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File: alien_00_01a-660x439.jpg (41 KB, 660x439)
41 KB
How can you call yourself a gun enthusiast if you don't own a Laugo Arms Alien?
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because the IPSC rules for Production Division state that you need a 5bs trigger pull for the first shot (which was the rule until 2018)

2019 brought a new rule with either 5lbs for the first shot or 3 lbs for every shot

and the trigger on the one I tried out was a dissappointing 4-5lbs or so
>$5000 gun
IPSC is really retarded some times.

Also, the main benefit of the gun, that the optic doesn't move? Too bad, IPSC rules states that the optic in Production Optics and Production Optics like, must be mounted to a reciprocating part.

Which means you can't shoot revolvers in Production Optics (further fucking the few revolver shooters there are in general) and there's no incentive to buy the Laugo unless you are extremely rich or a dumbfuck.

Revolver Optics would be a completely sporting class, but it'd be hilarious and awesome to see.
>CZ Scorpion

I like the Scorpion but the main reason it has such a large aftermarket is fixing it's shitty ergonomics. Plus its just a blowback anyway.
I don't know about the US

but in Europe the revolver shooters become less and less

and the rule change about allowing more then 6 rounds in a cylinder (aka the S&W 929 rule) fucked everybody that had a 45ACP 625

3/4 of revolver shooters said fuck it and didn't buy a 929 and most of the division died out

I used to shoot some ICORE (never seriously) and you're right that revo shooting in comps is largely dead. I'm not sure what I would have done to keep six guns competitive but people really loved their 625s and 25s and didnt want to have to change to a 627, 327, or 929. Plus the 929 has had so many quality control issues.

Personally I just want to know why the 986 exists at all. Not that I don't like it, but what the fuck were they thinking?

File: atlas.jpg (128 KB, 1280x720)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
Realistically speaking, by what year will human soldiers be replaced by robots? 2050? 2070? Sooner than that? Later? Is it even gonna happen at all?

What is /k/'s opinion on this?
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At the least 50 years. There would be political backlash. Even if the technology is available, it would take a while to implement, and would need to be available for some time for r&d to make it viable. Even then, elite units such as Delta Force would likely still use meatbags for the vast majority of missions. If we do robots, they'll most likely fill in non Frontline jobs like logistics and such first, and only be in infantry brigade combat teams for specific roles like gunners on bradleys/strykers, recon teams/scouts, and for EOD. Technology on the level of robots is more likely take on the form of more and more advanced AI.
Not anytime soon. As soon as footage of robots stamped with American flags gunning down shitskins the PR outcry would reach the heavens. Drones get enough flak as it is
lmao that would be hilarious, like in that shitty robocop remake
There would be no point in having soldiers at that point. War would be fought with missiles.

File: 85659_ts.jpg (86 KB, 1155x1155)
86 KB
I'm looking to build my arsenal and a thought crossed my mind which I would like to hear your opinions on. Should an individual build an arsenal of 3-7 firearms (including shotguns, handguns, rifles) with the transferability of ammo in mind - especially considering the boogaloo and scarcity of boutique rounds.


Best of the Best: 12-Gauge Shotgun, .45 ACP Pistol, 7.62x51mm Semi-Automatic Rifle, .50 Bolt-Action Rifle.


Transferability: 12-Gauge Shotgun, .44 Magnum Revolver, .44 Revolver Semi-Automatic Rifle, .44 Magnum Bolt-Action Rifle?

I realise that a lot may be discussed about what I've written - but, I'm most interested in how everyone views the transferability of ammunition (i.e. everything using a .44).
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Thanks for the response. The four calibres you mentioned are obviously the most common, so I appreciate your point.

Fair enough. However, ammo does expire and that was also a concern when I was thinking of calibres. Additionally, if I were to stack deep, wouldn't stacking the se round be a decent idea?

This is the direction I am leaning. More or less, I agree and I think just reading it in your words convinced me of the sentiment you articulated there.
Bumping for more opinions.
Depends on you use case.
If thinking bogaloo, .224 and .308 and .355/.40 all day everyday.
You can hunt pretty close to everything with .308 win or any milsurp bolt action caliber and a shotgun.
If in competition either bring what you have or the best the rules allow.
>Ammo expires
No it does not
If you take quality newly manufactured modern ammo and you pack it in airtight containers with a desiccant and store it in a cool dry place
It will not expire within your lifetime
Also if you aren't able to buy new ammo then no one else is either
Any ammo you would find would be just as old
>Also if you aren't able to buy new ammo then no one else is either
Any ammo you would find would be just as old

Very simple, but good point.

If money wasn't a factor, could a group of guys train themselves to the level of an SF unit.
Or does the military possess some magic that cant be replicated.
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Also, if you were to receive said training, it would come from former soldiers and police. So there's really not many cases where they can be completely removed from the learning process.
Do they BTFO them or do they get outkilled at like a 48:1 ratio?
NCO's Do for the Most part. Officer's behind desks usually don't.
You can get 18X contracts for the Army. You have to go through Infantry OSUT first, but after that you go through SFAS. Wanna say they have the same thing for Rangers.

Yeah, but some things are cool guy exclusive and not open to regulars. Can't buy combat experience either.

As a beginner and first time rifle builder should I just stick with the trigger that comes with the Aero lpk or should I upgrade to something else?
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Hiperfire trigger, good upgrade under $100
I'd stick with it for the time being.

I do think a different trigger is a good upgrade on an AR, but it's hard to recommend a replacement without knowing what you will be using the gun for. Most aftermarket triggers are designed with a specific optimization in mind. Those for precision shooting are usually 2-stage with a very light pull. Those for action competition (2-gun/3-gun matches) are usually single stage and optimize for a fast reset, etc. so, without knowing what you will be doing with the gun it's hard to say what trigger you should get.
larue mbt 2s is the best. don’t buy a geissele that’s gay
These are all correct. Triggers are picked by desired pull weight, curved vs flat, single stage or two. Shoot a bit so you know what you want/need and then swap, especially since it isn't hard to swap them out.

Also watch out for sales, Geiselle has sales through out the year that can drop 100 off one of their trigger kits. Brownells also has a cheaper Geiselle two stage that is pretty cheap year around, especially when you pair it with the regular coupon codes.
If you're on a budget just get an ALG QMS trigger.

Is there any lpvo that comes close to the durability of the acog? Which ones can take impacts and still hold zero and not break?
File: WILD.jpg (299 KB, 2000x1429)
299 KB
299 KB JPG
No, Jesus himself bless Trijicon to kill Muslims
The ACOGs durability comes at the cost of not having variable power and absolute dog shit eye relief.

Nightforce and Vortexs high end come fairly close to the same toughness, but having moving parts does make them more fragile.

File: 1563410170409.jpg (2.56 MB, 2400x2056)
2.56 MB
2.56 MB JPG
EDC thread now.
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>analyzing a bait image that's been posted dozens of times and missing the wrist tattoo
this is a first, welcome to /k/. now git out
not the guy who posted but dude the static barrel make the gun shoot flat. Do it
I run a magnet over my barrels to remove static, so they lob bullets farther
post belt
you have a very big and docile cat, anon

What is the most lethal form of martial arts?
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basically power = mass x acceleration. Also fat people tend to have very good leg muscles as long as they are not completely sedentary shut ins. A significant portion of power for a hard punch is going to come from your legs.
Hey, as long as it works.
>basically power = mass x acceleration
Force = mass * acceleration. Force and power are not the same thing. And it isn't like saying power instead of force there really tells anyone anything that force wouldn't have, so it's still fucking retarded even if done on purpose.
You also fail to show how this helps the fat guy. Acceleration is good in a fight. So what this tells us is that the fat guy must be able to exert a greater force in order to get his greater mass to accelerate as fats as the guy who doesn't have a lot of dead weight to haul around. Physics it seems ain't were you have the home field advantage.
So let's do a common sense/real world checkup instead. Let's look at how fat people who build their bodies to fight tend to be. UFC, wrestling, whatever really. (Hopefully we can agree that sumo is a bit special.) Not people terribly adverse to a bit of fat, especially when they're not looking at a weight in, but just outright calling them fat... no. So that approach isn't' really working out for you either.
It's almost as if the fit in fit for fight was there for a reason.
Stop being a douchebag you know damn well what was meant

File: BIgBoomerEnergy.jpg (8 KB, 214x236)
8 KB
Thoughts on this guy?
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Is DaddyThumb still around?
We need to make a kommando out of Haley (god, that skin) and current Superman (he lurks other boards)
>the judge ruled it was justified
In that jurisdiction, the onus is on the prosecutor to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that it wasn't justified. There was no hard evidence against his story, the behavior of the man he shot just didn't make sense in the story as it was told. That wasn't enough to prove his guilt beyond reasonable doubt. If you assume that the man didn't attack, Paul's behavior didn't make sense. Someone did something that didn't make sense. There was no substantial motive for the murder. So according to law, they were supposed to default to no intervention, and they let Paul walk free.
CIB doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve been in a gun battle. You can get it for being mortared or hit with an ied to name a couple.
What does an average night out out for Paul and his "crew" that he speaks about look like?

File: iran_AP11120817113.jpg (256 KB, 1280x960)
256 KB
256 KB JPG
What was /k/ reaction when Iran capture RQ-170 drone?

also, Iranian company said it would send miniature, pink, toy versions of the captured drone to President Obama as a response to the request for sending the drone back. lol
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>What was /k/ reaction when Iran capture RQ-170 drone?
Denial and damage control all around.
File: 1570730776966.jpg (559 KB, 1564x1564)
559 KB
559 KB JPG
lmao fucking autist
Why does it look like they're inside a high school gym?
That consensus is retarded, they spoofed GPS signal and made it land by tricking the automated part of the system.
because they are

File: IMG_8677.jpg (1.05 MB, 4032x3024)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB JPG
So I was at bar last night in NorCal I was just wondering about this bayonet I saw displayed on the wall. Does it belong to a Mauser?
Japanese looks like. The frog is quite distinct.
I collect bayonets and that looks french
Kazakh contract

File: stuff.jpg (2.4 MB, 4032x2268)
2.4 MB
2.4 MB JPG
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Why does he look like Ross?
Why didnt you get an sp1 and call it a day? Your ar looks like shit.
I prefer mayonets myself
File: 12.jpg (46 KB, 563x393)
46 KB
What's a good price for a Type 30 bayonet these days? I need one for my Type 99. Also, I should probably get another m7 for my other AR. Any good places to look for them? Ebay has them all for like $50+.
They are still good for riot control because of their threatening presence withought actualy having to fire, however, now adays people find it too "barbaric". Its psychologicaly unsufl since often times a gun doesn't disburse a crowd until it fires.

File: lynx-leclerc-20191016.jpg (79 KB, 600x399)
79 KB
Victory of Leclerc tank at NATO combined exercise Iron Spear

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>victory banquet of frog legs and snails, roasted sheep heads and burgers
Break the links, retard.
>This was one of main reasons why Merkava got electric turret and gun drives from the get go.
Mk.1 and 2 had hydraulic drives.
>how is the t72 and t62 in warfare?
The T-62 is pretty obsolescent. It's just as cramped as the T-55, despite being somewhat bigger. The only reason it's still used by the Norks is chronic malnutrition; you don't see many Norks over 5'8''. And the gun is pretty poor, even with the latest APFSDS: the jewsraelis tested some T-62s they bought on the black market (with the latest DU ammo) and found out they weren't better than the 100 mm APFSDS-T developed by IMI for the Romanians (who still use a variant of D-10 on their TR-85M1).

The latest version of the T-72 is an adequate AVF, but it's strictly a second-line vehicle. The Russians are quite aware of this, which is why they haven't bothered putting any active countermeasures on their rolling stock, despite them owning literal fuckloads of them. I suspect they'll eventually convert a large number of T-72s into BMPTs to support the latest version of the T-90M (the "Proryv").

>Also, what is the point of the bmps? Pretty weak protection, being easily penetrated by a rpg7
Back when they were first designed and put into service (late '60s), your average infantry squad/section had less heavy firepower at its disposal. Early man-portable ATGMs were too expensive to waste on light vehicles (and relatively unreliable), and the various unguided launchers have poor accuracy beyond 300m (RPG-7 was a WarPac weapon, so little to no chance of being used against them at the time).
It's also very important to note that, when the BMP-1 appeared, it was heavier than what the West fielded (since Western IFVs were armed only with a 20mm autocannon).

File: Stine.png (303 KB, 508x399)
303 KB
303 KB PNG
What would happen if u made a gun barrel out of copper lol?
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It would handle like brass, just worse.
As long as it were very thick and smooth-bore, you'd be fine for a while. Just use increasingly-large shot until the side splits out.
it would wear out really fast, possibly rupture if you continued shooting it really hot.
How about if it was a shotgun barrel? Would it instantly break?
The rifling would wear out very quickly and it would have to be very thick.
Not really. Again it would have to be much thicker than an equivalent steel barrel.
If it isn't, well shotgun shells do have a surprisingly low pressure per square inch so it might survive but I don't know how long. If it is thicker to accommodate the softer metal it could last a very long time since rifling wear isn't a factor.
A positive I can see is that you wouldn't oxidize the barrel at nearly the same speed as plain steel if you don't clean the bore on the regular. Copper is doesn't oxidize when in contact with lead unlike iron if I remember my chemistry correctly. The problem is that it is weaker and splinters into more dangerous shrapnel if it were to explode.

File: 61r9zaE7X6L._SX679_.jpg (42 KB, 679x526)
42 KB
what you see in the picture.
I have two KAC M5 rails. One is 90%, the other 95%.
MI AK OD friend
3 rhinos in good condition
One rhino plate
2 J arms
Two barrett mags
1 SR25 mag
Belorussian PSL mount
3 KAC gangster grips
Grip pod lol
Tapco AK mag
Korean? Steel AK mags. High gloss black
Mag coupler AR
Weaver 30mm scope rings

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Also do you have an email? I want to make an offer on that rifle buffer/spring.
How much do you pay for Anderson lowers? Just curious
If it's the no-logo variant, $45. Not being cheap, I just ideally want a Palmetto stealth lower. I'd easily pay $60 for one locally.
Also selling FAL mags, 20 a piece. DSA and Austrian. You pay shipping.

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