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i have a substantial quantity of top notch domestic (organic or w/e) tomato and chilies and i would appreciate suggestions on what to do with it.

i dont want to make tons of gazpacho nor tomato pure nor cooked tomato which i already have.

i would avoid some western ketchup based/bbq sauces.

im looking for something asian, like some sambal or sriracha or hot chili, garlicky, oily sauce which could last at least couple of months.

it would be nice if you have some OG recipes to link.
Sounds dope, but I like really acidic food. Sounds like people might find it sharp.
File: Canning-Feature.jpg (13 KB, 300x300)
13 KB
start canning
Forget the tomato, go chilis, lime, sugar and garlic. Pulse that shit and use lime/sugar to taste.
yeah i also have that. im specifically trying to find some tomato based sauce and with an asian flick.
I like enter the dragon myself, maybe shaolin soccer is lore your thing though

What time do you usually eat dinner?

I find 5:30pm is best. Anyone who regularly eats dinner past 6:30pm is likely uncivilized and/or some sort of scoundrel.
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~7 to 8PM
blackguard reporting in
breakfast is for suckers
I have to be at work at 430 in the morning so i usually eat around 6 and go to bed by 8 or 9
Being an overworked wagecuck forced into core hours is a great way to live poor. Sure you make 70k+ but having no ability to control your schedule makes that cash useless.
6-8 is ideal, but 7:00 is patrician hour

Why is brandy so unpopular compared to whiskey?
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I'd rec Chateau Arton Fine Blanche if you can find it. It's a nice light armagnac that still has the aroma and flavor of dark/aged armagnac but without being overbearing.
If you like it, the same company also makes vintaged armagnacs, but they're expensive. The fine blanche is not at all expensive.
all spirits do
Because Brandy is meant to be tasted, and Americans drink to get drunk. You think people actually taste whiskey instead of just swallowing the shot whole? Shit make you want to vomit.
whiskey is a fraction the cost of bandy to make.
here in South Africa brandy is cheaper than whisky, and generally of high quality

nothing comfier than a glass of KWV 10 yr old on a winter's night, or a Klipdrift & coke by the braai

File: 1565719139090.png (165 KB, 300x300)
165 KB
165 KB PNG
How much cheese is too much cheese?
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File: Lasagna.png (291 KB, 797x474)
291 KB
291 KB PNG
It's too much cheese if it prevents you and your partner from being intimate
Imitation cheese you fagdick.
Any amount of cheese is too much cheese before a date
File: Buff Cheese.png (408 KB, 600x600)
408 KB
408 KB PNG

File: 100_2246.jpg (1.95 MB, 3296x2472)
1.95 MB
1.95 MB JPG
opening these up now
it's been 6 days so they better be ready

previous threads
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He evidently thinks blue cheese originated in France.
You’re a fucking mong.
thx m8 i know
so do you actually plan on building dishes around your future perfect eggs or is this just for the greater good?
I have family in Quebec.
honestly? a big part of it is just that I enjoy learning more about the behaviour of materials
I'll probably at some point find a way to do something dumb like boil an egg without cooking it

individual flavour combinations may limit it's uses, as you couldn't reliably mix certain materials into it, and while there may be some different materials that can do similar things without those limitations, they may not be available, while eggs are usually fairly abundant.

another very interesting material gelatin for example, I wouldn't think is very common in less developed places, salt is a fair bit more common, but maybe not to the extent we have access to. Limited tools may be available, as well as limited skills, or dexterity.
I find these sorts of scenarios interesting, but they're more just an after thought to satisfying my own curiousity usually.

some things however I start with a curiousity for improving things for someone else, like recently I was trying to figure out a microbatch bread recipe that could be made by simply adding a set amount of water to a shelf stable dry mix, and then very quickly baked without the need of flipping. This sort of bread could help the elderly, specifically widowers who lost their wives and never learned to cook for themselves but can't work through a loaf of bread on their own before it goes bad, and allows them to have fresh bread at every meal like they used to.
I'd like to think of myself as a good person but the driving force really mainly is just curiousity

File: sirpizza.png (30 KB, 359x160)
30 KB
What's your opinion on Sir Pizza? (or Pizza King depending on where you're located.)
Pizza King is the greatest pizza in Indiana. I've never heard it called Sir Pizza, though. More to the topic, though, I find their franchising to be strange. Most just seem to do their own thing. There were two in my hometown growing up that were pretty similar, but you could tell they used different quality ingredient. The one in the town over from us, only 15 minutes away, had ice cream which I thought was amazing. They also had the TVs with N64s set up at the tables.
Now, I live closer to Indianapolis and the ones in Zionsville and Noblesville have the gimmicky phones and the trains which are definitely neat. They also seem to be more uniform.

File: onion.jpg (105 KB, 1000x667)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
Just started in a kitchen, prep'd a couple hundred onions. How do I remove the stink of onions from my hands? I showered and washed my hands with soap more than 5 times. halp
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scrub with some salt
rub your wet hands on stainless steel
Wash your hands with stainless steel like a bar of soap.

I use the back of the knife blade as I'm washing off the residue / bits of skin.

May be all in my head but can't hurt, no garlic fingers the next day since doing that. (Still wash with soap too obviously)

im trying that orange, textured mechanic soap next. If not work I will live with the smell. rip
File: jakelaugh.gif (1.78 MB, 400x276)
1.78 MB
1.78 MB GIF
yeah the orange soap is pretty good when it's new but orange dish soap with salt or sugar will do the same thing but better
I use it on pretty stubborn stuff

also you might not have thought of this, wash your forearms. If you've been doing this all day chances are it's right up to your elbows, especially if you've been just getting a little sniff now and then

this is just reminding me of new people complaining about their laundry smelling like rancid butter after slinging pork bellies all day

File: moes-new.png (292 KB, 624x352)
292 KB
292 KB PNG
>tfw no bar like Moe's Tavern near me

How I am supposed to survive without a nearby divebar to get shithoused at?
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Haha this. If I could get along with strangers I wouldn’t be drinking.
hnnnnnggggg ugh stiff hard cock
Depressant is not the same as depression, retard
Church. Dollar pool, you know the bartender and it's not crowded. Lot's of niggers but if you got money, you own the jukebox and can use it against the powers of jungle music. Shit some of 'em are even pretty cool.

God a miss cocaine sometimes.

Going to thailand any reccomendationa on what i should eat that i cant get in east coast usa?
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Every American restaurant is better than every restaurant in every other country. Fact. So basically bring a bunch of food with you so you don’t starve from the inedible bullshit they’ll try to feed you.
Thai food imo is actually pretty shitty lol. Go for a restaurant with Esan roots though, i remember that was the only food my gf gave me that i genuinely enjoyed
I hear ladyboys are quite authentic over there. Have you considered them, OP?
pad thai
I'm Isan myself and can confirm. There are some variations on recipes that I like which I think have a lot of merit in their sense of contrast, emphasis on flavors not typically emphasized by Western cuisine, but its mostly just hardy and salty, and beef jerky gets stuck in my teeth so much; I fucking hate it.

who /entire bag of doritos a day/ here?
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File: Doritos_Guacamole-2.jpg (71 KB, 336x448)
71 KB
I did once with a bag of the guacamole doritos, no joking my shit was green the next day. They were kind of addictive which is why I downed an entire bag.
That is literally the best flavor.
File: serveimage.png (460 KB, 500x698)
460 KB
460 KB PNG
It better be family sized, my dude.

File: 1563896801812.jpg (212 KB, 2400x1350)
212 KB
212 KB JPG
Aside from butter and salt, what do you top your popcorn with
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nacho cheese
Nutritional yeast harvested from your mum's snatch.
No meme, soya sauce, sesame oil, nori shreds, sesame seeds, cayenne powder, and Cholula.
I dip it in ranch......can I die now.
spray it with malt vinegar

Why aren’t there any Australian Aboriginal restaurants in the US? Been in many cities and never seen one. I’m sure there must be some unique dishes they’ve developed over the millennia and hipsters would flock to that kind of place.

Aussies, what’s your favorite Abo dish?
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Abbos are supposed to have super human vision and some other heightened senses. Maybe something in their diet causes that.
classic Aussie comedy show that is a parody of the classic "outback outdoors travel & camping" genre of TV shows.
It's called Russel Coight's All Aussie Adventures, it's full of sight gags like that.
Genuine question. Have there ever been any well known abo intellectuals in Straya?
There are no buffalo in the North America. Bison aren’t buffalo
I thought you were posting from North America

One more month until THE BEST food season is here. What fall foods will you be eating? Pic related
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unfortunately the weather associated with fall lasts for only the month of december here so I'll probably miss it
I think you mean autumn.
Blueberry cream pie is great, too.
Cheesecake isn't the best cake since it's not even a cake at all.
pumpkin pie is not a pie either its a tart

File: 10101849_5437abba7db21.jpg (114 KB, 324x500)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
Food you love but is illegal where you live
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File: UtJzEoz.jpg (35 KB, 670x325)
35 KB
I was curious about that number too; this is from their website:
>Our signature "-196˚C Strong Zero method" production process starts by instantaneously freezing fruits in liquid nitrogen at -196˚C Strong Zero, locking in flavor from fruit. After freezing, we pulverize and soak it all in alcohol.

It’s the boiling point of nitrogen. Neat but yeah, not readily interpreted on a can.
They have quite large and more importantly quite complex brains. Whales are so intelligent that they have their own language in the form of whalesong. We simply cannot comprehend it well due to the alien nature of their minds, adapted for social behavior but not tool use or land dwelling. Theirs is a different intelligence, but one that arguably has the same level of self awareness.
Maybe you meant to post
File: cK81y.jpg (64 KB, 720x960)
64 KB

File: Speck.png (2.15 MB, 1200x800)
2.15 MB
2.15 MB PNG
I’ll start.

>Today I’ve eaten pic related, it was specktacular!
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the holocaust wasn't real
Eat a salad
lose some weight
google "speck"

btw we got that pretty tasty and unhealthy thing called "boczek" here. All my life I translated it as "bacon", but it was wrong. Speck is proper word. If not for faggot OP I wouldn't know that.
sometimes i wipe so hard blood comes out

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