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File: mexico tier.jpg (144 KB, 1200x800)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
Imagine having these flying sacks of dog feces as your national air demonstration team. Imagine.
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what the hell is the point of an air demonstration team
it's all garish paint schemes and pointless aerial maneuvers
They have more fun than you do OP. Post self in a meaner fighter or suck shit.
File: RCAF demo Hornet.jpg (138 KB, 1024x683)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
We have a dedicated Hornet demo team for airshows too.
:( I bet they work really hard OP. I bet their moms are proud of them.
File: CL-41G Tebuan M22-04 b.jpg (174 KB, 801x546)
174 KB
174 KB JPG

You're a stupid fool OP. An idiot..Read


File: hBrBBNE.jpg (193 KB, 1440x1445)
193 KB
193 KB JPG
Well guys, what will it be?
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I do not represent the hardware nation. I'm actually a friend from the neutral produce section just trying to warn you.
Hardware's imperial expansion cannot go unopposed. Today you tomorrow us.
Mount several screen doors coated in flex-seal on a freedomscooter, cut out a small gun port for the shotgun I found in the sporting goods section, and make my way for the doors.
I want to fuck that cat
you do not "fuck" the cat, the cat fucks you
I just let a stray Canada goose into the store.

File: USP 45 with Obsidian 45.jpg (3.14 MB, 2500x1875)
3.14 MB
3.14 MB JPG
What forms are you waiting on? What forms do you have?

Got an Omega 45k and waiting on Kraken 9 and a Rugged Obsidian 45. Going to put my Omega on my USP till I get my Obsidian.
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has to be a two stamper as well, no way in fucking hell am i gonna pin an NFA item

and ive already got the aluminum stock sooooo itd be a waste if i didnt SBR it too
Autism- it’s gonna cost ya!

Already got a .22 and .223 suppressor. Waiting on a 45 AARP suppressor. Got it in June, so I am expecting it to take over year.
I got my form 1 back just a few days ago, ready to start making this bitch. I put 9 inches on the length. How precise do I have to be? If it's 9.001 am I in trouble? 9.125? If I make a muzzle brake mount as a sacrificial blast baffle does it count in my overall length?

I'm cheap and impatient so I just carefully drilled some holes through a rubber dick I retired because it got moldy

File: bt-30339_31_detail.jpg (70 KB, 650x650)
70 KB
>machine pistol edition
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You make mustard gas and an AOW
But I thought it became an AOW by adding the foregrip regardless of the brace situation.
AOW is dependent on being under or over 26" in OAL. As braces dont count for OAL anymore they fall into the under 26" category, IE an AOW.
Shoot 9mm. Dumbass.
Sbr stamp would kill your requirement of "cheapest path". Dumbass.

File: 20190815_155724_a.jpg (2.2 MB, 1962x4032)
2.2 MB
2.2 MB JPG
Smol bean edition.

Previous thread
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They probably took it from the Kreigsmarine and gave it to the Heer when the war started to turn against them.
Wa-Was that an M96??
I'm enraptured by it.
File: DSC_0118.jpg (1.63 MB, 3920x2204)
1.63 MB
1.63 MB JPG
Yes King
Different Anon here, obanuafs should work fine you smooth brain. You don't have to min max sling conditioner. It's an oil wax combo, lp has more wax and the liquid has more oil.

File: laughing pepe.jpg (40 KB, 800x450)
40 KB
I made a little comedy skit on anti gun culture

Do you guys think this is funny?

Thanks friends


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No and delete this thread.
Not bad, love the accent
Did we listen to the same recordings??? That was absolutely ass

post ultimate weapons
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Time to Split
I can't believe, it's worse than an AK.
Based and casaba howitzer pilled

Project Rho gang rise up
>benzos and bud

I'm all for the ziploc baggie and electrical tape aesthetic, but this nigger isn't hitting shit but the concrete. He's gonna act like 'oh, helps with the nerves', but then he fucking crashes when his heart rate hits one-fifty.

Fucking amateurs. Deal with them never.
I want this so I can pretend im a space pirate

File: Marlin Firearms.jpg (19 KB, 295x400)
19 KB
I'd like some opinions, anons.
I am thinking on getting a lever gun.
I've narrowed it down to a Marlin 336 or a Winchester 94, either one will be in .30-30 for ammo availability.
My question is, who has enough experience with the Winchester 94 to tell me whether it's a better choice than the 336? Marlins are robust and very simple to maintain, but I've never worked on a Winchester action at all. Is it worth the switch? Both are comparably priced in my area, about $400 for a decent example of either.
Any choice I make needs to be able to be repaired and needs to be able to handle a decent amount of heavy Buffalo Bore .30-30 as it'll be a do-all rifle.
I am not going bolt or semi so that's off the table.
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I consider leverguns to be a practical option for the uses I need them for.
Suboptimal for long range, not stupendously high capacity, but I don't anticipate fighting off the cartel like I'm in some sort of insane Wild Bunch scenario haha
Lever guns are faster and easier when under stress... like when around black or brown bear or moose.
Especially for me as I shoot left handed.
Winchester 94s eject from the top. Dunno if that makes a difference to you or not.
I never got hit by brass from my 336, but actually my .357 Winchester 92 used to sling them up and back into the brim of my hat, always joked with my friends I wore the cowboy hat to simplify collecting brass for reloading.

So are the poops just gonna do more standoffs or are we finally getting war? Last thing I remembered about them was they getting in dogfights and a captured pilot
What’s going down in Kashmir now?
If they haven't started swinging at each other they're never gonna get around to doing it.

Flashpoints either end in serious anal rape or a prolonged erection lasting more than a year

Is this a clean case of Use of Force? Can a person fleeing you be a threat to you? If you were armed and stopped by cops, is this how you'd act? If you were a cop, would you feel deadly force was required in this situation?

Bonus questions: what caliber did the officers have?

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>run away to avoid tackle/taser
>get gun out of pants
>quick turn to cop who is also running at you, trying to just take you down non violently
>mag dump him and end his life
>continue running
>get to trap house, do drugs and brag about icing cop fuckboi
>go out at night and do more bad shit to fuel drug habit, get some walkin round money, and gain more clout from fellow disenfranchised urban youths
cops shouldn't even be allowed to carry guns. the USA would be so much safer
Well Idi Amin said it best, no one can outrun a bullet.
Cops are always wrong. He so clearly did nothing to deserve this. White boys will defend this obvious murder of a good boy.
What a stupid fucking thread.

>commit felony
>act suspicious
>go for weapon

look gents. These faggot assed threads will keep happening if we don't sage and report. Just Saying.
idk why they think it's a bad thing that he never got the chance to draw his weapon, that's a good thing

That cop had some Ultra Instinct to clap that fool too if he never directly saw a firearm

Can anyone recommend some good books, documentaries, or films?
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Yup. Me great Gfather was one in WW1.
naw son, the camera work is so shit, and the cgi sucks. The stories while based on real events is portrayed pretty meh and dumbed down a lot and its got every war movie cliche thrown into it. And the sound track is way out of place
these are pretty good series'
I just finished this excellent book:
It's presumes you know a bit of the context already, and it goes into the (insane) reasoning which shaped The Great War into the mindless bloodbath that it is so renowned for.
The narrator is great, and it enriching if you are ready for a deeper dive.
that's kind of the point.
the music video isn't that bad either.

They Shall Not Grow Old.

A phenomenal film headed by Peter Jackson, it quietly released in the last year or two. There’s a ton of restored footage in it, they labored fairly intensely over the work. It seemed to be a labor of love as well, there’s no way they thought it was going to make a large profit. Also, definitely stick with it through the beginning, there’s a shift in style that really distinguished the experience.

File: 10mm-vs-45-acp.jpg (39 KB, 640x480)
39 KB
Which one is better?
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Own both, I choose to carry 9
File: gandpowerpistol.jpg (206 KB, 1600x900)
206 KB
206 KB JPG

If I'm going to vent my inner autismo:

45 ACP was a solution for it's time. Balancing the requirement of a larger bore, with penetration, recoil, pressure, etc. It's very suited for shooting people, but not larger or smaller animals given bore and penetration.

Smaller modern Hollowpoints can be as effective as 45 ACP, with greater capacity and flatter trajectories. For it's best purposes, 45 is getting obsolete.

10mm does the high-end of 357 Magnum loads in an autoloader. A 15 round 10mm is a suitable Bear defense.
>The answer is wildcat calibers that firearm manufacturers don't actually make models in, and requires a compensator to use!

Just buy a fucking 44 magnum
10mm, its the .45 OF THE 21ST CENTURY

File: daylights-end-dallas.jpg (99 KB, 654x960)
99 KB
Just watched this on hulu. It's an ok film, lots of hammy tactical acting, Johnny Strong seems to be pro gun, also that cuck yeager got killed which made me smile.
Anyone else watch anything good recently?
File: if only you knew.jpg (82 KB, 577x537)
82 KB
>Johnny Strong
That's a stage name - and persona to go with it - designed to appeal to you.
Same with the subject matter.
Most zombie flicks are garbage, and that is no exception.
>choosing to watch movies based on how pro-gun the actors are, while ignoring how everyone else involved in production is a card-carrying member of the CPA.
Pic related.
Well ain't you a ray of sunshine.
suppressed M1A scout with wood furniture is sexy af, easily the best part of the movie

What does /k/ think of the Ruger Security-9?
38 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
Have sex
Friend bought one. I was genuinely surprised at how good it felt and shot. Can't speak for longevity, but I would have one along side my HKs, Sigs, and Glocks.
If money is an issue, they're 10/10. If you have money pouring out your ass, don't bother>>42389785
File: DdXVbC4W4AEfofa.jpg (51 KB, 460x648)
51 KB
>If you have money pouring out your ass-
-buy two

Canik TP9 SF are great.
Easy to find accessories and mags.
Great quality budget gun

So if somebody found an FAL that looked like this what would the value be? Unsure if that A actually means anything or not
8 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
It's a shitty kit gun. Without the full auto ejector block all putting it on auto will do is cause dangerous slamfires.
Any idea of value?
If that. Mine just light strikes.
switch doesn;t mean shit.

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