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File: BINGING+WITH+BABISH.png (119 KB, 640x640)
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119 KB PNG
..y'all....binged today yet?...
He made a Japanese yam cake roll from Steven universe.
sweet beard bro, really compliments the dome
File: caveman2.jpg (108 KB, 727x695)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
dilating with babish
Youtube needs to cool it with their sponsored channels.

File: 816b3GhwvcL._SX425_.jpg (25 KB, 425x493)
25 KB
What's the point of a toaster if a toaster oven exists and does an air fryer replace a toaster oven, then why do we still need big ovens why not make a big air fryer the size of one that could fit a whole turkey
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try frying a whole turkey heh
>air fryer
burn't down my house and that's all I have tosay
File: 1513022685432.png (157 KB, 737x630)
157 KB
157 KB PNG
The point is Babylon 5.

File: 1438370332445.jpg (56 KB, 283x329)
56 KB
>"tater gems"
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>”anime whores”
>animu reaction pictures
File: subhuman.gif (394 KB, 320x240)
394 KB
394 KB GIF
>weeb culture
File: 1533253627817.png (776 KB, 1000x968)
776 KB
776 KB PNG
Monarchist gang UNITE.

File: gkndlddç.jpg (93 KB, 1024x700)
93 KB
This tastes like nothing. Why do the Asians like it so much? I just can't understand.
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next level bait or just retardo
Have you ever eaten asian food? Seasoning is not the problem.
Asians are genetically superior
It's a very reasonable nutritious filler that goes with pretty damn everything. Add any spice or flavorful ingredient and you instantly have a decent, filling dish.
Tiananmen Square Winnie the Pooh Democratic System of Government

File: clif-bar-ad_s.jpg (51 KB, 600x600)
51 KB
Do you like Clif Bars? Do you still like them after watching their new TV ad?

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You sound mad, did someone hurt you?
those shits got soy in them
my gyno don't need no extra inflatin' nomsayin?
The carrot cake ones taste the best
wtf I hate clif bars now

What's your favorite junk food? I'm not talking burgers or reese's cups. I mean the real piece of shit foods. Calorically dense, no nutrition, just garbage.

Mine is pic related. So calorically dense but goddamn I could eat a whole box with a glass of whole milk.
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File: REEEEEEEEEEE kirby.jpg (42 KB, 960x596)
42 KB
You underestimate my power you fool
5 lb tub of cookie dough from costco.

i got pretty sick one night when i ate a lot of it straight from the container, so i started scooping it out into a small bowl to kind of build in a speed bump for me.
File: 1494246835563.png (43 KB, 500x328)
43 KB
these are best with milk

A perfection exists with enough knowledge, so here are some topics and maybe some starting insights. Post inquiries and bring up relevant topics.

•Keto actually has benefits because a). fat utilization is potentiated by low insulinogenics. It's somewhat quantifiable in grams of carbohydrates / hour, with the addition that some foods are simply highly insulinogenic (whey; eggs). The trends for weight loss are usually-low (especially casein, which provides protein for large periods of absorption), with high near intense physical activity (HIIT, simply found with "whole body", or even weighted bicycling). What keeping blood sugar and insulin low does is that hunger chemicals are very correlative with energy homeostasis, cholinergic-dopaminregic rewards, neurotrophy – and are even required for rewards from alcohol.

•The fundamental association is GH, which increases amongst hypoglycemia. Its production increasers are suggesting its usefulness a metric of health and even "an adulthood puberty". Sex hormones, L-DOPA, nicotinic agonists, arginine, GABA, amphetamines, glucagon, niacin, and vigorously exercising are examples, and while each are specifically increasable by certain supplements and behaviors, they're also supported by being so correlative.

>Sex hormones.
Produced from cholesterol, which is obtainable from eggs – and dietary cholesterol hugely downregulates how much is absorbed (e.g., 25 eggs / day only getting 18%).
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Post an argument with quotes and sources.

You too, but especially watching for full nutrition and relevance to already-healthy individuals.
It's no use op. No one here will listen to facts, chemistry, or research based evidence. Abandon these sad sacks of shit and continue with school
>strawberry bruschetta grilled cheese
i like all of those ingredients but it sounds bad together

i'm not really sure what the point of this thread is though. you should be more concise if you're trying to say something in particular.
So, assert an association.

Quite obviously, the ascorbate - pyruvate (which is more utilized in low carbohydrate diets, for gluconeogenesis) channels are much more correlative with health than apparent. (Noticeably, the CVD risks were meager.)

The points are simple – "there are a lot of inquiries of various topics; getting answers is within plausibility".

File: chocolate.jpg (10 KB, 219x178)
10 KB
Why is chocolate so goddamn hard to temper?
I've tried:
>double boiler
>Sous-vide vacuum sealed
>Sous-vide water bath with chocolate in pan
The water bath + pan seems to be the best option right now, I've had it turn out great ONCE but even with repeating the exact same steps I can't get it to turn out as good.
Any recommendations?
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Wtf is tempering
making it into a dildo
this. i pity the fools who don't use a microwave
it has to be hard and retarded or else it's not authentic
The only actually good way to do it is by using industrial machinery where it's automated and selfregulating. Tempering already requires absolute precision, may as well let machines do the work for you.

I couldn't live without it.
why don't people out ketchup on baked potatoes?
Found the american.

File: 1556770295048-01.jpg (37 KB, 300x250)
37 KB
This thread is for all coffee related discussion and inquiries.
>What ya drinking?
>Where's it from?
>You getting any more or you gonna buy something else?

Old thread >>12464251
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Imagine hating variety
File: 1543808529676.jpg (38 KB, 720x526)
38 KB
>eat my ass /ck/
sure. It'll taste better than your coffee.
I like coffee.
who here extra early morning coffee?

File: Shawarma-Skewers.jpg (92 KB, 624x416)
92 KB
Hey I'm having trouble finding authentic/consistent recipes for the spices used in making chicken schwarma. Cooking the chicken is fine, but I have never nailed down the essential spices.

So far I figure there is some paprika but after that I'm stumped. Cumin? Cloves? Corriander? Tumeric? I'm a little stumped, and a little help on ratios would be appreciated.

Currently I'm using mostly paprika, and a little cumin and cloves but its not anything like what I've had out and about.
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I know these things always use a ton of garlic, but oregano seems a bit off the mark. Do have any source for this info?

I'd love to hear from someone who has worked in one of these kitchens.

This sounds pretty good. Any word on the ratios? I haven't tried ginger so that might be the missing piece. Thanks a ton.

Somewhat important is that I think I've been skimping on the lemon juice. I'll try adding a bunch more in the next batch.
And can anyone comment on coriander? I can quite get a feel for the flavor. It tastes earthy? I'm not a huge fan and generally don't enjoy the taste by itself.
Also kinda skipped when you said you worked in a kitchen. Really appreciate the advice
The chicken and beef shwarma always sold really well, and the only reason the restaurant went under was because the owners were sneaky Quebecois and tried to fuck their employees at every turn. You didn't ask, but I thought I'd throw that in.

When it comes to the lemon juice, don't be shy with it. You should have enough in there that it covers the meat in whatever sort of container you're marinating it in.

I used to go a bit lighter with the coriander myself, as the flavour isn't one I'm nuts about, but I believe the ratio of spices was about 1:1. The paprika and turmeric (fuck, forgot turmeric in my first post) was mostly for color.
Interested, I really have a hard time with distiguishing what they put in there. I cant pick out any of the spices. Probably a boatload of msg too.
This doesn't make sense to me you use most of this stuff in curry or chili and stuff like that but it doesn't taste anywhere close to it. I feel like there's some other spice I've never used that they put in.
It's a chicken doner kebab.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (145 KB, 1280x720)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
Is it possible to cook a banana cake but vegan and no oven?
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No it won’t, you’re just a brainlet, shit cook, a flyover, and coping

Learn to aquafaba
t. Doesn’t even bake
We’re talking about banan bread, which is, in fact, a type of cake that doesn’t need egg.
Is it possible to end my life?
File: 1506466965796.jpg (100 KB, 1024x768)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
is it possible to replace a banana with meat?

your soylent delivery's here!
where do you want it, sir?
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>literally couldn't come up with anything better than more stale meme and "heh kiddo"
nuchan can't even flame
File: images.jpg (7 KB, 309x163)
7 KB
File: wlo5za8onz011.jpg (130 KB, 621x542)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
>He thinks it's a meme
Hello! Wow, I don't think I've ever spoken to such a mentally disabled person, are your parents proud that you can type on a keyboard well enough to form a sentence? Good for you, keep working on it, anon, someday you'll find success.
In my butt

File: 58-og.jpg (66 KB, 500x702)
66 KB
What's the food equivalent of Anthony Fantano?
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The wolfe pit is 1,000,000 times more self aware and authentic than the melon sellout. He should be hung and beaten with bats while he suffocates. The wolfe pit fucking ownes and I wish he and his family the best.
I pretty much only watch you suck at cooking
>he and his family
I think you need to go back to school
File: 1535518418078.jpg (42 KB, 475x474)
42 KB
You're replying to Wolfe Pit
boiled cabbage

Heh. What do you think these taste like?
7 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
little girls
Ariel's tit-milk.
chicken of the sea

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