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File: 1564777270175.jpg (20 KB, 400x400)
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They make anything you can think of into casserole. Why?
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Because they are delicious
Finally, some proper answer.
File: 1550943197956.png (332 KB, 386x394)
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332 KB PNG
not defending casseroles because theyre mostly lazy cooking, but if you cant understand how some bitch feeding a family can save time on a large one dish meal youre a motherfucking fool. go fuck yourself with your nigtiered fucking IQ
It's a boomer thing
Casseroles are fucking great that's why. I love having my whole meal cooked together and dressed and topped with cheese. Are you some kinda gay faggot OP?

>eating meat
What, some pasta that looks like cat puke with a side of two toasted slices of walmart bread?

Not today buddy. Out.

Who likes frys?
Fuck off, ESL faggot.
few years ago i ate a bunch of nori while taking a high pressured watery shit in a fry's electronics restroom and was so dehydrated by the time i was done i lapped water out of the sink like a dog before remembering the water fountain was 20 feet away
>Fun Fry Fact
In the UK, people call these bad bois "chips". Crazy right?

Oh wel let me throw another Fun Fry Fact at you. french fries we're a Belgian invention. They also speak french there :)
Those are the worst fries of any fast food joint.

what's the most BASED way to make scrambled eggs?

me i always use shives. creme freche and a nice piece of butter
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>low heat
Seems like a lot of pro chefs will cook it over medium high heat, but you have to keep them moving and take them out of the pan as soon as they're done to prevent browning if you don't want it

Yep tried it and it was a total slop o shit
I guarantee after watching this 2 minute video you will make scrambled eggs like this for the rest of your life. It IS the most based.

With salt and pepper. Maybe a little thyme if I'm feelin wild
I use a mixture of Nut oil and olive oil. To tone down the strong taste of olive oil. So I can enjoy my meal at the fullest.

File: bulf.jpg (32 KB, 474x316)
32 KB
sup /ck/
pic unrelated but bulgogi rocks as does chink jap korean mongolian viet cuisine
i've got a q and i'd appreciate help. I wanna cook something for these two older neighbours of mine I'm on good terms with. now them two are proper old slags, mid 50s but ok looking i'd do em if drunk. now what i wanna do is cook something with semen but i want them to realize its semen upon eating it, is there such a dish is such a dish possible?
thx for the help
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lol but still fuck u for not helping and insulting. rude.
Just tweet this to Gordon Ramsay.
i made a twitter acc long ass time ago to follow my up and coming music producer friend but i forgot password, if no one helps ill have to. i enjoy mr. Ramsey's shows
whats my q got to do with weapons.i dont plan to use my cum nor other ingredients for the dish as a weapon.
bumperoni. maybe macaroni with cream cheese mixed in with semen??

File: IMG_20191114_213150.jpg (6 KB, 259x194)
6 KB
Recommend me some good keto cookbooks? I mainly just play around with stuff but really want to dig in and expand my menu. Thank you in advance brothers
>i really want to expand my menu
Have you considered not following a retarded fad diet?
I've been doing keto and losing weight on it consistently for years. Menu is just slim because this fad and unable to get honest info

File: image-placeholder-title.jpg (99 KB, 1200x774)
99 KB
The Great Debate...
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raw milk desu
You must be a hon
Based and totpilled
whole milk, people who drink hormone ridden skim milk are retards. All milk has hormones but you are basically concentrating your xenos when drinking skim along with not getting any satiating dairy fats.
For me it is the watered down milk because all the others remind me of phlegm and makes me gag. I fucked up taking a chance at another grocery store and I'm gonna have to dump this milk or use it exclusively for scrambled eggs or something.

File: 6104RQwY3WL._SL1400_.jpg (116 KB, 1400x1319)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
why are these so good?
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Too expensive
they stopped selling them because no-one bought them because they were retardedly priced.
why bother with mio energy when you can just mix some meth with gatorade at home and call it good?
>do you pretend people here are your friends?
S-Shut up!

File: 2Q==.jpg (10 KB, 225x225)
10 KB
tfw dont know how to pronounce the item on the menu that you want
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>implying while implying
This is my greatest fear. I usually look up pronunciation in advance just so I don't look stupid but the first time I got a gyro, I pronounced it the right way and of course the black waiter was like "what are you talking about." So then I pronounced it the retard way and he got it. Then I immediately left the restaurant to have an anxiety attack in the car.

Thank you for reading my blog. Updated every Monday and Friday
Lol, don't eat anything you can't pronounce. It's probably bad for you. Learned that trick from Dr. Oz.
Ghoeda ghoeda
That is your greatest fear?

File: file.png (557 KB, 600x400)
557 KB
557 KB PNG
>he doesn't eat food with a face
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when i was a kid i used to make faces on the food but then i got sad when i had to eat them
haha what kinda fucked up culture is eating this shit

> 29p per 100g
Ah fucks sake, this is why people think we can't cook.
Tastes funny

File: 1574092912218.jpg (118 KB, 458x688)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
All hail Julia. The true Queen of /ck/.

is bone marrow meme food or actually legit?
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'rrow 'cado
Yeah you do. You probably won't, though.
One of the most delicious things I've eaten.
Paying restaurant prices for a bone with no meat is pretty stupid, but whenever I have osso bucco or similar cuts I enjoy every savory bite of marrow.

File: file.png (496 KB, 450x450)
496 KB
496 KB PNG
Brown bread tastes like shit
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>Toast it, butter it, down the hatch.
>Pair with beans
I know you are but what am I faggot
Brown bread, even the cheap shit, is great with peanut butter.
No it doesn't.
If it's not fresh it tastes worse than stale white bread. And most recipes for it underhydrate which gives it a shitty texture too. Freshly baked 90%+ hydration tastes pretty good.

File: smoked-turkey-legs-11.jpg (83 KB, 600x902)
83 KB
Any advice on where I can buy Disney teir smoked Turkey legs? I was going to make a Turkey, but don't have enough space in my rented house to make it worth it. I'm in Florida, btw.
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If you think disney is goodeats your brain is already irretrievably broken and you should excuse yourself from the gene pool for a nice dirt nap
I mean the last time I had one wad in the mid thousands when they where cheaper. That was the only reference I had. They BTFOed most didney food.
It was never cheap. It is always about paying for the brand name to receive mediocre but never risky, threatening, or unfamiliar consumer goods.

You clear are impressed with Disney and thus your whole family should be murdered. They are a cancer on American society presenting low quality offerings made generic and unthreatening as the best choice at a huge price premium. It is a giant fucking scam and I hope you get hit by a bus.
File: ohnonono.png (6 KB, 734x103)
6 KB
Are there disney meats? is that a thing? do they have meat distributors that sell meat with a disney stamp on it?
No. Though people would probably buy the shit out of it just to find it cut with pink slim.

Apparently the legs at Disney are Tom legs which explains the size.

File: IMG_20191118_115610.jpg (1.41 MB, 1840x3264)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB JPG
Ck! Your king has returned! Behold, the great whiteasian fusion breakfast! Post your meals anon! The arena hath opened for challengers to test my strength as your one and only king of CK
No noodles and burnt eggs / 10

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