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File: mashamabailey.jpg (104 KB, 1200x801)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
>new chef's table
>no thread
is it because you're scared of Strong Black Chef's /ck/?
has anyone shit on a plate and called it food because it reminds them of that time they ran out of paper in bangladesh yet?
File: 1528748142885.jpg (56 KB, 517x572)
56 KB
>eating food touched by bl*cks

File: 9761349454_ef50f6d47a_b.jpg (442 KB, 1024x684)
442 KB
442 KB JPG
>he doesn't end every week by going through the drive thru and rewarding himself with a pack of livers

What's the matter hun? You city folk never seen fast food kino before?
Where are these establishments found? Also how do you get the piss flavor out of liver when you cook it?

File: IMG_7230.jpg (137 KB, 1024x1024)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
How many butter balls can you eat in one go?
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File: Dan_Blocker_-_1966.jpg (43 KB, 441x599)
43 KB
Zero without bread. What's the point otherwise?
>Brando was extremely competitive, and in 1968 he appeared at a private party celebrating Oscar nominations in which Paul Newman was in attendance with his wife Joanne Woodward. Brando approached Newman and began a conversation that eventually became very heated, resulting in Brando shouting and Newman walking away. Later that evening Brando stood on a table and challenged Newman to a butter eating contest, like the one Newman was depicted doing in Cool Hand Luke, however Newman ignored the challenge.

>Brando, undeterred, had somebody from his entourage bring him dozens of soft butter balls, and started the competition without Newman. While eating, he would loudly keep count as he consumed the butter balls saying things like "21 Newman! 21 butter balls already! I'm better than you Newman!", while mocking and insulting Newman the whole time, and calling him a "phony".

>Eventually, Brando consumed 51 butter balls before being removed from the party, 1 more than Newman's character did in Cool Hand Luke. As he was being escorted out, he reportedly said "51 butter balls Newman! I beat you! You couldn't eat 51 butter balls because you're a phony, Newman. I'm better than you, and always will be Newman! Don't ever forget that!"
Alpha as fuck
I remember being invited to a banquet in like 7th grade and I had never seen or even knew butter balls were a thing. I had assumed they were little pasta balls so I got like 20 of them and a piece of chicken and some salad. I felt like a retard eating these butter balls infront of the people I was sitting next to because after eating about half I realized they were just butter.

File: carving-prime-rib-to.jpg (71 KB, 550x412)
71 KB
Who Lawry's here? I need it bros
I'm gay by the way not sure if it matters

File: 812605.jpg (56 KB, 500x381)
56 KB
For me, it's Pabst Blue Ribbon ™
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That and a shot of swill at my local dive is 2 bucks. Makes me happy
for me it's coors banquet
the king of beers
EXACTLY what breast milk taste like.
based and redpilled, nothing quite like an mbi

>welcome to five guys can I take your order?
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Uhhh actually I already ordered and paid online. I would just like to pickup my order.
File: snap.png (49 KB, 1024x752)
49 KB
>this entire thread
Their burgers are about 7-8 dollars
File: IMG_1033.jpg (36 KB, 900x900)
36 KB
I spent $10 on the fucking baconator combo today and it was so bad I made this shit thread >>11944047

Five Guys costs the same as muh Wendy's but you get free peanuts and kickass Cajun fries. Contrarian nerds hate based Five Guys
Oh yeah and malt vinegar too

File: gaz31Mi.jpg (65 KB, 600x400)
65 KB
What do you guys put in/on your tuna sandwich?
For me, it's just Miracle Whip in the tuna, and Miracle Whip spread on both slices of bread.
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I mix in a little sage, shredded cheddar cheese, salt, pepper, and maybe some hot sauce. Then I pan fry it in butter. Sometimes I'll used slice cheese.
First of all, ew.

Green onions
Hamburger pickles
fuccin right
do you build the sandwhich and then flip it for the plate to make it look so neat?
all red delicious trees should be burnt

Sign of a classy establishment.
>h-hey can I see your eggs

Thoughts on perogis with ranch?
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needs more firearm

Perogies with sour cream and fried onion, maybe some chives or dill garnish, is good. Ranch? Just get the fuck out of here you stupid fuck.
maybe if it was pan fried
The best pierogis i ever had were the ones from the House of TARG in ottawa.
Ranch sauce is based on mayo, right? Many people eat pelmeni with mayo in the Baltics and Russia. I see no reason why ranch wouldn't work on dumplings, unless of course you want to fit into the REEE RANCH SAUCE IS FOR OBESE MURRILARDS meme.

Do you make chapati? Any tips?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
All you need is water and flour.
>Any tips?
Practice honestly
File: ebicspngmme.jpg (15 KB, 258x195)
15 KB
Yea make sure chuputit in your mouth once its done cooking.
Thanks, Donald.
wash your hands after using the street.

How bad did you fuck up this week, /ck/? What did you ruin? I burned steamed buns.
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I've got a really easy method for buns, I just get them frozen.
I overboiled some water the other night. Had to throw the whole batch out and try again.
I woke up. I didn't add enough breadcrumb because my meatballs were too big. I just smashed them and made meat sauce. I started drinking again.
>I overboiled some water the other night.
I know that feel, that's literally why I started this thread.
Do a larger batch so when you get it right, you can freeze some so you don't have to do it again.

File: 1539848294678.jpg (31 KB, 620x349)
31 KB
Let's get an idea what this community is like. What's your:

Favorite cuisine?
Fave dish?
Fave snack?
Fave sip?
Most hated food?

Bonus points for:

Tea or coffee?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1512976584066.png (490 KB, 539x1070)
490 KB
490 KB PNG
cold soba
hot cheetos
cream soda

roast rack of lamb (really simple but it still has this wow factor for guests)
beef curry
intermittent fasting
office drone
>Favorite cuisine?
mexican and indian
>Fave dish?
pork belly anything
>Fave snack?
those spicy crunchy indian nut mixes

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

switching from coffee to tea and its going good.
sausage, potatoes, brussel sprouts. chicken grilled cheese for lunch.
Wrong decisions in former career choice

How do you take your advocato toast
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On caprese? Of course not. Basil always.

Hermanos para todo los dios!
I thought Basil was a city in Switzerland?
you can't eat bread on keto. You literally reach your limit with one slice.
I think that's what he said.
No shit, that's what he was saying. Before keto, everyone liked avo toast, then they didn't because keto.
It's maybe 10-15g net carb per slice? Easily fits into a keto diet.

File: bigblackwoman.jpg (55 KB, 964x710)
55 KB
I want a burger cooked in thousand year old grease

Man, any people from the south been to this glorious burger place?

File: Steve1989MREInfo.png (821 KB, 843x437)
821 KB
821 KB PNG
Does Steve1989 have one of the most refined and varied palates on earth? The man can detect flavors like no one I've ever seen
his farts must smell beyond rancid
haha imagine wearing his dirty underwear over your face haha
I literally can't imagine what that old food does to your digestive system
not really
he detects pretty normal stuff. If you can't detect cumin and run of the mill spices you might be a tonguelet. Also I suspect he reads the ingredients and is merely commenting on whether the flavor comes across or not.

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