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File: 1547629202126.gif (2.59 MB, 800x450)
2.59 MB
2.59 MB GIF
Buying my first gun online, so what do I do.

Do I place the order and contact the FFL I want it transfered to? or will they just call me when it shows up, most places it says to contact your FFL first?
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I wanna dance with the frog
File: 1326886042145.png (211 KB, 695x695)
211 KB
211 KB PNG
Actually had a shop close down on me once. It was a small store attached to some engine shop that happened to be close by. I was probably the only customer that place had for years. I sent stuff there all the time, got to the point I didn't even bother sending an email. Sent over a rifle at one point, saw it was delivered and didn't get a call for a week. Turns out the lady who ran it died and the owner who luckily had the ffl didn't want to bother with the place anymore and just closed the doors.

Always let them know is the TL;DR.
>Biggest non-corporation gun/sporting goods store in town
>Charge above MSRP for just about everything; $60 transfers
>Small pawnshop down the road
>Interesting historical stuff gets dropped off there from time to time, decent prices
>$25 transfers

Hrmmm I wonder who's getting my money.
Unfortunately a lot of places don't have small shops anymore and the ATF is cracking down on home FFLs.
order through amazon and have it delivered to your gunshow loophole via 2 day prime shipping

File: type_094_ssbns.jpg (47 KB, 1000x503)
47 KB
If you wanted to eliminate the second strike capabilities in a nuclear war, how hard would it be sink the enemies SSBN's and destory his missile silos?
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>how hard would it be sink the enemies SSBN's and destory his missile silos?

Well it depends, but the Russian nuke sub stuff has that sinking/irradiate crew functionality built in so you just do nothing and their missiles literally never hit what they are aimed at so just let them launch anyway as they have a 50/50 of just hitting something Russian
about that...
Maybe a high level intelligence operation in which you manage to recruit someone near the top of their command structure who knows all the pertinent details of their nuclear forces. Even if you bagged such a mole though, there's a strong possibility you wouldn't be able to eliminate all of their units, especially the SSBNS which are hidden in the wild west that is the ocean. Your side could still be facing massive casualties in the event of war.

Probably in 50-100 years from now computers will have become so advanced and technology so radically altered that questions like this will seem elementary. In the year 2119, whichever power's computer systems are the most advanced will have the military technological advantage and will rule the world.

Primitive sneak attack on silos method I thought of: What if you had a fleet of commercial dump trucks and filled them with boulders. A few hours before you launch your strategic nuclear attack, these trucks smash through the gates of missile silo facilities in the enemy country and dump their cargo of rocks onto the missile hatches. When the hatches blow open to launch the ICBMs the rocks fall in and damage the missile. It blows up in the silo or is so messed up that it won't hit its target. Got the idea after listening to a podcast about that ICBM that blew up because a guy dropped a wrench while working on it.
During the cold war, Russian boomers were basically followed 24/7 by NATO hunter killers. There wasn't a single minute of the cold war they didn't have a metaphorical shotgun wired to their foreheads.
> +1 Yuan

File: bath_time_for_640_19.jpg (37 KB, 640x432)
37 KB
should I buy an AR 15 or a Mossberg 500 for my next gun?
What do you have now?

File: 1547708205426.png (176 KB, 750x416)
176 KB
176 KB PNG
Anyone get super nervo at the gun store, filling out paperwork makes me anxious as hell and I get all shakey.
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File: 1534169472021.png (106 KB, 280x291)
106 KB
106 KB PNG
>Go to LGS
>went to get my first funz
>walk to front counter
>a gruff, tall, and over-weight man is manning counter
>he's intently looking at a computer monitor
>"Hi, I'd like to buy a g-"
>he interrupts me without bothering to meet my gaze
>"Can't you read?
>"W-what?" I utter
>he points to the door
>"Height restrictions are in place, only people 6'0 above are allowed in"
>I am 5'11"
>"P-please s-sir, I just want a g-gun..."
>I peer over the counter

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Holy shit
On nitrous
FreeMasons call one another brother as well.
I say brother/sister all the time in situations where sir/ma'am would be overly formal. I guess it's just a weird habit from being raised in a church.

File: Snapchat-100345323.jpg (1.39 MB, 1944x4000)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB JPG
how do u like
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File: 1536349578418.gif (2.65 MB, 320x240)
2.65 MB
2.65 MB GIF
>buying shit on a parabolic trajectory when it is all over the news
>mfw Late 2017/Early 2018 buyers
Thanks for buying the shit I bought 6 months earlier.
File: DtJu57jWwAAMExo.jpg (103 KB, 800x800)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
thanks for reminding me anon
shitty looking shitty gun
Would it kill Springfield to put 90° slide serrations on this model instead of that wannabe national match angled bullshit.

File: vehicle_panzeriv19.jpg (71 KB, 571x800)
71 KB
panzer thread?
i am seriously lacking in good high resoluton pictures of the panzer IV and other wehrmacht hardware.
can you share your favorites?
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File: 611.jpg (764 KB, 3508x2479)
764 KB
764 KB JPG
File: 1503137488064.jpg (884 KB, 2400x800)
884 KB
884 KB JPG
File: 1493096558426.jpg (315 KB, 1600x1127)
315 KB
315 KB JPG
File: 1492980803812.jpg (505 KB, 1600x1023)
505 KB
505 KB JPG
not exactly a Panzer IV but its Wehrmacht, rare and high-res at least

>on tinder
>match with 9/10 qt3.14
>conversation going fine, we have a lot of things in common
>topic of liberal protests comes up
>say I'd be fine with their degeneracy if they weren't pushing their ideals on me
>girl asks what I mean
>tell her I want to own whatever fucking gun I want
>tells me to go to gun store to buy a machine gun
>quickly shift conversation to her
>she repeats standard liberal talking points, basically everything you imagine a liberal would do
>Asks me how many guns I have
>tell her (I'm not saying, god know how many watchlists I'm on)
>she says that if I trash my guns I can have the privilege of dating her
>don't sell, throw away

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Don't blame us for your degeneracy anon, we can at least get into relationships.
Dear god.
File: chinkdriving1.webm (1.21 MB, 600x480)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB WEBM
>T. Chink roach
File: 1549182790639.jpg (65 KB, 630x630)
65 KB
thank you serb bro, may you have a wonderful day today
>better red than dead

File: 01p320.jpg (94 KB, 1063x680)
94 KB
So is this just an indian glock? Whats the verdict on these?
Fuck why are these thing so ugly but the only slightly different m17 bravo varient is pure sex?
Fuck how did sig somehow design a gun that's worse looking than a Glock.
File: received_1694011490709439.jpg (112 KB, 2048x1536)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
Pass on that. I'll stick with my 227.
>the u.s military is using poo poo guns, better hope they don't rub their eyes after handling
No,because the P320 is not made in India. Nor does it have indian parts.

File: 150770514611042670.jpg (174 KB, 892x793)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
I'm back and wtf i love LBT again??? Edition
>General information
https://pastebin.com/4X2gsVwS (embed) (embed)

https://pastebin.com/QBpu5LXP (embed) (embed)

https://pastebin.com/U1TGprv7 (embed) (embed)

>Radio and communications
https://pastebin.com/MHq7QmmD (embed) (embed)
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MOD Pattern 44 is an upgraded version in dark green
CDNN sports has one for a few bucks
Whoever recommended Sno-Seal over in the QTDDTOT thread is a saint. This ancient leather is eating it up and loving it. Takes a load of time though since for some reason only a single part of these fucking things is modular. So I need to set up a workstation and heat lamp every bit of leather until it's glutted if I want to do this properly.
this is correct
holy shit, nice repro koevoet rig, where did you get it? I need this in my life

File: file.png (672 KB, 667x500)
672 KB
672 KB PNG
Is it actually a good idea to keep a smaller, secondary gun with you or is it just extra steps in your EDC prep? The likelihood of being a situation where your main pistol is taken or made inoperable seems small, but I have a friend who insists on having two guns. Thoughts?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Maybe if you were in law enforcement or the like but seems like just an unnecessary hassle for day-to-day business.
If you don't feel safe with just one gun and maybe a spare mag on you, there's a problem. I like having a smaller gun just to pocket carry when I feel like wearing gym shorts.
Unnecessary but less of a meme than carrying a backup knife for SD reasons. People, even CCWers, getting in fights where an attacker attempts to grab their firearm are not unheard of and a second firearm is the best tool for that situation. It's also true that no draw from the waistline will ever be as quick as drawing a gun from a jacket pocket that you already have your hands on, or even simply firing through that jacket pocket if the situation allows. Afterall, if crackhead or homeless person with a hand in his pocket is harassing you for change in a parking lot putting your hand in your pocket is perfectly fine, but clearing your garment and sticking your hand in your waistline putting it on a gun is brandishing in most jurisdictions. At the end of the day they certainly do have meaningful uses IMO.

Side note, if a dedicated backup gun as opposed to a pocket gun is what you're after then i personally think that .38 snubbies like the LCR or S&W J frames are head and shoulders above autoloaders.
If you don't mind carrying it, I figure it can't hurt.

There's that too, like if something ever goes completely tits up, and you needed to arm another person.
Doesn't seem that likely, but then, some people carry a bunch of extra magazines for their carry pistol, when in reality, it's rare for DGU to involve more than like 2 shots fired.

If it's what you're comfortable with, and as long as you're good and ready with your guns, and have practiced, you should be alright.
thats literally the entire purpose of a snubby 38

File: Bulldog.jpg (314 KB, 1200x630)
314 KB
314 KB JPG
Metro Exodus Bullpup AK.

It appears they've redesign the Metro Bullpup AK into something abit more believable.

Although, It lacks the P90 style magazine.

But this design looks like someone has just moved the trigger assembly forward and swap over it's stock into a bullpup config.

It looks very much like the SA80.
15 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
So is the Saiga-12 or the belt fed shotgun coming back?
Ok but
There's a BIG difference between "we based these guns on proven designs" and "a gunsmith built working prototypes of the guns"
I think the poor weld is the best detail that could ever be done.
I agree just welds regardless show that they aren't well made but they work.

Still do you think they'll have classes of weapons added in the game or grades? better welds and so on.
Gas tube is miles away and not even close to being lined up with where the piston would be on the bolt.

Still like this design better than the one that has the gas tube dump into the mag though.

File: ytQC8Hg.jpg (1.73 MB, 4656x2620)
1.73 MB
1.73 MB JPG
I'm looking to build a DMR in .308 that will be a nail driver at 1000 yards, but can't decide on the AR-10 or M1A. I recently came into a nice little inheritance, so money is no object for this project. Anything you can recommend that's capable of sub-MOA accuracy out of the box is also welcomed.
19 replies omitted. Click here to view.
This. Id personally go for the 300 winmag, seeing as how there are a lot more of that ammo floating around, but a 6.5 Creedmore is also very relaible at 1000 yds.
An AR-10 is far better suited for the task. It will be much easier and cheaper to build one that will print the groups you want, plus that rifle will retain that accuracy better with much less effort.

An M1A is a pretty decent rifle too, but under normal circumstances usually shoots about 2-3 MOA. It is more of a cold war battle rifle like a FAL or G3 that can be kludged into a DMR role, where the AR-10 is far better suited to that task out of the box by the nature of its design.

If you have a lot of money to blow I recommend an LMT.
Everyone says that but it's really pushing at the limits of .308, which is far better suited for 800yd and in.
Yeahno, M1As can be 1 MOA with a bit of fuckery and are usually about 2-3 for a standard rifle once it's tuned in. A particularly nice AR-10 can easily group under an inch out of the box, you just won't see that with a poorfag PSA kit build.
Upper/lower play has surprisingly little influence on the actual accuracy of an AR, since most of what matters is in the upper. It's easy to snug up with an accu-wedge or you can just get a machined pair that fit perfectly with no wobble. In fact just about any well made AR-10 won't have any wobble to begin with. Combine that with a decent free-floated barrel and you can get a pretty damned accurate rifle.

Compared to bolt-actions, yes a bolt gun will be more accurate per dollar spent but you can absolutely get a 1 MOA capable AR-10 these days. Possibly even better depending how deep your pockets are.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Wumbologist wastes an informative and reasonable post on this shit thread
God has abandoned us
Also if money is really no object you could look into the 300 win mag semiautos. They are sub moa but are stupid expensive and you should really start with something cheaper to practice with.
The msr10 long range is sub moa with 6.5 and atleast 1moa with 308
The expensive savage bolts are sub moa
OP this video is pretty informative, and the small frame ar-10s really are the way to go:


File: East German.jpg (529 KB, 779x1024)
529 KB
529 KB JPG
Post random cold war stuff
106 replies and 86 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: ROK 9th Division.jpg (1.5 MB, 1919x1604)
1.5 MB
1.5 MB JPG

I like how everyone else sort of half-assed it but Svante there in the back left went full blackface.
giving new meaning to "Black and Tans"
man that abbreviation doesn't help at all
>paint face black
>get court-martialed for bigotry and cultural appropriation

File: gXQBuS3N3VY.jpg (49 KB, 498x1024)
49 KB
Do you think you could design a functional firearm? Not necessarily build it yourself, but put together a proper set of blueprints for a design completely your own? You could use any software you desire, but no reference material aside from cartridge specifications.
14 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I pay 20,000 for a AA12 shotgun... only chambered in eight-bore...
I have the money in hand friends.

Yes, you can do whatever you can imagine. Take your idea, and imagine a spring behind the rear section, pressing the pipe (bolt) forward. Why couldn't there be a trigger with a notch on top, holding that section back until it is pulled?

Look at something like this M3 Grease Gun operating. It looks complex, but when you focus on each individual mechanical operation, it's pretty simple.

One length of pipe, a spark plug and a flask of gunpowder.
I have no doubt given the right stuff I could make something resembling a really crude single shot bolt action and break action gun, entirely from scratch.
An open-bolt semi like the Sten gun is also completely possible, especially if we're allowed to borrow magazines from other guns.
Gas-operated: no.
Delayed blowback: no.
Recoil operated: eh, maybe.
Fuck off ATF, i like my dog.

File: 43.jpg (95 KB, 750x1000)
95 KB
>recruiter tricked me and put me in 0331

I want off this fucking ride, get me the fuck off.
20 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
Be thankful you get the chance to even serve, some people like me were fucked by genetics and cant join.
Yeah ok. Marines are the only branch in which your MOS is locked when you sign up.
You literally got the most fun 03 job you should be happy you jackass
Fuck you anon i wanted 0331, however i got kiked into a mg contract
how old are you? seems like recruiters have the best success with sub 25 year olds because of how gullible and easily manipulated they are

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