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File: thread18img.jpg (44 KB, 640x452)
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Previous Thread:
Is a UAF v Reich showdown eminent?
Will the fledgling AoG survive?
What the fuck is up with Pluto?
Find out as the Stellar Conflect continues!
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Why does the army keep trying to replace the AR-6.8 rifle? It's a proven platform and the SCARX2 doesn't bring any significant improvement to justify the logistical nightmare of outfitting every unit with a new weapon system.
Try a 280HHD form. You have to plead your case in front of a Judge that you fear for your life but if you live anywhere near Region 48 they will just give it to you automatically.
File: freeze.jpg (1.06 MB, 1966x1042)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB JPG
Im not falling for your space jew lies

video unavailable?
File: sweden censorship.webm (1.56 MB, 1368x768)
1.56 MB
1.56 MB WEBM
what jew run hell hole do you live in?
thats unavailable for you?
google deus ex invisible war illuminati ending

File: gXQBuS3N3VY.jpg (49 KB, 498x1024)
49 KB
Do you think you could design a functional firearm? Not necessarily build it yourself, but put together a proper set of blueprints for a design completely your own? You could use any software you desire, but no reference material aside from cartridge specifications.
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yes and build it, I don't need to
easiest are simple single shot pistols, shotguns and subguns
>others are doing it far better right now.

I think consumer firearms particularly in the US are at a near all time quality low outside of bolt actions. We are nearly are at the suicide special era again. But this time with polymer 8mms and 5.56 gas semis

Sure, I could almost certainly design a semi-auto but it wouldn't be pretty or work very well.
I'm planning on it. I've reasoned that since the SCAR had a lower production cost than an m4 I should be able to simplify it as much as possible and sell a mid to low priced "anything but an AR" rifle.
>laughs in machinist

File: d.jpg (53 KB, 588x339)
53 KB
Where does /k/ get their ammo?

It's not making sense that guns are a cheap hobby when I keep buying 50 rounds of shooting range ammo for $12 and I see people go into the range with clear cases full of rounds.
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targetsportsusa. Free shipping on bulk orders makes it very worth, usually shipping from other sites drives up the cost a ton.

>armslist or stores if it is a deal
>soon to be loading and casting 38 special and 357
File: 1548635124113.jpg (63 KB, 600x546)
63 KB
I load and cast my own.
Its slightly cheaper for me to shoot .357 magnum than .22lr currently. It's also about same cost for me to shoot .22lr as it is to shoot 8mm.

>shoot 8MM Mauser for $.06-$.11

Explain. Are you using powder coated bullets for 8MM while also swagging out surplus berdan shit?
sgammo sometimes for more niche stuff like 8m3
also check gun.deals, it's basically an aggregator for all firearms related deals.

File: 1550526193672.jpg (532 KB, 1067x1600)
532 KB
532 KB JPG
You take glawk... Then insert it in this massive bulky... let's call it "frame", and then... Then what? Congrats, now you have thing with power of glawk, accuracy, reliability, blah blah blah of glawk, except one thing - size and mass of normal SMG. You don't get anything! What's the point?
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>except one thing - size and mass of normal SMG. You don't get anything!

You get the size and mass of an SMG. Why do you think SMGs are typically larger than pistols? Just because it looks cool?
> You get the size and mass of an SMG. Why do you think SMGs are typically larger than pistols?
There is no full auto amigo.
>you dont get anything

A cool frame, better stability when firing, and easily added optics
>giggle switch glock makes this a nice package

File: 1.jpg (1.16 MB, 5686x2896)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB JPG
You can fit a full auto action in a glock.

File: 645.jpg (151 KB, 1200x964)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
I'm putting together a team.
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>not John Mosby
File: 1496204675165.jpg (67 KB, 420x700)
67 KB
i'm in Sir.
I'll see you at the mason dixon cletus, and we're going to send your farm equipment back to the continent where it belongs.

Who has one? What's your favorite and why? I'm in the market for a new one. I had a Taurus TCP a couple years back but it was lost in a boating accident.
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File: 1465746992244.png (554 KB, 850x1100)
554 KB
554 KB PNG
do it!
File: Round Kahr.png (607 KB, 640x768)
607 KB
607 KB PNG
what the fuck
That's what happens when you take a picture a few inches away from an object. The meta-gravitational force bends the metal.
how are those?
You should probably shoot it first before you carry it anon. Just my .02

Alright boys here we go, im gonna kill myself and add myself to the list of "fatalities/ongoing gun violence deaths" and enable god other feinstein to take your guns away. Bye faggots

But first, which gun do I use for maximum spatter?
>no ksg, this gay meme has already been taken
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File: nupogodi.jpg (72 KB, 1079x852)
72 KB
Make sure to livestream it, faggot
Thank you for proving my point. Stay away from guns so you don't accidentally merc a passing jogger.
don't want people knowing trumptards have no brains?
Coming from some bootlicking fag who will lay down and spread his legs for all the poofs and twinks while the dems take rights away.

Lmao ok faggot.
do you really want to risk living as a vegetable after you fuck up shooting yourself?

Any /k/omredes going to join us in a pEaCeFuL PrOtEsT on 2/25/2019 in Annapolis Maryland for the HB 0095 and HB 0096 bills being proposed?

>Gun control has gone too far when

Nazis require a special certification (long gun qualification license -LGQL) fingerprints by the state police (MSP (“NAZIS”) (SS)) for all rifflé gats and shotgatś

4 hours of special training by Nazi sympathizers (costs Geld)

mandatory $50 fee (Geld)

a limited 1 long gun per month and 7 day waiting period

All transfers including private transfers to be regulated by MSP (Strumgapanzers Nazi-sheibein) with 10 schilling (Geld) fee

And my personal favouriteee am outright ban on all 80% nuggets with nien granpoppy clause.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Looks like there are going to be more people than there were in 2012
2/25/2019, Annapolis Maryland, bill HB 0095 HB 0096, armed protest, hate the police, gun rights, alt-right, 4chan,
I would if this post didnt reek of faggotry you fucking faggot OP
>im going to give up my rights because my feelings were hurt
Sounds about right you fucking sack of lazy shit.

File: 30-year-old-fudd.jpg (527 KB, 1156x1247)
527 KB
527 KB JPG
>plate armor will just slow you down
>if you need to take multiple shots you're doing something wrong
>just wear armor on your chest and forget about your legs, arms, abdomen, and face. It's not like you need them for combat anyways.
>you will just tire out with all that weight
There are anons in this board right now that think having most of your body exposed to high speed lead infections is a-ok. If you guys wanted to get mowed down so hard why don't you just operate naked? Why not just join a Chinese infantry unit if you disregard your own life so much?
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>What is hog and waterfowl hunting?
it's easier to aim center mass than it is to aim for limbs or the head you imbecile. If you're going to be shot, your most-likely to be shot in the chest.
File: second chance test.png (579 KB, 678x471)
579 KB
579 KB PNG
Imagine getting shot in the chest with real fuckin' nato and not living
$250 on something never used is the definition of wasted money

m8 even if you hit someone in the extremities you need to hit the bone or he's probably going to ADRENALINE DUMP his way through that and use his arm still without even realizing a bullet zipped through his bicep meat

so lets see we aim for the arms or legs for a smol chance of severely injuring and bleeding out my target while he remains a threat the whole time, or we aim for the chest and hope he's not wearing armor, because getting shot in the chest while wearing soft armor is probably just as momentarily debilitating as shooting someone in the fucking leg, and you have Z E R O chance of encountering hard armor in real life unless SWAT blows open your door and 12 hard armored bois plow your asshole

OP the real talk is why don't we protect our pelvis more ? The pelvic girdle is an AWFUL place to get shot and it's right below 'center mass'

File: 1550499914356.png (560 KB, 600x595)
560 KB
560 KB PNG
It's been a long time, bros.
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>He may also be facing legal issues if the museum claims the YouTube channel for some reason
On what grounds?
literally how would a museum claiming to own a private you tube channel work
"Which of these old rations we found in a warehouse are least likely to be poisonous by now?"
He's just busy. You ever see his arms? Dude obviously lifts weights and spends a lot of time working out. He doesn't have any social media but with how built he is he obviously has a girlfriend. He also has a lot of geeky shit in the background in that room where he tries old cigarettes so he's probably also busy with that stuff too
Do you lift? Nice!
Steve if you're out there we fuckin LOVE YOU!!!

File: SAPdefensegloves1.jpg (103 KB, 540x540)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
What does /k/ think of sap gloves?
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Kill yourself, kike.
>not just carrying a knife
Some leather gloves with a few plates wont save you from bad form. Better learn how to land a punch before thinking using those if that's your mindset.
>wanting to leave blood behind
>wanting to leave a sharp object as evidence rather than a pair gloves which no fool would know the difference
File: Naamloos-2.png (138 KB, 350x350)
138 KB
138 KB PNG
A glove fit for a sap.

File: 358.png (234 KB, 998x795)
234 KB
234 KB PNG
What was your first gun? If you could go back in time, would you have picked something else?
4 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Winchester 1200 from a random farmer. Dirt cheap. Still looks good and very smooth
>Uberti Walker

No not really, it's actually a pretty cool gun even though I don't shoot it much.
File: Goldeneyeemulated4lw.jpg (19 KB, 380x263)
19 KB
Walther PPK back in -98

My first gun was a crickett 22. It was a gift from my father. So no, I wouldn't pick something else.

First gun I bought myself was a 10/22. Still wouldn't pick anything else over it.

In between those two was a WASR-10 which I received as a gift from a girlfriend. Again, I wouldn't have picked anything else.
My first was a Tikka .270 I was given as a gift. Great gun, still hunt with it.

First one I bought for myself was a Norinco SKS. It's a great gun for my families ranch, accurate and fun to shoot. Glad I got it.

How do you respond?
*blocks ur arteries
How many steps can he walk before his heart explodes? I’m rolling for 10 yards
link to yt video?
I don't take his gun.

Seems fairly straight forward. Or I distract him with a ham sandwich.

File: 1549819467025.webm (2.32 MB, 800x450)
2.32 MB
2.32 MB WEBM
I'll start.
Can THAAD missiles shoot down normal aircraft or can they only shoot down ICBM's and other fast moving missiles?
82 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
I've never bought a handgun from a retailer. Apparently I live in a "permit to purchase" state (MN), which applies to any gun with a pistol grip. Anyone have experience with this? Do I need to pay for some bullshit permit prior to buying a handgun? Or is it just a scam and you don't actually need it?
Why tf you gotta be 21 to buy ammo online
Go black to reddit, newfag

10/22's are cheap as chips. Just buy both.
you dont just lie faggot its like pirating music nothing happens

File: muddy T80.jpg (373 KB, 1280x814)
373 KB
373 KB JPG
weekend edition

previous thread >>40551511

Here is the weekly /thg/ thread, just in time for the weekend. When this one dies, wait until Friday of next week to make the next thread please.

> What's this thread about?
As usual this thread is for the discussion and pics of tracked and wheeled AFVs of all kinds from MBTs to supertanks to self propelled AA guns. Please keep it civil and cite sources for statistics.

The T-80 is similar in layout to the T-64. Overall, its shape is also very similar to the T-64.
The T-80U main battle tank (1985, "U" for uluchsheniye, meaning "improvement") was designed by SKB-2 in Leningrad (hull) and the Morozov Bureau (turret and armament). It is a further development of the T-80A and is powered by the 1,250 hp (919 kW) GTD-1250 gas turbine. It is a step ahead of the GTD-1000T and GTD-1000TF engines that were installed on the previous tanks of the T-80 line. This gas turbine can use jet fuels as well as diesel and low-octane gasoline and has good dynamic stability, service life, and reliability. The GTD-1250 has a built-in automatic system of dust deposits removal. It retains the T-80s high fuel consumption, which the Russian army found unacceptable during the Chechen conflicts. It is equipped with the 2A46 fire control system and a new turret. The T-80U is protected by a second generation of explosive reactive armour called Kontakt-5, which can severely dissipate the penetrative capabilities of an APFSDS round, such as the M829A1 "Silver Bullet". The Kontakt-5 is integrated into the design of the turret, hull. Like all of the previous T-80 models, the T-80U has full length rubber side skirts protecting the sides with those above the first three road wheels being armored and are provided with lifting handles. It can fire the 9M119 Refleks ATGM and various APFSDS rounds.

> Gun
smoothbore 125 mm 2A46-2
> Dimensions (l w h)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
281 replies and 130 images omitted. Click here to view.
Two of them is riding in the UAZ (not pictured)
Oh, thanks.
>IDK about that. How long is the rod itself?
How to fit 900 mm long projectile in T-72.

Also Rosatom (yes, the guys involved in NPPs) is currently developing new. APFSDS projectiles for the T-14. Rumor is next gen armor (really the best armor you have) have proven extremely difficult to crack using APFSDS designed and made with conventional technologies and thus they have to bring Rosatom's material specialists for the job.
Hello fellow Connecticunt. I'm from the Danbury area as well. I was actually going to ask for a job there the day before it closed (I knew the guy running the place). If it makes you feel any better, the Museum of American Armor, where the vehicles are being moved, is a highly respected and reputable establishment, with much greater resources to put into the vehicles.
Also, the Littlefield collection is mostly here in the north east now, so it's not all bad. On my phone at the moment, but later I'll post aome pics I took at Danbury a few years ago.

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