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I'm getting security bars installed on windows and a glass back door. Does anyone have any good recommendations for sturdy security bars that won't budge?
>dont get bars cuz if u leave all your doors and windows open they'll think you have nothing to steal
I'm getting them end of story
I know that won't stop someone that is hellbent on getting in but even slowing the person down would be more than adequate
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Consider metal screen netting with a nice metal surround. It's what I have and does 90% of the job while not looking like hood shit if you're in a old white people getting replaced yet have their heads in the sand neighborhood. Try not to be the dick who puts bars up first unless absolutely necessary.
Oh its a rental and probably ghetto. Ignore my post and carry on. Bar that fucker up. Also look at strike plates for the door. The good ones are a few feet long and are 70 bucks on amazon. It drills into the existing frame and makes it hard af to kick in. Basically impossible and a bitch with a ram.
>recommendations for sturdy security bars that won't budge?

Yep, make them yourself. If you can't weld find a buddy who can. Make them from solid bar, not the hollow tubing most places use. Decorative tips and those scroll pieces can be bought inexpensively, often from the same place which sells the steel, and welded on.

Get the kind like what you have in the picture only with mesh that you can't get a pry bar or bolt cutters into.

It also makes a hell of a racket when it's messed with.

It won't prevent Jehovah's Witnesses or other solicitors from annoying you though.

What are your thoughts /k/?
>Want AR
>Don’t wanna spend $1200
>Don’t need anything fancy just reliable and good shooter

Is this worth getting at $600-$700 for a first time AR buyer?
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You can’t really go wrong with PSA. Spend the extra $100 or so on mags, and ammo.
I both love my $2,600+ (and growing) AR and fully admit that $300-$400 PSA AR15s are good stuff.
>btw PSA lol
Ruger has absolute dotshit QC whereas PSA puts out rifles that are put together competently. If I had to use a rifle I'd take the least expensive PSA rifle over a Ruger MPR any day of the week.
>built an A4gery from PSA Freedom parts and AIMSurplus BCG
>100% reliable and absolute sweetheart to shoot.
>perfectly good fit and finish
>like $500 total

PSA is doing the work of the Founding Fathers

File: 300 blackout sbr.jpg (261 KB, 1080x810)
261 KB
261 KB JPG
10.5 or 11.5?
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9mm isn't a meme round

and has the same muzzle energy from a 7.5in barrel as 5.56 does
But it can't even penetrate soft body armor, so what's the point?
>what is 7.62x39, for $500 Alex.
Are you fingering your butt whole while writing this shitty post?
So an AK?

File: freedom-tower.jpg (46 KB, 550x367)
46 KB
Hi /K/

So As you saw in the tittle, I'm eurofag and I'll be in NY in a month.

As you may know the legislation here in western europe is not so good for guns.. Is there any chances I can buy a handgun in NY ( I know it's not the best state but..) without a permit or whatever ?

Or can I ship something like a Polymer80 to the hotel to my name and re-ship It ( in parts) to my country ? To the post office have to got my informations ?

Do you think is It possible or maybe there is a other solution ?

thx !
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Don't. Also, don't come here.


Just wrap the gun in cocaine and it will be ok. TSA fails over 90% of the time other agencies try to sneak anything past them. Who knows? Maybe it will work out for you?
theres a guy who sell hotdogs on the north west corner of 48th an 10th. Just tell him agent 86 sent you wink three times and ask for a yoohoo
Hey euro fag, have the parts shipped to post office near where your staying general delivery and then mail them to yourself in Europe. Poly 80

File: 1550349544057.jpg (84 KB, 640x640)
84 KB
Does your anger issues ever get in your way of gun hobbies? Do you get frustrated when confronted with other people when they point iut about your anger issues?
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File: 1549945225272.jpg (210 KB, 686x843)
210 KB
210 KB JPG
I dont have anger problems, honestly im one of the more level headed people I know.
Had to deal with people that do at the range before tho
File: 1516729672089.jpg (28 KB, 609x609)
28 KB
Fuckin wew lad. I take pills for anxiety and depression and shit, but for fuck’s sake, if you have a pill regimen, do not go off of it or if you run out of it, make sure you aren’t out of it for more than a day at most and make sure this isn’t a regular event. Staying off your pills can fuck you up for good and lead to shitshows where the police are probably going to get involved. That being said, you’re fucking dumb for allowing this to happen. If your nerve pills were keeping you sane, just stay on them despite the possible nausea you might feel. Beats pretending shit will be alright when you threatened a man an pulverized his dog in front of his face, which will undoubtedly not end will, police getting involved or not.
lmbo (laughing my b*tt off)
ur lucky ur neighbor does kill you.
* should be an instant ban offense

Converting my mak into a cyberpunk gun. How hard is cerakoting a firearm? Also where can I find a threaded mak barrel?
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Cyberpunk Bubba ensues.
>where can I find a threaded mak barrel
someone made a run of them several years ago. Very rarely they will turn up on places like Gunbroker. The .380 threaded barrels seem to be more common.

You may have to have a gunsmith thread it custom
File: 1501549627055.jpg (2.66 MB, 4128x2322)
2.66 MB
2.66 MB JPG
File: BulgarianMak002.jpg (91 KB, 1024x768)
91 KB
Cybermak memegun shopping list:
>ij-70 slide (numrich)
>ij-70 fixed rear sight (gunpartswarehouse)
>.380 threaded barrel (eBay or gunshow luck)
>integrated laser mag release grips (PMgrip)
>+2 magazine baseplates (PMgrip)
>9mm muzzle brake of your choosing
>hooked trigger guard (DIY, or luck into a takeoff from a commercial Arsenal or modern Russian iteration)

Post cursed weapons
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Yar har

File: Have_fun.jpg (128 KB, 1024x768)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
Why aren't army personal without arms or hands just having weapons mounted directly to those limbs?

You'd only need to create an artificial limb without the hand and just a direct attachment to that artificial limb, after which it can be interchange with a hand limb when their off duty.
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Reread the op
>Wothout hands
As in people who have lost a limb due to accident/War
Yes. Or lasers.
That game did not age well.
Because 99% of prosthetic limbs are just strapped onto the stump, and would come loose from the recoil of a gun.

Bone-anchored prostheses are extremely difficult to make because you'd need to have the metal anchor point extending through the skin, which creates what amounts to a permanent open wound with risk of infection. Not really suitable for a battlefield.
File: hljl.jpg (48 KB, 790x395)
48 KB
Trying to bully Anon with the exploded hand ?

File: 1549465313518.jpg (175 KB, 1050x1500)
175 KB
175 KB JPG
Forces of the unknown have caused our world to merge/combine with a typical fantasy world. Old world governments have managed to hold on to major urban and suburban areas, but rural areas range from fragile peace to complete chaos. People and towns from either side suddenly find them selves in a new realm, and portals going between both worlds are scattered through out the lands.

How are geopolitics affected, what wars may spring up in the wake of this development? How would the governments of this world seek to exploit those of the other world, or vice versa? How does magic affect our development of new weaponry? How do guns affect the warfare of fantasyfags? What does /k/ do to adapt, survive, and profit in a world of elves, greenskins other fairytale fucks? What is the best AA for fighting dragons? Magic is now a thing, but it has rules unknown to us. /k/ommandos may or may not be gifted with magical powers; The /k/ube may now influence the world in mysterious ways...

Send a message to Romulus.the.writefag@gmail.com if you want to have your story archived

Other stories from threads prior right here https://pastebin.com/s8cvej28

>inb4 "No Fun Allowed"
-You don't have to browse this thread
-Whining about the thread won't stop the people posting shit on it from posting shit

Previous Thread: >>40555524
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Thanks for making a proper greentext for shilka time.

File: Czech VZ-24 profile.jpg (642 KB, 3000x868)
642 KB
642 KB JPG
Somebody let the last one die edition. Also, post surp you've gotten at gun shows. Starting with one I got yesterday.
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I passed up a fucking navy type 35. It was a little expensive. at $500. But know I wish I didn't.
Had literally just started working that week and had blown my gun budget the weekend before. Had it been literally a week later I would have blown my first paycheck on it. The guy was only asking like ~$1500.
It was ~$1500 and at the Chantilly gun show in Northern VA. If you're in the area, I'd absolutely recommend hitting it up every once in a while - every time I go there I see some kind of unicorn
File: IMG_0649.jpg (346 KB, 1539x334)
346 KB
346 KB JPG
I own a late war Type 99 that was made with a rejected early war stock. I have an Australian Lee-Enfield that was sent back to Lithgow to have the barrel replaced with a heavy barrel for the target shooter that owned it. It was then pulled back into military service for WWII. Still has the preservative paint that the military applied under the wood. I used to own a Chinese M1917 that they cut down the barrel, stock and buttstock.
File: 0245No1.jpg (98 KB, 2450x416)
98 KB
A Type 35, or one of the 02/45s (pic related)?

The former are rare and expensive to find. The latter is much less rare and they aren't true Type 35s even if the receiver says so as most were never originally made into Type 35 rifles, but were made into sub-caliber training rifles for naval guns. They didn't have dust covers and serial numbers. They later cannibalized those sub-caliber trainers to make rifles out of by using the stocks and sights off of smoothbore training rifles. Some even have barrels made from machine gun barrels. They're very crude.

File: fn-scar.jpg (74 KB, 550x410)
74 KB
I'm thinking about buying a SCAR 16S as my go to weapon if shit hits the fan. What do I need to know?

I know supply is constrained, where is the best place to find one? I don't want to pay over $5000 for the rifle itself.
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>open carrying a 3k rifle in shtf scenario and expecting not to get niggered
>thinking it won't be me and my 6 fig nig frat boys rolling down the street in a G-Wagon poaching peasants.
Then scar fags shouldn't shit post about the superiority of it.
Item A accomplishes 95% of what item B does and also costs 50% of the price. There are objective measures of this. Once again if you enjoy it that's great but it's another ball game to spout that the 5% performance increase is worth that much money.
If your friends dont already arm themselves, after this 'law&order collapse' they arent going to be useful.
There is nothing objective about these numbers you pulled out of your ass. Go away.

File: Warthog.jpg (29 KB, 480x360)
29 KB
No replies almost an hour later because everyone is dead. Much like your thread, OP

File: hqdefault.jpg (15 KB, 480x360)
15 KB
What does /k/ think of sootch00?
59 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
Giant faggot and ND'd into his truck
>NATO digits
it wasn't an ND
You're quite right, I fucked up... that being said, accidentally shooting your own fucking vehicle because you don't understand parallax is still pretty fucking negligent
File: 1550528661421.jpg (73 KB, 560x667)
73 KB
i wouldn't worry about it
You know how all those youtube shills get paid off or get shit for free?

Now imagine spending your own money to buy all the same gear the cool guys do so you feel like you're also a paid off shill. Then record yourself being an unsafe shooter, and deny it. Then be a sad old man.

That's sootch.

>classic has a giveaway
>"Hey hey guise its me sootch! I'll let whoever wins go shooting with me!"
>not a single person has accepted this offer yet

>bigger youtubers host events
>sootch arrives as a ticket-paying guest, not an invitee

>tries to physically jump into other youtuber's recordings

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: proxy.duckduckgo.com.jpg (28 KB, 400x333)
28 KB
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Looking for GI surplus sapi plates, M size.
$10 and I'll pay shipping too
How much you offering? I’ve got 2 curved GI plates (the ones that stop up to 7.62x51 AP). Was planning on keeping them but whatchu got senpai
Not that guy but I’ll trade you some nice size small ESAPI’s for em :^)
Need 15rd glock 19 mag.

File: 97846132978451881520.jpg (188 KB, 800x533)
188 KB
188 KB JPG
We have boot threads, we have glove threads, camo threads, gray man threads, but no hat threads.

Post your EDC dome toppers.
When it's cold I wear a OD wool jeep cap. When it's warm, I don't wear anything. Considered getting a plain neutral colored ball cap for out and about, but never bother to.

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