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File: file.png (1.61 MB, 1200x800)
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1.61 MB PNG
I...I don't know how to tell if a potato is over- or undercooked...
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That was my thought as well, but it's red
It depends. With red potatoes, it's harder because they still hold their shape well even when overcooked. With russets and baking potatoes, they tend to mush up and/or crumble when they're overcooked. Yukon Gold is a sort of halfway potato in that they're a little more resilient to long cook times but will eventually fall apart.

The texture degrades more than anything. A perfectly cooked potato is tender without mushing or mealing up, which are two things you tend to see with overcooked potatoes.

>microwaving potatoes
It's like you hate food.
>cut potatoes into chunks
>squeeze potato chunk with tong gently until it crushes with gentle force
does it taste like glue?
have trouble sticking a fork in it?
When the water has evaporated and the pot itself has caught fire

File: file.png (1.55 MB, 1280x960)
1.55 MB
1.55 MB PNG
>wake up
>find some juice
>mouth and sinuses gets all tingly
What is this?
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Oh, you were talking about you.
File: foamtop.png (719 KB, 939x665)
719 KB
719 KB PNG
if you have something acidic or salty it can make you salivate a lot quickly to dilute it which can feel weird if it happens suddenly. try taking small sips so your salivary glands adjust. or you could have a mild fruit allergy.
I see. That kind of makes sense

Also I have to make a correction, it's not my sinuses. but it's more the inside of my cheeks going all the way to the back of my jaw.

File: eps.jpg (22 KB, 331x411)
22 KB
How do I cook asparagus properly
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asperger water
you're an idiot retard fagg
File: download (1).png (2 KB, 133x150)
2 KB

what from?
asparagus cum

>A viral post on Facebook in January 2017, led to a Western Australian woman’s name becoming known. Years later, nearly two and a half years, to be exact; the fact that Morgan has since died has reached the United States.

>Morgan Jane Gibbs died as a result of suicide in August 2017. Some of her friends say that her death by suicide was due to relentless cyberbullying that came following a viral post, a joke they said. Other friends said that they do not know what caused Morgan Jane Gibbs to feel hopeless enough to take her own life.

>With thousands of shares and comments on the post of Morgan Jane Gibbs shared about her new “clean eating” for her new year’s resolution while posting a picture of sashimi chicken. Sashimi chicken is raw chicken and a Japanese delicacy, which although it is cut leaving the lowest risk of salmonella, there is still a risk. On January 5, 2017, post she said, “Just made chicken medium rare chicken strips. They’re so good can’t believe I’ve never tried it like this before.”

>The post became so popular, another woman used the same photo and post, which also went viral. The post went viral with some laughing with her joke, some attempting to educate her about salmonella poisoning, and others calling her names like “stupid”. Posts are going around making light of her death blaming it on salmonella poisoning, although the jokes appear to be lighthearted, Morgan’s friends ask that people show empathy to the family of the woman who saw no other choice but to take her own life.
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You a leaf or a bong?
They are a faggot people in general, only a notch above those cocksucking canadians.
>women do thing
we do what we are told.
Yeah fuck Austrians

wine snobs BTFO
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Pretty much overlapped with the Portlandia era of chickens served with executive bios at the local farm to table joint, yes.

Interesting. What races have the best taste in wine, in your view?
Yeah, anything over 10 dollars is retarded.
>what does this mean
It means that you're still a virgin.
Based and devilish

File: mexican-food-1561970_1920.jpg (340 KB, 1920x1280)
340 KB
340 KB JPG
how do i keep tortillas / burritos closed?
i usually eat these in the kitchen because i can't get them to stay closed on a plate long enough to make them all and sit down.
and i assume this is why at family dinners they are made one-after-the-other at the table.
any tips?
i dont have a dining table, only a computer desk and couch
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File: fry.jpg (100 KB, 1280x720)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
real easy. put butter on the bottom and top. then grill/pan fry it. makes the tortilla a little crunchy and seals it.

should be browned on both sides lookin a bit like this
Don’t do this OP
It’s extra work and extra unnecessary calories. Just make sure it’s flat and pull one side and keep rolling but don’t overfill it
fpbp. and you don't need to oil it like this fatfuck>>13233247
half a minute on each side is more than enough.
carnitas is pork
There’s a million yt videos that can show you how to fold a burrito, but I’d wager that your problem is you’re using store bought tortillas and not doing anything to soften them up and make them more pliable first.

Welcome to /omg/ the nitty gritty of cooking and preparing tasty offal.

Feel free to request and share offal recipes.

A good entry level offal dish is liver and sweet onions with parsley.
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>and removing connective tissue and the occasional gallbladder
What are they supposed to look like?
File: 1407127165944.jpg (43 KB, 396x423)
43 KB
I drink lots of vodka. That cleans out my system, and even cleans my teeth (I haven’t brushed in years, and haven’t had a cavity since).

I also eat a liverwurst sandwich pretty much every day – to counterbalance the effects the vodka has on my liver. I make my sandwiches on seeded rye (because it’s the healthiest bread), with mayo (because eggs are the best protein; I use kewpie, because the msg makes it taste better), coarse mustard (good for the white blood cells), zucchini pickles (because they taste good), and a bunch of baby spinach (just for filler; it could honestly be left out).

I also eat a lot of canned fish (mostly sardines, but also the occasional fancy smoked oysters) on saltines. They give you all your essential amino acids, and provide a nice opportunity to try out various hot sauces, which are generally very low in calories, while high in flavor and immensely prodigious to healthiness.

Aside from that, I drink large amounts of water (anywhere between ice-cold to slightly chilled) every day, always through a straw, and sometimes with a lemon wedge.

To each their own, I say, but I’m just shy of 30 and am doing better than most of you.
Haven't seen this pasta in a while

Yes, we know, american pizza isn't pizza, american bread isn't bread, american cheese isn't cheese etc etc
ok boomer
File: 1552764398746.png (1.28 MB, 823x1022)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB PNG
Probably the most subtly clever goza thread I’ve ever seen.
Correct, it is a picture of a pizza

File: The_Oceanaire_2.0.0.0.jpg (119 KB, 511x447)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
Do you like oysters? I recently had them for the first time like 3 months ago and now I have some cravings for them.
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You can taste a bad oyster almost immediately. The second you get one spit it out, call it quits, act like you’re about to vomit and your entire meal is on the house. Their fault for selling you old shit
Yeah. I’m thinking that’s based.
Looks good my anon
I love raw fish and fishy things in general but I had oysters for the first time and hated them. They had the consistency of mucus. And I had them on a seafront rrstaurant, so theyre the freshest you can get.

I'm a dishwasher and I hate every one of you faggots

Stop cooking
Stop producing dishes
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People forget dish washing is as vital to a restaurant as a chef. High end places dont want you blowing off $10/hr of work to go want with the boys on the weekend. They want you to not be able to afford to miss a day.
Dunkin donuts
My coworker took the picture but the other two sinks were filled to the brim too
I'm thinking of getting a different job because washing dishes is mundane and a little uncomfortable, but I'm working 30 hours weeks and paying my bills just fine. Hard to tell a pretty girl you wash dishes and still expect to bed her, though. I personally go with "Culinary Instrument Sanitation Manager".
>turn for 5 seconds
>co-worker dumps greasy buttery trays and utensils in my detergent sink
>visit tonights dishwasher
>all his sinks have thick yellow grease lining the top of his detergent and sanitize sinks
>water which should be at least cloudy blue or white is a nasty shade of green/brown
>everything he "washes" has a greasy film all over it
Doesn't look that bad desu
Mostly big pans that'll fit inside eachother and they're not even that dirty.

File: 1574092668812.webm (1.1 MB, 1280x720)
1.1 MB
What are you baking ladies?
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File: IMG_8682.jpg (193 KB, 1024x682)
193 KB
193 KB JPG
>feel better
I wish, but from what I know the sickness will persist for the next 2 months, and that's if I'm lucky. Thanks for the encouraging words though, have a festive raclette pic.
File: 1565444571300.jpg (13 KB, 361x360)
13 KB
g-godd dam- dam- god damn it, I'm so lonely and hor- so lonely and hor-, I'm so lLLL

Goddammit that fucking melts my rotten heart.
I would like to watch it

Any of you fu/ck/s ever try banana milk?
Store just started stocking this and I'm tempted to try. It's like $5 for a quart though
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
i tried it once a long time ago.. i forget which brand. it was not flavorful and very watered down
>Ingredients :
It's the flaxseed oil
Ahhh. Don't you have to eat like 4 times as much omega 3 from flaxseed to match fish based sources?
Well anyways, I sell this stuff and my customers tell me it's good in smoothies, but I don't like that price compared to just normal milk.
Fucking love banana milk but most of not all brands I’ve found are super high in sugar

Buy ON Gold Standard banana flavored whey instead. Cheaper by volume, can store without refrigeration, protein for gainz, tastes just like sugary banana milk when mixed with milk, and you control the fat content based on what you mix it with.

Why are burgers the best food?
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I think we can all at least agree than the 30 minute one is the least appetising
froppy a shit
Rent free
>Not nuggies
Why not just make one, takes 5 minutes. I have a permanent pack of 500g mince in my fridge and make burgers nearly every day, and they are far superior and far less greasy than anything you could buy.

ITT post the best dish you've had recently. the one you'd stab someone to eat right now.

pic related, had a fucking godly beef carpaccio at a restaurant two weeks ago. Can't stop thinking about it
carpaccio is fucking great

File: Amb.jpg (2.06 MB, 2964x3214)
2.06 MB
2.06 MB JPG
Welcome to /tea/. This is a thread for general discussion about tea, tisanes, and mate.

What are you drinking today?

/tea/ FAQ:

2013 Shou Mei aged white tea cake from Fuding
128 replies and 25 images omitted. Click here to view.
Got my first order of tea in, bout to join the ranks of gong fu brewers.

The drunk on red black, smells of cherry or watermelon to me, before you smell it’s delightful black tea scent.

The pu-erh, as expected smells fishy and savoury. I like it, it’s mild and smooth, almost soothing in a way.

And the green tea sampler I was not expecting smells deliciously of stewed broccoli and Brussels sprouts.

I am so excited I am not sure which to try first
ah fuck gyokuro is fucking elder god tier
but it's also elder god tier expensive :(
The yunan sourcing guy says to let tea air out for a week after shipping. That is complete overkill but leave the ripe puer out of the plastic bag for a day or two away from any strong odors before you try it. In fact I would recommend breaking up a small portion of the cake and leaving it uncovered in a glass or mug or something for a few days that will help it air out any fishyness. Don't forget you can also do two rinses of 10-15 seconds each to tone down the funk a bit. But it will probably be fine, it tends to smell more than it tastes like that.
I like that gaiwan cup combo. I dunno how strong snow flowers in that black tea are flavorwise but you might not want to brew them in that gaiwan if it is raw clay. It might make the clay take on that flavor.
Just drink raw/sheng (green) puer or switch to oolong. They are only semi fermented so they should have much less polyphenols than black tea or ripe puer.
Thanks for all the advice, also do I store the cakes in the plastic bags or is it okay to Just leave them on my shelf?

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