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File: IMG_20190221_215521.jpg (2.68 MB, 4032x3024)
2.68 MB
2.68 MB JPG
I made a simple cake to bring to work for my birthday today.
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Yes, simple cakes have nothing to hide, and even the very high end pastries are very simple, just exact in their shapes. The only complicated cakes are either fondant monstrosities or those that follow the modern trend of "HURRRR MOOOOREEE! BIGGER!!!"
>Bringing a cake to work for your birthday is a tradition in our company though

Shall we tell him?
My soulmate. Where are you?
Sorry, I'm not interested in 3D.
I've been there for a year and every single person brought a cake for their birthday. In fact it's less of a company tradition and more of a social custom here in general. The centerpiece of the celebration should treat others to something. It's an unwritten rule.

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Japanese go way too tryhard with bartending. I don’t fucking get it.
drinking to get drunk at a bar? look at mr gucci loafers
what're you even trying to imply? that you can't enjoy alcohol if you aren't getting plastered off 5 dollar jack and cokes?
they go way too tryhard with virtually everything.
I don't think they really get it themselves.
I live in Japan at the moment. The most important thing is to be seen to be trying hard. Whether or not it actually improves the final result is not important, just projecting the image of working hard.

File: Yelp_Logo.svg.png (99 KB, 1200x584)
99 KB
>The food was spectacular! I would definitely recommend this place and will be back. The waiter was also excellent! But this place doesn't serve alcohol. 3/5
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>I never cared for the annoying commercials, but have been anxious to try KFC's competitor just the same. There's not too many locations within an acceptable driving distance from me or convenient to get to, so being out of town I decided to try the closest to me. I regret it now.

>Had the lights not been on at this location, I would think it was abandoned. The lot is horribly designed and needs a lot of work. Though I got into an argument with a moron in the lot at the drive thru, it was not so much her fault as it is the shoddy design of this lot (though she was still a complete idiot just the same) that caused the confusion.

>Inside didn't look too particularly inviting, which is why I decided to use the drive through option.

>I tried to order, but they were out of some items at 8pm - which is ridiculous. I did get some wings however, though generally they wouldn't be my first choice. I would normally have just declined the place in general, but I did drive out of my way for this decrepit place and wanted something to at least try.

>The wings were kinda blah. Every time I see those commercials from now on I'm going to laugh (along with being annoyed). Frozen wings would be equivalent to what I had. The fries were not greatly hot, but were tasty. The biscuits were average and frankly I could make the same quality again from the frozen section - so I ask, why pay when you could just make it yourself and for much cheaper?

>They were seriously cheap with the condiments. I ordered an 8 piece meal along with an extra side and I got ONE pack of butter and TWO packs of honey (honey with chicken?). Nothing else. I mean I've been to some places were they are stingy with the condiments, but damn.
>>I may or may not give the Popeye's brand another chance down the line, but certainly wouldn't return to this location. This place surely didn't give the brand a great name and pretty much set them back for me personally. Being cheap with the condiments is one thing, but you could save money and aggravation and just buy frozen chicken/biscuits and do it yourself as opposed to coming here - because they'll taste about the same.

1/5 Matt F.
Yonkers, NY
>Amy’s Baking Company...
>local chip shop has like 400 reviews
>vast majority 4-5 stars
>not a single 1 star
>the only 2 star review is from a guy who walked there while waiting for his wife in the hospital on a Sunday and was surprised to find out it wasn't open

Dense motherfucker
>Ok, I used to love this place but it's really gone downhill! When I used to live in town 30 years ago, Jimmy's had all my favorite food! But I come back and everything tastes worse than I remember it. Also, they've raised all the prices! What an outrage. Won't be going back.

paprika crisps
that is all
Paprika chips and ice tea with fizz are 2 snacks I miss from europe
Based Hungry.
Where do you even get these in NA? Is there a place you can order them online? I've never missed a snack this much.

why does Popeyes have the worst service out of any fast food place

I have always dealt with the rude cashiers and shit but they really are shitty.

>Go through here for dinner tonight
>order food
>20 minute wait despite only one car in front of me
>get food and drive home
>open it up expecting a nice chicken dinner
>they gave me someones fucking fish instead
>call them wanting a refund
>ignored the first 5 calls
>on the 6th one they hang up on me the second I say refund

Fuck off Im never going to this shithole again, KFC is worse but guess Ill use them from now on, Ive been cucked for the last time. God damn I am seething.
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>Let me start by saying I love Popeyes spicy chicken....so that what we ordered as we waited for our food a mouse ran passed us .I am so disgusted by this because if a mouse is out in the open during the day they have a bad infestation which means who knows what the mice poop is in how the health department hasn't shut this place down is beyond me

Shawn C.

Most of these reviews are black people as well. There's some that are like 5 lengthy paragraphs of ranting so I didn't copypasta those.
My popeyes isn't like that but then again there's not a single black worker in it. Just whites and hispanics.
lazy niggers that only get hired because they're on probation and need to be working or else they will go back to jail and i'm not even from /pol/ or racist. Blacks who are actually working because they need to pay bills or want spending money are different, because I go to a local Southern chicken place ran by mostly blacks and the food is really good.
You guys get a fucking Popeye's and us Orem fags have to settle for KFC

Fuck that

File: 1533222749355.png (1.53 MB, 1339x755)
1.53 MB
1.53 MB PNG
>What if we used 100% of the human brain
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We do, that's a common misconception.
File: .jpg (558 KB, 1479x1600)
558 KB
558 KB JPG
>what if we used 110% of our brains?
In a pizza?
I can't say I'm looking forward to prion disease either way.

File: images (5).jpg (37 KB, 700x438)
37 KB
What would you do if you were invited to be a customer at hells kitchen?

Personally I would just order plates and plates of scallops just to piss them off.
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>implying it's your board
IATA, go fuck yourself faggot
>I'm wondering why you'd be uncomfortable seeing soldiers getting their heads blown off, it's what they signed up for!
You’re comparing war with voluntary consent of servitude. Joining the military is between the individual and the government. The prior restraint is nothing of concern.
Easy I live in Vegas and can go there any time. My friend said the beef wellington was incredible.
Underage b&

File: 4usinlw3c2i21.jpg (135 KB, 960x720)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
if someone serves me white rice i feel like they saying ''FUCK U YOU PEASANT'' cant you put a little carrots & soy sauce in your rice white rice is the worst
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Boomers have no creativity I guess.
Fucking retard. The rice is for soaking up sauces and shit like that. It's supposed to be neutral.
That looks like Hawaiian Time.
The macaroni salad is delicious but they give you such a ridiculous portion that you feel like a piece of shit eating it all.
baifan bijou haochi
File: 1548583937899.png (120 KB, 241x337)
120 KB
120 KB PNG
>youre a peasant for NOT eating white rice

the absolute state of peasant classes

>to ensure you get hot, fresh fries ask for your fries without salt and then add your own
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You can just ask for them fresh but you're too much of a nonconfrontational pussy virgin boy to do that
Lads, be careful to only use this hack in McDicks.

I tried it in Greggs and they charged me extra for my Sausage Bean & Cheese Bake to cover the additional VAT. So I said "ok then I will take it away" and ate it on the path right in front of the doors eyeballing the bitch at the counter.
Did she get wet?
While they were still in the basket, I mean. I'm pretty sure it's like this at all stores where there's a metal strip at the back above the oil where the baskets can be hung. When it was busy there'd often be a finished basket or two above the oil, and not dumped straight into the salting area.
can i ask that they double fry them? i like them real crispy.

File: 1537967676294.jpg (54 KB, 793x786)
54 KB
>have tons of venison
>afraid to eat it because I don't want holes in my brain
Is CWD overblown or is this an actual danger?
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Get your meat analyzed?

Isn't it something you can do, to have the blood (if you get it when you butcher it) and the meat analyzed to make sure it is safe for consumption?

Surely you can find such service
Have you eaten ground beef recently? Ground beef is the result of everything outside of the cow's bones (including nerves) being ground up. Ground beef often contains prions (misfolded proteins) which due to mammalic protein metabolism act virally and will cause you to come down with Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD) where your brain slowly decays due to holes forming in your brain, as the proteins in your body lose their ability to fold properly.

Do you feel as smart as you were last week or last month? You may have it. Meat has always been murder, but now, when you serve beef, you may be murdering the ones you love and even yourself.

There IS a healthy alternative! Visit www.vegan.org today!
Only infect meat contains prions you dumb fucking ass
Take you vegan shit and shove it up your ass.
You are literally the proof that a vegan diet can make you mentally retarded

be careful

File: 143879-600x600-A.jpg (39 KB, 600x600)
39 KB
What is your favorite chip for chocolate chip cookies? I've had good luck with mini chips from enjoy life.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
That's a fair way to go, but even among the lower sugar content there is a good amount of difference. I used a bar of 70% lindt with decent results.
I put a whole Hershey's bar in each cookie
Why does hersheys have a mild vomit-like aftertaste to me?
butyric acid
You probably got the euro version or something. European chocolate tends to have that vomit aftertaste, never had this problem with American

File: HEB.jpg (1.6 MB, 3469x2375)
1.6 MB
1.6 MB JPG
I have the beetus and I'm loosing weight like crazy.
do you know any recipies that will help me gain weight?
hopefully something very calorie dense, since I'm not the biggest eater.
pic related.
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
File: whatYellowJL8.jpg (7 KB, 75x122)
7 KB
It's really a comedy. Justice was corrupted, revenge was exacted, with predictably terrible consequences for both parties involved.
has anyone tried one of these cookies?
what do they taste like?
It wasn't these exact ones but I read the ingredient list of a similar product and it was basically shortbread, with a bit of ricotta in the mixture.

File: 20190222_191544.jpg (2.09 MB, 4032x1960)
2.09 MB
2.09 MB JPG
Post you are dinner.

Rate my salad
bold, yet playful. a cheeky new take on a beloved classic.
that's pleasant to look at
File: 1527695128246.jpg (29 KB, 636x360)
29 KB

list them
38 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.

Utz Potato Chips
1-2'clearance' desserts (day or two away from best by date are usually put 50% off)
Jar of Sweet/Hot pickle chips
Tub of storebrand potato salad
12 oz bag of whatever medium roast coffee is on sale
veggies on sale
Frozen Hashbrowns
Chicken/ground beef whichever is on sale at the time
Of course I also have larger supplies of things like butter and rice that I don't need to buy weekly.
The above costs $20 leaf bux and feeds me for a week
for a week or for a month ??
Last time I went shopping I bought a lemon and a pound of smoked beef sticks. The time before that, it was a 50 pound bag of dog food and 3 jars of beef gravy to put on it for my rats. I generally eat from bulk, so I have like 3-4 months of food in my basement.

I literally can't listen to a living being biting into an apple, I cringe and my teeth feel bad. Am I hopelessly autistic? I want to get in on the apple meme but I can't eat them because of the sound.
why don't you get a bag of pink ladys and grate them with you'r box grater?
that would probably work to start and after you taste the glorius pink lady you will most likely get over your craziness and devour them in just two or three bites
You should always eat an apple with a knife. There could be anything inside of them.

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