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/ck/ - Food & Cooking

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What in the fuck lel
Got drunk and drove my kitchen through a red light
In a warehouse I once worked a forklift driver reversed directly into my coworkers ankle and it fucked him up. He held his composure though, and i never saw him again.
>phone call reflex
Was in the gym trying out a treadmill for the first time when I got a phone call from a colleague. I instinctively stopped running to fish the phone out of my pocket, and went flying clean half-way across the gym.
I had some weird mental fugue one time where I grabbed a ceramic dish out of the oven with my bare hand because I forgot to put on a mitt, and to make matters worse I just decided "fuck it, how bad could it be?" so I carried the damn thing slowly the counter and set it down and somehow wasn't even hassled by the pain.

Huge mistake, second degree burn over my entire palm and one massive blister, over the next few weeks I was hurting but refused to go to the doctor. Those were strange times.

File: Aurora_Stolp_Island_Fox_R.jpg (1.3 MB, 3072x2304)
1.3 MB
1.3 MB JPG
ITT People say something sweet about the town they live in.
There's a nice corn place in Aurora and I'm looking forward to the arcade downtown.
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Party on Wayne
I like the cheese. Tastes similar to smoked gouda.
Huh, I thought it would have tasted more like brick cheese.
Live in a small ghetto right outside of Copenhagen called Albertslund. Plenty of muslims and dindus here, but at least the kebab is great and they have middle eastern grocery shops with a bunch of ingredients thats impossible to find anywhere else
It's actually just a mixture of cheeses. Something like 50% cheddar, 25% provolone, 25% swiss, and liquid smoke.

File: Poutine.jpg (79 KB, 800x600)
79 KB
You would think the morbidly obese Americans would love poutine, it’s fries slathered in calories. But they are salty they didn’t think of this dish first and this is why they lash out and despise their culinary betters north of the border.

>b-but we have chili fries

No anon chili fries are two dishes out together, chili and fries, poutine is just poutine it’s not fries and gravy it’s POUTINE.

>b-but mexico has cuisine

Mexico literally takes ground beef and loads it into different containers and calls it “cuisine” oh look it’s beef in a hard shell, look it’s beef in a soft shell oh look it’s beef in a pan, oh look... well you get the idea.

Poutine is a complex and incredible dish, but remember you need cheese curds, if you add shredded cheese you should fap to an old fat c0ck.
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Get out
Poutine is absolute garbage. Cheesecurds? Come on
where should I go on my canadian poutine tour
>Claiming to have invented putting shit on chips
Fucking North Americans man
yeah but that same economy treats it's home country like a containment board, there's a reason canada is much nicer and it's that the rich know they'll need a place to run to when the race war happens

File: Potatoes.jpg (23 KB, 480x241)
23 KB
Regular potatoes, sweet potatoes or red potatoes?
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not sweet potatoes. Any other is fine
I like idaho yellows/whites but reds are pretty good. No idea why russets are the "classic" potaters when they're so dry and shitty.
Jersey potato.
Doesn't matter. All potatoes are good potatoes.
I wish these were more commonly available. They taste amazing.

If you had a food synthesizer like in them sci-fi tv shows, what found would you eat on a daily basis?

But it would be like a portable version, like a phone, and you have to go around place to scan food and update your database.

I'd probably go to japan and pirate their ultra expensive Kobe beef. Also i'd pirate 5 guys burgers and watch them shekelsbers go bankrupt.
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i just got really curious about what could be more important than eating in your opinion...and why are you even on /ck/ if your interest in eating is so low.
>what could be more important than eating

That is the fattest statement ever made. Also you're a tourist if you think this board is at all about food. It's /pol/ lite
Breakfast #1 (most common by far): Everything bagel, cream cheese, capers, lox, tomato, onion, fresh squeezed lemon, fresh ground black pepper. Sometimes I'd leave off the tomato and onion, and even occasionally the lemon and pepper.
Breakfast #2: Just a croissant, maybe with extra butter.
Breakfast #3: French-style scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, blueberry Greek yogurt.
Breakfast #4: Sausage gravy and drop biscuits.
Breakfast #5: A bowl of pomegranate seeds that I don't have to separate myself.

Lunch #1: Carne Asada Super Burrito (steak, rice, beans, cheese, sour cream, guacamole) with salsa verde (tomatillo, avacado, jalapeno).
Lunch #2: Chicken shwarma wrap like the place near my office used to make them (only item they served was chicken shwarma, hand packed seasoned chicken thighs roasting over coals, they closed when they sold out). With lettuce, garlic sauce, spicy sauce, maybe other veggies?
Lunch #3: Salmon chowder with sweet potato.
Lunch #4: Bahn mi sandwich with pork sausage
Lunch #5: ?????? ("Computer, extrapolate from my known dietary habits and select a meal that I'm at least 80% likely to enjoy, and haven't had in the last six months.")

Dinner #1: Gnocchi with meat sauce and hot cherry peppers.
Dinner #2: Ratatouille like I can make it when everything is fresh coming straight from my garden in summer.
Dinner #3: Tonkotsu ramen like that delicious bowl I had while visiting Tokyo. With some gyoza as an appetizer with some of that picked ginger on the side.

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imagine being this autistic
Honestly probably alot of bigmacs

File: images.jpg (22 KB, 500x500)
22 KB
Welcome to /tea/. This is a thread for general discussion about tea, tisanes, and mate.

Tisanes are actually fine, stop being an elitist wank edition

/tea/ FAQ:
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yeah it is, america is just gay while the rest of the world is straight
I will kill you with Cha qi bitch
It's only gay if you make it gay. For example, tea general threads
Drink more tea

>hostess leads your party past several empty tables/booths and attempts to seat you at a high-top
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Based. I hate restaurants and bars with uncomfortable seating. Leaving with a back cramp is never fun. Fuck I'm getting old.
The law specifically refers to the full image printed at the same size and that does not break it.
great one, friend
I always face the entrance and I'm not a vet. I think it's just normal to feel vulnerable in public
It's always the church fucks that come in after church on Sunday.

They demand everything from you.

Send food back for no reason.


ALL 30 of these mouth breathers want separate checks.

They sit at your table (well multiple from your section put together) for HOURS.

Then they give you this bullshit as a "tip."

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

When the shit hits the fan, and it will...how prepared will you be? If a major bomb goes off tomorrow and it all goes to shit, at least 90 percent of you will be dead within a month. Start a survival stash now.
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hands in the air what are you?

I would defn shoot the guys in the legs no matter what if not outright kill.

there is no way after point a gun at some one, you could affort to let them live.

They would alwasy want to kill you after that.
how many rounds do you have?

zerg rush by nigger mob.
I have portable water prroof solar pannels, for my mobile and walkietalkies
>live in fear for years
>spend money on said fear for years
>best case scenario is an "i told you so" followed by a quick death from looters

Any "survivalist" will 100% be niggered down ASAP for all their shit

>b-b-but muh guns
You are sitting in a confined space. All it takes is some hose and an engine to ensure you never wake up.
I’m more concerned than paranoid. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with trying to “hope for the best, plan for the worst” mentality. It’s the crazy ones that spend their weekends practicing home invasion scenarios that kinda freak me out. I think in the US our main threats are natural disasters, biological warfare/viral or bacterial outbreak, dirty bombs designed to take out our power grids. I try to keep about 2 weeks worth of cheap food and water, batteries and some medical supplies and meds. I need to be better about keeping cash on hand, getting a bug out bag at home and in my car, and keeping gas in car too. I shelter in place as much as possible. My rations are cheap items that I always have around. Rice, beans, instant ramen, water, spices. Cheap and always easy and affordable enough to have extra. I should prolly stock up on smokes and alcohol. Because I’m unfortunately addicted to both.

What’s the best food to sneak into kino?
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Far from it, my man.
Damn lol you know you can carry a purse at some times but not others, right? My huge purse is literally used for nothing but going to the movies. I carry a much smaller purse everywhere else. Anyway why not just sew pockets into your pants or anything else if the fake pockets bother you so much? (Thanks, it has pockets)

Anyway i used to carry all the time until my permit expired and the state i moved to actually fucking makes ppl take a stupid class to get a new one

File: so good.gif (1.91 MB, 260x242)
1.91 MB
1.91 MB GIF
Food confessions thread
>I like ketchup on eggs
>whole belly clams disgust me
>I like limes in my corona
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Most fucked up thing I remember doing with food when I was younger was chew up stone wheat thins, then pull it out of my mouth and use the chewed up stone wheat thin mush as a topping for other stone wheat thins.
I do not like 'thin pasta' like spaghetti. Ravioli or Penne or Lasagna is good

They're good but expensive. I wish I knew how to make burgers like theirs or wayback burger but whenever I make it at home it never turns out like theirs.
I eat the skin on baked potatoes
im calling the police
guess that makes sense if you're in a booth
I'm happy you're doing better anon, each day will be better than the day before. Just stay focused, have goals, and a plan


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I Eat a mango and I feel like a little honey can roll!
High as fuck and laughing my ass off at this. I needed a giggle. Thanks OP.

Too bad the mods will delete it.
if you ate an 800mg gummy i bet you'd pass out instantly you pussy
I got you, OP

School me on whetstones. amazon is filled with cheap generic stones that look like they’re all made by the same company and rebranded. What is a respected brand worth my time? I’m not opposed to spending a bit of money. I like to buy once and cry once.
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Sorry I don't mean to make you a plaything, but you really ask for it. Stop being a human toy. You'
ll be teased to the end of days the way you're acting.
Sorry but you lost, pack your shit and get the fuck out
I just love knife and sharpening threads on 4chan seekay
fuck off
no u

File: 1563861265616.jpg (183 KB, 640x640)
183 KB
183 KB JPG
post mouth-watering food pics
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Why must it?
Around here itd be about $13.99 + tax + tip
looks like a rabbit got creampied
im cumming

why is he wearing two watch

File: 915ssvdKSPL._SX466_.jpg (33 KB, 466x583)
33 KB
thoughts on these?
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put your foot down, man! tell them ahead of time, you guys pay up or there will be no food
Can you recommend a specific device? Preferably small for easy storage but still hot enough to do sear meat.
roast beef and swiss kino
Well said, Captain Obvious.
I have one of those. Make sure you properly clean it after each use unless you want cheese charcoal stuck to it forever. Regarding the toasting it's nice. Personally I enjoy just a bit of crust with gooey goodness inside. This is what you're looking at. You pretty much end up with 4 hot pockets, minus the thick crust. The way the sandwich forms makes it easy to seperate into two halves. The best kinds of sandwiches this device produces are tuna sandwiches.

File: o (12).jpg (108 KB, 1000x750)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
Were burgers and fries ALWAYS paired together? Was there a period of time where the pairing was new unique thing, perhaps other sides are common instead with burgers?
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>ground meat patty covered in gravy
it's nothing like an american hamburger "as we know it today"
The other pairing is a salad.
It used to be burgers and corn niblets but the great corn famine of 1897 changed all of that
That's a hamburg steak, not a Hamburger

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