars
>it gets you into the secret menu so you can buy more stuff from us!
what in the fuck?
File: stay mad.png (48 KB, 1585x835)
48 KB
Never had a problem with Ivan, and I've dealt with their customer service before too, which was great. Some of his stuff is too expensive, which is why I don't buy it, but the stuff I do order, he's come through on consistently.

File: 7ches46j1ph31.png (480 KB, 640x1280)
480 KB
480 KB PNG
Furries: *exist*

Everyone: "Ew furries"

Military: "Yeah but can we weaponize them?"

What are your thoughts anon?
23 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Unnaturally coloured furries can fuckoff.
Entrepreneurship is a sign of intelligence anon, so it cant have come from here.
If it had come from here it would have gone the way of the pepe liberator
>Start getting people to genuinely denounce human hierarchy
>t. person who doesn't work a real job

Hierarchy gets things done.
furries are by definition unnatural

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