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File: fe.png (511 KB, 802x461)
511 KB
511 KB PNG
>scammed for 48 euros
How do restaurants keep getting away with this?

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Id ask for a menu and a recipt. if they didnt hand it to me, id make a huge deal about it and leave. if they threaten to call police, just tell them to do it. thats not even the real price.
>two british retards
Deaf retard.
Well, what's the restaurant gonna do? Call the cops because you refused to ingest dogshit?
To this day, with internet and all, if you persist to visit the same fucking 4 Italian cities and eat in the main streets after being repeatedly told to avoid them, you just deserve to be scammed
>falling for tourist traps in current year
Go where the locals go

I'm a female Sushi chef at a high end place and I'm asked all the time "is there a real difference in your food then somewhere that charges less?" You would think its just the name you pay for , but I think it's the quality control that comes along with the 5 star establishment. SO the answer is YES.. Eat at your own risk
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Your meds just kick in or what?
Hey newbie we don't care if youre male or female. This site accepts anyone. That being said the less anonymous you are the harder it is for people to take you serious. It's just part of the site. It's nice that your a female sushi chef. But the art of sushi doesn't really care if your male or female. This website doesn't care if your male or female.
>We are here for food and cooking.
Kind of. I guess.
Thankfully, the culinary world has noticed the rampant patriarchal sexism endemic to restaurant kitchens. Bon Appetit magazine's Best Chefs list of 2018 (or '19, can't remember) is 90% non straight white men.
I'm also a female Chef. I make foodie foods with my itty bitty titties hanging free. Guuba duub hipity goor nnak hhheee llvlkrek oo umm? sweaty pee

File: balsamic.png (705 KB, 403x806)
705 KB
705 KB PNG
Is there anything you can't put this shit and make it better?
Your gut

File: IMG-20190820-WA0006.jpg (913 KB, 4000x2000)
913 KB
913 KB JPG
Rate my lentil coconut soup.
I know the topping ist Shit, but i did Not have the fresh ones right nie.
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No I am not

No, some yellow raisins I got from a turk grocery
okey , you may make lentil chop?
I was going to recommend golden raisins if you hadn't already. They are based.
I r8 6/8 looks good but dried herbs on top are superfluous, they need heat + moisture + time to release flavor when they are dried. It would have been better without dried if you did not have fresh.
looks good but it's impossible to fuck up lentil soup
Yeah they look golden and they taste much better than the purple raisins. Fuck purple raisins.

Yeah the dried herbs sucked. No good idea.

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Honestly, I would have owned a couple of these, if it was 200 years ago.
The necessary step for white chocolate's survival
Ruby > Dark(85%+) > White > "Dark" > Milk
54% chocolate has more fat and is more likely to melt at room temperature
People get hung up on the fact that white chocolate isn't real chocolate
Who gives a fuck, it tastes good

File: 1554228019572-b.jpg (33 KB, 720x515)
33 KB
I'm going traveling through Europe in a couple months and want to know what foods to try/ recipes to learn/ places to eat for in the places I'm going to. Here's what I have so far:

Potatje oorlog
Pickled herring
Some Dutch cheeses

>Oktoberfest at Munich
What are the best bier halls?
Heard they sell whole roast chickens there

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you're autistic
Okay thanks faggot

Why haven’t you tried Filipino food? This is nilagang manok (lit. boiled chicken or chicken stew) with potato and cabbage.
Looks less seasoned than whito*d's food
File: 695t7bt6vaz11.jpg (37 KB, 600x597)
37 KB
>not sinampalukang manok
shit looks like poor people food
looks like someone got lazy and just made food with shit they had at home but instead of making the best of the ingredients, they found a way to make it the most bland way possible
wouldn't be surprised if they were drinking room temperature water with that
I guess that you haven't tried it.
for me, it's pagpag

It says on the tub you can use this to marinate steaks and chicken? The fuck?

Am i being memed? Or is this a real thing people do? Has anyone actually tried that?
I have never seen it used for that, but it is my grandma's favorite chip dip. Not great but not terrible. 3.6
No but my boomer dad loves it on his chips.
It's the same concept of using buttermilk/yogurt/any other cultured cream product to marinate meat, which is indeed something that is done.

I'm sure there's some trailer trash somewhere who's whipping together some fucking french onion tandoori chicken.
looks like it's straight from the 90s

File: suspiciously priced.jpg (106 KB, 1444x1193)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
What are the practical differences between a $5 Kitchen IQ sharpener and a $40 Chef's Choice sharpener if one uses a bog standard Victorinox Fibrox carbon steel knife?
well seeing as one is physically smaller
one wears down way faster than the other
File: sander.jpg (144 KB, 1200x1200)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
you can get the $36 dollar harbor freight belt grinder and sharpen everything you can think of
Fastest way to destroy the temper of your blade you mean.
>Harbor Freight

File: 81NqNBuo05L._SL1500_.jpg (203 KB, 1500x1500)
203 KB
203 KB JPG
Why does this exist ? Who thought "this food is good, but it needs to taste like celery"?
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Quality garlic salt isn't just mixing garlic powder and salt, it's putting whole garlic in salt and letting it absorb the flavors and oils. You can make it at home and it does serve a different purpose than straight powder. For example, when searing steak, just use garlic salt. Garlic powder would burn in this case.
>Genetic Modification/Genetically Modified Organism
>Patented Laboratory Genetic Engineering, and Modification
Fuck off brainlet.
Why has nobody said it yet?


In particular, Chicago style hot dogs with all those toppings that really do need some flavorful seasoning. It works, and it works well.
Eggplants do come from eggs, retard
Post your credit score to prove you are white

File: taco-boat.jpg (50 KB, 550x413)
50 KB
I'm having the pangs for shitty school lunch entrées.
>taco boat
>french bread pizza
>square pizza with olives
Any one else?
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In what fucking country? 95% of the food we're got was sysco bullshit, and the other 5% was fruit and veggies
I was a packed lunch nerd
File: picklepouch.jpg (32 KB, 355x355)
32 KB
>In what fucking country?
The fucking US.
I used to buy these pickles at the student store. It took me maybe at least a decade to find out that they're available for sale outside of school.
These are vile.
t. tastelet
Go make a
>bayleaf/celery/random thing has no taste
thread, and shoot an hrt enema up your ass tranny.

File: CaseysGeneralStore.jpg (316 KB, 2204x1359)
316 KB
316 KB JPG
OK famalams. I was born and raised in Nebraska, and now I live in Michigan. I got some fast food favorites that I would like to replicate and I would be super grateful for any help doing so.

Casey's General Store+Gas Station:
Pepperoni Pizza.

Amigos (Nebraska only franchise):
Beef and Cheese Burrito.


Taco Johns:
Beef Tacos and Potato Olays.

Whatcha got senpai? Big Thanks.
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Where are you? We will send runzas my brother.
>Why would you want to replicate gas station food from a shithole state?
It's quite the question isn't it? Makes you wonder about the people that post on this board.
Needs sugar, their is definitely a sprinkling of sugar in their mix.
I'm in Detroit. I actually don't care for Runza's, but the way they do the FRING side menu item is genius and I wish more people did it.
-Best College Football Experience ever, period. Yes, even now.
-Best fucking Zoo in the world.
-Great Beef.

Nebraska isn't exactly action-packed but it has it's high points.

File: 71CVOEkGI2L._SL1490_.jpg (245 KB, 787x1490)
245 KB
245 KB JPG
I dont eat much hardly anything in fact. All I have in the morning is a Cherry Coke Zero.
For me, it's Pepsi MAX cherry.

File: 20190819_223727.jpg (3.09 MB, 4160x3120)
3.09 MB
3.09 MB JPG
Hey hey hey /ck/!
I'd like to know what you opinion on greek yogurt. And if you like it it what's your favorite flavor!
Mine is Key Lime Pie
3 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I forgot to say fuck you and your toes and your yogurt.
never show me this toenail again
if it isn't tart & full milk fat it's poison
OP how often do you cut gashes in your legs with those fucking knifes you call fucking toes
File: uri4ew.png (469 KB, 700x700)
469 KB
469 KB PNG
wait this dude did this shit previously?

File: 918vUn9IyJL._SY606_.jpg (52 KB, 360x606)
52 KB
Pic related, black sugarless coffee and vodka is all I consume
[italic]brb Daddy's gotta tinkle[/italic]
Not a bad choice for a buck. Just add water is easy enough even when drunk.
I also get the chicken or pilaf flavors, because its nearly 7 ounces, and some of the other flavors are just 4-5 ounces. Seems like a ripoff, and I dont know why each flavor needs to be a different weight. The boxes are the same physical size.
I hope you are not mixing the vodka with the coffee. Coffee is the shake the hangover, along with a liter of water to hydrate. As soon as you feel better, start drinking vodka. When you're too wasted to continue, make your salty rice, and promptly pass out. Wake up with a hangover, and repeat this process.

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