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Would you ever eat a rat? If so, how would you cook it?
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Oh, the incels have found /ck/
Dude, no one thinks for an instant mothers aren't the most selfish little shits on earth, even the spread eagle mothers know that. Grow up.
>Hello, this is chef Wang Gan, and today I'm going to prepare...
File: canerat.jpg (220 KB, 800x1067)
220 KB
220 KB JPG
That's not a cane rat, this is a cane rat.
If you keep someone locked in a room with nothing to eat but a rat, I'm pretty sure most people would eat that rat sooner or later. There aren't many foods people wouldn't eat given enough hunger / desperation.
>how would you cook it?
As thoroughly as possible since they're kind of notorious for being disease carriers.

Your favorite way of cooking this?
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prolly panfrying it skin side down and then a moment or two in the oven although ceviche is delicious too. Ceviche isn't really cooked though
directly from the fridge, no cooking
With the back of a pan crush some peppercorns so they're still in big pieces. Take a salmon filet with the skin on and press skin side down onto the peppercorns so that they stick. Heat up some butter in a pan and place the salmon skin side down into the pan. Cook for a few minutes until the skin crisps up. Flip it over to cook the other side and add some garlic and cherry tomatoes cut in half. Cook the salmon until ready and plate it. With the tomatoes on the pan now almost cooked add some capers.(or don't I don't like capers but some people do). Squeeze down on the tomatoes so you get a bit of a sauce going, maybe add a bit more butter. Pour it over the salmon.

Serve it on top of mashed potatoes and steamed greens of choice.
Having worked in quality assurance in Alaskan fisheries, nematodes are pretty common in most salmon. Freezing them for several days kills them though.
Teriyaki style
Pan fried with sauce

File: images.jpg (15 KB, 275x183)
15 KB
>Improves your health every day for a few bucks.
Why don't you Bragg /ck/?
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>its old knowledge
lmao like the old knowledge that cigarettes were good for you? good to know
File: scoobydobedoo.jpg (18 KB, 480x360)
18 KB
folk lore, move on
So instead of trusting science you are gonna trust some coastie mommy blogger with a degree in Art?
I took magnesium citrate once orally. Never again. Isn't that the stuff that makes you shit your guts out?
You're thinking magnesium hydroxide. After I had taken a lot of hydrocodone for a kidney stone I was completely backed up. A dose of the milk of magnesia and I was was absolutely cleared out. By the end I was shitting clear liquid.

File: food puzzle.png (23 KB, 802x630)
23 KB
can /ck/ solve this puzzle?
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Avacado on toast
Pretty much everything in my country since it's only 150 years old
Any individual family has their own traditions.
Dubs get for this anon being 100% right
File: 1548207211967.png (30 KB, 802x642)
30 KB
Fair trade is a meme to take money from rich people. Whole foods charges a dollar more per pound and gives the farmer 5 cents

I was debating if I should put "it's easy to make" in fair tier, but microwaving a hotpocket is easy and that's pretty lame

File: 51UDZ.jpg (106 KB, 698x819)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
>ask for mid rare
>cut into it
>it's rare
>fuck it, I'm too hungry to send it back
How did you become a rare guy, ck?
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sotty but i dont like eating raw food
well done for me
dont @ me either
i was a rare guy till i accidentally cooked a blue rare steak at home. holy shit bros i'll never go back
File: image0(2).jpg (123 KB, 640x962)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
Rare is only good if its extremely juicy or I feel like LARPing as an anprim caveman
If you like your meat well done, there are just cheaper options.
There are very few meats you can eat rare. Tuna, steak, etc

I have no idea why but this happens when I fry some, seemingly at random. They turn to shitgrease sticks.

Can anyone tell me what's happening?
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File: IMG_9582.jpg (105 KB, 640x859)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
They are soaking up all the grease because it's not hot enough and/or the oil is old.
I'm Enjoying the perfect cheese fries right now OP.
op sounds like a retard, probably start a grease fire trying to test the heat
1. Those aren't fries.
2. That certainly is not cheese. It is American "cheese".
Nothing about that slop is perfect m8
What >>11797707 said. Aldo parboil your fries in water with a bit of vinegar, and freeze before frying. That's the secret to perfect crispy fries

File: joey.png (1.36 MB, 1208x635)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB PNG
what went wrong?
You posted again.
File: 78654786745.jpg (15 KB, 425x453)
15 KB
>tfw the day will come in my lifetime when he won't be back

File: rize coffee.png (905 KB, 879x1068)
905 KB
905 KB PNG
Coffee is such a finicky crop that you can't reliably predict quality with any brand or supplier of whole bean coffee no matter how expensive it is.
Even if your previous bag was heaven, there's absolutely no guarantee that the next bag will be anywhere near as good.
If you ever come across a good, well executed roast, go buy 5 more from the same batch, because it was most likely a fluke.

What are you drinking this week, /ck/?
>go buy 5 more from the same batch
then how would you store it so that it doesn't go stale?
that was obvious bait
>What are you drinking this week, /ck/?
So far this week i've been enjoying Indonesian Bali God Mountain.
>This heavenly tasting, single origin, Arabica has a caramel-laced, peppery spice and a milk Swiss Cocoa finish. Suitable for any brewing method, this speciality coffee will only be available for a limited time.
>This exotic Balinese coffee is grown in the volcanic highlands of Kintamani. In this area, farmers belong to a traditional collective farming group called Subak Abian, an agricultural and religious system guided by the basic principle of the ‘Three Happy Causes’ (Tri Hita Karana). This Hindu philosophy emphasises the relation of the individual to God, to other men, and to the environment. ‘God Mountain’ coffee is produced free from pesticides and fertilizers during growth and prepared using the wet hulled processed for an authentic Indonesian flavour.
Not bad. I don't mind it at all.
>Indonesian coffee
This stuff's like crack.
Green tea

File: 6.jpg (53 KB, 1024x560)
53 KB
Why did sugar in coffee become such a standard thing but not salt in coffee? 100% serious, I swear salt in coffee tastes great and it doesn't overpower the bitterness either.
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If it changes how you taste then how is that not tasting?
You're supposed to make the coffee taste different from unsalted coffee, not make it taste actually salty.
>cant spell anorexic
>doesnt know its not the same as bulimia
Because you're not tasting the salt, the presence of the salt changes how your tounge interprets the bitterness of food.
You might as well say you don't taste the bitterness either because it's just changing how your tongue interprets flavor. If it's a flavor and it changes what you taste then whatever difference you taste is the flavor. Just because it doesn't taste the same as salt on its own doesn't mean you aren't tasting it. No flavor is going to taste the same on its own as it does with some other flavor mixed in.

File: DSC01873.jpg (1.98 MB, 3264x2448)
1.98 MB
1.98 MB JPG
How can you cook dogs at home to get a higher quality of texture/what are the best dogs to buy? It just never tastes the same.
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Please don't encourage him.

If you want the snap you gotta go kogel.

Here's the turbo autismo method. Get a multi pack of cheap hot dogs. Boil all in a medium to large amount of water. Once ready, throw out all the hotdogs and freeze the hot dog water as a stock in 2-3 containers. When you want a hot dog use the stock to really get that hot dog restaurant flavor. Add water from other containers as it boils off, but keep a cloudy water ratio. Coneys boil 100 hot dogs a day in the same pot that's why the flavor is so much more compounded.
File: 1497862924395.jpg (125 KB, 556x702)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
I know this is secretly a steelie thread.
Boil, refrigerate, then microwave
>Thit Cho Luoc - Steamed dog
>Cha Cho - Grilled dog
>Rua Man - Steamed dog in shrimp sauce, rice flour and lemon grass
>Doi Cho - Dog sausage with dog blood, peanuts, vegetables and neck bone
>Gieng Me Mam Tom - Steamed dog in shrimp sauce, ginger, spices and rice vinegar
>Canh Xao Mang Cho - Bamboo shoot and dog bone marrow
>Cho Xao Sa Ot - Fried dog in lemon grass and chilli

Can /ck/ recommend a good night time tea?
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>another frogposter thread
NO its a TEA thread mr reddit
Frog posters can suck my wedge but chamomille tea really does have a calming effect that helps for sleeping.
File: apuandjesus.jpg (76 KB, 618x741)
76 KB
always mint
coffee >>11798752

File: 2019-fyologist-02[1].jpg (167 KB, 1400x850)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
Don't tell anyone but...

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based fritos burrito poster.
lol maybe the people in your head don't talk like this.
Simple and satisfactory. Tried and true. These are the words that came to mind as you described the combination burrito in your post. The feelings of a better time are conveyed in the steadfast simplicity of your words. They weave together to create a truly complete vision of what the combination burrito means to you. The truth of your description matches the truth of life, the daily routine that we all undertake, and the sweet variations that make the routine that much more worthwhile. Truly excellent prose, I am humbled to be in the presence of a fine and honorable Anon such as yourself.
Great post.
Who the fuck didn't know?
They literally said that on their twitter after they had taken them away again

Does /ck/ approve of Donna's chicken?

29 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
I don't eat scientologist food.
I need to be strong
I don't get it.
She's not even a prude, she even encouraged "nutbag" jokes in one of her previous videos.
Daily reminder ladies, the wall is a real thing. Yikes!
I'm not watching her video because she was always such a shit actress on that 70s show it offended me
File: cara-0y420.jpg (58 KB, 500x562)
58 KB
>awesome for working moms and people who are busy
>tons of prep work
>takes an hour and a half to bake
this chick really has no idea what it means to be busy, does she?

>$1 each at aldi
>copy of impossible burger
Based aldi.
What's the best way to cook/season a plant burger?
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Adding nonplant ingredients will make you gay. I will find you and murder you.
salt and pepper are not animal stuffs.
if your referring to the lard. you'r adding plant based stuff to the lard so it's alright
You could probably use it as filler for meat balls/loaf
Sauté it in cianide and shove it up your ass.
Yes, you can just shove it up your ass. That's what you're really asking and don't even try to lie about it.

why are you so short
and fat
OwO so small anon ill fuck you hard :3
Really? Are you doing midget porn, it's relatively hot nowadays?

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