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File: 0221190918.jpg (1.63 MB, 3264x1836)
1.63 MB
1.63 MB JPG
off to a refreshing start this fine workday
what're you /sipping/, /ck/?
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>puts a little pep in your step
How about a little tingle in your dingle?

Leafs are too busy with their legal dog fucking to bother legalizing creatine

Puts a real rock in your cock

No, really, people get kidney stones from that shit
Definitely the best energy drink I've ever had. Wish they made that same flavor in a non-energy drink form honestly.
File: tfwicecoldsips.jpg (44 KB, 640x526)
44 KB
Blessed /sip/ thread
it's literally just a liquid version of their preworkout
it's called HI-C, faggot

File: 1bw4g9.jpg (56 KB, 500x375)
56 KB
>mcdonalds changed their dollar menu again
now a fucking mcchicken is $1.29. Fuck this place, what fast food joint officially has the best bang for my buck? Burger king with their $1 ten-piece nuggets? Taco bell with the one buck frito burrito? I'm so mad at mickey d's right now, fucking scammers, I know it only costs them like 3 cents to produce a mcchicken
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A McChicken is four bucks here (PNW)
i got some, 2 for $1.49 which isn't that great but better than taco bell, and I thought they were pretty amazing, probably about as tasty as taco bell, but cheaper and greasier, which I like, more calories for my money. I think i've found my new addiction
What kind of fucking shit ass coffee are you drinking? I bet you're the type of faggot who thinks they're hot shit for drinking their coffee black, too.
I’m sure it costs more than 3¢ to make a mcchicken. Don’t forget about the 4 dummies it takes to prepare your shitty chicken sandwich.

1 to fry it, 1 to assemble it, 1 to add the chicken patty, and 1 to hand it to you.

File: ryukoblush.jpg (48 KB, 750x750)
48 KB
Are site like Doordash and Uber Eats worth it? I'm afraid I may someday end up drunk and craving Taco Bell.
When I use doordash for non-delivery restaurants the food usually came soggy and lukewarm
>drunk and craving Taco Bell
Just drive there you pussy

File: blue_moon_mist-SM.jpg (431 KB, 461x1167)
431 KB
431 KB JPG
Anybody else get a craving for soda pop immediately in the morning because of how good the bubbles feel on their throats? It's like scratching an itch and nothing else does it better, and I'm certainly not shoving anything down my throat
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It's affordable
You get that craving because you're addicted to sugar and need to fill yourself with it moments after waking up.
Not really, I like the way it scratches my throat after a long dehydrated sleep

I drink water for the hydration, but the soda is for the physical action of scratching my throat
Have you tried drinking cock? Tickles your throat without the unnecessary sugar intake.

Based. Vintage is a close 2nd and it's super cheap.
Pellegrino is like the champagne of soda water though

What does government cheese taste like?
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If you're a woman it's 70k
Do Americans really eat this?
Just searched up the welfare cliff and it was fucking depressing. America has a dark future ahead if we continue this welfare madness.
>zero mention of race
>accuse of racism
That's just a tacit admission on your part that it's minorities who are fucked hardest by these traps.

File: shabang.png (897 KB, 600x968)
897 KB
897 KB PNG

Little late bruv and yeah its interesting but they are just chips.


How many calories in this meal?
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6 pieces double fried wings - 1400 cal
1/2 lb french fries - 700 cal
30g tub of ranch sauce - 150 cal
ITT: Proof that fatasses can't accurately calorie count
>actually counting calories
t. neurotic

simply not necessary
What do u think it is then?

I think that I will have the steak
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I start with the 6 oysters and an aperitif of Dubonnet Blanc , then the Porterhouse blue-rare with the Lyonnaise potatoes and a Cabernet Sauvignon and for desert I take the Crème Brûlée and a coffee with cream.

This is what I ate on my most recent time at Morton's.

Really easy to spend over $100 on a meal at Morton's. But it's good.
they serve french fries there

I'm going to order the chicken fingers and NO ONE CAN STOP ME
"I'm afraid we don't serve steak here, sir."
I really like Ruth's Chris :)

God has forsaken us.
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>boiled water
>boiling water
>he think it’s the same

Based and blackpilled
File: cheque plz.jpg (27 KB, 584x497)
27 KB
how much rice do i make?
just a fistful

fucking measure your shit! this is a terrible cookbook

File: bbq wings.jpg (136 KB, 590x393)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
how do you take your wings and with what sides?
>deep fried, no breading
>spicy bbq sauce. i usually make homemade with habanero for heat
> fries with homemade queso dip.
my queso recipie is literally just white american cheese, milk and jalapenos thrown into a double boiler till melted. sometimes i'll add tomatoes and/or garlic but really those three ingredients are fine as long as the jalapenos are good and spicy not sweet.
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I can eat a lot and usually do but with wings for some reason 10 is my limit. Any time I’ve gotten 15 I can’t finish it
that's not "on the bbq", that's on the grill. the grill is what you use to cook. see that thing with the metal grill? that's called a grill. bbq is a sauce
Well I love wings more than gentleman of darker skin, eat the cartilage, marrow and bone if I haven’t eaten for the day besides these wings
Mate, they call it a barbie here.
It's not the temperature of the chicken, it's how done the crust is. Well done is just shy of burnt.

File: mold.jpg (117 KB, 877x500)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
nothin personnel kid..
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You can put a slice in the toaster it defrosts and toasts at the same time, you can also take the toaster into the bath with you to keep the water hot
I tried this once and it doesn't work. It just trips the safety in the fusebox.
Just tried to take you up on your advice but how do you keep the bread down? I ended up gagging after a few bites
Not sure if you're joking or not, but does bread mold actually change the taste that much? I've never tried it
It tastes fucking awful.

Will I be okay if I eat 1 bag of haribo gummy bears a day as my only form of sweets? I’m 22, in shape, and I have an otherwise healthy diet. Don’t drink sodas or juice of course. My logic is that since I’m goin to have some form of sweets everyday, some days more than others, what if I just evened it all out by having a consistent form of sugar of the same amount every day.

I know the ideal consumption should maybe be none or a few a week but I love sugar. I posted this on another board but wanted more opinions.
13 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I just buy a couple of bags of boiled sweets and then after dinner take a couple. The slow release of sugar is enough to satisfy me until dinner has gone down.

Right now I'm on lemon sherberts and mint humbugs.
I have a 10oz bag in the freezer. It says 9 servings , you fat fuck.
Yeah eating too much gummi shit gives me shits the consistency of egg yolks. Maybe it'll get better if you let your body get used to it but who knows.

if ur srs, i would recommend you mouthwash and brush shortly after. letting the shit sit around in your teeth is the bad part.

i hear that immediately brushing after eating is bad though? idk this is cooking board, just be aware and rinse ur mouth out my boy

File: 1512238301051.png (152 KB, 310x416)
152 KB
152 KB PNG
>its friday and hes not eating pizza
bruh do you even friday right
I had pizza last week

File: IMG_20190222_090100~2.jpg (512 KB, 2344x1391)
512 KB
512 KB JPG
Rate my jelly filled donut, /ck/?

Outside of donut.
3 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
But donut man fills up with jelly with pump, not cut donut in half to make jelly donut sandwich.
is your donut on its period?
File: Jelly-Donut.jpg (267 KB, 1200x966)
267 KB
267 KB JPG
Looks tasty, I do love a jelly donut. I love to tongue the jelly hole, like the tighter intimate parts of a beautiful female
They need to make a raspberry and chocolate cream filled one.
Ungh, that fake fucking chocolate cream I can taste it right fucking now and I know that it's killing me slowly but holy fuck is it delicious.

File: Screenshot_17.jpg (93 KB, 674x828)
93 KB
>thinks he's a chef
>only knows how to cook meat

Hmm...that's gonna be a YIKES from me, retard.
Also I am gay

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