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Don’t be like me and try pizza from a sandwich shop.
I once tried eating pepperoni pizza from whole foods because my mom was bullying me for being vegan and it was so foul and disgusting, not even from a vegan standpoint, but it's covered in oil and tasted sour and gross and I had to spit it out but she ate the rest.
looks hella good
Yeah, whats wrong with this pussy ass bitch? Lets eat his pizza bro

File: whataresomedrinks.jpg (49 KB, 999x999)
49 KB
What are some beverages?
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File: maxresdefault.jpg (130 KB, 1280x720)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
Here's one that I tried for the first time last night. It's good and goes well as a vodka chaser.
Squirt - Grapefruit Soda.
Trumptard tears
best mixed with tequila desu
File: clubbed.jpg (13 KB, 400x600)
13 KB
this is a beverage.

File: Crying (1).jpg (62 KB, 645x773)
62 KB
>tfw have irritable bowel syndrome
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File: hmm.png (29 KB, 741x568)
29 KB
>Dude come on, do you think any psychiatrist... would recommend medication as a first round of treatment? No
What planet are you posting from? Psychiatrists do nothing but prescribe medicine. They aren't there to talk to you like the Freud psychotherapist couch session stereotype.
Why do you think abilify (an antipschotic) was the #1 top selling pharmaceutical a few years back? And not just the best selling psychiatric pharmaceutical either. Best selling of ANY pharmaceutical substances. It's because psychiatrists prescribe almost everyone who makes an appointment with them some sort of drug, and to make that system work they've taken drugs intended for more extreme problems like schizophrenia and indication-creeped it to death so that people who have some trouble sleeping or have mild anxiety get antipsychotics, the antipsychotic company's salespeople make their commissions, and the psychiatrist gets his comfy pharma sales kickbacks.
>psyllium husk
If you have a ton of raw psyllium husk you shoulder grind it down into a flour with a food processor or spice grinder.

>2 Tbsp psyllium husk
>1 Tbsp flax
>1 Tbsp sugar, honey, or erythritol
>can add other things - I usually add 1 Tbsp hemp seed hearts
>optional 1 Tbsp cocoa powder, sprinkle of cinnamon, fresh fruit, whatever you want to add
Mix all dry ingredients in a cereal bowl.
Heat 1/3 - 1/2 cup of milk in a cup and drop in 1 Tbsp butter.
Pour the hot milk/butter over the dry cereal and mix, adding any fruit or other extras now. Eat this immediately, because after 7-8 minutes it's gonna seize up into a weird rubbery psyllium husk disc.

I used to eat this every morning when I was doing keto, I remember it was very few net carbs because the fiber is so high. Good way to stay regular for sure. It's not bad, I like the cocoa powder, it's like a chocolate hot breakfast cereal.
That sounds like schizoaffective disorder anon, you need to see a psychiatrist
>eats shit processed food all day
>whines about muh ibs

Get rekt amerifats

How does /ck/ make their grilled cheese sandvich?
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What's the difference
One acts as a vent as well as a microwave. OTR stands for over the range. I was just being a turd.
Don't care about the other ingredients, but adding pesto to it makes it fantastic
It actually stands for Oven Top Refrigerator

File: image_DRK041.jpg (21 KB, 214x580)
21 KB
what does this taste like?
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>t. dog eating witch
It looks radioactive which would sense if from Japan.
File: 657.jpg (22 KB, 450x450)
22 KB
get on my level stalinski
Like anime girl piss.
We had these in Cali for a bit. It never took off tho

File: green onion.jpg (27 KB, 450x338)
27 KB
why exactly does green onion sync so well with bird's eye chili? Bird's eye chili isn't a very hot better but when paired with green onion, it makes the peppers extremely hot.
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How would yourself make a dish with both?

a salad or soup
because you are mentally ill
File: bird eye chili.jpg (186 KB, 880x850)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
green ones are hotter than red ones
Bird eye is pretty hot dude

File: mrs-okey-dg-thumb.jpg (93 KB, 500x389)
93 KB
This guy comes up and asks you where your favorite burger is from.

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A real fag takes the fucking as it is.
>"uhh n-no sir, the way you wanna make it is just fine, give me all the shit just the way I hate it"
Man up and take things how you want it. Thinking customizing your burger at a burger joint is faggy is the most retarded thing I've heard in 2019. Might as well just moan into text to speech software. Get a spit guard for the drool.
>can you cut the crust off too it's yucky
Fatburger is overpriced nigger burgers. They dont season their patties cause nigs burn off their tastebuds from crack cocaine and swisher sweets. The habit burgers are god tier thou
holy soy batman
>no pickles
What are you? Some kind of fag?
>animal style
What does that mean? You shove it up your ass because you’re such a fag?

Hey all,

A few months ago, my friend showed me a way that he makes pseudo sourdough. He mixes flour and yogurt together and then bakes it. I have started doing it when I want some homemade bread.

Do you all make any odd things that take minimal effort and little time? Where did you learn it?
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ooo did they ever crumble before you bit them?

Niceee. Reminds me of the hot lemon and ginger tea some Asian people make to relieve a throat sickness.
oh ok, it was supposed to be bait tho
Well how do you do it friendo?
I like browning a bunch of beef, then throwing it into some shells n' cheese
Kinda like a really low budget, less tasty hamburger helper
I’ll put some tomato sauce and shredded cheese on a flour tortilla and bake it for a few minutes for a snack

File: 1.jpg (47 KB, 450x450)
47 KB
so uhh… what exactly are these things?
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File: 1443605952013.gif (152 KB, 500x516)
152 KB
152 KB GIF
>Carnauba Wax
I just waxed my car with this...
so americans eat car wax now?
Yes, eating car wax is just one of my many freedoms.
Some shit you throw in your kids lunch box to go with his sandwich and juice
heh. procreating heh

What goes into meatloaf?
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Never thought about grated potatoes either, but can't see how that wouldn't be pretty damn tasty.
File: peraboug3 42.jpg (42 KB, 349x235)
42 KB
My family's meatloaf (same recipe back to my great grandmother, maybe further) has always been a more meat pudding thing cooked in a water bath rather than a baked loaf. I have no idea why, nor have i met anybody who does meatloaf this way. I'd post a picture but i couldn't find anything close on google.
>minced beef
>cubed bacon with a lot of fat, (generally we use home cured)
>white bread torn into chunks, the more the better
>lots of garlic
>1 egg
>generous splash of worcestershire
>salt, pepper

>pack tightly into greased pudding bowl with lid, place on a trivet in a pot of boiling water so the water is like 1/4 or 1/3 up the way of the pudding bowl, cook for an hour

texture is very crumbly and juicy when fresh, firms up overnight though. good in sandwiches the next day.
My dad puts chunks of liver in and tops it with bread crumbs or panko crumbs.
What ever the fuck he wants to put in him. He will do anything for love after all.

File: 1560879356436.jpg (152 KB, 1110x1239)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
Convince me on why I shouldn't drink coffee.
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Uh, pretty sure coffee doesn't give me diarrhea...
So you don't get that shitty photoshopped chin.
It tastes like shit
If I had the palate of a child like you I wouldn't drink coffee in the first place.
That's not a normal reaction.

>here's your Halloween creepizza, sir. That'll be $31.10 plus tip.
>Ruining pizza with the shittiest halloween candy available

Some things are sacred, man.

File: falafel-3-500x262.jpg (38 KB, 500x262)
38 KB
I'd like to cook falafel. What I need to know to do it correctly?
>buy premade falafel in your local store
>put in microwave
>wa la
Nah I have already done that with the pita bread and tahini sauce. I'm wanna cook something, not being damn useless

File: download.jpg (6 KB, 225x225)
6 KB
Counted change to buy Steel Reserve today, is that rock bottom?
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>not stealing alcohol even though you're shitting blood and your eyes are yellow
>rock bottom
naw, you got a ways to go. give it a year or so.
Hit the pawn shop with literally anything you can carry before you steal. Not worth it.
I think they're adding poisonous chemical byproducts in stuff like steel reserve/hurricane/camo to kill off bums and neets/alcoholic shut-ins , i wouldn't be surprised if there's methanol in steel reserve. I've gone on week/month long binges with that crap and it takes away my appetite and it makes me sicker than any bottom shelf vodka.
File: camo_silver_ice.jpg (34 KB, 250x659)
34 KB
Buying Steel Reserve even when you have folding money is rock bottom. This can be bought for less, and isn't a pansy faggot's drink.
You guys are making me want Steel so fucking bad but i ran out.

>imagine eating red meat for more than 2 times per week
>imagine eating white meat for more than two times per week
>imagine eating everything deep friend
>imagine buying fast food more than one time a week
>imagine not eating a salad every day
>imagine not eating at least three fruits per day
>imagine drinking alcohol at all and buying into the red wine is healthy meme
>imagine you can afford to do all these but still choosing to be unhealthy
33 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
Noice /pol/ tranny
imagine basing your diet off 1980 mom science
>buying into the red wine is healthy meme
Okay, I'll bite. How do you explain the french paradox without resveratrol?
File: 1549300354779.jpg (153 KB, 600x563)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
>the French eat all the cheese they want and they don't have heart disease, take that libtard!
>*Gets colon cancer*

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