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File: 81qIPbnzqCL._SY679_.jpg (40 KB, 315x679)
40 KB
It's too much of a coincidence that I keep seeing shit from here popping up on your FB/IG pages. Cunt sound off with a time stamp or something when you see this thread so I know I'm right.

t. your CSM
Suck my dick, poofter.
based gay gay-basher
Shit from here ends up on nearly every military meme page.

Never thought I needed one. But I’m just now starting to like the löök of these things.. cheapest I’m finding online is $300. Is it too late Bois?
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I bought my first nugget (and first gun) last October. Payed $300 flat for it. 1929 Tula Hex Reciever with the ammo pouches, bayonet, and 400 rounds of ammo
Who cares grandpa
Buy a Spanish or Yugo Mauser
here ya go
Yet another post of /k/ not understanding how auction sites work.

File: IMG_1311.jpg (9 KB, 480x360)
9 KB
So, I got into a friendly and lengthy conversation with a police officer this past evening and he said that in Ohio (my home) there are ostensibly officers who are part-time, volunteers, unpaid, etc. that still have full powers of arrest, swear an oath, have a commission that they need to upkeep and differ from other volunteer officers in that they must fulfill the same criterion of an active-duty, full-time, sworn officer--pass backgrounds checks, polygraph, extensive interviews, OPOTA (Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy), etc. Has anyone here ever served as an Auxiliary Police Officer in this capacity, perhaps when your career was just beginning? This varies state-to-state by definition. I became close to becoming a Sheriff Reservist in an adjacent county because I worked for a company that did weapons contracting with the state and federal government and I had to at one time pass muster for security clearance and my boss grew up with the particular sheriff--it was on offer. Anyway, the idea is intoxicating. I am getting older and the great stuff has already passed me (31). I completed most of my education at this point--three degrees and working on a fourth. I will never fulfill my puerile dream of FBI Agent at this rate. I have no record of military service. I have some, but not all the right education and experience. [Contract linguist is very sexy though.] Anyhow, I thought it might be a cool way to give back, learn some valuable skills and have fun. I live in a sleepy, idyllic town in Ohio that happens to also be one of the nicer bedroom communities of a major metropolitan area. I don't usually fall head over heels for ideas like this. Why is this a terrible idea? Please dissuade me. Or persuade me. Thoughts? Why do feel like this isn't quite like being a volunteer firefighter or paramedic/emt?
pic unrelated, apologies for length
Holy fucking blog post retard.
It's a volunteer gig, just fucking do it. Recruitment is usually just as difficult as the real thing, and you will end up standing around at festivals and parades, like most cops do.
Fuck off blogpost faggot.
you bumped the thread

Just bought a new house. Neighborhood is pretty good, but I want some tips in helping to lock my shit down.

Looking for reccomendations on gun concealment furniture, best door locks, alarm systems, ideal bathroom guns etc...

Also, any general recommendations for a first time home owner are also encouraged
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Tyrone can't rape your wife if she's dead, brainlet.
Didn't the Nat Guard do that when they were seizing weapons after Katrina?
Any recommendations?
Lots of varied opinion will be given, from "get a five ton safe craned in" to "I keep loaded shit ready in every room, including the shitter, just in case"...

My advice? Out of sight, out of mind.
People don't need to know what you have, especially if your friends are Nigs.

Depending on whether or not you have children, you should at least implement a basic lock-down plan so your five year old can't shoot his sister, or you, or both.

For one gun that you may need at the ready, look at a V-Line Simplex lock (or similar) operated pistol safe. Will fit in your nightstand drawer, is completely mechanical in operation, can be opened in a second, and still provides access control.

I didn't mention, my grandfather gave us some money for a safe from Harbor Freight. i'm not too keen on Harbor Freight anything, but a free safe is better than no safe.

No kids, and I don't hang out with pieces of shit. So I'm not too worried on that front. Still, I try to never tell everyone everything I have, especially if I don't really know them. If it's the latter, I'll usually just say I don't have any guns.

I think I'm gonna upgrade to stronger strike plates on the doors, and look into an alarm system first thing.

Put some timers in last night actually.

I’ve already watched heat, both sicario movies, elite squad and collateral. What are some other films were guns are depicted in a realistic way? The movie itself needs to be good tho
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File: p1736_v_v8_aa.jpg (442 KB, 960x1440)
442 KB
442 KB JPG
Dark of the Sun
>not keeping an emergency injector of HRT in case the nazguls attack
I bet you don't even fuck ghosts
Blue Ruin if you want a good revenge movie
filming this is what killed John Wayne
rumor is he was exposed to fucktons of radiation when it blew in from a test site in Nevada
This is one of my favorite westerns. And it's not even set in the states.

Awhile back the department of homeland security bought a bunch of armored vehicles. If something like that was used against the American public what would you do to counter them?

I would build a bunch of hedgehogs like pick related and watch them get trapped in a bottleneck or get stuck on the hedgehogs.

Also anti-armor thread
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>I see you turned my regulator up too high by accident
>Better catch fire internally and take hours to burn, ensuring nobody is in the shop when I finally explode
this works well
Tell me more.
>Yes don't make a game changing chemical weapon capable of leveling the playing field against impossible odds if used properly
>oh you’re new to the torch?
>like sticky valves?

File: Hungarian Honour Guard.jpg (174 KB, 1280x1860)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
Post and discuss the armed forces of the Cold War/Easter Bloc countries.
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File: 1538857968295.png (111 KB, 424x553)
111 KB
111 KB PNG
99% of Soviet (car) designs were a copy of Western ones. Like the famous Ladas are a copy of Fiat 124/5 etc.
I think the soft caps they were making towards the end but they weren't entirely standard issue and so they are somewhat rare. I've also heard of the NVA looking at new battledress in the 1980s (and preparing to adopt them in the 1990s), but never found anything definitive aside from a few images where it does look different.
I think the patch below the national emblem is a Stabsgefreiter rank. Looking at these ranks and the two horizontal lines seem to match.
File: ins5.jpg (75 KB, 500x758)
75 KB

It's just the final style of field uniform introduced in 1986. The wall just happened to fall before it was fully implemented.
Unlike previous iterations, this uniform did away with shoulder boards, instead displaying the wearer's rank on embroidered patches attached to the cap and upper arm.

The observer's rank is Oberst (Colonel).
There's no way in hell they would've let a lowly Gefreiter attend a NATO exercise.

File: 1895.jpg (3 KB, 275x183)
3 KB
been mulling over lever action rifles, been leaning towards a 45-70. specifically the marlin model 1895 cb, am i rarted or is this a worthwhile investment? i remember hearing negative things about marlin in the past.
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Quality control is lacking on some guns they kick out the door. Canted sights, shitty machining, poor wood alignment, etc.
i was somewhat aware of this
thats too bad. i was just obsessing over this rem shotgun in a lgs. goddamn that baby felt perfect in my hands and was fucking solid. think it was called a versa? 1100 plus dollars it better be fuckin solid though.
As I've stated, I am completely happy with my Remlin GBL .45-70. It is exactly what I'd expect from a lever in this price range.

Just don't buy one sight unseen, and you should be OK too. The vast majority that are sold seem to be OK now, with only the odd gimped gun making it through QC unchecked...
>Just don't buy one sight unseen
thats what stopped me from getting a bushmaster ar. a lot of people liked them but then a lot of people seemed to question the quality control. dug around(havent payed attention to the gun world for years) and found out they were owned by remington who was owned by someone else and that people were complaining about the same exact shit.
no way i was going to buy a gun from (((Cerberus Capital Management))) without seeing it first
Handle it. Cycle it. Look at it. Bring your magnifying glass with you if you need to...

No gun store should prevent you from doing this before you hand over the cash.

Do this, and there's a good chance you'll take home a good one.

What's the most customized gun you have?

If you don't have one, what gun do you want that you'd customize the hell out of?
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1918 "Black Army" Colt

>came to me heavily buffed and deep blued
>put on Sig 1911-22 conversion kit
>put on target-style grips
>replaced nearly all the internals
those blue bits add a nice touch
dude what the fuck is that webm
is that setup comfortable or adds to the fun?

I'm planning on buying a standard carbine variant and a red dot for my nephew but the aftermarket world for the 10/22 seems so vast.
You got any photos of it? Sounds like an unusual looking one. Not a lot of options for actual battle rifles kinda sounds like it's worth the hassle of getting it to work right.

File: Sabots Gray Tip.JPG.jpg (19 KB, 486x340)
19 KB
Would it be possible to 3d print sabots? Is there any 3d printer plastic that wont horribly foul a barrel?

Handloading some best 10mm sabot ammo sounds badass.
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When will people get it through their heads that 3D printing is for prototyping? Just buy injection molded sabots. They're better and cheaper.
Can revolvers accept sabots?
Tokarev with .223 bullets
I was thinking casted aluminum even, since fuckers melt down cans

How good were they?
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ZANU was a political group, ZANLA was the military branch of it.
File: 83_reveal_screen_3.jpg (677 KB, 1920x1080)
677 KB
677 KB JPG
If we get to play as Rhodesians in this vidya, they better make ZANLA just a bunch of incompetent bots in a bot swarm gamemode (for historical accuracy)
chinks funded them hard
Rhodesia should've sent torpedo bombers against container ships coming from china. that would've made them think twice about who they fund
They couldnt ever beat em with the sword they had to have aid from the communists in the east AND west.

How do suppressors work?
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wtf I love Harry Potter now
Fuck off harry potter trannies
stop making me think of cute loli witch John Wilkes Booth again
liking cartoon waifus =/= being a tumblrina

Alright /k/,

I found a jank ass box in the middle of an empty parking lot. Was hoping it would be a dead body or something cool, turns out it was filled with shitty paintball gear and a lot of Army Surplus, 15-round M9 mags.

Live in AZ, but due to pussy states banning 15 round mags, Im having a bitch of a time trying to get rid of these shits.

Where/how can I sell these fuckers? Got about 50 of em.
16 replies omitted. Click here to view.
For all of em?
Go buy an M9 and put them away for a rainy day. They arent worth much.
Former coworker is a blackhawk pilot; found out I carry a 92 for duty and came the next day with a grocery bag filled with these mags (30-40 total). All for free because every time he goes on drill he gets like 15 for some reason. You probably found a a box from someone in the military who already has 9000 of them.
File: th.jpg (32 KB, 474x316)
32 KB
take them to a Pawn Shop and trade them for a firearm dummy!
How much per mag l’d be willing to buy some depending on where in az you are
Buy a Beretta and consider yourself equipped, you nogunz allmags faggot.

According to the Air Force Times, "the A-10 attack jet has killed more US troops in friendly fire incidents than any other aircraft flown by the US military." Yet with its role as an anti-tank aircraft, shouldn't friendly fire be less common? Are armoured vehicles not easier to identify than individual soldiers? Shouldn't an autocannon be more precise than a bomb with shrapnel and submunitions?

Explain this /k/.
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File: 1550298635259.jpg (39 KB, 616x543)
39 KB
Because it's a plane designed to strafe soviet tank columns out in the open being used for close in counter insurgency operations. It's like trying to do an appendectomy with a chainsaw.
Yeah, it's also heavy as shit so it has trouble maneuvering.
>americans killing british
desu its as american as apple pie. dont see the issue
big gun, little people, small world
plane strafes with a damn chaingun if Pvt Snuffy is on the long end of the run then I guess hes got a good chance of becoming dirt that day
No targeting pod

Do you like our uniforms
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looks pretty nice, but nowhere near as good as the other two
Because some admiral decided that if the army was going to get cool new uniforms then the navy should to. Even if a high vis jump suit is the objective best thing for them to wear.
Who shooped that mans face...
>third world "literally who?" countries have better uniforms than the United States Army
Have sex

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