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File: 20190625_185107.jpg (2.34 MB, 4032x2268)
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2.34 MB JPG
I made pastitsio. Basically a Greek style lasagna. Bucatini, a zestier than normal ground beef sauce, topped with bechamel. Olive oil and lemon roasted potatoes.

Pls r8.
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BTW Have I mentioned I'm vegan?
How long did this take you to prepare? Seems intensive
Not OP but pastitsio takes a ton of time so I’m not surprised Greek restaurants have trouble making it fresh. The tomato meat sauce takes a good hour or so to simmer and once it’s put together it takes another hour in the oven. Add in the time it takes to prep the ingredients, cook the pasta, and make the bechamel sauce and it takes me a good 3-4 hours to make.
Looks good but weird choice for a side
Kill yourself

my favorite food is stuffed pigeons
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Okay Joffrey.
Based vegan poster
That's not a real food.
Nice try but those aren't pigeons.
lmao you can see their wings

File: 81toHkwBX+L._SL1500_.jpg (163 KB, 825x1500)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
Do you ever ride the Tiger?
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No but I rode your mom
i live in vietnam and this shit is probably the most drinked beer here, probably only beatened by pic related
File: images.jpg (14 KB, 247x204)
14 KB

Bretty good light beer. Pretty enjoyable to drink when I find it. Pic related is my favourite light beer after living in Panama for a bit.
From Singapore, always surprised that people like tiger. It’s a nice beer for sure but unexpectedly popular.
This shit is all over Duterteland, it's okay.

Recently moved into a shared house.
The only refrigerator is shared, and I don't want to store my food in a refrigerator that druggies have access to. Some of these guys are really sketchy and are also unhygienic.

I need ideas for healthy food that I can buy in bulk and keep at the house, ideally unrefrigerated.
Peanut butter and jelly and bread is a good example. It doesn't need to be refrigerated and provides for multiple meals that are somewhat nutritious.
Buying a box of crackers would be a bad example because it is unhealthy.

I would consider storing raw food in the shared fridge, because it is unlikely to be touched by a druggie, because it is raw.
An example of raw food would be hamburger meat.
Milk would be a bad example of a food that needs to be refrigerated because it is something that a druggie would touch.

Anyone been in this situation before?
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Op here. I just got back to the thread.
That guy who was replying to you isn't me.
You both did a pretty good job of derailing the thread though. I hope you're proud.
Makes no sense to me either, but pretty much all of south America is like this
them stealing and pawning his valuables then denying it, keeping the place a mess way beyond what even the worst of normal people would tolerate
good though. straight protein powder and olive or veggie oil would be cheaper per nutrition unit which is of concern to OP and neither require refrigeration
You're looking for foods like jerky, but that's expensive. Home made trail mix will last you longer than almost anything you can make with a couple nuts and brown sugar.

Bananas held in your room are also a good idea, anything safe at room temp for a week or so that can be a small meal/snack.

How come he had a hard time perfecting this Famous Filipino Desert?

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What the fuck is ube?
It's a yam.
You know how a yam is a trash version of a potato? An ube is a trash version of a yam.

Probably in poo-land on where you live sand nigger. Everything taste like organic shit.
that's ironic
pigskins are literally delusional

>country fried chick-
It isn't
File: IMG_6552-2-EDITED.jpg (923 KB, 4000x2666)
923 KB
923 KB JPG
>letting Nips steal a wonderful dish
Gomen sensei
This time, I have to go all out
>gang signals a dump truck to dump white gravy

File: revolt.png (336 KB, 900x900)
336 KB
336 KB PNG
let's be real here
rockstar > monster > red bull

File: 1540506066819.webm (2.71 MB, 400x230)
2.71 MB
2.71 MB WEBM
>just made an egg sandwich exactly like in this webm
>it was delicious
Has any /ck/ meme inspired your IRL cooking?

webm thread
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you sound mad, did someone assult you?
File: 1534152043149.gif (663 KB, 250x188)
663 KB
663 KB GIF
based bartender poster
They use the eggzit
You sound mad, did someone hurt you recently?
All that faffing around and he doesn't even put some cracked black pepper on it.

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Mr. Feeny said a similar thing to Corey in Boy Meets World when he was a teenager. The actor who played Corey is about 40 years old now, which means either people in your generation used "like" the exact same way, or you're a 60 year old man on 4chan. Either way, you're a faggot.
my dad worked in food service his entire life and if we go anywhere to eat he finds something to complain about for a free meal
i honestly don’t know how any industry workers can pull that shit because it’s so infuriating when it happens to you
>Blonde bimbo screeching about some hair she found in her food
>it’s yellow
>entire staff has black hair
Grody post.
Like, what like the fuck like are you like on about?
Like because like someone else like said something like like what I was like saying like, that like I like must be like 60?
Like you’re like a shit like detective like.

What is it about dark chocolate that makes it so addicting? At first glance, I don't even necessarily enjoy the flavor. It's bitter and acrid. But the flavor has some complexity to it. It develops...there is this subtle deliciousness about it that I can't quite grasp
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Milk chocolate is where it's at and anyone who disagrees is a poser.
File: 1530140575069.gif (51 KB, 413x243)
51 KB
>milk chocolate
the "people" who manufacture it pay two cents more per pound to produce it
better than sex, not that i would know
Chocolate is made up of:
>Casomorphine if the ingredient list includes any milk-fat
It has been described as a pharmacy in bar format.
The chemical make up above includes at least 3 different types of low-strength stimulants (including one in the amphetamine class), a very-weak opoid-based anesthetic, and a chemical responsible for binding with THC-receptors that make marijuana intake pleasurable.
That's all on top of any relative sugar content. I love chocolate as a flavor to the exclusion of nearly every other flavor when given the option, and probably an undiagnosed problem with it.

File: 91wyScn7OtL._SL1500_.jpg (329 KB, 1500x1125)
329 KB
329 KB JPG
Visiting the US right now, bought some snacks earlier and things aren't good. Your Coca-cola tastes strange, your chocolate tastes like musty vomit and 'Twizzlers' taste like plastic. Do you guys actually enjoy this stuff? I'm confused.
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You can go to any Ikea and buy this for like 2.99
T I worked there
Honestly pretty much anything you're gonna find at 7-11 or CVS is going to be garbage. Make sure to try the choco-wine though! lmao.
File: CrankyKong.png (332 KB, 550x623)
332 KB
332 KB PNG
>99% of Europeans have no idea what Hershey‘s is or that American coke uses different recipe.
Everyone who posts on 4chan knows about corn syrup in American Coke and vomit flavored American chocolate you fucking liar.
Obvious bait thread.
Post timestamped products. You can't because you're a lying retard.
>food needs to be bland just like the way my granny ate it!
WWII fucked up European tongues.
American food sucks.

What's your favorite salad /ck/?

For me it's egg salad, the best salad.
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I like toss salad with jelly.

you're mom's
this looks like heaven
maybe if ur gay and retarded
No, I just live in a Dr Seuss world

File: image.jpg (124 KB, 703x691)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
What's your favorite burger?

Leftover pizza
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god I wish that were me
You want to be pizza?
cold pizza is like cold fried chicken. highly underrated.
Yes: pleasantly fatty, desired, and better the next day than I was today

What is objectively the best way to cook a hotdog? What are the best toppings?
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>best way to cook
over a campfire
>Best topping
they're after an A's game
this is correct
hot dog water is more disgusting than bong water
I'm a weirdo. This is my style;
>fry beef/pork hot sausage
>let is cool
>roll in egg mix & flour/bread crumbs
>fry again
>have ciabatta (toasted on both sides) split in middle
>add crunchy sausage
>put in wasabi/habanero/mayo mix on it
>slather hot mustard
>add shavings of fresh carrots, cucumber and fine dice green tomato
>top it with halve black olives, thin sliced zucchini and onions
>lastly, literally, I'll lightly sprinkle brown sugar (this forces me to hold bite for ten seconds and really enjoy the dynamic of tastes)
I'll eat this with a homemade ice tea (no sugar/honey and I'll use some soda water with a shot of Gin).

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